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After a year or so of service, the old drawfag sticky has been archived and retired.
Here is a collection of drawfag pieces from as early as 2006:

And now, ITS, business as usual:
- /co/ drawfag art
- drawfag requests

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They should have added Samus crying for Adam, in a fetal position.

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Graphics must be 300x300 in size, and either PNG or JPG format.

Error pages needing art:
"404", "401", "403", "Thread Archived", and "You're Banned!"

Characters to use:
Any characters can be used, but I'd like the majority of the graphics (50%+) to be of the winning mascots.

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File: 126247449418.jpg-(63.94KB, 300x300, I-the-whole-thing.jpg)
thats what she said

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Can I make a request?
First time here, so I have no idea if I can.

A girl with longish hair lying on her back, her right knee sticking up in the air. This is a side view of her. She is holding over her body a hedgehog, that's looking down at her. Make the hedgehog kinda cute, but it can be realistic too.


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We really don't do this kinda thing

There is a request thread, if you'd be interested in posting there.

File: 128532859587.png-(29.11KB, 536x591, hurp.png)

That'll be a million dollars.

hide File: 128268281277.jpg-(51.99KB, 900x600, FUCKYEAH_Finished.jpg)
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Posting my Regular Show arts.
With 100% less tracing.

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Because I keep editing his .png files, just like I do with Pyms.

I use Photoshop, I just keep forgetting to change it to PNG.

File: 128531768552.jpg-(89.12KB, 908x639, too regular show.jpg)
Well, I tried.
I was going for their human forms to look like Flapjack, but I'm too retarded to get the style down. Also, the original one has dialogue, I just erased it on MSPaint so it looks less... er, cluttered. Ha ha.

hide File: 127601913397.png-(25.36KB, 426x807, 1276018089668.png)
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Isn't it about time we posted all the Adventure Time drawfaggotry? Post 'em if you got 'em!

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File: 128530230748.jpg-(11.71KB, 177x143, 746545433.jpg)

I don't see it.


oh... I see...

so... because this is about a boy and his dog, you immediately think that Doug and Adventure Time can be comparable to each other...

... you're fucking stupid! REALLY stupid!

hide File: 126560771547.png-(28.66KB, 800x450, capture01.png)
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Errbody can draw in it! Just enter your name and click the button!

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File: 12849187287.jpg-(112.51KB, 800x450, Goodness me no.jpg)
This is embarrassing.

File: 128522348934.png-(44.84KB, 1120x600, politics.png)

File: 128529995312.png-(48.66KB, 400x400, luv.png)
I just thought that I would tell you guys....that I love you all...very much.

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Congratulations to H for winning the first /draw/ Drawfag Competition. Some people suggested a second one, so I'll make this thread and see if anyone else is interesting in this kind of thing again.

The Rules are as Followed:

Drawfags will be paired randomly and asked to draw a random request taken from a random /co/ drawthread. They will then have a deadline to draw that request and turn it in. Then everyone will vote on it via a poll site to determine who the winner is.

Those who win move on, while the losers, if they want, will go into a Second Chance bracket if they'd like to keep drawing (a good idea someone suggested in the previous thread)

I'd like to get a set schedule for this. With the first one I've tried to give the request out on Wednesday and make the deadline on Sunday night (giving drawfags the weekend to do it if they are busy during the weekdays), with voting on Monday and Tuesday; effectively giving us one week per round. However many rounds we have depends on how many people sign up and compete.

I think we'll start either Monday or Wednesday depending on how many people we have by those two dates. So if anyone is interested, post in here and sign up with a name/trip.

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No offense, but most of those are either old stuff that's been done before (I think one of the original points in the first one was new requests that were never drawn) and Power Girl/Marceline fetish spam, which is frequently enough as is (I think it's also supposed to be for stuff people usually don't draw)

You better am english than me.


None taken. I hadn't seen of any of them get drawn so I figured that they haven't been drawn. Ignore what I posted then.

hide File: 127286127136.png-(284.46KB, 1040x583, HBIC.png)
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HNNNNNNG SO ADORABLE. I want to give them kibbles and bits

no homo

junk could you draw roger giving a footjob
whatever it cost I'm sure kosh will pay it


hide File: 128428192881.jpg-(603.66KB, 1190x1005, M.B.C. X Disgaea.jpg)
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Gonna be dumping art slowly and probably doing some requests an' stuff.

Oh yeah, and sorry for the excessive amount of Monster Buster Club fanart.

Someone's got to do it.

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Dude, do you post your art somewhere other than DA? I see stuff pop on on paheal all the time. Is it just you uploading them there?

File: 128485335434.png-(65.03KB, 376x800, Jenny S 17.png)
Jenny belching flames after downing a bottle of Everclear.

That GC picture came out gorgeously... Awesome work, Hella.

Could I request some Caffy Smiff dressed as Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII (only a bit more risque?)

hide File: 128174032011.jpg-(23.76KB, 363x461, waste your life black and white.jpg)
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So, how many of you do this for a living?

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Integrity? Satisfying non-art related career? Masochist? disinterest in dealing with the horrible people that often wind up commissioning artists?

You don't need to bow yourself to make money. Put your stuff as you intend to do it, and the money will come to you.

You can make buck drawing porn, or you can Picasso it up and haters gonna hate when you cash rolls in.
PS: Possibly after you die.

File: 128511245041.jpg-(520.17KB, 1680x1050, ugly300.jpg)
I'm not an "artist" in the gallery show sense, but I've been making a pretty good living as a character designer/board artist/layout artist/animator.

hide File: 126807934149.jpg-(447.58KB, 1148x1718, Owlwomanr63.jpg)
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Greetings fellow drawfags!

I have finally found the proper location, and feel slightly less stupid.

Anywhom, I have relocated here for more of the doodle-sketch-fun-times and look forward to churning out stuff for the enjoyment of few.

Also here is a thing. Made this for the 63 thread back at /co/

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File: 12846141062.jpg-(100.67KB, 585x720, dwarf.jpg)
Last one I swear.

>dwarf women
>no beards


Hey Doc, sorry it's taking a while, but have no worries!

It'll be done soon.

hide File: 126759859629.png-(162.50KB, 600x1566, Test project.png)
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Any 3D artists out there?
Some critique would be fucking awesome.

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File: 128228566157.png-(166.45KB, 800x600, fanart.png)
May as well put my 2D art here as well.

Enjoy fan works under a tired mind.

Read this:

File: 128503895087.png-(455.58KB, 800x600, A potter.png)
Still got a few more things I want to do with it, but it works well enough for the final.

On a side note, next semester I get to learn more complex lighting and textures!

hide File: 125499815553.jpg-(710.80KB, 1500x1500, 10-08-09.jpg)
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Old thread was dying, so I'm making this new thread. The old one lasted me a while so make use of it while you can.

Old thread found here:

Christening this thread with a nice color picture. Hope you guys like.

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I dont know why but your eyes always have this soul piercing stare, and it creeps me out. D:

I love everything else though.

File: 12849372671.jpg-(222.06KB, 1181x1042, animoose.jpg)

File: 128495206813.jpg-(268.44KB, 880x1040, 9-19-10.jpg)

Wow I totally forgot about this picture.


Here's something I saw in Japan. Read here for the story:

hide File: 125252279126.jpg-(91.68KB, 488x650, ff11_kaja_salaheem.jpg)
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Just... doodles. Not safe for work ones, was going to draw some armor on her, but since I am almost passing out, I'd say fuck it.

Red doesn't like JPEG for some reason.

drawing while listening to JamProject Skills pretty epic.

okay, IPOOY time.

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File: 128488420085.jpg-(50.09KB, 706x1000, 2010SEP19_Veronica_Dare .jpg)
Veronica Dare ...

I am beginning to run out of patience with these. I think this is it for tonight.

The list:

- Pepper Potts X Whitney Stane
>>34790 A Disney Princess X Meg

- >>33318 Satin (UT 2004)
>>34698 Veronica Dare from ODST
- >>32669 Tim DrakeXCatwomen
- >>32638 >>32770 Thunder hawk Cyclonis X Piper
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Thank you so much!

File: 128493786252.jpg-(60.64KB, 706x1000, 2010SEP19_request_meg_x_princess.jpg)

Megara and a Disney princess, princess >>34981 Ariel was called. That's all for this week.

The list:

- Pepper Potts X Whitney Stane

>>34790 A Disney Princess X Meg
- >>33318 Satin (UT 2004)
>>34698 Veronica Dare from ODST
- >>32669 Tim DrakeXCatwomen
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

hide File: 128120192115.png-(33.34KB, 600x600, boom.png)
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A certain Kosh prodded me to pop up here, so... giving this a tentative shot.

Only started lurking a few minutes ago, so still not too sure how this place works out. Any important things I should know?

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File: 128347366235.png-(468.95KB, 1166x930, spidey.png)

Blame /co/.

File: 128479465888.png-(347.26KB, 1374x850, tvsa.png)

File: 128479480183.png-(269.20KB, 1082x714, surrender.png)
And no one gets hurt!

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