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File: 128243975785.jpg-(485.15KB, 768x1051, naja01_cover.jpg)
30403 No.30403
In this thread, translations of Naja and other French comics. Interest was shown on /co/ to make this an ongoing project.

downloads of Naja, volumes 1-4:

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File: 12824397936.jpg-(255.45KB, 731x1000, naja01_01.jpg)
First, the pages that the wonderful French translator anons have already done.

File: 128243985693.jpg-(264.71KB, 727x1000, naja01_02.jpg)

File: 128243990052.jpg-(350.13KB, 734x1000, naja01_03.jpg)

File: 128243994755.jpg-(367.00KB, 757x1000, naja01_04.jpg)

File: 128243997397.jpg-(310.90KB, 733x1000, naja01_05.jpg)

File: 128244002273.jpg-(530.60KB, 1495x1000, naja01_06-07.jpg)

File: 128244005648.jpg-(298.76KB, 703x1000, naja01_08.jpg)

File: 128244008219.jpg-(263.13KB, 717x1000, naja01_09.jpg)

File: 128244010632.jpg-(280.56KB, 721x1000, naja01_10.jpg)

File: 128244014260.jpg-(288.63KB, 721x1000, naja01_11.jpg)

File: 128244017022.jpg-(266.08KB, 736x1000, naja01_12.jpg)

File: 128244019492.jpg-(225.73KB, 718x1000, naja01_13.jpg)

File: 128244021196.jpg-(259.61KB, 727x1000, naja01_14.jpg)

File: 128244022954.jpg-(231.93KB, 724x1000, naja01_15.jpg)

File: 128244025958.jpg-(241.79KB, 729x1000, naja01_16.jpg)

File: 128244029374.jpg-(278.40KB, 722x1000, naja01_17.jpg)

File: 128244032339.jpg-(337.79KB, 727x1000, naja01_18.jpg)

File: 128244034313.jpg-(328.52KB, 724x1000, naja01_19.jpg)

File: 128244036710.jpg-(314.23KB, 731x1000, naja01_20.jpg)

File: 128244041550.jpg-(270.87KB, 717x1000, naja01_21.jpg)

Edited translation by another anon:

Page 1:
Her name is Naja.

Page 2:
Of course, that isn't her real name.

She chose it at the age of 15 as a necessity for her survival.

She named herself after a snake.

She is intriguing to others, and she is aware of this. Yet she is also implacable and cold.

Her only outward emotion is indifference,

Page 3:
As long as she can remember, Naja has always hated France.

More specifically, the French.

The people she will meet today among this pathetic art on Saint-Germain-Du-Près perfectly exemplify her disgust.

On one side of the room, there are "rebel artists" who abuse the conventions of what is transgressive and shocking. On the other side, the elite bourgeois...

...who dream of having them like Mecènes.

[I don't know what this means, "them" is ambiguous here.]

Page 4:
They vote Democratic and think Republican.

Are for change as long as it doesn't change them.

Love the freedom offered by the relocating of slaves.

The arrogant extremes of this country come together in this single stinking microcosm. It's almost laughable.

But nobody has ever seen Naja smile.

I know almost everything about her except for what is in her heart.

[I'm taking some liberty here, and this might be contradicted by later narration. I don't know from your translation, "not if she has already made it one," what "made it" and "one" refer to.]

Page 5:
Moreover, she isn't here for entertainment, but because Zero asked her.

And she is aware that Zero's requests are in fact orders.

The day when she's had enough of this boring life, she'll say no.

But for now, Naja will kill for him.

Page 6:
She is Zero's Number 3 Killer. ["he" is ambiguous in your translation. In this context, it could also mean she is the third person to try to kill her target.]

Page 9:
Seen from the outside, we can only assume that Naja was lucky as hell to find a taxi in an alleyway.

But the name of her luck is Zero.

Zero plans in advance for all contingencies.

He would be the ideal Boss...

...If he weren't a wanted, international criminal.

Page 10:
Well, this man will be picked up by the taxi next. He will certainly make all evidence disappear.

I am telling you, Zero plans out everything for the sake of his killers.

All three, in their respective roles...

...are masters.

One almost wants to see a little chaos in this beautiful mechanic.

["It gives almost want to suggest the chaos in this beautiful mechanic" is ambiguous.]

But this wish isn't expedient at the moment.

Let's get back to our Number 3 Heroine.

Naja isn't surprised by her master's gift.

Because almost nothing surprises Naja.

Page 11:
Or even touches her.

The pain inside her body never reaches her brain.

Doctors who have learned of her case - God knows how many - have never understood this anomaly.

Naja doesn't care why.

She only wants to know how.

Until she experiences the unique pleasures of pain, she will continue to pursue it...

...deeper and deeper.

Page 12:
She will not suffer her lack of suffering.

["suffer, not to suffer" is unclear]

She will achieve it at whatever the cost…

…even if it is death.

File: 128244066771.jpg-(35.08KB, 300x400, Rubrique-à-brac.jpg)
Another anon posted this comic, Rubrique-à-brac, in the hope that someone would translate it.

Tome 1
1ère partie
2ème partie
Tome 2
Tome 3

File: 128244083220.jpg-(277.43KB, 725x1000, Naja V1 #1 (of 4) (2008)_Page_25B.jpg)

Wow, this project actually got underway pretty quickly.

I'm no translator, but it seems to be fairly accurate thus far, what I know of the language. Is anyone editing the translated dialog at some point?

You're telling me! Words cannot describe how happy I was when the French anons decided to take up the cause.

>Is anyone editing the translated dialog at some point?
Well, this anon was helping, hopefully s/he will continue. >>30424 >>30425 >>30426


Ah! Right! I'd accidentally glossed over that, focusing instead on the completed pages. The edits are looking really good, too. I'm always weirded out when a translation is actually going on.

Here's a link to the original thread on /co/. Hopefully I can make it last another night.

File: 128247979834.jpg-(56.60KB, 357x488, bengaltheonlyone1.jpg)
Anon posted a link to T.O.O. (The Only One), another comic by Bengal and Morvan.
pw: pinky

File: 128247989852.jpg-(520.52KB, 1969x2717, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-01.jpg)
Our other translator, Naja's Frenchy 2, posted the first 20 pages of the second volume.

File: 128247992297.jpg-(1.11MB, 3840x2535, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-02.jpg)

File: 128247995494.jpg-(287.75KB, 1972x2717, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-03.jpg)

File: 128248001797.jpg-(204.64KB, 1921x2717, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-04.jpg)

File: 128248004097.jpg-(801.62KB, 1920x2640, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-05.jpg)

File: 128248007635.jpg-(973.09KB, 1920x2620, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-06.jpg)

File: 128248009614.jpg-(1.10MB, 1920x2663, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-07.jpg)

File: 12824801587.jpg-(969.19KB, 1920x2638, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-08.jpg)

File: 128248017846.jpg-(948.76KB, 1920x2626, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-09.jpg)

File: 128248020015.jpg-(969.19KB, 1920x2624, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-10.jpg)

File: 128248026457.jpg-(726.68KB, 1920x2641, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-11.jpg)

File: 128248028264.jpg-(1.03MB, 1920x2627, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-12.jpg)

File: 128248030213.jpg-(1.13MB, 1920x2675, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-13.jpg)

File: 12824803186.jpg-(1.09MB, 1920x2666, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-14.jpg)

File: 128248033429.jpg-(0.97MB, 1920x2617, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-15.jpg)

File: 128248035633.jpg-(0.97MB, 1920x2630, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-16.jpg)

File: 128248037232.jpg-(0.99MB, 1920x2622, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-17.jpg)

File: 128248038672.jpg-(0.95MB, 1920x2653, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-18.jpg)

File: 128248040881.jpg-(957.29KB, 1920x2640, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-19.jpg)

File: 128248045976.jpg-(928.07KB, 1920x2619, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-20.jpg)

File: 128249739920.jpg-(287.24KB, 721x1000, naja01_23.jpg)
Frenchy 1 is up to page 30 in the first volume.

File: 128249744466.jpg-(316.24KB, 732x1000, naja01_24.jpg)
(Sorry to be jumping back and forth.)

File: 128249746068.jpg-(290.57KB, 719x1000, naja01_25.jpg)

File: 128249747835.jpg-(252.42KB, 737x1000, naja01_26.jpg)

File: 128249749179.jpg-(320.34KB, 717x1000, naja01_27.jpg)

File: 12824975106.jpg-(291.48KB, 720x1000, naja01_28.jpg)

File: 128249752842.jpg-(288.46KB, 720x1000, naja01_29.jpg)

File: 128249754960.jpg-(319.44KB, 726x1000, naja01_30.jpg)

File: 128250084483.jpg-(930.05KB, 1920x2644, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-21.jpg)
Jumping back to volume two for another four pages.

File: 128250086221.jpg-(898.95KB, 1920x2651, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-22.jpg)

File: 128250088191.jpg-(954.81KB, 1920x2629, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-23.jpg)

File: 128250090410.jpg-(0.96MB, 1920x2628, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-24.jpg)

Here are some links to unpassworded zips of T.O.O., in case you can't get that one to work:

File: 128250862983.jpg-(956.22KB, 1920x2657, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-25.jpg)
3 more pages from volume 2.

File: 128250868035.jpg-(0.99MB, 1920x2681, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-26.jpg)

File: 128250869989.jpg-(921.29KB, 1920x2654, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-27.jpg)

File: 128252635365.jpg-(917.29KB, 1920x2626, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-28.jpg)

File: 128252655825.jpg-(1.05MB, 1920x2646, Naja V2 #2 (of 4) (2008)-29.jpg)
The Frenchies had some discussion on the translation of this page.

Frenchy 2:
i'm struggling with the following :
"most of them will try to HAVE her, literally as well as figuratively"
The french word "entuber" that i've replace with "HAVE" means to fuck (anal) as well as to con.
"entuber" even though clearly sex related, is not as strong as "fuck". but stronger than "have" IMHO.
How could this be translated ?
2nd topic :
"un plan gun" is made on the pattern of "un plan cul" which is what you call a booty call.
I've translated it by "a gun call" but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be understood on your side of the atlantic ocean. Any ideas ?

Frenchy 1:
"A lot of them will try to screw her, literally as well as figuratively."

Frenchy 1 finished the first volume of Naja.

I've finished the second volume.
If anyons is willing to proof read it, I'll make the changes.
cbr file ahead :

Original American translator here. You guys are crazy! Here's my version of the first 12 pages of Volume 2. I downloaded both Volumes, and will probably go back and forth between the two until I get them both finished, but it'll probably take me a lot more time than the way you guys have been burning through this. Great jobs!

Page 1:
Today, his name will be Maximillian Andiston.

Page 2:
He works for a consortium of medical clinics in the US.

Right now he is in India...

...Inside the holy city of Varanasi. Better known to Westerners by its former name: Benares.

Tens of thousands of Hindus come here each year to be cremated, putting an end to their cycles of reincarnation.

Their ashes constantly hover everything in a noxious fog.

Varanasi is the city of death.

Page 3:

This is a point Max should consider as he goes to his appointment with a very important man in an old colonialist building.

He's meeting with Chanmugan Tapomay, a well connected businessman.

One must admit that Tapomay does indeed make a lot of money, even if his business is a bit "unique."

His agents kidnap the children of Untouchables.

And his surgeons remove their organs.

Depending on what is ordered, the kids may turn out to be lucky or unlucky.

The lucky only lose an eye or kidney.

The unlucky, a lung. Or their heart.

Page 4:
The organs are still warm when they are sold off to the richest patients on the planet.

To get an appointment with Tapomay, Max has pretended to be the new middleman of a billionaire within the consortium.

In actuality, he is a hitman.

In fact, he is Zero's Number 1 Hitman.

Andiston is not his real name, as you have already figured out.

He changes his name as he moves from one operation to the next.

But he's always Max.

Page 5:
Number 1 could have shot Chanmugan Tapomay anywhere. At his home. In a restaurant.

And Zero had referred him to this job.

He didn't need to take so many risks, jumping right into the lion's mouth.

But when you get to know Max, you'll understand that he's never been one that does exactly what he's asked.

To be the best, he has to believe in what he is doing and make things complicated.

He's not like Naja. She doesn't care about the particulars of her targets.

Max is a man of belief. Like his name suggests, he always gives his all.

Tapomay would have been swiftly replaced if he were Max's only kill.

By killing his surgeons, Max knows that they will think twice about breaking their Hippocratic oaths.

And without the trained hand of a surgeon, what's inside stays inside.

Page 6:
Now Max just has to get out.

The neighbors must have heard shots fired. Certainly they have called the police.

Max also differs from Naja when it's time to flee.

From the very beginning they set up their operations differently.

Naja lets Zero take care of everything. But Max never asks for any help.

It's not that he doesn't trust his boss, but…

Max needs to have it all planned out himself.

He knows everything by heart: streets, routes, names of guards, the reaction time of the cops, the bus timetables, the locations of taxis...

Page 7:
If she were able to feel something, I'm sure all of this would be terribly impressive to Naja.

But it's all for the best. She would have to bury those feelings of admiration anyways.

You can't afford to admire someone that you're about to kill.

Page 8:
On or off work, it's all the same.

Max is always on his toes. He has as many faces as he does names.

Even off duty, he never makes a move without knowing every location like the back of his hand.

To give just one example, he's been living here, among the Untouchables, for the last ten months.

Page 9:
He mapped out on Google Earth the way from the airport to here, this least likely of hotels.

You may question why he wasn't quickly spotted, being the only European among these demoralized Indians.

But what kind of person, other than an Untouchable, would dare delve so far into this kind of place?
[I'm a little shaky on the meaning of the translation here.]

He doesn't know that someone else has dared…

…And that today will be her second time.

Page 10:
Max carefully visited all the rooms on his arrival, selecting the one most conducive towards an escape. Just in case.

Then he discreetly inspected the whole hotel from top to bottom, secreting away a few tools for occasional use.

Then he wandered around his new place, striking up conversations as he went.

His open nature and magnetic personality easily secured a few friendly contacts.

He was quickly welcomed in, and became friends with everyone.

Max is really the most pleasant of killers.

Page 11:
So much so that Naja would almost question her decision to kill him.

Page 12:
But she has no more time for thinking.

You rock dude !
I'll make the corrections and will post the new file when they're finished.
Thanks for your help.

Hey, original American anon.
I've started to correct the first pages.

about page 2, you corrected :
"Tens of thousands of Hindus come here each year to be cremated, putting an end to their cycles of reincarnation."
But about the shores of Ganges ?
Would this be correct :

"Tens of thousands of Hindus come here each year to be cremated by the banks of Ganges, putting an end to their cycles of reincarnation." ?

page 3 :
Your correction :
"This is a point Max should consider as he goes to his appointment with a very important man in an old colonialist building."

the french text reads : "Ca tombe bien pour Max..." implying that Varanasi being the city of death is a good thing for him.
I got the feeling that "This is a point Max should consider..." doesn't fit with the good thing part.
Any ideas ?

page 4 :
My first translation :
"To get an appointment, Max pretended to be a new middleman acting on behalf of some billionaire from the emirates"

Your correction :
"To get an appointment with Tapomay, Max has pretended to be the new middleman of a billionaire within the consortium."

The french part says "...agissant pour le compte d'un milliardaire des émirats." I think it's about Max being employed by a billionaire from the united arab emirates. Not from the consortium.

Would this fit :
"To get an appointment with Tapomay, Max has pretended to be the new middleman of a billionaire from the Emirates." ?


Whoops, thanks for pointing that out.

"Tens of thousands of Hindus come here each year to be cremated along the banks of the Ganges, putting an end to their cycles of reincarnation."

Page 3:
Hmm. How about, "This is certainly in Max's favor, as he goes to his appointment with a very important man in an old colonialist building."

Page 4:
I was confused by that. I originally translated it as Arab Emirates, but Page 2 says he works for people in the United States. These are both covers, right, so why the inconsistency? Your correction works.

"To get an appointment with Tapomay, Max has pretended to be the new middleman of a billionaire from the United Arab Emirates."

thanks for the Ganges, Shiva and Pranesh will reward you, I'm sure ;)

>Hmm. How about, "This is certainly in Max's favor, as he goes to his appointment with a very important man in an old colonialist building."
Fine, if you ask me.

>I was confused by that. I originally translated it as Arab Emirates, but Page 2 says he works for people in the United States. These are both covers, right, so why the inconsistency? Your correction works.
There are actually some inconsistencies, that's right.
Actually, he works for Americans, but the arab billionaire is the client of the american consortium, I guess. As a middleman, how do you express the fact that the rich arab man is his client ?


Got it. This may work:

"To get an appointment, Max has told Tapomay that the consortium has a new billionaire client from the United Arab Emirates."

Seems fine.
The fact that Max is a (pseudo) middleman is lost, but stays implicit. I buy it anyway. Thanks !


Current thread on /co/. Frenchy 2 is over half done with tome 3, and there's a new translator working on tome 4 (but he or she hasn't posted pages yet).

Story's getting pretty intriguing~!

copy of my message from the original thread :

and the long awaited .cbr file :

Just as volume 2, I do think that this translation of volume 3 needs the eye of a native American (British is fine, too) one to be good.

I still can do the editing part.

have fun, anon"

Frenchy #3 provided a text translation of volume 4.

here is a copy of his/her post :


Here it is. Thanks for the kind anon who'll edit all this shit. Maybe I'll do the other one shot of Bengal and Morvan I saw two days ago. But not now, and not tonight.

File: 128294729432.jpg-(535.59KB, 639x871, Naja T01 P006 edit.jpg)
I finally got around to taking a look at the translations, but...

What font/typeface are you all using? I was told Comic Sans, but apparently the Comic Sans on my computer is different than the one on some of your computers. As you can see from this sample image, half of the text doesn't match the other half.

Also, I must say, these are some really good translations and I am really quite impressed. Pretty much the only errors that I'm seeing are ones that require one to grow up speaking English to recognize.

Hi, I use the Komkia font and thanks for the translation
Don't know why someone told you to use the Comic Sans, but in France and I think worldwide.. Comic Sans is the "worst" font avaible usually use

Thank you.

And yes, Comic Sans is widely-considered to be the worst font in the English-speaking world too (we prefer a nice Georgia, or Helvetica, or maybe even Verdana).

Anyway, I'll post the revised version of Tome 1 in... "I don't know" amount of time.

why havent i found this thread earlier

ive done some graphic art stuff

-comic sans

from what i remember these three fonts are huge faux pas

(and nice choice of font site, one of my personal favorites)

Yeah, I saw someone say to use Comic Sans in one of the /co/ threads and I was like... "really?" Because a) it doesn't look like Comic Sans, and b) ew. But I didn't know the name of the correct font, so I didn't say anything.

Thanks for the kind words on the translations. They really pumped me up!

Also, I won't be doing TOO, I didn't like it. But I saw that the few last tomes of Sillage (The Wake) by Morvan and Buchet weren't translated in the English-speaking world and most likely wouldn't be, I will take that as my next translation project. But college starts again, it may be a while before some releases.

Haha, I just browsed and saw that The Wake had been entirely translated, okay, I'll stfu now.

the first issue of naja he has is a bit fucked up

mostly likely happened when he pulled apart the .pdf

i should add that the pdf for me it seems like my reader think the images are smaller at 100% then they actually are since when i go to 200% the quality is actually better

(im using Evince BTW)

Volunteer English-Speaking Translation-Aider here. That's my MediaFire account. Heh.

Half of the images were taken from the /co/ thread, the other half were taken from the .pdf because Frenchy said that they were corrected. I didn't notice the size discrepancy until later. I'll make sure that everything matches when I post a revised translation though.

Hey, me too.

now that im thinking about it not all of wake has been translated (unless someone is still working on it)

i have all the untranslated (and then some) in my share, i plan on updating some thing after i dl it that one


page 34 (marked as 32) some of the bubbles on the bottom are untranslated

Amazing work, thank you!

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