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30125 No.30125
Ok, before I even post anything (which is still rough idea concepts, atm), I was curious enough if anyone is interested in assisting me in fleshing out a remaking/retelling of... Battle Beasts.

Yes, the 80's toyline of animal-people with weapons, and the ability to harnes the powers of water, wood, fire, or the ever-rare sunburst. However, Even though my idea works like this (Fire beats wood, wood beats water, water beats fire), there are ways to make exceptions for some Beasts (e.g. A Walrus with fire element that harnesses "Cold Fire", or a Camel battle Beast with a water element that dehydrates Battle Beasts who use the wood element).

I figured give it some story essences of Avatar, Digimon... and a bit of the Monster Rancher anime, without making it seem like blatant story dopplegangers.

Anyone interested? If I get at least three takers, I'll copy/paste what I've gotten so far for ideas. Others' ideas are welcome, but no original Battle Beasts (I may make one or two as grunts/cannon fodder; new ones shouldn't be part of the main major cast).

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>>Avatar, Digimon, Monster Ranhcer... AND Legend of Legaia...

Knew I forgot to add one.

Actually, perhaps I should just post up my typed-up premise, regardless of if anyone is interested?

Yeah... I'm impulsive... and antsy (in the good way), so here's what I've got.

The planet it takes place on is called “Beest”

The populous are anthropomorphic animals of numerous species (called ‘Anifolk’)

These “peoples” once lived peacefully, until a meteor decimated the population to one-third of the original number. And as an additional side-effect, the strange material this meteor is made out of has unlocked ‘elemental powers’ amongst a smaller percent of this new population number; the impact had ‘irradiated’ the atmosphere, making the effect worldwide. Some of these Anifolk “hear the call” and can harness this power from within them (this forms as a black jewel forming from within the chest [I will use jewels as a universal aspect, to meld “Battle Beasts” together with “Laser Beasts”, to include both ‘casts’ together])—this can occur during childhood, or, at latest, during puberty. These blessed (or cursed) few are called “Battle Beasts”.

These elemental powers are ‘Fire’ (flame, heat, magma, smoke, etc), ‘Water (liquid water, ice, snow, steam, etc), and ‘Wood’ (trees, plants, forces of nature, etc). In the simplest sense, these elements can win against one another in a “rock, paper, scissors” fashion (fire beats wood, water beats fire, wood beats water), but this doesn’t always adhere to the most literal finer essences (e.g. a Walrus Battle Beast whose a Fire-type could harness “Cold Fire”, which give them a means to not be fully beaten by a Battle Beast whose a Water-type).
An even fewer number (so small that they’re almost myth) can harness an element called the “Sunburst” (raw cosmic energy). This element has no limit and no hindrance, but can destroy the wielder or even drive them mad.

The story’s feel, to me, almost feels as if it has parts “Digimon”, parts “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, and parts “Legend of Legaia” wrapped up into one package (even a tiny bit of the “Monster Rancher” anime series, to boot). But I do not wish to feel like it leans too much toward one aspect to make it seem stale.

The more direct plot is “hero and his/her band take a journey to stop a madman from dominating the world”

The Cast ideas:

White Leo: Definitely thinking of him being the leader. May have a few regular Anifolk Call him “Pirate Lion” as a joke-tie to his English toy’s name (Though they’d call him that due to his eye patch, but I will still call him White Leo. It’s a better name). He had lost his eye while defending his home from bat marauders (led by Blitzkrieg, a fire-fuelled bat animan, who serves under Gruesome Gator [the ‘madman’]. Blitzkrieg loses his left hand to White Leo, once he’d somehow summoned the Sunburst from within him, which somehow changes to water, after he recovers from the battle). The elder of his home tells White Leo of the legend of “he who can channel the Sunburst without being destroyed”, and that he is the one who was prophesized. He knows then that it is his destiny to stop Gruesome Gator, and to bring Beest into a new age of light. White Leo is inexperienced; new to the thought of being a “leader”, let alone “the chosen one”. He has an innate sense of justice (almost unbendable, but not zealous), but is a bit aloof.

Bighorn Sheep: The apprentice defender of the same village White Leo is from. He’s trained under his aging father, and, when he saw the Sunburst energy White Leo harnessed, he knew that he must follow. Bighorn Sheep’s element is fire, and though they are the same age, Sheep is more immature, and more headstrong, but as a warrior, he’d never abandon White Leo. Though they are opposites, they sometimes can see eye-to-eye.

Rabbit Kid: I toyed with the idea of one Battle Beast who is out-of-the-ordinary in three aspects. Rabbit Kid (called Hare Raising Rabbit in the US toyline) is, A: the only female of the group (though the other do not know that, immediately), B: younger than the others (twelve, almost thirteen), and C:… the armor and spear she uses was not originally hers, but belonged to her big brother (he was named Haretio, [pronounced somewhat like “Horatio”] who passed away from a gas-raid lead by Pew-trid Skunk, when she was no more than nine-years-old. Both siblings are orphans, raised by their village’s elder). She fights to avenge her big brother and to find the animan that poisoned him. Rabbit Kid’s actual name is “Rabbita” (ra-BEE-ta), and disguises her gender with her brother’s armor (her hair is hidden underneath her helmet). She’s tomboyish and brave on the outside, but inside she’s timid and afraid. This dual nature makes her a bit complex, as character development is concerned. Her element is water, and she can actually create snow and ice crystals.

Black Panther: A calculating, sometimes stand-offish stealth warrior from the jungle village. Taught under Yasha Monkey (Laser Beasts’ Monkey Fighter), so become a part of the forest itself. Older than our adventuring group, he saw their naiveté as a sign to not join at first. He gave them a place to stay for the night, until their village’s crops were being ravaged by the locust attack squad (Laser Beast’s Kickback), where our group stayed to defend a village that wasn’t their own, and against foes equally as versed in stealth as Black Panther is. Black Panther’s element is wood, and he can teleport through plants, and create walls from any plant growth. At times, he is also a valuable pool of wisdom.

Pandzar (Battle Beasts’ Panzer Panda): He is a Sunburst-type Battle Beast. However, he does not wish to join in any battle at all. He prefers to meditate for days on end, for doing so keeps his power at bay. His own power is too much, even for himself, and while White Leo seeks to find one who can help him channel the Sunburst within himself, Pandzar wishes to not do even that until he himself can control his own power. When Pandzar’s power is unleashed he is unstoppable, but he cannot differentiate friend from foe. This is reminiscent of Buddha’s path to enlightenment, and how that ‘road’ was just as hard and long.

Gruesome Gator: He is a water-type like White Leo, but his goals are to create a vast-enough army to dominate the world AND to obtain any remnants of the meteor that crashed on Beest, so long ago. His ultimate goal is to transcend his elemental prowess, to be able to wield the power of the Sunburst, and crush all who wish to oppose him. He is a tactical genius, but merciless and brutal.

Note: Gruesome Gator is actually a servant of a more monster fiend in a state of conscious slumber, called “Skull Dragos” (Laser Beasts’ Skull Grotess: He is a Sunburst-type), but he’d give anything to overthrow his unmoving master.
Gruesome Gator’s servants are Blitzkrieg Bat (his 2nd in command), King Cobra (fire-type, and ruler of the Reptile Kingdoms), Cutthroat Cuttlefish (water-type and head of the Sea Squadron), Crooked Crow (wood-type and head of the Shadow Army), and War Weasel (fire-type, and animan in charge of Gruesome Gator’s Cybernetic Elite)

This is what I've got, so far. there will be more added to the cast as side characters. I'll add those later if interest in this project builds.

Well, you did hit me with a fair bit of nostalgia. Not sure I'd be any help, but it is an interesting idea. You obviously remember the specifics of it all better then I do. All I remember is the deer dude with the drill arm... that was badass. I guess there are alot of amputees in this.


A lot of those "Amputees" were going to be a part of War Weasel's Cybernetic Elite (kinda made sense.. cyborgs, and all)... creepier part is that those with stuff on their heads 'usually' were under control by someone under War Weasel's ranks... I was thinking maybe Brain Mouse as that necessary fusion of mad scientist and puppet master. Deer Stalker (the deer with the drill-hand), otoh, I'll find a spot for him somewhere. I've also had ideas for Dark Raccoon (Dragoon Raccoon), Grencats (Grencats is either a Snow Leopard.. or some sort of House cat), Shool (Creepy centipede Laser Beast), Wolfgang Walrus and Ossified Orangutan (may call him Dr. Udan... since Udan is his Japanese name).

I forgot to mention: Since the Laser Beasts line was not affiliated with the Transformers, neither is this incarnation of Battle Beasts.

ALSO also, for those die-hard fans (who knew which Battle Beast was a good guy, and which one was a baddie), yeah... I Am going to be switching around a few beasts (e.g. War Weasel who was an "Autobot" in the original line is now a baddie in this version, as would be a decent number of the Beasts with extra cybernetic bits & pieces on them except for Deer Stalker [may change his name to Deer Hunter, we'll see], and maybe a small number of others, and with the Cuttlefish arc SOME of the aquatic Battle Beasts may become good guys; some, but not all.)


OP and update: Some sketches will be up within next week (Rabbit Kid, Bighorn Sheep, War Weasel, Pew-trid Skunk, White Leo, and Gruesome Gator). Afterwords, other designs shall follow.

File: 128245933091.jpg-(79.98KB, 519x480, 57BlackPanther1a.jpg)

OP once more, with another update before I scan and post pics around the end of this coming week. I'm currently drawing out Black Panther (a bit tough since I tried to make him look a bit older than the rest of the hero cast... then I realized: make him look more like a panther, longer snout, angled the chin, drew visible whiskers and VIOLA! He looks older now). I originally wasn't going to put him the main cast, but I SO liked how the figure's armor looked (like a samurai, kinda). Speaking of the figure, YES, this one has a fire symbol (in the picture), but I made him a wood-beast (sometimes, these figures would have elements that didn't make sense, like how I heard that someone had the Shark.. and he was a fire-beast. Weird, in my book).

After he's done, it's off to Blitzkrieg Bat, and his hook-handed, eye-patched, double-bladed-axe-o-doom bad-assery self to be drawn.

oh... I've gotta figure out a name for myself if I wanna keep going with this...

OP update (and I got my new name... for now)...

Tomorrow (Sunday) I will post everything up that I've gotten for character designs (Black Panther is done. Blitzkrieg will be my final, for the moment).

Depending on the turnout and what people think, this may either end up as a novel-script, OR perhaps a drawfag collaborated work... we'll see.

>I forgot to mention: Since the Laser Beasts line was not affiliated with the Transformers, neither is this incarnation of Battle Beasts.



Well, if we make this a Graphic novel... we COULD always add some amusing tribute stuff in the background like how TF:A did (Sludge as the Dino Oil mascot, Tigatron Stadium instead of Tigers Stadium, Tux the Go-Bot's design being used as one character's actual limo... so... maybe Megatron's head n the ruins, or some desert structures and among them is Starscream's Crown of Rule)... or something else; I mean I KNOW that Transformers was and is a hot franchise, but I don't know how scott-free we could be before we'd step on someone's toes by including them.

File: 128312836282.jpg-(384.93KB, 612x867, BattleBeastsDesigns1.jpg)

First of four character design sketches! White Leo & Gruesome Gator (I need to sketch up GG's toes a bit more.)

File: 128312848664.jpg-(221.71KB, 502x697, BattleBeastsDesigns2.jpg)

Sketch sheet #2: Rabbit Kid and Bighorn Sheep (I expecially like how Rabbit Kid came out, then again she WAS the first I drew)

File: 128312917551.jpg-(314.96KB, 568x770, BattleBeastsDesigns3.jpg)

#3: Some BADDIES!!!

War Weasel & Pew-Trid Skunk!

War Weasel I felt I needed to deviate, design-wise, just a bit. To make him seem more cybernetic than just a beast in armor. But the BIGGEST deviation for both of them... is their weapons. I took a cue from the Laser Beasts, and figured the Cybernetic Elite should have the cool blaster weapons (some may still have their old melee weapons).

Some non-Cybernetic Elite "Laser Beast" Beasts may still have their guns... we'll see, depending how lazy or creative I get over time.

File: 128312969589.jpg-(333.18KB, 615x817, BattleBeastsDesigns4.jpg)

#4: Black Panther (good guy) and Bliztkrieg Bat (a baddie)!

For you Beastformer aficionados, Black Panther is a "Decepticon", but I figured I'd make him good (and you'll notice something amiss. He's not wearing it, but I DID give him a Samurai helmet as a tribute to Black Panther's original illustrative design which DID have a helmet (plus it was so cool-looking that I couldn't not draw it). Now, he's a warrior of Wood.

As for Blitzkrieg (whose usually just called Blitzkrieg), I decided to make him look a bit more similar to more modern illustrative takes on bats, rather than keeping him looking like a Flying Fox bat. I took some small liberties and made his armor more spikey (cause HE'S EVIL!), and though he's kinda short compared to other beasts (save for Rabbit Kid, who is shorter than him)... there IS more to him than being merely Gruesome Gator's 2nd in Command. I shall spoil NOTHING in Blitzkrieg's case.

Yes, there are a few small things I need to finish with (Bighorn Sheep's bracers, Gator's toes, and I need to clean up some of the designs noticeably), but that's what I've got so far. This isn't the end of the designs. I still need to draw Cuttlefish & Crow (two remaining major baddies to draw), Skull Dragos (Grotess), Deer Hunter/Stalker & "Edgey Hog" (my "prototype name" for Prickly Porcupine) & Hardtop Turtle/Tortoise (these three will show up early in Leo & Sheep's adventure, for different reasons), along with others I wish to draw up.

Hey... sup?

Not to deviate from my own subject, but should I even keep this name? It's amusing and all that but it lacks the coolness in my soul. Maybe shange it to something that makes me feel like I'm cool every time I say it... like "Sniper Eagle", or "Gamma Jetpunch "... Manbeast Ninjapirate sounds neat, but kinda goofy (not that these new choices DON'T sound goofy).

Well, good news for >>30129

... I DREW DEER HUNTER (his new name)!!! Once I draw up Edgy Hog (Prickly Porcupine's new name, and yes, I have run it across a few people who LOVE my choice for his name better), and Hardtop Tortoise (a baddie; low-level captain under King Cobra's command), I'll scan the page up.

The first episode's idea I've pretty much gone over. Leo and Bighorn's village come under attack by Bat Marauders, Blitzkrieg knocks out Bighorn who IS a guardian-in-training (his dad, who trained him I'm thinking will be an aged version of Laser Beasts' Hornhead), and then beckons a battle with Leo, who isn't. They scrap, Blitzkrieg slashes at Leo's right eye, leaving a nasty scar; Leo 'hears the call' and subconsciously unleashes some Sunburst power, lobs off Blitz's left hand with his new sword, the White Beam, Blitz calls retreat, bitterly, and tells White Leo that he'll one slice off Leo's hand like Leo did to his. I will flesh out the first episode soon.

As for the second episode... Leo and Bighorn meet Deer Hunter in a thick portion of some woods (probably either by a chance cross-encounter with some enemy Battle Beasts, or maybe, for those who know the Headmaster's episode with the Battle Beasts... some metal-n-flesh eating Piraglions (mutant non-anthro piranhas)... I'm leaning toward the second cause nostalgia, even obscure nostalgia, attracts people.

Anyways... Leo, Sheep, and Deer would kinda venture into a town with anti-Battle Beast rhetoric, the group of nay-sayers lead by some old tortoise claiming how he lost his hand to one.

The tortoise is actual one of the baddies disguised as a regular animan via cloaking (also leading a band of Icky Iguana troops)... one of the few anifolk who actually feel bad for our heroes was a hedgehog, kinds of the "that friendly, energetic guy whose kinda funny and everyone likes..."...

Later, the tortoise someone gets found out (I'm thinking some low-level detective work from our trio), he shows his true self, and the fit of anger turns the hedgehog into a Battle Beast, fight ensues, and village learns that not all battle Beasts are evil monsters... That some are good. At the End Deer & Edgy stay to guard the town/village, and the three are once again two.

File: 128410348432.jpg-(211.07KB, 780x600, 780px-Beast_map.jpg)
Update (and yes, I changed my name to Gamma Jetpunch):

What dya know? Someone from Takara actually made a map of lands that these guys lived on of Planet Beast/Beest.

I MAY use most of this, and change a few minor things here and there (I'm NOT going to use the whole "Each Beast is a King/Emperor of a country" premise because it doesn't fully go with how the characters are introduced), AND I finished the sketches of Deer Hunter (Deer Stalker's new name), Edgy Hog (Prickly Porcupine's new name), Hardtop Tortoise, Icky Iguana (Iguanas are kinda starting grunt soldiers; like how the Black Dinos and Jells were for the Monster Rancher anime), and "The Abomination" (Triple Threat Snake's nickname). I figured I'd sketch out the three remaining MAJOR baddies (Cuttlefish, Crow, and King Cobra) before scanning what I have done, so far. Afterwords, I'll be working on the synopsis for each "chapter" (since I don't know what sort of format this will be; maybe a comic.. MAYBE.. if a few others would be willing to assist in some think-tanking for development).


Because of how the link didn't post up right the last time, I'm posting it up again.

Hopefully, it will post up right (previous link to "Beast" was apparently the combined form of the Dinobots).

File: 128477404435.jpg-(87.20KB, 519x480, 72CrookedCrow1a.jpg)

I had to strain my head a bit to design out Crooked Crow just right, but I have his final design (at least I feel it's a good final). I didn't know whether to make him a grim, pitiless fiend... or like a minor tribute to SkekSil/Chamberlain of the Dakr Crystal (slick, but vicious).... I went for the latter, and I felt like I've made a good choice. My last concern was how to make his armor more menacing, since it was oddly plain. Then I realized: SKELETON-DESIGN!! It looks great

I'll have the nest three scans up by Saturday or Sunday (P.S. I've... been subconsciously drawing them bigger & bigger, but I can still size them up digitally like they did for the Sharr Team Decepticon designs on their character sheets, especially since they are MUCH bigger than Autobots are).

Enjoy the designs when they come up on the Weekend!


Oh, and once those are up, I'll be working on synopsis throughout the Fall. Anyone whose intrigued can help out (just remember; no OC's... 'cept for fodder, no Transformers... sadly, and helping determine which beast is what element is FINE... and fodder can always have 'atypical' elements, like one type of Beast who seems more likely to be Water... one out of 20 of them could be Fire ^__~)


>>Anyone WHO'S intrigued.

More bad spelling by yours truly.

File: 128494532338.jpg-(351.84KB, 638x839, BattleBeastsDesigns5.jpg)


The first one is of two good characters, Deer Hunter & Edgy Hog, and below them is Hardtop Tortoise, who serves under Gruesome Gator's iron claw.

Some changes I've made are both obvious and subtle: The first is two of the Beasts names (Deer Hunter and Edgy Hog instead of Dear Stalker and Prickly Porcupine). Second is Deer Hunter's drill-hand is actually a secondary weapon, not an amputated limb (reasons why will be explained with synopsis bible/compendium construction). And I wanted to give Edgy hog a different look to the other beasts, especially since, in my head, the though of a short goodie enthusiasticall yelling out "it's GO TIME!", sprouting long, razor-sharp quills, and giggling manically into battle to "stick it to the bad guys" was too good and too funny an idea to pass up. I had some trouble working him until I tried to make him look more energetic without relying on "a certain blue hedgehog" as inspiration. He's ACTUALLY a cross between Naruto, Elecmon (his look, or at least his eyes and broad head; he's not energetic, though), and a few other arch typical hyperactive characters who weren't evil.

As for Hardtop, he's actually bigger than the sketch portrays (tall as Deer Hunter's antlers), and unlike Deer Hunter, his claw IS cybernetic.


File: 128494565288.jpg-(352.71KB, 638x826, BattleBeastsDesigns6.jpg)
Number two: Icky Iguana (grunt soldier Beasts of Gruesome Gator). These guys fit the niche of what the Black Dinos and Jells fit in the Monster Rancher Anime; quick fodder, but still a force to not to discredit. These guys aren't weak, but they are lazy, and they smell bad, and they use globular spit as projectiles (they're... Water types, at least in my head.)

And Triple Threat Snake. This baddie isn't too plain, but I made him more freakier by making all three heads share the same mind, AND speak telepathically (but he still uses "we" instead of "I"). He's an abomination, 'cultivated' with King Cobra's funding and efforts to create an obedient, skilled, and dangerous warrior.

File: 128494639883.jpg-(367.33KB, 638x877, BattleBeastsDesigns7.jpg)
And three of the four big bads who serve under G.G. (I've already posted War Weasel up).

King Cobra, aka King Cobrander the 6th (a tribute to his Japanese name; Cobrander), a cool-headed, but cruel serpent with regal ancestry and venom for blood. He serves under Gruesome Gator loyally, as the two reptiles think alike about having one power rule a lawless planet still shuddering off the shock of asteroid collision. He will not take defeat as an answer, and despises losing.

Cutthroat Cuttlefish. I've had ideas about the aquatic life of Beest, and how I wanted to incorporate a "oh-so canonical" Antlantian kingdom under the sea. The Natives are all telepathic, and are all Battle Beasts (unlike land dwellers where only a few are BB's). But the Cuttlefish, to me, are like the "Orcs" of this kinkgdom. Once a numermous and powerful race, they are now broken and dwindling. Cutthroat has taken this kingdom's rule by force from the true heir to the throne, and GG likes this rebel's tenacity to rebuild from the rubble.

Finally, Crooked Crow. Now you see why I preferred to make him like the Skeksis? He just seems, not only bad, but manipulative, sycophantic, deceptive, and sadistic... His birth is cursed on how "anything he owns" will rot and decay... like a living plague bearer. So, the land he has usurped rule from his hazy and dark, the people he terrorizes are afraid and scraping to survive, but his Shadow Army is numerous and range from radioactive X-ray Fish zombies, to filthy mongrel dogs, to skulking Spiders, to a half-mad Tarsier with demonically bugged-out eyes, to many more surprises.

Plus, he DOES rock out that bone-patterned armor I drew him.

Lastly, please excuse any noticeable spelling errors this last time. From this point on, all aspects of the synopsis I will create will be typed up more professionally than when I type fast and sloppily. How can a guy gain credibility this day and age if he cannot spell check CORRECTLY?

Thank you, and please give any feedback.

File: 128495702760.jpg-(27.76KB, 324x400, 20pdl61.jpg)
I gotta say this looks pretty damn awesome


Thank you so much. Any and all admiration or assistance is much appreciated, and gives me more reason to work further on this project. I'm going to start working on Synopses either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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