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27012 No.27012
Don't want this awesomeness to die out on 4chan, so here goes the Desire and Larfleeze in Vegas comic. If the artist finds this thread, Many Bravos to him and an Encore, you can finish it if you want.

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File: 127554098233.jpg-(1.01MB, 650x1200, 1275528694684.jpg)

File: 127554104972.jpg-(1.01MB, 650x1200, 1275534722832.jpg)

File: 127554257634.jpg-(1.05MB, 650x1200, victor_november_004v2.jpg)
let's post this one here too

Lands on black but then he moves it with Lantern powers?
Or he summons his constructs to intimidate her?

Also, who is this desire fag?

Oh my.
This is just awesome.

Nice cameos on the 4th panel.

Is Desire from the Endless(Neil Gaiman's Sandman).

File: 127558302067.jpg-(32.88KB, 397x355, Hurtssogoood.jpg)
>I haven't had this much fun since I had my brother killed

I laughed more than I should.

Just going to repost my "script" of this thing.

1: Desire appears in a puff of smoke, looks at watch, expectantly. It's a mickey mouse watch with Epicurus instead of mickey.

2. Looks at large billboard saying welcome to lasvegas.

3. Larfleeze in his convertible with a pile of booze jammed in the trunk, smashes through it, landing with a thud.

4 they shake hands.

Desire: Fleezie-boy.

Larfleeze: D-man.

5(?) Bro-hug.

And so, they drive off to vegas, Larfleeze taking up both lanes. Desire looks ponderously out the window, moving his hand with the wind. He has a long, cruella deville style cigarette holder.

We finally see vegas. They are already boozed out beyond belief. Desire is laughing like an idiot, Larfleeze is driving with one hand, his other hand occupied with a gentlemanly glass of brandy.

1: Larfleeze wins a two hamboigahs off of Hal in a poker game, Hal weeps into his hands, Desire congrats fleeze-man

2: Larfleeze attemps to eat the giant neon cowboy, Desire takes a polaroid.

3: Desire enjoys the company of exotic dancer of nonspecific gender. Meanwhile, Larfleeze shoots a big what-the-fuck face at him while hunched over a slot machine.

they plop themselves down in front of the roulette table.

Larfleeze: That little white ball is shiny! give it to me!

Dealer looks at him weird.

Dealer: how 'bout a game first? The concept of the game is simple, basically you use...

He goes into a large explanation. Desire is interested, but all the calculations are a pain of larfleezes brain.

Larfleeze: THESE NUMBERS BORE ME! all on RED!

Desire gets a shocked look on his face.

Dealer: Very good sir, and good luck to you both, sir and... (Looking at Desire) Mr...Mrs... Sir-Ma'am.

Spins wheel, but presses a secret button...

They both look intently at the roulette wheel, Larfleeze is biting his fingernails, if that's possible with his teeth. The Balls lands on the divider between a red square and a black square. They both stare at the ball in a high tension moment, but then the rigged machine makes a sloping ramp towards the black square.

They both gasp in shock. Desire"s mouth is so wide open his cigarette falls out. The exotic dancers immediately leave his side.

Dealer: The house wins (takes pile of chips)
Larfleeze: MY BABIEEESSS...

Next panel: Larfleeze: Fine, you can have those pussy plastic chips...

Next panel: But I'm KEEPING this ball! (He waves it in the dealer's face like it's a giant victory.)

establishing shot of grungy bar.

Desire (hands in face, basically a double facepalm) We lost EVERYTHING!

Larfleeze is more focused on the bar...

Larfleeze: BARKEEP! fix me a liquor rainbow!
Bartender: What the hell is that?
Larfleeze: Huh? Well, It's basically the Drink equivalent of an All-seasoned chip. Just take a glass, and put every thing you got in there! And add an olive. TWO olives!
Bartender: I think you've hit your limit already...

Larfleeze: "Don't you DARE tell me what my limit is! I've got 7 livers!"

(gets closer to bartender)
"and if you don't stop bothering me..."

(Now face to face with him, guy's sweating profusely)

"...I'll soon have eight."

Desire (Dragging Larfleeze away): Okay, that's enough...

Larfleeze(still yelling at bartender): I'll take your liver! I'll take your lungs! I'll take your goshdarn cochcyx and keep it in my freezer!

Desire: Larfleeze, we need to get that money back! I'm not going back to my giant me-house in the red! I'll have to evict me from myself! Listen, I've got a plan...

We switch focus back to the casino. The door is basically a glass wall with large automatic doors. a dot appears behind it. it gets bigger and bigger until... Crash! Larfleeze jumps out of the car with a burglar's mask over his face.

Larfleeze: Alright, Nobody move, this is a revenge holdup! We've come for all your... Desire, what the hell are you doing, this was your plan! Why aren't you wearing a mask?!?

Desire: It'd mess up my hair...

This little scene is optional, it just might add some brief conflict...

After securing their position, a thunderclap goes off and The Dream endless appears, in as serious looking a fashion as possible.

Dream: Brother-Sister! stop this foolishness at once!

Desire: What the hell are you doing here bro? This is reality, this doesn't concern you!

Larfleeze: Yeah, well this guy over here drank the worm in his tequila, so I think his hallucinations are doing something.

Desire: Thanks man. Hey you, wake up! (kicks drunk awake)

Dream fades away.

Dream: Daaaaammmnn yooouuuuuuu.....

Desire: Yeah, big bro's kinda useless at times.

Desire puts a finger in each ear as he explodes the casino safe.

Larfleeze grabs all of the alcohol, eventually stuffing it down his shirt and pants. They both stuff the chips into duffel bags and run off, but larfleeze suddenly stops, seeing the dealer from before.

Larfleeze: You know what, I'm feeling generous. You can have your shiny ball back now.

He drops the roulette ball, which bounces pathetically towards the dealer.

Larfleeze: Now give me your toupee.

They're now at their hotel room. There are three or four random shot of them boozing it up, and celebrating their "winnings".

Desire: Looks like we did more than break even!

Larfleeze: Alright! Time for a hamburger dinner! give me some of those chips, I'm calling room service!

Desire: Uh yeah, Larfleeze, those are just chips, they don't really count as actual money.

Larfleeze: Well then how do we turn it into money?!

Desire pauses.

We see the casino again, this time in the morning. The caption says "the next day..."

Desire looks towards the "camera" with an extremely nervous smile. Larfleeze looks around the corner of the panel.

Desire: "ummm... hi. I'd like to cash in this... um... duffelbag of chips?"

The woman behind the desk stares at them with the most unamused face ever.

We both of our heroes smiling in police mugshots, and we see the words, "the end"

Roll credits.

Righton. It's a good little script to work with. I'll be making changes big and small throughout but it was still more than a fine base for a quick project.

File: 127560504373.jpg-(414.70KB, 1000x765, 1275512999097.jpg)
also, some f-win concept art

File: 12756097163.jpg-(194.71KB, 497x733, 1275508736359.jpg)

File: 127560989419.jpg-(120.32KB, 531x425, 1275521687367.jpg)
He's such a ladies/man's man/woman

File: 12756100097.jpg-(91.23KB, 473x399, 1275506651218.jpg)

This would be awesome atrocitus or murder burger was somehow involved. You know, maybe it's his dayjob, and this is his vacation. Atrocitus show up and in all his raging craziness yells at him to GET BACK TO WORK.

File: 127562836647.jpg-(45.24KB, 500x322, fearandloathing-feature.jpg)
>implying Larfleeze would work. At all.

>put it all on red.
suddenly ATROCITUS

When they pull up to the Casino, Larfleeze parks across two handicap zones.

Also, Larfleeze could have stolen the money to fund this trip from Atrocitus(they are roomies after all), and now the red man is out for blood.
(the punchline is that Fleeze ends up winning triple the amount he stole)

Oh, wow. This is really hilarious! I really love the clothes you gave Larfleeze. Nice work, Psu.

>But then ditches with it all and leaves Atrocitus to pay his hotel bill.

File: 128406252246.jpg-(179.40KB, 694x1074, Larfleeze Does Las Vegas.jpg)
Welp, this absolutely has to be posted here.

And I don't think I've stated it before, OP but I like the fact that you draw Larfleeze in his classic style, instead of his newer, substantially less badass looking design.

I can almost see Larfleeze buying/stealing all the tickets to the Cirque du Soleil shows (all 7 of them) and being the only person in all the theaters.

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