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Long-Term Projects

 New Thread

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hi folks need suggestions for page 2
a couple of things though 1 don't want to go to deep
into Padre Christo's back story but basically God told him to get to die when your work is finished
so we've been around a while think the new Batman and the brave and the bold sort of thing
2Jeanette will definitely have smaller versions of herself for boobs
3I'm trying to do this in a standard comic format
4 would like to mention the sort of world it's in
butt leave things vague for future stories
any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated
especially with yes yourdialogue

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the idea is, hack a pokemon red rom into something terrifying.

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I feel like a lot of work would have to be done with the sprites. Even the most terrifying of the ghost and dark types are aimed at ten-year-olds.There's nothing that could really strike fear into your heart.

So perma-Nuzlock mode?

So I'm NOT the only one who thought the guy in front of the cave looked like he had a big hat? Though I thought it was more like one of those Russian tall hats.

With all the game's typical balance plus all this other traps and stuff through in that seems like it would make the game practically unwinnable baring loads of save scumming.

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So there's already a thread for lesbian princesses, but how about a thread for general gay/lesbian fairy tale ideas?

Some of the proposed ideas so far, from 4chan's /co/:

>If they ignore all the gritty bits of her story, which Disney is an expert at just look at Hunchback, then the La Maupin would make an excellent starting point for such a movie.
>You've got a professional singer and adventurer who finds the girl of her dreams. But the girls parents disapprove and so instead send the girl away to a convent. La Maupin goes on a thrilling adventure to find her, they run away together and live happily ever after. We ignore the part where they burn the convent down, and also the part where Maupin gets tired of her after like a year and goes looking for some new tail.

>The only thing I came up with was a selkie princess who has a bad habit of losing her "skin," and while she's looking for it one day, the daughter of a black market merchant comes across her. She realizes how valuable a selkie-girl is, makes up some bullshit about how she'll help her find her skin, they go off on an adventure together, blah blah blah.
>It's kind of stupid and Little Mermaid-esque, but the picture in my head of a confused-looking girl frantically searching around the shore and mumbling about how it's "the fiftieth time she's lost it" is just adorable to me.

>the prince who was cursed? make him a chick.
replace the hideous daughter with a forced hetero marriage. Possibly even an attractive Gaston-type guy. but still interfering.
>Babydykes everywhere would cover their devarts with fanworks based on Princess Bear and The Peasant Girl.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Obligitory wiki link to Dundalk
Also, when I said that Nessa's parents were killed in the Easter rising, I was hoping for them to be just innocent bystanders who were killed in the cross fire rather than die-hard revolutionaries or something.


So your epiphany is Buffy the Vampire Slayer? >_>

I'm pretty sure that was a joke
(Plus: Like hell am I going to let this idea die!)

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1st Story:

2nd Story:

I'll post a link to the Third story when it's archived. If you guys want, I can also post the stories here. I also want your guys input on characters you want to see, so don't be shy there!

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I shat brix when he just dropped into a Fillmore thread at midnight.

"School happened." Indeed.

Fillmore #5 was posted tonight. #4 has yet to be archived. Someone had better have it saved in case the guys at 4chanarchive decide to be dicks.

4 just needs a few more votes in the judging. These things do take time to show up in the public archives.

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Bringing my idea over from 4chan /co/
here goes.

Alright, I just got this idea yesterday and the details are still a tad sketchy. It may seem a bit LOLRANDUM to some of you, but remember, cartoon logic is applied to this.
The story begins with Farley, Who is cartoonishly thin, tall, and bony, with a long nose and sunken cheeks. It is unknown exactly who he is or what he did, but it is very obvious that he hates his life, and feel the world has been cruel to him, as we first see him in a motor boat, trying to get far away as possible from the rest of the world as possible, and is angrily muttering to himself. We don't know how long he's been boating, but he soon realizes he has made a key oversight, that motorboats eventually run out of gas. However, out at sea, he suddenly finds a Giant, fat, blobby Manatee. Still angry at the world, he grudgingly decides to ride the Manatee, trying to get even farther away, but is extremely mean to it, and yells at it and argues, not caring that he is talking to an animal that can't respond. With the Manatee, he angrily goes around the sea, and discovers many threats, from sadistic alligators, pretentious orca whales, and a large group of penguins in antarctica, which seem to act bizarrely like a primitive jungle tribe with spears, etc. (This idea has been changed significantly, likely no penguins, maybe polar bears, but I still find it necessary they go to Antarctica to keep diversity in locations.) Through these adventures, Farley begins to realize how much he and others rely on each other, including animals.

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Thread sucks, Michael J Fox handling everyday items is a better movie idea than this tripe.


I like the idea, really, but I'm not sure what you wanted from us here.

Have you worked on it anymore, or looked into how to pitch it to someone?

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We are in the process of making a Ed Edd and Eddy mod for TF2. We started this project about a week ago when some fellow 4chan members had came up with this great idea!

So far we have completed the majority of a map and are currently ripping sounds voices and music from the episodes. We are also in the early stages of modelling Ed: The Heavy.

Steam Group:


If you have any questions about the mod, feel free to ask. We are still looking for people who can model, script animations, etc. If you're interested go to the steam group and let us know.

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I have ideas, however I would prefer this be finished first.
THEN at least the prototype would be finished and playable BEFORE it enters /coc/'s "death in committee" trap. So..
Keep us updated, gentlemen. :3

File: 127559562937.jpg-(189.84KB, 1443x885, 1275430944668.jpg)
Keeping our friends from plus4chan updated

File: 127559565791.jpg-(148.36KB, 1431x861, 1275430990323.jpg)

hide File: 127555206284.jpg-(73.90KB, 487x381, PowerMan23i.jpg)
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A bit of a side-project from the /co/ soundtracks, so I think it deserves it's own thread. Basically, short 6-track mini-albums of songs (that don't have to be directly /co/-related) about characters, from any era or company. A bit more scope in song selection than the outright /co/ soundtracks, and far easier to do quickly.

File: 12755521408.png-(7.31KB, 700x176, blaxploitation power man.png)
And my first offering is The /co/llected Blaxploitation Power Man album. Soulful hits and funky far-out brother vibes, can you dig it?

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Hey, let's have a thread about comics (or cartoons, I guess...) that we're working on.

It's about a guy and a girl (their relationship is like a knight and his squire?) going around killing demons and interacting with anything I thought was cool when I was twelve. He wears armor with this symbol on the chest.

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Well that's what I'm intending it to make fun of. Stuff like Las Lindas or whatever it’s called where there are suddenly furries and shit is supposed to instantaneously work for some reason. Along with genetic horror stories of what happens in the process of all this, but mostly guy wants to become human again but suffers from opportunistic mad science and other freaky test subjects.

File: 126614341311.jpg-(425.75KB, 720x1080, 002bb.jpg)
Got a new page, why not upload it?

Goddamn, you draw so fucking well.

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/d/ fucks and rapes everyone so he doesnt care for her
/co/nrad see /co/lette as a bro little sister
/ck/ is his lover

So like The Spirit movie, right?

That makes perfect sense, actually.

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Another new Wakfu thread, cause 1000 posts and 10 minute load times are not my thing.

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It's an art direction. They also don't show noses, yet Grovy picks his in "Vampyro" and wipes it on a mirror.

Please tell me one of you will translate this.
I mean, I'll help with timings or whatever I can if need be, just, please, someone who speaks french french this frenchness.

Er...we're doomed, aren't we?

>550 posts

hide File: 126402257142.jpg-(56.28KB, 751x701, 1262693133502.jpg)
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New thread. Old one is even more giant then the one before.

Episodes if you need them.

Let's try a bit harder to keep this a thread about subbing the episode and take the discussion of the episodes/things related to Wakfu over to +/co/ so the thread doesn't fill up so fast on this end.

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WOW Thank u ^O^

I suppose everybody wait till 5th June and will те show up until then.

I eagerly waiting for the English scripts! Thanks in advance.

or you retards could just go to the new thread.

hide File: 125710078533.jpg-(66.67KB, 640x480, Photo 11.jpg)
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For anyone participating in NoShavember: I'm going to take a picture of me for every unshaven day of November, and I suggest you follow suit. Don't need to post every picture every day, but I encourage you do so for major updates in your (gripes about) facial hair.

Everyone else: business as usual, I guess.

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It's from the island of Lesbos, Greece?


We have the same hair style.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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Because there's gotta be a happy world somewhere in the multiverse.

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So is Gracie a detective or just normal?

Because I'll be sad if at least she doesn't help out ;_;

I can see her living a semi-normal life but I'd like to think she'd inherit her parents' affinity for mysteries, perhaps even her father's nose twitching. I could see her mellowing out around high school and worrying more about friends and boys and stuff like that but I'd like to think that, despite that, she'd jump at the very mention of the word "mystery". It would be sort of funny if she was shadowing Batman, trying to help him solve mysteries or something, though he'd tell her to go home and bug her parents. She probably wouldn't heed his advice, at least not without a degree of reluctance.

File: 127472894746.png-(23.30KB, 600x450, Static, Red Devil, and Blue Beetle.png)
Any ideas on this universe' Young Justice Team? I know it consists of these three (only Eddy has his powers or at least the power suit), Offspring, Miss Martian, and Terra III (I think Traci 13 was in there too). Are they the original in this universe or do they form sometime after the first YJ team disbands. Also, I'm assuming Bart is still Impulse in this universe or that he at least looks like himself and not Wally.

hide File: 126368204143.jpg-(151.32KB, 1024x768, Toa_Mata.jpg)
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Bionicle Redux

Mission Statement: Reboot the Bionicle Franchise, the Mata Nui Saga in particular.
Instead of everything being made out of technic pieces, think Avatar meets Green Lantern. Heroes falling from the sky with supernatural control over the elements battle evil.

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Bumping just because I'm really impressed with some of the things coming out of that Bionicle: Next Generation development!v=bbY2-x5s7sA

I'll only go through with this if in the end, Gali hooks up with Pohatu.

As for Bionicle IRL, I stopped caring for it around the time that they went to Metru Nui, and the story focused on the Turaga-As-Toa. I still have the comics, except for the first three comics and the first of the Glatorian series.

Put together a folder of the two Journey's End comics and the novel.

And with this and the last part of Reign of Shadows, that pretty much wraps things up for the original 10 year storyline, as well as starting this new "sans toyline, possibly fan-driven" post-Makuta adventure

hide File: 127287560392.jpg-(181.87KB, 550x480, 1264755473470.jpg)
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A while back my friend brought to my attention a series of pictures with various Gotham Rogues blended together to create a new group of distinct villains.
I don't know who the original artist is, but that's not incredibly important. Based just off the drawings we had, my friend and I tried to come up with some names and backstories for these new villains.
Now I come to /coc/ to try and solidify and flesh out these ideas, give the characters more definitive stories, and create a new batman universe based around these character concepts.

Pic not related

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Shame on me, i wasn't even thinking of him :(
I was focusing on just the amalgam characters listed and Bats himself, to which i ask again- should Bats be simply Batman/Bruce Wayne, or should we combine him with another character? Personally, i want to leave him alone. it'll make him more dynamic if our heroes (Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, Batgirl and Gordon) are the only ones not combined with some other character. Same people fighting against stronger, more capable villains.

thank you kindly

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