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Continued from /co/, creating hybrid animals to fill the fetish fuel void in Avatar.

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Cool, I'm willing to add to this, but shouldn't this be in /pco/?

That's what I'm thinking.
I might restart this personally over there. Even though I'm not the OP.
Although if the original OP interjects and is opposed I won't.

I'm a little surprised people still remember this!
If you think people would go for it, then go right ahead!

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Alright i had a great idea of starting a fan made comic series, and i was hoping /coc/ could help.Basically its DC or Marvel characters in Twlight Zone style storys.I have a idea for the first issue.

"Too many rings"
A average man has a run in with the various Lantern Corps wanting him to join, Ultimately driving him crazy and leading to his death.The last page would be all black and read.

John Smith of Earth...Rise

If you would like to join i am looking for artists and writers, Just email me.

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No i don't think i did.

Well, essentially, I just said "Oh hay. I'm a writer. Here's the shit I done: Let me in on that shit and get back to me."

I probably typed your name wrong or something. Here's my E-mail:

I also asked if you had any specific "rules" in mind for the stories, like for who we are free to depict, and who or what event is off limits. If we should focus on original characters or normal people in the universes.

I had a few ideas of my own for stories, we can discuss here or in E-mail. Whatev.

Pretty much anything goes, As long as it has some sort of Twlight Zone twist ending you are ok, Pick any character or event you want, or you can do a Original character like my OP.

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Okay /co/ First time but there's this little project I've been working on for over a year now. It's somewhat of a comedy but it gets fairly serious at times.
Based on the World of Super Smash Brothers it starts when Roy having been forceably removed from the stadium hub 2 years ago to make room for new competitors returns via manualy opening the portal. However, since he wasn't sure what he was doing this sent the Stadium haywire, being a nexus inbetween the different dimensions and worlds for all the Nintendo franchises + the real world, MGS verse and the Sonic Worlds it threatens to pull all the dimensions together into a singularity. As such to close the portals and stop the disaster, representatives from each world must be sent back through the portals so they can be closed on both sides. However, due to some unforseen evildoer, the people have been sent to different dimentions and portals to other worlds are opening up everywhere.

1. Ganondorf drowns in the great sea of WindWaker, and there was much rejoicing
2. Pokemon Trainer (Red) Ends up in dreamland
3. Lucario is stuck in Sonic World
4. Bowser is sent to Hyrule
5. Zelda and Link are sent to Mushroom Kingdom
6. Mario is set back into the real world with DK who climbs the nearest skyscraper as he does.
7. Solid Snake is sent to Kanto
8. Sonic is in Animal Crossing
9. Captain Falcon is in Rogueport
10. Ness and Lucas are in Mute City
11. Luigi is in Shadow Moses Island, at the time Solid was suppossed to be there
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I get the feeling Charmander would be a bit less of a worrywart now that it's become Charizard, though.

As I recall: Pikachu is the steadfast leader, Charmander was the worrywart due to backstory trauma, Bulbasaur was surly and sort of apathetic (which I doubt has changed in becoming Ivysaur), and Squirtle was mostly mischief and trouble (though giant goddamn Pokemon freaked him out as easily as the rest).

really guys only Mewtwo, Pikachu are getting any speaking roles, although Mewtwo's is via psychic link and Pikachu's conversations with a metroid.

"This has been a long time coming Giovanni, you knew this was inevitable. That I would find you, one day that I would start hunting you down like the dog you are."

"And here I thought you claimed to be above us humans, that you would not stoop to such petty lows as revenge."

"This is not quite your definition of revenge Giovanni, nor do I inted to make this vist personal all things considered between us."

"Then what is it?"

"Have you ever heard God?"

"God doesn't exist Mewtwo, the closest thing we have to Dues Ex can be caught by a small child not unlike the one who finally defeated me. I'm a different man as well, Team Rocket is all in the past, a few stragglers clinging to false hope but nothing major, sure to be put down whenever a young pup from a backwater village decides on his tenth birthday that he wishes to be a pokemon trainer, but that doesn't mean I've become a theist."

"Then prepare to be enlightend." Metwo's voice faded away from his mind as the suited man laid back in his reclinable chair, an eye on the pokemon infront of him, expressions mirroring each other.

"I'm waiting..." Giovanni said tapping his foot "If there is a God, then let him speak up so we can hear him."
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I am in the midst of designing a series (possibly to be animated or be put into comic form) and I am in need of the following things

* People with which I can discuss:
* how various forms of fiction have depicted aliens
* various aspects of a galactic society (how they measure time, currency, economy, etc)
* Theoretical alien species and how they function
* Alien technology

* Artists to:
* design alien spacecrafts/architecture
* design various alien species and races within them

If you are interested, please email me.
Please feel free to ask general questions in this thread.

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What do you mean alien technology? Like how do you make it interesting without obsessing on THEY ARE SO ADVANCED GUYS or what would be a truly alien machine or mechanism?

File: 126057921737.jpg-(23.34KB, 342x596, eosapien.jpg)
You want alien aliens? Wayne Barlowe is where it's at.

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So we've had these pictures floating around for a while, but as far as I'm aware, no story ideas were ever presented. So I ask you, comrades, how would we ultimize the DCU?

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I mainly want to be like that so any tech like the Purple Ray they may employ might just be explained away as Atlantian tech and give the Amazons some purpose to be warriors. I want them to have men on the island but they were treated like women are treat in some countries. I was also thinking that to gain fresh troops they would have settlements in various places send any children they had with the indigenous males to be trained as Amazons. Most of these mixed children would be known as Bana.

After looking into some of the elseworlds and older batman stories I’ve started to wonder if there was just a tendency for a batman to be created. Not in some kind of goofy secret society deal but this weird phenomenon in the human race that cultivates the conditions to bring about a “bat-like” entity and the subsequent consequences this released personality has on said environment.

In the farthest reaches of history freshly rediscovered by increasingly modern technology has shown a fascinating pattern that could link the greatest figures of the world together and more importantly a road map for how to mold society into their full potential with a single individual. Genghis Khan turned the Mongolians from battling tribesmen into a world conquering horde, Mohandas Gandhi freed India without lifting a finger and if this theory is true who knows what could be done with America or any other country in the world. Even if psychology was a perfect science however, this theory is difficult to fully test both ethically and legally as it would require touching the very core of the human mind with the most radical tactics to force greatness out of the subject without destroying the right mindset they need and of course time for natural ability to grow within the illusion of choice.

Amanda Waller and a few select United States Congressmen think their country need a shot in the arm to turn the public back into the best of the world they should rightly be. But before they pour money into an untested method on the entire nation they’ll experiment in a perfect microcosm of the disease they see in the country; Gotham City, A cesspool of whole scale corruption whose infamous crime families are as publically known as they are untouchable. Under conventional tactics it would take decades of frivolous high court battles before an iota of their influence could be neutralized but this inner circle believes they can make one of Gotham’s own ignite the populous into eating the cancer within a few years. And thanks to a certain foreign ally Waller has been given a candidate in the freshly orphaned Bruce Wayne.

Quickly establishing a distant friendship with the boy Amanda introduces Bruce to a widen
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Batman beyond meets the Suicide Squad. Pretty neat.

hide File: 126030370723.jpg-(93.12KB, 900x949, How_Larfleeze_Stole_Christmas_by_DetectiveX.jpg)
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How Larfleeze Stole Christmas

Every Green Lantern
Down on Mogo
Shared Christmas a lot...
But Larfleeze,
Who's Lantern was of Orange,
Did NOT!
This Larfleeze wanted Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be that his ring wasn't screwed on quite right.
It could be, perhaps, that his spectrum was too bright.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that his greed made everything his call.

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Somehow or other, a blast came the same!
And Larfleeze, with his orange-ring ice-cold in the void,
was hit puzzling and puzzling: "I took all MY rings, how could this I avoid?!
It came from their will! It came without green!
"It came without batteries, or rings I'd not seen!"
And he was hit by the power, `till his jaw tusks were sore.
Then the Fleeze thought of something he hadn't before!
"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from this core.
"Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means I have to steal a bit more!"
And what happened then...?
Well...on Mogo they say
That much of Larfleeze's stolen stash
Fell back from orbit that day!
And the minute the rings returned to to the Corps,
He escaped with some swag, though he wanted much more!
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Long time no see Aconite

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Facilier falls through the abyss, screaming to every power he knows for salvation from his fate. As he peels the final catalog of gods his mother taught him, a cottony thickness fills the dark, slowing his descent till he finds himself on a solid void.
Then, in the blackness he stumbles through the changed underworld when a blue fiery glow fills the darkness. "Hades, Lord of the dead. You called, pal. I have a feeling you and we are gonna be fast friends."
A cackling laugh fills a red glowing smoke as Jafar seems to slither from behind the God.
"Assssociates for a common goal."
Hades lights a cigar with his thumb smiling through the words, glancing sideways at the just defeated shadow man.
A dumbstruck Facilier, never one to be at a loss for words feels something slap the side of his head. looking down he sees his tophat has caught up with his fall, rolling, visible by the red and blue glows of the duo before him. Snatching the hat and flourishing it in his hands he feels the brim for the charcoal shard he keeps along the brow.
"Sirs, I am glad you speak the language that I am well versed and devoted to. Revenge is always a dish I'm willing to have a hearty helping of, so long as the meal you plan is frogs legs."
Smiling he begins to slip the charcoal along his palms through his spiel, crafting from practiced stealth the Loa glyphs his mother beat into his memory.
"As I was the one to call such a distinguished entity of undead power, who am I to turn down a hand in the darkness." He holds out his hands crossing the wrists to shake both new partners hands in unison.
As they both reach out with a touch of disdain at the eager smile greeting them, they don't notice the green glow pulse through the vigorous pumping shakes.
"Now, let's hear your plan."

Hades walked forward, his robes of smoke one with the darkness as his blue arms stretched out, and suddenly the inky backgrounds sucked themselves into various new shadows cast by the defined backgrounds of the caverns now exposed around the trio.
Sconces of blue flame danced to life down the long cut corridors before Facilier. Cut into the green stone walls reaching beyond the witch doctor could see were jagged bars of obsidian metal obstructing those within their cells.
Smoking a few steps backwards Hades places an icy hand across the lanky shoulder of Facilier. His other outstretched in greeting.
"Ah... just a little corner of heav- Well, a little corner of something, eh? Welcome to the team my good Doctor!"
"A jail?"
The dark circled eyes of the God never touched the smile at the moment of apprehension shown.
"Just consider this the home team locker room!"

They walked down the rows looking into the cells, seeing the eager raised eyes of the occupants.
"Give me my rife! Another chance! By GOD! I'll be using Tarzan's skin for my boots!"
The sound of a sudden rifle shot rips through the cavern and Clayton cringes back against his bed, fear curling him to the floor.
Jafar coughs after making this sound, and touches his throat, smiling as they stride past.
"Sometimesss, they have to be reminded... patience."
The shadow man makes mental notes of his partners personalities, wary of any empty cell ahead.

"Now now, no need to fret my shadowy man! This little lounge is more for the less talented of our ilk. The puppy skinning fashionistas and kitten drowning butlers. Never for one of such obvious skill, and wonderful methods of long distance calling."
Hades floated back assuring Facilier forward the darkness overtaking behind them again as the lights wink out, pushing them onward.
Only the green eyes of a cat sitting in the prim lap of a cold motherly figure reflect the offset of light. "For my girls..."

The sounds of each cell lost as the visibility ended. Only existing the moments the three pass, shrinking the hallway to one section at a time.
Hades's figure billows, blocking the view ahead a moment, then revealing a climbing stairwell. The hungry eyes of the Doctor notice the remaining cells closed and full before the stairs start, and a tense spike of nerves put more swagger into his step. Still, he reigns in his ease, knowing this game is still being delt.


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What if the Marvel and DC existed in the same universe from the beginning? Each character begins their careers in the same year their comic debuts, normal humans age in real time, superhuman age slower, and all characters are included, including those from non canon works such as Kingdome Come, Batman Beyond, or Watchmen (In Watchmen's case, it's not their "first appearance" but the year the book says the first appear.) Events will happen on the same year as they where published I.E. in 1985 and in 2005 their will be reports of infinite earths appearing in the night sky. There is significant over lap I.E. Frank Castle might become the Spectre. Can it be done?

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Sounds interesting, but it's crazy inconsistent. Different writers, multiple realities within each canon... Most long-running characters would end up being as psychotic as Sentry considering how different they've acted depending on the writer. If you were to limit it to mainstream Marvel and DC, and sort of gloss over the out-of-character stuff, then we'd be having a serious conversation.

The aging is a whole other mess. If Lois Lane were 25 in 1938, she'd be 97 years old now. Spider-Man was 15 in 1962, so at 2:1, he'd be about 40 (which is embarrassing for the current state of his private life and career). While I'm all for letting characters mature and age gracefully, it'd just be madness to try to do it retroactively.

Can it be done? No, not really. Not without significantly changing nearly every important plot point. Could it be done in a very superficial way, discarding large sections of character history and sliding around time scales? Sure.

I think the best that could be done is to take current canon and place it all together. with some slight moving of dates you can even have events from one company cancel out stuff from another and such.

How about we have some infinite crisis like event fuse all the universes together

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If this was Japanese it would have been scanulated.

Any Ouiabou here wanna help me?

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K. Let it be known I have no idea how to use Wave, but I'll stick in notes in bright pink. Because it's hard to miss.


Alright thanks man.

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Here's a little something I whipped up back in the heyday of Mogulus, watching streamed epsiodes of the 90's Tintin cartoon on nostalgiabomb. Basically, I'm looking for a little help fine-tuning it; maybe taking some events away and substituting them, that kind of thing. Anyway, here it is:

1 shot
Weird skull
Somebody suffers blunt head trauma
Haddock cusses
"Great Snakes!"
'beard of steel'*
Somebody gets shots

2 shots
Somebody wears a monocle/has huge eyes
Somebody gets chloroformed
Somebody gets punched in the face
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File: 125935893987.png-(27.97KB, 388x707, tintindrinkinggame.png)
Well, here's a third draft I managed to whip up this evening, after putting my second draft through a little test of Disc 1 of my "Adventures of Tintin" DVD boxset and a few glasses of my favourite soft drink (ironically, I'm teetotal. I still bought a shot glass off eBay; that's how dedicated I am to this project).

One of the first things to go, as you can see, was "somebody gets shot", because nobody gets shot, except for that one time Tintin got clipped in the arm in The Blue Lotus; even then he got better, thanks to his Belgian healing ability. I'm not all that happy with the chugging options - I may switch them around. Also, I intend to work on the presentation of the rule sheet itself; put a nice background in , stuff like that.

For those of who you are wondering where I got these fonts, just google "tintin talking font" and "tintin Majuscules"

>Haddock cusses

You are going to die.

That's why it's part of the drinking game's FINAL DESTINATION

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Starting the thread, cause it needs archival

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alright, true to my word here's what I've started
no build up, no drawn out character development, we go right into the thick of it and start straight off with Prime

Kim hack and wheezed hoarsely, desperately trying to expel the dust and debris out of her lungs as the haze from the sudden impact that floored her still hung thick in the air. Most of it quickly blew away by a deafening clap accompanied a sudden gale force wind that nearly tossed the heroine back like a tumbleweed. She wiped the tears and dirt from her eyes and noticed a figure from the epicenter of the crash heading toward her. It was hard to see but she assumed it was Ron coming to see if she was okay. “Ron! Over here!” She was gravely mistaken as the mystery figure stepped out from behind the thin wall of obscuring dust, revealing herself to be Kim Possible. “What? You... you’re me?!”
It might have been because she was still sprawled across the pavement but this strange Kim seemed taller then she was but it also could have been due to the strange armor she was wearing. And save for the sinister smirk and ever present spit curl dangling across her forehead, this Kim truly was her double. “You? BRZZZ! Wrong!” she spat out with a condescending tone as she pulled her arm back. Kim barely had enough time to roll away before that armored fist came crashing down, plowing through the asphalt like it was made of sand. “Gah! I hate it when you get all squirrelly like that! Seriously, is there one Kim who isn’t some friggin’ tumbler?! Just stand still and let me pop your head like a zit!”
With adrenaline pumping in her system, Kim was back on her feet and scared out of her wits. “What the heck is wrong with you!? Why did you just try to squash me? I want answers!”
“Oh, you think you’re special? Think you can talk to me like I’m one of your scrub villains? Look at you, you got no powers. You’re, like, one of the lamest Kims I’ve come across and I’ve been laying waste to about a jillion of them! Now stand still, maybe you’ll scream good and this trip won’t be a total waste.”
“KP! You okay?” Ron shouted from beyond the still dissipating cloud o
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

HAHAHA, Yes. You killed Kitty Kim!

I'd always assumed that the picture we had a "kimgo family" being slaughtered would be Kim Primes intro, but this is pretty good as well.

Wish there wasn't a kim strange, but she'd already been established. Still, this has potential.

There's only one problemt hough... not nearly enough kims are dead.

My personal suggestion? There is a brand new Jedi kim everybody's been clamoring for that should be introduced as a decapitated head. Said head then used to beat to death some other kim. Cause fuck Jedi Kim.

But really, please begin the slaughter. Beyond my reccomendation, as a larger one? Kill whatever kim's you liked the least. Not what we suggest, what you hated. Reassert your dominance, you write the damn thing!

I really liked this idea. Too bad it died. :(

hide File: 125548950598.png-(5.94KB, 235x309, Star Wars Crew.png)
18536 No.18536 quickreply   Reply
Now /tg/ helped me form the crew, but I need some help on what ship they will pilot and what their names should be. I am trying to make a story or roleplay based in the Star Wars universe, but with a more Star Trek feel to it. Any ideas for names and planets locations for this version of Starfleet are much appreciated.

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Why would they be able to take everything over? They got loads of factors working against them.
If I had to give a reason in their favor, they are nearly immortal and super-intelligent. If they actually applied themselves to Science, they'd probably be the leading armaments makers in the Galaxy.


they controlled a large empire according to books, my point is - how? some drawfag explain it.

Oh. It's because they were a relatively advanced race, who are smarter then almost everyone in the world, live for ever so they accumulate vast experience, are chauvinistic enough to maintain political homogeny, and have a society based almost exclusively on accumulating power.

Also, it's not really that big of an empire. They claimed a small piece of backwater on the outer rim.

hide File: 126078465330.jpg-(487.34KB, 1047x1551, RexWonderDog11_01.jpg)
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When I'm bored or when I get the itch to do so, I'll put down my thoughts here on a "pitch" for some kind of Rex the Wonder Dog story. Like the zelda thread, I'll upload stuff as I go.

I have every appearance of Rex and all his relatives downloaded except for a single, seemingly unscanned issue of golden age Lantern (a feat that took longer than I care to admit) so I suppose I could do requests, if you have interest in this obscure yet awesome character.

expand 3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: 126078713040.jpg-(789.93KB, 1200x1812, Rex_the_Wonder_Dog-043-02.jpg)
But this is a thread about Rex. And brother, I love me some Rex. His original run was written entirely by Robert Kanigher, and his subsequent appearances have not come close to capturing the sheer balls-to-the-wall insanity that he was famous for. One day he could be saving a little boy from a barn fire and the next he could be saving entire alien civilizations.

File: 126078780813.jpg-(471.07KB, 975x1447, Flash_v2_070.pdf-019.jpg)
As for why he's rarely used in modern comics, I have three explanations:

1. No good writer has given him a second thought, because they've never heard of him.

2. They HAVE heard of him, and out of respect for the fact that the modern age of comics hasn't retroactively raped his childhood or stuffed his wife in the fridge yet, they've handled him with kid gloves.

3. Most comic artists, only employed for their ability to reliably draw perfectly muscled thirty-somethings, have no goddamn clue how to draw a dog. Or a chimp. Or anyone under the age of 18.

File: 126078880761.jpg-(456.53KB, 959x1449, Secret Origins Vol2 048 - 24.jpg)
Actually, I just remembered. There's an issue of Teen Titans where Hero Cruz considers becoming a Titan. A tryout story? Anyway, I think he had Rex with him at the time. I don't have that issue, so if someone has it....

Looked it up, it's The Titans Secret Files #2

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I think it works...

expand 194 posts and 66 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>These made me feel so bad... Poor Toph...
why? she's the greatest earthbender ever now, the cost is insignificant to her.

Bumping this thread because it was at the bottom of page 10.

Also, are you guys attached to the idea of Momo as Alfred? Because I think it should be Gran Gran.

I like this as more of a Marvel Adventures type thing.

The main "Wolfbatman" is mainly grimdark gritty TDK-style.
Whereas this (AVATARMAN, Icewoman, Iron Toph, Firelord *I know its Torch, but Firestars name is easier to spin*, and Wolfbatman) can be a more lighthearted thing, with comical villains.

Guest-starring Jun as Black Widowmantis and Spider-Suki.

hide File: 124892045036.jpg-(35.92KB, 414x550, e823c96c51826ec53bf303bbf83e683602d474f3.jpg)
15510 No.15510 quickreply   Reply First 100 posts Last 50 posts
I guess it's a lame title, but whatever. I'm forging ahead with one route from the proposed Transfer Student Genderbend story, and afterwards doing at least two Shirouko routes to make up for betraying the voters. Sorry!
As I said in the Lancelot thread, I'm changing the first names of the ♂→♀ characters. I'll introduce some of them after the prologue. 99% of everything that happened in Fate/Zero happened in this timeline.
This is written in first-person, so if it's too weird after reading the third-person Lancelot story, I apologize in advance. I think that's about all the notes (read: apologies) I need to throw out before I start, so... Here we go!

312 posts and 55 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 125613230289.jpg-(7.56KB, 251x225, 1229833289701s.jpg)

File: 126015163755.jpg-(4.36KB, 119x126, 1259626493036s.jpg)
Your face when you realized this wasn't actually bumped by an update.

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