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Long-Term Projects

 New Thread

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Didn't see a thread for this here, so figured I'd repost: A rocking anon compiled a list of villain songs since yesterday with the help of some folks on /co/, and finished uploading it.

So, here they are:

/co/ Villains OST Volume 1: Disney

01. Friends on the Other Side (The Princess and the Frog)
02. Be Prepared (The Lion King)
03. Heaven's Lights - Hellfire (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
04. Poor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid)
05. The Elegant Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
06. The World's Greatest Criminal Mind (The Great Mouse Detective)
07. Oogie Boogie's Song (Nightmare Before Christmas)
08. Gaston (Beauty and The Beast)
09. Gaston [Reprise] (Beauty and The Beast)
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>"It's a Secret" (Xellos' Theme, Slayers)
How is this /co/-related?

Dang, I've been gone from /coc/ too long. Anyway...
Same way Godzilla and Gundam are /co/-related.

Also, another possible future inclusion: "Intelligence" from "Help! I'm a Fish"/"A Fish Tale":

And better quality!
Colors of Fear-!v=i4ieU59lieg

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How about a new Project?

I just read into Valerian and Laurelie, and it looks extremely interesting.

It has 40 episodes, all of which are available in a batch torrent on Isohunt.

Is any French-anon willing to work on this show for us ignorant Englishfags?

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Oh I remember this. Back then I had actually begun to translate some Petit Spirou stories. Might as well finish it indeed.

File: 127807343669.png-(111.60KB, 1240x1754, hamster2_fap.png)
>Petit Spirou

But I want my delicious Melusine...

Also, stuff by Gotlib just NEEDS to be translated. I got super awesome resolution scans of Rubrique-a-brac awhile ago, I really need to upload them.

"Talking" works of Gotlib are near impossible to translate : witty and/or stupid puns everywhere, references to 60's and 70's politics... I grew up reading Gotlib, and there are some stuff I still can't decipher.

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Ok, well, I thought it was a little silly to make the thread here, but somebody was very insistent about it, so whatever, here we go.

The general idea is to create a nice image that represents the overall feelings of as many boards as possible that gives a semi-infographical and semi-illustrated account of the familial relationships of the boards of 4chan. For example, /jp/ could be depicted as the next-generation offspring of /a/ and /v/, /l/ would be depicted as a dead ancestor, and /b/ would be the crazy alcoholic uncle that nobody wants to talk about.

We ought to try to respect any existing board-mascots (e.g., /x/-tan) to get cues about both the appearance and the gender of the board's anthropomorphic personification.

Pic related, it's along the lines of what I want to do, except I'd like to illustrate the relationships somewhat more... infographically, to use that word again (it should look more like a family tree with pictures on it than an actual picture of a house or something).

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I think they did good.

Ah, yes, this is in fact very good!
Some updates or modifications aren't uncalled for, I think, but if anyone feels inspired to work from this, iamokwiththis.jpg

Just gotta get some willing drawfags... I had at least one when I brought this up on 4chan proper, but now I don't know what happened to them...


Does a plus4chan Family Tree exist? Because if not, it won't be hard to do, just draw a big house with one single room. That's all you need.

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The time is upon us, /co/mrades

ITT: discussion for starting our own channel, consisting of the various creative /co/mrades around the world who will work and strive to revive the spirit of cartoons that still lives in all of us.

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I thought they said it's LIKE a radioplay so they could then animate THAT.


Look, I don't mean you any harm, but this is the last time I'm going to reply to you.

The animation isn't going to happen. It isn't. Not if we can't get this off the ground first. If we can, great! We can start thinking about an original radio play, and perhaps even get animation guys to animate some of the prior scripts. If not? I guess we're back to where we were a couple of months ago.

Either way I'm booking my time in the booth over the next few days, so...ow it goes.

And where are the umpteen 'voice-actors' now that I need them?

File: 127789626984.jpg-(100.23KB, 800x800, I-AM-AN-ARTIST-SIR.jpg)
Did somebody say actors?
I have range!

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I like this idea ever better.

Gonna see if I can get my mic to make a half-way decent recording of my guitar.

Can it be about anything? Or a /coc/ themed song?


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So there's this thread on /co/, that's probably going to die soon, and it's where the idea of a Batman and Robin radio drama or something could be made, using our /co/mrades as the actors. Auditions are up in that thread, but I thought the OP might like something a little more permanent for his project, so I made this.

And if the OP perchance, doesn't see this, I think the rest of us posting in this thread could try to still /co/llaborate something.

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Eastern European. Her use of Papa seems to imply she might have an accent (Don't ask me why, but in written material saying "Papa" always seems to mean European accent.) Think Gypsy.

Yes, she would. Her guardians brought her to Gotham for a new life there so take that as you will.

You think that there might be a slight change post operation for Sasha? I'd say give it a try and experiment.

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Hey /coc/,

Make a superhero. Draw him/her and post it in this thread.

Make a city. Draw it. and post it.

Make a supervillian draw it and post it.

welcome to /coc/ universe

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File: 127716729254.png-(28.30KB, 890x716, campbell_man.png)
Campbell man! Welsh Superhero of the big city, saving innocent lives, fighting crime and night club bartener!

File: 127724649818.png-(69.26KB, 1305x822, seacukeman.png)
Sea Cucumber Dude!

Protecting the coast with his ability to liquefy himself, breathe underwater (out of his anus), and eject entangling viscera from his grotesque misshapen arms!

File: 127726029989.png-(29.58KB, 800x547, colifornia.png)

This is his city, Port Guayaba, in southern /co/lifornia.

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Since the first thread is getting sort of full and it may be deterring new people from joining the project, I felt a second thread that summarized the first work's progress would be warranted.

The goal is to create a fun, tasteful and well written superhero comic featuring a college age male-to-female transsexual, focusing on her superheroing and the balancing act she goes through, dealing with work, friends, school and her costumed adventures.

The aim is to avoid cliches like soapboxing and preaching/lecturing about issues to the audience, to not focus on her transsexualism and, generally, to create an enjoyable piece of work.

Feel free to join the thread and toss around ideas, we can always use writers, artists and thoughts in general. While not everything may be used, we all appreciate the help you give.

The old thread, for anyone wanting to read it, can be found here:

(Featured Picture by Banth. Main character costume concept)

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The advantage to our hero is that she does have some shielding from damage, unlike so many vigilante style heroes, a bullet won't hurt her.

I'd imagine that the majority of her injuries would be blunt force, bruises, breaks and cuts.

She is going to be beaten up, but not like in Kick Ass, at least not on a regular basis. Especially strong arcs may require her to be severely hurt, but too much gore can be a real turn off to a reader (See: Invincible) or it starts to lack power and impact (See: Kick Ass).

Still, it seems naive that whoever ends up treating her won't notice that she is being regularly beaten and bloodied. I'm not saying she needs a personal surgeon, but it just seems like a large loophole in what you are trying to make a more "realistic" comic.

Just had another idea for a villain/arc...

Basic concept is an illegal underground UFC-style fighting circuit/gambling ring run by a washed up fighting champion banned from sanctioned tournaments and stripped of his sponsors due to the revelation that he was illegally enhancing his body with bionic implants. Frustrated by the establishment, he founded this to-the-death alternative out of spite and has even kidnapped several of his former competition (who he feels exposed him to get him out of the way when it was really his coach who felt the implants were slowly killing him) and forced them to compete, never to be seen again...

Eventually the champ learns of Motion and figures that a Metahuman fighting in his ring will really bring in the gambling chips

As for his look, I'm getting the image of Dana White on roids with his enlarged veins looking like circuitboard wires and wearing gladiatorial wear

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Been developing on /co/ since like last weekend or so and yet none of the people who are working on it thought of starting a /coc/ thread. Decided to fix the problem.

>So here's some of what we've worked out so far:

-> Salem, MA
>-Louisiana Bayou (heavy Voodoo emphasis)
>-Rocky Mountains
>-Groom Lake (government run)
>-Texas Arcana&Magic (cow magic, mossy oak camo wands)

>At the lower level students are divided up into grades by year, K-12 basically. If they choose to move onto higher education it's divided up into more specialized schools of study but still requiring cross study with different schools, college basically.

>Quiddich isn't popular. Boufball, a game all about strategy and strength, is.

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Connecticuts got Yale AND Trinity college.

One could be one of the most prestigious magic schools in the world (right up there with Hogwarts), while the other is still prestigious, just not quite as well-known (Trinity is pretty big, but no one seems to realize that outside of CT).



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What does /coc/ think of Boph?

I don't think there's been a Boph thread, so here's one. Questions, comments, etc.

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File: 127701169175.png-(25.42KB, 500x600, Zukoph_flash.png)
Stupid sexy Zukoph...

File: 12770117147.png-(32.38KB, 703x593, Zukoph_Kosh.png)

File: 127701203715.jpg-(82.45KB, 320x600, Steam_Heat.jpg)
The only artist commission I've ever bought! Curse you @$$ for making such a sexy, original, pls-don't-steal character!

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Third Side
The History of Atmos (as far as anyone knows):
Thousands of years ago, a terrible cataclysm struck the peaceful planet of Atmos. Exactly what happened remains unknown, but the result is the same: The destruction of an entire planet, or depending upon who you’re talking to, the creation of a new one. What’s left on Atmos floats around the exposed core of the planet; the chunks that got blasted highest remain habitable bastions of life, veritable heavens on which the richest of citizens could live and coexist in peace. The slums beneath have been ravaged, both by heat of the exposed core, and by bandits and pirates that roam freely in the slums, preying on the poorest and weak and raiding ruins of the civilization that got destroyed hundreds of years before. These floating islands are traversed by any means available.

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File: 127682965370.gif-(188.66KB, 320x240, Kaneclappin'.gif)
Max is an intimidating figure, his natural blubber prevents most physical attacks from being very effective against him, and his manner of speech is eloquent and verbose. Competent with a gun and improving. His age is starting to get to him though, in his day he was a spirited adventurer and treasure hunter, these days it seems his main goal is simply to keep Fletcher alive.


Been writing a thing set during a comics/anime/what have you convention.

Basically, take every individual nerds inner fears - what does the opposite sex think of me, will I ever make anything out of myself, what if they find out I'm gay, I'm so alone, I think everything is falling apart, etc, etc - and then give it a Silent Hill sort of personification. The people who become aware of the 'nightmare' side of the con have to band together to keep everyone in the convention consumed by it before the third day - the end of the whole thing, and of everyone there if they don't pull it off - while also battling their own fears and self-destruction, as brought to life by monstrous, surreal versions of the things they love so much.

Think a hulking mass of Liefeld muscle, covered in sweat, lumbering through the flickering halls of an overshadowed convention, having no thoughts beyond ripping your head off and eating your heart.

Or, on the /a/ - or /y/ side of things, really - naked, faceless, beautiful men with feminine frames, similarly desiring your death, and possibly use of your body afterwards.

Currently imagining the main character as a shy, plump black girl, into Pokemon, Spider-Man, and a couple of the more mainstream manga titles, whose own fears are a mess of self-confidence and body image issues, who either essentially has to get confident and self-assured or be devoured by her own terrors.

It's probably a really stupid idea.

I'm slowly developing a concept for a reverse Kappa Mikey type comic for superheroes.

Heal Rainbow and her team has defeated the Big Bad. The team breaks up, and she becomes the sidekick of Pink Diamond(A Sailor Moon expy but with a Batwoman-like outfit. Because it's fucking classy.), a more-experienced Superhero who also was part of a magical girl team.

They are invited to join the JOI (Justice Organization International. Yes, that's a homage to the JLI and it pronounced "Joy"). JOI has six superheroes so far.

Ka-Boom: Intended to be a Captain Marvel expy but changed from a boy that turns into a man into a man that explodes when he shouts "KA-BOOM!". He can expel ice, lighting, fire, and any liquid from his body as well(Even that, you sickos.).

Ultiman II: The son of Ultiman I, Superman but from a long-dead alien civilization(That he was the prince of) that was put in magical sleep until he woke up in 1917 as a child. Ultiman II and I age slowly. Is actually 56 in human years but appears 28. The leader of JOI.

Hottie Caramel: Cutie Honey. Half-English and Japanese. She wields a sword.

Ravenmaster: Batman WITH RAVENS INSTEAD OF BATS. A wildly successful poet and writer, he bought a company with his money.

Badger: Wolverine but as a badger. Takes Heal Rainbow under his wing.
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I recently found out that /mu/ has a blogspot up with all genre specific "Essential" lists, but no video game soundtrack list. Shall we make one?

For those interested the blogspot is here:

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The entire Heroes of Might and Magic franchise has very good music.

Heroes 4 has the weirdest and most unique music I've ever heard from any game of that particular setting

Crappy youtube quality doesnt really do it justice but the uploader was kind enough to give out a download link in the description

oh, this thread is perfect. been wanting to get into more vidya music lately regardless if I've played it. my contributions:

Klonoa 2
the Mario RPGs, specifically Paper Mario TTYD
the Pokemon DS games
EarthBound & Mother 3
Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Odin Sphere
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I'm just going to list franchises of cd's I own.

Castle Crashers
Chrono Cross
Devil May Cry
Donkey Kong Country
Final Fantasy
God Hand
GoldenEye 64
Guilty Gear
Mass Effect
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hide File: 127620293255.jpg-(107.11KB, 376x600, Dofus Temp file.jpg)
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Sup /coc/, do we have anyone working on the translation for the Dofus Comics? Particularly I want to read the Goultard le Barbare, but I'd love to read everything else too.
Project questions:
1) Do we have any scans of the comic? Anyone with the comic willing to scan it? If not, I'm willing to buy and start the scanning process.
2) Do we have anyone interested in working the translation process?
3) Who's willing to do the edits? I personally don't have any experience with the process, but am willing to learn.

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First things first, I tried to set up a memorable trip code and I forgot it.

Secondly, the first Comic is already in English. I'm not sure if there is an ETA on the release of the others.

Thirdly, I need to know what I'm starting if I begin working on this. Do we have an explanation of quality scanning processes? What programs would one use, what kind of scanner?

If scans already exist, or someone living where shipping isn't a third of the cost of the total cost, I would love to know.

My understanding is they are all terrible.

I have volume 5 silver cover version. I am willing to scan it. Also I have two artbooks and first Pandala, but these are availible in english already.

hide File: 127395148445.jpg-(17.11KB, 549x384, legs.jpg)
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A tasteful bildungsroman about a MTF transsexual super hero. Can it be done?

ITT: Let's flesh out the tranny idea /co/ was kicking around.

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New thread found here:

closest i could think of was in a superhero game I ran, I had a character called Diskette

he was a crossdressing homosexual teenage boy with a supersuit that had built in breast implants and various discus-based weapons

File: 127601251935.jpg-(41.03KB, 303x271, draft_lens2197088module11881077photo_1223149410sam.jpg)
>>26600 These sick, degenerative "wierdos".

hide File: 124234734568.jpg-(42.64KB, 291x356, 1242291271651.jpg)
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So on /co/ the other night we were making up an ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL to be a villain for /co/lette to fight against. What we came up with was hilariously perverted.

Basically a woman named Ma'm Ares. Has red hair freckles, goggles, and a big tank full of fluid strapped to her back that uses a Bane style injection system to pump fluid into her breasts to fill them up for evil deeds and crimes, with a control knob on her arm to crank her boobs up or down.

Shit was hilarious, and people were even saying we could give her a bunch of shapely large breasted cronies to do the dirty work.

>Im imagining some kind of Bane like injection system on a super villain chick, where she cranks the knob on her arm and it injects saline into her boobs making them bigger and bigger and BIGGER. Oh hey not gettign enough attention, shirt not fit quit right, crank that knob and juice up them titties, or turn them down a bit to fit into that cute outfit

>I like this idea. It gives me boners. How does being able to make your tits fill up and deflate with a saline injection system help you be a villain?

>I dunno... I also picture them looking like how those huge massive tits can look with the incredibly see through blue veins. And what happens when she does like Bane did, and crank things up to much. Bloody splootch. That's what'll happen I tell ya.

>Collete fights her and stabs the injection knob on her arm. It goes out of control and start injecting more and more and MORE. She goes YOU CANT DO THIS TO MEEE! IM __________!!! AHHHH!, and begs for help as her boobs keep growing and her clothes start tearing and ripping. Eventually she gets so big shes about to explode and /co/llete pulls out the tube and drains out to normal sized boobs and is thrown in jail, onyl to later escape and go on another giant boobed crime spree.

>her big famous move could be getting people into a head lock with peoples face towards her chest and slowly cranking up the knob filling them up and bigger and bigger until the per
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 12758930927.jpg-(322.37KB, 828x605, 1275746280695.jpg)

Goddamn it /d/, stay the fuck away from this.

I thought I was going to have to be the one to say that.

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