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31612 No.31612
Another new Wakfu thread, as the old one has 700+ posts.

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File: 128404170412.png-(90.35KB, 624x588, 1279854699442.png)

>Inclus également dans le DVD : des bonus sur les coulisses de la série, un reportage sur le jeu Xbox Islands of Wakfu, ainsi qu’un storyboard animé « Story of Grougal ».

Also included with the DVD: behind the scenes, a report about the Xbox game Islands of Wakfu, as well as the animated storyboard of "The Story of Grougal".

File: 128404266132.jpg-(106.49KB, 746x747, Funny6.jpg)

I put the emphasis on the Grougal part. Anybody what that is?
Oh you

Not what you think. It's the video-storyboard of the "Grougaloragran the Eternal" episode.

However, it includes the Goultard special (the Inside Ankama with Ancestral Z and the episode itself) as a secret bonus.

There is also an interview of the VAs (the main cast except Thomas Guitard who voices Tristepin)

Kenny, I hate you for making me laugh at this ...
You're a bas person and you know it :p

File: 128404441858.jpg-(102.61KB, 746x747, Funny4.jpg)
Yeah, sorry... From time to time it's fun to be a little cruel! ^^

File: 128405278151.jpg-(231.93KB, 1920x1080, you guys....jpg)

File: 128406069540.png-(178.86KB, 746x747, gin edit2.png)

File: 128406138542.png-(161.42KB, 746x747, LEGEND.png)

File: 128406422418.jpg-(105.39KB, 607x1315, eliatrope_amalia_by_shikidark-d2y8mxz.jpg)
yo dawg, etc

File: 128411609437.jpg-(31.67KB, 269x359, 1282486304456.jpg)
Wait, hold on… Her hat is made out of her own hair?

File: 128412206896.png-(1.12MB, 596x935, pimp_yugo.png)

File: 128412466332.jpg-(53.54KB, 380x336, ist2_3152404-shocked.jpg)
my face when in polish dub they call iops LOPS.

yes , L-O-Ps

i want to strangle the translator!

File: 128414324974.png-(90.61KB, 407x231, yugo_sip.png)

Why are Eliatrope girls so flaaaaaat?


1/ they're young

2/ they're male

>2/ they're male

I'm still not sure about Barron's gender....

File: 128414973522.png-(61.58KB, 224x134, miranda_spit_take.png)


File: 128414998012.png-(151.35KB, 640x362, vlcsnap-2010-09-10-22h33m00s59.png)

Oh, Yugo, you're one to talk...

source of the image?

File: 12841523846.jpg-(85.66KB, 1149x532, 36193.jpg)
The Black Raven comic


File: 128415783435.png-(806.74KB, 1766x764, Yugo_Concept.png)
I've tried myself on "completing" some of Xav's sketches of the early concepts of Yugo.
Having never done anything like this before I must say I'm quite satisfied with myself.

File: 128417815245.jpg-(8.08KB, 250x250, Yugo.jpg)



After so much of dem boobies and birthan hips, they had to throw the DFC fans a bone.

Where did you get the concept art from?


They are reverse traps, the sweet irony couldn't be... sweeter.

File: 128421405413.png-(502.21KB, 758x461, lock_bg.png)
This would make a nice wallpaper...

File: 128422879576.jpg-(223.46KB, 900x939, happy_birthday_to_gueuzav_by_wolfar-d2yhs7m.jpg)
spunky french elfs with hips will never dress up for your birthday
sad frog.jpeg

File: 128422925588.png-(368.08KB, 657x372, watching_eva_undress.png)

But if they did, would they be willing to take their clothes back off?

File: 128424148851.jpg-(74.30KB, 894x503, Gulp!.jpg)
Here's this week's fix of Mini Wakfu:

Mini Wakfu 02 English Softsubbed:


It would be from the art book Wakfu making of season 1 vol 1

Speak for yourself, Ginger.

File: 128432720847.jpg-(67.67KB, 500x375, yogurette.jpg)
After taking a glimpse into Les gardiens files I found out, that the female eliatrope player character is called yugoette. Lawl


What's the male called then? It's not Yugo is it? :p

So is this whole "fandub" thing still going on?

Everything just seemed to die out for a while...

newfag here, I want to watch this series. mite be cool

Will the ankama police kill me if I download the subbed episodes from Megaupload?


The Ankama Police is more likely to destroy a black hole than kill you for it, but seriously, they would rather kill the Megaupload links, methinks.

Nothing will happened. Unless you publically try to sell it.


>will happen

Fix'd it for ya.


Those are HD? Anyone planning on getting those and/or subtitling them?

it's made a bit hard by how we've got no working method for pulling the HD streams off Ankama's websites anymore. They do some jiggery-pokery that makes stream downloaders stop prematurely. It only works with the wakfu reruns that are hosted on France 3's servers.

So should I stop dreaming about getting all the episodes in HD and face the harsh reality?

File: 128450547381.jpg-(56.81KB, 632x456, Bullshit.jpg)
DRM stuff, playable only with Windows Media player. 900 Ogrines (about 1.5€) per episode to buy.
I'd rather buy DVDs and rip them than buy those HD VOD shit!!

Well, I'm afraid you'll have to face either reality or your wallet... ^^;

I would LOVE to buy the DVD... If it had english subtitles. My French is terrible and it will take much, MUCH (a couple of years actually) more learning before I could comprehend it enough to enjoy Wakfu without any translation. Anyone knows if Ankama is planning to put subtitles on any DVD?

I really hoped we'd get some better quality episodes here, cause the last ones you guys subtitled (HD eps 24-26) look simply gorgeous. But I'm not gonna complain if you guys think it's not possible (I mean trouble with ripping) or worth your time to redo all of season one. Im thankful enough for what I got. Still, you can imagine my desire to get those shiny, HD episodes in my hands...

The main problem is having a HD source.
We had the last three episodes in HD simply because they first aired when France 3 started broadcasting in HD.
They are currently re-airing season 1 but on another channel from the same group, France 4, which unfortunately isn't in HD.

Also, they seem to have protected their VOD streams against recording/downloading. So unless some stream wizard with mad computer slillz finds a way to bypass these protections, the best we have for episodes 1-23 are the DVDs.

One thing that could be done also is making subtitles files to be loaded manually while watching the DVDs.
I know it would be quite unpractical (like, only doable on a computer, not a standalone DVD player) but at least you get to support Ankama by buying the DVDs from them.
What do you think ?

Hey, that would suit me just fine! Do we have any subtitles that are in sync with the DVD version? I'm a total dumbass, so you'd have to point and explain me everything, but if there's a way for me to get my Wakfu and support all the awesome guys at Ankama at the same time I'm not afraid of making a fool of myslef. ;)

I don't think we have them readily aviable, but that shouldn't be too hard to make. I managed to have Media Player classic play an episode from the DVD with added subtitles from a separate file, but it took a few tweaks in the settings. Nothing too complicated though, we could provide a step by step guide on how to do it.

The two main issues I see are :

- Checking if the DVDs can be read outside of Europe. I admit I don't know shit about what is and what isn't possible through softwares to bypass DVD region restrictions. From the box set inscriptions, the Wakfu DVDs are supposed to be Region 2 and PAL format. Anyone more knowledgable care to enlighten us ?

- Finding someone to actually do the job (rewriting all the scripts and timing each sentence to fit the DVDs)

>Region 2 and PAL format

Region 2 is Europe. USA and Canada are Region 1. What this means is you need a Region 2 DVD player to play Region 1 disks. Alternatively, you can get a region-free DVD player which will play any disk, or look up if your DVD player can be made region-free (it's like a secret code you punch in, but DVD players have them). Because most DVD players can be made region-free, it's not that big of a deal.

PAL is like NTSC: a different kind of video formatting. NTSC runs at 29.97 FPS while PAL is 25. You can't tell the difference, but when movies are converted from one to another frames are duplicated/removed so that the soundtrack can keep up with the video. There is also a difference in aspect ratio. Ask a movie buff about this, or ask Wikipedia. NTSC players have problems playing PAL video, but PAL players can, for the most part, play NTSC video.

Newer computer DVD drives usually enforce region codes at the hardware level, but you can get around this in a variety of ways. Open-source software usually ignores region coding. Burning a backup copy of the disk can allow you to make a region-free disk. If you rip a digital copy it will obviously have whatever parameters you set.

Basically, regions are dildoes. Most of what I wrote here is lifted from Wikipedia, but I've experienced region lock-out when trying to view movies from Russia. Because piracy is so rampant in Russia, it's pretty easy to get a free digital copy or buy an illegal region-free DVD at a market.

Regions are also the reason why an American PS2 can't play Japanese games unless you mod it.

Most Blu-Ray disks are made to be region-free (but not all!). All but a few PS3 games are region-free, which is not true for the 360 which is why you can't play games like IDOLM@STER unless you have a Japanese 360. (I guess you have to know Japanese too, but that's not a product issue!)

I heard some company in Russia stole Dofus for a cellphone game.

Well, the main idea is to find a way to add subs to the original DVD, in order to keep supporting Ankama through sales.
If we have to resort to ripping and burning home-made DVDs, refer to

wouldn't surprise me, but I haven't heard anything about it. A brief google search brought up this: (Says the site is down for maintenance at 20:05 PST UCT-8)

I don't know how involved a process it would be but I think if you wanted to get English subs for the DVD, the procedure would be to re-time the fansubs, offer them as a separate file, and then give instructions on how to rip the DVD so that it's playable on all players (but not offer the rips themselves)

That of course makes it trivial for someone to rip the media, and put them in a container with the subs, but that makes it both stealing from Ankama and the people who made the subs.

I think that if you want to support Ankama you should buy stuff from their store, and/or get Islands of Wakfu for 360 when it comes out. If the "making of wakfu" books are as awesome as the Dofus2.0 artbook, then they are totally worth getting.

re: Faor: the gameplay might be like Dofus, but it's entirely re-flavored as more generic fantasy. the races are Humans, Wood Elves, Gnomes/Dwarves, Orks, and the Dark Races.

I liked em. I have two. You can see a preview in the store, decide before you buy.

There is also a "how to art" book, but exclusively in french. Oh boy would I ever snipe it if I could understand even a word...

> DVD timed subtitles:
As far as I know, the DVDs have French subtitles included. If somebody can at least rip these subs files, I wouldn't mind turning them into English.

Getting VOD episodes and releasing them DRM free would be the same as ripping the DVDs; and this is something we agreed not to do.
There's no other HD source so far. My bet is France 3 will probably have a Wakfu rerun at least once before they start airing season 2. But we can't know when (and if) this will happen.

I can also re-release season 1 with softsubs using the slightly better raws being aired on at the moment. But then again I need subs files. I do have some I can extract from softsubbed episodes I have; but I'm missing episodes 7 to 15 since I could only get them hardsubbed.

So guys? What do we do?

Translating the ripped subtitles to English seems the simplest solution. So the question we have to ask now is: who has the DVDs and could rip those subs for us?

I'm from Europe, so i don't have to rip any DVDs, I only need subtitles. But to help guys out in US and Canada we should consider this:
>the procedure would be to re-time the fansubs, offer them as a separate file, and then give instructions on how to rip the DVD so that it's playable on all players (but not offer the rips themselves)
While trying to avoid this:
>That of course makes it trivial for someone to rip the media, and put them in a container with the subs, but that makes it both stealing from Ankama and the people who made the subs.

>While trying to avoid this:
>That of course makes it trivial for someone to rip the media, and put them in a container with the subs

Ok, that's not exactly what I meant, so I'll rephrase. I never said I wanted to avoid/prevent that from happening. There's no way we can prevent anyone from doing it, no matter what we do (or don't). Releasing the sub-files might save him time, but it's not like he couldn't have done it anyway by himself from the existing subbed AVIs.

What I said is that I want to give a solution to those who want to support Ankama by purchasing the DVDs but can't understand the french dub.

>My bet is France 3 will probably have a Wakfu rerun at least once before they start airing season 2. But we can't know when (and if) this will happen.
Actually we pretty much can, since season 2 starts in february 2011.

File: 128457794799.png-(47.60KB, 640x599, 1277142075174.png)
>There is also a "how to art" book, but exclusively in french.

File: 128459284230.gif-(1.99MB, 288x291, Stormtroopers.gif)
Can't wait!

File: 128462693197.jpg-(148.30KB, 1200x578, artbook_makingof_wakfu_nox_c1.jpg)
coming by the end of the month ....

File: 128464457251.png-(103.59KB, 503x244, 1280535278274.png)
I am intrigued...

File: 128466022710.png-(54.89KB, 595x722, do_it.png)

I was reading some random forums today, in search of some info on Wakfu, and I had two mind-blown moments I'd like to share.

First, did you know that "Evangeline" was (among other things) the name of the main character in an eponym poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and at the end, her lover dies in her arms.
.... foreshadowing !

Second, I realized the VA for Kriss la Krasse was the one who did the french voice of Tsubasa Oozora in the 80's. And it turns out it was a deliberate choice from the voice director.

the more you know...

File: 12846631699.png-(164.79KB, 564x315, dem_eyes.png)

Well, this adds up with the "same VA as Yoko" and "gave him the kiss of death" things.
Grovy never stood a chance

File: 128467790475.jpg-(25.89KB, 585x209, 3872913722362.jpg)
Cube or no cube, Nox is a moron for throwing away a pair of hips like that.

File: 128469130944.jpg-(797.30KB, 1280x3758, Flash_Line_Tool_Tutorial_Pt__I_by_sm_cheesecake.jpg)
I've read the book and it's mostly stuff you can already find in the Dofus mag. The majority of it doesn't even resemble Wakfu because it's all related to Ankama's Dofus line.

If you want to know how Wakfu itself is made in flash I can save you the $100

File: 128469136235.jpg-(1.04MB, 1280x5212, Flash_Line_Tool_Tutorial_Pt_II_by_sm_cheesecake.jpg)

isnt that the offmodel guy?

File: 128469627916.gif-(46.46KB, 600x610, 182_flash.gif)
Pen tool was here.
Line tool is small-time.

manual vector tracing is a huge pain in the ass. Unless you try to include it, there's no variation in thickness of the lines either. If you work at a high enough resolution in a raster environment, your finished product can have the crisp lines of vectors, too.

>Unless you try to include it, there's no variation in thickness of the lines either.
Correct me if I'm mistaken, but Wakfu doesn't use anything other than Hairline to outline right? What you're saying has more to do with actual image editing software like Photoshop and Illustrator than Flash.

File: 128469773863.jpg-(28.49KB, 122x140, RARGHBLGRLBLLL.jpg)


Panel 4 is 98% of Newgrounds.

oh great, a shovel as a hint.


screw it.

File: 128473590791.jpg-(54.34KB, 719x449, Smootch.jpg)
Yeah, Ruel's shovel. So my guess is Ruel will take part in season 2...
What a hint!!!

You're not doing it like a true 10 year old fanboy, let me fix that for you :

"The hidden object is a shovel, that means Tristepin will come back in season 2. I see no other possible explaination."

The sad thing is : I wanted to do the joke, but in the two first pages of the thread, it's already been done 5 or 6 times.
The saddest thing is : they were not joking

Oh well, at least the "the shovel is to dig his grave and get his corpse" one made me chuckle.

File: 128474351294.png-(382.81KB, 841x559, 145677896543.png)
>Oh well, at least the "the shovel is to dig his grave and get his corpse" one made me chuckle.

...But how can they dig his grave and get his corpse when he entered the legend?

That raises an interesting question : would a zombie Iop crave braiiiiiins ?

You're right, I fail as a 10 years old fanboy. Let me give it another try:
"Ruel will revive Tristepin by kissing him on the mouth, Sleeping Beauty like!"
After all, there's the French expression "rouler une pelle" ("roll a shovel") which means "give a French kiss"! See my picture from >>31886 as the proof I'm undoubtly right...

Seriously, you should stop reading these bullshits and wait for the thread in which they'll give the answer. I'm afraid you'll end up hurting yourself with too much /facepalm. ^^

I know, I just can't help it.

Anyone has a fanart of zombie grovy ? (pretty sure I saw that once)
I feel like trolling the 10 y-o kids

File: 128474986118.png-(236.78KB, 650x371, moneyshot.png)

Just go to Episode... 14? When they're on the boat and Grufon gets loose.

There's lots of shots of Grovy being pale and covered in blood/jelly.

File: 12847509161.jpg-(32.76KB, 140x140, nbv.jpg)
>my face

File: 128476419188.png-(148.19KB, 299x296, lock_et_fraise_WIP.png)
After having tried myself on some of Xav sketches

it's now time for some of Noacrys :D


File: 128477705310.png-(402.81KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-461912.png)
It probably doesn't reflect very well on me, but this guy's one of my favorite minor characters. Hope he reappears somehow.

File: 128477744626.png-(27.16KB, 300x300, EMB_LMD.png)
I find myself idly wondering about the symbol in the background of the text. I must be playing too many JRPGs and the like.

File: 128478685286.jpg-(123.16KB, 600x961, Xelorette.jpg)
That's some Xelor related pattern.
BTW, have a classy Xelorette!

File: 128481769764.png-(144.89KB, 299x305, barrel.png)
I just noticed...

File: 128491046593.png-(188.26KB, 582x378, kouett_compar.png)
Looks decent I think

Do people really use pencil and line tools to ink in Flash?… Why?
Seriously, i was inking in Flash ever since i learned what "inking" means and i barely used anything but brush.


I work quite a long time in flash and it is true that when you make images it might seem to be better to draw with brush (and tablet preferably), but for animation style like manga it is better to use lines and then fill...

>>31875 >>31876
Okay... I am going to be honest - that kinda sucks... Not like the whole Wakfu is animated with just that...

File: 128491840391.jpg-(11.07KB, 264x274, 1274313682414.jpg)
Sorry for the LONG and unannounced absence, apparently a storm seriously fucked up my computer and I had to run out and pick up an entirely new one.
Thankfully, I had already backed up all my computer's data onto a portable hard drive so nothing was lost for the project. Now that we have those dialogue-less rips, all we really need are the VA's(which are going to be pretty hard to find).

So far this is the list of potential VA's that we have on the roster:

Ginger pally named
Baron de Pencier

I also received emails from several individuals about how they were interested in the project and that they'd email me back later on but they've either lost interest in the project or they've been on a very long absence. We have a total of about 4-5 people so far that would be willing to help out, including myself. So yeah, the VA section isn't looking very bright...

I don't want to give up now since there was a decent amount of effort put into this project from a lot of you guys but we need to find someone who has "connections" and that would be willing to help. Also, I'm fairly certain that my supposed female friend VA won't be able to help with the project because of her busy work schedule.

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