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File: 128407350023.png-(72.11KB, 611x587, make science!.png)
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File: 128407393762.png-(18.01KB, 180x180, civilian2.png)
Make Science! is a planned dwarf fortress mod that puts you in charge of a fledgling space pirate fortress. you start out with only a few pirates, some fuel, and a few materials to get started, the rest you'll have to dig up around your base. featuring dozens of creatures from super metroid and the prime series, fierce battles with galactic troopers the legendary hunter herself, and delicious phazon to perform experiments on and "improve" creatures (sometimes other space pirates) into bioweapons, do you have what it takes to SCIENCE your fortress into the most awesomest garrison of the glorious space pirate empire?




File: 128409400717.png-(19.42KB, 180x180, phazon technician.png)
notable changes from dwarf fortress:
-much less reliance on wood and stone, metal ores are much more common and are needed for a lot more common things
-fuel in general is cheaper and easier to make, you can either use a biomass like a tree to make 1 unit or one of several common fuel materials to create 20 units. you need fuel for most metal/weapon crafting
-phazon replaces adamantium as the most valuable material. phazon can either be used raw and injected into organisms like metroids or space pirates to create horrifying beasts, or can be refined into phazite for use in weapons, armor, and crafts (PHAZON TUUUBES)
-pirates cant reproduce, you'll get your additional units through migrant waves
-fell beasts are replaced with ranomly generated mercenaries, once you have enough metroids samus herself will attack. you can't kill samus, only make her flee.
-drafting into the military and equiping items is permanent, as sawing off limbs for swords is as such.
-quite a few workshops have been combined, added, or removed

File: 12840942441.png-(20.33KB, 180x180, scientist.png)
the bio-lab replaces the kennels, farmer's workshop, and butcher. it requires a pirate specialized in bioscience and a block of usable building material to be constructed. you use it to tame the various creatures found, like zoomers, shriekbats, etc. large/ferocious organisms (i.e. metroids, thardus) can't be tamed without a head scientist present. yo ucan also butcher biomaterials from dead organisms to be used for science (space pirates are butcherable). phazon can be injected into large/ferocious creatures to create vastly more powerful versions.

File: 128409469416.png-(21.72KB, 180x180, miner.png)
the construction depot handles masonry/carpentry tasks and needs a pirate specialized in construction and a block of usable building material. you're able to make noncombat tools like mining lazers or mining helms. you also manufacture building materials here (you can't just use blocks of metal, they need to be processed first). you can process one block of metal into ten metal flooring tiles, ten metal wall tiles, or a metal computer (adds to aesthetic value).

they're also very important in that they are used to craft TUUUUBES. tubes will increase a pirate's happiness levels, but they can also be used as cages. they can only be made of glass or megaglass. pirate log terminals, save stations, and missile upgrades are all craftable here, and act as statues, only increasing happiness levels of the pirates and the value of the room. doors and gadora (eyeball doors) can be made through metal and biomaterial useage, respectively. you can also make spaceship parts and energy units for trading, metal trap components, and storage crates

replace aesthetic value with SCIENCE value

replace variants of quality with varying degress of scientificness

File: 128409509243.png-(19.17KB, 180x180, blacksmith.png)
the hotshop is the smelter, you'll be using it a lot. you can process loads of metals into building blocks, but only five into weapons. these are, from weakest to strongest, radion, denzium, cordite, bendezium, and maldium. radion is essentially wood, with maldium being steel. you also need maldium for some nicer equipment and workshops. the hotshop can be used to make glass with grobnite ore, ore by mixing grobnite and cordite to megaglass, which is a hell of a lot nicer. most processes need one fuel, but making maldium bars needs ten fuel gel units.

the fission reactor creates the fuel gel needed to power everything else. using afloaraite (which can be mined) yields twenty fuel gel, while using straight up biomatter (harvested from corpses or trees) yield one. gel is stored in storage crates. fuel cells can be made using 100 units and a metal storage crate, fuel cells are needed for high tech weaponry and armor.

File: 128409569186.png-(18.39KB, 180x180, wrestlelord.png)
weapons tech is huge for space pirates, you'll find yourself making the most money here. every weapons process needs fuel, with higher tier phazon weapons needing fuel cells to power their creation. there are two types of weapon, blaster claw and swordhand. both require the pirate to remove a limb, meaning equiping them is permanent and that pirate is in the miliary for life. you can always make a wrestler pirate though. in addition, you can make plasma and missile turrets, stationary weapons that will attack intruders (kind of like a leashed bowman) but they'll run out of ammo quickly. armorwise, you can forge the metal armors or phazite armor, nothing really special there. then there's the SUPER SCIENCE options, where you need the head scientist to access. these include plasma shields, the creation of OMEGA PIRATES (needs a ton of unprocessed phazon and a space pirate, turns him essentially into a extremely powerful guard dog t hat dies in like a year or two), special missle pack weapon/missiles (dunno how that will work), jetpacks (also don't know how that will work), phazite swords and clawblasters, metroid hats, and heavy turrets. spare weapons are what you'll be trading to other friendly factions come endgame, well, those and tubed metroids.

File: 128409581581.png-(24.18KB, 180x180, chef.png)
pirates need sustenence, so gathered plants, trees, and spare corpses are sent to the nourishment lab for processing into rations and nutrient fluid. elites need their own special elite nutrient mix. pirates will really eat anything, including other dead space pirates, so food isn't that much of a concern.

File: 128409617459.png-(24.79KB, 180x180, GFsoldier.png)
ambushes are much more common now, as, being space pirates, you have a lot of enemies. most of the time it'll be galactic federation troopers, heavily armed strike squads. their armor and weapons are very powerful, but also unuseable by pirates. they can be sold for a decent value. the other factions include the luminoth, who are neutral and will trade their shitty crafts to you, but if you harvest too much biomass they may go crazy and attack you, and then theres the ing, who are hostile to everything and can't be tamed or caught in traps.

mercenaries will spawn occasionally as well, similarly to fell beasts. their toughness varies, although they drop expensive equipment usually.

File: 128409636130.png-(30.80KB, 180x180, samus.png)
samus will only raid once the fortress has a large number of metroids. She usually targets the metroids, focusing on killing them and anyone who gets in her way. after all the metroids are dead, she may retreat, or may instead just proceed to kill your entire base. dark samus appears once the fortress begins mining phazon. she'll head over to the stockpile and steal any phazon available, then retreat. these hunters do not trigger traps and must be killed. once slayed, samus drops various chozo artifacts, which can be sold at a high price or used to make reverse engineered things, while dark samus drops massive amounts of blue phazon, and a few chunks of red phazon, which can't be made into weapons but is awesome for crafting and trading. note that no corpse is dropped, so you must assume that the hunter(s?) escaped some how and will return eventually. samus will occasionally appear with a squad of GF troopers.

File: 128409641357.png-(17.14KB, 180x180, geemer.png)
-baby metroid
-tallon metroid
-hopper metroid
-dark metroid
-hunter metroid
-phazon metroid
-metroid hopper
-metroid hatcher
-omega metroid
-blue scree
-metal shriekbat
-juvenile sidehopper
-blue sidehopper
-brown ripper
-purple ripper
-red ripper
-worker mella
-hunter mella
-queen mella
-mella hive
-lava zeela
-yapping maw
-reaper vine
-dark reaper
-phazon vine

File: 12840968692.png-(31.84KB, 180x180, ing.png)
-aqua reaper
-dark blog
-alpha blog
-tallon crab
-dark grenchler
-various dark versions of creatures
-ing warbeasts

-tangle weed variants
-cylrlic tree
-blueroot tree
-kashh plant
-glow stem (phazon)
-glowing spidervine
-sap sac variants

FELL BEASTS (yes they're still here, mercenaries are just sentient fell beasts. they cannot be captured and hope to god you're ready for them)
-queen metroid
-emperor ing
-torizo (chozo robot thing)
-chozo ghost
-dark ingsmasher
-metroid prime

forgot brinstone and talloric alloy

This file contains every single pirate or foe, that has benn created over the past days. (Even the Piratepirate)

Just reading through the log entries in Metroid Prime and I think I found something interesting.
It mentions, that the first generation of elite pirates was unable to hit sexual maturity.
So I gues they have gender? Or maybe they are like snails.

And they mention a phazon subtype, which they use to create elite pirates, since normal phaton doesn't cut it.
They called it Vertigo Phazon.

File: 128414983535.png-(355.23KB, 672x480, Batcard fund it.png)
About time I got into DF!

So, what role does Ridley have in this?

It would seem to me that, being the one in charge of all this mess, you are Ridley.


File: 128417486098.png-(21.67KB, 180x180, flying pirate.png)
yes, every fort starts out with a babby ridley (the only one you'll ever get). after a few years, it'll grow into straight up ridley. he'll roam around and protect your fortress from hunters and stuff. if he dies, you can use his corpse at a biolab with some biomaterials and phazon to bring him back as meta-ridley. when meta ridley dies, he still drops a corpse, so you an effectively keep reviving ridley, just never have more than one at once

dunno what this guy is about, maybe he could be the head scientist?

>head scientist
I see what you did there.

haha holy crap that was totally unintentional

He's one of those jetpacking ones, obviously. He just likes dressing up like Ridley 'cuz he wants to fly like him.

How about:
In order to create elite pirates, you must first inject parasites with normal phazon in order to harvest vertigo phazon, which then can be used for elite pirate creation.


Play Metroid: other M, theres a baby Ridley in some cutscenes

File: 128421529425.png-(354.94KB, 631x353, Babyridley.png)
Reposting from /cog/

Maybe put in an option for specific pirates to flee from Samus / Dark Samus? Make it a simple yes/no thing maybe.

But might that make it too easy? Like, you could have the Metroid and Phazon rooms right next to outside, with an outside door and an inside door and all the Scientists set to flee. When Samus / Dark Samus appear they could just run, and the Hunters would pass with no deaths.

Our leader is so kawaiiiiii~

Well, the official order is to kill/capture the hunter if sighted.
So I dont think they would try to flee.

in prime 2 theres a few dead pirates with friendly fire in their backs, the log suggests that they were trying to flee. no retreat, baby, no surrender.

File: 128422636468.png-(24.36KB, 180x180, pissedpirate.png)
From reading a little bit about the elves in DF I get, that they are a neutral race, that will trade shit with you if you are friendly, but attack you, if you piss them off.
Is that correct?

If so, then I don't see why the Luminoth shoulddn't be their replacement.
Nice and friendly if you behave, but if you go on their nerves, they'll punch the living shit out of you with their giant robots.

Also I adjusted this guys head a little.

>luminoth, who are neutral and will trade their shitty crafts to you, but if you harvest too much biomass they may go crazy and attack you

I should read more carefully.

>But might that make it too easy? Like, you could have the Metroid and Phazon rooms right next to outside, with an outside door and an inside door and all the Scientists set to flee. When Samus / Dark Samus appear they could just run, and the Hunters would pass with no deaths.

>Generic dorf pirate is outside the fortress
>Samus starts chasing him
>Samus should be way faster than generic pirate
>Pirate raped
>2 or 3 unemployed pirates embark in a lootan our bro's body quest
>Repeat 5 times

I hope that's not going to be used. I'm not sure it's that good.

File: 128425454243.png-(404B, 16x16, civilian 16 bit.png)
to be honest, the 16x16 graphics needed for dwarf fortress are so limiting and i am so bad at pixel art that in the end it doesn't even matter, even if it doesn't look that good it'll be shrunken to the point of obscurity

Fair enough.

So what percentage of the icons are done now?


That's more than enough

This is far too brilliant to go unrealized.

Oh, and if I'm understanding this correctly, the nobles and tantrum systems are more or less unaltered while the alcohol dependency is removed? And is fell beast is your term for Hidden fun stuff?

File: 128431262384.png-(618B, 16x16, 16bit blueroot tree.png)
1/10th of the total sprites and the entire font are done

i'm encountering a few tiny problems here and there, like how the game colors all the blueroot trees green making them look like brocoli, but that should be easily fixable

>1/10th of the total sprites and the entire font are done

So assuming you continue to work at the same rate, this thing could be completed in under a month.

My gods man, you better start taking donations.

i also picked the music, a few tracks from the original NES metroid. it was an awesome concept at first... but they get very, very annoying after looping for a while.

but no, its going to take a fuckton more time than that, its just i've a lot of free time recently, all of which is going to explode sometime next week.

nobles will demand phazon mandates, like, make three phazon chairs or something along those lines. i may keep alcohol dependency, unsure about it. forgotten beasts are those things from 2010 edition, they're Fun that spawns once you've dug into an underground chasm and created a large amount of wealth. i'll just change the tags a bit so that you'll get a randomly generated uninvited guest, like "the fell beast Hgssagha Fgsfds has come! a giant metallic chozo ghost. it has fierce talons and cackles menancingly. beware its demonic gaze!" or somethign along those lines.

And some newer tracks like from the prime series would take up to much space, I suppose?

they don't really fit the 8 bit feel

>nobles will demand phazon mandates, like, make three phazon chairs or something along those lines.
If you are going to do that, make the phazon more common

About the music: Phendrana drifts

Since they are not 8-bit, yes.
But I feel like some looping tracks from Prime would be less annoying after a while, then the older tracks.

File: 128438725162.png-(387B, 16x16, 16bit TUUUUUBE.png)
dunno about making phazon more common, but i do like phendra drifts. i was originally using the NES version of brinstar, but 'm thinking i'll just loop the smash bros version of brinstar

I'm okay with that.

How do you make the sprites? Do you just shrink the pictures?

File: 128439201782.png-(526B, 16x16, 16bit supermissile.png)
if that was the case, i'd be done in a week...

i originally thought that just shrinking the pictures would be enough, but you lose so many details when you shrink it that its better to just use the big image as a reference and draw the sprite from scratch.

on the plus side, i've always wanted to learn spriting...

File: 128439350589.png-(3.03KB, 16x16, metroidpirate-small.png)
Wow, it's fucking hard to get some details onto these small pirates.

Maybe make different pirate kinds different colours altogether?

File: 128439548272.png-(3.01KB, 16x16, phazonpirate-small.png)
That would take away their silly costumes, but make it easier to hold them apart, yeah...

Can't you do a wee bit bigger tileset so details can be appreciated?

There are 18x18 repositories for DF, perhaps it could work out w/ that or 20x20 (not sure how this affects performance)

File: 128440178928.png-(483B, 16x16, 16bit miner.png)
you'd be surprised, 18x18 tiles make the games noticeably slower, using ironhands 18x18 causes slowdown with around 60ish dwarves. 16x16 is a challenge, but it can be done.

File: 12844025723.png-(429B, 16x16, 16bit doctor.png)
also, i'm pretty happy with the way the sprites are coming out. i'm not half assing them, but in tests runs of the game they seem pretty alright

File: 128440334063.png-(3.05KB, 16x16, chefpirate-small.png)

also i am having an abnormally hard time drawing the tube to represent cages (the one posted is the "well" cage)

abnormally meaning i have spent hours on this shit


File: 128440976412.png-(41.71KB, 640x160, assorted TUUUBES.png)

guys pick which style is the "best" and i'll roll with that i just wanna move on

blown up for better clarity, in the process they got all blurry

Take nr. 1...or 4, no 1. Yes.

File: 128441015871.png-(286.51KB, 900x540, mypirates.png)
Which one of these are important and haven't been made by you yet?
Cause I'd like to try my hands at these.
Except the metroid, that's yours.

File: 128441122591.png-(653B, 64x16, assorted TUUUBES.png)
here's how they actually look

the only one of yours i've done is the doctor... in fact, i've been avoiding doing the space pirates, trying to finish the 256x256 tile list first. if you would pixelize your pirates it'd be great, i'll handle the metroid

#1 retains the gradient effect, 2 and 3 are too simple but could work and 4 is LAZOR TUBES

My vote goes with #1

There you go.

File: 128441450382.png-(355B, 16x16, grapple beam.png)
holy shit that was fast, thanks

...i'd better hurry it up on my end too

File: 128442027786.png-(435.83KB, 720x479, itsmagic.png)

So I've never really gotten into DF before, would Make Science be a good place to start or should I run with normal DF to learn the ropes first?


Download dwarf fortress, you cant get into a game only because a just-textures-and-some-mechanics mod

Use this holy shit so awesome guide bro:

Well I've been meaning to start with DF before, I just never got around to it.

Is this project still alive?

I hope so!

OP, maybe you could keep the outfits AND make each pirate type a different colour?

Might be best.

File: 128475356840.png-(3.00KB, 16x16, commandokungfupirate-small.png)
Let's see how it'll turn out in the actual game first and then decide.

That pirate is going to need an outline or something, otherwise on yellow stone like orthoclase they're gonna be invisible.

File: 128475605225.jpg-(14.08KB, 203x233, bryoo_statue.jpg)
yes, yes its still alive, not going to be done for at least a month though because i'm swamped in work and am a very, very lazy man

The whole thing is going to be in a month? At LEAST?

Dude, that's great

File: 128499438371.gif-(6.36KB, 256x256, Pirates_16x16.gif)
i would have done so much more if reach wasnt so damn fun

text is white so it may look invisible kind of

Will artifacts still be in the game? What sort of things will they make?


If I remember right the guy said that Artifcats would just be laying around and you couldn't destroy them cause " LOL CHOZO "

So you have to hide them in the walls and shit.


No, I mean the 'Urist McShithead is taken by a fey mood! / Urist McShithead has claimed a Craftsdwarfs Workshop / Urist McShithead yells "I MUST HAVE GLASS!"'

Those kind of artefacts.



So that puts us in the role of Mother Brain?

And what about Kraid?

File: 128530932622.png-(2.92KB, 16x16, babyridley-small.png)
How about this:
The empty shell of baby ridley can be stuffed and used to calm down angry pirates.
But once destroyed, it's gone.

File: 128531035146.png-(3.02KB, 16x16, ridley-small.png)
Maybe he could be used to guard important locations.
You would need to pay a lot of resources to "hire" him, but he'll be very hard to kill for intruders.

This Ridley does not look good.

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