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There's a thread on /co/ about a Hex Girls/Brutal Legend Crossover. Maybe we can expand on it here. One of the ideas we had was to make Dusk a muscle chick and : 3

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Thread is gone now ( :( ) but one of the basic ideas was that they'd end up in the BrĂ¼tal Legend universe, their instruments getting mystical powers in the process, and join Ironheade at first. Then one of them (probably Dusk) would end up getting captured and corrupted by the Tainted Coil, and another falls in the Sea of Black Tears and joins the Drowning Doom. Not entirely sure who the second one should be; Thorn is the defacto leader so she should probably stay with Ironheade, but on the other hand her personality fits the DD more than Luna and there's the obvious parallels of her being voiced by Jennifer Hale, just like Ophelia (Eddie could even remark on how similar they are). The season final would be the remaining good member battling both evil factions to get her friends back.

"We're getting the band back together." and such.

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ah, one more set of characters to tie into my dream story...

ideally a comic, it revolves around the next generation of Mysteries Inc. the child of each of the current members joins the team, though with the uprising of the monster population, the band of once detectives have been turned into monster hunters, vampire slayers, and zombie exterminators

the main factor in all of it i want to keep in mind is that everything that has happened is cannon. Daphne's daughter was taught magic by Vincent Van Ghoul, Don Knotz's ghost would lead the gang around, and Shaggy drag-raced Dracula. even thinking last minute Speed Buggy/Jabberjaw/Globetrotters to the rescue thing on their last big job to kill Dracula himself

have a lot more for it, but the short of it is Daphne and Fred's kids (a gothic slut type who's actually Daphne and Vincent VanGhoul's lovechild, and the Brock Samsonesque stern badass former soldier), Shaggy's airhead hippie gymnast daughter, her personal guardian (for the deep bond that Scooby and Shaggy had, the now-dead Scoob's grandson protected Shaggy's daughter), and Velma's adopted tweaky genius of a 12-year old son. they drive around a groovily painted battle-van slaying whatever dark beasties they find

so what do we know about the Hex Girls anyway aside from being hot? missed that movie...


I know one of them is 1/16th Wiccan... somehow.

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