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Long-Term Projects

 New Thread

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Video of my city (Merida, Mexico) in 195 photos or 10 minutes. Yes, all of the photos are mine:

Oh cool!
This will come in handy when I'll go to visit Andrei.


Id never thought id get to see another Meridan over here :0

Welcome and enjoy your stay :D

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After like twenty people asking me to, I've moved the Hatman threads here.

To those who are new to Hatman, Hatman is a 2D sidescroller where you play as Hatman. As Hatman, your job is to collect and wear hats. These hats have no effect on your abilities, they give you no new power, and they have little to no use. Hats are collected throughout levels or are randomly given to you over periods of time. You have as much chance of getting a hat when you first start as you will two hours into the game. Hatman was primarily based off of Team Fortress 2, but it plays completely different. Hatman features over 87 bazillion hats, most of which were made by 4chan's /v/ and /co/ with guest star /tg/.
Anyone is free to use the template on the top left of this sprite sheet and make their own hatman and submit it for use in the game.

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How the fuck do you think I feel. ;_;

Also I just happened to come here today, I'm not coming here every day anymore.

>I promise that Hatman will be out eventually

You lied to us, Hatman. You lied to Detective Inspector, your partner in crime.

You have no idea how much all of us are dissapointed in you.

But we are so much more dissapointed

That we will never play hatman


Alright I have this whole design doc set up in my mind that's more advanced than "You can take hats and put them all over your face!" while not escaping from the core idea.

If one day on some other space-time continuum I get a developer studio or someone offers to program, i'll write it down and put it here.

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Another new Wakfu thread.

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>Bumping this thread

Fuck yeah, I love dinosaurs.


Is that any chance that someone, somewhere and somehow saved all the episodes in HD, softsubbed or original ?

File: 128388385967.png-(221.58KB, 463x421, bplease.png)
>Fuck yeah, I love dinosaurs.
including sexual tyrannosaurs?

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Official strawberry themed super heroine think tank thread

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File: 128262951351.png-(53.11KB, 400x640, sb1.png)
Just checking to see if anyone else is still on board
I'll definitely be continuing and might start working on something bigger soon.

You mean like a webcomic?

I dont really know at this point, but maybe

hide File: 128314662371.jpg-(24.26KB, 252x320, ice.jpg)
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That oversized top had got to go. I'm in support of unrevealing outfits for female superheroes(although all redesigns are welcome, including the fanservice-y ones), but you can have a stylish superhero outfit without the fuzzy white top.
I obviously didn't draw this, but look at this. That top is an eyesore.

If you want inspiration, go see project: Rooftop.

Reposting about Max: >He needs a less cheesy one. With a mask covering the nose thing, and pouches of blood to refresh himself, and guns because that's apparently his thing now...and he's starting to sound like a Liefeld creation. POUCHES OF BLOOD! AND GUNS! WITH BLOOD IN THEM! Nevermind.

Sooo...yeah. Work around the blood-and-guns thing without making him look too EXTREME.

File: 128381918837.png-(197.57KB, 363x631, leaderoftheglobalguardians.png)
I just whipped this one up Tora with a more updated, mature outfit/look.

Fixed some stuff.

hide File: 123484254743.jpg-(76.79KB, 768x1024, queenblossom.jpg)
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/co/ came up with a huge project for the Powerpuff Girls all grown up, with Blossom taking over the earth as a goddess, Buttercup going into outer space to form a biker gang, and Bubbles becoming a masked vigilante. I thought it might be good to create a thread here in case others wanted to contribute fanart or something.

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File: 12770111995.png-(224.81KB, 692x900, PPG.png)

This is awesome

Really now?


Sorry but these designs don't actually scream "hyper sexualized" to me. I guess you could make that case for Blossom, then again nudity doesn't automatically equal sex.

hide File: 128113090624.jpg-(1.80MB, 1537x2171, LionKingFrontCover.jpg)
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Been working on these throughout the summer. May as well share and ask for a hand in writing summaries for the backs, mixing basic plot info with some insights on the film's production.

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I was about to say, what is with Aladdin's choice of chapeau in that concept art?

Whee, found another place to get concepts

hide File: 120356775852.jpg-(189.53KB, 740x1000, 1203552467259.jpg)
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OK, /co/'s been doing what it does best, namely brainstorming and making things better. Namely anon decided that making Inspector Gadget SERIOUS BUSINESS was an appealing idea.

Here's the gist of it: Gadget is a prototype full conversion cyborg, the very first of his kind. His body ruined under yet undisclosed circumstances, and much is made of him dealing with his new state.

Dr. Claw is a bioengineering genius and head of MAD corporation. He is a futurist, seeing the post-human future of mankind in a biological "man-directed" evolution, rather then in the synthesis of man and machine, as embodied by Gadget.

Penny is his niece, they have a bit more lighthearted version of the "Leon-Matilda" relationship. A tech genius, she is the embodiment of the young cyberpunk generation.

BRAIN is still undecided. Either a virtual dog, a computer canine companion, fulfilling the role of the original Brain, except in the cyber landscape, OR an uplifted dog that hacks computer systems with "computer empathy".

For details and a bunch of plot points see the original threads:

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Don't even remotely associate Claw with an animal or furries will jump on it soooo fast.

What if the Claw, as a person, is merely a shell of a being, due to some traumatic event. Think druggie who overdosed. The claw is controlling the major functions of the impaired body. The claw itself hates gadget out of jealousy.

This also solves the problem of, "Just grow another hand" because if another hand grew, it wouldn't be the claw, the actual claw would be obsolete. Also, the body itself could be too mentally damaged to handle the nerve connections.


I don't know if this got posted here, but there was a Grimdark Gadget thread on /co/ a while ago where someone pitched the idea that while Gadget in this new Noir reimagining is actually a competent police officer, he ACTS like a buffoon in order to keep Penny happy, and so she doesn't find out that he's actually a killing machine.

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So, a little while back, I started a thread simply stating that a Comic based on the song Painkiller would be possibly the best thing ever, and from there it grew into a concept for a comic universe inspired entirely by Judas Priest song titles, lyrics, and album covers.

Original thread here:

I really have no actual plans for this to go anywhere, but I think it's just too awesome of an idea to let die, seeing as the thread never got archived. But any input you have, feel free to post.

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I wrote down a summary of this in a thread today, I figure I may as wellpost it here for safe keeping.

Basically, the protagonist is "The Painkiller" who is an Angel of Retribution, come to save our devastated planet from The Metal Gods.

His primary recurring antagonist is The Jugulator, and he along with other vile creatures and beings such as the Nightcrawler, Electric Eye, and the Turbo Lover, and the Metal Gods' army of alien demons try and destroy Painkiller from completing his task.

But The Painkiller has allies as well. In his travels across the war ravaged and Metal Mutated world, he encounters people who will come to aid him in his quest such as The Leather Rebel, an outlaw called The Ripper, and a cult of Priests known only as The Defenders of the Faith.

It would be awesome.

Sounds good. Now the only question is, what role does the Hell Patrol play in this?

The Hell Patrol is essentially the Metal Gods' police force on Earth. They ride around and enforce the tyranical laws of the Gods.

hide File: 125685816033.jpg-(271.72KB, 800x1134, Superhero_Rock_Band_by_krispynuggets.jpg)
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I tried to make the album more like an "inspired by..." rather than fill it with opening themes and music from Disney movies. But I did contradict myself by including things like the 'Linus And Lucy' theme and 'The Legend of Sailcat' from Cow and Chicken.

If you have anymore songs please link them here or email

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File: 128043404965.jpg-(105.69KB, 554x300, mary marvel miss martian.jpg)
Martian Girl by The Aquabats

I assume that MTL made these:

/co/ Soundtrack : Volume 17

/co/ Soundtrack : S/co/undrels

I saw a Volume 18, but it didn't have any art and seemed unfinished. Anyone know what's up with that?

hide File: 127936350250.jpg-(562.79KB, 680x1000, Flash used flash.jpg)
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So I stumbled upon an interesting little thread over in /draw/, and it looks like the original poster hasn't moved the idea over here yet.

Basically, a DC version of the Marvel swimsuit edition. Here's a little copypasta:

"Marvel Swimsuit editions work more or less like this: For some reason a bunch of superheroes are stranded in some tropical place and then there are photo sessions of the heroes in bikini. "

And etc. What do you say? Sexy potential or SEXIEST potential?

Post ideas/scenarios, illustrations, hell, even some writefagging . I know some of the Marvel pages had little blurbs and captions to go with them.

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File: 128139135782.jpg-(12.78KB, 225x275, black_canary_200.jpg)
Green Arrow and Black Canary (in sexy swimwear, of course) relaxing on the beach fishing. Green Arrow jazzed that he's caught one, Black Canary isn't doing as well.

The caption could read something like, "Not having too much luck, Dinah? Maybe you should try using fishnets."

Too cheesy?

so, i guess this idea is dead....

hide File: 124217549966.jpg-(151.42KB, 754x646, colette nerd.jpg)
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On a whim, I felt like drawing and cataloging many of the characters in the extended /coc/ universe as if they were a universe. I am under the understanding that this is a rather insane and possibly useless endeavor. Nevertheless, I under seemingly sound mind and body have started and will continue to draw more until either I am bored or sufficiently discouraged. (The former, being more likely.) And hell, maybe there'll be a story worth telling in this lunacy.

Just noting, I started with my personal favorite.

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File: 128241611650.jpg-(464.98KB, 600x788, 1228252677260.jpg)
Isn't this one?

File: 12825840504.jpg-(610.79KB, 653x1000, steampunk_pinkranger.jpg)

I believe that's Lord Zedd, yes.

File: 128272027493.png-(397.11KB, 1245x804, 4880921290_7041dd1421_o.png)
nope. she's apparently kinda hot

hide File: 126345757446.jpg-(99.39KB, 850x500, Memorial Summer.jpg)
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Originally started by some guys on /a/ then migrating to /co/ because /a/ has a douchebag community, The project first started in November 09 is the revision and sometimes complete rewrite of the events of Digimon Adventures 01 and 02, along with the addition of a mini-arc converting the Ryo Akiyama video games into a story that fits into the series and a planned Crisis Crossover between the Digimon Multiverse

There are no OCs, no Fan-Digimon, no random use of Japanese, just a straight up Rework of a 10 year old show and it's sequel (with most of the 'Re-write' focusing on the sequel)

Without spoiling everything the addition of the Seven Great Demon Lords, Mega for everyone, a Change to the Digivice and in 02's case an entire new plot after the Kaiser arc.

The story is divided into 3 'chapters' and 2 'movies'

The Taichi chapter (the original 8) the Ryo chapter (The bridging between S1 and S2) and the Daisuke chapter (The new group) along with the Childrens Wargame movie (It's mostly the same just some details need changing) and what doesn't have an official name and due to lack of creativity is named Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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Or since I'm not bound by morality I could just have him say "I'll take em both I'm HARDCORE!"

That'll just most likely make him look like an unlikeable womanizer. Harem type situations work best in comedy-based series. In more serious situations, it makes the love feel less real because of how much "one love" is branded in our perception of reality. (Not to imply free love and multiple partners is bad in real life of course; I'm just talking fiction tropes)

In any case, permanent fusion is almost always a bad idea. Either you lose a character, or you lose two characters to gain a new one. Such a dramatic change is incredibly hard to do effectively. For this reason, most works involving fusion always makes sure to make the fusion temporary, in which case it often becomes gain a new character without losing characters.

You have to be more careful and try to consider as many consequences as possible when making plot decisions. In all honesty, this whole thing is sounding a bit too haphazard.

I was making a reference to the original ECW, Tommy Dreamer, upon discovering his girlfriend was having an affair with another woman uttered "I'll take em both I'm hardcore" which got the show thrown off the air

hide File: 128228838441.jpg-(276.90KB, 1181x1824, The scout Colour 0.jpg)
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/co/ generally liked my comic and asked me to post it here.

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[Having not actually read it yet] He looks like a cross between Calvin and Damian. I'm cool with that.

It's kinda intriguing. Looking forward to seeing how it works out as a longer storyline. Got anything more done?

thats it im afraid. Its a long process when you do it in spare time. Im writing issue 2 now.

hide File: 126236634519.png-(2.23MB, 3000x720, ballroomblitz.png)
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The results of a draw yourself as a superhero thread.

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010.

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File: 128089712285.jpg-(2.23MB, 3900x1200, co-Surfin' USA (fixd).jpg)
So, how about that summer, eh?

You said it yourself.
It's all in good fun.

...That said, I'd like to be told whenever /co/ does these... Seems like a fun little project thingy.

- New Year's Eve Count-Down
Draw yourself in a /co/stume celebrating the New Year!

- Valentine's Dance
Draw yourself with a /co/ date.

- Tony hosts the St. Patrick's Beer Bash
Draw yourself with a /co/ drinking buddy.

- Beach Picnic (4th of July)
Draw yourself having a beach day with a /co/ character.

- Halloween Costume Party
Draw yourself in a /co/stume. Trick or treating optional.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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