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What if the Marvel and DC existed in the same universe from the beginning? Each character begins their careers in the same year their comic debuts, normal humans age in real time, superhuman age slower, and all characters are included, including those from non canon works such as Kingdome Come, Batman Beyond, or Watchmen (In Watchmen's case, it's not their "first appearance" but the year the book says the first appear.) Events will happen on the same year as they where published I.E. in 1985 and in 2005 their will be reports of infinite earths appearing in the night sky. There is significant over lap I.E. Frank Castle might become the Spectre. Can it be done?

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Does the period where a lot of superhero comics get canceled also count? Cause it'd be like, the majority of GA heroes go away by the 1950's, with only Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Green Arrow still operating.

Well if you're including Watchmen, is it still the Watchmen setting? Because it seems like folks like Captain America wouldn't stand for that.

So what about the cities? Is Metropolis New York or are they separate? Superhumans are said to age slower but at what rate? Have some of the older heroes retire like you said Terry is now Batman. What about The Fantastic Four Reed and Sue can retire and Franklin and maybe his sister work with Ben and Jonny and some others . In fact because of the time deference we could Insert all of MC2 and include Spidergirl and Avengers-Next. Now this seems like a cool idea. Lets see what we can think up. :-)

>all characters are included, including those from non canon works

We would have 100+ supermen, batmen, and spidermen patrolling cities at the same time.

He'd be dead.

So, what, he doesn't get frozen and become the Man Out Of Time?

Or just, like, dies early? Because being a WWII vet in the 70s wasn't that ancient.

But, uh, okay, if you want to write Watchmen, go for it.

If you simplify it to Marvel and DC are one universe, without all the multiple continuities and real time aging, the concept sounds more intriguing.

No, I figure because Vagina-Squid.

>>19719 Yes, the fifties will be a slow period.
>>19720 Not the Watchmen setting per say, but the characters at least will be the same.
>>19757 Fictional cities are real, and exist alongside real ones. The rate of aging would be 2:1. Yes, characters do retire.
>>19777 Look at it this way, all those are one character who acts in different ways at different points in their life.
>>19804 If you wanna do that, go make your own thread.

>> Not the Watchmen setting per say, but the characters at least will be the same.
So...did Ozymandias NOT send the vagina-squid?

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Sounds good to me.

So. Super Robot Wars with Superheroes

I certainly approve and would watch/read/play any adaptation of it you throw at me.

Sounds interesting, but it's crazy inconsistent. Different writers, multiple realities within each canon... Most long-running characters would end up being as psychotic as Sentry considering how different they've acted depending on the writer. If you were to limit it to mainstream Marvel and DC, and sort of gloss over the out-of-character stuff, then we'd be having a serious conversation.

The aging is a whole other mess. If Lois Lane were 25 in 1938, she'd be 97 years old now. Spider-Man was 15 in 1962, so at 2:1, he'd be about 40 (which is embarrassing for the current state of his private life and career). While I'm all for letting characters mature and age gracefully, it'd just be madness to try to do it retroactively.

Can it be done? No, not really. Not without significantly changing nearly every important plot point. Could it be done in a very superficial way, discarding large sections of character history and sliding around time scales? Sure.

I think the best that could be done is to take current canon and place it all together. with some slight moving of dates you can even have events from one company cancel out stuff from another and such.

How about we have some infinite crisis like event fuse all the universes together

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