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Long-Term Projects

 New Thread

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Let this be a thread dedicated to the use, providing, uploading, downloading, giving information on, updating it, moding it, creating new characters,
of Shimeji,
a program that make interactive little buggers on your desktop that throw things, multiply, climb, walk, drag themselves, etc.

Ask questions, get answers, provide characters and you own creations,
and help in expanding this fun little creation.

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I like collecting things. :'D
Also, I fixed up a lot of the shimeji sets so that they would work properly once extracted, and I grouped similar ones together in rars (ex. Vocaloid).

I'd like if people would take interest in the site, especially artists so that they can be properly credited for their work, but it's really up to the people here.

FUCK YEAH GIR. I love you, anon.


I was pretty surprised that there was an Axel but not a Roxas, definitely. Hope all goes well with him, he looks cute.

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Another new Wakfu thread, as the old one has 700+ posts.

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>Pelvises do not shrink, and if an extremely fit person has D-cups, they don't drop to B/low Cs

I'd call it a crappy angle. So please don't call bullshit 'till you see more pics of her. Or a one from behind - the very thought of that tight suit on Eva's butt... Wow. Desexualizing much? XD

File: 128532399273.jpg-(388.41KB, 1190x973, Kabrok S&M.jpg)
Thanks Animoose for that drawing session on your stream tonight.


File: 128532407864.jpg-(353.44KB, 831x1064, Ghost.jpg)
and again, many thanks for that one

Also, hope you'll keep going with that classy nude you tinkered with between the two drawings.

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So that puts us in the role of Mother Brain?

And what about Kraid?

File: 128530932622.png-(2.92KB, 16x16, babyridley-small.png)
How about this:
The empty shell of baby ridley can be stuffed and used to calm down angry pirates.
But once destroyed, it's gone.

File: 128531035146.png-(3.02KB, 16x16, ridley-small.png)
Maybe he could be used to guard important locations.
You would need to pay a lot of resources to "hire" him, but he'll be very hard to kill for intruders.

This Ridley does not look good.

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Other thread is getting huge, and also I saw this image on the shimmie and d'awwww.

4chan house thread: the old forums are over a year old now.
Relevant links: -- Image gallery. -- Discussion boards. -- General information. -- Character descriptions.

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/tg/ greg
/tv/ greg
/jp/ greg

It's too perfect.

File: 12852393468.png-(463.11KB, 1480x543, 1285222539414.png)
so there's like an /x/ dating sim or something

that's pretty cool

Sweet plumpears!

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In this thread, translations of Naja and other French comics. Interest was shown on /co/ to make this an ongoing project.

downloads of Naja, volumes 1-4:

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Yes "Fnac" are all over the country. There is also "Album", an equivalent to a chain comic book store.

Is the Flight you have up there the first volume? I'm interested in seeing Bengal's story from it. My local comic book had Flight 2-7, but not 1.

New projet by Bengal call "Luminae"

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I think this is the right place to post. I was referred here by some guys on /tg/, so here goes -

For the past few days I've been working on a homebrew tabletop RPG game based off of the cartoon 'Adventure Time'. The game is at a playable state and progress is still going nicely, but I'm always in need of more feedback in suggestions.

It's designed to be simple to learn and easy to play, so that people who aren't experienced in TTRPGs can have just as much fun as those who are. Ideally, the time period is set a few hundred years after the TV show (to avoid messing with canon) but that's really up to the DM. I plan on running the first game of OooRPG sometime this following week via IRC.

Please download it and read through it. Feel free to voice any suggestions, complaints, and feedback you may have - This is as much of a community project as it is my own. I'm a fan of the show and a fan of RPGs, so my only goal is to make an enjoyable tabletop experience for other nerds like me.

I'm also looking for artists that can help with art for the eventual .pdf, as my doodles are sub-par at best.


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Attempting to dodge does not count as your action for that round. For every time you make an attempt to dodge and succeed, you temporarily lose 1 NIM for the rest of the fight. For every time you fail a dodge, however, you temporarily lose 2 NIM for the rest of the fight. Once the fight is over, NIM is restored to normal.

The -1 nim penalty for attempting a dodge is what I suggested to give choosing to dodge some consequence, encouraging a player to accept small hits to save their nim for when it counts, and to prevent high-nim people from remaining untouchable under a flurry of attacks sooo

the-2 nim thing for a failed dodge is adding insult to injury, the -1 nim for attemping at all and the loss of health anyways is punishment enough

needs stats for the Witching Eye and Ghost Pouch

Ah, I forgot the session was last night! I guess you'll need to find someone else to make the summary for you, if you want it. I'm sure you guys did fine without me, and noted any mechanics problems.

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I have had essentially the same haircut for nigh on fifteen years. It is time for a change.

So, I'm cutting most of it off. After pic will be posted when I'm done.

Previous thread >>19084

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What a handsome individual.


You are not bald.

I was promised bald.

Why are you not bald?

pablo has not achieved justin levels yet. he has to stay outside longer.

also palindrome number

hide File: 128149462177.jpg-(78.30KB, 543x300, LogoBattleBeasts1a.jpg)
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Ok, before I even post anything (which is still rough idea concepts, atm), I was curious enough if anyone is interested in assisting me in fleshing out a remaking/retelling of... Battle Beasts.

Yes, the 80's toyline of animal-people with weapons, and the ability to harnes the powers of water, wood, fire, or the ever-rare sunburst. However, Even though my idea works like this (Fire beats wood, wood beats water, water beats fire), there are ways to make exceptions for some Beasts (e.g. A Walrus with fire element that harnesses "Cold Fire", or a Camel battle Beast with a water element that dehydrates Battle Beasts who use the wood element).

I figured give it some story essences of Avatar, Digimon... and a bit of the Monster Rancher anime, without making it seem like blatant story dopplegangers.

Anyone interested? If I get at least three takers, I'll copy/paste what I've gotten so far for ideas. Others' ideas are welcome, but no original Battle Beasts (I may make one or two as grunts/cannon fodder; new ones shouldn't be part of the main major cast).

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Lastly, please excuse any noticeable spelling errors this last time. From this point on, all aspects of the synopsis I will create will be typed up more professionally than when I type fast and sloppily. How can a guy gain credibility this day and age if he cannot spell check CORRECTLY?

Thank you, and please give any feedback.

File: 128495702760.jpg-(27.76KB, 324x400, 20pdl61.jpg)
I gotta say this looks pretty damn awesome


Thank you so much. Any and all admiration or assistance is much appreciated, and gives me more reason to work further on this project. I'm going to start working on Synopses either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

hide File: 128487915214.jpg-(52.05KB, 834x600, 1284845002229.jpg)
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Make a desposit, if you dare.

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File: 128496449188.jpg-(101.50KB, 834x600, carver.jpg)

File: 128498712959.jpg-(110.69KB, 834x600, neatotorpedo.jpg)

File: 128499862155.jpg-(141.80KB, 834x600, heylinpowers.jpg)
I'm sensing a Shen Gong Woo.

hide File: 125031804022.jpg-(167.49KB, 600x600, 300ordersofeverything.jpg)
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This is for the Atrocitus n' Larfleeze webcomic idea that is being tossed around in /co/.
I thought I would do the kind thing and post the thread.

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File: 128466871181.jpg-(140.25KB, 461x700, I'm dreaming of an Orange Christmas.jpg)
So, I figure we're going to have to work "A very Larfleezey Christmas" into this as well.

For a moment there, I thought Glomulus was rockin' in a dress.

hide File: 124348243492.jpg-(255.97KB, 810x1080, 1243462771854.jpg)
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Official brainstorm thread for the medieval lesbians project, if you guys are still around. :) I like having this here, makes it much easier to keep track of.

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Oh, I agree. I love seeing progression in comics. I just wasn't sure if everyone felt the same way I did haha

Sounds like a plan. Focusing on the sketches will help the next pages have a good flow together, so it's all for the best.

Looks great!

I haven't been able to focus much lately, sorry. But I'll try to get myself sorted out and out of my funk. Thank you both, the great work you put in is always impressive and inspirational.


I'll get cracking on the next page and will hopefully have it up by next weekend. I'll see if I can do some other sketches too. Until I get my supplies, I can't begin my other comic project, so I still have a little extra time. Hopefully I can organize a little better!

hide File: 124447739179.jpg-(166.69KB, 759x590, nicky-abbadon-joe.jpg)
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a Von Dave production
starring Nicky Two-Vests & Friends

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Hey guys, whatever happened to this project?

I was really looking forward to it.

File: 128423477840.jpg-(700.88KB, 647x1000, Page 1.jpg)

Stay tuned.

File: 128432481253.jpg-(484.16KB, 800x560, ugly-americans-on-the-boat2.jpg)
I got a job where I work 80 hours a week. Hopefully when the contract loosens up next week I can work on it again.

hide File: 127554092671.jpg-(891.49KB, 650x1200, 1275524785011.jpg)
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Don't want this awesomeness to die out on 4chan, so here goes the Desire and Larfleeze in Vegas comic. If the artist finds this thread, Many Bravos to him and an Encore, you can finish it if you want.

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>But then ditches with it all and leaves Atrocitus to pay his hotel bill.

File: 128406252246.jpg-(179.40KB, 694x1074, Larfleeze Does Las Vegas.jpg)
Welp, this absolutely has to be posted here.

And I don't think I've stated it before, OP but I like the fact that you draw Larfleeze in his classic style, instead of his newer, substantially less badass looking design.

I can almost see Larfleeze buying/stealing all the tickets to the Cirque du Soleil shows (all 7 of them) and being the only person in all the theaters.

hide File: 12826246107.jpg-(152.87KB, 807x1192, cover.jpg)
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Yo, we got a Calamity comic in /writ/

Its based off a comic called Serenity, but since not everyone is familiar with it, I figured I'd dump the series here to help generate interest in it.

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File: 128415885725.jpg-(122.27KB, 766x1150, 97.jpg)

File: 12841588929.jpg-(114.40KB, 806x1173, 98.jpg)

File: 128415902588.jpg-(152.98KB, 809x1195, back_cover.jpg)
And that's volume 1-6. There are 4 more, but nobody seems to be able to find it for download.

I'll post some reaction images and stuff in the meantime.

hide File: 127955892144.jpg-(128.36KB, 1079x966, Sacrier.jpg)
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Another new Wakfu thread.

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Season 1 Volume 2:

Inclus également dans le DVD : des bonus sur les coulisses de la série, un reportage sur le jeu Xbox Islands of Wakfu, ainsi qu’un storyboard animé « Story of Grougal ».


>>31612 new thread started here, move along now...

Does it play on U.S registered DVD players?

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