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Alright i had a great idea of starting a fan made comic series, and i was hoping /coc/ could help.Basically its DC or Marvel characters in Twlight Zone style storys.I have a idea for the first issue.

"Too many rings"
A average man has a run in with the various Lantern Corps wanting him to join, Ultimately driving him crazy and leading to his death.The last page would be all black and read.

John Smith of Earth...Rise

If you would like to join i am looking for artists and writers, Just email me.

Replying because good idea.

Thank you, Now if i could just get some more people interested, Namely writers and artists.

I'd want to do a Universe 11 story sometime.

Hopefully without it getting too FFFFFFAAAAAAANFICTION


I E-mailed you. Did you get it?

No i don't think i did.

Well, essentially, I just said "Oh hay. I'm a writer. Here's the shit I done: Let me in on that shit and get back to me."

I probably typed your name wrong or something. Here's my E-mail:

I also asked if you had any specific "rules" in mind for the stories, like for who we are free to depict, and who or what event is off limits. If we should focus on original characters or normal people in the universes.

I had a few ideas of my own for stories, we can discuss here or in E-mail. Whatev.

Pretty much anything goes, As long as it has some sort of Twlight Zone twist ending you are ok, Pick any character or event you want, or you can do a Original character like my OP.

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