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Long-Term Projects

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Continued from

I suggest "Down in New Orleans" or some other song from the movie for the theme song as a deliberate throwback to the Aladdin TV Show.

Since Tiana and Naveen are no longer frogs at this point, do we want to change the title to something different? Or should it be established that Mama Odie gave them the ability to change into frogs at will (for times when they need to sneak into small places or communicate with other animals/bugs and whatnot)?

That's a good point, actually. Maybe we could call it "Tiana and Naveen"? or "Down in New Orleans"?


nah Title must be maintained for coherency. So I'd say keep the frog bit or make the first episode be Zombie F putting a Hex on them that turns them into frogs. Mama O is able to work it back to only affecting them under certain conditions (say acting too much like their former selves or such) but to be cured permanently they have to gather up some kinda magical voodoo mcguffins so they can put ghost/zombie/demon F back into the ground permanently and break the Hex.

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Hey, does anyone have the original 'Son, I am dissapoint' comic? I want to make something with it.

Pic Unrelated.

File: 126588601713.jpg-(675.37KB, 1199x1648, abstinence.jpg)
you mean this one?
Also, see

I shouldn't even have to tell you this.

Dr. Goblin.... I am disappoint.

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Please post anything and everything related to our favorite /co/ acquisition - the Disney teen sleuths and their pals.

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I think if Facilier is anything in this High-School setting, he'd teach something like entrepreneurship, or something like that. But instead of teaching the kids how to achieve their dreams, he tries to teach them how to cheat people out of theirs with voodoo and junk.


Business manager.


Err, business management. Sorry, forgot what I was typing near the end.

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Topics related to the subbing of "Time Jam: Valerian & Laureline" go here.

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Now I have the whole series on DVD so I can provide the raws. All we need are Timers and Translators.

With Wakfu nearing the end this season I thought now would be a good time to start pooling talent. But make no mistake, I don't want to slow down or derail the progress on Wakfu. This is something I want to do for after Wakfu.

dunno. looks kinda generic.

>>22303 has all the episodes for download

almost 41 of them,or something.

the comic is more amazing.

it it worth mentioning that this comic inspired the 5th element.

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Well, that's the gist of it.
This is a problem I've been working on for quite some time, in GM.

I haven't really settled on a plot. Or a main character name, or any of the objectives, really...
All I know is that this is going to be a 2d platforming puzzle game.
A general art style has been settled on, as seen in the screen shot, and the ones to come later.
I'll put out small tech demos as time goes on.

Suggestions are welcome.
Critique is encouraged.
Just about everything is still "In Progress", because adding new features tends to muck up previously fixed issues.

And, I'll have a pseudo demo up later today.

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I like what I see. I don't really have anything to say, everything is pretty and going well by the looks of it.

Also, download links are all fucked.

can you reupload?
all the links are dead

please please please reupload

hide File: 126360987499.jpg-(273.55KB, 566x823, issue 1 page 1.jpg)
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Okay. So a little more than half a year ago I started a project, and a few months later, finished it. A fanfic based on Ducktales(And Talespin, and darkwing duck. and everything else Disney), setting it "20 years later" after the apparent death of Scrooge McDuck and the divvying up of his fortune to Huey Dewey and Louie.

Interested parties can view the finished project here: ( and can view the project thread for it here: >>12596

Which brings us to a little over half a year later, and I've got the jones again. I started thinking (dangerous, I know) about what aspect of the universe I'd created I'd most like to expand upon and tell more stories about, and all signs (helped in no small part by my resurgence of interest in superhero comics and the release of Ultraheroes by Boom Kids) pointed to the Superhero angle, starring Louie Duck who, as those who read the story know, moved to St. Canard to pursue crime fighting as THE GREEN PHANTOM.

Now, I didn't want to just write another fanfic. Too easy. But finding an artist over the 'net is a stone cold pain. so I went to the store and bought myself a cheap sketchbook and some pencils. I figure I'm at least "okay" and I wanted to practice doing a comic book for another, non-/co/ project I've been pursuing.

So that's about it. I've started drawing my own comic, although at this point it's more of a proof of concept. I don't plan to really clean up these drawings, They're terrible scans, and I'll probably stop after a while, but I wanted you guys to see what I was up to(And also maybe attract a better artist than I to help, though I ain't holding my breath.). I also think, since its a new project it deserved a new thread.

So yeah. Here you go. Pages 1 and 2 of Issue 1 of THE GREEN PHANTOM. Sorry for the lack of word balloons. I have no Photoshop at the mo with which to put them in.

The general idea of this page is a little story introduction. Mysterious person locked in a sealed chamber busts out and attacks two scientists.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Because I am fucking INSANE I've actually planned out a surprising amount of stuff for this story. I'm up to Issue 5 in the planning stages (even though I haven't even finished issue 1) and have a few rough ideas for what the eventual outcomes might be for various plotlines. Really, doing the art is fun and all, but it's really bogging me down.

Anyway, I wouldn't expect as much proliferation as you saw from me from D:20yl, just because of a combination of my lack of a good scanner(I have to pay money to do it at a copyshop. Fuck that shit) and my slow artistic pace in general.

Just wanted to let everyone who enjoyed my first project know what I was up to, really. Also, open invitation, any artists who enjoy drawing in a disney style who wants to take over for me and want to share in the creative process are more than welcome. The Green Phantom-iverse is still in its larval stages after all. I've got a few rogues planned out (Unlike D:20yl, I want to establish a lot of original supporting cast to surround Louie with instead of digging up real Disney characters to work off of) and I certainly want to include a fair few team-ups with other Disney supers (Darkwing Duck principal among them, but Gizmoduck and Supergoof are also fore-runners) and at least one part where Louie puts on Gizmoduck armor and yells "I AM INVINCIBLE! I AM DOOM ITSELF!" But other than that, It's a fairly open universe at this point.

Stay frosty and respond however you will.

Shame no one's responded to this yet.

I look forward to it. I really enjoyed D:20yl, and I'm interested in seeing more of the universe you've created/expanded upon.

I actually kinda doubt I'll be able to continue this, at least not at the moment. I've actually fallen into some real Non-fan projects. This will have to go on hold for a while (At least my drawing of it. I'll still probably still dream about it for a while yet.)

Invitations still open if anyone want to try picking it up.

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thread for the subbing of future episodes of Wakfu goes here

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File: 126054665981.png-(274.21KB, 568x410, wasdasd.png)
I guess this mean that Ep 18 is already released?

>>20266 main page says:
Wakfu Episode 18: Tomorrow!
Join The Brotherhood of Tofu with episode 18 of Wakfu tomorrow on France 3 at 9:55!

Please use the other thread.

perhaps this needs a lock

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I think we should try to make one for plus4chan.

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Recording now.

What the shit... ?

/r9k/ has one now?


What the fuck? /b/ has another one?

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Eee, this seems the best place for this kind of thread.

Anyway, I'm starting up a very, very small comic/short story fusion magazine in my city, with the intent of gathering talent from across the UK, the north west in particular, and giving them a venue to show their wares.

The comic is going to be entirely in black and white (due to cost) and will be either 24 or 44 pages in length, either allowing it to be the same length as a normal comic but sold for much cheaper (the price for printing this would be around 1.10) or nearly double the amount for the same-ish price of a normal comic (2.20, or so).

There's also the choice over the quality of the paper to make, and I've yet to decide whether to go for it being A4 sized or A5 sized (the above prices are A5 at the high-quality paper / A4 at the normal quality).

There will be no advertisements, and very little profit I'm afraid, sacrificing that in order to aim for wider recognition, but there's no reason to not add 20p on after the selling price to generate a little more currency, and maybe earn everyone a few quid in the long run.

I've already got one comic shop willing to stock some issues, and feel confident about being able to sell them in the local SU and another local comic store; any I can't sell in-store I am willing to try and hawk on the street corner, although I will be asking people involved in the comic to ask their local comic-shops if they'd consider stocking it for...I dunno, a clean 10p profit?

Anyway, I've made a group on Facebook about it: and am now in the process of designing posters to recruit the actual artists and writers I need to get this show on the road.

So...any advice? And also, any Britfag artist/writers here interested? Sure you'd get pennies in profit, but at least your work will get acknowledgement beyond the 'netz (where, let's face it, even H.I.B.Y can somehow become popular).
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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So can we get a progress report on this, or what?


A progress report? Oh sure.


We have an internet idea.


I'm working on a layout for a comic as we speak, though it'll probably have to be redone... and I might need 7 pages as opposed to 5. If you want, I'll send the script to your email so you can verify it, give feedback/critique on it, etc. I've got a whole bunch of pitches to turn into comics too, but obviously you have enough writers as it is.

hide File: 124599494056.jpg-(292.13KB, 764x925, Longshot.jpg)
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OK, so I saw the new Transformers movie and thought, "Holy Shit, how awesome would it be if the Railgun was an autobot. Later on, someone was talking about the satellite being raped by Soundwave, so eventually, I named the satellite Eyeris and now it's a fembot autobot. Most of the things I post from now on are the ideas and the character's traits.

Pic related. /co/ is really helping with this one.

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"Will you become one with the superior team, autobot?" Soundave asked as he was nearing the end of his own run. "PLE-PLEASE, DON'T MAKE ME ANSW- OH- ANSWER SUCH A DUMB QUESTION. I WOULD NEEEYYAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" She felt an oily substance run through the inside of her body. She was shaking tremendously as sparks were hitting every single last pleasureable point on her body. Soundwave pulled out and left, his job done and mark established. Eyeris stared into the deep of space, wondering if her allies would ever treat her that way.
"Eyeris, come in. You haven't reported for the last half-hour". "I was busy Prime, and not to mention there was too much interference". She was about to leak fluids from her optical sensors when she suddenly heard Prime's voice again. "We care about our Autobot brothers and sisters. You sound tired, so come home and your brother, Longshot, will get softground for your landing. We'll be waiting for you."

As Eyeris looked into space once more, she felt a warm pleasure, different and not shameful. She went back to earth with a smile on her face and a bit of Decepticon fluid behind her.

Just finished with TFA, I need some sort of continuation with it.

I thought this idea was gone forever. Thank goodness this thread can be revived. After seeing the trailers for the new Transformers game, I wonder how Longshot and Eyeris would fit during the war on Cybertron.

hide File: 126361306196.jpg-(57.96KB, 380x380, thorn,ophelia.jpg)
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There's a thread on /co/ about a Hex Girls/Brutal Legend Crossover. Maybe we can expand on it here. One of the ideas we had was to make Dusk a muscle chick and : 3

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File: 126364734617.jpg-(359.19KB, 1280x1133, ophelia.jpg)
Thread is gone now ( :( ) but one of the basic ideas was that they'd end up in the BrĂ¼tal Legend universe, their instruments getting mystical powers in the process, and join Ironheade at first. Then one of them (probably Dusk) would end up getting captured and corrupted by the Tainted Coil, and another falls in the Sea of Black Tears and joins the Drowning Doom. Not entirely sure who the second one should be; Thorn is the defacto leader so she should probably stay with Ironheade, but on the other hand her personality fits the DD more than Luna and there's the obvious parallels of her being voiced by Jennifer Hale, just like Ophelia (Eddie could even remark on how similar they are). The season final would be the remaining good member battling both evil factions to get her friends back.

"We're getting the band back together." and such.

File: 126379711527.jpg-(53.82KB, 650x457, scooby doo tits shagg.jpg)
ah, one more set of characters to tie into my dream story...

ideally a comic, it revolves around the next generation of Mysteries Inc. the child of each of the current members joins the team, though with the uprising of the monster population, the band of once detectives have been turned into monster hunters, vampire slayers, and zombie exterminators

the main factor in all of it i want to keep in mind is that everything that has happened is cannon. Daphne's daughter was taught magic by Vincent Van Ghoul, Don Knotz's ghost would lead the gang around, and Shaggy drag-raced Dracula. even thinking last minute Speed Buggy/Jabberjaw/Globetrotters to the rescue thing on their last big job to kill Dracula himself

have a lot more for it, but the short of it is Daphne and Fred's kids (a gothic slut type who's actually Daphne and Vincent VanGhoul's lovechild, and the Brock Samsonesque stern badass former soldier), Shaggy's airhead hippie gymnast daughter, her personal guardian (for the deep bond that Scooby and Shaggy had, the now-dead Scoob's grandson protected Shaggy's daughter), and Velma's adopted tweaky genius of a 12-year old son. they drive around a groovily painted battle-van slaying whatever dark beasties they find

so what do we know about the Hex Girls anyway aside from being hot? missed that movie...


I know one of them is 1/16th Wiccan... somehow.

hide File: 126143817239.jpg-(92.65KB, 680x841, Vividici Doom.jpg)
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Working on a story for Roman Doom. There will be gods and Norse and Egyptian and rape and murder and shit. Too lazy to type. Should be done by at least March, I'm a lazy fucker who doesn't want to mess this up.


expand 68 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
I could see Beowulverine's story working in one of two ways:

1. He and Sabretooth are the mythical brothers Romulus and Remus, raised by wolves, and thus inheriting their strengths.

2. The original idea, posted earlier.

One thing that hasn't been addressed was whether or not his strong ties to Japan would be included in this version of the Marvelverse?

File: 12636300183.jpg-(45.19KB, 300x327, junior-1.jpg)


Just a broken arm and a bad headache, really.

hide File: 126344310881.png-(62.08KB, 1750x550, Scarab.png)
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Pictured are four itinerations of the same character, Scarab, with each inineration being more armored than the one preceding it. If you would, please tell me which design you prefer, and why you prefer it that way. Another option, not shown, is itineration #4 without the shoulder armor. I could quickly make that up, if you require a visual example. Thank you in advance for your help.

expand 11 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
So then, 1-3 aren't bulky enough, five is too bulky, and four looks to be just about perfect?

I vote for #4, or >>21353. Seems the most balanced overall.

I concur.

hide File: 126337051238.png-(58.72KB, 236x236, co-meetup.png)
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Hello all. I'm not sure if you've heard, but /co/'s planning a meetup for the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.

I thought you guys might be interested. Here's the Google Groups for it:

I'll be there, as will Cap, Baron, and some /co/mrades with whom we've met before.

hide File: 120752453974.png-(15.19KB, 518x490, silverhawktest.png)
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Working on a game of sorts. Going to make it /co/-focused.

Question: who should I put into the game? E.g. as a boss or something.


Silverhawk: If you want your sprite changed, go ahead and ask for changes. I just based it off the pictures in /draw/.

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File: 12487605687.png-(38.87KB, 1034x1046, flying-co-.png)

I am dragging up this old thing to tell Endpiece I am disappoint.


I get the feeling I'm better suited to cranking out engines for other people to make games with, you know? I've got a half-baked top-down engine that's like a cross between Chrono Trigger and Monkey Island, and a remake of the old spring-jump engine... I could dust those off, fix them up and upload them for someone else using MMF2 to make games with.

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