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Covers, pages, and images of high resolution and comic nature.

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File: 128518684741.jpg-(147.77KB, 486x738, AmazingSpider-ManAnnual21.jpg)
Anyone have this Hi-Res?

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C'mon DC, make a Flash movie, no one wants more Batman movies so soon, C'MOOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooooOOOON!

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File: 128530854425.jpg-(27.72KB, 300x400, javier_bardem.jpg)
Firstly because all they seem to be doing with the DC direct films is adapting stories from comics. So instead of starting from scratch, they have a good foundation to go from.

And secondly, an original story could turn out to be really bad. Better to just go with something you know is good.

And also, to go entirely off topic for a moment, I was re-reading the Dead Heat arc recently, and I began to think who might make a good live action Savitar.
I came up with Javier Bardem. Thoughts?

>Firstly because all they seem to be doing with the DC direct films is adapting stories from comics.
Which has been my problem with the last few films.


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Previous thread.

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File: 128531178652.jpg-(117.82KB, 600x849, 00000778.jpg)

...Then again, I've been wrong before...


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Last thread: >>94043

IRC is #bluhbluh at esper, ask for help, blah blah.

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File: 128531751451.png-(104.56KB, 562x525, eristylin.png)
stunna shades

What the fuck is going on in the clouds?

youll nevva catch me wwithout my stunnaz on

Rose blowing up her first gate.

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(Sequential) Art Appreciation Thread.

Favorite artists, styles, panels/pages, etc.

I've come to realize my favorite styles are either the minimalist, almost deco style of David Aja and Chris Samnee, or the more animated/cartoon style of guys like Reilly Brown and Ryan Kelly.

You'd be wise to not (intentionally) fag up this thread with Liefeld, Land, shitty art, etc.

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File: 128530153523.jpg-(1.06MB, 2560x1942, Hulk_025__2010___GreenGiant-DCP_.cbr - Page 14.jpg)
Gabe Hardman is also right up there with Samnee. Such pulpy goodness.

File: 128531397412.jpg-(113.35KB, 600x909, tada.jpg)
I have such a hard on for Reilly Brown. The way he draws is so fun.

I just noticed ATLAS there.

Since when does Steve know that ATLAS are good guys?

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  I would like to remind everyone that this is supposed to debut today.

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Trying to peacefully detain them.
Try and work closer with Solomon to figure out what's going on.
Realizing he's clearly outmatched and they are his only hope, etc.

I'll add more tonight.

So I was thinking, why do we ever need the General?

Then I realized he's, like everything else, an homage TO the Shoot first generals of old.

My body is ready for the next episode.

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...Guess this Seinfeld-meets-Dilbert-with-funny-animals strip, which some called "fresh," "funny," and "manga style," didn't generate enough namedropping strips, "fanservice" (oh Jesus), and strips insulting its own readers to become a huge marketing success. Canceled.

“I feel like my childhood dream was shot point blank through the eyes.”
- Ed

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File: 128513246429.gif-(33.94KB, 525x163, My_Cage.gif)

File: 12852196663.gif-(41.84KB, 525x163, My_Cage.gif)

File: 12853166694.gif-(34.37KB, 525x163, My_Cage.gif)

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New Avengers Cartoon starting on October 20th.
But until then Marvel is posting 20 micro episodes featuring solo adventures and origins.

So to kick it off with a bang, the first micro episode: IRON MAN IS BORN!

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Thanks for the YouTube links, guys. I wouldn't have been able to see it otherwise.

I know next to nothing about the Avengers, and I'm excited for this.

That Pym one is pretty cool

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Cut off one limb and two more shall take its place!

2000AD #1702

Brightest Day #10

Vampire, PA #02
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Thanks again for all of this. I don't mean to be a bother but you wouldn't happen to have Empowered vol. 6 would you?

I bought it on release day.

It's very very bloody; a lot more violent than the previous volumes.

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So, have you heard about this new channel from Hasbro and Discovery coming next month?
Apparently it's going to try to be the new Cartoon Network.
Let's discuss it.

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File: 12852919557.jpg-(52.00KB, 331x500, 51QDTGSDDWL.jpg)
Ha ha oh wow, I remember reading those books when I was a kid.
And now it's an anime.

The question is, who's who?
Roadblock would be B.A., and I guess Scarlett is Face, but what about the others?


It's on Cartoon Network here at the moment. I'm not very impressed with the show, though.

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Figure this might work better than just making dozens of new threads....

So, yeah, apparently this (Pixar Canada) is happening! It'll be handling various animation projects Pixar doesn't have the time or manpower to, but that they want to maintain the same level of quality on. Things like amusement park attractions and spin-off shorts.

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Mickey's animations are slightly different!

Yeah, I think they applied what they learned to make some of the animations seem more natural.

I doubt I would have noticed or cared when I watched this as a kid, but it's kind of strange seeing the 40's characters designs used for old timey animation gags.

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So I can't be the only one whose favorite character is Von Zinzer.

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Everything a Spark touches turns to awesome. I call that an improvement.


Rodyle, we're not talking about a Spark's idea of improving, we're obviously talking about our idea of improving. Obviously. Christ.

File: 128530146312.jpg-(155.07KB, 700x1056, ggmain20100924b.jpg)
>Agatha's Man-Jail.jpg

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For those of you not already in the know, a large group of /co/mrades are meeting up this year at NYCC. For those interested, here are the details.

1. First off, make sure Stan Lee Anon, the guy in charge of the mailing list, gets your e-mail. Either hop in the IRC or send it to him at

2. We chat on IRC fairly regularly at night for planning and general bullshitting.

3. The current plan is to meet up Saturday around 7-7:30, after the events of the con, somewhere AT the Javits center. Once we're all gathered, we plan on going out to grab a bite to eat together (those of us in costume will remain so). Probably pizza.

4. For identifying fellow /co/mrades at the convention, we have also established a codephrase.
>You: Do you know a good place around here to grab some HAMBOIGAHS?
>/co/mrade: Murder Burger! Now get the fuck out!
Some of us may also be wearing a Hankface.png on our passes.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I'm going to be wearing a green lantern shirt and a leather jacket and i will be 90's green lantern

There's a chat going on right now. If you're going to the New York Comic Con and want to meet up with some /co/mrades, come join!


Don't forget me :D

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Old one hit the auto-sage limit.

>Wonder when Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc. is starting regular seasons
>check schedule
>first episode is in one week

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You have intrigued me so....I must find a copy of this, post-haste!


  >Blue Beetle 25
>Khaji Da
>Yeah, I'm the crazy one.
>Dat little sis.

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The other TF thread stopped bumping.


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- Dammit, I told myself I wouldn't get WFC Cliffjumper, but now I don't know...
- I may have to get Darkmount now. These two back-to-back would be scary.
- TEMPTING. He'd be a great addition to my growing number of jets.

Windcharger looks great. Hopefully they make a redeco, since I'm not a big fan of the red.

Fallback (ROTF Brawn) is a maybe, since I'd want his gun accessories.

That PCC Jet is beautiful.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


2011 is a great year to be a nerd.


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