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Yes, really. We need people that can draw, people that could hack them in, and of course testers. We've already got a writer who says he's willing to do the routes (in fact, he's DOING the Caster route right now, via a series of choose your own adventure threads).

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>That was my story. After it left 4chan I started losing motivation and the plot got kind of fucked.
From the man himself in a /jp/ thread.

We need to haul him and Lesboss back to finish their stories, goddamnit!

I take it there's no reup of what was here?

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Hey there good fellows!

For the longest time, I've had the desire to remake Ben 10, expand on the original universe, deeper characters, and other such various bollocks.

The general plot so far is thus:

"Calvin Vulmer is a terrorist

At least that's what he's been told, to be honest Calvin has no idea why he's been expelled from the plumbers, convicted of treason, and other various acts. All he knows is that the most powerful weapon in the universe is stuck on his left hand, and 95% of Earth's popluation thinks he's a criminal.

Along with "Maddie" an Appoplexian gym teacher (and Calvin's only remaining confiedant), he travels across the universe looking for answers and the chance to clear his name."

It'd be an over arcing plot obviously, with sub-arcs, recurring villians and allies, character development and such.

I'm here to gather input and the like, Alien setlists, Villians, character ideas, story arcs, etc.
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uhhh.... no.... :(
it's an IM not an e-mail address. even though you could send me e-mails... whatever. sorry, add my facebook


I did, I feel kinda stupid now D:

POOR COMMUNICATION! I blame myself mostly...

no prob. got you added and all

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So, I like Fire Emblem, and I like some of the aspects of Wesnoth, Final Fantasy Tactics, DragonForce (I think, the tac rpg in the old sega smash pack cd (Sega emulator disc you could buy for your computer). So I started making my own, that will be playable as a tabletop or computer game.

At this point I'm about ready to start asking for c&c on what I've got, and as eager as I am to get into the fluff I'm trying to delay that until I get at least the base functionality down.

And this seemed to be the best place to do that (tgchans /disc/ board moves to slow, 4 and 7 chans /tg/ are too summer/troll to do this reliably). So I guess I'll post what I've got as I get it transfered from my binders to my computer... starting with my next post. If theres no interest after my first dump'o'stuff I'll stop bumping.

File: 127303365463.png-(19.06KB, 886x764, elements and nature.png)
The system itself will be a D5/10/% deal, and I have a vague idea of how its gonna work, right now. the D5/10 part will govern most of the level-up shenanigans, and the D% combat. Since the system part is in its early infancy Ill get off that though and on to things I'd like some feedback and ideas on.

To the left is how most magic will work. Magic is gonna be divided into three types "Elemental" (think Avatar: The Last Airbender), Mind (psychics and mysticysm) and straight up "Magic" ("its magic, I dont have to explain shit")

The wheel on top of the image is how Elemetal Magic will favor things, the lighter shades represent good/nice uses, the darker the opposite; the outside position being the predominant force for that element. The wheel, moving clockwise starting top-center is Fire, Nature, Earth, Air, Water. Black arrows favor their point of origin (fire burns nature, ect...) blue-gray arrows favor the more powerful caster/spell/environmental bonuses (a stiff breeze can extinguish a fire or whip it up into an inferno, and what counts for a stiff breeze in a forest isn't even considered that much on a windswept plain). Every species will have a natural aptitude for (2?) elements on the wheel.

Phsychic/Mentalism is a bit of a stump for me, I was kinda thinking gypsy meets the Mesmer class from guildwars for this variety of magic... but nothing stuningly defining for it either.

Plain old magic will work just like that, magic. The only catch being that anything it creates ignores the laws of physics (magical fire keeps burning without fuel and can ignore alot of what water can do, lightning w/out currents ect) so if an Elementalist gets ahold of some of this...
(the pic has a brown background to create less eyehurt)

On the bottom I have good and evil, since you could consider god-powers for paladins/shadowknights and monks/priests/ect a type of magic. For religion I know I want two numerically balanced pantheons, 5 members in each, each deity having a "patron" element (naturally their good/evil persuasion of that)... but I'm at a stump as to names, domains, ect.

The Species will be Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Lizardmen (Lacerta) and Catmen (Felixsians), this is what I've got for basic stat leanings and overarching personalities.

(The stats being Strength, Toughness, Wisdom, Intelligence, Agility, Speed, and Skill)
(A "+" represents an extra 50% gain on levelup stacking (++ = 10), a "-" 50% less gain nonstacking (-- = 2.5 (10 -5 then 5-2.5)
Humans: no stat bonuses or weaknesses
no elemental preferences, rather a leaning towards light/dark as a whole.

Elves: Ag +, Spd +, Wis ++
T --, Str -, Int -
Prefer Nature and Water
One of the "chaser" races, they have extremely long lives (1000 or so years), and take full advantage of this in their pursuit of perfection. They typically live in the "beautiful" or "desirable" natural locales (forests, beaches, meadows, ect). Taking full advantage of their long lives they will wait hundreds of years for perfection to happen for them (an elf wants to make the perfect spear, he plants a bunch of trees and tends them to grow perfectly straight for the shafts, finds the purest ore he can for the head, ect). Generaly have an air of superiority about them.

Dwarves: T++, S+, Int+
Ag--, Spd -, Wis -
Prefer Earth and Fire
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One got.

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Mr. Ben Franklin would've been a mad inventor like Tesla.


A friendly /co/mrade wrote an unofficial guide to the Chaptor Universe based on various ideas issued from threadsand can be found here
And it's a pretty good guide, and one character of note has gottenn substantial positive feedback from /co/: Quincy, Chaptor's American west cousin.

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All of the following, including the appropriately renamed OP, was from a thread that mere minutes ago restored my faith in /co/ to Get Shit Done. Hyphen lines seperate posts- some of my work is in here, but not all is mine- most is Anonymous'.

So, thank you Anonymous for the idea on how Disney could make Kingdom Hearts IV (and V!) undeniably kickass.

(At time of posting, thread is still up at

However, this may not last)
Kingdom Hearts IV (since III is going to be some unrelated bullshit) should incorporate in the Pixar worlds. That'd include Toy Story (boss fight against gigantic Andy), A Bug's Life (swam battle), The Incredibles (fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes), and the two already ITT [Wall-E and Ratatouille].

And we should see a decent fantasia world for once. No dialogue the whole way through.
So then the Heartless are going after the helpless future humans, and it's up to Sora, Wall-E, and Eve to tear across trashed-up Earth and the Axiom to tear apart Otto again from the bridge. KH has had mechanized villainry before, as I recall, so it'd work.
That's a good set up. Personally I think Eve should be the partner in this world since she's the only character that naturally is a fighter. limit could make use of her blast gun.
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So back to my suggestion on Facilier? Is he worthy of a second chance or does he at the very least gets a proper send off compared to what happened in the movie as a truly epic boss fight?

Consumed by Heartless. Twin boss fight where you take on Heartless!Facilier and his living shadow, which pops out of the walls to grab your party.

Boss Music: Friends On The Other Side instrumental

That could work, though more then likely it would rather a repeat fight with Ansem in KH1, except its more voodoo awesome

I'd honestly see it as a fight where Facilier is given ONE LAST CHANCE, sumoning a heartless marti gras float thats all detailed and kooky much like its source material. If that isn't enough, Heartless dressed as Other Siders masks spawn whenever the thing is stunned for a combo.

It culminates with Facilier getting thwacked into the beasty, causing it to fall and drag BOTH into wherever this Other Side is

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There have been several threads about the abandoned Dreamwave project and I thought fuck it, we should bring it over here.

For those that don't know, Killzone is a class based FPS game for the playstation two and 3. The gist of the plot is that humanity colonized a shitload of worlds, and one of them, Helghan, caused a branch off in human evolution. They're taller and stronger than most humans, but because of radiation can't breathe off-world and need breathing masks, pretty much making them look like the soldiers from Jin-Roh. They're also called bucket heads a lot.

All this being treated like trash has made the Helghast very pissed, and the government is overthrown. The new leader is all about vengeance after being treated badly by the rest of humanity. Hence, the events of Killzone begin.

Things to consider:

After many years of extreme hardship and brutal oppression under the tyrannical ISA rule over Vekta, Helghast are pretty fucking pissed to begin with over being treated as second class citizens.

Scolar Visari is pretty much Hitler. He also staged a really daring coup. Should get to that.

There really aren't any female Helghast shown. I don't know if you would be interested in that staying the same or what.

people like killzone? LOL

File: 127240919653.jpg-(60.27KB, 602x718, mariwhyna.jpg)

Yeah, that pic looks way too gay to be Killzone

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Look at my fan comic.

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With better grammar and touched up art, it could be ripping off at least half of the post apocalyptic zombie movies in existence!

Although honestly it's impossible to do anything unique with zombies anymore.

1) I have no idea what's going on.
2) When a person's mouth opens so wide that their lower jaw disappears, it bugs me no matter how well it's drawn.

The art's great, but there's not really a joke there.

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So, I've had this idea in my head for a while, /co/: A Final Fantasy animated series. It would be done in a style somewhere in between classic G.I. Joe and the Mysterious Cities of Gold. It would maintain the script from the SNES version, except for certain things, like Sabin's Blitzes, or the names of weapons and Espers. No one would use the word "die" or "death" (except for the Esper Deathgaze), and certain frames and episodes would be intentionally off-model. I'm not sure who would do the voices, though. I got this idea in my head that Ultros should be voiced by none other than Gilbert Gottfried, though. What do you think?

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Yeah, but it's weeaboo crap. Really badly done imo.

there's two.

File: 127226711548.gif-(10.40KB, 248x198, ab-rise.gif)

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A quick note, just to make these attributions perfectly clear. I actually don't keep up with Avatar as much as I should, it's a damn fine show. So I had to do quite a bit more research to understand the characters. A couple days ago one of the very phrases that I googled was "Azula's Past" and let me say I was pleasantly surprised by the first hit. It got the big ball finally rolling. And I owe Gunwild a coke.

Another bit in here was from one of the Doomzula threads that popped up on /co/ a long while back. I pay rather close attention to these threads when I see them. Collecting these little ideas here and there reminds me why it's not exactly my comic, if it's mine at all. I just happen to draw it the most.

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I thought Ty Lee could be a yoga instructor. Do the whole holistic healing thing.

oh the memories.

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For those who liked the movie and loved the music, I extracted the tracks and uploaded them.

It should hold you over until Williams Street releases the real deal.

Till then, enjoy.

this thread should serve as a placeholder for the anon who uploads the real deal in the future.

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Freaknik was disgusting.

thanks for the input. I'd advise against downloading the soundtrack if you did not enjoy the movie.

update: williams street has released the official soundtrack

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LP Pokemon thread goes here. Fanart, stories, everything.

I haven't gone through Bone's run to grab the art, but I'll do so soon. Anyhow, let's start with Nurse.

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Needs some polish, probably, but I'm tired of fucking with it.

Bumping. Trying to show these to some friends, don't wanna risk the thread dying on me.

File: 127198665947.gif-(171.70KB, 135x90, 124743952035.gif)
The missing thread from One's Quest.

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Writer looking for drawfags for a webcomic project, details here:

nope, sounds like shit

I think it's an okay enough idea, but the way you plotted it is just stupid.

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Hi there.
A group from 4chan's /lit/ has put together a monthly magazine-like thing containing original written and drawn works by anons

We'd like to expand this project to involve more artists illustrating stories. If you think you would be up to the challenge, contact us at

Second issue has been released

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This really should be published, but the .pdf design is too confusing. If it were a little cleaner, I wouldn't be surprised if this were a real magazine.

But yeah, since it's under free non-commercial distribution rights, that would never happen. And too many writers without consent.

File: 127025744921.jpg-(1.90MB, 2560x1920, zwg1.jpg)
Mine printed out just fine and looks good at that.

I was thinking, what if we and the /lit/erati who were so inclined could get together and record themselves reading their favorite short stories or poems (whether written by themselves or simply a fan favorite widely appreciated by /lit/ would be up to them). And we could release albums with these tracks on them, at a much more staggered pace than the zine, in much the same way that /v/ has it's wildly popular Classy Rainymood albums and /co/ has Frank West.

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An epic Spider-Man/X-23 fic was posted on /co/ last night and today. Said it could be posted on here, so... here goes. Credit goes to The Amazing Writer-Man.

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Sorry write man, I just tried to download these and the links show that the folder is empty.

File: 127076703478.jpg-(76.60KB, 800x600, 124157264550.jpg)

here you go

Awesome. I'd have been pissed if I couldn't finish this great story. thanks for the ffnet link, anon

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Mickey, Donald, And Goofy Adventure Cartoon thread.

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Bumping because I've finally started watching Darkwing Duck.

SO. MUCH. WIN. If we incorporate the DW world into this one, we're definitely going to have to see Negaduck and the Phantom Blot have some sort of power struggle.

A variation of World to Come would be a badass season arc. Rhyming Man has really impressed me as a Disney comics villain.

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