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Long-Term Projects

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31404 No.31404
I think this is the right place to post. I was referred here by some guys on /tg/, so here goes -

For the past few days I've been working on a homebrew tabletop RPG game based off of the cartoon 'Adventure Time'. The game is at a playable state and progress is still going nicely, but I'm always in need of more feedback in suggestions.

It's designed to be simple to learn and easy to play, so that people who aren't experienced in TTRPGs can have just as much fun as those who are. Ideally, the time period is set a few hundred years after the TV show (to avoid messing with canon) but that's really up to the DM. I plan on running the first game of OooRPG sometime this following week via IRC.

Please download it and read through it. Feel free to voice any suggestions, complaints, and feedback you may have - This is as much of a community project as it is my own. I'm a fan of the show and a fan of RPGs, so my only goal is to make an enjoyable tabletop experience for other nerds like me.

I'm also looking for artists that can help with art for the eventual .pdf, as my doodles are sub-par at best.


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Would be cool if Ward and Kat contributed to this, Ward is a huge nerd, and Kat posts fanart on /co/ (of the show she works on, so is it still fanart?)

Once 1d4chan isn't broken, you should make a page there (AdEva, Pokemon TTA, VeloCity, and some other /tg/ homebrews have homes there)

Two words for an added monster into your Bestiary:

Bazooka Goblin!

seems like you can expect to do a lot of updates. hardly an episode goes by before they shout out some new creature's name and wrestle it to the ground

whywolves, manly minotaurs, rump people, bucket knight...
should be useful

and btw, great work!

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i would rather DIE than use my imagination!!


Your loss.


Also, didn't you learn your lesson after Jake became boring.. and unimaginative.. and annoying?

File: 128400711118.png-(413.58KB, 700x492, Land_of_ooh.png)
handy dandy...

Maps Old

File: 128406668960.jpg-(430.12KB, 1200x879, ad.jpg)
Thanks for the support, everyone - I think I've made a lot of progress since this project has started.

I'm running the first official Ooo RPG test game tomorrow evening at 7. It's probably going to last about 3 hours, and it will mostly be testing gameplay elements. I'm looking for about 5 people to test with, I will be DMing. It will be done via IRC. I'm not taking applications yet, it will be first come first serve.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or you just want to talk, e-mail me at, or contact me on steam (My username is Nickholas78)

I'll supply more information on 4chans /tg/ and /co/ as well as a post here once the time comes. I'm looking forward to it, I hope you are too. It's been a blast working on this so far and I think it will be a lot of fun.

Here, have a shoddily slapped-together advertisement.

Now that you've added a nimbleness stat you oughta have some alchemy ingredients and magics what can influence it one way or the other. Equipments too, maybe.

Testgame's today, right?

A player will roll 2d6 for every skill, taking the higher of the two resulting numbers as the total for that skill.

Vitality (VIT) : Determines how many life points you have. One point in VIT equals one hitpoint.

With the Undead's -2 VIT penalty, does this mean that a new player has a 50% chance of starting with one hitpoint total if they roll an Undead?

Additionally, this clashes with:
When a players Health reaches 1 hitpoint, He or she is incapacitated for the rest of the battle.

Looks like I overlooked something there, poor writing and planning on my part.

The version being used during the test game will include the following changes:

The undead statline is now
-1 VIT
-1 SRT
+2 TGH
+1 JRK

Players have two stat points to distribute at the start of the game

A player is Incapacitated at 0 hitpoints, not 1.

That was an awesome game, you guys.

<@Lord_Ooo>This sends Muss over the edge. Merely an inch from defeat, he pours every ounce of will he has into his strength. He can't lose. He won't lose. It was time for this cocky baked good to get a taste of his own frosting. With one fell swoop, the nut overpoweres the cupcake and slams his hand into the table.
<@Lord_Ooo> Muss stands up from the table, from the crying cupcake.
<@Lord_Ooo> He puts on a pair of sunglasses.
<@Lord_Ooo> And says, "Looks like that cupcake... Got his just desserts."

File: 128418204099.png-(68.27KB, 836x573, ===canmakeout.png)
It was enjoyable, but I recommend more challenging battles than instantly-killed rats, and that we put more different mechanics to the test. A jailbreak sounds like the perfect time to try out some stealth rolls, for example.

Waiting for the shop list to be written up also put a bit of a hold on things, recommend such things be prepared beforehand in the future - preparing price guidelines and examples in the ruleset document should speed this process. More variety in the shop's selection would have been welcome, but I guess it was just a humble slime-shop.

And please remember my nim dodge idea, where each dodge knocks 1 point off your nim score for dodging purposes till the end of the battle, so that choosing to dodge has some kind of consequence.

Additionally, the story is a little dark, but we've all managed to keep some comedy flowing. Adventure Time needs comedy, dude, and it's up to all of us, perhaps especially you as GM, to keep comedy levels optimal.

Item idea: a purchasable ingedient sack and or potion belt that reduces the WP of carried ingredients and potions by half or three quarters. Only useful if you plan on carrying tons of the things, naturally, but once you get into higher levels and more challenging battles such things could prove useful, especially since more TGH for carrying purposes might not be an alchemist's priority for stat boosts on levelling up.

A recap of the adventure thus far:

An Avocado Taffy, a Kiwi, a Raccoon, a Nut warrior, a skeleton, and a zombie are hired by a peculiar lollipop-man in the Candy Kingdom to deliver a cake to a nearby Slime village, for the Slime Lord's birthday.

Suspecting something afoot, the team considers opening the cake package to inspect. They settle upon a fiction of being waylaid by cake-hungry bandits to help explain and damage to the packaging or the cake itself.

The package is opened and seems to be a normal cake. The group feels somewhat embarassed. One of the non-undead members takes a small nibble to test for poison, and experiences no ill effects. The package is resealed and the team musses themselves up a bit to help facilitate their bandit story.

They are waylaid by a group cake-hungry rats who are dispatched with the utmost ease, and the package makes it to the Slime village. The inhabitants seem joyous at the successful delivery of the cake.

The group is brought to meet the village's Slime Lord(apparently slime villages are independent of one another and the head of each might bear such a title). The cake package is handed over, none of the slimes caring in the least of the damage to it.

The cake is hurled to the ground in the village square, revealing a face and limbs on its underside. It slipped the group's minds that sweet baked-goods people also make their home in the Candy Kingdom. They have unwittingly smuggled(and one of them eaten a part of) a corpse.

Somewhat dumbstruck at this development, and the joyous tearing-apart of the body by the village slimes, the group is ushered into the Slime Lord's hut where he explains that this is the corpse of a Candy Kingdom warlord who conquered a neighboring Slime village for the sugar mines beneath it, killing and capturing its inhabitants. The lollipop man who first hired the group to deliver the body was apparently the assassin who the slimes paid to have this arranged.

The party seems to consider this all fair enough. They're Chaotic Good at their best, I guess.

The Slime Lord lets slip that they intend to assault the Candy Kingdom. Some of the group consider this information to be sold to the Candy Kingdom for further rewards. Others offer their services as scouts or saboteurs in the coming battle. Some try to talk him down from talk of war altogether, and this reveals that the slimes of this village are apparently depressives since the destruction of their sister village and the loss of family and friends there, and hope only to seek death on the battlefield.

In short, these slimes intend to commit suicide by candy-soldier.

After some bickering and arguing(some of the party reason that since all the slimes will die, then they won't need their stuff anymore), the Slime Lord is eventually talked down from this course of action based on two things:

1. An attack on the Candy Kingdom by one Slime village may make them hostile to other Slime villages. Though the slimes of this village apparently desire death, they do not wish ill on other villages.

2. Slimes captured by the dead cake warlord may still be imprisoned in the Candy Kingdom, in need of rescue.

So a deal is struck: Jailbreak the slime-brothers in three days or the suicide-battle goes ahead. If the prisoners are indeed freed then the slimes can find the will to live again.

The party is paid for their work in delivering the body, and are let out to do some resupplying. Some of them reasoning that if the slimes somehow wind up dying but the party lives on, any money spent here could be looted back later.

The Taffy man flatters and seduces a lovely she-slime merchant for some price-breaks, and the party loads up on potion ingredients and additional equipment. One of the more nimble party members attempts some shoplifting and fails, enraging the slime merchant, leading to the party quickly and awkwardly deciding to head out again.

After an uneventful campout a slipshod plan is formed: The group will split into two teams: one to wheedle information from official sources as to where the captured slimes are being held, and another to locate the lollipop assassin who got them involved with all this by hiring them to deliver a body: a dude who can assassinate a warlord might be handy to have on your side for a jailbreak, right?

The Candy Kingdom appears to have learned of the disappearance of their trusty general and is in a state of mourning. The skeleton and zombie pose as dignitaries from an Undead kingdom, with the taffy man as their mercenary bodyguard. They manage to successfully arrange an audience with the King in this guise, and are allowed into the lobby to wait.

The Nut, kiwi, and racoon turn to the shadier parts of town to try to locate the lollipop assassin. A ton of botched listen checks later, a burly cupcake man NPC takes a disliking to the Nut. The Nut suggests an armwrestling challenge, and this defuses the situation a tad, the cupcake accepting. We figured in ooc that even if he lost he could buy a round and proceed to try to gather information.

A few amazingly fortunate rolls later on the Nut's part, and the GM rewards us with this:

The nut and cupcake's glares pierce the entire room. All of the rowdy regulars gather around the table, placing bets and cheering, hoping for the inevitable winner. "Boy, I'm gonna' put you in a sling." hisses the Cupcake. Muss (the nut) tightens his grip, and the match starts.

He keeps even with the cupcake for a few seconds. Strength seems to be even, the crows begins to cheer harder. Both combatants are having trouble keeping up, until the cupcake begins to break Muss. The nuts' hand draws closer and closer to the table, closer to that dreaded defeat. The cupcake laughs through his heavy breathing, "Not so tough to crack, are ya'?"

This sends Muss over the edge. Merely an inch from defeat, he pours every ounce of will he has into his strength. He can't lose. He won't lose. It was time for this cocky baked good to get a taste of his own frosting. With one fell swoop, the nut overpoweres the cupcake and slams his hand into the table. Muss stands up from the table, from the crying cupcake. He puts on a pair of sunglasses. And says, "Looks like that cupcake... Got his just desserts."

The entire bar goes crazy with excitement, cheers and jeers and lost bets filled the tavern, the entire scene was pure chaos.

A dark figure from the back of the pub walks up to the victorious nut, who is swimming in priases. "So, kid," He asks. "I hear you're looking for a killer."

The session ended there, on a perfect note. So it appears assassin-hunting team has found their man, or perhaps someone who can lead them to him, while the other team is waiting for an audience with King Jawbreaker IV. The game is apparently set -after- Finn and Jake's time, as King Jawbreaker is stated as being a descendant of Princess Bubblegum. Maybe he has a little Finn in him, eh? Who knows.

Hey Lord_Ooo, you wouldn't mind if I tried DMing a game of this on the off days would you?

I can't imagine why he would, especially if you brought back feedback for rules revisions/additions.

Hmmm... I'd ask to play, but you've got six players already (too bad... I wanted to play a Lumpy)

File: 128432590429.gif-(416.57KB, 200x150, 1280893463161.gif)

Starting right now, I'm in the process of writing up an amazing AT campaign, based upon chocolate making, secrecy about choclate, and mdeaths relating to chocolate. Is it ready, HELL NO, but you're free to join the #OooRPG Channel on to help me discuss and flesh out my ideas. NOW DON'T STAND THERE, COME AND HELP A FIRST TIME DM OUT!


On now


Oh nice... YOU LEFT ME!

Sorry, I was eatin' my dinnah.


Well, how free's your Monday evening? I figure I'll be home 6 PM EST to check it out, then.

When the characters "put their heads together" to bs their way into the castle was interesting, and you should consider formalizing it with rules and possible risks in future updates.

Unless it's already spelled out and I simply missed that part of the rules.

It hasn't been clarified inside the Rulebook, I should probably tell him about that.

We should try to implement a sneaking skill or something of the sort.

Introducing something to define alchemists from spellcasters would help produce more unique and varied characters. Perhaps linking some higher magics partially to awesomeness in some way(because magic is awesome, after all), kind of like how throwing a potion is tgh and srt linked.

Perhaps replace the concept of the spell scroll with a magic item whose description and form are up to the player(they could still call it a scroll if they wanted).

The fact that all levels of magic given as examples in the rules seem to be accessible through mere Common spell scrolls that you can receive on character creation also feels a tad screwy. Having different and more advanced magic items as prerequisites for stronger magics seems logical. (the player might even choose to imbue their first magic item with the power of the new one if they don't want to ditch their old reliable, but this might require the services of a third party or location of power or whatever bs the GM might want to come up with)

The fact that Lumpers float isn't reflected in the rules, despite their infectious bite being present. Consider penalizing their WP carrypoints slightly in exchange for reduced difficulty in applicable checks, as decided by an individual game master. Suggestions include easier climbing/jumping checks, reduced vulnerability to ground-level traps, perhaps even enhanced stealth due to having literally no footsteps(though their typically bright colors could offset this).

File: 128445830567.jpg-(55.27KB, 488x469, 1284091711649.jpg)
so how are you dealing with humans in this game? they seem rare or basically extinct in Adventure Time, so if this is the future they probably either got worse and wiped out or bettered enough to stabilize. are they just wiped out/unheard of, or just uncommon enough to not be PC's?

upcoming episodes might require reworking of some things as more is learned about the world and the peoples in it, but the precise time of the setting of a campaign and what that implies for the world should probably be left up to the individual GM and their imagination

File: 128451995355.jpg-(519.58KB, 825x1278, 1284083486323.jpg)
This is good. I probably will link SRT to ASM for magic in the future, while keeping SRT linked to TGH for alchemy.

I'm working on more racial traits, and I plan to have every race play a bit differently. However, the Lumpycanthropic Bite and exploding Candy People were the most requested traits so I added them first. The floating will be implemented eventually.

While you can use a common spell scroll to cast magic up to level 5, you still require the needed level to cast a spell. Level 1 spells can be casted at level 1, 3 at 3, 5 at 5, etc. More advanced spells require higher-level scrolls. There are also a variety of spells that can only be cast through the use of an Artifact.

Personally, I think that Alchemy should be related to NIM, because you need to have quick hands and good dexterity to mix ingredients well together.

Seems like a good idea but, maybe, only for intermediate potions and above. Simple stuff should just require some SRT.

By the way Bromeo is the game in #OooRPG channel still on for Saturday or the next? I'm in the channel right now and I'm the only one present so...


I'm still willing to play as well.

Hey Bromeo, just give us a day and time.

Come by saturday, I'm thinking of either having the new guys roll up characters/form backgrounds, or just starting the damned thing.


Apparently Tha' Mastah Ooo is having T-Storms near his area, causing blackouts and crap, so no sesh from me tomorrow.

Damn. Oh well, My computer starting to give up the ghost now so I probably wouldn't have been able to make it. Next week then Bromeo?

I was shooting for then, so yeah.



Beastiary with Pics.

Doing my own land of Ooo RPG with some friends. Made this off of your beastiary.

I want to add full descriptions and stuff like a real d&d monster manual eventually. Also i'm unsure about the stats i added for each, I did it for my own game but if it doesn't feel right feel free to mod it up however you like.

File: 128486997359.png-(36.87KB, 541x489, Ffff_What_a_PATOO.png)
see Susan Strong storyboard if you're that curious for the canon. though ambiguous and hugely spoilerific

do wish to play, as homebrew dming for my friends is wearing a bit thing at times. or may be forced to run it for them anyway

Team A posing as diplomats from "Undeadland", sweet talked King Jawbreaker into letting them tour the dungeons because they want to rent cells to keep their prison system from overflowing. additionally, the plot point of an all-curing artifact being stolen from Lumpy Space and causing tensions between Lumpers and Candy Kingdom was raised. A dumb NPC guard was assigned to watch them, but he was quickly fooled into fucking off and the team was free to explore the castles dungeons without interference, and rescue the captured slime prisoners.

Team B, fresh from their armwrestling victory, were taken into a nest of malcontents who are led by the lollipop assassin Moryl, who first hired the party to deliver the corpse of the cake warlord to the slime village. Team B ingratiated itself with the peculiar rebels, and it was quickly uncovered that these malcontents and their lollipop leader are responsible for the theft of the all-curing orb, and the ensuing threat of war. Unwilling to take further steps at this time, but having more or less secured these people as at least temporary allies, Team B retreated and went to the Castle to try to aid in the jailbreak. After some fucking around they eventually discovered a secret passage down into the dungeons. (Did the rebel guys tell them about the secret passage being there or did they just find it cause they looked for it? Can't remember.)

Team A, meanwhile, had passed a variety of checks with flying colors, leading to a fairly uneventful trek through the dungeon, suspicious guards being fooled or diplomacy'd away, traps being avoided, etc. The main thing of interest was the release of a new party member, another Nut, I believe, from one of the cells, while the Taffy warrior indulged his cannibalistic tendencies on the corpse of a Licorice prisoner.

Team A came across a noisy-ass room full of machinery in the dungeon, and it was immediately obvious that captured Slime people were being used as some manner of fuel to power whatever the hell was going on. The cotton candy guards who were overseeing the machinery took a dislike to having strangers and a sprung prisoner barge in, and Team A entered into a combat sequence they failed to avoid through diplomacy or other trickery, and proceeded to get ruined with the help of bad rolls on their own part and good rolls on the enemy's part.

With half of Team A KO'ed and the remaining ones preparing to pull out all the stops to survive, a ~convenient~ machinery malfunction killed one of the guards and blinded the other, effectively ending the combat.

Team B stumbled on Team A at this point, the KOed members were brought back to their feet, and the surviving slime prisoners were freed from the weird machines that were using them as fuel. After a lot of yammering about what to do with the blinded guard, and finding he was useless as a source of information, one of the formerly KOed members killed him, reasoning that it was bad form to leave witnesses, saddening the more compassionate party members.

One of the freed slimes was in fact a new party member, and he and the freed Nut prisoner wisely looted the fallen guards for weaponry. After arguing about how best to conceal the freed slimes for escape purposes, the shouts of more guards coming prompted the party and the rescued slimes to make their escape through the secret passage Team B discovered.

The escape from the dungeons went off without further complications, but they were still in the heart of the Candy Kingdom, with a pack of escaped slime prisoners to protect and escort back to the slime village. The session ended on this note.

File: 128487225699.jpg-(243.08KB, 1577x1201, adventuregearsolid.jpg)
Thoughts from tonight's session:
Things got kind of tangled at times, a GM shouldn't be afraid to put their foot down about the bickering of players - keep things moving, don't let them blow too much time arguing over what to do.

Combined checks continue to be more or less the path of least resistance when it comes to solving problems. Although working together is good, allowing it to be used too much risks de-emphasizing individual skills and talents. Perhaps a dodge-style system of diminishing returns to discourage the over-use of combined checks.

A combat against two mildly powerful opponents by 4 PCs went poorly thanks to bad rolling. Encourage prospective GMs to gauge the strength of a party carefully to provide a challenge while avoiding the risk of TPKs or the need of a deus ex machina to tip the scales. As simplicity is the name of the game, further complicating the combat rules would be a clumsy way to prevent this - instead, have a simple suggestion: The low amounts of HP that PCs often have, combined with the randomness of combat against even well-matched opponents, makes the PC very fragile. Some manner of base starting HP, of 3 or 5, that the VIT stat adds onto, would provide a PC with a small safety buffer that would help lower their chances of being KOed in the first round of low-level combat against mildly challenging foes.

I personally like the combined check ideas, although I think it should be only done when applicable. For instance, I can apply my known knowledge with another guy and figure something out, or I can use combined strength to bust down a door. I cannot, however, use combined smarts to hack a door with a keypad, or use combined nimbleness to bust open a door lock.

I definitely agree on the Base Health idea. There needs to be a better system than VIT alone. I suggest reforming VIT into a new endurance stat, considering our starting HP is simply not enough for most things. I suggest doing something along the lines of VIT (The new Endurance, it could be renamed) multiplied by 2 plus TGH.

-Undead: All across the land of Ooo, the corpses and remains of warriors fallen long ago somehow find their way to the topsoil once more, usually with the help of a magic user
or two. Well-rounded in Fighting and magic, they are skilled at a variety of tasks.
-1 VIT
-1 SRT*
+2 TGH
+1 SRT*
+1 JRK

you forgot to edit out the conflicting SRT penalty/bonuses, please settle this in the next version

Additionally, the low-level statboosting alchemy ingredients seem so weak that it is debatable as to whether using a strengthening potion on someone is a worthy use of a turn.

Attempting to dodge does not count as your action for that round. For every time you make an attempt to dodge and succeed, you temporarily lose 1 NIM for the rest of the fight. For every time you fail a dodge, however, you temporarily lose 2 NIM for the rest of the fight. Once the fight is over, NIM is restored to normal.

The -1 nim penalty for attempting a dodge is what I suggested to give choosing to dodge some consequence, encouraging a player to accept small hits to save their nim for when it counts, and to prevent high-nim people from remaining untouchable under a flurry of attacks sooo

the-2 nim thing for a failed dodge is adding insult to injury, the -1 nim for attemping at all and the loss of health anyways is punishment enough

needs stats for the Witching Eye and Ghost Pouch

Ah, I forgot the session was last night! I guess you'll need to find someone else to make the summary for you, if you want it. I'm sure you guys did fine without me, and noted any mechanics problems.

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