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Long-Term Projects

 New Thread

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Would you know of the Dogscape? Would you know of the past tales of its horrors? Of the future yet to come? Then read on.

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File: 128203231942.jpg-(332.30KB, 650x3800, 1268385995865.jpg)
Pics related because creepy Marmaduke

File: 128203238313.jpg-(209.00KB, 650x2800, 1268385206287.jpg)


Is that dog speaking Aklo? The only language I know insane enough to incite spider-throat transformations, among other insane bouts of madness.

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We are Victory Road Productions, here to talk about our upcoming game, Pokemon Spirit Chronicles.

PSC is an alternate take on the Pokemon games with a vastly deeper story and dynamic characters. As it takes place in a less advanced world than the world of the normal games, Pokemon are not only very wild and feral, but the Pokeball technology has yet to be invented.

Instead, the ability to capture the spirit of a Pokemon and forge it into weapons and armor has been created, allowing for equipment that grows and evolves and becomes stronger.

Borrowing quite a few elements from the Pokemon Special manga, we plan to make this the best game we possibly can.

Feel free to ask questions, and we'll answer them as best we can.

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File: 127878741732.jpg-(144.01KB, 1000x700, 1274688778228.jpg)
Woah. I've got some questions.

First, though, a statement. Reconsider what >>25561 said. This isn't pokemon worthy. Both too dark and too tangential, even for a side story or prequel. Clashes horribly with the existing universe.

It would fit better with an original universe. You've already got a good concept artist and ideas for gameplay- peel off that Pokemon sticker and go original.

-You have original music? Or is it all existing stuff?
-Real time or turn based battle system?
-Any basic outline of the bosses/gym leader replacements?
-Are you still trying to maintain type-based dominance by area, or be more mixed?
-How do you plan on dealing with the implications of essentially killing legendaries that are still alive in the contemporary Pokemon universe? Or is the overhunting to near extinction of some a plot point?

File: 127880971650.jpg-(228.79KB, 1200x800, zenimaki_pocketmonsterhunter.jpg)

File: 128202834747.png-(77.08KB, 710x494, Electrode.png)
Hey, the thread's still alive. Awesome.


We have considered making an original project (although selling it for money might be a bit out there), but the game was envisioned as a Pokemon game first and foremost. It's not as though the concept was created and Pokemon was added after the fact. From the very beginning, Pokemon has been an important part of the project.

Recently, we were thinking about doing just what you suggested, and de-Pokemonizing the project, but doing so would require scrapping practically everything we had done thus far, so we decided against it shortly thereafter.

As for your other questions...

We do have original music, although quite a bit of it will be remixes of the town and route and battle themes, and others remakes of music from other places in the Pokemon universe, such as from the movies or other non-main games.

Battle will be turn-based, ala earlier Final Fantasies or Breath of Fire. You'll select an attack for all of your party at the beginning of the turn, and then your party's attacks and the enemies' attacks will play out according to their Speed.

As far as characters go, your main team by the end of the game will be Blue, Gold, Sapphire, and Platina, although the latter two won't join until later in the game. You'll gain other party members throughout the story, and by the end of the game, you'll be able to bring one extra member of your choice with you.
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As is indicated by the original, Victorian-England set comics series, and its successors in the form of "The Black Dossier" and the upcoming "Century," Leagues of (to our eyes) literary persons - not authors - have existed in every era within memory to aid Albion in defense against her enemies, going indeed through the twentieth century to the modern era. But what of the other island empire, far into the rising sun beyond the lands of Cathay? The ambitious nation often regarded as Britain's twin and counterpart in the region, so famous for adopting so much of British science and strategy as a prelude to its own attempt for world power? With such a wide variety of able and notable persons at its disposal, might a similar league have existed - and exist - to employ them in defense of Emperor and country?

TL;DR: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Animu edition. Spawned during a thread speculating on modern sources for the glorified mass crossover fanfic's new edition, Japan's contributions to fiction were inevitably brought up, and most of the thread's posters agreed that a Japanese League operating around the mid-2020s would be at the crossroads of enough really good settings (Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Evangelion to name a few) to qualify as "fucking awesome." If it gets through to the 4chan archives, the original /co/ thread will be linked to here, if not, screencaps will be posted. This has, to put it mildly, Epic potential.

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Baccano would fill up the 20s-30s period quite nicely, add some new characters, and the Elixir of Life could play a part too.

The issue there is that Baccano! takes place in Prohibition era America. Though characters could move to Japan because they planned to join the league.

Could Darker than BLACK fit into this?

Yeah, old stuff is old, yadda yadda. Anyway, I was re-reading this thread for lack of better things to do and a thought occurred to me: Did they do anything with the old Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series?

I mean, when you think about it, each of them could be a specialized unit in a city's police force. This allows them to interact with one another but still remain independent. Heck, Tokyo's multiple districts could contain any number of these guys.

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There was a Wacky Races thread on 4chan's /co/ where people rolled to see which cars would be driven by the characters they posted. I posted the cover to Spider-Man: Fear Itself and ended up with Penelope Pitstop's car, which I decided to draw (see pic).

This got me to thinking, what would /co/'s version of Wacky Races be like? Drawfags welcome.

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i very clearly remember being a kid and watching a cartoon where the cast included a vampire and a skeleton... they drove around and had generic whacky adventures, but the skeleton could rearrange his bones to turn into things, most commonly a car if i remember right...


Truckin' music!

File: 128167893059.jpg-(161.78KB, 640x480, 0812001812.jpg)
Moving along, here's an update.

hide File: 127855604750.jpg-(286.64KB, 1662x1212, prologueillus.jpg)
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A year after promising to create a story during the height of the DuckTales 20 Years Later craze, I have finally come through, or am in the process of coming through.

Mickey Mouse, P.I. - Beating a Dead Horse is a hardboiled detective story set in the late 1920's chronicling the first big case Mickey ever took, trying to track down the missing Horace Horsecollar in the big city of Duckburg.

Open to suggestions, critiques, ideas, and instruction on how you folks normally do this whole /coc/ thing.

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I have and I like it very much.

File: 12809713471.jpg-(57.46KB, 627x1093, minnie.jpg)
After an extra week of waiting, here's Part 5 of Beating a Dead Horse. No new and shiny illustration this week, I'm afraid!

File: 128166764976.jpg-(338.28KB, 1182x1650, falling.jpg)
Another chapter. Hey, if you guys like this, why not say so? Give me advice, critique, say what you enjoy, anything, really.

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I'm making my own MSPA that will be hosted on the MSPA forums in their Fan MSPA subforum. I can't think of a time when I've initiated a creative project or seen it through so I want this to be different.
I'm trying to be as organized about this as I possibly can while making it as easy as I can on myself, which is why, since I talked about it it in /co/, it feels like it's taking forever to go up. I'm using this thread to prove, mostly to myself, that IM MAKING IT HAPEN
Starting it off with just an advertising banner that I'd use on the forums. More yakking to come.

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I too wonder were this went. I know you had some tablet problem, but didn't you fix that?




shit i was hoping no one would notice because i tried to reread through this and it hurts how bad it is i want to rewrite the whole damn thing ugggghhhh

okay well i guess i'll get started on that flash update i guess but updates are going to get more spastic and horrible once school starts up again so i feel kind of bad updating with something and then blanking out again for god knows how long

As much as I enjoyed it, if you really don't want to continue with it, no need to press yourself with it. I know how it is, I have two abandoned adventures on my consciousness.
But if you truly want to continue, do so and I will read and enjoy.

hide File: 128139190423.jpg-(126.91KB, 756x652, whatthefuckamidoing.jpg)
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Uh.. well.. This concept is meant as a tongue in cheek parody piece more than a real, honest to Chaptor long-term project. I'm not even sure if it'd be appropriate for here, /draw/, or /cog/ given the bizarre and asinine nature.

I'll spare the origin story and just drop it for what it is. However it happened, my brain crashed the idea of drawfaggotry and Mage: the Ascension together into one terrible abomination of pretentious fluff and game mechanics. The concept is that you're a drawfag. A banal creature from the back alley of imagination. A formless, sentient wisp of creativity and thought without any substance or presence until one day, poof, you're a manifest imaginary in a realm of limitless possibility. Your ability to touch, perceive and interact limited by your ability to draw. As a toon, you make your own reality and interact with others.

Why Mage: the Ascension? Because the system is one for dynamic effects on storytelling. In M:tA, your little character doesn't use mana, or consume traits, or anything like that to do their stuff. Comprehending the fundamental forces of reality (called Spheres) and the applications you seek to put them towards is the only limitation to how they can affect their environment.

..Then I realized that I'm not really an all that learned or practiced drawfag and couldn't hope to boil down all the minutia of art fundamentals into proper stats if money depended on it.

That's where you people come in. This isn't a serious project, it's just something to shoot the shit over and contemplate over lunch.

In this scenario, I liken the Spheres of the tabletop game to disciplines the artist has to keep in mind when working on a piece. In the tabletop game, there are nine of them.
Correspondence (space,) Entropy (probability,) Forces (fire/ice/lightning/sound?,) Life, Matter, Mind, Prime (power,) Spirit and Time.
You can do just about anything in the game with understanding of how these spheres work. Make or do just about anything. The idea for Drawfag: the Whatever is to come up with some things for drawfags as fundamental for artists as the Spheres would be for a mage. :)
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hide File: 128128801645.jpg-(51.80KB, 550x285, chap-10-snow-owl3-1.jpg)
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When do you need to make the jump from fanfiction to original characters? When you've put in too much thought, changed the characters too much, or strangled your own chance at a message?

Can Owlman gardening ever be as funny as Batman gardening?

Nite-Owl is a Captain Ersatz of Blue Beetle, though.

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/co/ university thread.

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File: 127675614864.png-(2.03MB, 2500x1952, 1276328542860.png)
Most recent build I've seen.

Why the hell did he change the layout? It was so much easier with the horizontal thing instead of scrolling in every direction to see it.

>human bender for chemistry

I giggled like a school girl.

hide File: 12618098719.jpg-(124.27KB, 834x817, Erika 01.jpg)
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The age of the axe and the sagas has passed. The old barbarians and berzerkers are no longer.
This is the age of the six-gun and the tall tales. Outlaws and desperadoes roam the land.
But no matter the age, there will always be men and women, ready to fight and die for what they believe in.
There will always be warriors... And there will always be a place for them in Valhalla.
But when an unknown force invades this warrior heaven and closes its' doors for good, one young valkyrie will go on an epic journey to recruit the most powerful army her kingdom has ever seen and take Valhalla back.
Accompanied by a mysterious mentor, these two godly beings' latest stop in their ages-spanning quest has found them travelling the wild frontier, looking for those worthy enough to join the army of einherjar that shall storm Bifrost and reconquer Asgard to take their rightful place at the tables of Valhalla.

But enough of that. That's my intro to a project I heard about on /co/ that could basically be described as "Cute little valkyrie goes around the Wild West with man who may or may not be Odin, recruiting cowboys for her army". The idea struck me as the right amount of weird and cool to give it a shot, so I started spinning some ideas for it. Here's what I've come up with so far:

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File: 128114763065.jpg-(84.76KB, 600x840, alphapg001.jpg)

File: 128114767882.jpg-(99.78KB, 600x840, alphapg002.jpg)

File: 128114770758.jpg-(99.06KB, 600x840, alphapg003.jpg)

hide File: 124450373122.jpg-(259.32KB, 480x680, 16.jpg)
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Submitted for your approval is this.

A young boy named Clark. Grows up in a small place called Small Town. He is a young and idealistic man. Living with his parents. Then one day something happens. A meteor crash lands in the fields outside his parent's home. He goes to investigate and finds a strange red and blue goo in a large smoking crater. As he observes it slowly transforms into something. Clark watches as the blue and red goop becomes the head of a Pokemon.

Slowly it begins to grow over time and becomes a completely new and strange Pokemon the people of Small Town have never seen. Since it only seems to respond to Clark the young boy looks out and decides that he wishes to use his new found Pokemon to help the world and become a Pokemon master in the process. Then he will found a new Pokemon league. It won't be easy however. He'll need to win over the Gym leaders across the world and convince them to join his Pokemon league.

The Gym leaders are as follows.

Bruce - The gym leader of Gotham City. Rich, hard and intelligent. Bruce proves to be a formidable opponent to Clark as he specializes in Dark, Ghost and the occasional flying type. Finding that Deoxys is weak against dark attacks as well as Bruce's almost complete knowledge of tactics and strategy makes him dangerous and powerful. His signature pokemon are a Cubone, a Golbat and a Natu that he calls Robin. He also apparently has a Houndoom on hand but he rarely uses it in battle.

Diana - Daughter of the actual Gym leader of Themyscira Island. Diana specializes in ground, fighting and some defensive types. She has trained her Pokemon to be expert fighters as such while they lack special moves they are devastating in hand-to-hand physical combat. Her signature pokemon are her Kangaskhan, Blaziken and a Wobbuffet.

Hal, Guy, John and Kyle - The gym leaders of Coast City. Four leaders of the famous Team Green. Hal has the highest level of the team as his pokemon is the most experienced. He has a Skarmory that he occasionally rides. John is the "power house" of the team in that his Metagross is probably the heaviest hitter of the team. Kyle has a Smeargul and while it isn&#
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Maybe Porygon-Z could work for Z?

I would really like to see a full body pic of each gym leader and their main pokemon

I think Clark should have a Togepi. Or a Mew. Would make Lex's Mew-Two that much interesting.

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This thread is for MAH VIDJEO GAMEZ that I am working on for /co/.
Basically. It is a fucked up Worms clone on crack.
Here is the VIDEO containing blurry gameplay!

Here is a download link for YOU BROS to test the game. Press F1 to learn GAMEPLAY TOUCHING OF THE BUTTONS during game.

Don't forget. If you want a character or weapon put in the game, you will have to MAKE IT YOUR SELF.
Keep it around the size and style of the image posted here.

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I take it this project is dead?

/coc/ projects don't die. They just fade away as the interest does, man. It's how they work.

hide File: 127510587684.jpg-(85.29KB, 635x966, __Ecaflip___for___Wakfu___by_gueuzav.jpg)
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Who the fuck locked the last Wakfu thread. Everything was running so smooth.

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Poor Eva, she's always the one being picked on.

Created a new Wakfu thread, at 850+ posts it's just a matter of time till the mods lock it.

File: 127665671338.jpg-(19.39KB, 413x264, oh bravo.jpg)

>You produce a set of lockpicks and gently insert one into the keyslot, like meeting an old lover

Clever, gentleman, pretty clever.

hide File: 126958290492.png-(444.37KB, 743x662, 2010-03-26_005032.png)
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This is kinda basically a production blog of my Anime Club comic dub I'm currently working on.

A few weeks ago me and my friend Antfish decided that we would do an audio dub of Gunshows "Anime Club". So after weeks of scouting for the right voices we had finally gotten our cast and just today I've gotten everyone's lines and can now begin the mixing process (I'm not mixing it myself, a friend is). If things go well I can get it done within a week.

For those curious as to what the characters will sound like; Here are some audio samples. (I know some will not agree with the casting choices made but these people both had quality mics and acting.)

Hopefully in the future installments we'll be able to get Egoraptor to provide some voice work.

(All audio levels will be fixed during mixing.)


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Yeah, that could work.

File: 128050801982.gif-(1.78MB, 333x194, SO GOOD.gif)

Best fancasting ever.

hide File: 128028750468.jpg-(44.56KB, 300x448, zombiesurvivalrecorded.jpg)
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Does anyone have the ZOMBIE MIX soundtracks?

idk if it was made by /co/, but thats where I first saw them

there were like 5 volumes, but there may be more now

PLZ!! you are my last hope!
I've been looking for this for like a whole week

anyone got them?

anyone at all?

they have songs like Move your dead bones by Dr. Reanimator
RE_your brains
and a 12 and a half minute song from Fela Kuti

for examples

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