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Long-Term Projects

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Another new Wakfu thread.

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. someone should make a gif of eva grovy and amalia playing on barrel , its in the credits of ep 15

also i am looking for ep 7 with credits.


errr. episode 6.

do ep 1 and 2 and 3 have versions with blackbars?

hey Vorked, you're a drawfag and a fan of Wakfu... why haven't you done any Wakfu stuff? Or have I simply not seen any?

Still requesting that a drawfag give us a picture of Nox and War Machine sitting atop a bear that has been torn in half while sharing a beer.

The credits are in the V2 of episode 6 I'm working on. (see )
Being very busy right now, and on top of that, my internet connexion is down (posting from a friend's computer), which slows the process. I'll try to work on it and upload it as soon as my ISP fixes things.

If any requests should be made, it should be of Dem Buns girl holding dem buns.


anyone can listen to this? their player sucks.

File: 127974070116.jpg-(14.80KB, 480x360, wat.jpg)


Wakfu 24 - English softsubbed - HD version:

Wakfu 25 - English softsubbed - HD version:

Wakfu 26 - English softsubbed - HD version:

The Goultard special, hard subbed, in MP4 format
And in AVI format
Black Raven comic

File: 127974135691.jpg-(25.43KB, 720x1000, pyramidhead.jpg)

The Nox special, hard subbed, in AVI format

File: 127979952746.png-(18.15KB, 439x820, NOS WAS RIGHT.png)
Last Thread: >>28336

File: 127986380281.png-(692.98KB, 800x1850, WakfuPromotion.png)

Topic appears to be dying again, huh. So about that fandub... I have a fair quality microphone and could pull off an ok Grougalouragran or Ruel

Or Sadlygrove as voiced by Tristan Taylor

Do we have any girl-anons to do Yugo Amy and Eva?


Girl anons? Yes. Vocally-talented girl anons with microphones? Sorry, can't help.

>girl anons that could help I said, I know someone who might be able to help as she seems interested, she's apparently an actual VA though and I've never really heard her range so I don't know what to expect but if you'd like I can get ahold of her and discuss it.

oh how bad can you be? You can NOT possibly be any worse than the opening to English test dub episode two

Links plox.

You the fandubbing guy? Post an email, I want to audition and be horribly rejected.

Unrelated, anybody seen Frenchy recently?

...I'm tempted to offer my services for any extra roles or the sort.
What do you need, if you do, in fact, need it?

yeah I spoke to him by email. He is fairly busy
you WANT to see the testdub?
get your war face

...Or did you mean my voice?
Sadly, I was doing training for my security company, practicing yelling at stupid people. So the only voice I can do within a few days is Igole

By the way... What effects are used on Nox's voice? I am really clueless in this, but would like to try.

I wanted to see the episode. English #1 was hilarious, especially Duuuuudelygrove. And I actually liked uptight brit android Nox.

Regarding effects, it sounds to me like he's actually talking through a hollow helmet (which you could do with your voice eq'ed to muddle and maybe some convolution reverb) along with a slight amount of compression and those subtle hints of bitcrushing for quality loss and possibly some extremely light distortion or noise layered for that smoked fruit aftertaste.

If somebody can drop a high quality non-assy recording of a line at his pitch I can try mimicking it.

These Youtube clips are the real deal or fandubs?

I mean if these people claim to be professionals, they need to find a new line of work.

Nox is decent. Ruel and Yugo are above average. Most of the others are average at best.

Eva and Amalia are trying WAY too hard and really are ruining the lines.

Won't even go into how bad Grovy is.

Most of the problems come from actors trying to portray characters of a different age. Like adults trying to voice kids. Or younger people trying to voice and old character.

When you cast for a part, cast age appropriate!

File: 128001583890.jpg-(15.28KB, 423x225, Yugo crazy happy.jpg)

MP3 format of the full theme song downloaded with YouTube downloader.

I mean, Eva and Amalia turned into bored upper-class twits. And Dudelygrove became Homestarlygrove. And Nox became more like the french VA, and thus worse.

Eva's VA I could see actually doing good if she toned it down a notch, Amalia's is going to make me want to cap a fool. Ruel, though, english Ruel makes up for it all. Sexy motherfucker.

I can get you a rip from the CD in any format and bitrate you want. Just holla. No need for Youtube (lack of) quality.

What are you smoking, nigger? Nox's English VA is the shit.

he is way too effeminate
here's the CD single, uploaded by yours truly:

the file "16.5" is the slow instrumental theme from episode 26 during the time rewind, and was added later. It's not part of the single, but is le fucking awesome.

Alright. I'll be more assertive.
D'you need a british/semi-american-trained sounding 16-ish year oldist?
I'm up for this.

I agree. For all of episode 1. Before he tried copping the french VA. He went from sounding...well, like a good but different Nox to a bad knockoff of the french Nox.


If I had a not-dollar-store mic I would challenge that.

I'm getting all of my girlfriends into Wakfu, though, so you might get more girly candidates once they're done watching. No promises, but one of them has always wanted to be a voice actor and another wanted it very badly when she was about 12.

Now this is getting interesting...
So, lets get everyone to post a sound bite of any character they think they might fit. I hope I fit someone. Technically, I'm a professional actor.


without any speaking roles ;_;

What if we could only hope to fit older characters who come in later?

Like, I could probably fit any generic large male and possibly Sharm, but nobody from the main cast.

File: 128010380412.png-(320.60KB, 635x358, eva_schlicks_too_hard.png)
I'll post it again once I see a Wakfu thread on 4Chan's /co/, but this will do for now.

New fanfic.

I disagree. I actually think he's improved since episode 1.

Squeaky voiced C3P0 is fine by me.

File: 128011566371.png-(348.96KB, 640x480, 1264725246617.png)
>yogurt brain
if this catches on, I want meme royalties

Hello guys, I would like to make a request if it's possible. I require english subs for the whole season(so I don't need to encode anything, because I don't know how to) and the french transcript. If you wonder why, its because I want to translate the series in my native language and its easier for me to use both the french and the english scripts while doing so.

File: 128015756224.jpg-(168.06KB, 700x900, CATBEARD.jpg)
Yeah, sorry I took so long. I've been trying to get stuff moved into my new house for about a week now!
Go ahead and send me your audition, I'll check it out when I get the chance.

Also, for anyone who's interested, feel free to drop me a line @ my email with your auditions. I'll take a listen to them and sort out what character sounds best in what position then I'll come back and review it with you guys.

File: 128016039467.jpg-(72.69KB, 500x271, noxstarepissed.jpg)
.....Oh my! I hadn't seen the 2nd episode dubbed! That was the most painstaking 23 1/2 minutes my ears have ever had to bear! Grovy's VA sounded like Garfield, Nox sounded far too eccentric I mean, you have to take into consideration that his original voice sounded fairly normal, not like some stuck up snob! Ruel....well Ruel, while he wasn't as good as the French VA, I have a feeling that I COULD warm up to him. He's got an alright voice actor, it's just that some of his lines needed to be trimmed and more though out when they recorded them. As for Yugo, he sounds okay I guess, not the best. Once again there was a lot of running dialogue that seemed to go on and on like the dialogue from an episode of speed racer. But the part that really pissed me off was Amalia and Eva's VA's. WTF, seriously?!?
Eva sounded like a stuck up bitch and Amalia sounded like an air head.

I really, really hope that Ankama knows what the hell they're doing....

>I mean, you have to take into consideration that his original voice sounded fairly normal, not like some stuck up snob!

Unless all french people talk like JRPG villains, I'm gonna have to say no.
Not even taking into account the propensity to laugh and default high pitch, Nox has some unequivocally nonstandard pitch and volume dynamics and a flair for the dramatic. It isn't until a fight scene that he speaks anything near "normal", and that's only when he's visibly pissed. Snob fits him pretty well.

> Nox has some unequivocally nonstandard pitch and volume dynamics and a flair for the dramatic

I'm aware of this but if we decide to go through with the fandub, it seems like there would be a lot of conflict between his Nox voice and his Milien voice.

Also I'm just picky as shit when it comes to finding an English counterpart...

File: 128017180651.jpg-(52.50KB, 656x433, amy_wrecked.jpg)

I wanted to be consistent.

Hell, I'd help with any kind of fandubbing you need. Male, seventeenish, by the way.

Has this reached the stage where we're actually doing this, or are we still just talking?

Right now we're just talking but I'm taking auditions if you feel up to it.


Should I provide you with an email adress?


This was me, by the by. Might as well throw my name in if I'm pursuing it.

I've roped one of my girlfriends in and she wants to play one of the girls (heavily leaning towards Amalia). I don't know how good her mic is and she isn't sure that her voice will suit any of the characters, but we might put together an audition sometime within the next week. I despise the sound of my own voice, but for fun I might throw in a tryout for Grufon or some minor character.

If you'd like to that's fine. I'll add you when I get the chance. I've already posted mine in the email field so as soon as you finish your audition feel free to send an MP3 of it via email.

That's cool. Do what you feel comfortable with. I look forward to hearing from you!

In an interview, Benjamin Pascal (Nox's VA) said they had a lot of research to get it right.
The two most important aspects are :
- The varying pitch which can go from very low when he's calm or serious, to very high when he's excited / stressed.
- The varying speed of talking, which was something they introduced because it fitted the varying pitch, as well as his general time-powers theme and his instability. Although, this aspect is more subtle and should not be overdone so as not to be caricatural.

Also, he's not supposed to be snobish, it's more leaning towards arrogance and determination, but please don't make him sound like a parody of a british Bond villain.


Okey doke. Add me, if you please.

I've posted up a demo of my Nox voice and a few people seemed to like it. It was, of course, from the Special but I'm confident that I'll be able to pull off a decent sounding English Nox from the main series of Wakfu. I'll keep you guys posted and if anyone feels that they might be able to help out in some way, don't be shy, we'll need all the help that we can get.


Hold up, where is this posted?

I did some tweaks and reordered the pages in the Black Raven comic that was uploaded to /co/ a little while back. now the higher quality replacement scans are in order with English text, and there's a credit page at the end

here's the distributor site page, with links to filefactory, hotfile, and depositfiles

Are there any collected scripts? I've found a few on /rs/, but it would be nice to have the entirety of the script in one place.

File: 128027967349.png-(669B, 64x32, eva.png)
here's a treat for any Eva loving minecrafters

Do you have a Nox skin by any chance? I been looking for one and I suck at making skins.

Unfortunately, no. I can take a shot at it, but I cannot guarantee I will do well on it.

File: 128034005331.gif-(613.35KB, 295x221, seinfield.gif)
Welp, there goes all my interest in that project.

File: 128034627073.png-(1.37MB, 864x1457, 1276049497107.png)
We still have a lot of room for additional voices if you still wish to help. Practically every character is still open and my voicing Nox isn't anything final. Things could still change, we'll just need to find a set of VA's that all of us(the majority) can agree on.

I was going to try for nox myself
And you should really get a better mic. I have a nexxtech that works ok which i got for 10$ from radioshit.

Still have a cough. Give me a few days for voice bite.

File: 128035294617.jpg-(13.85KB, 180x365, 1277686099377.jpg)
>get a better mic
>wait a few days for my voice to come back

Will do, also I have a gift card that I got for Christmas for Radioshit that I still haven't used so I suppose I know what I'll be buying.

Just be sure to send me an MP3 when you've finished your recordings!

File: 128036378320.png-(1.12KB, 64x32, noxskin.png)
I gave the Nox skin a shot and came up with this.
It's fairly undetailed but I think it came out pretty well.



Wait, how is that a bad thing?

I'm up for helping if you want it, I can help edit if need be. What characters still need voicing, gimme a shout back and ill see if i can't make something work for it.

Read it and you'll understand.


Okay, yeah, the ending. Fair enough. It works, though.

Pretty much all of the characters still need VA's.
There are a few characters that some folks have sent me auditions for but it all depends on who sounds the best for the role. Also, yes! Help with editing would be much appreciated when we get around to that.

Does anyone know whether or not we'll need the OST for this dub, or is there some other way of ripping dialogue-less audio that I'm not currently aware of? Also, if we will be using the OST how are we going to retain the sound effects?


I make no claim to being an editing specialist, or anything really similar, but Wakfu seems to use a very small library of sound effects. If you listen close enough, you can hear the same sound effects repeated over and over, in different contexts. If we could somehow find that library of effects, we'd presumably be able to wipe the audio completely and rebuild it from the ground up by matching the timing and sound effects from the show with the new ones in the dub.

Actually, that sounds like a really long and difficult process. So maybe we should figure something else out?

File: 128037706217.jpg-(204.92KB, 778x612, troll_u.jpg)

I want to say 60% of my motivation for writing the fic was for the ending.

File: 128037896611.jpg-(29.36KB, 439x600, hank-hill-001.jpg)

File: 128037990639.png-(209.56KB, 632x354, cry_some_more.png)


I guess.

ITT, everyone wants to voice Nox.

Well, he IS the best character.

Once I get a good recording program, though, I'm basically going to go through every male character in the series with a deeper voice than Grovy and do my best impersonation.

This is exactly what I'll be doing. Don't know how well I'll do, but I'd like to help you guys out.

Speaking parts list, rough order of appearance:

>Major characters

The Soft Oak
Grufon (the map)
Princess Ydalipe
Princess Eenca
Princess Erpel
Princess Lela
Kriss the Krass
Botan Fucus
Smisse Monde
Canar and Renate

Misc voices/crowds
Nox's minions
Yugo's friends
Outhouse guy
Kelba shopkeep
The Bullies/Taures
The Dripples/Puddlins/Flaqueux
Amalia's servants
Xav's wife and daughter
Bakery contest announcers
Bonta sailors / Tavern folks
Gobbowl announcer + groupies + referee
Boufton cheerleaders
The iceboat captain
Sadida Chamberlain
Sadida guards
Sadida Queen and King
Crâ guards

Thought it might help.

File: 128041817475.png-(1.72MB, 1944x882, Nox200Years.png)
Yes! Alright, now that we have the full list of characters we can start choosing in a more organized manor.
I think I'm going to try out Grougaloragran, maybe Ruel and Rubilax. I could probably do Nox's minions as well but I'll wait and see how this all pans out before I try anything.

I dunno, usually they won't use just one sounds pack when producing a series, so hunting them down would be a bitch. I wish that I had a better grasp on editing software's that could remove the dialogue but leave the visuals and sound effects in.

I can't stop laughing...

If you find the program, i'll get you a free copy.

Also, layered dialogue, i assume we will have to balance audio content (ie bass/treble imbalances) if you want that done, ill be happy to do it.


Good gorram. I... oh wow.


I'd like to try the Boufbowl announcer, Gonnard, and possibly Canar and Renate.

That would be appreciated! Thank you. I'll ask around in search of the best audio editing program. Once I find one, I'll get back to you.

Now beforehand, I'd like to request that anyone who will be voicing any characters, have a copy of each episode as we will need you to match the pace of the dialogue and deliverance of lines with that of the characters(unless of course, you're playing Nox, in which it's really only a matter of timing).

File: 128044815143.png-(51.60KB, 1132x1064, carl_grovy_normal.png)
Now how are we going to translate Tristepin Percedal's name?

Sadlygrove was just what the subbers came up with, along with his nickname Grovy. I'm okay with that.

And how about Goultard's pet name, Pipoun? 'Groovy'?

I'm ok with introducing him as Tristepin and keeping his nickname as "Sadlygrove". I'm kinda liking PinPin as his pet name as well...

This is all up to you guys(the majority) though.

File: 128045936144.png-(266.49KB, 640x364, snap.png)
Alright, I gotta try this. Maybe I'll record something generic tomorrow. Not sure who, if anyone, my voice might be suited for.
A little lower than I'd expect, but groovy.
>you should really get a better mic.
Part of that quality rape is just vocaroo. I've done stuff on it with a regular studio mic and it still sounds like it was recorded by a cellphone off of a TV during a rainstorm in the 70s.
>I dunno, usually they won't use just one sounds pack when producing a series, so hunting them down would be a bitch.
Aye. They also probably edited or made their own kit, so it'd be nigh-on impossible to just find it. Though it's possible with some creative EQ'ing you could find instances of the stock sounds relatively or completely isolated and nab them. Though you'd still need music to redo the audio tracks...then again, we've got the majority of the soundtrack in some form of quality in the game rip, and we could reconstruct the rest in some form easily enough.
Still, that's a whole lot of effort, rebuilding the audio more or less from scratch. It might be easier to instead just isolate the voices and drop the amplitude on their frequency range. Of course, that has a huge impact on the music and would make the new voices muddy. Would have to look at the spectral view of an average episode to see if that's feasible.
Could even go full-retard and ask Ankama nicely for the sound effects.
>I wish that I had a better grasp on editing software's that could remove the dialogue but leave the visuals and sound effects in.
I'm not entirely sure on this, but I don't think you can.
With music, for example, the file isn't composed of the original multitracks that you can just segment and take out what you please, but everything compressed down to stereo or 5.1 or whatever.
Video's not my forte, but I have to assume they treat audio similarly, or, given how many times these videos have been reencoded before they get to us, they end up with nothing more than a stereo track in the end anyway. Best you can hope for still wouldn't have seperate vocal/BGM/effects tracks.
Tl;dr, I don't think you can, barring a video junkie saying otherwise.
>best audio editing program.
Aw jeez.
That's gonna depend on context and how much other stuff you're willing to get. Por ejemplo, Sony Soundforge has some great effects built in, but a shitty GUI (IMO), whereas any given cheapo DAW that can use VST plugins (including Audacity), with a full set of iZotope's plugs, is functionally equivalent.
Tell me what you need to do, I might be able to suggest something.

well the shitty testdub calls him sadly, and almost sound like Sally... ugh

Grovy is accepted all around

As for the Goultard one? How about Dally? Imagine the irony if I got the Goultard voice.

File: 128046367446.jpg-(445.33KB, 1332x798, NOX.jpg)
>Could even go full-retard and ask Ankama nicely for the sound effects.

Naw, I wouldn't do that. If any word got out to Ankama that we were planning on doing a dub they'd probably try and stop us.

The more and more that I think about this dub, the more I start to consider just canning it and maybe doing some other project that would be less frustrating. Now a parody on caliber with DBZ: Abridged would be fun and easier, but I'm not so sure that I want to give up on it just, it would seem a little awkward as there isn't even an official English dub yet so really only people in our little group of /co/ would get the jokes.
This project has too much potential, and since our official test of the English dub was.....yeah,
pretty not-so-good it gives us all the more reason to make something as a group that we can still retain some respect for.

Well, i can say that if you stick with this project, there will be alot of people to help you it, myself included.

As far the sfx go, im not sure we can rip them out from the episode w/ the dialogue, but im sure they can either be emulated or ripped from another episode where there isn't dialogue (for example the sound the portals make, we could just find a scene where there is no dialogue)

i wait for episode 6 with credits

in return this:

File: 128051196976.jpg-(48.14KB, 640x421, 1276652366636.jpg)
I still plan on going through with the project but it's going to be a long and strenuous one.

Ripping the audio for sound FX doesn't sound like a bad idea but I think it will take longer than finding the actual sounds in a package of some sort.

Also, when is that OST set to come out? I might be ordering myself a copy.....

>when is that OST set to come out?

No precise release date so far. Ankama is supposed to give more info by september (after summer holidays).

Question guys:
Do we have HD versions of the Nox Special, or any other episodes beyond the finale?

Those haven't aired in HD yet.

File: 128053031989.png-(377.75KB, 878x495, idea.png)
Still thinking of new fic ideas...

This sorta came out of the blue. Seems like a reasonable premise.

File: 128053147622.jpg-(206.36KB, 1600x874, Tristepin_x_Evangelyne_by_WhitedoveHemlock.jpg)
wakfag123 I take it?
It crossed my mind too. There is no telling how much time takes place in the snow. Hell, as I told you on /co/, it allowed Yugo enough time to cross the PLANET, so it had to be pretty substantial.
My Eva/Grovy story will be from earlier in the series.

oh shit, that looks really traced...

File: 128053751287.jpg-(5.44KB, 126x133, how_dare_they.jpg)

You assume correctly. I might start tripping, or at least using the name field, if any other Anonymous writers step forwards. I get enough haters without identifying myself, and I don't want to end up like a certain other /co/ntributor to the /co/mmunity...

File: 128054804855.jpg-(7.07KB, 83x132, Mustache'd Entei wat.jpg)

>My Eva/Grovy story will be from earlier in the series.

Wait.... Helpful /co/mrade, is that you?

File: 128055089181.png-(210.67KB, 640x480, probably_nothing.png)

He's clearly hacked the server and gotten Ginger's tripcode.


If you are asking whether me and Wakfag123 are the same person, no

this is him

File: 128058824336.png-(85.08KB, 404x404, wtf an i reading.png)
Then... wait wut.

So where is Helpful /co/mrade? It's been a long, long time since I saw him posting.

File: 128059287899.jpg-(15.13KB, 640x480, angry_scarecrow.jpg)


It's official, I'm using the name field and you guys jump to conclusions.

File: 128059401943.jpg-(29.95KB, 550x306, 2728457074_1.jpg)

Okay.....I'm confused about what's going on here....
So is this some kind of /co/ drama that I missed out on or what? Pardon my stupidity, I don't believe I was around for this.


I've written a couple lemons, but I've only posted here and on /co/ Anonymously.

Everyone thinks that I'm some other writer when I'm actually a different writer entirely.

If a gentleman by the name of Helpful /co/mrade has written anything, then I'm pretty sure I've missed out on it.

If you need a reference to my posts ITT, all my posts of any real fanfic-related importance have been accompanied by Boufbowl-related imagery(In accordance with my latest work). And one trollface. And one frustrated man drawn in MSPaint.

File: 128059896391.jpg-(7.88KB, 83x110, Real Gentleman.jpg)

Oh, alright then, good sir. Forgive my mistake.


>So is this some kind of /co/ drama that I missed out on or what?

I don't know the story of Mr. Wakfag123, but "Helpful /co/mrade" was just like his name, an Helpful /co/mrade; he also wrote a fiction with EvaxGrovy, YugoxAmalia, Shram Boy x Sacrier Girl content. When I saw the posts about someone working with stories, I thought it was him.

About the fic I mentioned above, so long it remains incomplete, and part of it can be found here:

Oh hiiiim...
he got me started on this gig.

I hope he finishes his story. Or at least gets to the dirty parts...


I really doubt he will finish it, since (like I said) nothing has been heard from him in a long time, I wonder if he still hangs out in /co/...

File: 128060498993.png-(118.21KB, 290x472, dont_say_tg_never_did_nothin_for_you_wakfags.png)


I was not aware of this board's existence. I liked Wakfu AFTER it was cool. I come from the far-off land of /tg/ and have only seriously browsed /co/ recently, exclusively for Wakfu stuff(I like other comic books and cartoons, but I don't feel like discussing them).

Helpful /co/mrade's fic was just getting interesting. Sorry for any confusion, I can see why you would assume the best-case scenario.

>second, who made those requests?
>just see his profile

Problem, Dally?

File: 128063560082.jpg-(33.86KB, 380x345, laughingelfman.jpg)
you got me good

You're doing a nice work with the dubbing I think, it's not perfect of course, but it's pretty hard to get it perfect anyway. Would love to help with providing a voice for a character, but I doubt my voice would fit very well, plus I have no voiceacting experience to begin with.

Good luck with the dubbing anyway!

well.. my collection is almost complete:

i'm looking for episode 6 with ending credits
episode 26 with subs on blackbars (if possible... all other episodes were done that way)

and ending credits for ep 26.

Seems like I'm the only one here who got to the chans through my obsession with Wakfu, not the other way around...

I can at least give you episode 26 end credits:

Wakfu 26 Credits Only - SD version:

Wakfu 26 Credits Only - HD version:

No, you're not the only one...^^


Join the club. ^^


Same here.

Is that HD version a bona fide HD capture from a re-aired episode (the initial airing did not include credits), or is it just the upscale from the SD version?

That's some upscale I'm afraid...
See >>28578

Nope, same. There's no English-speaking fandom elsewhere, it seems.

File: 128069112098.png-(105.01KB, 497x239, 2.png)
This gentleperson on YouTube has the English dub in 1080p.

Rip the video+sync the audio and subtitle tracks=Episodes 1 and 2 in HD, in the original French the way it was meant to be heard.

It doesn't include the intro, but you could chop that in from the later episodes that ARE in HD. The episodes come in parts, but you could line them up together nicely I think.

I imagine someone with know-how and experience could improve upon this method, though. Thoughts?

>the way it was meant to be heard

Don't even fucking start.


I don't want that to be the English dub. I want the English dub to be something different.

However, if I recall correctly those ones are sort of placeholders, and not anything final. Please let this be true...

Do we have any proof that that Youtube thing is not an upscale? It doesn't look much if any better than the HQ DVD rips we have from the dub.

File: 12806993035.jpg-(123.17KB, 500x375, OFF_BRAND_IS_DEATH.jpg)

Sarcasm. Pic related.


>I don't want that to be the English dub.

Me too.

>I want the English dub to be something different.

Me too.

>However, if I recall correctly those ones are sort of placeholders, and not anything final. Please let this be true...

This is correct, for the moment. Ankama COULD accept it as a final result, but they haven't so far.

>It doesn't look much if any better than the HQ DVD rips we have from the dub.

People keep asking for HD videos and are constantly shot down by the fact that France 3 didn't switch to HD until late in the series. So far as I know, the dubs on YouTube are in HD(That IS what 720 and 1080p are), but we unanimously agree that the dubbing job is horrible. Switch the audio tracks with the original French and add subtitles.

YouTube Dub=Good for the eyes, bad for the ears
Original=Bad for the eyes(Relatively speaking), good for the ears

Something interesting turned up when I was watching the Polish version of the show. Remember Gonnard, the Genie? His name is obviously a joke on the word gonad, right? Well, in Polish dub he is called... McDick. So the show unqestionably had to be transalted from an english script, not French one.

Conclusion? Seems that the english dub can be closer than we all think. God, I hope it won't suck as much those two YouTube episodes, at least when it comes to Sadlygrove...


I think they are poor at giving official info and progress updates - don't they want to generate hype?

>Remember Gonnard, the Genie? His name is obviously a joke on the word gonad, right?
Actually, in French "Gonnard" is very close to "connard" which is an insult equivalent to "jerk" or "shithead". So the "McDick" translation makes sense, meaning the guy is a real dick.
I don't think it's actually related to gonad, all the more that in French you don't pronounce the "d" at the end of "Gonnard".

They could easily have a fully translated english script and zero dubbing done. The won't start until a studio picks up the contract, since it is the studio that hires VA's

Just got access to wakfu closed beta.


Semi related to VA, but I just finished Starcraft 2 in french and saw a few familiar names in the credits :

Ruel - Jim Raynor - Patrick Béthune
Goultard - Matt Horner - Bruno Choel
King Sheran Sharm - Tychus Findlay - Philippe Dumond
Armand - Artanis/Kachinsky/Lee Kenau - Cédric Dumond

Anyone got episodes 22+ hardsubbed on some megaupload /co/?


File: 128078266484.jpg-(367.73KB, 900x1230, dofus_time.jpg)
This came to me two nights ago and I just couldn't get it out of my head. Dofus era, 'original' characters. Deal with it.

Brakmar was an awful city. The nearby volcano left everything covered by a perpetual layer of soot. The streets were filled with decay. The buildings stood in shambles, never once renovated, Brakmarian lives too short to be bothered with such a simple investment. New buildings sprung up once the old one fell down like bodies sharing graves. Every Brakmarian knew that each day could be their last and lived accordingly. This city was made from the ground up by whores, warmongers, cutthroats and every other bit of riff-raff to be populated by the future generations of riff-raff. Every aspect of its day-to-day life was rotten to the core.
But that's where the money was.

Cofcos was in the business of doing odd jobs where he could find them, and he considered himself to be quite good at it. His group of like-minded individuals was reasonably young, about three months since its formation, though he had known his companions for quite some time. The Fraternity had a rocky start, but things had been going smoothly for the last week or so; hopefully a sign of things to come. 'The Fraternity' sounded a little grandiose to Cofcos' liking, but the three friends thought quite highly of themselves. Cofcos was a Feca and quite comfortable with his calling; keeping his friends, and himself, out of harm's way. It wasn't quite as valorous as his friends' work, healing and harming, but he earned his keep and saved them a lot of trouble. Maybe having an Eniripsa /and/ a Feca was redundant, but it certainly didn't hurt. Anyways, working with his Fraternity left him in a better financial situation than before when working as an alchemist. Combining the mysteries of science and magic could be rather interesting, but it boiled down to long hours of studying or day-long hikes into the woods, searching for herbs and spices to keep Enutrofs' medical problems at bay. Now, at least, he could go hiking and searching as a hobby or afford to buy the raw materials himself and sell the finished product for a profit.

Cofcos found himself in the Brakmarian market doing just that, buying and selling ingredients and potions and whatever else he could turn a profit with. The Fraternity was in-between jobs, having just served as body guards for a minor noble visiting the city. The Fraternity was always searching for work, but it was a comfortable fact of life that there weren't opportunities constantly available. He enjoyed the days he spent out of work, trading and bartering, gambling and haggling. He was good with money and the Fraternity often trusted him with money problems; loans, investments, and basic math when Mortebarbe, their Iop, couldn't figure out currency exchange rates. Cofcos would've made a great Enutrof; or will make, if he still has his spirit for adventure all those years from now. He was inspecting some rings inside a glass case when he was interrupted by an Osamodas riding a dragoturkey out of the corner of his eye."Cofcos?" He turned around, his name sounding familiar, the voice saying it, not so much. The man's red uniform identified him as a messenger. "Yes?" he asked. "I have a message from Julian," he stated. There was only one 'Julian' Cofcos knew, their Eniripsa. She was a plucky young woman, eager for adventure and wealth. "Go on," Cofcos said. "Julian didn't have enough Kamas for me to relay the message, but said that you would be able to pay," he explained, "Forty Kamas." That struck Cofcos as odd, as their recent exploit should have been enough to pay for their lifestyles for a week or so, but Julian wouldn't have sent a messenger under the circumstances without good reason. And forty Kamas was rather steep. "Twenty up-front, ten more if I think your message was worth it," he haggled. "Fifteen more." "Fine." Cofcos dug into his purse, counted out twenty of the small, gold coins, and handed them over. "Julian would appreciate your companionship at the Burnt Cat Inn." "That's it? She wants to spend some R-and-R time at some hole-in-the-wall bar in the Brakmarian ghetto?" he asked incredulously, "Of course, Brakmar IS just one large ghetto." "I assure you, the Burnt Cat Inn is a fine establishment. It's that way, if you're interested," the messenger said, pointing back the way he came, "Fifteen Kamas." "Fif-teen," Cofcos emphasized bitterly, lamenting his further losses. He begrudgingly handed over the extra Kamas and contemplated his next move. The messenger's dragoturkey trotted off without another word.

He turned back to see the jeweler measuring a small pouch of Kamas against a 500-Kama weight. The scales balanced evenly and the Sram merchant looked pleased, as pleased as his skeletal features could reveal. He reached for the glass case as a Sacrier shopper began to pick up the case. "I'll give you seven-fifty!" The Iop shoved Cofcos to the ground roughly. "Too slow, pipsqueak," he said raspily, walking off with the case under his arm. Cofcos got up and began brushing himself off deliberately. "'Seven-fifty'?" the Sram asked lazily, jaw bones clattering quietly, "That makes ya fifty percent dumber than that Iop was; those rings were fakes; gilded bronze and glass for diamonds." "Oh. Thanks," Cofcos muttered. "Ya welcome." "Got anything that /isn't/ fake?" "Nothin' fah sale, no. Ya ought to go meet ya friend at the Inn." "You heard about that?" "I ain't got ears but I ain't deaf. Sun's setting. Brakmar ain't safe after dark." "'Ain't /as/ safe.'" "Right. Burnt Cat, three blocks that way." "You're pretty friendly for a Brakmarian. Especially for a Sram." "I'm out here swindling people and ya say I'm friendly?" "For a Brakmarian Sram." "Well, everyone's a potential customer. The name's Cairo." A skeletal hand reached out from under the dark robes in greeting. "Cofcos," Cofcos said, taking the hand and shaking firmly, "Maybe I'll see you again sometime." "Maybe ya won't. Bein' seen ain't usually in my best interest." Cairo began shoveling his wares into a large chest without another word and closing up shop and Cofcos headed south to the Burnt Cat Inn.

It was no fine establishment. The outside walls were stained with ash like everything else and a large, imposing sign depicted a singed black cat and a non-descript mug. An imposing wooden door crossed with large iron bands stood in the entryway; it looked relatively new compared to the rest of the building. Cofcos knocked twice. The sounds of various deadbolts clicking open came from within. The door finally cracked open, revealing the face of a mean-looking Cra behind a further chain lock. "This is the Burnt Cat Inn, correct?" Cofcos asked. The Cra grunted, closed the door, undid the chain lock, and opened the door again just wide enough for Cofcos to get in before re-doing the locks. An Eniripsa at the bar counter looked up at the new arrival; Julian. She was a healthy young specimen; straight, blonde hair, tanned skin, and a set of translucent, yellow wings. She put on a weak smile and patted the stool to her left. Cofcos walked past the Cra and sat down beside her. "Hi, Julian." "Hi." Her voice was soft and low, almost whispered; something was wrong, but Cofcos didn't want to bring it up immediately. "You're not drinking anything?" "Not yet. The innkeeper wanted my money first, but when I reached for my purse, all I found was a couple cut strings. Every last Kama." "One beer, one water, innkeep," Cofcos said, placing a few Kamas on the counter. "Two beers," Julian corrected. "Two? Just start with one." "One's for you." "You know I don't drink." "Please, Cofcos, don't be difficult." The unkempt innkeeper dropped two foul-smelling brews in front of them. Cofcos took a sip. It tasted like watered-down Bwork piss. Julian took hers and drank deeply without complaint, putting it back down with a satisfied "Aah." "So. What's the occasion?" Cofcos asked, taking another sip. "I quit," she said quietly. Cofcos put the mug back down and began coughing. Once he stopped, he cleared his throat and asked, "'Quit'?" "Yeah," she said emptily, "Quit." She let the words sink in. "Of course, you'd like to know why, but you're just being polite." "Of course," he said guiltily. She took a deep, shuddering breath and continued, "Mortebarbe." "What's wrong with Mortebarbe?" he pressed, "He's a good Iop." "I told him that eventually I'd like to settle down. Once we've had our adventures and made enough Kamas to retire. Raise a family with him and spend our lives together." "That sounds awesome." "He... Disagreed." "I see... I suppose he's a good Iop, but a bad person?" "Hmm, no. I think you need to be a good person before you can be a good Iop." "Or a good Feca." "Or a good Eniripsa." "I think you're a good Eniripsa." She looked up and smiled. He smiled back. "Thanks," she said, "Of course, you thought Mort was a good Iop." "I... Did.What do you think of Kamasburg?" "Bad person. No doubt." "What? She was a saint! She gave us the Kamas we needed to get started on our adventures." "'Gave'?" she said sarcastically. She lifted her mug to her face and talked to its contents, "Fucking loan shark bitch." "'Loan shark bi-' How can you say that?" Julian put the mug down and continued, "She agreed to give us the Kamas if I gave her half of my profits for the first month." "I... Thought you were just... Sharing." "I signed the contract, but I couldn't live like that. I had to suck up to Mort so I could afford to eat. Of course, that damn Enutrof's heart gave out the day I paid off my contract, so now all those Kamas are gathering dust in some hidden vault." "It's sad that we spend so much time together, but we don't get to know our life stories. Do you think it's because we figure we'll die together?" "That's... Pretty deep." "I think as a shield-bearer and a healer, we might be entitled to a little bit more longevity." "Maybe." "But Why Mort?" She looked at him with a pained look on her face. "I don't mean, 'Why Mort,' but-" "He was strong, handsome; he seemed like a provider, you know?" "He fooled me too." "So, you want to quit too?" "'Quit' is such a loaded word..." "I suppose I'm 'just' 'quitting' then. I'm not done adventuring by any means, but I think we'd be better off adventuring without Mort."'We'?" "Yeah." "I like 'We.'"

“Maybe… We should get a room for the night.” “/’We’/?” “Only got one room left,” the innkeeper interrupted from down the bar, “One bed. Fifty Kamas, great deal. You not sleeping in this room n’ you wouldn’t survive on the streets by youself. It’s you lucky day.” “We’ll take it,” Julian offered, leaping at the opportunity. “/’We’/?” Cofcos reiterated. “Fifty Kamas. Don’t make too much noise,” the innkeeper replied. Cofcos emptied a handful of coins onto the bar and began counting. Julian leaned in close to Cofcos and whispered, “We don’t /have/ to… You know…” “I wasn’t planning on it,” the Feca replied grumpily, “I’m sure Mort was /very lucky/ to have you, but we’re good people now, remember?” “Why are you so upset about Mort?” “I’m not upset.” “You don’t drink, you hate Mort, you’re so sweet and innocent…” “Thanks.” You’re a virgin.” “What?” “That wasn’t a ‘no.’” “What does /that/ have to do with anything?” “Oh, nothing… Virgy.” “Not funny.” “Virgy,” she said louder, knowing she hit him somewhere tender, “Virgy.” “Stop.” “Virgy.” Cofcos stood up abruptly, leaving his Kamas un-counted, and asked for the key to his room. The innkeeper handed him a simple brass key and told him, “Upstairs, last room on the left.” Cofcos walked upstairs without another word and left Julian at the bar. “What’d you do to set him off?” the innkeeper asked. “Called him a virgin,” she explained. “Yep. Total virgin.” “Yep.” “I’m not, if you’re interested.” “Fuck off.” The innkeeper reached for the Kamas left behind before Julian stopped his grubby hand. “He wasn’t done counting,” she challenged. “Fine, have it your way.” The innkeeper left her alone while she slowly counted the coins, wondering what to do next, wondering how to salvage what was left of the Fraternity; just say you’re sorry? Give him time? Get back with Mort? Find new friends? She finished the coins sooner than she had hoped for, five piles of ten Kamas each. Fifty exactly. “Fifty,” she said, going upstairs. The innkeeper began reminding her, “Last room on the-“ “On the left, I know,” Julian finished. “On the right,” he corrected, “My room.” “Fuck off.”

Julian arrived at the door and put her ear against it. Hearing nothing, she knocked twice. “Come in. It’s not locked.” Cofcos. She slowly opened the door and saw Cofcos sitting on the bed, reading a large book by candlelight. She walked up to the bed and sat down beside him. “I’m sorry,” she said. “Apology accepted,” he replied, not looking up from his book. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” she continued. “I’m not embarrassed.” “I would be, at your age.” Cofcos closed the book and stared at her. She reached for him suddenly and hugged him tight. “It just means you’re a better person than I am,” she continued, “You’re a good Feca, Cofcos.”

Nice story, if any progress is made on the final decision about dubbing and w.e then msg me at

Will wait to hear what comes out of it

very charming
phnar phnar

So to list off a few things that we're going to need to make this dub happen, we'll need for starters:

1. A program capable of removing a selected patch of audio from the source material without extracting any unneeded audio. OR an official Wakfu OST with an appropriate sound FX pack.
2. A set of dependable VA's that would be willing to help out with our project(male/female) some of which have already signed on(thanks guys!).
3. A decent video editor that will help with the adding of voice tracks and additional audio while not lagging up my computer as badly as Movie Maker(I know it's a shit program).

Guess I fibbed guys, sorry. My friend who wanted to play Amalia and I both have come down with really bad colds, so I dunno when we'll be in good enough shape to try to put anything together for this.

I still don't know what kind of microphone she has, either, so I can't make any promises of quality when we finally get around to it...

we are far from in a hurry
I may have an amalia as well...
And if she's reading this, I'm not insinuating anything. Just hinting.

>1. A program capable of removing a selected patch of audio from the source material without extracting any unneeded audio.
I think I said this before, but you can't just remove only, say, the vocals from the videos. You're stuck with however many tracks it was muxed with- which for a lot of these is just a stereo track. If they were all captured from TV, then they're all going to be stereo at best.
Now, if you want to try removing certain frequencies from that stereo track, you can do that in almost anything, even Audacity. But it'll also be sloppier. No matter how ninja-like you can get with spectral views, there'll always be a little muddiness left over.
>OR an official Wakfu OST with an appropriate sound FX pack.
That at least is plausible, depending on when the OST releases.

File: 12808795422.png-(31.67KB, 554x435, we_write_like.png)


I can't help but imagine that this Mr. Doctorow says "yogurt-brain" a lot.

File: 128088944082.png-(95.34KB, 290x291, fsjal.png)

Hot damn, I'm in the beta. I think. Just click the big, blue Telecharger Wakfu button.

I'm 100% certain that I haven't gotten an e-mail confirmation of any sort, but I downloaded the client and everything(Maybe I never needed permission? I participated in the "What a Beach!" contest thing... I don't know. Even if you have no idea, it couldn't hurt to try and play...). I'm on the tutorial level right now.

But I broke it and now it's stuck in Spanish. Hablo solamente un poquito. I'll re-download the client and see if it helps. Or if it blocks me out of the game forever, who knows.

/v/ material or not, I'm excited.

This may be the best place to discuss in-game matters as well.

No, let's make another thread. This is for subbing and projects, not video games. Let's organize an online time and introduce everyone...


you know, i am not playing wakfu anymore and i was thinking to share my login and password but then i remembered same id is used to log to dofus , dofus arena and wakfu guardians.

too much risk or ruining my dofus characters.

would you trust me?
I don't like dofus, and I have my own Guardiens login. I will use it as an alt. You're welcome to come back anytime


depends if you reply to emails.

File: 12809401503.jpg-(17.25KB, 274x385, in_the_flesh.jpg)

Wakfu MMO discussion.

Hey guys... the Wakfu Wikipedia page has English voice actors listed. Legit or not?

That's probably just who they have doing the crappy test-dub.

It's not perfect, but here you all are, from me to you:


Wow. that song is actually amazing in its full lenght...


FF Do want beta. I had it before. But that was trough a client ai downloaded off /rs/

If you're still looking for fandubbers for Wakfu, I'm willing to join up. Haven't done anything professionally (or even casually), but I'm willing to try, and I can contort my voice in a myriad of ways.

Send me an email if you could use someone.


Did you try the telecharging link?



Yeah, we're going to need quite a bit more VA's before we can actually even prepare for this project. Just shoot me a line with an MP3 attachment of your lines of dialogue when you're ready.


A am not cleared for beta: I missed the contest before

File: 128119109157.jpg-(201.10KB, 1440x900, Nox_free_hug.jpg)
I've made some translated scripts for Mini Wakfu 25 and 26 on 4chan's /co/. I'll post them here as well. Maybe somebody will consider making subs out of these...

Mini Wakfu 25 raw:

- Nox: Here we are, finally! Years of mental arithmetics, evil additions, substractions, and even multiplications will finally bear fruit!
- Razortime: Oh, cute little noxine.
- Nox: For Xelor's needles' sake, what are you doing?!
- Razortime: Daddy!!
- Nox: What is your mission?
- Razortime: Er... Tidy up my room?
- Nox: No! Destroy! Destroy everything!
- Razortime: Er... Destroy? What for? What is "to destroy"?
- Underling: Yes master?
- Nox: You wanna see what "to destroy" is? Look well, I'll show you... This is "to destroy"!
- Razortime: You are so sweet, little noxine.
- Nox: And THIS is also "to destroy"!
- Razortime: You're so kind daddy, I love you!
- Nox: You don't leave me a choice, I'm gonna put you back on track!
- Razortime: Destroy everything!
- Nox: That's it finally! I'm proud of you sonny!

File: 128119131514.jpg-(102.61KB, 1009x467, Grrrr!.jpg)
Mini Wakfu 26 Raw:

- Announcer: Ladies, gentlemen, and other creatures; welcome to this exceptiostupefying night: the Golden Gobbs awards ceremony!
Here's the moment you're all expecting: the prize-giving ceremony.
So, let's see... The Golden Gobb for the best make up goes to Ruel Stroud!
- Ruel: Yeah! Huh? Hey! "Golden" Gobb my foot! This thing is just plain rubbish!
- Announcer: Such emotion! The Golden Gobb for the nicest dress goes to Evangelyne!
- Evangelyne: I... I... It is so...
- Amalia: It's absolute nonsense! I do have the nicest dresses! I am the princess!
- Announcer: Oh! It's hot! And finally, the Golden Gobb for the most handsome knight in the world... I'm calling Sadlygrove!
... Ah, Ok. I've just been told that something came up so Sadlygrove won't be able to come.
I suggest all the losers come on the stage to receive their consolation prizes. So, what's left... An explosive cap, an acorn, a tofu feather and a wild boar tusk.
Thank you everybody to have followed in prime time the Golden Gobbs awards ceremony.

File: 128119514335.jpg-(158.78KB, 1094x811, Mini_Young_Nox.jpg)
Well, I've finally made a translation for Mini Wakfu 27 (Nox's special) too.

Mini Wakfu 27 Raw:

- More! I need far more Wakfu. Therefor, I need an assistant.
- Here is... the Tippler. Eat up, my dear; and fill up my stocks. That's it, yes! Come on! Yes, yes!... No, it's absolutely no good!
- With good materials, the outcome is guaranteed... And here comes Aspiromegatron! Yes, more! That's it!... Next!
- This time it should work. Cerulean Deadly Planetoid!... Noooooooo!!
- It's your go, my sweet little one. Yes, perfect! My dear little Noxine... That's it! More Wakfu, yet much more Wakfu...


Sorry. :(


Kenny for president, 2012.

So, I'm already bored with the Wakfu Beta >_>

All areas are essentially the same regarding both layout and the monster you find there, focusing on a single build doesn't allow for a lot of variety and the extra stuff like crafting is more tedious than interesting. The last two days have been pretty fun, but it's getting stale ;-(

This is proof of my technological ineptitude; I don't know how to play this file. Help?


MPC - "Media Player Classic"

The best media player ever.

Ah, nevermind, it's working now.

File: 128129129337.png-(84.70KB, 512x408, oldsword.png)
So uh, Grovy's sword was designed like this in the earlier episodes. Then it went to a more intimidating rock and fire design. Now, in Episode 17, it looks like this again.

Did they do episode 17 really early? Or does the sword have two different forms or something?

Rubilax can change between two forms: you can see this happen at the beginning of episode 3. There doesn't seem to be any difference between the two.

Sword has multiple forms. Nobody's really quite sure what determines which form it takes at a given point in time.

maybe the green is air mode and is faster, while fire is stronger but slower?

Thanks again for providing these. You know, I find myself thinking about that particular screencap because, although it comes from a silly non-canon short, the bandages on Nox's arms and legs give a look at the transition between the ragged, emancipated Milian of the end of the short and the Nox of the series. Which might enter squicky body horror territory, come to think of it...

It's a bit confusing because they talk about ShuShus as though they have "elements", which seems like it could actually mean elements in ye olde schoole sense when looking at Rubilax...but then Ombrage makes it seem like that just means "abilities", and indeed there's no real elemental abilities exhibited by Rubi during his brief period of freedom, just some special abilities.

But, yeah, the ShuShu weapons can definitely do stuff like that. Or at least he can. Maybe he's the only shape shifter, and it's related to his pummeling = mass up ability, who knows?

File: 128139865143.jpg-(16.70KB, 633x331, yugo_teaches_bizzaro_carrot_man_kung_fu.jpg)
ITT: I give my philosophical opinions under the thinly-veiled disguise of fanfiction

Cofcos set the book on the nightstand and wrapped his arm around Julian's waist. Remember what I said about you being a good Eniripsa?" he asked. She pulled away gently and put her hands to her side. Cofcos retracted his hand in turn. "Yes," she said cautiously. "I meant it." "Please don't-" "No, really." She let out an annoyed sigh. "It's okay, you've flattered me enough," she said, trying to settle the matter. "Hear me out," he continued, "But have you done anything bad today?" "Well..." "Nothing I haven't already forgiven you for." "No." "If it's any consolation, you were wrong. Anyways-" "Oh? No, no, go on." "I got drunk, things got complicated, I don't want to talk about it." "Why don't you want to talk about it?" "Because it's complicated." "Why is it complicated?" "Why do you ask so many questions?" "You were the one complaining that we don't know eachothers' life stories." "Maybe another time." "I can tell you about my first-" "As I was saying, you've already spent an entire day being good." Julian went quiet. "And you didn't even realize it," he finished. "Well, the day's not over yet. Besides, it's just one day." "It's never too late to start. I've only been clean for a couple years." "A couple years?" "And eight months." "It wouldn't have anything to do with your day-long hangover, would it?" "...Of course not." "And the night before, with that Pandawa bimbo?" "No." "Oh, damn, I'm onto something here, aren't I?" "I don't know where you're going with this." "No, no, it's okay, I've met a few charming Ecaflips before. I just wouldn't take you as that kind of guy." "I think it's getting late," he said, getting up, "You can have the bed." "And where will you sleep?" "...The
floor?" "What, am I not furry enough for you? We can share a bed, it doesn't mean anything." "No, no, I insist." "If you're going to sleep on the floor, then I will too. Nobody gets the bed." "...Fine." "Fine." Julian stood up and laid back down on a dirty rug on the floor in the fetal position. "That's not what I meant by 'Fine,'" Cofcos said. Julian sat up and saw him sitting on the bed, undoing his shoelaces. One shoe off. Julian smiled and slowly began taking off her top. Cofcos looked up from his shoe and quickly looked away, closing his eyes. "That's not what I meant either," he explained, "We'll share the bed, but it's not going to mean anything." "Oh," she said disappointedly, "Sorry." "Apology accepted," he said, dropping his other shoe to the floor with his eyes closed. He crawled under the covers and scooted to make room for Julian. He laid on his side, facing away from her. She put her top back in place and blew out the candle. She climbed into bed after him, pressing herself against him gently, wrapping an arm around his body. "Don't get so friendly," he cautioned. "It doesn't mean anything," she complained. "Yes. It does. There's still time for us to stay on the floor." "I'm starting to regret this 'good' thing," she grumbled, rolling over to her half of the bed. "Goodnight, Julian." "Goodnight, Cofcos."

File: 128141444750.jpg-(309.95KB, 598x843, eva pinpin last.jpg)
Interesting. A bit of a mishmash of lines, since there is a lot of dialogue is going on at once... By the way, if you do this on AFF, just copy and paste <p></p>a few hundred times and type between the brackets. Saves so much formatting...

Also, I do that too. Channeling your own thoughts and feelings into your story, I mean.
Shouldn't be too hard to guess when I wrote chapter seven

...Why is this so cute this has no right to be so cute what the fuck.

Agreed, I hate mini Razortime...

File: 128154319080.jpg-(24.91KB, 633x414, beds_baths_and_beyond.jpg)

>A bit of a mishmash of lines, since there is a lot of dialogue is going on at once...

I'm not sure how else to write it; "____," he said. "____," she said. Gets boring for me to write and read. And I run out of adverbs.

>Channeling your own thoughts and feelings into your story

Writing with original characters feels much more creative. Or less creative, since I put quite a lot of my own personality into Cofcos'; and my taste in women shows up in Julian(And in the lemons to an extent). But Wakfu's characters' personalities never really came up that often in my lemons(Of course, that's not why most people read them I think).

I think writing might be a new hobby for me. I'm rather creative, but not very talented, so I don't consider myself an artist, much less a performer. I like taking a language and making it my own. Because my method and style is a glimmering beacon of light in a sea of darkness. My works are precious flowers who transcend dislike and criticism. Sorry if this is a little confusing, I express my thoughts much more clearly through cartoon characters.


So this is the line he used to convince Amalia? I want to know who and what he meant by 'we'. And what Amalia was hoping for.

File: 128154511736.jpg-(195.41KB, 1439x813, Igole_beau.jpg)
And now, after some cute Nox and Razortime, here's some cute Igôle! Because, yeah! I'm that cruel! ^o^
Well, that is to say I've put my hand on Mini Wakfu 23, so I guess I'll share it here.

Mini Wakfu 23 Raw:

- Crazy-eye! Crazy-eye! Spit! Spit this right now!
- Poor little Tofu, you must've been scared...
- What are those manners!? I told you one thousand times already: if you want to stay among us, it's absolutely forbidden to eat other boarders!
- You promise you won't be bad ever again? Good! Let's check this out on the spot! Show me you're an obediant doggy.
- Sit!
- Stand!
- Lie down!
- Sit up and beg!
- Give paw!
- And now, go fetch!
- Oh! Beware, little Tofu! Oh, no! I don't want to see that!
- Don't worry little Tofu! I'll get you out of there! What on earth are all those things!?
- What did you do with it? You've swallowed it, haven't you? Bad Crazy-eye! Bad dog!

File: 128156313534.jpg-(96.86KB, 693x804, Shoot_em_up.jpg)
R-Type time!

Mini Wakfu 24 Raw:

- Yugo: Faster Bro! I really wanna see the gang again!
- Adamai: I'm doing my best, but I'm tired. You're heavy as a pigglet!
- Yugo: Hey! Why did you burn this crow? It did nothing wrong! It's super not nice to hurt animals!!
- Adamai: Dragon's reflex! You can't understand...
- Yugo: See, Adamai? You should care for all creatures with love.
- Adamai: May I suggest I keep it warm in my mouth...
- Yugo: What is this?
- Adamai: It's a sky gobball, and looks like it's not in a good mood...
- Yugo: I knew you'd get us in trouble shooting everything!
- Adamai: Aww! Come on, come on! We'd better find a way to calm it down before it spits-
- Yugo: Oh, no! My little crowy!
- Adamai: "With love" you said...?

File: 128156882189.jpg-(180.00KB, 1247x1674, tristeva002.jpg)
whoever is providing these miniwakfu translations and videos, let me express my profound gratitude. have some handmade softcore pr0ns.

granted, it's still just a sketch, but I thought i'd give this board, which has provided me with so much awesomeness to fill my hard drive with, should get first look

Dawwwwww, mini Igole is so cute!

Beautiful. :3

Yum! That's some sweet fanart! :3

>whoever is providing these miniwakfu translations and videos
Credits for these Mini Wakfus:
- Translations are mine.
- #26 and 27 (Nox's special) raws were provided by some kind Anon on 4chan.
- #23 to 25 raws are mine. Actually I've found recently they were still on my DVB-T recorder; I thought they'd been discarded a long time ago (well, I'm not the only one using this recorder at home).

I still have one or two of these MiniWakfus in stock. Expect them as soon as I have spare time to encode, upload and translate them.


...This needs to become a real game.

you know these random things in mini wakfu are recipes for hats in gardiens game?

These recipes are all for Dofus initially. Only a few of them work in Wakfu : Les Gardiens and are used to make hats, or sometimes a potion.

File: 128163291883.jpg-(76.23KB, 817x809, Brain_Overload.jpg)
Here's today's fix of Mini Wakfu; starring some cute brainstorming Pinpin!

Mini Wakfu 22 Raw:

- Grovy: I'm starving. I... I can't take it anymore...
- Mini-grovy: Look! We're lucky! A larva! Its flesh is full of proteins, and the water it contains will get us better in no time!
- Grovy: Hey! You don't think I'm gonna eat this?!
- Mini-grovy: Sure I do! Think about it: I'm your consciousness. So if I think, it's because you think that I think what I think. So you think so too.
- Grovy: Er... Okay, if you say so...
- Mini-grovy: Wait! Wait! I think it wants to tell us something important.
- Grovy: Hey! Make up your mind once for all!
- Mini-grovy: Make up YOUR mind, you mean. Since I'm your consciousness, if you think that I think that-
- Grovy: Argh! Okay, stop it! You're getting on my nerves! Well, come on! I'll hear you. I'm curious to know what this larva has to say...
- Grovy: What did it say?
- Mini-grovy: It said that if we eat it, we'll turn ourselves into larvas!
- Grovy: And you believe it?
- Mini-grovy: Well, it depends. If you believe I believe it, then I do. But since you're waiting to know if I believe it to know if you believe it, er... I'm not sure we believe it...

I’m wondering... For those crazy people who want to dub Wakfu into english, is it possible to only delete french voices in the 5.1 audiostream of the dvd ? xD If it's possible then I could rip and send you the audio...


Yes. IT should be possible to remove the vooooOOOOOOOooooow! Back up!
You know what else is possible with this?

If you could share with me like the raw .ac3 audio stream from first episode, I could try and see to what extent the music is rippable.
AND, I could try and see if the voices can be removed well enough.

Here is the ac3 of first episode ripped from the dvd :

Let's hope it will be useful =)

File: 128165501871.jpg-(22.36KB, 795x445, noxstare.jpg)

Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears that we've found our winners for today!

File: 128166724843.jpg-(17.15KB, 554x317, 8b3m0vs2.jpg)
>Yes. IT should be possible to remove
You know what else is possible with this?


File: 128166840699.png-(61.73KB, 444x497, Rubilax_Yugo.png)
I need to work on my Implying-Fu...

Have a Yugilax in return.

Okay, guys.
Good news is, The voices are almost completely on a separate track, except you can hear a bit of Nox's voice, but that's the fault of his neat effect put on the voice.
That's just regarding your guys dub, the sfx and shizz.

As for the music ripping... well, we are not as lucky.
I mean, the voices aren't hearable at all(except a little bit of Nox, as I said) but... there's shitload of sound effects, altough, if you ask me, they do not take away from the music too much.
Now, I have a question.
Do you guys still want the music with those sfx?
I could try and minimize them (dunno how succesful it will be).
In the meantime, I'll rip all I can from first episode, and also create a voiceless version of the whole episode track for the fandub purposes.
It will take some time tough.

File: 128167011257.png-(91.04KB, 624x588, 1279854699444.png)
>As for the music ripping... well, we are not as lucky.

File: 128167376241.jpg-(73.72KB, 455x570, that__s_beautiful____by_Jio_saso.jpg)
whoa, I missed a lot. Cool...

Here, have something interesting in return.

>I could try and minimize them (dunno how succesful it will be).
I'd just as soon you didn't bother. It's going to sound muddy and fucked up regardless.

You've got better odds of maybe finding the same track in multiple episodes and splicing together clean bits, and I'm sure we'll have an inbound OST before that needs to happen.

Yeah, I didn't even bother with it after giving it some thought.
It's a shame that this is one of the instances where the audio track is mixed in a very bullshit way.
Anyway... as for the fandub.
It seems that during the fight with Pinpinlax, THERE ARE EVEN VOICES ON THE FUCKING MUSIC TRACK.
That was the moment when I raged so much, I thought my heart will stop.
I will check once again later, the whole track of the episode (cuz now I have some life related things to take care of), but it seems that if you guys would like to use this voiceless track, it would need to have.. NO MUSIC. Just the sound effects. You would have to add you own music.. unfortunately.
Now I'm depressed.
Still, I would like to take a look at the .ac3 tracks from some other episodes. Like the second one, or whatever.
Sorry, guys.
I might try splicing some tracks together from different episodes, tough.
It would be the best to try on that kind of eerie melody that plays when Nox and Grougaloragran meet for the first time. It also plays in second and thirtheen episode if I remember right. Hook me up with those .ac3 files (if those episodes are available to you), vialou, and I see what can be done.
Unless nobody cares, then I just simply give you the bgmless and voiceless(HOPEFULLY) track of the episode, if at least that interests you guys. Then the only thing that's lest is to wait for the ost.

Audio Rip of ep2 :
The 13th will arrive soon.


now we need some ganguro lady and ask them for playboy session


Could somebody please explain?

It's from Wakfu : Les Gardiens. In dungeons #19 and #25, your eliatrope character gets to merge with rubilax.


I get that she was trying to do Eva's face freckles....but it just looks like she has some very bad acne on her cheek.

And this is coming from a girl who has suffered from bad acne.

audio DVD rip for episode 13

>File name

Awesome job, audio-ripping people.

In other news, I've been having some computer problems lately...

I once had a laptop named Susan
She was the one my heart had chosen
But she got too hot
So she gave water a shot
So now she is currently frozen

If you can manage to get the track with the sound effects still in it, this will save us the trouble of hunting down the sounds pack. I dunno though, you said it sounded kinda distorted. Might you be able to give us a sample to see what exactly we're up against?

>It seems that during the fight with Pinpinlax, THERE ARE EVEN VOICES ON THE FUCKING MUSIC TRACK.
>That was the moment when I raged so much, I thought my heart will stop.
That's really not that surprising, broheim.

Anyway, I guess this means I don't have to get involved with editing anything, since we've already got somebody on it. Woohoo! Freedom to...not do anything while I wait for parts to come in.

File: 128174663316.jpg-(6.54KB, 214x252, 1270239454910.jpg)

If there are voices on the music track, then we can do what we planned to do initially with our stereo files : apply some filters to mute the voices' frequencies. Sure, the music might sound a bit murky sometimes, but that's not a big deal because :
- the soud effects are on another track and won't be altered
- the murkiness on the music will occur when someone's speaking, hence will be partially covered by our own dubs.

File: 128184591499.png-(58.33KB, 194x390, N2.png)
Somebody here willing to make a transcript of this?

Is there a combined package of all softsub tracks without the related video?

Seconding this.


>So now she is forever frozen

Fixed that for me. Susan is in a vegetative state. I don't think she'll ever wake up. Bruce is my new laptop, he helped me write this today.


The night passed uneventfully and Cofcos began to wake. He tried to roll onto his back, but something soft and warm stopped him. Julian had begun spooning with him some time in the night. “Good morning,” she said sweetly. “Good morning,” he replied, somewhat agitated, “Remember what I said?” “I know,” she said, “But it got so cold and the sheets are so thin…” Cofcos sighed quietly. “And you took more than your fair share of the covers,” she continued. Cofcos opened his eyes. The morning sun shined weakly through the room’s only window, suffocated by grime. He saw his hands holding a rather large clump of linens and one more arm holding him. “Not that I don’t mind sharing. And you’re on my half of the bed. My rules,” she finished, squeezing him tighter and rubbing her feet against his. He sat up abruptly, taking what little was left of Julian’s covers with him and almost bumping her over the edge, proving her point further. He retreated to the other side of the bed and handed her an armful of white fabric. “Sorry,” he apologized. “’Apology accepted,’” she imitated, “You’re not used to sharing beds.” “I’m sure it’s a difficult art to master,” he retorted. “I’ve received a number of compliments on my skills in bed,” she teased, “This one comes to mind in particular.”

She launched herself at Cofcos and grabbed his shoulders, turning him around and pushing him face-down into the bed. She climbed on top of him and straddled his back, putting her knees around his waist and stretching her short skirt to its limits. By the time he realized what happened, all he could do was let out a muffled “Hey!” Julian’s fingers gripped his shoulders while her thumbs gently dug into the base of his neck and circulated gently. Her digits worked diligently with a firm and deliberate grip. Skin and muscle and bone seemed to melt in her hands. “Hey!” he said again, rocking from side to side to shake her off, “Hey!” She took her hands off of him and began dismounting. “I’m sorry,” she apologized, “I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know why—“A little lower?” he asked, pulling a pillow under his head and stretching his arms out in front. She went silent; the words hit her hard and unexpectedly. “How low?” she said deviously, returning to her old self. “Around the ribs?” he suggested, “I should take my shirt off first though, right?” “Uh, no, it’s alright; I can work through it,” she said quickly, returning to her former position. “No, no, I insist,” he said lifting himself up one arm at a time removing his shirt roughly and dropping it to the side of the bed.

His back was rough and scarred with burns and old cuts. Her hands trembled before she pressed her palms against his back and worked her thumbs halfway down his spine, rubbing him through his clothes. Her soft hands drifted over the bumpy, leathery landscape. She massaged around one vertebra before moving onto the next one up, reaching between his shoulder blades before starting again at the bottom. Her method seemed a little more rushed, her technique a little more sketchy. She had a hard time concentrating, one hand massaging vigorously while the other simply pressed down hard. “Lower,” he said. She moved her hands lower. “Lower,” he said again. She went lower. “Lower.” Her hands were at the bottom of his waist, starting on his hips, brushing against his pants. “Lower.”

“Maybe we should get breakfast?” she said quietly getting up. She leaned far over the edge of the bed and grabbed Cofcos’ shirt. Her hand brought it up to him; the shirt was immaculately white with a large red cross embroidered on the front. “Maybe,” Cofcos said sitting up. He whirled around suddenly, grabbed Julian by the throat and pushed her down against the mattress. Julian gripped his wrists tightly and tried to push him away. She wheezed under the pressure he was exerting on her throat and her eyes opened wide in terror. Cofcos sneered, exposing his gold-capped canine. His thick sideburns went halfway down his jawline and back up into his hairline. His red mane was combed backwards exposing a pronounced widow’s peak and stuck out in several small spikes like fire. He moved his head I closer, letting his warm breath wash over her face through his gritted teeth. “Maybe we should go lower,” Mortebarbe growled.

Julian woke Cofcos, gasping for air and rolling around in the bed. “Is something wrong?” he asked worriedly. “I’m fine,” she croaked, “Just a bad dream.” A moment passed quietly, broken only by Julian’s deep breaths. Cofcos rolled over slowly and pressed himself against her, mindful of her delicate wings. “I’ve got a shield for that,” he said quietly, pulling himself closer. He buried his face in her straw-blonde hair and molded the rest of his body to hers.

File: 128194264345.jpg-(598.70KB, 600x800, Yugo__2_by_ashita_uchiwa.jpg)
Interesting as usual. But have you thought of putting that somewhere? AFF allows for non-porn work. Just tag it as such...

also for your efforts, you get an Eliatrap

Any news on when we get HD version of the episodes? I'm really anxious about it.

File: 128195145796.jpg-(29.00KB, 458x422, 3Nox.jpg)
Dunno, still waiting on that rumored Blu-Ray release.

The wait for a confirmation on whether or not it will happen is killing me! I want my damn Wakfu Season 1 B-R set!

In the meantime, I did what I suppose is my official audition for the role of Nox and I dropped it by Gingers' mailbox so he could have a listen.
I actually had a pretty hard time recording this time because I just came from a concert in which I practically destroyed my voice.

Don't expect any fresh news before the end of summer holidays by september...

The filter effects are beautiful, but maybe the echo was a bit long? The base voice itself sounds terrific, albeit a bit lower pitch than expected. Nice and haunting, with a hint of crazy.

Reminds me to redo my file as well...


I'll try to make a transcript for this vid as soon as I can; that is if nobody else is willing or has taken up the job already.


File: 128197806131.png-(52.86KB, 298x380, Boa_sprite.png)
Dumpin' some Les Gardiens stuff

Boa, Master of Wakfung

File: 128197810712.png-(33.72KB, 264x316, Kouett_sprite.png)
Kouette, Mistress of Meditation

File: 128197814378.png-(39.58KB, 253x368, Leon_sprite.png)
Leon, The gentle Giant

File: 128197818045.png-(43.86KB, 244x353, Lou_sprite.png)
Lou, the Lone Wolf

File: 128197826191.png-(36.51KB, 283x340, Violette_sprite.png)
Violette, expert with the needle

File: 128197831322.png-(36.84KB, 252x368, Zora_sprite.png)
Zora, friend to all Tofus

File: 128197841621.png-(34.62KB, 210x343, Lock_sprite.png)
Lock, relaxed fighter

File: 128197845876.png-(89.45KB, 664x638, Grougaloragran_sprite.png)
Also the great Grougal'

File: 128197848544.png-(30.65KB, 246x357, Grougaloragran(Human)_sprite.png)
...and in disguise

File: 128197896215.png-(39.42KB, 204x373, N_sprite.png)
N, the cold hearted

File: 128197927469.jpg-(136.38KB, 900x675, Eliane___Wakfu_Les_Gardiens_by_noacry.jpg)
There's a new eliatrope girl : Eliane

File: 12819800357.jpg-(29.53KB, 500x293, 1280207075986.jpg)
Yea, sadly there seem to be only overworld sprites of Eliane, Barron, Blinie, Fraise and Samy. Those are only low quality compared to the other sprites which is why I don't have them. Curse you Ankama and your lovable character design.

File: 128198031566.png-(224.87KB, 506x539, Eliane.png)
Her in-game sprite

File: 128198072874.png-(10.77KB, 231x364, Lune(OW).png)
Yea, my mistake. Samy and Eliane for some reason have HD sprites. But all the others not.
Pic related, it's Lunes sprite.

File: 128198114993.png-(39.80KB, 246x347, Samy_sprite.png)
Samy, alchemist extraordinaire

File: 128198119482.png-(49.21KB, 267x372, Eliane_sprite.png)
Eliane, child of the wild

File: 128198122987.png-(38.48KB, 223x352, Cyd_sprite.png)
Cyd, master engineer

File: 128198134778.png-(89.09KB, 260x306, blinie.png)
Blinie, though, has a HD sprite in the tavern's PvP dungeon.

File: 128198233656.png-(14.09KB, 224x206, Ghost_sprite.png)
Yea, but this one has no standing animation. You only see her back, her running and falling.

By the way, do these Spirit thingies which look like Eliatrope hats (or the other way round) a name?

File: 128198246743.png-(12.80KB, 195x195, Ghost2_sprite.png)

File: 128198330022.png-(164.91KB, 462x399, unused1.png)
There are also some unused things in the games source files.

Here is one

File: 128198351952.png-(353.22KB, 798x480, unused2.png)
And another one.

Can you spot the pun?

Harasa = Sahara

File: 128198477338.png-(33.70KB, 240x349, Blinie_sprite.png)
(Okay finally found a frame from the Boufball dungeon where she throws her board away.)

Blinie, ambitious cook

I'll try and fix the echo delay time. By the way, the effect that I used was Gverb in Audacity which added the echo.

File: 12820043158.jpg-(159.94KB, 590x447, Transmetal-Megatron-Beast-Wars_1265499510.jpg)
I think I asked this before but do you think that you might be able to locate a program that's capable of importing audio and video similar to movie maker except without the suck of lagging up my computer? It'd make the dubbing process run a lot smoother.

Plus, I would like to do a few quick test run-by's of the dub so that I can get a hand on the sequential order of things in that particular program, whatever it may be.

Vegas, any DAW with a video player so Cubase, FL Studio, etc.

Here is a transcript for the VAs interviews video made during Ankama Convention #5 (>>30197).
Note that I've translated interviews and comments, but not what the characters say during the little dubbing demo sequences. If you're interested in it, just refer to actual episodes.

The script:

I must admit it's been the trickiest translation I've done so far. I really do admire live interpreters!

Have my internet babies.

File: 128205488298.png-(28.77KB, 300x284, Rubilax_tears.png)
Thanks, have some manly tears of joy.

Will we be reusing any of the original voice track? For example, screams, grunts, etc?

>Welcome to fabulous Harasa
I lol'd

HOLY HELL! I've been looking through the files of Wakfu Les Gardiens for so long, yet I have not found Grougaloragran or Nox. How the hell did you do it?

Here's an update.
I'm close to a nervous breakdown, because in episode 13... there's music even on "sfx only" track.
This is fucking bullshit.
OH, and sorry. I only had time today to look at this episode because I've been having life problems... a bit.
Anyway... I just don't know anymore, but I think that the dude/s responsible for mixing those 5.1 tracks were drunk or some shit.
After I'm done with something personal, I'm going to take a closer look at this episode, and the other two again.
As for taking clean parts of music to form a good rip... shit's not gonna work it seems. The music is clustered with so much shit in each of those episodes, that... you know the drill.
BUT I'M NOT FUCKING GIVING UP. If I can't rip the music... I at least find a way for you guys to get a nice amount of much needed sfx... I hope.

Well, music+sfx on the same track is not a problem. It's even better since it's music we won't have to re-add manually afterwards. The only thing we want to get rid of are the french voices (or am I missing something ? )

File: 128207174914.png-(650.03KB, 1702x1234, Nox_collage.png)

Have some Nox. Should you have any special wishes just say so and I will see what I can do.

could you extract the cutscenes from the "N" dungeon (those with Kouett, Lock and Lune) and maybe turn them into .GIFs ?

Ok, To keep on the English dubbing topic, what exactly do we have?

1. Mixed Audio Feeds (because orignal mixes often dont distinguish because they dont care)
2. VA's for, what, 4 of the parts
3. A Pending release of HD/B-R episodes
4. Anyone got anything else to add?

File: 128208063938.jpg-(6.49KB, 340x191, 100301_nox.jpg)
I don't think so, we'll be doing this as if it were actually being done for the first time so you're going to have to scream it up for me the best that you can!
I wouldn't worry about trying to extract only the music, unless of course it's for personal use. All we need is a track of an entire episode with only the music and sound effects. And yeah, life problems can be a bitch. Hope that you pull through whatever difficulties you've been having.
That sounds about right, I've got a few pals of mine that should pull through on their end and help us out with the dubbing. Also, these friends have the connections to the possible female voice actors that I was telling you guys about earlier.

There are more spritey images on the Wakfu devblog (I think they're all from Wakfu, not Gardiens). I'm not going to bother uploading images, but here are the threads if anyone's interested.

In-game smileys:
Deserboss and pirates:

There's also some Wakfu stuff about a third of the way down the page at

File: 128209124723.png-(572.15KB, 1133x613, 17459.png)
Those smilies... they seem familiar...

File: 128209168194.jpg-(95.39KB, 595x873, SePhyka_AfficheAnkamaConvention5.jpg)
...never realized Nox had toes.

From that last link, anyone know who this guy is? He was in the video with N the eliatrope, but what else?

That guy is Comte Harebourg (Count Backwords) and like N part of Dofus Add-On Frigost.

they actually changed the in-game smileys. They now reflect class and your character's skin/hair colour (and even diseases)

Dude. I'm starting to think you're the drunk one.
Sound effects on music track or vice-versa is common as fuck.

I know, silly.
But I'm not doing this for the first time, and I know that the mixing of those episodes is retarded as fuck.
Take Doctor Who DVDs for example.
They too have some voices and sfx on the BGM track... BUT NOT ALL OF THEM FOR FUCK'S SAKE. And then there's also voices... that often happens on Doctor Who DVDs too... but also not in such big amount.
And the sfx track... is usually clean of music, only containing few voices at least.
I know this shit is common, but things like this happen only if the mixing is so bullshit.
That's my opinion on this, and I stand by it.


Thanks. I appreciate it.
How do you get those .swf files? I wasn't able to.

File: 128214157366.png-(97.79KB, 500x237, 128077113267.png)
>How do you get those .swf files? I wasn't able to.

Do you mean how to find out which of them is which exact character (like for example Nox) or how to download them ?


I may be able to do some VA. (Female, sound around 15.) Not so sure of my acting ability, but I should at least manage with minor/background roles.

I'll try and get a voice sample up later.

I mean how to download them.
Because I was able to get some of them thanks to certain firefox plugin (thanks to that I "Ripped" music from the game).

File: 128215160851.png-(88.73KB, 432x505, 45205_file.png)
I personally use Sothink's Flash Downloader and Decompiler.

Each part of Les Gardiens is stored in a seperate file. The core .swf files like the ones with the objects, music, maps etc. are all loaded if you log in. The sprites are all stored in seperate .swf again and are only loaded if they are needed. So if you have a clean cache and start Les Gardiens and enter for example the first dungeon then you will have the sprites for the eliatrope character and the bouftous in your cache and you can grab them from there.

This for example would be the Male Eliatrope sprite:

Crazy theory is crazy, but hear me out...
After seeing this, I can't get the thought out of my head that these things may be what's under Eliatropes' hats... attached to their heads and controlling their every thought and movement... pffft, I don't know.

Currently working on a voice sample. Here's hoping that works out well.

File: sprite115.swf-(204.59KB, 65535x65535)

Then you know nothing about mixing, bro. Sorry to call it. Stick to rippin' and quit the bitchin'.

So Eliatropes use their magic for cool tricks?

File: 128217654395.png-(86.31KB, 282x200, 5h8jv2a0m3v6.png)
Wouldn't you too?


Yeah its common, but in the same way when building a song, you hope that the producer lays each line in on its own. It makes it simpler for specialization, but I know that things differ in the TV world, and they probably did this to keep people like us out.

Has there been any info (other than the ETA) for a Season 2 of Wakfu and DVD of the first season?

I'm starting the next chapter of my life today, so everything else is à suivre.

I posted everything I've written about Cofcos/Julian on my AdultFanfiction page. Further updates will be posted there in the interest of not crowding this thread more than necessary.

Not much. It should be about Yugo trying to learn more about Eliatropes, and we know the names of a few characters who will have their issue of the Wakfu Heroes comic. Other than that, Ankama is very careful not to leak anything about S2 ... at least for now.

About the DVDs, the second set with episodes 14-26 and a bonus DVD should be out mid september.
A box set with the whole season should be released later on, but no ETA yet, and a collector set is expected for Christmas.

File: 128223681396.png-(214.81KB, 400x400, 126157396733.png)
>and a collector set is expected for Christmas.

hey Wf123, what the hell is going on? Your and my profile are displaying no stories.

Searching "wakfu" under description leads nowhere. Or is my laptop going crazy? Or... is Ankama fucking us?


... is that because you're looking in the "anime" subdomain? Is there another section for western animated cartoons?

I would list Wakfu under Games but it does appear that all wakfu fics have been removed without any notice.

never mind. Got an email from an admin. They deleted them all for miscategorization

Yes, apparently, they SHOULDN'T go under anime
ha ha ha... I... got told by an admin that wakfu =/= anime. The irony is insurmountable

Oh thank god. After that paheal business, i was starting to think Ankama were doing an internet sweep of all websites.

I still say misc games would be the best section. Since it's more a cartoon of the game then vise-versa.

no, admin said put stuff about the show under cartoons, and about the game under misc games

I emailed her asking about OC just set in the WORLD of Wakfu. no reply yet.

File: 128226874477.png-(386.41KB, 635x357, 1279854699678.png)
>i was starting to think Ankama were doing an internet sweep of all websites.
Dude not cool.

ok i confirmed it
OC goes under games, canon under cartoons

So, Ankama is having a booth at PAX 2010.

Probably mostly for Dofus instead of Wakfu The Show, but as long as I'm there, I'm willing to do some /r/'s if anybody wants me to ask something or whatever.

>is inept at geography
>google maps, directions to Seattle
yeeeah... well, there goes that idea.
They said they will have islands of Wakfu promos there. Not sure what else.

Also, if you meet Xavier, you have to shake his hand. By force, if necessary. It's almost like touching Eva's tits. Almost...

Find out what you can. Record if you can. I really want to see how much of an English presence Ankama has.

File: 128237276679.png-(56.58KB, 557x687, ankama booth.png)
PAX has been sold out of three-day passes for a couple weeks; there's only Sunday passes left. It's primarily a gaming convention, so I'm not holding out for a Wakfu-the-show presence there, but here's to hoping. To be honest, I don't know much about Dofus except how it ties in to the show.

Relatively speaking, their booth is small. I'll record what I can.

They had a booth last year. It was pretty well-situated and reasonably sized.

Oh. That's... a much smaller & less good location.

Are you kidding? That's an amazing location! They're RIGHT NEXT TO SQUARE-ENIX AND SEGA.

File: 128239630761.png-(59.49KB, 181x225, 1280873527995.png)


I'm not going to say anything about SEGA's quality, but you have to admit they're incredibly popular, as is Square-Enix. Being close to these two means Ankama is right next a shitload of traffic.

File: 128242276574.jpg-(46.45KB, 420x500, enir_hips_a.jpg)
I was warned by a moderator a few days ago about bad disclaimers, so I went back and fixed it. Understandable, AFF needs to comply with the letter of the law, even if I only complied with its' spirit. It occurred to me that it would be TERRIBLY IRONIC if everything I had written was deleted from AFF; especially since I didn't have any sort of text files saved to my harddrive!

What's EVEN MORE IRONIC is that I saw this problem coming and didn't do anything about it!

Recovering my Cofcos/Julian chapters shouldn't be too hard; copy+paste from this thread. That's how they got on AFF.

If someone out there took the time to copy+paste my writing, save it to their harddrive, and would take the time to re-post it in /pco/, it'd be really appreciated. Heck, use my name, abuse the Email and Subject fields like I do, you could be pretty convincing! Help me, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope.

If everything really is lost forever, Grovy, Amalia, and Eva all fucked and that's about as much I feel like rewriting. As for writing new stuff, probably, just not anytime soon, I might hit the bottom of my ideas barrel, and

tl;dr AFF is ran by Nazis, Ginger's probably going to come to the rescue(This is the most likely outcome in my opinion, regardless of how optimistic it is), and I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.

File: 128244799349.jpg-(166.39KB, 800x600, 1282438245088.jpg)

File: 128244803272.jpg-(190.92KB, 800x600, 1282438345421.jpg)

File: 128244808438.jpg-(178.42KB, 800x600, 1282438468559.jpg)

File: 128244998523.jpg-(38.15KB, 640x480, varyingdegrees.jpg)

>a piece of Razortime comes with each figure.

On a different note... dat Amalia... and dat Grovy... they will be mine...

File: 12824505228.jpg-(58.60KB, 356x438, 1276049168603.jpg)
We're also supposed to be getting Eva, Ruel and a Kriss Le Krass as well! Can't wait for that Razortime figure though! My first order of business is to recreate this pic

File: 128245070451.png-(149.49KB, 460x302, tld.png)


Also the whole 1st. season german dub will be aired online starting with episode one on august 27th. Can't wait to rip those.

File: 128245088362.jpg-(16.69KB, 635x337, blackheartbatsignal.jpg)


But wait... no Yugo? This does not please.

File: 128245115542.jpg-(219.70KB, 799x812, 1282438549694.jpg)
You rang?

File: 128245117634.png-(114.68KB, 420x334, hrrmg.png)
Oh boy...

File: 128245175885.jpg-(88.04KB, 500x200, nerdgasm!.jpg)


>barely knows who that is
>didn't feel like changin' the filename


File: 128245858455.jpg-(44.27KB, 500x500, Wakfu_Season_1.jpg)
Some info from Wakfu's official forum:
- As we already all know, the DVD box with the whole season one will be on sale by Christmas. It'll contain 4 DVDs, a bonus CD, a Sadlogrove phone strap, and some Wakfu TCG and Dofus lotery cards.
- About Blu-rays, unfortunately they don't plan to release any quite yet. They say "The license costs are too expensive for a collector limited edition. We'll keep this project in mind until we find an economically viable way to sell it."





File: 128245870691.jpg-(37.26KB, 306x316, Wakfu_VOD.jpg)
We may not get a Blu-ray release anytime soon, but I've just noticed on Ankama's official website that they plan a VOD release of the 13 first episodes of the serie. And they'll be available in HD too.

Let's just pray those will be rippable...

Dat face.


Yugo will be a fucking sexual tyrannosauros later when he grows up I tell you.

>implying he isn't already

no Eva toy ?

>We're also supposed to be getting Eva, Ruel and a Kriss Le Krass

File: 128248497791.png-(169.33KB, 640x576, 1277142075172.png)

>>30450 >>30475 >>30478
Yeah, now I'm almost happy i missed all the Wakfu threads back on /co/.

don't remind me
Oh by the way, wakfag, try asking the admins, politely. Data is never just lost. They should have a way of recovering your stories.



Found this on the german Channels website

DE Exklusive Online Premiere von Wakfu!

Am 10. November startet die neue, spannende Fantasy-Serie: Wakfu! In der französischen Erfolgsserie dreht sich alles um Yago, ein Waisenkind mit geheimnisvollen Kräften. Fantasievolle Welten und spannende Charaktere zeichnen die Serie im Anime-Stil aus.

In den Episoden gibt’s wichtige Infos, die dir beim Spielen des gleichnamigen Online-Rollenspiels (MMORPG) helfen werden. Und für alle die nicht bis zur TV-Ausstrahlung warten können, haben wir etwas ganz Besonderes: Wir zeigen die ganze erste Staffel schon vorab, exklusiv online. Ab dem 27. August gibt’s jeden Montag und Freitag eine neue, spannende Folge von Wakfu.

EN Exclusive online premiere of Wakfu!

On November 10th. the new, exciting fantasy-series Wakfu starts! This french, successful series is all about Yago, an orphan with mysterious powers. Fantastic worlds and exciting characters characterize the series in anime style.

In the episodes you can find important informations, which will help you if you play the online roleplayinggame (MMORPG) of the same name. And for all those who can't wait till the television broadcast, we have something special: We'll show the whole first season in advance, exclusively online. At august 27th. every monday and friday there will be a new, exciting episode of Wakfu.



Set Rage Timer: t minus 5 days.

File: 128249005033.png-(379.47KB, 635x357, wat.png)

File: 128249172095.jpg-(26.56KB, 646x341, grrrr.jpg)

>Ruel Struut

File: 128249289718.gif-(477.11KB, 320x352, lol u mad.gif)
yago? seriously? Do they have Shymalans in germany?

>anime style

not sure if rage...

File: 128249683461.jpg-(106.79KB, 750x500, Give_my_Az_by_Jio_saso.jpg)
girl yugo

also girl Grovy

File: 128249815895.jpg-(97.62KB, 500x750, what_is_this_by_Jio_saso.jpg)
you know you want

File: 128249824591.jpg-(88.05KB, 500x750, Yugo_and_tristepin_cosplay_by_Jio_saso.jpg)
just imagine, you slide it in, her hat-ears quiver, her apron pulled up to her shoulders to expose her perky breasts and she cries out SUPER COOL!!!

File: 128249869459.png-(63.85KB, 520x520, 12789337629.png)


The only name change that actually makes sense, since "Jugo" (pronounced yugo) is insulting slang for Yugoslavians.

from the DA's comments, Yugo is cosplayed by a guy.

File: 128249953799.png-(857.92KB, 892x1235, Maya_the_Orphan_Hero_by_Wilkoak.png)
>girl yugo want?

This looks actually quite good as a "counterpart yugo".


>Genderswap the entire cast

Ruel is a cookie-baking granny and moral compass
Eva and Amalia are two hard-as-nails bros
Sadlygrove is an Amazonian warrior-woman
Rubilax is a shield
Yugo just keeps being Yugo

>>30516 I dare wonder what 63'ed Nox is like?


Nazisploitation porn actress with time-manipulating bondage powers.

And the map is now creepily flirtatious.

I wouldn't really mind seeing a girl eliantrope in next season, to be honest. Amalia/Yugo doesn't seem to go anywhere and they'll need some new romantic plot for the series anyway.

File: 128253009151.png-(263.88KB, 612x393, prepare your anus.png)
>amy/yugo romance not going anywhere
but... but shippers gonna ship!

Also, uploaded the Amy/Yugo story that I promised to t3ch. I will reupload PTH as I go. I hope I continue to not disappoint. The real dirt starts in ch3

File: 128253011491.jpg-(28.36KB, 450x277, Abandon Ship.jpg)
> Amalia/Yugo doesn't seem to go anywhere

I can't recall anything that implied that they have any interest in each other at all. At the start it seemed kind of obvious that the only reason she's in this show is to be a love interest for the protagonist, but they didn't really developed it and now it would just feel out of character for them to SUDDENLY fall in love with each other.

There are hints. Not very many, and maybe it's my shipperfaggotry showing itself, but for eg...
-Yugo cries when she almost dies in ep7
-They share a tearful moment when parting in ep18
-Amalia admits she misses "the brotherhood" in ep24, then goes on to imply that Eva's dream is also about a boy
-The hug, and how she admits how she missed him

Meh. Whatever. Your agreement is not necessary. What's wrong with shipping the two of em?

Nothing i guess.

>It's probably nothing

I think I'm having an overdose of irony right here...


>Yugo is supposed to be the last eliatrope
>okay with seeing another eliatrope in new season


Maybe I'm going about it wrong, but I can't help but feel like that would make most of season 1 completely null.

File: 128253355111.png-(39.36KB, 212x162, durr ill get you next time.png)
I'm honest in my self-delusions.

He was only the last one on that archipelago. From what we know, the whole next season might as well be about eliatropes returning back. Or Yugo joining them in... wherever they all went.

File: 128255252632.png-(199.50KB, 592x368, 1279703807218.png)
I personally, ship Amalia/Ruel. They're just so perfect for each other!



Or Adamaï. But then again I seem to be the only person who actually likes the little fucker.

I would add Adamaï instead of Kriss. Okay he is the sixth ranger but Kriss is somehow odd in this line up.

Also Dragons make everything more awesome...

>Or Yugo joining them in... wherever they all went.

Well wherever they went they did'nt care about losing their masterwork the cube

File: 128257287133.png-(75.67KB, 555x404, 8931_file.png)

File: 12825766123.jpg-(11.08KB, 299x169, ok_with_this.jpg)

Somewhere in-between this picture and everything_went_better_than_expected.jpg.

And sexual_tyrannosaurus.jpg.

>Or Adamaï. But then again I seem to be the only person who actually likes the little fucker.
Well as a dragon he looks cuddly but as a human... meh


i think opposite. these blue lips.. yeeeeewch

that's funny, I always pronounced it "scrappy-doo"


Ya know, on a Mac, you don't have to do that "alt+number combo" nonsense: Just click "Special characters" and look in the latin letters.

File: 128258409330.png-(215.59KB, 622x344, 767ggvbn784.png)
>Ya know, on a Mac...

You lost me there.

Let's go off-topic:

I found this awesome way of encoding messages.

For example - he ll o - wo rl d - would be:
和路路哦 我人力的

Ok, I am just spamming with anything random in general...
Any news for S2?

Ah, well I stand corrected then.


oh yeah, that reminds me, is there anyone that can create a font? I know this is a bit immature, but it would be kind of neat to be able to write in draconic.

I will scan the alphabet if you are interested.

Sure can, send it to me email
aurel . bily (@) gmail ( . ) com

In other news theNet is back on (the most of it) as well as the Wakfu FanDB.


Alas, Bandai + horrible articulation + like one accessory (No hat for Nox? No big blade for Grovy) is a no go for me. I'll wait for the inevitable Revoltech-based resin fan kit.

File: 128259116794.png-(147.52KB, 713x157, draconic.png)

calling it right now

File: 128259193358.png-(420.27KB, 782x471, tread_lightly.png)
Be careful with all those exclamation marks.
We don't want them to hear us...

File: 128259532451.jpg-(10.21KB, 220x296, 1279047231742.jpg)

Sry - just trying to make all people HERE know that there is indeed a DB there, and that they should check there, not here or asking (or using the copy pasta)...

Also - I hope Ankama has some intelligence - I mean, come on, having more fans outside the France makes it more likely for them to like it so much to actually buy a legit copy. It is a risk, but so what? EVEN if they would contact me to take it down, the SOFT subs are still perfectly OK - I mean, what - it is just some text.

Alright, gonna redraw that to vectors and make some font...

Made half of it, gonna finish it tomorrow.

File: 12826007066.png-(19.07KB, 373x138, all_my_hate.png)
Not that it's her fault, but...

My bad day just got worse.

I suppose I COULD re-write them, and it wouldn't take as long as it took at first, and it might be better than before... but I'd rather just focus on new material instead. If I seriously exhaust my idea resources and am really bored, then expect to see Every Rose Has Its Thorn and Under The Bleachers reincarnated.


You are the surviving remnant of my works.

That sucks man, wish I found this thread earlier so I would have saved it :(

File: 128261725679.jpg-(36.82KB, 240x200, Woody YER MY FAVORITY DEPUTY.jpg)

File: 128264184611.gif-(609.61KB, 350x207, 1279496609560.gif)

File: 128264999172.jpg-(45.40KB, 600x480, HOLY SHIT I'M TRIPPIN' BALLZ.jpg)

File: 128266042398.jpg-(45.50KB, 700x394, 740-09.jpg)

Yeaaa... are you done guys?

german Wakfu special
you get to hear voices of Ruel, Rubi and Tris...temax at the very end


Interesting. Why do they show scenes from the final episodes? >_>
Also, why show French clips with German subs?

Oma Island -> Amo Island (wtf?)

Pinpin = "Tam-Tam"

The guy at the 6 minutes mark is the translator. Now we know who to kill.

Also, they're talking about the German version of Les Gardiens, and the German episodes will have Mini-Wakfu too (probably not the online broadcast though, just the TV episodes starting in November).

German Wakfu Artbook and Black Raven are also slated for November, plus other comics in the coming year.

Ruel's voice is meh, but works. Not sure about "Tristamax" yet. Don't like Rubi.

File: 128266921880.jpg-(44.45KB, 703x634, 1271289206292.jpg)
>OH GOD WHAT Pinpin = "Tam-Tam"
Tristepin - PinPin
Tristamax - TamTam


I wonder if the Germans will find the same parallels between Hitler and Nox that I do.

I want to hear Nox's German VA. I'm sure Nox is going to sound terrifying.

>I wonder if the Germans will find the same parallels between Hitler and Nox that I do.





Zombie Keys is a thousand times easier than memorizing alt codes for PC users, if you've got Firefox.

The font is almost done.
Unfortunately, there just is no way to embed it in standard (so it works in at least 2 programs -.-) format...
I have to make some web app which will generate you a nice pic with the text entered.

Wait just a second :D


They seem rather intent on wiping out an entire race.

They're both prolific industrialists.

They're Chaotic Good-ish, more "Chaotic" than "Good".

They both die at the end when they realize they've lost.

Don't think I support Hitler or anything since Nox is supposed to be a sympathetic villain. I hte the Chaotic-Good, Steal-from-the-rich-give-to-the-poor, The-ends-justify-the-means, Robin-Hood branch of philosophy and I consider both of them to be major douchebags.

Ok, that comparison is still pretty insulting. One wanted to cleanse the world of races he saw inferior. The other wanted his family back because an eldrich artifact drove him insane.

It's also hinted that if Grougalouragran did not explode himself, Nox wouldn't need to draw all the Wakfu from the tree of life, based on how shocked he was by the explosion.

wait, did you just describe Hitler as chaotic good, and compared him to Robin Hood?

I'm gonna go waaay over there to wait out the shitstorm

File: 128268128855.jpg-(141.03KB, 927x750, Amaya.jpg)
I didn't know there were some German Inside Ankamas. Nice!

>Why do they show scenes from the final episodes?
That sucks indeed. Not the whole German audience is supposed to have seen the serie on +4chan yet!

*it just started to shitrain*

the biggest spoiler they showed was Grovy's tan

No one knows what happens with the clock golem, and they didn't show or explain the Eliacube.

File: 128268197089.jpg-(202.83KB, 1418x805, Pinpin_Badass_2.jpg)
Grovy's final badass look is a fuckin' spoiler IMO...
Yeah, it may not be the biggest spoiler ever, but it kinda ruins the end of episode 22.

no it does not! The point of the episode was that he got the courage to fight for his love, the control/respect of a demon and had a bro's day out with an immortal. The tan is like the paint job on a racecar.


They showed Adamai with the crew as well, and yeah, Razortime.

Oh, and I was amused when she said "A world populated by peculiar creatures, fantastic heroes and terrible villains" - showing a puddling as the "fantastic hero".

Oh, and I just realized that she name change for Oma Island actually makes sense, since Oma means Grandma in German <.<

The tan illustrates what he has become after overcoming his hardships. It's like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly.
It's not just an old car you've put some fresh paint on, it's a brand new car of which you've fuckin' boosted the engine!
It's something you're not supposed to see before the end of episode 22, so it IS a lame spoiler.

There is another season coming, right?

If so
Isn't possible for Grovy to come back? I actually really liked this show over all, and he was my favorite character in a way. But I remember how his master was supposedly dead, and he simply came right back claiming that "death was overrated".
Even though I would love to see more of this show considering how I am a fan (I would probably suck it up unless they considerably screw up), I am still not sure, I have to say that the ending was rather good, another season like that could possibly sully Wakfu's (and Grovy's) grace by continuing after the ends.
So I guess I would love another season either way but even so
If Grovy made a combat I guess I would love it, but what does coming back do to the legend where one fell as the hero protecting everyone? The whole "fall" thing would become redundant.


It probably is best that we just let the shitstorm blow over.

If you want some of my opinions on morality, read The Shieldbearer.

No. He was easily my favorite character in the entire show and I'm not even ashamed to confess that i cried bitch tears throughout the whole last couple of episodes, but Sadlygrove should seriously stay the fuck dead.

File: 128270353978.png-(51.28KB, 1130x900, 1281642363147.png)
If Grovy comes back in the next season in any way other than a dream...I'll have lost all respect for Ankama.

a ghost is fine too

Yeah, it's not like there's any sort of history of these things happening. *cough*Grougaloragran, Goultard, the entire Sadida race*cough*

I always wondered where Grovys shoes went after episode 22...

File: 128274094975.jpg-(255.92KB, 427x600, Nox.jpg)
Little request here.

Does anyone have any Nox art that's equal or superior to this...

File: 128274099054.jpg-(450.58KB, 1277x827, noxnox.jpg)

...or this?


File: 128274296526.jpg-(89.96KB, 900x900, Nox_by_arnaud_o.jpg)

File: 128274513596.png-(148.08KB, 746x747, wakfu_4913.png)


I can't unsee his time-gauntlet as if it were some kind of snake or turtle puking up a human hand. I know, my brain's fucked up...

File: 128275187184.png-(88.04KB, 746x418, 128274513596.png)

File: 128275629048.png-(149.32KB, 746x747, it_is_the_board_directory_for_normal_gay_shota.png)

File: 128275824534.png-(157.55KB, 746x747, 4913CC.png)

File: 128275910883.png-(161.89KB, 746x747, 4913CC.png)

File: 128276040468.png-(151.57KB, 746x747, i_dont_feel_bad_making_more_of_these_if_others_are.png)

File: 128276048888.png-(147.21KB, 746x747, wakfuuuuu.png)

File: 128276081738.png-(158.48KB, 746x747, dohohoho.png)

File: 128276096311.png-(154.00KB, 746x747, 4913CC.png)

File: 128276115112.png-(163.46KB, 640x480, ep26.png)
By the way, I'm a bit little late to the party, so… What does this Ogrest dude has to do with Wakfu storyline? Was it foreshadowing to something or was it just a cameo for the sake of cameo? Was it even really him?

You wanted it, here it is:

The Draconian font generator.
Currently it features simple (non-double) kerning, and black background.

I will possibly add the option to generate an image with transparent BG and advanced kerning... Also resizing.



So I'm hanging out with Ogrest and he tells me his girlfriend died. I tell him, "Cry me a river!"

Ogrest drowned the world with his tears a thousand years ago after he killed his girlfriend in a fit of rage. This is why the World of Wakfu is made of islands.

And yes, the person is that screencap is THE Ogrest. The episode is titled "Mount Zinit" and Mount Zinit is where Ogrest went to baww.

File: 128276467811.jpg-(353.54KB, 2048x711, ruel_stroud.jpg)
Ah, yes, the «Mount Zinit»… I knew i had to google that when i first wondered what the hell that was. Thanks.

Some original content to make up for asking stupid questions before checking wikipedia.

File: 128276541753.png-(161.02KB, 746x747, 4913CC.png)

live action Ruel Stroud is pretty damn creepy.

File: 128276824785.jpg-(113.08KB, 746x747, Funny.jpg)

fell off my chair laughing.

File: 128276872049.jpg-(96.70KB, 746x747, Funny2.jpg)

Added the resizing, transparent bg and ... o wait the kerning is not done yet... But that will take hours -.-

So, enjoy anyways.


I don't know why but this is great

File: 128277010919.jpg-(98.85KB, 746x747, Funny3.jpg)
Time to go to sleep...

Have you ever taken a moment to just stare at a waterfall? And you just try to take it all in; the cool mist, the roaring water, and the constant cascade of life and energy? And you have this wonderful feeling that the only people you have to share it with are the people as lucky as you are?

And then time goes by and you're in this hypnotic trance still thinking about just how beautiful it is and you wish you could just spend your life there and that everyone could see the same thing you get to see?

I guess that's how I imagine staring at Amalia's naked, feverish body. After a few hours’ work surrounding a few five-minute breaks, I present: Every Rose Has Its' Thorn: Collector's Edition! Longer! Kinkier! Better! With an extra purely Grovy/Eva scene! None of those trollerific endings I love so much![/spoiler]


File: 128283030940.png-(65.60KB, 282x200, 1279854799445.png)
>twisting and repositioning dem hips
I see what you did there...


It's fanart. I don't know who drew it, since I found it on 4chan in the first place.

Jesus fuck.
So, after defeating:
Life problems, family problems, computer problems, and laziness problems.
I can finally say that... well...there's nothing more I can fucking do. Ripping music will not yield too great of a result, so the only thing left is fandubbing, no?

Here, have me trying out dubbing Nox, in the beginning of episode 13. IN POLISH! (Since I'm from Poland, hurr.)
However, point of this video is not, as one would think, showing off my horrible voice but... trying out it if it's possible to fandub by just taking sfx and music.
However, I still dunno what you guys are gonna do about those voices on ALL OF THE TRACKS that do happen in few scenes.
I guess you could ripped the sfx from those scenes where there are only sound effects (no music, or voices) and just reuse them in those scenes, AND put in you own music.

Anyway... should I upload the "sfx only" tracks of those three episodes (1,2 and 13) or maybe you prefer that I tell you guys how to remove the unwanted shit yourself?
Also... should I start finally ripping those damn sfx from clean scenes, so we can have a "sound bank" to use for whatever we would like to use them?

I finally have more fucking time.. sooo.

Goddamn, am I slow.

I feel guilty having laughed at that :c

I think it works out great. Even if the effects fade a little when the VA's speak, it's not that big of a loss, since they are the center of attention. Sound effects get lost? No biggie. Music would be more disappointing, but still forgivable.

>complaining about working slowly with ME around...

Well... if you say so.
Still... I really wish I could do something to make the needless voices go away. They really are pissing me off, and will just make fandubbing harder.
But nothing in life comes easy and without a price, I guess.

File: 128284099020.png-(9.73KB, 126x130, Joris.png)
>Anyway... should I upload the "sfx only" tracks of those three episodes (1,2 and 13) or maybe you prefer that I tell you guys how to remove the unwanted shit yourself?

Well, as much as I'd like to learn how to do something new, I'm going to entrust you with being in charge of the audio ripping. I mean afterall, you ARE the MusicRippanGuy! Plus I feel that it will less time consuming and more profitable this way if we have somebody who actually knows what they're doing(you) rather than some shit-head who'll probably fuck everything up(me).

>Also... should I start finally ripping those damn sfx from clean scenes, so we can have a "sound bank" to use for whatever we would like to use them?

A sound bank would be wonderful!

Very well then. As you wish.
So, I will upload episode 1, 2 ,13 tomorrow... because right now my interwebz are slow as fuck. It's often like this when it rains when I live.
I dunno.
But tomorrow should be okay, I upload them all.
And if anybody is interested in the voice track from the episodes for whatever reason (like, I dunno doing music remixes or something) I can give that as well.
However, if my internets would come back to normal, before I go to sleep... then I might upload them today.
Megaupload is okay, yes?

>Megaupload is okay, yes?
I'm cool with that.

File: 128284236177.jpg-(32.72KB, 170x239, chr_m_001.jpg)
> because right now my interwebz are slow as fuck. It's often like this when it rains when I live. I dunno.

Probably clogging up the tubes of the internet...

File: 128284648573.jpg-(36.41KB, 463x600, 09-Elia-JustScanned.jpg)
Sounds great. Now if you could crank your pitch up just a wee bit....

File: 128284903657.png-(226.05KB, 600x600, Wakfu_APH__Nothing______by_Kanna_Maru.png)
Chynna Miller (aka kanna-maru from DA) wanted to say she really liked the comic edits

I discouraged her from exploring 4chan, for obvious reasons...

File: 128284945327.jpg-(50.32KB, 640x360, Nox Exploring 4chan.jpg)
Good call. We wouldn't want to ruin the lives of anymore people now would we?

File: 128285386226.png-(105.74KB, 352x234, 4674.png)
>that image

oh boy...

Holy crap, I actually know the girl who made these!

The background flag's colours are inverted.

>Even if the effects fade a little when the VA's speak, it's not that big of a loss, since they are the center of attention.
Which is why it's done intentionally and not having to redo it yourself is a good thing. Just make sure the levels between the new parts are near where they were in the old one and you're good.
Sounds pretty cool to me.
>And if anybody is interested in the voice track from the episodes for whatever reason
Well whoever does mixing is going to want them for reference, but I don't think you know who's doing that yet.

File: 128290315810.jpg-(31.72KB, 362x472, miranda.jpg)
Man, that Le Carbeau Noir comic was the best thing ever. I wonder if Ankama is planning on publishing more comics any time soon.

>The Chronicles of Wakfu: Balgereien (colored, hardcover, 100 pages)
>February 2011



So here's the music and sfx only track of episode 1... in mp3.
Which brings me to my point... what kind of format should I upload these tracks in? Should it be .ac3? Or is 320kbps mp3 alright?
Because I thought about, and it seems to me, like using mp3 is more convienient if you want to use the track in a program like Sony Vegas (like I did).
On the other hand... if I upload .ac3 then all the channels will be separate, and you can try playing arounfd with them... but then Vegas or even Movie Maker (blergh) will not accept it.
Even some audio program you might use for mixing the fandub might not accept .ac3... so... ummm... what format will it be?
If you want .ac3.. I'll upload this track again in this format.

Also, here. Testing fandubbing of episode 1. Nox again.
In Polish. Whatever.
You can clearly hear an echo of original Nox at certain moments... but I kinda managed to make it less hearable.

For anyone interested the first German Mini-Wakfu:

I must say I'm satisfied with Yugos VA, had been expecting worse...


Sounds decent. Hell, if this turns out to be a good dub, I'll eat my shoe and LIKE it.

Now why the fuck does it give me an error everytime I want to watch the actual first episode? Stupid site is stupid.

>Now why the fuck does it give me an error everytime I want to watch the actual first episode?

Because the actual file isn't uploaded for some reason. All the connection properties are set but the flash player cannot load what doesn't exist.

Let's just hope the release it later and did not screw up.

Okay the 1st episode is up now



Still giving me an error message.


Good news, then. They released a comic about a Sacrier a while back; I got about halfway through, then feel into a depression for a few weeks (unrelated) and never got around to finishing it.

Seems like they are filtering IPs to only allow views from Germany.

Would a german /co/mrade be kind enough to upload the video on MU or mediafire, so we can have a look at the dubs ?

(I'm not sure, but I think you can get the file directly from if the old AdBlock trick still works)


This is the rtmp URL to the first episode if anyone wants to try.

I'll try to upload mine but sadly my upload speed is... slower than slow.

are you going to, though?

File: 128292773465.png-(151.39KB, 335x273, 3812.png)
Well have at least the German opening.

File: 128292854774.jpg-(8.00KB, 131x209, kabrok1.jpg)
They couldn't find a FEMALE german singer or what?

File: 12829288198.jpg-(441.67KB, 698x1146, 1276426613393.jpg)
what... in the fuck?
pic somewhat related, my reaction

I hope so...

File: 128293064643.png-(282.50KB, 551x360, 1746.png)
Don't laugh at it now, we have no idea what they'll do about the English dub.

I think that they should have just left the opening alone but y'know, whatever.

Thanks again man! Mp3 is fine for now.


Hell yeah a link

>Only available in German
>Realize I am from Austria


File: 128293576570.jpg-(60.98KB, 600x464, Why_So_Serious.jpg)
I'm not really used to German, but with this kind of deep voice, it almost sounds like the guy is bored when he sings...


That's what I thought. The original French was much more emotional.

Here the link for anyone who hasn't found it

These are the lyrics and translations for the German opening version if anyone is interested

Sei, das Feuer und der Staub
Be the fire and the dust

Sei Luft und Wasser auch
Be air and water too

Du bist unser Held
You are our hero

Sieh, dass Legende sich erfüllt
See that legend fulfills itself

Geschichte uns umhüllt
History us surrounds

Die Zukunft ist ein Abenteuer
The future is a adventure

Lass, die Lichter uns erwecken
Let us awaken the lights

Deine Blitze sprechen
Your lightnings talk

Der Zauber liegt in deiner Hand
The spell lies in your hand

Geh, erkenne deinen Weg
Go realize your way

Wenn deine Zeit anbricht
When your time is dawning

Die Welt sich um dich dreht
The world around you turns

Dein Licht hell über uns steht
Your light bright above us stands

Here's a little something to cheer you up:

At least it's somewhat close to the French lyrics.

Looks like Wakfu is set for some reruns on French TV, starting on September 1st.
Unfortunately, the serie will air on France 4, which means no HD stream.
Bleh... -_-

>Which brings me to my point... what kind of format should I upload these tracks in?
If it were up to me, for convenience's sake I'd say separate the tracks from the .ac3 and upload them individually as 320/192 mp3s or small .wavs or .oggs.
But I'm not involved in this project.
They don't exist. Or, rather, they do, but they sound exactly like the men.
It sounds alright to me.
The music can carry pretty much anything vocal-wise above midrange, and you're not going to get that same high-end sparkle from a french lass out of a saxon woman. Best that can be done for the language.

File: 128295313778.jpg-(45.47KB, 521x394, 11798349.jpg)
Where is my fucking soundtrack, frogs?

Don't make me come over there.


I find most of this post offensive >_>

Favorite German dub OP ever.

So, finally online for your enjoyment

Part 1:

Part 2:

I find the suggestion that any of that mess was good singing offensive. I'll give you this, though: Just Communication was made a little less terrible by having a non-tonal language cover done by a non-tonal language speaker.
Woo. Better female singers than the japs.
Let's face facts, kraut, your men are manly, your women are manly, and your language percussive.
You know why you don't normally let basses play lead parts? Being designed for low parts, they get all fret buzzy and poppy and a bassist trying to play a lead guitar part sounds very much like a German girl trying to sing above C5 despite spewing a maelstrom of consonants.

File: 128296059687.jpg-(191.91KB, 747x432, warobruno.jpg)
Breaching into unfunny territory here. Stop.

Are there any good Wakfu wallpapers? Pic related, which is satisfactory even when stretched out, at least for me.

File: 128296156455.jpg-(198.20KB, 900x545, Wakfu_vis_dev_exterieur_nuit_by_CtrlZzzzz.jpg)
Oh heavens, I upset a saxon's tender sensibilities with my mean ole' words.
If it bothers you that much then fuck off. Candyass.
Well there's the official class sets, otherwise CtrlZzzzz's deviantart page has a lot of smaller scenery pics you could probably do something with. There are multiple Ankama folk on DA as far as I'm aware, surely a bit of searching could find you something you'd like.

I'm not even the same person. I'm just an anon who thinks that you're letting a bit too much of your own politics and emotions into this thread about dubbing a cartoon and, frankly, the opinion that everyone who disagrees with you is a single entity is an unnerving thought.

>nox sounds like I pictured Kroenen
>Evangelyne is still gorgeous
the names are forgiven. All is forgiven

I don't know what our German fellows here think of this dub, but so far I feel the voices are quite good.
I'm waiting to hear Amy and Eva a little more though.

File: 128299305746.jpg-(25.92KB, 640x333, GroupDOWANT.jpg)




File: 128299618277.png-(268.73KB, 700x397, 1277145661378.png)
>Dally is pleased

I'll upload the 2nd episode (plus Mini Wakfu) on Monday as soon as I can.

File: 128300057225.jpg-(181.70KB, 640x1260, Wakfu_Like_Meme_by_Saidryian.jpg)

did the other wakfu comic ever get translated

Silias i think it was called


Thanks a lot.

Time for impressions~

After watching it a few times, I can say I don't like the OP. There's been a lot of great dub OPs sung by male guys, but this is not one. He misses all the critical parts imo. The lyrics themselves ain't bad.

Weird translation for the fat Osamodas woman: In the original, she says that "there are no more seasons. Ogrest's Chaos!" Here, she says "It's normally never foggy around this seasons... Ogrest's Chaos!"

This may seem nitpicky, but it doesn't seem as severe of an implication.

They also made the line of the three Grouilleux really weird. They basically say "Greetings, grampa... for the last time in your life!"

Okay wtf. Crawleys? Why is Nox using an English name for his French underlings in a German dub? >_>

Also, he says Grougal "wet his crawleys" instead of "disposed of them". Strange one again.

Ouch. That channel is notorious for terrible censorship, both in pictures and language. Nox, instead of threatening to "dispose Grougal like a mere insect", tells him: "dann werde ich dir zeigen wie der Hase läuft", which roughly means "showing him how the wind blows" or "showing him what's up".

Seriously, if they once again try to censor every word like "kill" or "death", my rage for this dub will be renewed.

On a more positive note, Grougal sounds good, and so does Nox. He does sound like he's trying too hard at times and struggles to be threatening.

Also, either the sound is off, or the timing of some lines. Nox is propelled in the air, the boom seems to match the explosion of the bridge, but then he suddenly starts screaming weirdly while already soaring through the skies~

Okay, time for young Alibert and FFFFFUUUU.

I didn't even hear his voice yet. But Jason got his line, and now I'm almost sure their ridiculous censorship prevails. He complains that he'll be "forced to do some stupid work" because he stole the apple. Yeah, not like he'd go to prison or anything...

Voices seem fine. Alibert sounds great.
Ruel is actually really fitting, but I know that VA from too many weird roles to actually appreciate him.

Also, they pronounce Jason as if it were an English name, when there's a perfectly good German way to say it - I get the feeling they'll do this for most characters. Meh.

"Yago" sounds good. Not the voice actor I imagined they'd pick, but he isn't annoying or anything, at least so far =P

"Angelya" also sounds pretty good. Only one line from "Amaya", so I can't say for sure, but she might be annoying >_<

That guy on the toilet was voiced terribly <_<

Rublix, when possessing Grovy, somehow sounds better than the Episode 2 clip we saw in that Inside Ankama special. And he even says "Destroy"!

"Let your hate do the talking!" becomes "Show him what you got!" Eh.

Somehow, all the sound effects of something destroyed seem muted.

More censorship, albeit not THAT bad.
"Crush them! Kill them!" -> "End it! Smash them!"

But... "But get rid of him!" -> "Show him!"

"Tristamax" actually sounds pretty good, thinking about it. They also added a nice gag to his speech during the credits.


Voices are, for the most part, surprisingly good. Especially the main characters are very satisfying, although "Yago", despite being okay, might be the weakest link so far.

This seems like a good dub that will inevitably be ruined by idiotic censorship.

Goddamn it, RTL2.

I agree that sensorship is retarted, but they do translate to fair quality. He does throw the crawlies into a river and off a bridge... It is not OFFMODEL for translators to take some improvisation to convey the message.

Let me give an example. When Buzz Aldrin(or maybe Neil Armstrong) were interviewed in Japan, a kid asked him what did they see on the moon. The astronaut replied he saw no man on the moon, or cheese. The translator said "i saw no rabbits"

What a sloppy translation, right? Wrong. Both referenced fables that the other would never understand. In the west we see a face on the moon, and think it's made of cheese. In nippon, they see the shape of a rabbit in the lunar craters. The translation was spot-on.

tl, dr, leave your red ring at home. At least save it for the english dub...

>They also made the line of the three Grouilleux really weird. They basically say "Greetings, grampa... for the last time in your life!"
"Grüß euch Großvater... das letzte Mal in eurem Leben."
Would be
"(I) greet you grampa... the last time in your life"
which I think is of course different from the original but still not that strange


I didn't mention it, but some of the French only things they translated turned out well. It might be paranoia, but the fact that they changed the parts that could have been translated properly with ease, and they all were threats, which they have a nasty habit of dumbing down.


Indeed, that was a minor one. I think the one that bothered me the most was Jason's line.

as long as they don't go the way of the shadowrealm, we're fine

> They also added a nice gag to his speech during the credits.
"Hello there, I'm Tristamax, Sir Tristamax Percidral. You know, there are two types of knights: The jokes and the real experts. Remember that, I'm a real expert on the jokes."


They might as well do it in Ep. 25 >_>

File: 12830182066.png-(342.51KB, 782x471, 1492.png)

File: 128301821936.png-(46.53KB, 242x190, zerstören.png)
>After watching it a few times, I can say I don't like the OP. There's been a lot of great dub OPs sung by male guys, but this is not one. He misses all the critical parts imo. The lyrics themselves ain't bad.
Eh, I thought it was fine.
>Weird translation for the fat Osamodas woman: In the original, she says that "there are no more seasons. Ogrest's Chaos!" Here, she says "It's normally never foggy around this seasons... Ogrest's Chaos!"
>This may seem nitpicky, but it doesn't seem as severe of an implication.
Probably because there weren't supposed to be such extreme implications IIRC, it's been overplayed in english and underplayed in german, not a big deal.
>And he even says "Destroy"!
I'm not gonna lie, I squee'ed a little bit there.

Also like how it's more apparent Rubi's voice is being modulated. It's hard to tell in the original, it sounds more natural. Here you can readily recognize the layering and filtering used to make the guy sound demonic.

Let's hope they don't screw up with other "important" voices like Adamaï, Miranda, Kabrok and Kriss

Don't forget Vampyro, who's supposed to have a romanian accent, while still awsome and not (too) laughable.


I could go for a less annoying Adamai, personally. He's a cool character, but his lines irk me sometimes.

In a perfect world, I'd still be crossing my fingers for the English dub to have Christine Cavanaugh as the voice of Adamai, but my pleads would be in vain as she retired years ago. ;_;


>Probably because there weren't supposed to be such extreme implications IIRC, it's been overplayed in english and underplayed in german, not a big deal.

Not sure what you mean here.

She says "Il n'y a plus de saisons!" which literally means "There are no more seasons."

File: 128303838335.gif-(555.04KB, 320x240, adam.gif)

I don't know why but wondered what the adjective to Eliatrope would be...

Eliatropish, eliatropean, eliatropical... ?

When I say "holy shit" I am not referring to a deified piece of feces.



> "Tristamax" actually sounds pretty good, thinking about it. They also added a nice gag to his speech during the credits.
> Remember that, I'm a real expert on the jokes.

For interest's sake and because it was missed in the subs, the original French joke was "Don't forget: the real zero of this story is me", playing on some pronunciation rules surrounding "hero" and "zero".

The German version is much more clever.

File: 12830625364.png-(1.08MB, 648x919, silas.png)
hopefully the image works now

do you know if anyone is working on it right now?

Somewhat... See >>30797

I must admit I lol'd a bit.


Either make sense or just stop it.

What would you propose the actual implication is supposed to be? What would be a better translation? Is that some weird French proverb I'm missing?

Please, do explain.

Second episode sfx audio track.
Goddamn... I tried three times to upload this crap. FFF...
Anyway... episode 13 coming soon after this.

Also, last of my polish Nox dubs. Sorry for bothering you guys with this, but I just can't resist.

Also, if you want, I can upload all of the tracks from those episodes separately, like that one anon suggested.

File: 128309761752.jpg-(290.37KB, 781x661, 1282928652611.jpg)

I feel bad for laughing at this


I laugh at you for not already knowing this

I'm afraid I haven't really understood what the argument is about here. So I'll just add my 2 cents about "il n'y a plus de saisons" (there are no more seasons).

It's a French expression meaning "the weather is unusual". It's something you use for example when the weather is amazingly sunny and warm in winter, or when you've been showered by a sudden heavy rain in summer.

In the serie it's meant to be a pun related to what the old man says just before, "Smells like a (thunder)storm"; after a strange looking guy with a cradle appeared out of nowhere making a cloud of smoke.


Thanks. That's exactly the clarification I was looking for.

So, German episode 2 tomorrow, right?

Thanks to the guy(s) uploading this.

Sorry about Silas, guys. I've got about half of it done, probably a bit more, but college started back up and my 21st birthday is Tuesday, so I'll probably get to work on it again on Friday.

Mini Wakfu 2 is already uploaded, expect the 2nd episode in a few hours.



File: 128318185269.jpg-(19.83KB, 464x387, 7fbl614dc.jpg)

...make that a few hours more as my upload had to be restarted.


Where are you getting them anyway?

Can you actually watch the Pokito streams? They never work for me.

>Where are you getting them anyway?
I'm doing technically the same thing as their inbuilt player: I'm sending a request to the server and get a rtmp stream which has to be recorded and converted.

Episode 2: German dub

Part 1:

Part 2:

>Okay wtf. Crawleys? Why is Nox using an English name for his French underlings in a German dub? >_>
Germans love peppering english tems, especially for monsters/spells/abilities. For Gurren Lagann's german dub they weren't using "Spiralkraft" (which sounds badass imho) but "Spiral Power", stuff like that.

Adjective for eliatrope is actually eliatrope. Who'd have thought?

>For interest's sake and because it was missed in the subs, the original French joke was "Don't forget: the real zero of this story is me", playing on some pronunciation rules surrounding "hero" and "zero".
yeah, I remember dropping that one because the corresponding pronunciation pun just doesn't exist in english, and it's obvious his intent was to say hero and he botched it, and since I was going for the literal approach I wouldn't make up my own joke.


Thanks for the episode.

Didn't really notice anything off this time. I didn't like Eva's voice as much as I had initialyl thought, but Amalia sounds good. Well, both are fine. Maybe I just don't like the VA >_>

I was about to comment how ridiculous they all sounded when calling their attacks against the trees, but then I checked the French version, and they did the same, albeit a bit more gracefully.


Wait, I actually remember something weird.

They referred to Sadida as a goddess. Wasn't it a male god?

Also, some weird things surrounding the draconic message. When he is veganized, Alibert tells Yugo to look for a "sign" that will tell him about his real family, as opposed to a message.
When the message appears, Nox says something I don't really understand. Any other German speaker that got what he said? It involved "drache" <_<
Also, the message tells Yugo to go to Oma Island. Then, 2 minutes later, Grovy calls it "Amo Island". Not sure if this is just supposed to be Grovy being stupid, since I read Amo Island in one of the text previews as well.


I didn't even know there was a German GL dub. Did it ever air, or was it DVD only?

>Nox says something I don't really understand. Any other German speaker that got what he said? It involved "drache" <_<

"Das ist ja interessant... sehr drachenhaft."


Thanks. I imagined it would be something like that. I understood "sehr Drache" or something, but must have mist the last syllable.

...sounds dumb, though =p

File: 128319614789.png-(9.76KB, 543x464, 7fhjnz43hncr4.png)
FYI the third episode on friday should be up a lot earlier than today if nothing gets in my way.

Can't wait to hear Kabrok and KABROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK.

The German version is fantastic. So much better than the English dubs.


There were English dubs? Where? Canada?


That wasn't the official dub, but a sort of placeholder. Worry not.

God fucking damn you, France!
I found an e-store here in Poland, which imports shit from America and Britian, for example.
So I asked them: "Hey, can you bring me Wakfu DVD vol 1 from France plz?"
They said... we'll try.

And so, at first it was supposed to cost me only 80 zł (it's still not much, guys), but today they said that indeed they can import it, BUT, it will cost me fucking 150 zł (now, THAT'S A LOT guys) because France wants fucking shitload of cash for shipping. Almost as much the dvd alone costs, if not more.

So I said... fuck, okay. I'll take it.
It seems like I'm going to eat fucking rocks. : /

In other news...
Here's the sfx file of episode 13


>it will cost me fucking 150 zł
How much does it make in Euros?
I may have a look at my local post office to see how much they'd charge for a shipment to Poland if you're interested...

File: 128325804083.jpg-(135.40KB, 896x1515, ISeeWhatYouDidThereIdontLikeIt.jpg)
37 something Euros, I think.
However, thanks for the offer, but It's a done deal already with that store. Besides, there's a certain reason I have to use them as my import option.
Still, thanks.

Anyway. This german dub is very good, but I think that the official Polish dub, is better. Especially Nox. It's not me being biased, or anything (since I know very well how horrible Polish dubs can be), but... everyone is just plainly awesome... well, okay. Everyone except Eva... her voice fucking sucks.

Is anybody interested in some samples, or maybe whole episodes of polish Wakfu? Some time ago they aired 17 episode, so it's a good one to see how awesome is Polish Nox, Grouga and the others (except Eva of course).

Picture unrelated, I just wanted to post this.


Me and many others have already seen (or had the chance to see) the first 13 episodes of Polish Wakfu, but posting the link again would be appreciated. I think the general concensus was that it sounded good, but yeah, Eva was a 40 year old chain smoker D:

I see.
Well, I would actually had to upload the episodes to youtube, unless you guys can live with megavideo where the episodes are originally uploaded by some other people.

Here's episode 17.

Nox's laugh, is fucking great at the end. I wish I could laugh like that. : <



WTF @ Adamai.

And yeah, I actually like the Polish Nox better than the German one.

Also, this episode reminded me of an annoying problem I had with the previous 13, especially the Boufbowl arc: Random grunts everywhere. Oh! Ah! Haha! Huh! He! Hah! Hng! Gah! Hurr!
It's apparent throughout the initial exchange between Nox and Grougal.

I noticed they renamed 2 of Nox's puppets. Do their names mean anything?

Marama was renamed to "Rana". It's probably a mistranslation, tough it might refer to the word "rana", which means "wound".
Tartufo was renamed to "Kaptur", which stands for "hood" in Polish. Dunno why they called him that.

I think we all agree that voice acting for all three dubs (French/Polish/German) are very good, with the exception of a character or two. I seriously doubt that us anglophones will have anything to worry about when we finally get our dub.

Stop citing that shitty dummy-dub, we're going to be getting much better.

Anybody here wants to provide the "lyrics" to the polish opening?
> WTF @ Adamaï
Yeah what the heck?
Eva seems also a bit borderline, but I somehow really like Grovy


I was actually surprised how she sounds less crappy in this episode. She was TERRIBLE in the earlier ones.

File: 128327626975.png-(115.64KB, 348x490, chr_b_001.png)

File: 128327678998.png-(215.40KB, 338x858, chr_b_002.png)

File: 128327689224.png-(71.95KB, 348x416, chr_b_003.png)

File: 12832769737.png-(97.20KB, 348x508, chr_b_004.png)

File: 128327705149.png-(95.88KB, 348x444, chr_b_006.png)

>>30985 - >>30989
Nice, though - source?

File: 128328167491.png-(321.27KB, 750x636, sta_chr_b_dummie.png)
Just from the site of the German TV channel


Uh, isn't it possibly the other way round? "Hood" for Marama would make sense as his face is covered, and "wound" for Tartufo fits his class very much.

Possible. Tough, I was going by the order in which french Nox said their names.
"These are my favorite puppets. Marama, Frisco and Tartufo".

And polish Nox says.
"Poznaj moje trzy ulubione cacka! Rana, Frisco i Kaptur!"
(Meet my three favorite playthings. Rana (Wound), Frisco and Kaptur (Hood).

But yeah, it might be like you're saying.


shiiit.... i thought it wasn't aired in here yet...

oh well.i dont have cable and internet is not always reliable. :-/

>$20 extra shipping
aren't you still accessible by good old fashion truck
or did europe ban those when I wasn't looking

trucks aren't free


Anybody knows how to save the video streams from I can get the stream's URL with adblock plus but after that I can only download a few KBs

What >>31016 said.

The only thing I ever order from France again, will be second dvd volume. I planned to order me sum artbooks and the figures in the future, but now I think I'm just going to remain with dvds.

Also, try download helper, a firefox plugin to save dat shit from Ankama's stream. I do it with everything, that isn't blocked for me.

>Anybody knows how to save the video streams from
I'd like to know too.
Download Helper can get some of the site's videos indeed, but fails to download those you can choose to display in HD.
For example, it fails to download the VAs interviews video from >>30197. You only get about 10 seconds of stream, then it stops.

So further advices from tech savvy guys are welcome.

>So further advices from tech savvy guys are welcome.
I'm no expert on these things but after looking into this, it seems the stream has to be send a request every few seconds to not stop.


Stream = continuous. Not like a browser, which (when using standard HTTP) basically requests something, the server responses and that's it.

That's not quite accurate, a standard download requires continuous communication too, the stream merely offers extra possibilities.

But here the problem is the stream acts weird for a stream anyway, sending bogus values about the video to the downloader, which makes it tricky for anything but their own player to successfully pull the whole video out.

File: 128342338532.gif-(1.43KB, 52x62, NoxAnim1.gif)
Not to mention, the HD trailer for Wakfu, is fucking 2 GBs.
Unless that's just part of the wicked Ankama trickery.

It's their trickery.

Where can I get this HD trailer?

I wanted to download this, to get some nice screenshots, since the quality is nice.
No luck.

Hm. Let me look at that...
Looks like I am the only one here with CODING skills? Cool.

File: 128345302095.jpg-(49.15KB, 345x345, 1280645137312.jpg)

File: 128345375590.jpg-(117.34KB, 668x807, eva-vacances.jpg)
By the way: Are there any scans of the Dofus Mag or Mini-Wakfu Mag?

It is gonna be a LOOONG night... Seems that the freaking library I need does not actually exists -.-

Let's WRITE it... That is annoying.

File: 128345844837.jpg-(77.59KB, 812x674, Eva_moustache.jpg)
Have some coffee...

I would appreciate this too

I can honestly say that (though not without some flaws) the Polish Wakfu Dub (or PWD) is one of the best cartoon voice overs I have ever heard in my life. And I'm REALLY picky. Also, I appear to be in minority, 'cause I like Eva's Polish voice very much - she seems like she was always trying to be super serious, forcing herself to sound more mature than she really is. For me, that matches her perfectly.

A czy nie lepiej poczekac na kompletne wydanie 1-szego sezonu w te swieta? Albo zamowic w wiecej niz jedna osobe, kilka sztuk DVD? Wtedy koszta przesylki powinny spasc i to znacznie. Taka sugestia. ;)

File: 128348026661.jpg-(118.84KB, 299x301, hk47.jpg)
OMG! English NOX sounds just like HK-47

that dub sucks their pronounciation of names sucks... but NOX's voice is a great gimmicky good one.

>trucks aren't free
I don't know how you barbarians roll but out here we have trucks covering the entirety of a continent fairly routinely
multiple companies handling all-purpose distribution for any and all random bullshit for fairly affordable rates
bulk and all that
so yeah unless you guys don't believe in diesel engines and cheap shipping surely there are trucks making that run already
you can't expect me to believe that $20 is to commission some random guy to haul it out just for him

Welcome to Europe, where we all speak diffrent languages, live in diffrent countries with diffrent markets and economy and where, to say the truth, we have no real unified and simple continental transport system. So basically it's either you and your car, a plane or jumping from train to train. And if all you want is some DVDs (you're not planning a longer trip or vacation), then it's seriously not worth the effort. What's more, since gasoline in most parts of Europe is usually TWICE as expensive as in the US (oftimes more than that), you can as well say "fuck it" and pay those extra 20$ to some money-sucking middle man for providing you with the stuff you want, and which is unavaliable in your country. Trust me, for someone living in Poland tickets and/or gas needed to get to France cost A LOT more than that.

The moral of this story is short, and well known to some: you'll get for free just what you'll do alone.


ty tu reklam banku nie wciskaj, a wakfu dub ssie.Robiony na jedno kopyto dla telewizji o ktorej 97% polaków nigdy nie słyszało.

Not this again... Sigh.

I can do nothing with your lack of sense of humour, but if you really expect that ANY cartoon could ever be dubbed on the level of Pixar/Disney movie (and that would seem the only solution that would satisfy the haters, if you are like any I ever met before), then let me wake you up 'cause you must be dreaming buddy. Welcome to the real world, where we are lucky even that someone is transmitting this show in our country.

All the BS aside and considering all for and against, the Polish dub of Wakfu is very good and really stands out of the crowd. Calling it done completely withouth thought or commitment is really, REALLY unfair. Of course it's worse than the original, 99,99% of dubs are! And if this version is bad to you, what would you say about the German one? Also, remember that Polish dub was the FIRST ONE of them all, and that most of the English speaking crowd still can only envy us. You got presented a car and you are all fussy 'cause it's the wrong colour. Get over it.

File: 128351744380.jpg-(77.66KB, 1024x576, 1277140915798.jpg)
Got a copyright infringement warning from Youtube. I thought they would have taken down the Wakfu episodes but instead they removed one random track from the Les Gardiens soundtrack. What the heck?

Don't jinx it now, just let it be.

File: 128351823594.jpg-(48.13KB, 640x480, 1277886194561.jpg)
I'm just irritated that RTL2 complains about the copyright of content of Ankama.


maybe if it was aired on cartoon network (pl) the dub would be done waaay better. whatever, i am gonna stick to french dub with eng subs.

"Misiek" - trolololol- lol.

File: 128352620123.jpg-(198.04KB, 1183x777, Niouzquete.jpg)
"La Niouzquete" (the news quest).

Looks like Ankama has set up a little game to help us waiting until season 2 is available.
It's a kind of treasure hunt. Every 2 weeks they'll hide an item on the pic you can see attached to this post. The item is supposed to bring us some info about season 2.
The game is, of course, to find the item. Once it's done, you can access the French forum to discuss what this item can mean. And once the Ankama guys have had their fun with our speculations, they finally release the info.

So dear Wakfu /co/mrades, this week's item is the Boufbowl announcer's megaphone. Any idea?


Naturally, Kriss will join the party.

Hey DEliatrope, when can we expect Episode 3?

I actually checked the Pokito page and was overjoyed when the stream seemed to have started up - only to find out it was a DQ9 commercial, after which it gave me the usual "couldn't load video" message -_-



Anyways - it seems that the streaming MIGHT work. Without the need to actually do the library for FLV mixing.


I'm uploading the episode right now, it should be up in 1 to 1&1/2 hours.

I didn't expect them to upload the episode that late so I'm sorry I couldn't do it earlier...

If there's any Boufbowl in season 2 I'm going to cry...

However, we do need more'a this guy.


Hm... So if you won't find it, it is easy to reveal by decompiling the SWF...

But that's no fun. :D
BTW taking a small break from that streaming...

Found it :D
That was not so challenging.

Now finally, Episode 3 German dub:




IMO, overall delivery was not as good as in the first two episodes. Kabrok was great, but Miranda was off. Didn't sound nearly as charming as her French counterpart.

Also, WHOA @ Mini-Wakfu 3. Episode 9 is actually heavily foreshadowed.

Also, thanks again for the upload ^^

Not very challenging indeed, but pretty fun though. ^o^
Now we have to wait for Ankama to release the actual piece of news.
339 speculative posts have already been made on the French forum so far...

Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 posts are made by 10 year old kids expressing their wishes rather that interesting and thought-out ideas.

Well second season will probably be about what happened to the Eliatropes

File: 128355851544.png-(97.09KB, 358x547, lock_dialogue.png)

I guess I overestimated how tight most of you guys were. My german buddies all treat Europe like it's just like the U.S. to Canada, everybody is bros even if some people speak frog or spanish, and I kinda assumed that meant a company or two like Fedex existed that actually covered most of you.

File: 128356391463.png-(6.43KB, 110x122, happy.png)

This definitely looks like a step in the right direction for American audiences; getting a major developer/publisher to handle things would boost interest. Ankama COULD handle their own game, but Square Enix will probably do it better.

File: 128356463357.png-(128.90KB, 290x291, fsjal.png)
Oh boy

>Square Enix hasn't yet announced any plans to bring the TV show or other Wakfu-related properties to North America.

>4 out of 5 posts are made by 10 year old kids expressing their wishes rather that interesting and thought-out ideas.
BTW it's fun to see how some people can relate the megaphone to the resurrection of Pinpin!
Anyway, looks like the mods have cleaned up the mess a little; the number of posts has decreased to 282 overnight. I hope they won't make this speculation game last for too long. People have been speculating about season II for 2 months already, so it's getting kinda boring...

> looks like the mods have cleaned up the mess a little
"A little" being the relevant word.
I can still read a lot of kids logic of the same magnitude as :
"A loudspeaker is made to amplify the voice, this means that everyone will have its powers amplified in season 2, obviously, including Grovy, so he will be back, that's a certainty."

.... /facepalm

Hopefully, kids are back to school next week, so they'll spend less time on the internet ..... a little less ....




the hell happened to Enutrof's manly beard?



> free-to-play tactical MMORPG

Aren't Dofus and Wakfu subscription-based?

Read the last paragraph.

>"Given our common knowledge of tactical fighting systems and engaging multiplayer experiences, Square Enix constitutes the ideal teammate for Ankama," says Ankama's CEO and co-founder Emmanuel Darras. "This teaming is a key factor for the success of Wakfu's transmedia universe that includes the Wakfu TV series, the MMO, the trading card game, the manga, and the action figures."

At the very least, Ankama thinks that teaming up with Square Enix will get anglophones the whole cross-media.


Not really.

Higher-level players (for example lvl 200 - max level) which want to play some more without dominating everything can buy some stuff, I guess like challenges...

File: 128360632289.png-(258.03KB, 579x436, 3481.png)
Who the hell is this guy they showed with the eliatropes? Is he this Balthazarr they talked about previously?

(Also he has a big hat, even for eliatrope standards)

So, Ankama's booth at PAX is larger than expected. There are a couple of French devs there, which is cool. I got a Tofu plushie, and if you buy three you get a Dofus artbook for free. There were some Square Enix logos around their booth, so >>31170 is not a lie.

The game is called "islands of wakfu" and is going to be for Xbox Live Arcade. It seemed like fun for the couple minutes I got to play it. One of the people at the booth says that if you're a fan of the anime you should get this game because it contains some story element that is relevant to Wakfu (anime). You can play as Eliatropes and I think it chronologically takes place way way before the anime, so here's to wanton speculation.

They were also demoing what I understand is Dofus2.0, but that shouldn't be news to anyone.

Also, the second season is coming, but not for a while. I may have misheard them, though, but I don't think I did. Get ready to wait.

Pics later. Maybe I typed some stuff in wrong here, so I'll go back and revise.

Can you harras them to get info on the serie's release in english ?
Or maybe bribe them with all kind of candies/food you can find on site.


>Aren't Dofus and Wakfu subscription-based?
They are "free" but 98% of the game are only avaiable to subscribers.

File: 128360893325.jpg-(615.98KB, 1900x1200, wallpaper.jpg)

This is the wallpaper I've spent my life waiting for.

File: 128360959598.jpg-(56.95KB, 210x913, how to eva.jpg)
from the new wakfu mag preview
I was half expecting to see an off-model reference there...

For all the TCG Fans of you:

File: 128361770975.jpg-(62.54KB, 365x510, Tentacle monster.jpg)
it had to be done

>it had to be done
That's just the convenient excuse you found to justify your naughty thoughts and acts ...

... but indeed, it had to be done

File: 12836240009.jpg-(30.32KB, 696x336, 9301.jpg)
Anybody here who plays Les Gardiens and can tell what this is?

The second DVD set will have an exclusive card with a code that grants you access to new restricted content, just like the Ritual Dungeon with the 1st DVD set.
This might be the location of that new content, although nothing is confirmed yet.

File: 128363104934.png-(291.99KB, 1110x662, chibi_eliatropes.png)
Yea there have been some additions to Les Gardiens.

Including some Chibi Eliatropes. :D


It really looks like they hide dragon horns under these hats...

File: 128363397495.jpg-(119.17KB, 320x480, diabeetus_cat.jpg)

> no Kouett
> no Violette
> no Lune
> no Eliane

So, apparently Ankama started releasing episodes of Wakfu over at
I downloaded the first episode from them (using download helper) and the quality is surprisingly nice.
Much better than the current episodes we have.

(tough soon it will not matter to me, at least when it comes to first 13 episodes HURR)

Yea, everyone who wants a HD french episode one:

File: 128363771593.jpg-(57.50KB, 895x513, Bar.jpg)
896x512 is not HD...

BTW, when I download the .flv stream, I get some kind of bar at the bottom of the screen. Any idea where this comes from?

Why the heck is Zora barefeet?

does it make her less cute ? NO
does it make her less annoying ? NO

so, who cares ?

cuteness... overwhelming...

Where did you get them from? O.o

File: 128371862094.jpg-(297.99KB, 1181x1181, 1009040329181170596689025.jpg)
behold! I bring what might be a preview of ssn2!

Or just fake/OC...

you decide

you guys should know my relationship with Eva art, I'm good either way

File: 128372006336.jpg-(75.64KB, 890x501, Delight.jpg)
Dear /co/mrades, I had some time to spare today, so here's what I've done:

Mini Wakfu 01 English Softsubbed:

All hail the reruns!

CG concept art?

Meh... not really

File: 128372294613.jpg-(181.22KB, 800x600, 1009040405431170596689316.jpg)

File: 128372314957.jpg-(682.25KB, 1600x1200, 1009040405431170596689313.jpg)
not for sale but ..... damn !!!

That is awesome, source?

File: 128372404767.jpg-(100.42KB, 600x762, man_paints_easter_eggs.jpg)

I don't know why they do it... But I like it.

From the Wakfu forums. That's a statue they will have for march 2011 convention, currently being made in China.
The dude on the pic is the guy in charge of all the action figures/statues merchandising at Ankama.

File: 128373061778.png-(702.06KB, 689x395, Running.png)
On the subject of Les Gardiens, I just started playing without knowing a word of French. I've found out the basics, I think, but I still wonder: where do you view/change servers? What do the NPC eliatropes do? How do I use any of these resources? Why am I losing to gobballs?

Oh, right, because I'm the same person who can drag out an Advance Wars battle for 100 turns and still lose.

are you logged in at the moment ? what is your eliatrope's name ?

Nickname is Myco, and (if I'm reading this correctly) Nebelheim server.

Nebelheim is the German server, I can't access it.
If you have a choice, you might want to go to the Ateb Deslok server

How did I end up in the German server? How do you choose servers, anyway?

try one of these links :

To change server, you have to go to the character creation screen, and click on the button at the bottom "autre serveur"

When I press the button, for some reason the server names never show up and the menu stays a blank striped field of gray. Hm.

anyone saw season 2 concept action figures?

i dont like them already...



Uploadin' episode 4 German dub.

Meanwhile have some ear candy:

Nice one, but I prefer Zinit and Initiation as far as I'm concerned.

Use Firefox's Download Helper addon if you want to get the MP3 files.


4chan , Eva wears black... mourning outfit?


Anybody here caring to translate?

Gobbowl game rules:

- A match lasts for 10 minutes.
- To score you must bring the Gobball beyond the opposing team's white line.
- There are 2 teams of 5 people each.

In a team, there are:
- 2 attackers: They must be quick and skillful. They're in charge to score but they can't block opposing players.
- 2 blockers: They must be strong and tough. They block opposing players by touching them with their shield and free hand. Beware: blockers CAN'T score.
- A captain: He can do everything: score, block, cheat.

* Rules:
- All kinds of pass are allowed, except for the kickoff pass: it must be made backward (rugby like).
- If the ball goes outside the field, the opposing team gets it and brings it into play.
- If a player carrying the ball gets touched by a blocker, he can't move anymore. The player and the blocker must play some rock-paper-scissor game. The winner gets the ball.
- If the match ends up with a draw game, then the teams play the Golden Gobball Game. The first who scores wins! During this game, all the players can score (even the blockers).

* Fouls:
- The referee can give yellow cards (warnings), or red cards (exclusions).
- All kind of violence is prohibited: no harsh tackle, no sand in the eyes, etc.

* Cheating:
Is cheating allowed? You bet it is!
Before a match, the captains throw a dice. It tells which cheating they can use during the match:
- 1: Get automatically the ball after the kickoff.
- 2: Choose an opposing player who will not be allowed to move.
- 3: A team which has conceded a goal can ask for its cancellation.
- 4: The opposing team can only make backward passes.
- 5: All the players of a team must get the Gobball at least once before scoring.
- 6: 2 players must be tied together: back to back, or arms and legs.

Cheatings 1 to 3 can be used only once during a match.
Cheatings 4 to 6 can last 3 to 5 minutes.
Only a captain can decide when a cheating is to be used.

* "The audience surprise":
Supporters can decide to influence a match whenever and however they want! Surprises sure are nice, aren't they?

File: 128381388062.jpg-(52.69KB, 516x600, gobbowl_ball.jpg)
I hope they don't seriously expect anyone to play with one of these.

They look like stuffed animals.

File: 128381641129.jpg-(80.52KB, 600x888, eva_by_gueuzav-d2y6fzo.jpg)

File: 128381682479.png-(647.54KB, 1173x496, six_letter_word_for_dicks.png)
Re-posting. Re-posting everywhere.

Wakfu 'open' beta. Easy access to the closed beta.

Legit? As in, "You're in, no questions asked, just make an account." Some small blue print at the top says

>If you create your Ankama account now, you will be able to access the Wakfu open Beta, forums and websites straight away.
>You will be able to access the Wakfu open Beta straight away.

I think so.

I love you, Square Enix.

Ankama trollin' again. It's still in closed beta, but hopefully this means it'll be opened up soon.


Yeah, access the open beta straight away as soon as it's available...

I'm guessing that it will be within a couple months.

File: 128383264928.jpg-(806.97KB, 2016x1512, DSCF2020.jpg)
It was a little bit clunky, waiting to play is probably a good thing. I should point out that the Wakfu playtest was a pretty busy booth (and on the SqEnix side of the aisle!), but the Islands of Wakfu got a lot less love, although it was pretty fun from what I saw. Also, the flier for Islands of Wakfu makes note of its "position in the transmedia project" which means exactly what you think: it all ties into the same world/storyline as the anime and the SqEnix game.

As far as second season is concerned, it'll be a bit of a wait. It's coming, but probably in a couple quarters.

The people working on project don't have much say about an English version, but they want to do it. From what I understand it doesn't really depend on them, and is a business/legal issue. I think if the games do well, there will be more incentive to get the show into the US.

For the price of three plushies, I got a Dofus 2.0 artbook and the Dofus manga. These guys were pretty freakin' awesome. Let me say that if you are able to, you should support them by buying actual stuff. The impression I got from the people working the booths is that they want to make this really cool thing that people are going to like, not just to push stuff out that's going to grab as much money as possible (well, that's part of it, probably).

The comment that comes with it is interesting too: season 2 confirmed for february 2011!

That's no news

File: 128387916681.png-(320.85KB, 884x496, 3193.png)
Thank you.

>That's no news
Really? First time I see a month mentioned. Official site only says 2011

File: 128395326499.png-(175.35KB, 724x673, sprite_2.png)
I bring thy news from Les Gardiens:

Yes, Lock is now officially a pimp...

>Kouett in a classy dress

File: 12839553144.png-(143.39KB, 702x730, violette_2.png)

File: 128395565876.png-(146.60KB, 692x832, lock_2.png)

File: 128395587336.png-(130.78KB, 693x832, koutte_2.png)

*dies of diabeeetuus*

from which SWF file and which sub-directory in the file do you get the big portraits ?
Can you exctract Blinie's new portrait ? she's even cuter than Kouette

File: 128396101941.png-(132.56KB, 629x814, blinie_2.png)
Here you go.

File: 12839611195.png-(82.67KB, 459x768, Boa.png)
found Boa, still looking for Blinie

I love you

considering how clumsy she is, I'm not sure giving her a sword was a good idea ...

File: 128396173259.png-(172.60KB, 1456x832, eliatrope_grin.png)
You're not me. :o

File: 128396229635.png-(185.73KB, 806x889, samy_2.png)
Also does anyone know why they renamed him from Samÿ to Sämy?
Does that sound more pirate like in french?

nope, doesn't make a difference, even in the pronunciation.

>nope, doesn't make a difference
>Samÿ to Sämy

In German Samÿ would be Samij and Sämy would be Saemy, lol

In german, yes, but in french, the umlaut is pretty rare, and is used whenever you have to pronounce separately two consecutive vowels, rather than combine them in a single phoneme.

In french, Sämy, Samÿ, Sämÿ and Samy would all be pronounced the same way. In this case, umlauts have no reason to be there, except for the fact it's a proper noun. They are mainly cosmetic.

Did anyone saw this? If I understand well I have to find some hidden object to access some Saison 2 previews, but I cant find anything.


See >>31115

>>31547 Thanks

File: 128397056887.png-(100.20KB, 1081x249, gay4wakfu.png)
Megaupload's got my number, I'm totally gay 4 Wakfu.

File: 128397078031.png-(83.16KB, 361x386, razor_sprite.png)

File: 128397304644.jpg-(139.44KB, 468x598, eva-ecole.jpg)

the amount of cute in this thread turned dangerously high in the past 6 hours

Mini Wakfu is known for inflicting Diabeetus.
You should be aware of this risk at all times.


happy eliatrope pirate with sword and heart shaped eyepatch...

...does not compute.


BTW here's the official meaning of the megaphone:
"It was to announce the Niouzquete and thus to start the game".
Lame!! -_-
I just hope next clues will be more interesting...

Not a real pirate. It's her outfit as a barmaid at the new casino's tavern.
Lock built a casino and is employing other eliatropes :
- Blinie as a barmaid
- Boa as a security agent
- Violette as a receptionist
- Sämy and Leon to take care of the entertainment
- Kouette as "the-trophy-chick-I'm-secretly-in-love-with-and-asked-to-come-at-the-lounge-to-hang around-but-I'm-too-shy-to-ask-her-out"

File: 128398052531.gif-(140.33KB, 350x350, pumpkin_face_scared_hg_wht.gif)
m.f.f.w. i heard Adamai in polish.

File: 128398179643.png-(409.27KB, 745x507, Lock_stalking_Kouette.png)
So, what have we learned today, kids ?
- Building an empire on people's gambling addictions is cool
- Using your friends as servants in said empire is cool
- Tricking the girl you like to come at your casino and stalking her all day long is cool and not creepy at all (pic related)

you know ... for kids

admins openly claim their game(s) are pg-13

when you read the forums, you suddenly realize PG-whatever means nothing. Dofus and Wakfu : the Guardians have at least two third of their community under 11 year old.

File: 128402757926.png-(440.04KB, 1024x576, snapshot_dvd_00.56_[2010.09.09_12.04.15].png)
So... my Wakfu Vol.1 dvd just arrived.
I seriously like how the dvd case is done. Really nice.
I also got a card for Dofus tcg, or something, called:"Repulsion", and two other. lol

So anyway... should I try ripping the episodes?
Or should I not?
I don't want to steal money from Ankama, but on the other hand... if you guys really want, I could try doing it.
What say you?

I just noticed that there's fucking "PAUSE" in the corner of all my screenshots.

the quality change is barely significant, and most of us are planning on buying blurayaWF . Plus, someone would have to re-time the subs, right? I say don't bother, but that's just me.

I second what Ginger said. The point in doing fansubs is promoting the series and spreading the love, not completely ripping everything from Ankama (even if that's partly what it does, but that's more an undesired consequence, not the main point).
We already have a pretty watchable set of subs, there's no need for improvement until Ankama releases the real thing.

Okay, if you guys say so, then I'm not going to do it.

Season 1 Volume 2:

Inclus également dans le DVD : des bonus sur les coulisses de la série, un reportage sur le jeu Xbox Islands of Wakfu, ainsi qu’un storyboard animé « Story of Grougal ».


>>31612 new thread started here, move along now...

Does it play on U.S registered DVD players?

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