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Long-Term Projects

 New Thread

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I'm not sure if this will actually go anywhere, but it's fun to talk about: The Legend of Zelda set in a noir theme.

Short plot derived between myself, Spider-Anon and Doctor Hal: Detective Link and beat cop Linebeck must discover the truth behind the disappearance of popular lounge singer "Princess" Zelda. Suspects include the rival singer Midna, who had a lot to gain from Zelda's vanishing act, suspected mafioso Ganondorf, who has been a long-time fan of the Princess, and was recently spurned by her after a private proposition, and Zelda herself, who has disappeared on many an occasion in costume to live her life away from the glitz and glamour of the stage, this time deciding to stay gone permanently.

Other stuff I decided: There'll still be the different races; Hylians, Goron, Zora, maybe the Kokiri. Whether or not swords and sorcery will still be included is still up in the air. Ganon's lieutenants will be Vaati and Zant, and the three of them look damn nice in suits. Zant rips his whenever he gets overly-excited.

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It would work if it was something of a mix between the two. A "green" PI gets accidentally involved, and attempts to learn the ropes while tackling this crazy situation, slowly becoming less adventurous and more grizzled as it goes on. So like, slow and subtle change from pulp sidekick to grim and gritty PI.

Keep going! That was an AWESOME right up!


Sorry but I don't have much of a clue where to go from here.

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Hey /coc/, recognize 'em?
That's Harley and Ivy from "The Batman" cartoon.
They never really interacted in the show, but an awesome comrade supplied a tie-in comic where they did.
Because Ivy is a teenager here and Harley a full-grown adult it puts an interesting spin on their relationship, with Harley calling the shots and being the dominant one. Poison Ivy more or less goes along with it.
Brings a lot of new wind to co's favourite interfemale relationship and even spawned a fic by yours truly.

I can supply the comic and the fic. But I would like to see what other draw- and writefags would make of it.

Anybody interested?

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I would argue that their relationship isn't nessesarily sexual in nature and that I didn't even state that in my past, but there's tons of even official art that at least suggests otherwise and many comics hinted at something deeper than a partnership in crime...

plus have you been living under a rock the last couple of years since Batman TAS, that first established the relationship?

Bruce Timm made porn of it, it's canon.


Well, I always kinda liked the fact that they hinted at something more without beating you up the head with it.
That's the way I want to go about this project too.

But if anybody's gonna turn this into hot slash-fiction, they won't hear me complainin'

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What if each pokémon was a superhero?

The thread had a great start on /co/, but is apparently no longer accepted. So maybe we can expand on it here.
Pic is what I saved after the deletion.

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File: 125950037213.png-(70.12KB, 408x615, shatbrix.png)





fuck sorry for bumpan this with an irrelevant post


There is no shame in being proud!

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So I've started a fiction project that I would eventually like to turn into a comic. I basically came up with the idea of a science-based superhero that would come into possession of a pair of gloves that would essentially allow him to manipulate a new (and fictional) form of science: atomagnetics.

Atomagenetics manipulates an object's subatomic structure to make it stick to the the main character's force field (generated by the gloves). I pictured his power-set being one part Spider-man-esque wallrunning and one part souped-up gravity manipulation. Like the Gravity Gun from Half-Life, MC (no name yet) would be able to lift something like a car as if it had no weight. As it would leave his grasp, it would maintain the momentum, but gain the weight back.

Essentially, it's a bit like Superboy's Tactile Telekenisis, but not to the extent that he can dismantle shit with a thought. The gloves do not have a neural link to the wearer, so essentially (until I get more invested in the story, at least), usage would be based on my character's application of the SCIENCE! involved.

Supershenanigans aside, I'm a fan of character development and interaction; I've been influenced by Robert Kirkman in that I believe that you can have an interesting story while the character isn't out fighting bad guys, and I'd love to have him going through the phases of growing up even as he's living this life.

I've got a big Google Document of all the background I've typed out so far, but tonight I wrote my first actual work. I know it's not a comic script, but since I'm used to working in prose, I figured I would start there and work backwards.

I woke up to the smell of singed hair and sulfur.

The smell wasn't too pleasant to my olfactory centers, and neither was the tingling sensation that was now coursing through my left arm. Rolling over, I found that all my weight had been on it, effectively making it useless until blood coursed back through my veins. My mind snapped back into focus at almost the same rate as my vision; what the hell had happened?

I tilted my head in the direction of my workbench and found it broken in half. I'm not kidding you here; there was essentially a mini-crater in the middle of my desk; both sides slumped in on themselves, shaped like some bizarre "M".

My first thought was was if anyone had heard the reaction. If so, the cops would be here any second. They would check my power meters and find that they had been tampered with. They would find the massive amounts of suspicious reading material I had. They would find all the torrents on my hard drive. All hope was lost.

I lay there frozen for another five minutes. There were no sirens. There was no footsteps. There was no reaction.

My apartment had nicked the edge of Armageddon and survived.


I stood up on wobbly legs; my knees creaked as I looked around my room and surveyed the damage. Essentially, it didn't look too far off from what it usually did - a pile that was on one side of my room was now on the other, and vice versa. Maybe a change of scenery was in order after all.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Sounds intriguing, I encourage you to work on this

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If you can draw, animate, make music or any animation related stuff,
join this project.

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Honestly just make it a 5 minute movie

Out of curiosity, which chapter were you thinking of adapting?

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OK, picture this:
A Treasure Shooter and a Konami Beat-em-up have a baby. They let Capcom's Fighters be Godparents.

Super Indie Challenge. A side-scrolling, sprite-based beat-em-up (with a tendancy towards projectile weapons) starring Indie comic characters. A download title (though, depending on how much content we pack into it, it could be a full release) for Wiiware, X-Box Live Arcade, and PSN.

Please forgive my crappy logo.

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>A Treasure Shooter and a Konami Beat-em-up have a baby. They let Capcom's Fighters be Godparents.

I think I just wet myself.

So, er... how many people do you have on board this project? Since you're looking into spritework, maybe you can talk to people at Pixelation and Pixeljoint for advice, tutorials, etc (maybe even recruit people if you can offer the right incentive). I'd lend a hand, but I have a pitch to work on as is. Imagine Chrono Trigger crossed with Phoenix Wright.

May I make a suggestion?

Why not throw in Homestarrunner characters?

They're pretty indie. And the guys who make him seem to have no problem with spoofing old videogames.

I don't really have anyone on the project: the idea has just been rattling around in my head for ages, and I wanted to get it out and see how people react. those two pixel art communities definitely sound interesting: I might have to look into them.

I HAVE been looking for some unlockable characters, including the all-important "gag" character: I think some Homestar Runner stuff could fit that bill to a "T", especially since they'd be the only characters appearing that've never been in a comic.

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Whenever I see an idea for a story I like in threads for original ideas for comics/games/etc, I save it, as due to the inherently lazy nature of 4channers 99.99% of these ideas are very likely going to go unused. I figured I should share the love with you guys and post it for here for everyone to enjoy and possibly so something creative. If you are the author of one of these ideas and object to your idea being shared here, alert me and I'll delete it.

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"He's a war-weary guerilla inventor with a robot buddy named Sparky. She's a cosmopolitan renegade detective on her way to prison for a murder she didn't commit. They fight crime!"

I need to figure out what a Guerilla Inventor is.

Somebody who invents guerillas, I'd guess.

ruff routes extreme mailmen
it would be like topten only postal couriers
instead of Cops they wood deliver to all the secret
fortresses and bases of super villains getting past there security

hide File: 125504995182.png-(413.33KB, 640x480, CaptainUsopp.png)
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Version 2.0

Feel free to add any ideas you'd like to it, personally I hope we can get a little more then speculation out of this.

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Well, Tashigi is with them when Nami was. But yeah that works.


Ah, good to know.

Oh wait, they also don't have the Merry at that time. He gets it in Loguetown, when meeting up with Merry and Kaya again.

And, I think Tashigi and Usopp would meet up with Nami at this time, as she's looking for more easy treasure than stealing from pirates for once. She comes along for a while, as her boat is wrecked from Ganzack's attack.

Also, I'm working on redoing Hachi's story slightly so that him being in the crew makes more sense.

hide File: 125788222675.gif-(32.04KB, 700x489, piano.gif)
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pasapop asapapoo ppasasds fd-ss-dda d-d-d-d-f

fd-ss-ss-ss sdddsf fd-ss-ss-ss-sop

fdssssss sdddsf ddfgfdfdsdsp ddfgfdfdsdsp jhj

w w-w-w-w t-w-8
w w-w-w-w wu-wy-wy

So since I don't recognize any of these, are you makin them up?

hide File: 125784695887.jpg-(191.08KB, 466x645, spiderdad.jpg)
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So we have plenty of fap creations, etc. Since it's the Holiday season, let's have some d'aww/bawww creations.

Pic related. I had some ideas for a Spider-dad story. My questions to you, /coc/:
Do I undo the whole Mephisto thing? (i.e Peter chose MJ, the deal was undone later on, etc)
Do I just ignore it? (Don't address it. Leaning towards this)
Do I pretend it happened but they got married eventually?

And a sidenote: The little girl will be older than in this picture (about 7 or 8).
More when I actually write something.

File: 125784807012.png-(296.43KB, 1200x900, A boy and his cousin-uncle-brother.png)
Here, have some confusing, but sweet family dynamic.

If you are actually trying to fit it in (I don't know why you would, but) you can just shove it straight into that weird offshoot Marvel Next Universe that Tom Defalco has spent the last decade trapped in.

It hasn't been possible in the main books since the fucked up miscarriage way back during the clone saga all the way back in 1996 anyway.

I think I'll go with the usual route of "Fuck it, it totally happened".

This is Earth-617. Everything is almost exactly like Earth 616 is today only MJ and Peter are in fact married.

hide File: 125689051225.png-(155.73KB, 639x781, Happy Family.png)
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What a happy family =F

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File: 125722914028.jpg-(91.29KB, 579x471, 1257228842911.jpg)
Sibling Rivalry

File: 12572947983.png-(144.92KB, 579x471, pepper.png)

File: 125772804488.jpg-(214.52KB, 800x800, 1261526156567.jpg)
Also, apparently her and Squirrel Girl are BFFs now.

hide File: 125615968458.jpg-(155.61KB, 1218x971, spider-woman.jpg)
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Ok I wanted to do a fanfiction/ fan drawing if possible of SpiderWoman( Jessica Drew) and BatWoman (Kate Kane).

If you have any ideas please let me know.

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“Hello is this Katherine Kate?” Jessica said with hesitation in her voice. “Yes this is Katherine may I ask who’s speaking I don’t recognize this number” “Hi Kate it’s me Jessica Drew I’m town and I wanted to see you it’s been a long time” Jessica said assured it was her friend she’s missed so much. “I would love to meet up it’s been a while since I’ve seen my favorite web girl, lets meet up at my place my place you remember the location right” Kate said as she walked around the living room area. “Yes I remember the location like it was yesterday but just to be safe let’s meet in a different area like say down town at the mall, with this Dark Reign of Norman Osborn going on I might have been followed so when on your way to meet bring protection with you”. Jessica knew that by coming to the DC universe she might have been followed by some of Norman Osborn men particularly Agents of H.A.M.M.E.R or even a Member of the Dark Avengers themselves, the DC universe had troubles of it’s own the last thing it needed was problems from another universe.

File: 12573062141.jpg-(81.82KB, 938x933, Spider and Bat.jpg)

File: 12574491331.jpg-(523.62KB, 1400x2125, 107_SPIDER_WOMAN_4.jpg)

This is a good start now we need colored version.

hide File: 123881723883.png-(175.01KB, 600x1026, xtan.png)
11204 No.11204 quickreply   Reply First 100 posts Last 50 posts
I'm starting a thread here for the few remaining stalwarts interested in the project.
Last we left off, /trv/ /toy/ and /c/ were pretty much done, and we were working on /co/
I've copied beige's /co/ writeup to the wiki, but based on the thread that was posted in, I won't assume that it's final yet.

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Rival/antagonist would fit fairly well with the "overbearing dick nazi" that characterizes /y / so far.

Also, this thread has over 500 posts in it.

If you've been wondering why I haven't been on MSN it's because I've recently re-installed my system and also because I have been sleeping far too much.

Not a problem.
Between cramming for an upcoming test, and getting ready for last weekend, I've been pretty busy lately myself.
If all goes well, I should be able to get back into the swing of things this Wednesday evening.
The big test is tomorrow, and after that's out of the way I'll be on track with my classwork again.
That'll make keeping up with it MUCH easier.


new thread, because this is huge and tl;dr

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New camwhore thread because Doom locked the other one.

This is from Freshman year, but I am proud that I met Dr. McNinja.

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It's me dressed as a mime in my friend's bathroom, pulling a stupid face. My hair is in bunches, the thing on my head is a beret and the black lines on my collar bone is my bag strap. Also, stupid sexy mimes.

Because you do?

Tooth, you're kinda cute.

No see I got it, but I hate mimes.
On the other hand stupid sexy mime.

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