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File: 125743342318.jpg-(23.82KB, 455x232, Tintin 3-D Jean-Pierre Gougeau Captain Haddocks wh.jpg)
19204 No.19204
Here's a little something I whipped up back in the heyday of Mogulus, watching streamed epsiodes of the 90's Tintin cartoon on nostalgiabomb. Basically, I'm looking for a little help fine-tuning it; maybe taking some events away and substituting them, that kind of thing. Anyway, here it is:

1 shot
Weird skull
Somebody suffers blunt head trauma
Haddock cusses
"Great Snakes!"
'beard of steel'*
Somebody gets shots

2 shots
Somebody wears a monocle/has huge eyes
Somebody gets chloroformed
Somebody gets punched in the face
Somebody barely escapes death
Tintin visits a museum
A Canadian voice actor attempts a foreign accent, and fails miserably

*I have no idea what this means. Possibly a reference to manly beards?

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File: 125743466044.jpg-(14.69KB, 154x250, HaddockSerkis.jpg)
3 shots
Haddock/Snowy/Tintin KICKS SOME ASS
Calculus' deafness
'Spot the blonde guy'**

4 shots
Thomson & Thompson/Snowy get into wacky hikinks!

5 shots
Mme. Castafiore sings

**I recently found out that the "blonde guy" in question is in fact a posthumous "cameo" by Hergé himself. That's pretty cool.


As I said, this needs quite a bit of work before it becomes viable. I'd also recommend not using alcohol, as it could lead to blindness or even death.

File: 12579004943.jpg-(255.19KB, 1000x1455, Tintin doesn\'t take shit from bears.jpg)

Dear lord this sounds amazing. I want to try it.

I think I'd move things down a tier, though. Haddock alone would kill me in half an hour.

I wonder if we could put together a drinking game for other shows...

I wanna try this with SSM

1 Shot
You feel like this is Norman Osborn: TAS
Eddie Brock does something awesome
Obvious Forshadowing

2 shots
Great Power...Great Responsibility.
You feel a boner coming on from a voice actress.
Norman makes child abuse look cool.

3 Shots
Tragic villain origin

5 Shots

All I can think of tonight.

Oh and I suppose a 2 shot for "Cameo Appearance"


Add two shot for "I would think this really stupid if I hadn't read/known of the comics." I know I keep doing it.



File: 125815571028.png-(69.58KB, 315x216, Volgin.png)
I refer you to the filename of that particular image.

File: 125935893987.png-(27.97KB, 388x707, tintindrinkinggame.png)
Well, here's a third draft I managed to whip up this evening, after putting my second draft through a little test of Disc 1 of my "Adventures of Tintin" DVD boxset and a few glasses of my favourite soft drink (ironically, I'm teetotal. I still bought a shot glass off eBay; that's how dedicated I am to this project).

One of the first things to go, as you can see, was "somebody gets shot", because nobody gets shot, except for that one time Tintin got clipped in the arm in The Blue Lotus; even then he got better, thanks to his Belgian healing ability. I'm not all that happy with the chugging options - I may switch them around. Also, I intend to work on the presentation of the rule sheet itself; put a nice background in , stuff like that.

For those of who you are wondering where I got these fonts, just google "tintin talking font" and "tintin Majuscules"

>Haddock cusses

You are going to die.

That's why it's part of the drinking game's FINAL DESTINATION

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