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So we've had these pictures floating around for a while, but as far as I'm aware, no story ideas were ever presented. So I ask you, comrades, how would we ultimize the DCU?

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File: 123998379394.jpg-(661.06KB, 907x864, jla2.jpg)
Martian Manhunter:

An international team of astronauts return from the first successful landing on Mars. They bring with them samples of the red world, including the first organic matter ever seen on the planet: A small number of plant-like cells.

Under the much brighter light of earth's sky, the cells reproduce at a rapid rate, creating a green blob of goo. The astrobiologists observing it realize that the organic matter will change it's shape depending on their own thoughts. As weeks of study goes by, the alien life form changes shape consistently until it forms a small humanoid shape... And open's it's eyes.

The alien has psychic abilities, of course, but they were inactive on mars due to lack of anything resembling intelligent life. But here on earth, the alien has had the time to absorb the thoughts of the world's smartest people, and has become quite human itself. Concerned over the dangers the other member's of his adoptive species (as it likes to call humans) face, the alien has decided to use it's shape shifting and psychic abilities to aid the human race and earth in whatever way it can.

File: 123999750428.jpg-(72.01KB, 566x566, flash.jpg)
Barry Alan is a quantum physicist working on a government sponsored project to recreate the properties of the subatomic universe in the physical world using SCIENCE!. An errant lightning bolt activates causes a particle execrator to go haywire, with him inside. His atoms are torn apart, and he is sent spinning around the taurus for a few seconds before the machine is deactivated and he returns to normal (having not felt a all took place in less than a fraction of a second)

As the days and weeks go by, he begins to notice odd things happening to time around him. The trains he rides start arriving earlier and earlier. He can finish a days work in a few hours, at one point he finds himself watching a humming bird flap it's wings...slowly...before fluttering off. Soon he finds himself outrunning horses, cars, and trains. He decided to take up the mantle of an the leader of an old costumed vigilante troupe, The Flash, and fight local gangs and drug dealers.

He is soon tracked down by Jay Garrick, claiming to be the original flash, now walking with a cane. Barry is floored to be meeting an honest-to-goodness old-timey vigilante, and starts hero worshiping him. Garrick explains that after he broke his leg, he had to give up running and being the "Worlds Fastest Man". He turned to the bottle, and got old and fat, pining over his olympic medals every night. But after he saw the news stories about a new Flash, one with actual super powers, no less, Jay decides to track Barry down and offers to train him. A Terry-Old Bruce relationship forms.

also...I think maybe he should be asian...The UJLA needs an asian.

File: 123999795474.jpg-(90.56KB, 566x566, wonderwoman.jpg)
In the late 1960s, a small cult like organization formed centered around the idea of female superiority, and greek god worship. The Cult of Themescura used it’s funds to purchase a small island in the Agean sea where they could live an isolationist life. completely free from the outside world.

A generation of women were raised on this island with little to no knowledge of the outside world other than that it was ruled by men. At the 40 year anniversary of the founding of Themescura, a competition is held to find the two native born women on the island who could be considered the most physically fit, and intelligent. Against her mother’s wishes, Diana participates in the contest, and astoundingly wins BOTH the competitions of strength and intelligence. For the contest of wisdom, she is granted a golden tiara and bracers, and for the contest of strength, a golden axe and shield.

After the celebrations of her victory, Diana’s mother takes her aside and reveals to her the true nature of the tournament: The two winners were to leave Themescura act as an ambassador to the outside world. But since Diana won BOTH competitions, she would have to go alone, and prove to world through example, the superiority of womankind.

...Where do the super powers come in?


She'd be more along the lines of Captain America or MPV. No actual super powers, but peak physical fitness, intelligence, tactical...stuff....and so on. Also, she has an axe!

IMO, her powers in the DCU were never very clearly defined...Do all Amazonians have super strength or what?

>>Also, she has an axe!
Made of gold.
She can't be that clever if she thought that was a good idea.


Well obviously not PURE gold. It would be far to heavy and malleable. Some kind of gold colored alloy.

Also, after having a chat in IRC, I've decided that she needs something more. I've taken her magic from her, and granted her tactical expertise in an effort to make her the UDCU's field leader...Their cap, if-you-will. But then I realized: What is a commander...without an army? So, of course, she takes with her a large brigade of 30 or so amazonian warriors who follow her back-and-call!

ehhh? ehhh?

cap's super power is the shield, only thing that stopped him being shot and even then it was really unlikely since the shield was so small, now I know a gold bracelet won't stop a bullet.

thirty women without guns? they would get mowed down by by a single field team.

also a axe is one of the slower weapons, you need a lot of time for a single swing even though it is a very powerful hit that can rip armor apart it really leaves her abdomen exposed, the ancient Romans were short and had short swords to stab at people raising their long swords/axes.

and even though the alloy excuse is used ALOT in comic actual metals have this trait of when hit with a bullet or any metal the bullet doesn't have to go all the through but small hot metal shards can blast off the other side and devastate what ever is behind then, that's why they are now beginning to build platic tanks.

File: 12400569931.jpg-(51.39KB, 610x405, migrane.jpg)
wow...i like Flash and J'onn but reading Wonder Woman and the subsequent arguments feels like it's tumbling back down to the Wondie Dark Ages. It's basically combining her 60s powerless days with the dick stomping for of Feminism that seems too much.

I know what you're going for here, a strong warrior woman but without any powers, it's kinda hard to do especially when your armor doesn't cover half your body. Also, there's nothing here that ties into her being the spirit of truth. Her lasso is apparently just a lasso but she could at least promote this so-called ideal of woman superiority by show the virtue of unrestrained forthrightness and always being straight forward, no matter how unpleasant or unseemly it might be in normal culture. I guess my main argument here is at least have the cult dabble in the occult, have Diana be born from their leader and blessed in a ceremony to the greek gods and that can at least be an explanation of her being at top physical and mental prowess if nothing else

This, MM and Flash are decent, but your attempt at an Ultimate Wonder Woman falls a bit flat

Also, from what you said on IRC, you mentioned something about Ult. Superman being from the far future, his Kryptonite is a fusion of Plutonium and Krypton, which, according to you, is supposed to be so radioactive it overload him or something. (Supes still gets radiation from the sun) Basically Krypton the planet. And that all of Superman's powers all come from tactile telekinesis or something like that

Another thing is that The Cult of Themescura is given a spy plane by Carol Ferris, who was interested by their kind of society.

I assume you're working out all of the small details before you present them

You know we already had an Ultimate DC

It was called the DCAU

I remember reading this article in Wizard, Lex knew who Clark was, Commissioner Gordon looked like Morgan Freeman, and Ray Palmer was a black chick.


THERE WAS AN ARTICLE? I was told it was just an art series! Shit, is it online?


Best I can do, if i can get an official link Ill post that too

So I sat down to write a superman synopsis, but somehow ended up with this instead. It's Superman meeting Lex Luthor for the first time. It's also the first scene I've written, so here's hoping I don't suck at it.

File: 124012106254.jpg-(173.28KB, 827x810, superman.jpg)
Lex: do you do it?
Supes: Do what?
Lex: IT….ALL of it….how can lift a bus above your head? Get shot point blank by a rocket launcher? FLY!?
Supes: Oh...well...Im not sure how it works...I just want to lift something, and I can pick it up. I can see someone point a gun at me or hear them pull a trigger and think “This won’t hurt me” and it doesn’t. I can look up in the air and just pull myself up into the clouds.
Lex: Without batting an eye?
Supes: Nope...But if anyone can figure me out, I figured you could. How many Nobel Prizes have you won?
Lex: *chuckles* Four. Two for mathematics. One for chemistry... One for peace…
Supes: And thats why I came to you. Any ideas?
Lex: *thinks for a moment and takes a long drink for a tumbler* A few come to mind, but Im thinking all your...powers...are from the same source. If that is the case, my number one theory would be tactile telekinesis.
Supes: What?
Lex: The ability to move something with your mind alone, and don’t scoff, Lexcorp has done extensive research on the subject and it IS within the realm of human possibility. But for some reason, you’re limited to only moving something you can physically touch. It would explain how you were able to lift an entire bus in the air without it snapping in half...How you can stop bullets dead in their tracks as soon as they graze your skin...How you can fly, and so fast at that!
Supes: But HOW! How does it work? What powers it?
Lex: Well in the studies we conducted, the catalyst that activated the telekinetic abilities in subject was heavy doses of radiation.
Supes: You irradiated people?
Lex: All of them volunteered and were fully aware of what was involved, and every test subject is now completely covered by Lexcorp’s health insurance for life. Medical, Dental, and Vision. But in your case, Im not so sure. Unless you have an apparent in Chernobyl, the only radiation you would receive on a regular basis would be ultraviolet radiation from the sun. So either Im wrong, and I am very rarely wrong, or you can absorb and metabolize radiation at an efficiency level millions the times normal humans can.
Supes: could it have something to do with my eyes and ears.
Lex: Why do you ask?
Supes: Well, I can see and hear better than other people too. Much better. I can see things on the horizon just the same as if they were next to me. And I can hear what they’re saying on every floor of this tower...Your janitor wants a raise by the way.
Lex: Astounding...I..need time to think about this.
Supes: I can come back tomorrow if you like.
Lex: That would nice.
*supes floats towards the open window*
Lex: WAIT! What is your name?
Supes: It’s, uh, C… Kal. Kal-El.
Lex: What does it mean?
Supes: Its… my name.
Lex: Right… See you tomorrow *raises his glass*

superman flies off as Lex stares out the window over the sunset soaked city, before walking to the phone and pressing a speed dial

Lex: Perry, it’s Lex. So about the flying man in blue that appeared today… Front page? Perfect. No, no, I trust your judgement in the paper completely, but I do have one suggestion for the story. Call him... Superman.

You could get around the "straw feminist" image in Wondy's story.

E.g., make Themyscira become a radical female-ist society, where females are considered the "master sex".
Think Medieval theories about "women are the root of all evil" and "women don't have a soul", but gender-bended.
Growing up in a female-only society, Wondy doesn't even know about men (besides some vague legends), but when she passes her trials, her superiors tell her about a whole world where monstrous inferior mockings of the human (female) image are considered equal or sometimes even have more rights than "normal humans" (females).
They tell her about the blasphemy of heterosexual sex.
The slavery of family.
The torture of birthing children.

And so begins a journey of a person brought up in a radical intolerant society to the modern world.
A journey of many discoveries, battles and regrets.

File: 124019258442.jpg-(79.00KB, 566x566, greenlantern.jpg)
The first landing on Mars by humans heralded more than the arrival of the Martian Manhunter. Much more. It was the first landing on an alien planet by man; making humans a truly intergalactic species. It was the first step in the next great journey of mankind. And it was noticed. Noticed by the Oans.

The Oans are the first known species in the universe to achieve sentience. The first to ponder their place in the cosmos. The first to fly between it’s stars. When our sun was only beginning to condense from the remnants of it’s predecessor, the Oans were perfecting their thought based technology, and spreading it throughout the cosmos. For the Oans, as the first sentient beings, felt themselves to be the older brother of all other species...their guardians. But they quickly realized that other worlds could be hostile to the arrival of otherworldly beings. And so every time a world would achieve interstellar status, protectors would be selected from the native population. These protectors would be given tools that would manifest their very thoughts through force of will alone, and would be powered by batteries modeled after the first thing the primitive oans invented eons ago: A lantern.

Now the Oans have come to earth, to bestow their lanterns on a few select humans. to guard their species and their planet. And so the call goes out:

“You have been chosen. You have all been shown to posses great willpower and the ability to overcome fear. You will be given a tool and tasked to work together to protect this planet 2814, Earth. You will not be alone in this. You will be trained by a veteran from another world. And you will have comrades among your own kind. If you are willing to honor this task, and are ready to learn more about your place in the universe, repeat this oath:

In Brightest Day and Darkest Night.
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might
Beware My Power: Green Lanterns Light.”

And so they did, and were summoned together, John Stewart, Hal Jordan, Alan Scott, Kylie Rayner, and Guy Gardner, before a strange, magenta skinned man. And thus was the first meeting of the Green Lantern Corp

My attempt at redesigning Superman.

You know, he's an alien, right?
From another planet, another evolutionary system.
He should look totally different from us, not like a Kansas country boy.

And he in fact does.

One night, an elderly Kansas farmer couple saw a bright flash in the sky.
It looked like something crashed in the middle of their corn field.
Though even after a thorough search the Kents didn't find anything, they saw the flash as God's sign.
That night, their only son, Clark, was conceived.

But Kal-L did indeed arrive on Earth that night.
He just didn't want to come with the Kents, as he considered them too old and weak.
He waited, for several years, until a young Clark ran thrrough the corn field.
The boy returned home late at evening, with a happy look in his eyes and a strange golden insignia in the middle of his chest.

Kal-L was a parasite.
A symbiote, if you will.
But he was a beneficiary one.
He could help his host survive almost any danger, in exchange for providing a host for him.

It became apparent when young Clark began showing feats of extreme power and might.
One time he lifted his father's tractor.
The other time he ran faster than a speeding car.
Each time Kal-L, the parasite, instantly reworked Clark's cell structure and physiology to help him best achieve his goal.

The art of being a parasite is a difficult one.
You can control your host by implanting thought that he thinks are his own.
But these thoughts should not contradict the host's own system of thought, or they will be rejected.
So it was with Clark, and Kansas-raised farmer boy, brought up on honouring truth, justice and the American way.

Together with Kal-L, they became America's mightiest champion of justice, the Superman!

Interesting, but it's a bit to much like making Superman Starro.

Being the "Last Son of a Dying World" is a very important part of the superman story that can not be changed, even with an ultimization.

My idea was: Why does that dying world have to be...another world.

Millennia into the future, Humankind is on the brink os destruction; not from an exploding sun, but from itself. Humans have become to powerful for their own good. They've overpopulated the world, stretched resources thin, and never stopped waging wars. During the waning days of the world, the brilliant scientist Jor-El, in an attempt to change history and provide a better world for his child to grow up in, sends his young son back in time to the dawn of the 21st century to be a hero, and inspire the world to be a better place.

Okay, and yours is Red Son :-P

However, I never said Kal-L ISN'T the "Last Son Of A Dying World".
When Krypton was nearing its doom, the parasites persuaded one of their hosts, a brilliant scientist, into building a space-travelling capsule.
It should include some life-support systems (parasites can live in hostile environments much longer than most intelligent species) and a detector capable of locating planets with intelligent life (so that the parasite could fin a new host).

It was truly a bizarre sight when one of the greatest minds of Krypton constructed a high-tech spaceship to save not one of his own race, but one of the parasites.
Some people could consider it cruel of the parasites not to think about saving the doomed kryptonian race...
But... well, such are the morals of any parasites, beneficiary or not.

A somewhat similar story is that of the super-being known thoughout the Galaxy only as THE GREEN LANTERN.

...You know how some researches say a beehive has a mind of its own?
Or an ant hill?

...And maybe you remember the many legends Earth's people have about an omnipresent, omnipotent godlike being who manifests as human-looking avatars?..

When USAF pilot Hal Jordan approached what he thought was a plane crash, he saw a badly damaged UFO and a dying alien instead.
The alien, whom Hal knew as Abin Sur ("'a'bh'hh'nhn'shyw'rhr'" in the alien's language means "my left organ for digesting methane really hurts") uttered several hissing phrases... but among them was a completely clear message in good American English: "Accept the Lantern".
Did he really hear it?
Or did he only think he heard it?

Anyway, being a generous and compassionate man, Hal wanted do anything to ease Abin Sur's last hours, so he decided to fulfill his strange request.
And so he said: "Okay, Mr.Sur, I'll accept your lantern", hoping that somehow the dying alien would understand him.
And immediately an eerie green light, shining brighter than a million suns, shone from Abin Sur's body, then hesitated for a few seconds, and then rushed onto the surprised pilot...







I like it. The best part is, storywise, you don't have to reveal it for a while.

And my version of Flash, if you allow me.

Barry Allen was a scientist, working for a top secret military research center.
His superiors contracted him to create a chemical which could enhance human senses so that a soldier could act and react super-fast.
After years of thorough research, Barry found the wondrous formula.
His military superiors immediately set up a test, injecting several test subjects with the serum and ordering them to run as fast as they can.

All of them ended horribly burned, with broken bones and crushed organs.

Being unable to give a positive account to their command, and blaming the test's failure on Barry, the military superiors closed his project.
However, a much more clever man became interested in Barry Allen's scientific genius.
It was one Aleksey Lyutnev, a former Soviet secret service superior, who Americanized his name as Lex Luthor, and became a successful businessman and politician in his new homeland.

Luthor gave Barry a new lab equipped with the newest tech and devices, and instructed him to create a genetically-modified body that could survive the super-speed.
Barry heard Lex mutter under his breath something about battling some alien parasitic menace.
However, our cunning scientist had other plans for his inventions.

He created a clone of himself, doubling all of his memories and knowledge in the clone's minde.
However the body was completely different, genetically constructed to withstand extreme temperatures, friction, inertia and other hazards of extraordinary speed.
And when the work was done, he sneaked into the lab on his own at night, free from Luthor-contracted assistants, and instructed the clone to kill him...

...His first new memory was of killing himself.
He knew it was needed: a former KGB agent, Luthor would surely catch the scientist and subject him to the worst of tortures, if the clone escaped.
As of now... Luthor was free to try to catch The Flash!

Having a genetically modified body and the power to act with the speed of sound could drastically change a person's psyche.
It was the case with Barry's clone, too.
While a normal human could save the world in a few hours, stop all the wars and crimes on the planet, or maybe wreak havoc and destruction, hoard all riches and claim all the Earth's women, Barry... well, he just wanted to have fun.
Fun and adventure.
That's why he joined the Justice League.

And, in universe, no one in fact knows.
Not even Clark himself.
Anyone in the Justice League think Clark is just a Kansas boy who gained his superpowers some magical way, or maybe an alien himself.
And, in a sense, it's true - most of the thoughts and actions of Superman are indeed Clark's.
Kal-L just gives him superpowers to survive and succeed (his first goal was to help his host to win a mate, to create a healthy offspring who would become the parasite's new host), and manipulates his decisions when it's needed.

The only person who suspects something is Aleksey Lyutnev, but he's known to be both very intelligent and very paranoid.


UHG. Dramatic Irony. NO THANK YOU!

I'll try my hand at Booster and Ted.

Michael Jon Carter was born in the year 3270. Earth was, at that time, a galaxy spanning community that shared many connections with other alien races and forces. Michale was a poor man, forced to raise his sister on their own due to gambling debts and their neglectful father. Michale was constantly distraught by the fact he had no money. When he was a teenager he joined the MWPD (Milky Way Police Department) and was issued a 450 Enforcing suit. It was an older model however and he always felt like he was one step behind the others. Michale's force was sent to patrol an area of the milky way. It was there they did battle with a giant cosmic space worm. The worm, apparently, ate its way through time and space. When half of his platoon had been eaten, Michale took the initiative to be eaten and detonate his suit inside the monterous worm.

In an amazing clash of power, the suit malfunctioned and wound up absorbing the time worm's chronoshifting ability into it's suit. Booster was flung deep into the past where he found that not only was Earth in a more primitive state, but his suit and it's functions had such an advanced technology to them they were practically magic and gifts onto god themselves. Michale instantly decided that if he worked hard enough to earn money, fame and knowledge he could easily save up enough for his sister in their time line. Deciding to take the name Booster Gold. Michale sold himself off as a celebrity and action star. While he does help the justice league he is not entirely respected by them all.


I like! And now we've come to a special moment in the project. All the ideas presented have been based on pre-created artwork, but none of that artwork depicted Booster Gold...




And now for Ted...

Theodore Kord was born to a rather poor family. Their son Ted, however, had a natural gift for electronics and their father decided to encourage the boy further. Ted's other passion was, ironically, in sports and athletics. Ted enjoyed running, track, playing football and all that other stuff but his father never saw the money in it and as such continued to harass Ted to continue his life of scientific engineering.

Ted constantly wondered when he'd be able to combine his loves. This day came when Dan Garret appeared before Ted. Injured and wounded. He asked the young boy for help and Ted agreed. The two fought off a strange Egyptian wizard who wished for the Scarab in Dan's possession. It was Ted's genius and athletic ability that defeated the wizard and saved them both. And Dan, who was too wounded to survive the onslaught, told Ted to take the scarab and continue his tradition.

Ted accepted and though the Scarab did not work on him, he decided to put his engineering and physical prowess to work. Ted became the next Blue Beetle and began fighting crime, even joining the Justice league.

Blue Beetle gets along well with mostly every Superhero who he's met... except one. Booster. Ted and Booster have never seen eye to eye. Booster has convinced many of the league that he is a supernatural being. While obviously some of the more cynical and scientific don't quite buy it, Ted outright refused to believe it and constantly testified that there was nothing magical about Booster.

Booster and Ted have since developed an unusual relationship. They are bitter rivals in some sense but in another they are perhaps the closest friends each other has. Ted is constantly getting on Booster's case about his quest for money and fame. While Booster is constantly peeved at Ted's overly simplistic, scientific mind. The two are quick to out-do each other but almost just as quick to save each other should the need arise and most everyone in the team is sure that the two really like each other deep down. They'll deny this but they're not completely against one another.

File: 124028992753.jpg-(324.54KB, 500x677, 1d.jpg)


I think Booster needs a bit more of the retribution part of his motivation. Maybe he was retreating while his squad was being eaten and pressing the detonation button was an accident.

Now he feels like shit and is trying to make it up by not only saving up money for his sister but protecting the family lines of the men and women from his squad.

Heh, okay, if you say so.
Good thing I haven't posted my version of JLA Batman... :)

File: 124033747463.jpg-(187.01KB, 450x600, 1240291316026.jpg)
Another one. By Tim I'm guessing.


I'm interested. What's your JLA Batman?

Also, since we're discussing time travel, I think it's important that we establish HOW time travel in this world works.

Personally, I like a single timeline with a few loops in it. It's good for avoiding paradoxes.

Also, I've come up with a way to give Wonder Woman her powers: Simply enough, they work the same way as Superman's (tactile telekinesis granting super strength and near invulnerability) but since she is human, and not an evolved, future-human like Kal, and her body can't process regular, ambient radiation), she must be recharged periodically by receiving regular doses of a special kind of ultraviolet radiation from... a Purple Ray.


Time travel causes self-correcting paradoxes. This means Booster was already supposed to be there and there were legends of Booster Gold in his time. He sees his costume and figure "Eh, why the fuck not?" Also, he keeps trying to make a legacy (Dread Pirate Roberts) for himself when he finally returns to the future.

File: 124036934875.jpg-(140.44KB, 644x800, zuirma.jpg)
>this thread

Not to rain on your parade, but you seem more focused on the technical bits rather than actually focusing on the characters at large For one thing, you're making what was a society, based in Greek mythology into one based in the realm of advanced super-science (radiation, really?), making Diana's origin more ridiculous than it needs to be. How does being powered by radiation reinforce her ideals and moral high ground? That women are better at SCIENCE than men?

So you don't like the idea of mystical gods running around, understandable, but you're replacing something already mind-boggling with something more so it borders on being flat out stupid (if not stupid already). So far your idea is no better than the usual poorly thought-out retcon.

By what you've said so far, these advanced humans are powered by radiation. So humanity just builds a natural resistance to it that we eventually benefit from it by getting tactile telekinesis and such? Is this what you're trying to say? That makes less sense than Greek gods interacting with Judeo-Christian gods.

Maybe you should contemplate what you're out to accomplish, because you seem to be changing things for the sake of change, rather than build and improve on them.

>>Maybe you should contemplate what you're out to accomplish, because you seem to be changing things for the sake of change, rather than build and improve on them.
I was wondering why this Ultimate Wonder Woman sounded exactly like a real Ultimate character.

Also, how many people are on this Island? How did they afford gold alloys and radiation machines? And how is being the strongest and smartest woman on this island any more impressive then being the strongest man in Lichtenstein?

Wrote out a scene that should hopefully give you guys a bit more insight into where I was going with the Amazons...

“Senators, Generals, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mr President. My name is Steve L. Trevor, and the reason I have request this meeting is to brief you on a situation that my department feels may become very important in the coming weeks.

In the early 1960s an organization called the “Sisters of Themescura” arose. In behavior, they acted much like any “secret society” today. The stonemasons, Knights of COlumbus, Rotary International...except the society was exclusively women. We aren’t sure of the actual practices within the organization, but it is believed they modeled themselves after the ancient greeks, and possibly worshipped ancient greek deities, specifically the goddesses Hera and Athena.

They accepted most women who applied into the organization, but the highest ranking members were women of power and wealth. They performed some community service projects, lobbied for women’s rights in the workplace, made considerable investments in the stock market, mostly companies and corporations owned by women and made quite a log of money off the deals..

Then, in 1969, about four hundred women from the organization, including every officer, left the country. They had pooled their money, which was considerably more than we had previously thought, and used it to purchase an island in the Agean Sea, where they all disappeared to. It is believed they also took a small handful of men with them, but we are unsure of that detail. These women have lived an isolationist life on the island for the past forty years, having almost no contact with the outside world other than in dealing with the companies they have stake in. We attempted to fly a spy plane over the island in the late nineties, but it disappeared on us, so the only images we’ve been able to get are from spy satellites which reveal structures resembling ancient greek temples. They look far to new and complete to be ruins.

Other than that, we do not know what these women have been up to. We know they have resources and wealth estimated to be worth anywhere from 500 Million to 5 billion dollars, but we do not know what they have done with it.”

“So what is it about these women that concerns you?”

“Mr. President, three days ago we received a radio signal from the island...It said “Prepare yourselves. We are sending our greatest daughter to the world of men” ”

“What does that mean?”

“...We don’t know yet.”

>>400 women
Oh, so I take that back. The Strongest man in Lichtenstein is considerably more threatening.


Wow, sexist much? The strongest man in Liechtenstein doesn't have superpowers, does he?

BTW, I still need a good way to give WW her powers. IDEAS, PEOPLE?!?


I say keep the magic angle, but don't explain it. The Amazons happen to have magical trinkets in their possession and she takes them when she leaves.

Also, that ultimate WW costume art is fucking awful.

I meant design.

>>Wow, sexist much?
>>The strongest man in Liechtenstein doesn't have superpowers, does he?
I dunno. If it takes 400 people, with a variety of backgrounds with a total (Including everything else they spend money on) budget of somewhere between half a billion and 4 billion dollars to make superpowers, I'm sure the 30th strongest man in Lichtenstein has superpowers.

Being on Earth makes him super powered, of course. But it also makes his life burn out faster. So he's on a time limit. He dies after every 30 or so years. Just rapidly ages and dies.
BUT the thing is, in his Fortress, there's a mind recording machine that is link to his mind.
Ok. So.
Clark has to mate, have a son, and train the boy to be the next Superman in that time frame who will, upon Clark's passing, upload all the information from the computer into his own mind.

That way there is a constant cycle of Superman and Super kids.

Ultimate Superman - Clark Kent, a kid from Kansas, who was on a military base when it was attacked by alien race X (pick your poison). Saved by an injection of alien DNA, a failed supersoldier project that was noted to have some mild regenerative side effects in the first few weeks after application. It worked, he survived... and nothing else happened, until he hit pooberty.

Then... flying. Superhuman strength. Everything a dorky episcopal altar boy from Kansas could ever want...

I would have Superman pretty much be a moral character but also have had a shitty life and in a way proving that no matter how fucked up your life can be you can still have a positive outlook and make something out of it.

Clark would be an abused child and would know he was an alien/mutant because he would always be reminded by being called an alien freak by the Kents. Make Pa Kent be a drunk wife beater and abusive towards Clark with Ma blaming her shitty marriage on him and saying that they should have left him to die. Clark then develops his powers and becomes the cause of a tragedy (he kills Lana/Pete or burns someone's house down) causing him to freak out and run away to Metropolis. He then makes a living out of abusing his powers for personal until he meets Perry White who then finds about him and becomes his sort of mentor figure and shows him about responsibility, respect, truth, justice and shit and gives him a proper job as a copy boy at the Daily Planet (to which Clark then starts going up from and ends up being a writer/reporter).

I recall several years ago reading some thing by some person where they were experimenting with the idea of making the Justice League more international.

Anyway, they had Captain Marvel as a Russian street kid, and I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

Just leaving it here.

Green Lantern:

Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner are the first humans to land on Mars. The collection of soil samples and plant life is quickly overshadowed by first contact with an interstellar race. As a token of good will, the Oans grant the travelers a set of rings that create hard light constructs of whatever its wielders imagine. They are told that the rings are used to keep the universe safe, and that the astronauts are now Earth's representatives in an intergalactic police force. The five astronauts, the "Green Lantern Corps" as the press calls them, are their own superteam. The Corps is independent of every government, but most countries believe they have US interests in mind. They disappear for long stretches of time, and as such are considered very mysterious and private. It doesn't help their case that they act very cold towards everyone they meet, including their own friends and family.

The truth is that the astronauts never really left Mars. The power rings killed them instantly. Oa has been watching Earth very closely and has noticed a huge spike in metahuman activity. The planet is deemed a threat to intergalactic security and sends the "new recruits" as undead sleeper agents. The end of the second JLA story arc involves the full force of the Green Lantern network invading Earth. The invasion justifies Lyutnev's paranoia towards all alien contact and he is given full control of his own SCIENCE division. Enter Ultimate Checkmate, CADMUS, and STAR Labs. The third arc is about Lyutnev trying to regulate every single thing the JLA does.


Same anon, expanding on this.

Apparently a lot of these kids will move underground during the winter, to be nearer to sources of warmth like hot-water pipes.

So, he could stumble on Shazam's lair by accident, and remove the slightly-skeevy "Hey, kid, follow me!" bits.

Though, apparently the kids will sometimes support themselves by letting creeps take pictures of them?

Rookie cop, Richard Grayson signs up for a special training program called Project: Nightwing. Funded by Lexcorp, Project: Nightwing is Gotham City's attempt to have a controllable superhero since Batman came in and brought in the crazies like Joker. It was working well until Lexcorp stop funding the project because of downsizing. Grayson stole the Nightwing suit, left the force and continued as Nightwing eventually getting help from Batman. 2 years after he stole the suit, during a fight with Blockbuster a madman know as "Stan" shot a RPG into room from the rooftop across the street killing Blockbuster and Nightwing in the process.

Later we find out that Dick didn't die but was reborn as Cyborg and the body of Blockbuster was used for a new project called Doomsday.


Same anon, again. Telling you that Russian names are hard, but this is what I've got so far, prone to changing all over the place:

Vilgelm Varfolomeiovich (Varfolomeivich? What?) I-can't-think-of-a-last-name.

I just figured out a tweest.

One of LexCorp's international programs involves cleaning up the slums in Lyutnev's homeland. The kid, who I'm calling Batsovich, looks up to Lyutnev because of this. So now LexCorp has Captain Marvel aboard as one of its greatest supporters. Eventually he will clash with Superman to defend Luthor.


"Son of Bats"?

I wanted something that sounded like Batson. The reader should have some hint right away that it's Ultimate Billy Batson.


Trouble is, Russian version of "William" is "Vilgelm" and the Russian version of Bartholomew (Batson=Bart's Son) is Varfolomei.

And I have no idea what the diminutive for either is.

Arc should be titled "The Colour out of Space".

The atom needs to wear a fucking helmet. How else can the guy breathe when he's smaller than an oxygen molecule?

I'm thinking of something like Ultimate Giant Man, where Ray can only shrink to a survivable limit. Sadly, this means he won't have phone-line teleportation.

Perhaps the Atom shouldn't be entirely human anymore?

All Amazons have enhanced abilities, Wondies' abilities exceed most Amazon's due to her blessings of Birth, Her powers are clearly defined, Superman level Strong, Flash level speed reflexes but not actual speed, Flight with a max speed of 50 Miles an hour, hence her need for a Jet.

Good with magical impliments, however not inherently magical. Example, She was born from God magic giving her greater ability than most, however She is not magic, so She can punch Superman and it does him no magic damage, however it does him as much damage as a Normal person of his level in power.


Ray is fine Human, When he "Shrinks" it's not actually him getting smaller, he tears open a hole in reality with the Gravity of the White Dwarf star piece in his belt, as such while shrunk he enters an unknown state that various High Magic orders have deemed damaging to the Universe, especially Ivytown as Ryan Choi encountered (As well as fixing the problem in an unexplained way), in that state he nor Ryan has need for oxygen as he pointed out when asked how he could breath when smaller than an Oxygen molecule.

Actually, I'm going to stop reading the thread now, before I get mean, I do however fancy the idea of an Ultimate DC Universe, however I think it should SWIM AGAINST REALITY AS HARD AS IT CAN.



Actually DCAU is a lot like the ultimate universe.

The companies flagship titles are given a tremendous boost and re-imagining of canon (Batman/Spiderman) but many of the other aspects of the universe are changed. Some for the good (Question) some for the worse (Green Lantern).

No, it really wasn't, it was barely a re-telling, AND FUCK THAT BRO, THE QUESTION WAS GODDAMN AWFUL IN THE DCAU, he's just a bad Question rip-off instead of Charlie.

File: 125885725985.jpg-(353.98KB, 495x747, 1239590227446.jpg)


And if you were saying Superman but screwed up your spelling I AM DOUBLE DISAPPOINT as DCAU Superman was as annoyingly Cardboard as his World.


>it was barely a re-telling

Wait I'm sorry. Barely a re-telling of what? You mean as in USM is a re-telling of Spiderman's story and the DCAU isn't?


>And if you were saying Superman

Noo I meant the original/flagship titles. Batman was the starter of the DCAU and Spiderman was the starter of the Ultimate universe. And why you disappointed bro? Is Ultimate Spiderman bad?

It would appear there is a misscommunication on both our parts, I didn't realize you were making a BROAD comparison and you didn't make it very clear.

In short my point is that The DCAU was not an Ultimate DCU, just a simplified watered down re-telling.

I think the big thing is that the DCAU is meant to be watchable by children.


No it's more or less the fact the DCU is a comicbook universe that's had 80+ years of history, writers and character evolution while the DCAU is an animated series that had about a 7+ year run.

Really the idea of "watered down" or not is obvious.

Ehh, DCAU was fairly great in that regard, escaped crippling censorship.

T'were more than just that, but that's most of the reason yes.

This thread got tripped up discussing Diana, so lets bring it back with some newish content.

I was thinking about ultimate universe Justice Society alumni. I think it would be cool if we changed the dynamics of the character map around a bit by making the alumni of the Justice Society (Jay-Flash, Alan-Lantern, Wesley Dodds, Charles McNiter etc.) either younger than or contemporaries to the main stable of heroes.

(I originally wrote something here about re-introducing the concepts of Earth 1 and Earth 2, and having the Justice League and Justice Society largely being mirrors of each other (Say, Sandman and Sandy roughly match up with Batman and Robin, etc.) But I realized it might be stupid to have multiversal stuff within a self-contained Elseworld)

The main idea would be to have, say, a young hotshot 20-something Jay Garrick and Alan Scott and Wesley Dodds running around alongside the other 20-something heroes. Maybe instead of a Mentor/Student relationship, the two Flashes would always be antagonistic towards each other or whatever.

Might be a nice idea to shake up and introduce a lot of Golden Agers who the reader might not expect to show up.

In light of your idea, I slightly disagree on the Golden Ageers being 20 or so. But you have something there nonetheless.

Also, I think Tiki had a point on the whole "realism" bit. Problem with the whole Ultimate concept is that people confuse "realism" with "believability", when the entire idea of the superhero conflicts with the word. And when we're dealing with a world with men who can fly and afford crazy gadgets, you're already well on your way into fantasy, so why not roll with it?

Plus trying to come up with pseudoscientific/"realistic" explainations for everyone's powers/equipment sorta brings unneeded junk into the mix. Things like Supes' powers or the Atom's shrinking abilities shouldn't be dwelled on too much because again, we shouldn't aspire to be "real" here, so let's not kid ourselves. Plus this is what OP's proposed Wonder Women fell to when he tried to replace her mystical origins with some science nonsense, the reactions of that speak for themselves

I actually came up with an Ultimate Superman before.

The origin was basically the same but a few details were changed. I thought maybe Krypton should be more Earth-like to explain why he looks so human, and that his dad was a Security Officer and not a scientist, but his mom was, and that his suit was his dad's uniform. Also, I had the idea that his powers didn't manifest until puberty and that they weren't based just on him being near a yellow sun but that they had actually had an evolutionary advantage on Krypton. Also, I had the idea that the Kents didn't find him right away when he crashed (and that they didn't adopt him until he was ten, with him having spent years in an orphanage) and that his ship was actually taken by the government, and that he kind of had to piece together himself what his origins were until he snuck into where the government was holding the ship and took it. That was when he found a recording left by his parents and the suit, and when he became Superboy.

He didn't become Superman and add the cape until he figured out how to fly.

Personality wise, his geeky Clark Kent act isn't really an act and he's a bit more playing a part when he's Superman, but he's still a good guy and capable of leading when he needs to. Just a bit rougher around the edges socially.

Ultimate Themyscria Island would work sort of like Avalon in Gargoyles except you must be in a large saltwater lake or open sea to get there instead of just any body of water. The island was part of the nation of Atlantis and was treated as a one of many repositories of their knowledge. It's never revealed fully how or why Themyscira did not sink with Atlantis, only that the gods did not wish it.

So Ultimate WW and Ultimate Aquaman would be related somehow?

Distant relatives in the "we're all sons of Adam and Eve" sense. Possible arranged for marriage to unite the two kingdoms or some such.

I mainly want to be like that so any tech like the Purple Ray they may employ might just be explained away as Atlantian tech and give the Amazons some purpose to be warriors. I want them to have men on the island but they were treated like women are treat in some countries. I was also thinking that to gain fresh troops they would have settlements in various places send any children they had with the indigenous males to be trained as Amazons. Most of these mixed children would be known as Bana.

After looking into some of the elseworlds and older batman stories I’ve started to wonder if there was just a tendency for a batman to be created. Not in some kind of goofy secret society deal but this weird phenomenon in the human race that cultivates the conditions to bring about a “bat-like” entity and the subsequent consequences this released personality has on said environment.

In the farthest reaches of history freshly rediscovered by increasingly modern technology has shown a fascinating pattern that could link the greatest figures of the world together and more importantly a road map for how to mold society into their full potential with a single individual. Genghis Khan turned the Mongolians from battling tribesmen into a world conquering horde, Mohandas Gandhi freed India without lifting a finger and if this theory is true who knows what could be done with America or any other country in the world. Even if psychology was a perfect science however, this theory is difficult to fully test both ethically and legally as it would require touching the very core of the human mind with the most radical tactics to force greatness out of the subject without destroying the right mindset they need and of course time for natural ability to grow within the illusion of choice.

Amanda Waller and a few select United States Congressmen think their country need a shot in the arm to turn the public back into the best of the world they should rightly be. But before they pour money into an untested method on the entire nation they’ll experiment in a perfect microcosm of the disease they see in the country; Gotham City, A cesspool of whole scale corruption whose infamous crime families are as publically known as they are untouchable. Under conventional tactics it would take decades of frivolous high court battles before an iota of their influence could be neutralized but this inner circle believes they can make one of Gotham’s own ignite the populous into eating the cancer within a few years. And thanks to a certain foreign ally Waller has been given a candidate in the freshly orphaned Bruce Wayne.

Quickly establishing a distant friendship with the boy Amanda introduces Bruce to a widening web of contacts that teach him a variety of combat techniques and skills for the next ten years. In that time the Inner Circle allows the mafias more leniencies to further goad Bruce onward whenever he looked back at his old home into creating a vengeful demon he cannot help but obey. When the prodigal son returned Waller smiled as reports surfaced of Gotham’s “Bat-Man”.

It’s a shameless rewrite of Batman Beyond, I know.

Batman beyond meets the Suicide Squad. Pretty neat.

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