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Long-Term Projects

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File: 125827024913.png-(171.76KB, 580x450, c cm.png)
19568 No.19568
Other thread is getting huge, and also I saw this image on the shimmie and d'awwww.

4chan house thread: the old forums are over a year old now.
Relevant links: -- Image gallery. -- Discussion boards. -- General information. -- Character descriptions.

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I can't promise to commit too much activity until this semester is over, but I'll be checking on this thread at least.
I should have plenty of time to spend when school isn't taking up a good chunk of my time.
Maybe we can get another boost over the next school break.
Summer didn't turn out to be the boon we were hoping for, but that's likely because we were just kinda waiting for something to happen.
Gotta get moving on actually generating some more content, and coordinating how it gets created, submitted, and integrated with the rest of the work already done.
This was, has been, and should continue to be a COLLABORATIVE EFFORT, and the small handful of people actually doing something doesn't really speak to that right now.
Hopefully with a little more activity and coordination we can change that a bit.
This gets alot less enjoyable when the members involved shrinks past a certain level.

I'll be going on a temporary hiatus until this semester is over.
When the next break comes, I'll be trying to be a bit more proactive in getting this project back off the ground.

You know what I just thought of? OK imagine this.

We see a panel where /co/ is slamming open a door. He looks beaten, torn and generally in a mess. His hat's facing down one side of his face and his hair is all messy.

We see a BEAUTIFUL house with /ck/ looking incredibly refined and /cm/ and /c/ sitting at a table wearing nice looking clothes.

/co/: DAMMNIT!... I mean... hey!~

We see /ck/ walk up to /co/ and smile at him. She's wearing a long red dress with fancy ornate jewelry on her and long white Gloves. /co/ just looks at her confused.

/ck/: Good morning dear. Tired from last night?

We cut to /c/ who wears mostly the same clothing only now it has several jewels and ornate features added to it, give it a more "ritzy" feeling.

/c/: Are we going to take the new /co/mobile out to /b/'s funeral?

We cut back to the torn and beaten /co/. However he looks much happier than normal.

/co/: Hmmmm... loving wife is a sex monger, kids are well behaved, /b/ is dead.

He's holding up his arms with a look of sheer joy now.


We see /co/ sit down at the table.

/co/: /ck/ dear. Would you please hand me a comic?

We cut to /ck/ who looks confused.

/ck/: Comic? What's a comic?

Several screaming "DO NOT WANT" reaction faces from /co/ ensue.

He runs out.

We cut to the three of them looking confused as a TV plays in the background.

TV: Coming soon! Miracleman 4. The last in these groundbreaking epics of animated features, written by Alan Moore and directed by Brad Bird. Rated R. This film is not suitable for minors.

We cut to the three of them looking at the TV screen.

/ck/: Hmmm... another one.

I see what you did there.


Excellent choice on the Simpsons reference.
It would be funny to see in execution after a little revision.

To be fair, /o/ has seen next to zero attention.
What little has been given him lately was by Helpful /co/mrade.
I don't really have much say in the matter though, since most of my thoughts have been focused on what I see as the core group.

File: 126051576245.jpg-(9.05KB, 250x188, 250px-Brain_Eating_Meteor.jpg)
You know I had a little Idea of /co/nrad playing out that song from billy and mandy little Rock of horror, It the song where Billy help an evil meteor to eat everyone's brains
/co/nrad is billy, Mandy can be /ck/ but at the end they eat the meteor
Well I need help to make a test comic because I can't draw
So what you all think?

/co/ is not retarded and idiotic like Billy, and while most of the cast is certainly eccentric and over-the-top, there's nobody in the cast that strikes me as being cynical and amoral like Mandy

A few things:
there has been a little bit of info about /h/ added to the wiki. /h/ is a (rather small) college student who is kind of a slacker, and was roped into being /d/'s sex shop covergirl. But I guess she kind of likes it, if it didn't take so much effort...

There should also be end-of-'episode' segments like such as a library segment with /rs/, a "cooking with /ck/" segment, and a "drawing with /i/" segment that /ic/ always interrupts and contradicts.


I know, I was thinking it be awesome to see because no one posts any on this thread any more

File: 126135167920.jpg-(369.24KB, 1517x1074, AlanMoore_sample_by_RyusukeHamamoto.jpg)
This isn't /x/-tan, it's Alan Moore-tan but I would like to pretend it's /x/-tan in high school before the "incident with her eye".

File: 126189018782.jpg-(38.35KB, 700x700, po1.jpg)
alternate /po/

File: 126189023233.png-(161.14KB, 714x1000, po2.png)
/po/ again.

From a thread in /fk/, during the 30~ hours it was available for posting in.

File: 126194220755.jpg-(1.75MB, 1536x2048, 1261854627566.jpg)
A contribution from /m/

We present to you /m/-tan!

/m/ is bipolar, she can hate something one second and then praise the same thing to heaven after, but is generally a nice person in calm-before-the-storm mode.

/m/ is elitist and has a love-hate relationship with /a/

/m/ occasionally wears a cardboard box that says Gundam on it, and thinks she is Gundam

/m/ is best friends with /toy/ and considers /co/ and /tg/ bros

Probably nothing of substance, but I wrote a whole bunch of gay sex involving /a/ and /co/ here, while the thread is still up:

I've also got it saved to a .doc file, for uploading later when the thread inevitably blanks out.

you can post it in /write/:

/m/ seems to be somewhat schizophrenic in their self-descriptions. There have been like four different ways /m/ is portrayed and they are all different. I personally favor the "hotblooded pretty space-warrior"

File: 126261527654.png-(136.84KB, 1250x587, co tg1.png)
Good news!

the front page of has been updated.

Also, someone drew this on /co/. 1/3

File: 126261530815.png-(121.29KB, 1250x587, co tg2.png)

File: 126261533976.png-(160.20KB, 1250x587, co tg3.png)

The hat makes me think that it's /y/ barging through the door.
The last panel gave me a good laugh.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: /m/ spends most of his time preparing for some epic battle, constantly tinkering and training, upgrading his mech and the various appliances around the house.
/m/ welcomes a challenge, and lives for a chance to prove that he is the hero that he knows himself to be. /m/ is oblivious to the advances of the various female characters swooning over him, often comically so.
He also goes out of his way to be "manly", which has an opposite effect on the males of 4chan house, since most write him off as a homo.
He does enjoy watching mecha anime series to relax. This is the one time /a/ can hang out with him and not freak out over how damn pretty he is.
Special Power: Quite simply, /m/ keeps a scopedog in the garage. That's all the power he needs.
Unfortunately, he's never been able to get it fully functional on his own. Eventually he succeeds with /g/'s help near the beginning of the /b/ invasion.
Relationships: /m/ gets along well with /g/, since they both enjoy tinkering/upgrading things, and can work together on /m/'s mech. /e/ is constantly hounding him for attention, which he is completely oblivious to. He enjoys his regular anime sessions with /a/ and /toy/, though it seems that /a/ can't tolerate him the rest of the time for some reason. He plays with /toy/ on occasion, and helps her construct models from various mecha series.
Job: Possibly mechanic, currently undetermined.

/k/ - Weapons
Gender/Physical Description: Male, mid-thirties to early forties. Tall and lean, with brown hair and sideburns that go almost all the way down his jawline. He wears a trucker hat, sunglasses, hunting vest, white t-shirt, blue jeans, and hiking boots.
Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: He loves his guns, which is probably an understatement, and is an expert marksman with almost everything.
Is very protective of the 4chan house and those that live there, once even going so far as to mine the front lawn. For obvious reasons, he was forced to remove them. He is always ready for a fight and is difficult to catch off-guard.
Special Power: No matter where he is, /k/ always has a weapon hidden nearby. He also has very deep contacts in both the US military and the black market.
Relationships: /an/'s hunting buddy and possible romantic interest. Friends with /trv/, but /trv/ is rarely there. Argues constantly with /v/ and /m/, especially about the impracticality of many of the weapons and vehicles that /v/ idolizes in his games and /m/ tries to build. Will sometimes participate in various wargames with /tg/ but is very critical of their accuracy or lack thereof. He gets along well with most of his fellow tenants, and he sees himself as their protector.
Job: Retired. Previously: Unknown position in the U.S. army, followed by a brief stint as a professional bodyguard.
/an/ - Animals/Nature
Gender/Physical Description: Female. Shoulder length chestnut hair, usually tied up or away from her face in some way. Light freckles, hazel eyes. Muscular build. Usually wears practical clothing, (overalls, jeans, etc).
Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Tomboyish, but occasionally wears girly clothing, (old fashioned, sundresses, etc), and in a gimmick-y way ends up turning heads of the other boards. Loves and respects all animals, but despises the extremes- whether that be an animal abuser or PETA. Has many, many pets, almost all which are named Biscuit - including a Velociraptor and some horrible abomination that looks like a cross between carp and elephant. Very respectful of nature in general, and enjoys gardening, hunting, and fishing. She likes teaching others about the world of animals and nature and how to understand and share the world with animals. Inquisitive about what makes animals behave the way they do, and what makes them so special. Although she’s polite and well mannered, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She has a pet spider (species undetermined) who lives in her hair - everyone is afraid to touch her because of that, except /k/.
Special Power: None(?) Maybe animal empathy.
Relationships: Married to /k/, who is also her childhood friend. They wed before he joined the military, and she grew closer to animals and nature while he was away from her out of loneliness. Gets along well with /ck/, and she usually provides ingredients for /ck/’s cooking. Is a big sister figure, and often plays with /c/ and teaches the young girl about animals - usually the cute, fluffy kinds.
Job: Veterinarian
Maybes: Greenhouse attachment? Small garden? Potted plants on roof?

File: 126278907982.jpg-(30.63KB, 370x500, m.i.stirling.moss.victory.1955.mille.miglia.jpg)
Even if i don't sit at the cool kids table around here, Here's my idea for /o/.

/o/- Auto
Gender/Physical Description: An old(mid 60's) grey haired man. Very slim build and a bit short(5'9"). Bones showing through hands. Shakes constantly similar to someone with parkinsons, Hands become as steady as a surgeon when he's holding a wheel or a wrench. Wears mainly nomex racing suits, oil stained ancient coveralls, and occasionally a polo shirt with neatly pressed trousers, and driving loafers. Drives a caterham super 7.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Never ever ever happy with anything. His cars, his performance on track, his peers, his friends. Can name something wrong with any car you can present him with. Extremely bitter. Possibly the most insufferable of all the boards. When he sits in a chair, he constantly bounces his right leg on the ball of his foot, and taps his fingers on his knee. He used to race in rallies and touring cars in the mid 50's through the 60's, and retired in the early 90's. Was snubbed for le mans and Race Of Champions on numerous occasions for much much younger drivers. Has thousands of stories aobut his younger days, Like punching cale yarbrough in the face in a bar brawl, and Parnelli Jones still possessing his 10mm deep well socket.

Special Power:Very strong focus, Can lift enormous car parts for such a small man. Encyclopedic knowledge of everything automotive.

Relationships: Hates everyone, espically /n/ and /trv/.

Job:Retired. SCCA Flagman and volunteer driving instructor on weekends.

/fk/ is an infant boy. Any text used with him must be in Comic Sans.

/z/ is a malnourished man who is strapped to a wooden board wearing a straight jacket and muzzle. He has a sheet of paper with a picture of a dick covered in bees taped to the front of him.

/5/ is an adult man who wears an old-timey judge's powdered wig and carries 5 glowsticks with him at all times. He cannot talk. Possibly a ghost.

These board-tans live either behind /x/'s / wall or in her mirror, or in a secret basement (think Josef Fritzl).

Yes that /y/, thanks for making it Zecro
/z/ should a bee hive that in the tree that at the side of the house that no one was to deal with

I didn't actually make that comic, it was anonymous in /co/. And yes to /z/ being just a beehive. explains that /z/ was made for a /z/-ban which forwards you from /b/ to /z/ if you are /z/-banned.

/5/ should live in the basement at first and then sometimes show up in mirrors around the house doing a silly dance.

There's no real story of how anyone came to actually be in 4chan house, and I'm thinking that it just makes the most sense for new personas to simply appear in their rooms, along with their posessions.

Thanks for writing that up. We've never had anything on /o/, so I'm going to add what you wrote to the cast writeup.

That's the info on the cast page on 1d4chan.

In addition, there are several threads now for character discussion:

Wait, I think the alternative for /o/ was inspired by John Travolta a la Grease. Maybe he was a playboy racer in his youth and that's why he's so bitter now.

File: 126297915158.png-(426.14KB, 900x900, Concepts Head.png)
some new sketches by Pride

File: 12629791872.png-(524.49KB, 1200x2000, ConceptTGX.png)

wut up thread

They might not be but I think some of them are

1. Earth-11: A story about most of the main characters getting 63'd by a invention/formula created by /d/. /a/ enjoys it except that she has large breasts now and she misses her DFC.

2. Date Night: /a/ forces /v/ to take her out since they haven't been on a date for months, and ask /co/ and /ck/ to watch /c/ for the night. /ck/ agrees even though /co/ doesn't want to. The story splits between the /a/ & /v/'s date and /co/ & /ck/'s adventure in babysitting.


I support everything /tg/x/. I'm a huge faggot that way.

Debating if I should stop being an ass and actually contact you guys on MSN, as seeing that little to nothing (new) is posted on 4chan, and it might give me more purpose in actually sketching shit again.

File: 126314343960.png-(33.21KB, 363x635, ctan!.png)
Um, you probably don't remember me, but I almost ruined your project thing by spoiling stuff, erk. Well, to apologise I drew you /c/! Haha, er...sorry.

Also, I'm not good at legs. Excuse her fat legs.

File: 126320876595.png-(165.02KB, 600x600, tgx.png)
Drawn just for you anon

File: 126322757778.jpg-(335.94KB, 1100x800, 14152453.jpg)
New drawings from the last drawfag. Part of his application to become the "official artist" of the main series.

File: 126322760594.jpg-(131.43KB, 800x1100, 18467048.jpg)

File: 126322772548.jpg-(187.04KB, 1100x600, 28882409.jpg)

File: 126322872471.jpg-(296.97KB, 708x1062, co.jpg)
also outdated /co/ render.
here he is with mullet, the final version is mullet free i assure you


>>1. Earth-11: A story about most of the main characters getting 63'd by a invention/formula created by /d/. /a/ enjoys it except that she has large breasts now and she misses her DFC.

a rule 63'd /a/ would result in a tough dykish woman actually...


>>2. Date Night: /a/ forces /v/ to take her out since they haven't been on a date for months, and ask /co/ and /ck/ to watch /c/ for the night. /ck/ agrees even though /co/ doesn't want to. The story splits between the /a/ & /v/'s date and /co/ & /ck/'s adventure in babysitting.

i can't imagine /a/ and /v/ having a normal date. theyd be more like "hate dates" and moments of them trolling each other ( which they both secretly enjoy i imagine) one of them forcing the otehr into a date would be an awkward display of dominance to get the other to submit to the date, which would be pretty much one of them being forced to buy the other a meal and forcing a blowjob.

I like where this is going.

We're doing it man. We're making it happen.

edit: >>21274


im glad you enjoy my attention to anatomy

anyone interested in being my colorist/inker?

I rather enjoyed how it was labeled.

Yes, it's very tsun-tsun.

Damnit Pride, I'm not supposed to be a gooshy faggot. Stop making me d'aww over /tg/x/.

We gotta start working more on the other boards-tans
There WAY too much of /a//v/co/ck/tg/x/c/i/ic/

That is debateable, really.

The reason those boards have the most attention is because they are popular and they can be personified easily, both due to their content and their community.

Take, for example, /f/ or /gif/. How do we identify them differently from /b/ other than 'they're animated'. Hell, how do we identify them from each other? All one has to pull from is the memes of the boards. I'm not aware of any particular community feel to them.

Its the same reason /h/ and /s/ aren't done up. The boards are about subject matter, not about a 'community', as it were. There's no real substance to the board beyond what it provides.

/a/, /v/, /tg/, /co/, and others are more than providing images of something. There are discussions, interactions... They are internet communities more than simply imageboards. this makes them far easier to personify, because each has their own 'feel', and they do feel more 'alive' than other boards.

This isn't to say we should only stick to a few boards. I mean, look at /fa/, which we can all agree on the personality, considering how /fa/ posters act. /cgl/ has a level of drama and could also have that needed 'spark' to personify.

But more importantly, quality, not quantity. I don't think the project is big enough to try and encompass every board 4chan has. Focus on what does have a distinct feel and run with that.

else we'll have 17 boards that have nothing other than SAUCE NAO FGT in different flavors.


On the contrary, the boards with less community feel only give more room for personification, because you're not tied down to anything. /rs/ doesn't even have a discussion feature, but I kind of like the "hot librarian slut" persona he has so far.

I like to think that we're focusing on the more popular boards because we want to solidify their characters: there's not that much room for interpretation, and this makes working on the character easy. That is to say, the boards that get talked about the most are the easiest to personify. Go on /co/ and look at how they see themselves, and you'll see why /co/ is a do-good crime-fighter by night and comic neeeeerd by day. Or lurk /a/ and /v/ and you'll see why their characters are so tsundere for each other.

But >>21292 raises a valid point, because boards like /g/ don't really have a developed persona, even though they should. I don't even know where /m/ is going, either, because there hasn't really been a good discussion about it. /cgl/ is a pretty unique place with enough individuality, but the writeup on the cast page is a placeholder which was never discussed. Hell, /b/ wasn't discussed that much, it's still mostly my writeup on the cast page, but people seem to agree with it maybe.

The boards I would say that don't have any sort of distinctive flavor are probably /gif/, /h/, /hc/, /hr/, /r/, /s/, /t/, /w/, /wg/, and /rs/.

Also note that their character bios are pretty much bare, if they exist at all. That's not to say they can't or shouldn't be personified, it's just harder because it's more ambiguous (an essay about a broad subject is harder to write than an essay about a specific subject).

Discussion is good, discuss away. If you don't care about the background characters with less flavor, /cgl/, /m/, and /g/ should be fleshed out. If you discuss it, they will come.

Maybe it's just me, then. But I still think the 'harder to design' tans just might not be worth it, given lack of material to work with. But that's hardly gospel. Just my opinion.

you're not the only one, but I don't want to close any doors.

and /m/-tan really needs to be talked about

File: 126328709477.png-(163.01KB, 500x766, e-grumpy.png)
Got bored. Have some /e/.

Damn. S'been ages since I doodled.

>>21294 >>21293 >>21296 >>21298
Holy crap you two did you both need to talk about all that, I know that the other board-tans will be hard to do but we still have to do it

File: 126333877243.png-(161.28KB, 933x548, e-clutz.png)
I just think one shouldn't force it for the sake of 'just for completeness'. This isn't a game we can get 100% on. No need to squeeze out inferior designs just for the sake of it.

Quality of quantity. Do what you know you can do well. If someone else wants to work on the other boards, power to them. But I just don't think it worthwhile for characters that may just not end up being used that much anyways.

More /e/ scribblings. My ability to draw anatomy is fucking rusty. Serves me right to go so long without.


File: 126338837943.png-(809.01KB, 525x944, Energy.png)
So I was told about this thread... {unrelated pic I drew}

be patient
i will get to /e/ in time

File: 126342218713.jpg-(53.39KB, 540x400, napalm_kim_phuc.jpg)
O hai zecro, you in charge 'round here?

We're just chillin' out, man. What're you looking for?

In a facilitator kind of sense.

Major characters will be more developed than minor characters. Not everyone needs to be deeeeep, but characters like /co/ who will probably show up a lot but don't really have any motivation guiding them need some work.

I'm still banned from AC, maybe I'll make a new Alias on this laptop and get back into shit, as a new person :O

you are refering to character tiers...

MAIN CHARACTERS (or primary)

main characters- Fry, Leela, Bender
seconday characters- Hermes, Amy, Professor
reocurring- Mom, Roberto, Calculon

but then we get into "well, who's a main character?" territory.

there's a character discussion board, if you want to start a thread about a particular character:

not main characters...

the ones that get the most focus and developement

So all of them >>21292

not all of them will be getting the same attention and focus.

Why not have the same attention?

because we only have so much time, concentration, and creative abilities.

that's it, there's no other good reason not to finish them all. just because we're prioritizing right now doesn't mean we should later.

on that note, go hang out in /char/ and contribute to some discussions

Apparently I've been missing alot over the past week or so.
Great to see some new art, and a new artist along with it.

I think that Ihsan and I are on the same page concerning just how how much, and how deeply we need to work on characterization.
Not everybody needs an equal share of the spotlight, and we certainly don't need to get obsessed with "completion" in terms of creating characters.

I'm not sure that I agree with /h/ not having a community though.
From my experience there, it's a much different feel from the other boards I once frequented (/e/ and /d/).
It's a strange thought that my main reason for returning to /h/ might be "for research".

Drawfag's point about PRIMARY characters, rather than MAIN characters is an excellent one as well.
While we may have a focus insofar as who sees the most attention, we shouldn't just shove all else aside.
Deciding to place the characters into tiers may very well just end up in some getting ignored for no reason other than their rank.
Best to keep in mind who is going to see the most attention, and focus on representing them well, before we add too much of the rest of the peanut gallery.

On the subject of the silly idea surrounding /d/ and some sort of 63 formula.
I may or may not run with that when I next sit down to do some writing.
I already had a storyline I was working on between /a/ and /d/ that touched on that a little, but seeing it in a larger context might be fun.
I should be back to writing within a few hours actually.
I'm going to try and get some progress made this week to make up for my long absence and lack of contribution.

File: 126384328253.jpg-(207.88KB, 1190x770, co1.jpg)
the design sheets for /co/ are done

File: 126384330379.jpg-(355.58KB, 1784x792, co2.jpg)

File: 126384333435.jpg-(157.61KB, 603x964, co3.jpg)

also these sheets need some altering.
/co/ needs to have stubble apparently.

File: 126385088916.png-(769.54KB, 427x767, conrad quick.png)

Can /sp/ get a character that isn't fucking retarded?

That depends. Can we come up for an idea for /sp/ that isn't fucking retarded?
Last I heard, he was the big black athletic guy with an attitude. That was also /sp/'s idea (last I heard).

Nobody's really had much of a use for him story-wise just yet.
Nothing stopping anybody from taking another stab at the character.
I just know that I'm not the one who's going to be doing it, seeing as how I've hardly ever been there.

File: 126389479522.png-(327.96KB, 946x763, ecchi.png)
Decided to do a full color pic of /e/!
I used an old reference which is why she has brown hair and green eyes

/b/'s design hasn't been finalized yet (as much as a boardtan can be at least), right? I think I've come up with an okay idea for his character.

/b/, while certainly never normal, once used to be pretty consistent. He was friends (if you can call it that) with /g/uro, due to their love of guro, and even just gore in general. However, when /g/uro (died/moved/however you'd use it in story, I'm going with died in this post), /b/ was devastated, as it was the only board that ever liked him in the least. All other boards hated him, were disgusted with him. This is where the /b/ of the present comes from.

Shortly after /g/uro's death, /b/ was diagnosed with DID. He had a ton of different personalities, and all of them knew of the others with the exception of his main personality, which nobody ever really sees anywhere. (Basically, all the different faces of /b/. Raid coordinators, pranksters, all-around jackasses, newfags, oldfags, trolls that pick on himself, and so on. None are nice, though the more clever personalities are quite good at acting. /b/ can have his moments though.)

This leads to the /b/ of the present. The most notable of /b/'s personalities is a raid coordinator, wanting to cause the greatest amount of chaos as possible. He is able to motivate/gather faceless hordes of people from anywhere to join him (or, as has been suggested before, is able to summon them).

Optional: His fondness of /g/uro could be used as a reason for the whole boxxy incident as one personality (or more) took a liking to boxxy while the others all hated her for taking /g/uro's place and thus they pulled a bunch of crazy junk to force boxxy to move far away from the 4chan House where /b/ would never see her again.

This even works out no matter what you make him look like. Heck, he could even look different depending what personality he's in, from being a rather normal average looking loner to spewing a bunch of memes and drawing them all over himself and his clothes like a loser.

x-posted at /char/

File: 126399629960.jpg-(26.96KB, 220x300, kev.jpg)
i have been doing some work on /b/ at the moment.
only rough sketches, but this pic was my starting point.

File: 126399665287.jpg-(69.24KB, 416x260, hero3_1.jpg)
he will have hair, i just feel this battered and pent up explosive look from within is a good starting point.
also scars.

because /b/ the board is difficult to describe, /b/ the character is also hard to describe. You can't pigeonhole /b/ into any kind of static description, because /b/ itself is never in agreement on anything (yes, even raids).

...which is what led to the character description on 1d4chan. There's a paragraph there but it doesn't actually SAY anything other than "contradictory and unpredictable prankster who hates everything including himself."

That's probably the best way of handling the character, have him be a kind of wild card that fits any situation, as long as he doesn't take anything seriously. He could be knowledgeable and helpful or clueless and provocative. (At the rate we're going he'll probably end up as knowledgeable and provocative, aka a sort of antagonist.)

It might be an interesting character concept to have /b/ be, in a sense, already dead. He has little to no control over what he does, because he's at the mercy of Anonymous and Anonymous is generally merciless (but not always!). Since /b/ is already dead, he's' not concerned with self-preservation or much of anything else. (Anonymous as a force on /b/ doesn't really happen until late '04 when shii convinces moot to turn on FORCED_ANON. Until mid '04, moot was encouraging users to namefag.)

I'm going to pass on discussing his role in the story because /b/ has been said to be either the landlord, or the antagonist, or not even involved at all. /b/ can't be not involved, but /b/ doesn't really interact with the other boards unless it's hostile. Then it just begs the question of why have him at all if he doesn't do anything except interrupt. There are better characters for comic relief. (As an aside, I would posit that /b/ right now is a pretty friendly place.)

As far as an actual character design, I would posit that /b/'s form changes either gradually or suddenly and unpredictably. i.e. From an overweight cynical man to a normal hipster youth. Not that /b/ has any control over it. Maybe his one consistent trait might be eyes with a pronounced white iris that changes to black when he is in control of minions.


When I think of /b/, I think of the man who had it all. Immortality, invincibility, telepathy, the works. The man who went wild abusing his powers, changing himself as often as he wanted, pushing his lifestyle to the limits, living long enough to hit the heights man was never meant to reach, and staying in that wild state for years, decades, centuries. Even if he was eventually tired of certain extremes, he could always push in other directions eventually. Happiness, sadness, anger, irritance, depression, bliss; nerdy, casual, virgin, stallion, sane, insane - all limits, trascended by man!

What do you get for the man who has everything?

/b/ is the man who has done and seen everything. The man who wished for immortality and now wants to die. The man who wished he never saw what he had seen, if only that he could stimulated with new experiences again. /b/ stands for /b/urnt out.

i see /b/ as a sorta combo of the comedian from watchmen and tetsuo from akira.

a guy who can see the world for what it really is, and chooses to be deliberately immoral out of fear, sadness and pure loneliness... is very unpredictable and cannot control what he is becoming.

/b/ is a real mystery. He's equally likely to put out a foot to trip small children running by, call people faggots, and write badly-spelled graffiti on the side of a building as he is to saddle up and actually do something halfway constructive. Nothing /b/ does could ever be considered nice; however, there's no denying that when /b/ wants to, he can do some pretty big shit. He's got a natural talent for causing chaos and mayhem, and seems to revel in doing so. Nobody is his friend, and any partnership with him is tenuous at best and parasitic at worst. Asking /b/ for help with anything will likely just get you called a faggot for your troubles, but if the mood takes him, he will sometimes deliver what you're looking for. Especially if what you're looking for is porn. /b/ stays out of the way of everyone else much of the time, though woe betide the person he decides to fuck with when he gets too bored. Despite all his faults, however, there is one thing /b/ likes: cats. /b/ loves cats and hates seeing them harmed, and will go to any length to bring vengeance down on anyone who does. /b/'s love of chaos and mayhem attracts others with similar attitudes like moths to a fire, and he has an almost supernatural level of control over them.

That's a surprisingly astute observation Drawfag.
Geez I'm glad you and Ihsan came along.
It's been a while since we had anybody new that we could count on to discuss this stuff seriously.
More writefaggotry on the way from me btw. Should have something for you guys by next week.

Huu boy. I don't think I can even touch on /b/ without going into essay mode. Its just so complex.

I think though, personally, I see /b/ as someone who isn't as deep and meaningful as we'd try to portray them. Not in an insulting manner, but simple in that /b/ has a motive, and /b/ acts on that motive. There are no underlying features other than that.

/b/ exists for self gratification and emotional provocation. Interestingly, I can parallel /b/ to /d/. But where /d/'s motivations lead towards sexual and emotional gratification in a pleasurable resolve, /b/ does so for a humorous resolve, with possibly a far more sadistic bend. The more I think about it, the more both seem alike, though it is their contrasts that set them apart.

That contrast is in what they want out of their interactions with others. And I'm trying to scrape together the words for it. /d/ is about being fulfilled, being sated. /b/ is about being amused, being stimulated. Neither has any real barriers or social trappings preventing these persuits, (though perhaps /d/ could be contrasted as actually caring for the partners in her 'interactions', whereas /b/ doesn't have moral qualms about the emotional stability of his 'partners' afterwards)

Like I said... I could do essays on overthinking this shit.

Welcome to my world. When I first started trying to do a character writeup, I let it run away from me in a hurry. It can be hard to concentrate an idea down far enough, where it's at the point that most of what's left is easily recognizable and makes good sense outside of my own head. /b/ is a beast that I don't really have enough on to tangle with. I've spent more time loathing it's incursions into /d/ than anything else. Not exactly the best source of inspiration for basing a character on. Especially considering the diversity of the board.

One of the big things I'll argue, though, is that /b/ doesn't hate. Hate is only an observational conclusion based on what /b/ does. But he doesn't cross the road to punch you in the face because he hates you, he does so because he thinks it'd be funny. He's sadistic and cruel, but not hateful or spiteful. In fact, one might think of /b/ as one of the most animate and happy boards, if only if you understand /b/'s own twisted logic.

He doesn't only go out of his way to be cruel to you. he can also go out of his way to be (kind of) a stand up fellow. He doesn't do good things because of good intentions, but only because 'it was funny at the time'. He's the kind that'd kick the school bully in the dick and laugh, if only because he perceived it to be funnier to make the big guy cry, rather than the runt said bully was smashing in. He's the sort to go after the biggest junkyard dog asshole he can find, just to get emotionally gratified knowing he's a bigger asshole.

File: 126415558866.jpg-(19.96KB, 410x307, peter_griffin.jpg)
the true face of /b/

I figure whenever /b/'s not bothering the other board-tans (or random passerby), he'd be somewhere laughing at his own jokes.

File: 126433962889.gif-(18.17KB, 400x400, a face.gif)
this is some QUALITY animation right here.

File: 126433990027.png-(23.71KB, 326x486, a face.png)
in my defense, frame#1 actually looks pretty good (because I did not draw it)


thats interesting little animation you made ther chief lol.

im no animator per say, but had i known some one woulda attemped this i would have made more angles.

Who made the first frame?


i guess i did.

this was the source.

or spying on the other boardtans (particulary /x/)

File: 126438829979.png-(60.58KB, 440x650, a face.png)
yep, that's the source. I can't actually draw, but tracing is pretty OK. Someone was drawing /po/-tan in /gen/ and I thought it was hilarious, so

also, fuckin vectors man. fuckin vectors.

Jan. 25, 2009 - new 4chan boards
/3/ - 3DCG
/adv/ - Advice
/int/ - International
/lit/ - Literature
/new/ - News (when this turns into /stormfront/ again, he's taking it back down)
/sci/ - Science and Maths

all this /b/ discussion as a character has got me wanting to write up an episode about him from HIS perspective....

I imagine /3/ to be a relative of /i/ and /ic/.

>/adv/, /lit/, /sci/, /int/ and /3/ are all females wearing glasses. A sexy therapist, a librarian Empowered lookalike, a quirky ginger tomboy, a world class explorer/Lara Croft type and a short busty nerdy programmer girl, respectively.

/adv/- a new and improved robot to replace /r9k/
effective AND useful.

/3/- james cameron

/int/- the lara croft esque explorer

/lit/- sexy librarian chick

/sci/- youtube "pi max cohen" this is that guy.

>/3/ is James Cameron
That's just funny

/new/ is a zombie news anchorman who is bias about every thing he reports.

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