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Long-Term Projects

 New Thread

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Alright, I'm just going to lay out my ideas here.

Two engineers live on a moon base. Their names are Dmitry and Isaac. They work for Spaceco, the leading company in robotics and space exploration. Their job is to fix robots and keep the station from being destroyed. The space station is across the street (the only street on the moon that goes all the way around and meets itself) from the only gas station on the moon. The gas station and accompanying convenience store are run by Gas, a man from Houston who has made friends with Dmitry and Isaac because they're his most (read: only) regular customers. Inside the base, their robot secretary (named Brobot by Dmitry and Isaac) gives them assignments. Brobot is depressed because he is bolted to the ground rather than having legs and cannot see the universe. A majority of their time is spent procrastinating, hanging out with Gas, and hastily coming up with solutions to problems that failure to solve will result in being fired (and probably killed long before then).

My friend and I have a handful of basic episode outlines, and some quickly sketched concept art, but other than that we aren't very far along.

File: 128037826869.png-(2.24MB, 922x1484, prince of mars.png)
Very quick, very rough, very bad episode idea fresh from my brain and has not had the opportunity to be discussed with my friend.

The Prince of Mars shows up on the moon, looking for a place to build a base so he can take over Earth. Dmitry and Isaac try to stop him by heading over to the construction site, but the guards toss them out before they can get to the Prince. They sneak in by knocking out two guards and using very shoddy Martian costumes to gain access. They make their way to the Prince's room where they bust in and attack. The Prince claims he doesn't want to take over Earth but he's being forced to by the King, so they don't kill him. Suddenly, alarms start going off because an asteroid is coming, and Dmitry, Isaac, and the Prince all escape the worksite. The asteroid hits and blows up the base. They go play video games in the Spaceco lounge.

I've got far better episode ideas written down somewhere.

File: 128037873629.png-(3.76MB, 1642x1267, riding a space monster.png)
Cool, I found my old .txt full of episode ideas. Oh wow, this was back when the idea was to have them on a spaceship rather than a moon base. I guess some of them can be adapted.

Idea #1: They find a steampunk spaceship that is fueled on oceans and has been lost for 300 years, covered in gears, and they need the main characters to fix it which amounts to clearing a jam in the giant gears that make the ship move.

Idea #2: They build a robot out of spare parts and have it do chores and stuff, and it slowly starts to hate them and eventually leaves their ship so it can go destroy all of humanity because it assumes all humans are as bad as them.

Idea #3: They find a bunch of robots that follow their every command, one of them annoys them and they tell it to get lost, it decides the only way to do that is to destroy the tracking arrays in the ship's computer, which would irreparably destroy the ship and kill them.

Idea #4: They accidentally use a super magnet to crash two planets into each other, and receive very many angry phone calls.

Idea #5: They cannot find their spaceship in a giant intergalactic parking lot.

Idea #6: They are on trial for committing pretty much the worst crimes one spaceship's pilots can commit, and have to try to get out of taking responsibility for all the crazy shit they've done.

Idea #7: They get a prototype space-Roomba that goes crazy and tries to 'clean' their ship by killing them because they keep the place dirty.
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Since /jp/ has become communist, moving the thread here. Though never really meant to be a "long-term project" I suppose we can continue doing different playthroughs and routes. So then, let's begin...

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I still have the Sakura/Rider route to put up, which is the longest and will take some time to type up, even though it's just an outline.

There's also a Sola and Bazett route, but I dunno if I'll bother with them since they don't really have anything that special to them.

hey rape boss please post all those route that you have mention i think those route will be also awsome and can you please make a saber route i really want to see saber and our character to fall for each other it will make an awsome tandem thank you for the favor rape boss.^_^

File: 12802440457.jpg-(163.70KB, 400x500, 82b1f38116fcabaef2f74c25535ded3b44d27425.jpg)
Fate/Extra is out now, which has more Servants we could have used... Extra Caster is pretty cute!

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details to follow

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File: 127960821951.png-(1.70MB, 914x1039, T.png)
#3: T v1

I did two designs for Mr. T. This one is a more traditional heavy-armor type deal.

File: 127960833824.png-(1.69MB, 893x1004, T2.png)
#4: T v2

This is the second design for him. Tried to go for a "Prototype Armor Form" look, but then I remembered I haven't played Prototype in a very long time. I feel like I screwed this one up really bad.

File: 127960851225.png-(2.40MB, 979x1312, H 001.png)
#5: H

This one is way bigger than the rest, and I have no idea why. Oh well. I drew on him this really weird flamethrower idea I had.

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I was wondering if anyone had the link to all the current Zombie Soundtracks

I'm just making sure I'm up to date and watnot

nobody at all?

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Remember (I don't think you do) like a year or two ago when I said I was going to work on /co/mrade bears? Well here's the bears that will be turned into /co/mrade 's. Should I start work on them? Would anyone want them?

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It'll get done, I've got to find a book or something on how to make teddy bear clothes. It's been so long since I made teddy bear clothes I kinda forgot how to do it.

File: 127935450120.png-(25.84KB, 1079x575, currentCO.png)


I imagine the right one's head is upside down.

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ITT we create a new fictional universe. Characters in this universe have superhuman powers, but ARE NOT SUPERHEROES OR VILLIANS. No Space travel or magic either. Pic not related.

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John Fairweather
Age: 53
Power: Flight and super speed

For twenty years, Mr. Fairweather worked for the SHPS (Super-Human Parcel Service). The SHPS is a U.S. company, started in the mid-1800s, that employed people who could teleport, fly or jump great distances or run faster than horses for days on end, all to deliver letters and packages at premium prices. Quickly overshadowing the Pony Express (now only a footnote in this world's history), they turned into a successful large-scale international corporation. As people with superhuman abilities are relatively rare, and those with abilities useful to the SHPS even rarer, Mr Fairweather was very well-compensated for his service and was able to retire early. Now, he acts as a casual courier, making a small bit of extra income as he spends his semi-retirement traveling the world.

sama sempai san

Name: Thomas Drayton
Age: 22
Powers: Cognitive Temporal Recall*
Ran away from home in his mid-teens and traveled from place to place making money as a small time con-man and from his knack for gambling.
During one such time, he was discovered by Derric Bannen, the topmost man in the racketeering business in Las Vegas who owns the Casino Thomas had been cleaning out. Instead of teaching him a lesson, Thomas was offered a position.
He is now primary advisor to Bannen and oversees most all of the illegal goings ons of the business. His abilities prove most useful in keeping Bannen clean despite his seedy criminal dealings.
However, despite the life he lives, he doesn't take any particulat joy in being a criminal, he merely sees it as an opprotunity that was too good to pass. He dreams of some day getting out of the business because he feels as though he's meant for better things.

*The power to rewind one's day.
Say you hit your head on something and for the rest of the day, you have a splitting fucking headache. At any point you want, you can rewind your day to any point at all. Could be you rewind it right after you hit your head, or when the day is over. You could go back to five minutes before you hit your head or back to when you woke up.
Thing is, you can only go back once a day.
So, you go back, prevent yourself from hitting your head, but then later on, you accidently get cut on something., can't go back to stop that.
However, if you go a day without rewinding at all, that's like a time credit you can use at any point in the future. With this time credit, you can use as an extra rewind in the course of a day, or you can use it to rewind a complete day into the past. So however many days you go without using your power, that's how many extra rewinds you get.

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Punch out TV Series Thread.

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>Anyone here still care?



Newfag (me), and yes


Narcis Prince... his VA? Oddly, I kinda imagine David Tennant (aka the 10th Doctor) giving his that right amount of brilliance and that same level of arrogance in a refined demeanor.

It's >>29491 again.

I can't wait to see what episode synopses you guys come up for the next bout. Since we had Don Flamenco early, will we have our fighting entourage head to "MÖTHER ROSSIA", to take on Soda?

I wanted to promote that "juiced-up" Soda he uses in TD for said episode, but... if you guys incorporate Title Defense episodes, we can use that afterwords... still... the thought of muscle tampering in "Russian Super-Science" (ala Rocky 4) makes it seem that the World Circuit fighters are beginning to get desperate to prevent Little Mac from getting any higher in the ranks...

...dunno bout Bald Bull; I think the fact that he's got his own agenda to take out Little Mac on his own, to rub the defeat in Doc Lewis's face (since Doc had beaten Bald Bull in the past). Maybe he's too dangerous to be indicted into the crime ring (he WOULD charge at anyone who'd look at him funny), but would be a good pawn in taking Little Mac out.

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So I've been kicking around this superhero idea for a little over a year now, and I thought I'd bring it to you guys to really flesh it out as it is so much fun to do such things and see a project really take on a life of it's own, rather than let another idea stagnate in the back of my mind.

The story revolves around a young lady named Ileni and her journey into superheroics. The twist being that Ileni herself is rather reserved and awkward, so much so that upon acquiring superpowers she tries her best to carry on as a normal girl, but gets talking into putting on a costume by her life long friend Zoe, who is the polar opposite of Ileni in both her attitude and energy level. So there is a bit of role reversal in the sidekick/hero dynamic in that while Ileni outwardly seems to be the leader, really it's Zoe who is the driving force.

Things really kick up after years of preparation and training, on one of their first patrols around the city, Zoe is fatally wounded and that driving force is removed. Leaving Ileni adrift, alone in the realm of the supermen just as her own star is beginning to rise.

Of course this is just the beginning.

I don't have much in the way of art to post since most of my drawings are on paper and my scanner is busted, so I'll post the few that I have.

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Forgot to give genuine praise for the level of thought work and great character designs.

This could turn out pretty cool.


I love the meta.

I'm going strongly with the Greek myth just because I'm so familiar with it, I have a pretty good book on world myth in my possession, and could probably dive in there for inspiration, but I am nowhere near as explicitly informed about any other pantheon like that of the Ancient Greeks.

Really I think the Roman gods are pretty much the exact same 'characters' with different names, so maybe we could go Norse/Avengers?

Of course all this God stuff is behind the curtain structure to help with creating characters and add richness to the world. Past the painfully obvious (and purposeful) Athena/Pallas parallels, nothing will ever be said expressly, and the superhero's I cite are usually just to quickly give an idea as to the flavour and powerset of the characters I've made.

Cthulu inspired world destroyer threat, a la Galactus.

But from within the earth itself.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>Really I think the Roman gods are pretty much the exact same 'characters' with different names, so maybe we could go Norse/Avengers?

Personally, I don't really care for that idea; Avengers already have Thor. Though the Roman gods are the very same as in Greek mythology they were colored by highly contrasting Roman values and many gods were worshiped or ignored in accordance to those values. For example, the Greeks valued cleverness and so Athena was one of their most favored goddesses. The Romans had no taste for cunning and so preferred Mars while Ulysses, whose most outstanding heroic quality was his intelligence, was written off as "cruel." If not the Avengers, you could maybe make them into something like the Crime Syndicate. Love the Stella pic's name by the way.

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17738 No.17738 quickreply   Reply I think I finished
please check my work

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ka choo

what does it do

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So, is there any spriters here ? We are making a pokemon fangame and we need some spriters to do some OW sprites and trainer sprites... or am I in the wrong board ?

How about talking more about the project itself and what sorts of things you're looking for, specifically?

Ok here's what I posted on another forum :
We are doing a pokemon fangame, and we need spriter artists to create new character sprites.
We already have the character description written, and basically we need like 10 trainer sprites (like these ones :, and 10 or so overworld sprites (like these : Any help would be appreciated (ie you can register and do only 1 sprite, it'd still help us)

the link is in my mail


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The official /coc/ thread for Spinnerette, a spontaneously-generated Spider-Man antagoness based on a one-shot appearance of a cute goth girl.

Charlotte Winnifred, A.K.A. Spinnerette
-Presumably teenage girl, apparently between 15-19.
-Obsessed with, sexually attracted to, Spider-Man
-In possession of a vial of symbiote
-Wears corsets and overtly short skirts in public
-Possibly a ballerina?
-Shards of glass in chest (see writefaggotry) gradually being removed by symbiote
-Symbiote seems compassionate, not particularly attempting to cause much harm, just helping in Charlotte's plight in exchange for freedom and companionship

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File: 126776877186.jpg-(149.00KB, 750x724, 13.jpg)
Some good stuff here, but I feel like this character is a wee bit too similar to Palm from HunterxHunter.
Originally she was a hunter obsessed with the main character Gon, and further along in the series she was killed and modified by enemies. In this form she has the ability to weave her hair into the outfit in the picture.
So similar personality, power-set, and fashion sense.

Huh, must be one of those times when great minds think alike.
What changes do you suggest?


Thats manga.

This is Marvel.

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In many cartoons from the late 90's-early 00's, there have been the basis of plot lines for currently running series. Two finds so far have been Johnny Test in Dexter's Lab and Flapjack in I Am Weasel. This thread shall contain any notes or theories based upon the search and any finds.

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It wasn't a lynchland episode I think, since I never saw that. It was 3D, all the characters were some shade of green or blue, and I think maybe the houses were jetson styled.



No, I remember the art style being different.

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Re-reading Infinite Crisis, I found something fun. Apparently, "Earth Eight" would have been home to all characters that debuted after Crisis on Infinite Earths. With that I mind I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing an Earth Eight thread with me? (pic not related)

Breach (Tim Zanetti)
Firestorm (Jason Rusch)
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
Magog (David Reid)
Batman (Jean-Paul Valley)
Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Batwoman (Kate Kane)
The Question (Renee) Montoya
Blue Bettle (Jaime Reyes)
Saint Walker
Brother Warth
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Wasn't Kyle supposed to eventually recreate the GLC with Ganthet and John Stewart? I think I heard something about Donna joining them as well.
Instead of a Sinestro Corps, the main enemies would be the controllers.

I like this. Also, would he still become bros with Wally and Connor?

Also, Jack Knight.

How about this, everything released by DC post-crisis that was awesome, but not canon, like for example Sandman, are actually a major part of this universe.

hide File: 127705774074.jpg-(341.25KB, 1021x720, 1275077943876.jpg)
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Hey /coc/ lets create a brand new world
of warcraft

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File: 127734453591.jpg-(74.50KB, 400x656, cp2209_thri kreen.jpg)
Though found only in remote desert regions, the thri-kreen are known the world over for their amazing sexiness and are greatly desired as courtesans and exotic dancers.

The ape people of the southern forrests are known to, once every 50 years, venture into the world at large to rape everyone. The reason for this is unknown, and the apes will only return once every person on the planet has been raped at least once. They also employ powerful magics that leaves them invicible, and their victims defensless.

The ape people of the southern forrests are known to, once every 50 years, venture into the world at large to rape everyone. The reason for this is unknown, and the apes will only return once every person on the planet has been raped at least once. They also employ powerful magics that leaves them invicible, and their victims defensless.

hide File: 126135669294.jpg-(386.76KB, 595x842, AlanMoore_by_RyusukeHamamoto.jpg)
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/co/ decided to make -tans of writers to go with Alan Moore-tan

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So, like, normal adventures, or loliverse adventures?


Normal adventures but then in one issue they run into their loliverse selves.


I guess normal adventures would be best, although i love dem lolis. Maybe loliverse is kinda like Mini Marvels.

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