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11182 No.11182 Locked
thread for the subbing of future episodes of Wakfu goes here

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You beat me to it.

Ok so what we need are
Decent raws of episodes

We may be able to get by with just .ass files and not have to encode but it would make things easier for people if they had it all encoded together. So if anyone knows how to do that it would be awesome so we don't need to deal with "how do I get subs to work" as much. I am willing to do timing and .ass file making. I have been messing with aegisub software so I am not to great but I am sure it is better then nothing at the moment.

You tried google for them?
I'm pretty sure I could find a decent one there out in the internet.

I can help with timing, done it before, with other projects back home.

File: 123878910114.jpg-(48.19KB, 439x600, 1238143699961.jpg)

Fuck ease. So long as subs are being MADE, I don't think people will care. besides, it's not like it's rocket science to get ep5 to work: CCCP+MPC

all you have to do is install cccp and play the file. so .ass files are fine imo. im more interested in better translations but im an english major so thats just me.

I've actually beat you all to it. I have subbed and QC'd 5 & 10. I can provide both decent raws and timing, but I need a French translator. Links will be up soon.

Some one supply us proper text, we time, typeset, and finish them.

for encoding the subs ideally you'll need a program named AviSynth installed, with a plugin called VSFilter.dll

Then if you want to hardsub the video D:\dicks\everywhere.avi with the sub file D:\asses\everywhere.ass you create a file in notepad containing the following lines:

AviSource("D:\dicks\everywhere.avi ")

and then you name it something.avs

With avisynth installed on your system this something.avs file will be perceived exactly like a video. So you then open, say, Dr DivX OSS, choose this file as a video input and encode, and the resulting file will be *exactly* how it was looking in Aegisub.

It's slower than just making a MKV though (since you have to encode the whole thing), but anybody can see the subs after that.

Personally, I prefer hard-subbed .avi

I love you, I just wanted to say that.
Please post a link here when you get done, alright?


Might I ask why?


They've always been a bitch for me to get working, and I've heard other people on /a/ complain about them.

I can run them, but I've had issues with them losing synch or crashing my player. If we can do it in any other format, then I think we should. At least, I wish we would...

While I don't know enough French to help translate, I don't know any coding, and I can't help with timing, I do know where you can find the raws.

EP 7
EP 8
EP 9
EP 10
EP 11
EP 12

1-6 are subbed. I can also help you test the videos once you make them, watching them hours upon hours on end, and finally getting the joke in EP 12 when the ball hits the shaman-dude on the back of the head.

Which I guess is why I just explained how to avoid using MKV

File: 12388274313.jpg-(28.40KB, 640x480, 1238513417990.jpg)
I'm glad to see this thread is not out of sight, in the 6+ hours I've been gone, but also out of reach from the fag trolls on /co/ and /a/. Although I really can't give any actual support to this project (Unless this were a fandub, lol.) I'm rooting for this the whole way. At the very least you have the moral support of myself, and many other anon of /co/ and /a/. Also, posting my fav screencap from the show.


I'll fight you for the right to do Sadlygrooves voice!

It's on.

Hello? anyone home?

Yeah, but that also tempts the trolls to come here. Also do you think that there's a place to find the scripts?

see that litle exclamation mark in the top right hand corner of each post?

here that actually does something

I like this place already.

everything but softsubs is inacceptable, in my opinion. The raws are already lossy enough encoded as is. Any reencoding (especially with low bitrates) will only drain the quality too much. As far as I know we got access to pretty much all raws here. Is there anywhere a download featuring all .ass or softsubs?

I'd love to see how fast we could all get this done! Though I'm no help, sorry I don't speak French but if there is anything I can do to help!

This anon would like to thank you for your efforts. This show is gold.

File: 123918188983.png-(253.16KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-61689.png)
I prefer the softsubs. dont wnat that text gettin in the way of my new reaction images

>>11229 much disdain I hold for fandubs, I would wanna do Sadlygrove's sword's voice...

swordans a good jawb mate?

I'd love to get involved in this somehow but between writing my thesis and cramming for exams my schedule is packed tight right now. If you're still looking for assistance in May I'm eager to throw myself in, although I admit I've never done sub work before.

You know what, I had Nox in mind, but Rubilax would seem like fun too.

File: 123924751540.jpg-(132.58KB, 640x480, varyingwant.jpg)


God help me, I lol'ed.

I'd love to voice the Black Raven but I don't have the voice for it

We're talkin fandubs now? Shit, I'm gonna go watch the series now. I want in on this.

No, as Seamonkeymon said, it would be far too complicated to get done. Besides, Fandubs never go over well.

I see no reason to fandub as I forsee this series getting picked up by some American channel. Probably cartoon network as they have picked up French cartoons in the past.

nobody asked you

Code Lyoko for example.

;(. Alls I'm saying is that a fandub is a long and unnecessary process when people are just as happy with subs.

I'd be more than happy with subs, I'd rather listen to it in it's native french. Such a beautiful language. Also, I think that Code lyoko is the only french show that was picked up by an english speaking company.

Wasn't Cybersix French too? Something European at least.

No there was also Totally Spies, Martin Mystery, Dragon Hunters, and Oban Star Racer was half French.

I stand corrected.

Have any of these episodes been subbed yet?

What are you talking about? Episodes 1-6 are all fully subbed. Check out the /rs/ board on 4chan, just search for 'Wakfu'



This show is so good. I cannot recall the last time I was this excited about a show.


Oh, durrr.

I've been hearing that episode 10 has been subbed, though I haven't seen a link for it anywhere.

I heard something about that too but I'd rather watch 7, 8, and 9 first before I got to 10.

Ep 10, sub:


Flower pattern has delivered.

So did anyone tell him about the sub project so he can help out. It will probably go a little fast/smoother if we have a few people working together.

Subs aren't working for me for whatever reason.
Using VLC.

Ever since i installed the latest version, subs won't show on any videos.

Works fine on GOM player though.


I tried to atleast. don't know if he got the message

I hardsubbed the episodes that are subbed, for convenience.

S1E01 -
S1E02 -
S1E03 -
S1E04 -
S1E05 -
S1E06 -

S1E10 -

I'll probably continue to hardsub them as they come out.


S1E07 -

May the gods place their blessings upon you /co/mrades for your dedication and hard work.

So, do you think Flower pattern will continue subbing? It seems he just did ep.7 by popular demand.

As I've stated before, I've avoided posting this link in fear that the trolls would make their way here, but I guess it hasn't happened yet so I'll post it in any threads I see on 4chan.

Also, since I've grown tired of tailoring my name for each post to alert of my varying degrees of energy/sobriety I'll just post my good forum name.

Here to contribute nothing other than thanks to those who are subbing this.

helpful /co/mrade, you are fufilling my great desire for Grovy/Eva love. You're OK in my book.


Your fic is awesome. I made comics.

Thanks a lot, guys

fa/tg/uys love you too

Fic? Where?

(ctrl-f 'helpful /co/' hasn't brought anything; on another thread?)

He had it on a thread last night on 4chan. He said he was going to post it here soon.

Try MPlayer. Been using it, and it seems a bit better then VLC. Which kinda sucks.

Protip: Media player classic is god

Well thanks /co/ you guys made me grin like I haven't in a long time.

MPC and VLC are very good programs, but you forgot Zoomplayer :P

Can't ever get it to work.

Gentlemen, if you want, I can post the Part 1 of Helpful /co/mrade's fic here.

Just give the word.

consider the word given

Just give credit :P don't wanna pull an Eric Bauman.

Alright, here it is.

Grovy and Eva: Whisper of Love


Although most of the sky was blocked by the immense canopy of the forest, the intense heat of the midday sun could still be felt by the few rays of light that managed to peek through. The woods of Sadida were known for their beauty and serenity, but Evangelyne had no time to admire the scenery of her woodland home. She was too busy scouting the path ahead, using all her senses to detect any perils that may lay in wait for her…or the Lop that blundered behind her.

It all started shortly after Amalia had been cured of her sickness in the witchdoctor’s hut a few days ago. As the party of adventurers made their way through to a village in the middle of the forest, they had learned of a caravan of merchants that were attempting to travel out of the forest and on to Bonta. However, the caravan leader told them of a clan of Srams that had recently taken refuge in the woods and were robbing any travelers that they caught trying to travel through. Ruel, ever the opportunist, immediately volunteered them all to be hired as bodyguards for the caravan (for an obscene fee, of course).

Ruel was as crafty with his money as he was with everything else, and devised a plan shortly after the contract was agreed: he assigned Amalia and Yugo to hide inside the main covered wagon in case of an ambush, while he gave himself the *troublesome* task of personally guarding the money coach. As for herself and Sadlygrove, Ruel sent them ahead as a scouting party. There was a safe-point a few days’ journey down the trail, between the village and the edge of the forest. It lay in a clearing that had a well, a series of campfire circles, and a stone keep in the center to provide a defensive point in case of attack. Seeing as the caravans always stopped at this checkpoint to rest and eat, Ruel thought it wise to send an advance guard to scout it out, lay traps around the perimeter, and make sure the Srams didn’t try to do the same.


Although she was very wary of leaving Amalia behind (especially alone in a covered wagon with Yugo), the princess and Ruel were quite insistent that she take the assignment, and Sadlygrove was all too eager to have the opportunity to fight some forest monsters and impress his Cra-crush.

Evangelyne suddenly heard Sadlygrove crying for help several leagues behind her – no doubt he had run into a monster and bitten off more than he could chew. Evangelyne sighed in frustration, “Stupid brute, what’s he gotten himself into now?” She marked a notch on a nearby tree in order to remind her of how far she had progressed, before making her way back to save the naïve warrior…

Sadlygrove couldn’t believe his bad luck. He was hoping to run into some treechnids, or perhaps a Trooll that he could battle, anything that he could practice his swordsmanship on and impress Evangelyne. Instead, he had walked headlong into a patch of quicksand, and was now stuck up to his waist in the mud. “Dohoho, you stupid Lop. Only an idiot would not watch where he was going and fall into something like this!” Rubilax had chimed in, wasting no opportunity to make fun of his would-be protector. Sadlygrove growled back angrily, “Shut up, you demon! If I’m so stupid, how come you didn’t see it first and warn me about it?!” Rubilax rolled his single eye at the warrior and shot back, “Bah! I’m not your mommy, I’m not going to hold your hand whenever you get lost or need help. If you can’t take care of yourself, then maybe you should just release me and go back to your farm!”

Sadlygrove grew angry at his sword’s lack of loyalty, “Treacherous fiend!” Rubilax’s eye squinted in amusement, taking great pleasure in seeing his hot-blooded host lose his temper. He saw an opportunity to make the Lop truly angry, perhaps enough to make himself vulnerable for another possession… “Whatever, stupid little farm-boy!” The last comment made Sadlygrove’s blood boil, and he shoved Rubilax under the surface of the quicksand, ignoring his angry protests and sputtering as they were muffled by the goo. A few moments later, he could hear Evangelyne making her way towards him, calling out for him as she got closer. Sadlygrove’s anger was replaced with blissful happiness: his warrior-girl had come for him! He ignored any thought of the Cra thinking less of him for falling into his situation and called back earnestly, “Over here Evangelyne! Hurry, I’m stuck!”


Evangelyne didn’t know to whether to feel pity, frustration, or humor at what she saw. The sight of Sadlygrove struggling to get himself out of the quicksand was too much, it would make a funny story around the campfire when the others showed up. She slung her bow over her shoulder and proceeded to climb a nearby tree, making her way onto an overhanging branch and gathering some vines to fashion a rope. As she did so, she noticed Sadlygrove watching her with admiration from below, a dreamy smile spread across his face as he observed his savior. His face reminded her of a pup’s when it looked up with loving eyes at its master, the goofy expression forced a grin to form on the Cra’s face. “You silly Lop,” she said, as she finished the rope and began to lower it down to him. Sadlygrove placed Rubilax back inside his belt and reached up for the vine, grabbing it firmly with both hands as he tried to climb his way out. “Wait, you idiot! Wait until I’ve climbed back do-“ Eva’s warning was silenced, as the combined weight of her and Sadlygrove snapped the branch from the tree, causing her to come crashing down to the ground. Luckily for both of them, Sadlygrove had managed to pull himself completely out of the pit and made it on the land before the accident, and the Lop’s body served as a cushion to break Evangelyne’s fall.

Sadlygrove lay on the ground, no doubt knocked out cold by the tree branch that had hit his skull. Evangelyne awoke first, mortified at finding herself straddling the Lop and quickly scrambling off of him. Sadlygrove awoke several moments later, painfully rubbing the lump that had formed on his head and looking around for Evangelyne. As soon as he spotted her, Sadlygrove rushed forward and took both of her hands into his own, Evangelyne’s face still blushing a little from before. “Evangelyne, you saved me! Upon my honor as a Knight, I will not rest until I’ve paid my debt to you!” Relieved that Sadlygrove hadn’t noticed what had transpired, she nervously smiled back at him and replied, “That’s okay, Grovy. Just watch where you’re going next time, alright?” Evangelyne brushed herself off and proceeded to make her way back to the trail, completely oblivious to Sadlygrove’s reaction.

Sadlygrove was smitten with love, his legs numb at Evangelyne’s words. “She…she called me Grovy…” Rubilax chimed in at Sadlygrove’s words, confused at the Lop’s new reaction to his undignified nickname. “I thought you hated that nickname? What’s the matter with you?” Sadlygrove’s dreamy smile gave testament to what he was feeling. “I don’t know, I think I can get used to it…” “Spare me, lover-boy. You better get going unless you want her to leave you behind!” Sadlygrove snapped out of his daydreaming at Rubilax’s words. “Oh yeah! HEY EVANGELYNE, WAIT FOR ME!” he yelled, as he began to gallop in the direction of his warrior-woman…


Also, is "Iop", not "Lop". Helpful /co/mrade made a little mistake about that, but aside from that, he is doing a decent fic, in my opinion.

this thread and all associated with it earn at least 6 and 3/4ths intarwarbz.

This is not the thread to be posting this. This thread is about trying to get a group together to sub the show. If you want to post fanfics or talk about it in general take it to /co/ or the thread in +/co/.

dont be such a buzzkill man...

I'm not very good at the words and the typing, but I just wanted to say something to the people doing the subbing here.

Thank you.


This series
Strangely sexy.

I mean all it has is DEM HIPS. Analogies of the legs are really bad. But damn

i had an erection throughout episode 4 (the one with the cursed princesses and the baths)

Disregard that, i suck cocks

Just finished episode 5
Shit turned into fucking pokemon.

Generic duels, changed voiceactors, overall had a lazyness aura surrounding it. Scenes lasting more than 5 seconds to avoid much animating, not nearly the amount of details on scenes that i expected

I hope it gets better

File: 123982715181.jpg-(118.25KB, 564x458, 1236016038315.jpg)
Keep in mind that the series is based on a game. Whilst 'ANTLER BEAM BLAST' looks very silly to us outsiders, it's probably a common feature for that monster type in Dofus or the Wakfu beta.

In any case, don't lose heart. The next episode was a vampire, zombies and nighting gowns.


>>changed voiceactors

Ep. 1-4 were all done solely for the web. Starting from Ep. 5 the VA's were re-cast for the TV broadcast version.

>>not nearly the amount of details on scenes that i expected

This could be attributed to the crappy quality of the video file used in Ep. 5. The other's were encoded w/ higher quality whereas 5 wasn't. (144Mb to 90Mb)


Yeah, it seemed to jump right back up at the usual quality after ep 5

I've finished episode 7 though. What now, kind /co/mmies?

Five is pretty much Wakfu's Great Divide.

Need 8.

French student here.I could probably write a transcript for episode 6 given a week and a proofread,but I don't know anything about subbing.I'd be willing to work with anyone who can sub the video.And if it works out well maybe I'll work on the rest of the vids.

haha, to hell with 8!
we need 11 and 12.

You need to watch episodes 10-12. Even if you don't know French the Boufbowl arc is fucking epic.

6 is subbed already. In fact it was the first to be.

Ok I'll do seven then.But I need someone who can put the subs onto a video.

uh, 1-7 and 10 have all been done already.

If you're really eager to sub episodes, do 11 and 12. 8 and 9 are kinda weak anyway.



Out of your mind. 10-12 were amazing. You don't even need to know French.


Whoops sorry.It's late here.

Damn graveyard shift.

Because the Boufbowl arc are the most epic episodes so far.
-Grovy makes his most spectacular fuckup to date, but redeems himself later and finally becomes a hero
-Hilariously over-epic spoof of Dragonball Z super saiyanism
-Evangeline is made somebody's waifu within the show itself

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