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Long-Term Projects

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Continued from /co/, creating hybrid animals to fill the fetish fuel void in Avatar.

Did anyone save anything? I could likely rewrite my Babboon-fox idea if no one saved it.

Hopefully, the guys interested on /co/ saw the news before it got deleted.

OK, so we've got a WG Bee-Crane and a great idea for a Muscle-growth Baboon-fox.

My next idea was for a Hypno/Vore Python-Boa. Pure, straight up Kaa style: Boa Constrictor with a colorful hood it uses to lull it's prey into complacency. Picture Katara and Sokka running into one before Toph saves them.


Awesome, you're here!

I've capped it, and can retype it if you don't feel like it.

I'd like to see what we've got overall more than anything :O

OK, Hypno-Vore Python-Boa, Tickling Goose-Hound, WG Bee-Crane, and I've got ideas for an inflation Cow-Toad and a brain drain/bimbofication mosquito-tick.

I'm still working out the kinks on the last one though... the details there are a bit nasty.

I think Cow-Toad should cause Breast Expansion instead. Also, something with bees or rabbits for Preg.

>>12361's a bit too close to inebriation if we make it an injected thing that makes them ditzy.
Would that involve some sort of increase to breast size? If so, maybe the substance used to keep the person from bleeding causes a swelling of the breasts (it sucks blood from just above the heart), and the swelling causes fever that causes the victim to get quite air-headed.

The Rabbit-vole was very close to extinction thanks to the Fire Nations war. VERY close. As in there were literally about 500 left in the world. So they developed a "defense". They became surprisingly adaptable. Their genetic material became infinitely adaptable and indomitable. Meaning a rabbit-vole can mount and impregnate a lion-seal, and it'll have rabbit-vole babies. Of course, they give birth to "Litters" so you get really big bellies for human women.

Classtoise, you are this project's MVP right now. Seriously.

I'm not going to lie, though: the beastial aspect to the rabbit vole kind of creeps me out... Any ideas to get around it?

Yeah I was really uncomfortable with that, myself, but it's hard to do "preg" fetish without...y' Otherwise it starts getting REALLY weird.

:D It's weird. I'm like a fetish machine.


I vote we stick a pin in the preg idea, let it hang for a while, see where it goes...

In the mean time, let's figure out if there are any fetishes we're missing that are still feasible. You mentioned inebriation, there's a bubble fetish, sticky/bound shouldn't be hard to figure out... what else?

Inebriation would be weird because it could easily be something big like a goatfrog (TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM A COW-TOAD) whose milk is laced with hallucinogens, or something as small as a weird bacteria-type hybrid that intoxicates water-supplies in the wild if not properly boiled.
Or, hell, Cactus Juice.

Binding is easy to do without going into vore. Some sort of spider-like creature with eyes bigger than its' stomach. Binds its' victim, injects it with poison...but the human body breaks the toxins down harmlessly, so the person is basically bound with a hungry predator starving to death while it waits for the prey to start digesting.


Rabbit Vole meat is commonly used as an earth kingdom aphrodisiac, but in some cases it can have the unintended side effect of increased fertility in humans?

Hmm...I like it.

I was mainly asking if we had some fetishes to cover yet... But I like your ideas!

And I'm having a total self-face palm moment on the cactus juice.

Well there are some that I can't really see being easily added to an animal. Like BDSM, tall/giantess, feet (Toph handles that WITHOUT any animal help)

Some type of pig that makes you fat if you cook it and eat it
Some kind of spider that webbs you up, then you emerge as a spider centaur thing
a horse that gives you inhuman speed (est~40-75mph) if it kicks you with enchanted horseshoes
Some type of fungus that's spores make women grow dicks

An eel that swims inside the woman and lays eggs. and she gets hugely pregnant almost overnight and carries for about a month.

A snakebite that turns women into nagas; the lamest fetish since Giantess

From the original thread. also this is exactly like one of my old artclass projects
"ok mike you have to draw a car, but it's gotta be made out of an animal"
Can't i just draw a car like a mustang or a thunderbird?
"no it has to be a car made out of an animal"
I hate you so fucking much teacher

Thanks for the contributions, everybody. Do you think we should keep brainstorming, or work on developing the stories now, and do more brainstorming on the fly?


Never ever ever stop coming up with new ideas. Ever.

OK, OK, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to be stifling or anything.

On another note, I've come up with another hypno/vore animal that seems a lot less derivative than the python-boa:

An alligator-angler! Basically, a giant alligator that has a glowing uvula: All it has to do is open it's mouth, wait for it's prey to crawl inside, drawn by the uvula, then close it's mouth. What do you think?

Also, Dr. Freeze, is it OK if I run with one of your ideas?

Because I was thinking the pig you describe could be used for the slob fetish. WG is still there, but it also causes laziness and apathy. I figure it could be a Turkey-Pig, as a reference to tryptophan.

>>Some type of pig that makes you fat if you cook it and eat it

The Hippo-Pig or Water-razor is an aggressive and mostly aloof creature. Tempered in harsh and sometimes colder environments it is one of the most "adaptive" creatures in the world due to its incredibly unique metabolism. Prone to distance itself when feeding and wander in search of anything that could be considered food these creatures are the very definition of Omnivore tilling up plant roots, feasting on long decaying or still living animals and occasionally attacking a stray or small groups of humans. While technically limited to stay in the vicinity of wetlands to breed and properly regulate the temperature from their massive bodies rouge Hippo-Pigs attacks have happed as far as the southern water tribe to the remote fire islands. Characterized by their sometimes menacing protruding teeth and for the bull, spear like tusks and their rather heavy physiques these animals if not grazing tend to swim in large streams gathering in some weird situations merely to mate. Thankfully Water razors are natural K-strategists and breed only in limited litters and with the best suited partners, popularization of this fact has led to picky or prude people to be called Water razors for their apparent cold natures if not for their possible amount of body fat.

Due its aggressive tendencies many cultures tend to be less forgiving to any sighting of the animal and are hunted for their natural hard leathery skin and ivory if not common safety. A Hippo-Pig's meat however is treated with more discretion as although it is said to be one of the most flavorful of all meats it is full of chemicals and powerful endorphin stimulants. Even the smallest amount carry stimulants to no only effect the human metabolism in absorbing and storing everything as body fat but for the first taste to be so addicting that the person may eat themselves into obesity if their stomachs don't burst from the strain on the skin and other internal organs from rapid growth. Few people outside the outer regions of the earth kingdom have built an immunity to these natural addictions and many who even eat the smallest sliver are known to "retain their pot Hippo-Pig belly" for many years.

Hm. Thinking of writing up some test-type writing, but I'm not sure who'll be my baboon-fox victim. It'll change the course.

I mean with Toph, Katara or Zuko (or even Aang) it'd probably focus on the alteration of their bending. I.e Toph would find that now that she has more muscle behind the movements, she seems to be inadvertently causing more destruction, whereas Katara and Aang find it harder to bend a fluid element with a bulky form.

Whereas with Sokka, Suki, or Ty Lee, it'd focus on their physical abilities suddenly shifting (especially for Ty Lee and Suki who are based more around agility then physical strength).

Awesome. Truly Awesome.

If you'd like my opinion, I'd lean more towards Toph. She always struck me as someone with a dangerous need to overcompensate for what she views as her shortcomings: I think it'd be interesting to see how she reacts to being all roided up on Baboon-Fox spit. I look forward to whatever you come up with, no matter who you choose, though!

Also, I've talked to my drawfag friend: he's working on a drawing of the WG Crane-Bee now, but he, admittedly, isn't that experienced at drawing Avatar stuff. If anyone else knows any drawfags that might be interested, let them know.

Finally, going to try and have a story up soon that incorporates the WG Crane-Bee and a hypno-vore animal: would you rather see the Angler-Gator or the Python-Boa?

Angler-gator seems more original. I like the idea of Kaa-style, but Python-boa is basically just a python. Not a whole lot different from snake to snake aside from patterns, especially not 2 constrictors.

Also for a drunk/drug fetish, I got a new idea from that! A Cobraguana whose venom is a neuro-toxin made for smaller animals. So of course humans aren't quite paralyzed, just made loopy.

OK, Angler-Gator it is. I should be able to have some writing up soon.

And Cobraguana: Nice.

Anyone have any progress on their works?

I have been unable to think of anything, really. It'll probably involve Toph (and maybe a Sokka one at a later date for the ladies/gay MG fans).

I've gotten sidetracked by some other projects, but if you'd like, I can post some synopsis I came up with.

Bumping with a heavy heart.

I haven't had shit for writing lately.

The baboonfox was a mischievous creature, as its' name would imply. It was not a fighter by any means, but its' venom had a very unusual property. It caused accelerated growth of the muscular tissue. Most would see this as a BAD idea, but it causes small woodland creatures to bulk up, either not fitting in their burrows, or forcing them to stumble and slow down.
Although targets humans.
One such "victim" was a young woman, by the name of Toph Bei Fong. An Earthbender, Toph's body was naturally far harder than a girl her age, with more muscle tone. Nothing outstanding, but it was enough to make her female friends green with envy when they went swimming.

"I'm gonna go find some firewood. Toph, you wanna build a campfire?" The young monk spoke softly, even though he had the weight of the world on his shoulders as the Avatar, he seemed always at peace.
"Nah, I'll probably go for a walk. We start training as soon as you get back."
Aang bowed deeply to his master, "Of course, Sifu Toph."
The two shared a laugh. Despite being nobility, Toph was never one to get "fancy". She preferred training out in the wilds.

Toph heard a large grunt followed by a gust of air, three familiar forms stepping off a giant form.
"Hey, you're just in time." her milky eyes lit up as she clung to the Water Tribe warrior, Sokka.
"For what?" Toph cringed. She didn't DISlike Sokka's girlfriend, Suki...but her feelings for him had never gone away.
"I was just going for a walk, you wanna join me?"
"Suki's not done training him to be a good boyfriend," his sister Katara teased.
Toph couldn't help but chuckle, heading into the forest.

It soon grew dark, though the Earthbender would never notice it, and the predators began stalking. With a shudder and a groan, her bare feet squeezed a gooey floor.
"Eww...right into a bog. Bad enough all I see is vines..."
She stomped her foot, the earth and water separating briefly (as she could only control the former). The trees shook gently, scaring off many prey.

A pair of dull golden eyes watched the young girl, snickering its' sinister laugh, mumbling it's strange tongue which was simple grunting. The fluffy tail wriggled and jerked, as if trying to escape the bright red base. With a deft hand, it crawled through the branches, targeting its' prey.
"Who's there!?" Toph cried out, stomping the mud. The splash landed in her mouth for a brief second.
"Blech...There's plenty of earth! And I'm the greatest Earthbender alive!"
This was only half true. Most of the "Earth" was mud, and she was essentially wearing beer goggles so far as her feet were concerned, vibrations muddled by the sticky landscape.

The creature had accounted for her excellent hearing, however, constantly preying on the likes of rabbit-voles...much to its' displeasure, though that's another story.
Toph was almost literally blind. A feeling she did not enjoy. Her stance did not waver, though her face showed fear. She stepped back, feeling a pinch on her neck.
"Ow! Poison needles? Oh jeez...hope Katara's got water." she groaned, feeling her muscles stiffen, almost like...they were SWELLING.
Another prick on her thigh, and one in her cheek. With a wince, she yanked the barbs from her body. "That was a little too easy...maybe it was paralasyzing poison?" She wondered aloud, stumbling backwards. With another painful ache of her muscles, she toppled over, hearing a ripping sound coming from her leggings.
"Great! Now I ripped my pants, too."

Toph stumbled through the muddied path, when her ears perked up.
"Toph!" it was faint, but she knew that voice.
"Twinkletoes!" Her heart soared, but sank almost as fast, "He's an Airbender...he could be miles away..."
Another voice "TOPH! Maybe we should wait til morning, then we'll have the sun." Sokka! They WERE close.
"I'm a Firebender..." Aang argued.
"Guys! Over here!" Toph ran, stumbling over her own two feet. 'Must be all the cold mud...' she grumbled. She didn't do it often, but for once, she lamented her lack of footwear.

A brief flicker of warmth hovered as she groped the air, slapping the mud.
"Hey, Suki's gonna kill me if I ruin these!"
"You're wearing Kiyoshi Warrior robes?" she raised a brow. Another rare occasion, wishing she could see that.
Sokka grunted a bit "Hey, Aang, wanna give me a hand? I think Princess Rock-bottom had a growth spurt."
Aang chuckled and helped distribute the burden, "Jeez you weren't kidding."
Toph blushed. Two cute guys carrying her around and all they did was mock her weight. This day got better and better.

By the time they had returned, the fire had been snuffed and drowned, faint flickers of embers long dying out, as the sun peaked over the mountains. Toph let herself down, and threw her arms around her friends.
"Thanks Twinkletoes, thanks Sokka..."
The two were more than happy to help, but their lack of breath was making it hard to thank her.
"T-Toph...crushing...ribs..." Sokka grumbled out. An awoken Katara rubbed sleep from her eyes, gasping at a tattered green outfit.
"Woah, Toph..."

Avatar with the characters as animals? That's retarded

...This idea intrigues me more then it should but uh...what exactly are you guys talking about?

I just took it as something to write about for fun. It might make more sense if Animal guy posted some of the stuff from the original threads but it’s been too long to bother him about that now. I have some free time I could put into this project but this doesn't seem to be an organized group affair.

Avatar animals with some sort of fetish attached.

Cool, I'm willing to add to this, but shouldn't this be in /pco/?

That's what I'm thinking.
I might restart this personally over there. Even though I'm not the OP.
Although if the original OP interjects and is opposed I won't.

I'm a little surprised people still remember this!
If you think people would go for it, then go right ahead!

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