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'Official' Zubatman thread.
Be it fan art or the game mod that Suezo is supposedly working on.

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File: 126997175965.png-(125.98KB, 297x406, I know it\'s my destiny.png)

File: 126997556688.jpg-(167.73KB, 945x750, 1269224647620.jpg)

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A Batman/Bioshock thing i had in my head today.

The setup:

It's pre-war Rapture. Fontaine is dealing with Penguin for items from topside, in exchange for plasmids and eve. However, Penguin wants raw adam and the plasmid research for producting his own products. Both of which Fontaine flatly denys him.

The two come into conflict but Penguin is soon reminded that Fontaine's men will always have the better plasmids to whatever he would sell to others. Penguin is ordered by Fontaine to return to Gotham with nothing, until the next meeting.

Fighting Fontaine with his own power was deemed useless, so Penguin turns to the rogues for a team up. The scientists and freak want the research for cures or projects, whilst others want rapture's wealth.

Meanwhile at Gotham, splicing has already shown up in gang fights and it's addiction only piles the pressure. Batman gets word of Penguin's involvment and the coordinates to the lighthouse.

I think Batman should have another goal other then stopping the Penguin but i can't think of one. It certainly wouldn't have anything to do with kidnapped kids for making sisters.

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I remember this.

It was on /co/ with a thread shitstorming about how Grant Morrison is ruining Batman beneath it. That literally dumbstruck me. Batman being a cowboy/pirate/caveman is retarded but when someone comes up with the idea of crossing him over with some popular videogame everyone's in on it?

What the hell?

Maybe batman learns about Ryan’s early research into mind control and wonders if this is how he can end the madness of his rogues?

Most versions of Batman would put mind control in the ame region as killing them. Even if it was only temporary and only used on the hopeless cases, such as Joker.

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I was originally going to post this in /writ/, but now I actually want to see it get off the ground so I guess I'll post it here instead.

The basic premise is this: what if Twilight was written by Terry Pratchett, specifically as a Discworld book?

I only have a vague idea of the characters right now. Bella Swan is the teenage daughter of a watchman somewhere on the Sto Plains. She's foolish in the way that teenage girls have a talent for, though her rural peers are a bit more reasonable, making her look worse in comparison. She also lacks a certain degree of coordination, as evidenced by various cuts, bruises and burns that often manifest on embarrassingly visible parts of her body.* These two factors hinder her social life, causing her to retreat into trashy romance novels which have warped her perception of the world in general and love in particular.

Edward Cullen** also lives in the town, along with his "family" of Black Ribboners. He was bitten as a teenager, and as a result has been stuck in the human life cycle's most awkward stage for several decades. He's used to being treated as a freak, but when he discovers that Bella is somehow attracted to the "tragic bad boy" aspect of vampirism, he completely looses his cool and becomes just as neurotic as you'd expect an immortal virgin to be when a girl starts making eyes at him.

The best way to improve the story, as I see it, is to depict their romance like actual teenage love. Which is to say, painfully awkward.

*She has tried and failed to use them to her advantage and make herself look mysterious/interesting.

**Maybe he has a more vampire-y last name.

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I was thinking that the name Cullen might be an attempt to sound more human; he used to be Edward von Stirgov de Unterfont et cetera et cetera.

Not so much related to OP's idea, but when I read twilight (or tried to, at least) it stuck me how similar the twilight vampires was to Discworld elves.

never read anything Discworld related, but I've heard great (understatement) things about it. Also, I am naturally inclined to hate anything twilight related, even parodies and other stuff hating on it I refuse to acknowledge.
That being said, I would like to see this idea of yours come to fruition (even if just a fanfic) and so long as it doesn't suck, I'd likely read it.

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Okay, /coc/reators, I've got a little Super-Hero comic I've been thinking about, and I wanted your opinions.

The hero's name is Gravlad, he grew up with the ability to manipulate gravitational fields. He always worshiped super heroes and knew that he wanted to become one. As a result of this he developed into a young man with a very strong sense of justice and righteousness. Once he becomes older and actually steps into the super hero world, he starts to find out that all of his childhood heroes are mostly just hacks and sell-outs that don't really care about saving the world or day as much as they care about getting a paycheck and recognition for their heroics.

Disgruntled, Gravlad publicly speaks out against his former heroes, thus making enemies out of them, while he vows to maintain integrity and continue fighting the good fight. Various figureheads (Mayors, presidential candidates, etc.) see this as an exploitable opportunity and try to get Gravlad to promote them, he, offended by this, declines, and in doing so gives birth to a political enemy who begins to tarnish his image, and use his power to skew the public's opinion of Gravlad.

Meanwhile, another child grew up worshiping super heroes and yearning to help the world. When he discovered the ugly truth, he became jaded, and using his super power (The ability to permanently disable, or maybe manipulate, other heroes' powers) he embarks on a self righteous journey to rid the world of super heroes and super villains alike, as he believes that he is the only person who DESERVES to be a super hero.

This character is introduced as a villain, and later explained to be more of an obsessive hero, he, due to the political figure mentioned earlier, believes that Gravlad is a corrupt enemy of the world, and has set his targets to focus on Gravlad.

I've also bounced around the idea of the government regulating super powers, and so Gravlad (Because he has the potential to do so much) becomes targeted for a "power reduction" process, and maybe becomes a fugitive because of this.

I'm a mediocre drawfag, but I don't have any sketches for this yet, so pic unrelate
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I think it could work. make the villain's powers less of a SPIN tech thing, though. My least favorite thing in comics is seeing anybody get depowered.

sounds decent, but only half thought out.

While depowering the other heroes and villains of the world, I don't think it should be decided by one fanatic who thinks he's the only true hero. Instead give him slightly more stock powers like super strength, durability, and speed with maybe some energy projection. Or something else completely different, idk, also don't care, as it's your story. (I'm just giving constructive criticism)
To add to the background stories, this crazed "hero" could have been hired by the military, or have made a deal with various militaries and governments around the world where he's given the freedom and legal rights to take down various villains and heroes the world deems too dangerous- including Gravlad.
It seems that the [currently] unnamed "hero" has the potential to be persuaded by any side, so long as they make a convincing enough argument.

fine, fine. I think that the villian should have a low level set of his own powers. Super strength, durability, and speed, like pointed out would probably work. But make them very minor. Have him also be able to copy the powers of any hero he is near. So if he were to fight some one like the Flash he would have his powers plus those of the Flash. He could beat the Flash at his own game. It would be the most humiliating defeat of all.

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Help edit the /co/ wiki! It's a bit messy and disorganized for now but this could be something really helpful if it gets going. For comparison look at /v/'s's_Recommended_Games_Wiki

Bumping because any help at all is greatly appreciated! You don't even need to sign up, anyone can edit it. The idea is to give people an idea of WHY they should read a particular comic, instead of just shoving a giant list in their face.

>The idea is to give people an idea of WHY they should read a particular comic
Agreed, but I think we need to also establish some organization, since all I'm seeing at the moment is just lists of titles and no convincing arguments

Organized reading lists would help too

hide File: 124696492511.jpg-(593.22KB, 1337x1013, Johto-game-scan.jpg)
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I'm gonna make a scale model of the Johto region from Pokemon out of nothing but trash and cardboard and such. Actual work won't begin untl tomorrow evening, but I got the idea from a small lighthouse sitting on my shelf, which will be in the final product. Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna keep a diary of my work on here. Expect a photo of the beginning product tomorrow at about 9:00 or 10:00 pm.

Picture is the image I'm basing the final product on.

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>Kanto's too plain. Might attach it eventually if I find space.

I swear to God, Game Freak said the exact same thing.

how did this turned out?

well, i am very glad they ended up inclufind Kanto in G/S

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A few nights ago on /co/ I started up a little project.
The whole idea was everyone just pitches in ideas of a universe set 15 years after the current 616 continuity, it's supposed to have a Spider-Girl feel to it.
I wanted to focus on the Marvel half rather than DC because I know more about Marvel but feel free to pitch in DC if you really want to.
I'm not really sure where I'm looking to take this but I was eventually going to take ideas that seemed popular and try and mesh them into its own universe.
The image has everything we started a while ago.
Let me know what you think /coc/

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I've decided to change something.
S.H.I.E.L.D. is still H.A.M.M.E.R.
For two reasons
1. I like the name H.A.M.M.E.R.
2. To cement the whole change is real thing I'm going for.
3. I just want to make ______:Agent of H.A.M.M.E.R.

How do you fell about this?

After their Resurrections Gods Zeus and Hera abdicate thier positions as heads of the Greek Pantheon. In their absence Ares takes the throne as the Greek All-father.

After the events of Blackest Night, several heroes choose to retire from mainstream crimefighting, allowing their proteges to take over their respective mantles. Some make a public showing of this- such as Kal-El giving his iconic red cape to Kon-El (who, after having come back to life, is able to age normally and fulfill his dream), before the former goes on to announce a school for younger superhumans and heroes- others, such as Bruce Wayne, simply allow their former sidekicks to take up the mantle, without making a show of it. Most of the original big 7 retire, some making a public show of their decision, others keeping it quiet. Garth, aka Tempest, continues to rule Atlantis as he has done since Arthur's death, but now trains the new Aquaman to be able to live up to his namesake. Cassie Sandsmark takes over for Princess Diana, who returns to her homeland for various reasons. The Hawks are reborn once again, though this time into a brother and sister of a protestant family. Hal Jordan, finally realizing that he is getting older, opts to retire from the Green lantern Corps. He gives up his right to the ring, but gains the status of honorary Lantern (something only Alan Scott currently has) and is given an emergency ring with a temporary 4 hour charge. After his ceremony, he is escorted back to earth, where he immediately seeks out and proposes to Carol Ferris. She accepts, and the two get married within the next year. Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel lance soon follow suit, settling down a bit more permanently and even having a couple children. One boy, one girl. Barry Allen retires, settling into a role similar to that of Jay Garrick, as Garrick takes on a role similar to Max Mercury. Wally, the dominant Flash, races around the world as he's always done, only this time with his two children and nephew Bart Allen following close behind.

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Few days ago, I carried on a day and a half thread asking about establishing a Batwoman series, with her own villians, storys, and whatever. A kind Anon also provided some sketches of a villian that was suggested, a former French military agent turned hitwoman, trained in Judo and Sambo. Posted here are the pictures, and any story elements I remember, as they come back to me. Other anons can feel free to add, as I'm pretty sure the thread wasn't archived.

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After reading the new Batwoman comic and remembering our threads about this especially the part about a old guy working on her gadgets, I think we might have a spy in our midst.

... Holy crap, I didn't know anyone saved my images.

So what do we have regarding this major criminal organization? Are we looking at a classical Chicago mobster-style deal, or something else?

hide File: 126627035461.jpg-(60.01KB, 300x266, WhenForeverReissue.jpg)
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Is it cool if we have a bad end thread?

Concept being, we just type up terrible ends to /co/ series and stuff.

If not, then I'll just let this thread rot. But if you want I can post the bad end PB&J Otter story that got me banned from /co/ for a week.

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File: 126665348564.png-(432.60KB, 720x576, OH GOD WHY!.png)

That killed me a little inside.

Rolf does have cattle.
Also then what does that mean about Eddy's brother?

But no male cows. But that part is negligible.

Eddy's brother is the evil spirit that holds the realm together. Feeding off of the greatest sins of the children (The strongest of which being Eddy's avarice) he took the form of Eddy's brother and implemented himself into the children's memories. As he grew in power, the size of the realm grew. Eventually he ended the eternal summer and created the school in which he could control the children with the help of shades and memories of people that weren't even there. When eddys brother was defeated and comfronted by the sisters, the entire reality of the cul-de-sac dissolved shortly after. The end of the movie was the end of the series.

hide File: 126759082624.jpg-(658.18KB, 1200x1851, lit.jpg)
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I'm half supprised no one has put this up yet. Well besides this pic I know nothing about this, so any one here know or plan to submit stuff?

hide File: 126570427915.jpg-(99.68KB, 411x337, worlds finest.jpg)
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Post 'em if you got 'em.

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I don't get it

File: 12670708145.jpg-(62.33KB, 411x337, 1266011663239.jpg)

hide File: 126664919477.png-(117.47KB, 1024x640, robot 7.png)
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Meandering about the internet I came across this little doo-dad. I thought I should share.

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File: 12666887178.png-(48.91KB, 1024x640, flailin.png)

File: 126695684590.jpg-(331.60KB, 1678x920, alchemy.jpg)
I have created an art.

File: 12669957514.png-(332.13KB, 1280x750, cockpit.png)

hide File: 126647184888.jpg-(362.48KB, 942x648, ef07024c1eece8da70b29908da1d3a62.jpg)
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Here's a challenge for you, /coc/: rework the Marvel and/or DC universe so that all of the characters are happy and healthy. I don't mean that crime has to be abolished, but fights between heroes and villains would probably be less serious. I don't know, it's up to you.

Hard Mode: You cannot alter the origin stories of any characters, so no "MY PARENTS ARE ALIIIIIIIIIIVE!"

File: 126647669888.jpg-(135.81KB, 900x619, Carmine_Infantino_Tribute_by_The_BlackCat.jpg)
Its been done.

Doc Ock manages to make the cure for AIDS and saves Mary-Alice. POWER OF LOVE makes him good again. Spider-Man and him team up and fight crime a lot.

File: 126662459668.jpg-(204.88KB, 592x900, spider-man_black_cat_mary_jane_comic_book_cover.jpg)
Married with Spider-Babies who grow up to kick copious amounts of ass alongside mom and dad.

hide File: 12664979551.png-(975.90KB, 600x900, Rape face the fancomic.png)
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So ;I proposed this in the thread in Jp. This is a rewrite project. Luke has voulentered to help so far. We are gonna turn the worst piece of bleach fanfiction ever made and turn it tolerble

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Holy shit this is the worst piece of fanfiction ever. How do you plan to fix this crap?

Did...did your brain die from trying to read it? D:



I read it to the end, and FUCK it was like the writer creamed herself on every page.

On 161, she orgasmed.

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New thread for Wakfu subbing. The old one is GIANT now.

If you need any of the episodes look here

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22 episode already watched fro Ankama site, Groovy is rock, i'm satisfied and inspired, and can't wait for next one! Need eng subs!!! Good sirs and lades, tons of best regards for your subbin' work, wakfu is the best thing i've watched above the last two or more years

New thread for wakfu subbing is here (EP 21 was posted earlier today):

/co/ Thread for Wakfu discussion outside subs:

Try to use em, so we can maybe avoid re-threading quite so often :P.

If you post here try to remember to sage.

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