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20202 No.20202
I am in the midst of designing a series (possibly to be animated or be put into comic form) and I am in need of the following things

* People with which I can discuss:
* how various forms of fiction have depicted aliens
* various aspects of a galactic society (how they measure time, currency, economy, etc)
* Theoretical alien species and how they function
* Alien technology

* Artists to:
* design alien spacecrafts/architecture
* design various alien species and races within them

If you are interested, please email me.
Please feel free to ask general questions in this thread.

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You're going to have to spend a lot of time pleading with the various /co/, /i/, and /tg/ boards across the chanoverse....

I am of no help unless you require it all soldered together into a complex circuit.

I can take a shot at galactic society.

I don't pass by this particular board often enough to be able to meaningfully contribute to this discussion, so here's a site with an astounding amount of information that's useful to people like yourself who are taking on the scifi genre.

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—it goes on forever—and—oh my God—it's full of stars!

Thanks for the resource, Anon.

Awesome. I always have my eye out for this kinda stuff because I have a space-drama ish comic planned in the back of my mind. I'm far too lazy to ever make it but it's a nice dream. If I find something that has a good idea or I think "wow that's awesome, I should include that" I bookmark it. It's not limited to technical or scifi gear either. Anything that inspires you. Even if it seems silly, it can make an awesome read (works for Oda).

I should go through my bookmarks and pic out what I've decided to file away, but I'm too lazy right now. But here's a few points off the top of my head:

- It's surprisingly hard to make an alien creature that is realistically not very human-like; but at the same time make them likable and relatable. It's all well and good to have a creature made of goo or random fleshy bits- But you'll find you don't really want to do anything with them because not even yourself cares about them too much.

- Play Star-Control II (Released as the Ur-Quan Masters under GPL). It has a very interesting idea with it's politics/culture using Spheres of Influence. It also drives home the point that 90% of any realistic space exploring would be mining.

- This is more of a general rule than anything else, but it's always the little things that trip you up (which I'm sure everyone already knows). eg. I thought it'd be cool to make a humanoid race with backwards knees. Now they have a prominent place in the story and I'm still not sure how they sit on fucking chairs.

What do you mean alien technology? Like how do you make it interesting without obsessing on THEY ARE SO ADVANCED GUYS or what would be a truly alien machine or mechanism?

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You want alien aliens? Wayne Barlowe is where it's at.

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