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20643 No.20643

Working on a story for Roman Doom. There will be gods and Norse and Egyptian and rape and murder and shit. Too lazy to type. Should be done by at least March, I'm a lazy fucker who doesn't want to mess this up.


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File: 12614387492.jpg-(197.60KB, 600x600, 1256775967163.jpg)
I hate myself for agreeing to do this

I need to make it epic, or /co/ will form an angry mob

So where does his hatred of ancient Reed Richards come into play?

You're thinking 'Doctor Doom' when you should be thinking 'Fantastic Four'. Doom by himself does two things: broods, and gloats. Neither is all that fun of a story. He only starts really giving a shit when his worst enemies are involved, and that's when the character gets exciting.

Personally I'd put Doom as a sort of Science Caesar looking to destroy the republic, with Reed Richards as the unwilling Brutus, and with the Storm siblings sharing the more openly ambitious role of Marc Antony. It doesn't have to be exact, of course, but I think that sort of backdrop has potential, and the primal conflict within Rome is republicanism versus imperialism.

Bonus points if you figure out a good way for Reed to kill Doom, but Doom to ensure that Reed is forced to take imperial power to keep the empire from falling apart.


When Richards steals a wheel off his chariot and gives his slaves herpes.



The original deal was that I write about Doom coming to power, with an origin story.

I was supposed to only write in F4 if there was enough room and I felt obliged.

File: 126144002028.jpg-(73.22KB, 367x693, Atlantean Namor.jpg)
Ok, so let me recap this thread before it 404.

The characters:
Vividici Doom (provisory name?) is a gaul warrior who got disfigured in a battle against the Romans, he was then captured and sold as a slave and earned his freedom in the arena, as a gladiator. His bravery attracted the attention of Vulcan, being himself an ugly outcast, and he decided to make him his champion. as opposed to the arrogant holier-than-thou other gods and their stallions. It's kind of a rebellious act of Vulcan against Jupiter who uses him as a tool and disregards him, although he's the one forging his thunderbolts. Vividici strongly believes in "might is right" and seeks revenge on the Roman people.

Captain rome(name definitely provisory)

Stephanos Hrothgar is blonde and blue eyed as the norsemen but considers himself a true son of rome. A brilliant strategist and patriot, he was said to be descended from Achilles and like him was transformed by the gods.Unkown to the senators who praise him he has converted to christianity and secretly campaigns for their religious freedom.His golden shield is said to be unbreakable. (Aegis shield, given by the gods?

Prince of atlantis, high priest of Neptune. His only interest is his own people.

The Arachnid warrior
Young but wise warrior with a sharp sense of justice, he fought Arachne in order to save his old uncle, yet failed. Impressed by his bravery and resilience, Arachne bit the young man, in order to turn him into a faithful spider servant. He broke free of the curse and yet retained some of Arachne's power, becoming a web-slinging, wise-cracking hero. He's determined to use his powers for the benefit of others, and always remains optimistic, no matter how desperate the situation.

Bronze Man
An inventor who specialized in mechanics and was moving towards designing the first self-sustaining mechanical soldier? Vulcan, as the god of metalworking and craftsmanship, grows bitter over this mortal man of SCIENCE who doesn't pay him homage yet deals with his craft - traps the inventor's soul inside the machine as punishment: making him a living golem.


Sounds good, but I think that I'm gonna spend a long time finding an origin for Doom that makes everybody happy.

Elessa (Songbird)

A beautiful slave from afar who got the gift of an enchanting voice by Venus. Gift that turned out to be more of a curse, as she ends up vaunted by most noble Roman men, gods and the target of the Muses and godesses jealousy.

Beowulverine (let's think something else up)

Wandering (werewolf?) warrior of Nordic origins. Many tales of his heroism are told by bards, yet few who met him lived to tell the tale. He's said to be impossible to kill with a blade forged by a mortal. He's the best at what he does.

Still holding out for a fucking awesome Thor.

Rittion Ptolemy, famous alchemist and philosopher. Hearing of the theory that everything in existence is made of earth, wind, water and fire, in different proportions, he experimented in order to finally discover the philosopher stone, who would allow him to defeat death, by creting a perfect item, holding the same amount of all four elements. But his experiments were not well seen by the gods, seeing his attempt to immortality as an insult. They decided to split the failed experiment into four parts, endowing Ptolemy with that of water, his wife Sesania with wind, her brother Stroma with fire and their friend Grimmus with stone.

I'm>>20653 and >>20657 by the way. I decided to namefag just because.

Meh, it's a fictional universe within a fictional universe within a fictional universe.

We can do whatever the fuck we want, as long as it doesn't ruin my story like a HAMMER OF JUSTICE

Not my ideas, but ideas that are being suggested:

Centurian Romulus fights the Germanic Skull.

Chiroptera's parents, wealthy patricians, were killed in front of his eyes. He has sworn vengeance, and stalks the alleyways of Rome at night.

Lucius Constantinus was a pontifex at one point, but his dabbling in forbidden Persian magic has made his name anathema to Rome.

Black Adam.

The Courier is the Fastest Man Alive. He is the backbone of the Empire, delivering messages from the Senate chambers to troops as far abroad as Hispania in moments. His reconnaissance on enemy movements is invaluable, and he regales those in Rome of far-off lands of Silk and Jade.

Punisher joining the League Of Shadows.

That's what I've got.

R'as Al'Ghul is alive in this time frame.

Thor's actually appropriate, being an immortal and all. (I'm liking this one a lot, actually)

An Iron Man idea:

Gaius Starcus Antonius is the scion of one of Rome's great houses; wealthy, influential...and driven. He is a scholar; architecture, weapon-design and advanced technology (a la Archimedes and Heron ). While testing a new ballista on the Roman frontier, he is captured by the Huns and forced to create a war-machine for them.

He secretly builds an over-sized armored man of bronze, iron and timber, which he operates from the inside using sophisticated gearing, counterweight and pulley systems to destroy the Hun encampment, escape and save a Roman expeditionary force from the barbarians.

He now fights the enemies of the Senate and the People of Rome wherever he finds them as...IRON PATRICIAN.

I was thinking of a Punisher/Taskmaster amalgam. Master swordsman and strategist, raising and training orphans as assassins in order to be able to fight the nobles protected by the law, and the corruption of the Roman Empire from within. They would wear skull shaped masks, in order to remind their enemies that everyone is equal before death.

File: 126144518425.jpg-(374.98KB, 624x791, Beowolverine.jpg)
Dumping some drawfaggotry

First is Beowolverine

File: 126144523711.jpg-(450.11KB, 581x891, firstcenturyspidey.jpg)
And Spiderman

File: 12614452498.gif-(2.09MB, 250x225, hulkrar.gif)
Perhaps the Hulk should be a Titan of some sort?

that is awesome, some celtic tattoos would be cool to add to yes?

I'm going to be monitoring this thread, as I am the one who posted those X-Men ideas.

So would Daredevil be a blind advocate/orator/Priest of Dike?

He could probably butt heads with the Punisher/Taskmaster, since they'd no doubt have differences over the methods of justice.

DD should be an oracle.


His first name should be Victus, I don't know what to do about the 'Von' though.

File: 126144681539.jpg-(576.28KB, 667x913, misterious looking octavius.jpg)

Hey that's a cool idea, I'll edit this drawing later,

But first, Octavius after a deal with Poseidon!

Most powers and origins ought to tie to gods dickering around. And inadvertently their creations create opposing champions, etc.

Roman doom ideas:

>Beowulverine, Norse-Captain America, Stephen Strange as writer of the Necronomicon, Bronze Man, Vision/Ultron Golem all sound like valid ideas.
>The origin story would be an enslaved man from a distant people, taken away to Rome, branded and put out for gladiatoring. Eventually during his fights which he wins on pure wit and willpower, he meets a wealthy woman who manages to buy his freedom, but not before he and his ghastly visage lay a final, savage beating upon an entire garrison of gladiators.
>She is a parable for Doom's mother. Eventually she is put to death for accompanying herself with one of lesser status/being a pagan, by a vengeful and jealous aristocrat.
>Aristocrat a parable for Baron von Doom, who is an avid collector of ancient artefacts.
>Upon killing the aristocrat in a blinding rage, he gets another scar, this time from the aristocrat having thrown a bowl of fire in his face. A particular artefact the man possessed, he boasted, had mythical powers.
>Artefact is a mask Hephaestus (Vulcan) forged for himself, quite possible in relation to his own facial insecurity. As we all know that almost every single forged item of deity was forged by him, but never a single item for himself, this mask would be unique in granting its wearer immense mystic power.
>He wears it, Hepheastus shows up, wanting to control him through it, Roman (which I thought would be an incredible name for Roman Doom) strong-arms him into submission by pure unadulterated will and rage.
>He overthrows the seated Senate, and now rules Rome as a totalitarian state. Adding a violet cape to his repertoire, as purple was the colour of the ruling.
>Hannibal could be a parable for Nick Fury, ensuring a hefty battle in the Alps.

Let's just try to not involve any of the Norse gods (Loki, Thor) or any other theistic entities, because that's not what the focus is on.

tie-ing Namor in with Chtulhu
Nicola Rabies or something, just Rabei, or Abies, sounds perfectly Tunisian to me. (Hannibal-Fury)
Fuck, I only just noticed that Namor backwards is Roman. We're gonna have to do something with that!

So, is the name for our Roman Doom already set? Because as mentioned above I kinda like 'Roman', just for the sheer simplicity but also the grandeur it exudes (ROME?! WHO DARE BE SEATED IN THE THRONE OF POWER IN MY STEAD?!! I, ROMAN, WILL BRING THIS CITY TO ITS KNEES! IT WILL BLEED UNTIL IT CAN BLEED NO MORE, IT WILL CRY UNTIL ITS TEARS RUN DRY. AND AFTER, I WILL REBUILD!).

And think about it, that one panel with Doom welcoming Namor in Latveria, they could be best buddies, and the fact that their names would be somewhat palindromic could be an amazing dichotomy.

GhostRiderCharon!'s function could adapt as to him being the actual harvester of souls, it's not that big of a stretch really.
Imagine that shit, after trying to rob someone, a dimensional raft opens up, eerily dark and gloom with screams and hands trying to claw out on the sides, when suddenly, a boat made entirely of skull slowly drifts out, only to have a man clad in flaming armor reel you in.
Ghost Rider avatar has to be several millenia old, it could simply be a simple escaped enslaved soul.

So what happens when the Argent Athlete, herald of Mundus Omnivoro appears?

We missed the most obvious origin for Wolverine.

Rome was said to be founded by two brothers raised by a she-wolf. Romulus and Remus. Ignoring the banality of the current Wolverine comic book, implying "Loganis" is actually an immortal Romulus is quite good.

File: 126144749380.jpg-(19.75KB, 622x410, jack an.jpg)


Ugh. I hate it that you're right. And his spawn could easily fill a small tribe by using other sniktbub related character like X-23, Daken, Lady Deathtrike, Sabretooth.

do you think you could grab that x-men post i made? you'll notice it, its a wall of text that starts with "introducing"


Star small. Doom's childhood and time in the gladiators pits are fairly locked-in.

Most of us liked the idea of Doom gaining power by leading a group of heroes to defeat the Hulk titan.

They anger Poseidon, whose son Namor unleashes his force on the heroes. Cyclops is a literal cyclops and relative.

Storm would make a good Circe.

Sure thing, here you go.

Introducing: Apostle Alexavier Je'n-axmen, one of the first slave children of the tribe whom would eventually become the Francs taken to Rome, along with Marius Eriks Magenuss Lensherre and Aurora Munrois, whom are also all bastardized children of Pagan berserker women, raped by Roman soldiers and birthed during a conquest Northeast, whose blasphemous anti-rituals of sin angerered Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune, the three ruling Roman Gods. The three decided to grant the children a spiritual advancement from the rest of the humans, that as they grew from adolescent, their demi deity nature would manifest.

Alexavier converts to Christianity after hearing hundreds or thousands of converts praying to the one god, and Alexavier is also the child that Zeus decided to grant his powers to, and finding the turn of events - the telepathy leading Alexavier to Christiniaty, interesting, he allows it to be so but cripples Alexavier with leprosy which only affects his legs.

Marius Magenuss, the Roman name of Eriks Lensherre, loathes the idea of Christianity, finding it barbaric and beneath him, as his totem Ares has already informed him of his great destiny and superior blood. Eriks decides to go to Constantinople, hoping to convert Middle Easterns to his cause to stop the rise of Christ. There, he finds Islam.

Aurora, the youngest of the three and the child granted power by Poseidon becomes a great witch of weather, and the Romans fearing her to be an act beyond even that of Zeus and Poseidon, figure her a sign of the Christian God. They banish her to their eastern lands, but she escapes to Egypt, where someone named Wakan relates her to an old story of a escaped slave who could also split the sea.

>Storm would make a good Circe.

This reminds me that in the comics Doom used to have a bit of a thing for Storm. Wouldn't it be fitting for Doom to fall for an actual goddess? I don't know if he'd actually go as far as try and court her, but I still think it would fit. And it'd tie her to the main story.

I wrote Storm as a bastard child of a Roman and some other religious berserker pagan type. The transaction angers the Gods so they make her, called Aurora, and Magneto and Xavier demi gods that grow into their powers after adolescence.

Basically they're the first mutants, and they have totems - not so much as parents, but totems. Xavier's is Zeus, Magneto's is Hades, and Storm's is Poseidon.

I have it written that Xavier converts to Christianity after having heard a huge tribe of traveling converts praying to the one God the day his powers manifest; this angers Zeus, so Zeus gives him leprosy in his legs. He's not completely crippled, but can hardly ever walk.

I have it so that Magneto can control the minerals in the ground, (y'know, since Hades lives under it) -- pseudo magnetism. Plus, Hades tells Magneto of his superior destiny and blood traits, thus forcing Magneto to hate humans. Hades also tells him of how he was conceived and that he was originally supposed to just be a slave for his Roman father. Hades, whom also hates Zeus and Poseidon for making him rule Tartares, (this is a-la Xorn) leads Magneto to the far east to get other Roman slaves on his side. This is where he discovers Islam, and what puts him at odds with Xavier.

Aurora, although younger than the three, is treated the worst -- she's a female. Instead of the thief thing, she's originally a house slave and then eventually a sex slave. However, on the day her powers evolve from Poseidon, she creates a hail storm, killing her father/slaver. They ship her to Constantinople, but she gets derailed and ends up in Egypt, where she meets Wakana, an Egyptian scholar who tells her about Moses. This leads her to Judaism, and a deep behest for Roman culture. Also, to mimic her claustrophobia, I'm thinking of making her afraid of clothing, this coming from always wearing rags and then chains but nothing else.

Whattaya think?

Good point, somehow I'm imagining Storm as FFIV's Barbariccia, but that doesn't really fit into the mythos.

yea scrap this, thats like first draft. i was rushing against 404 but thanks anon for retrieving it for me. revised is here

Like this draft better, but maybe a bit too heavy on the religious undertones. I mean, sure there's a godwar going on probably, but having actual religions involved will really convolute things. Not saying I don't like the idea, just not as the main storyline, you know?

Well, FF IV's Four Fiends are originally characters from Dante's inferno, so it might be a bit of a stretch, but we could give them some kind of monitoring role in hell. Everyone of them are assigned to a cardinal direction, so each takes care of their sector and answer to Hades. I'd do anything to have some Rubicante.

It's really just undertones. I'm not going to write Xavier as a zealot, and I would make Magneto any more ferocious about homo-superior in this than I would in the other thing.

In any case, it's just where the characters come from. I'd never write Xavier doing a baptism... well, maybe. I thought it was good... too dramatic? I mean, we're already involving >rape and murder and shit

Who do we know with a fucking awesome fire-like power (and a different stance for a large attack?)



I find it all very fascinating, actually. As long as it holds together and mixes with everything else, why not. It adds depth and reality to the world we're creating.



Frankly, I think Storm should get a break. Let's make her the Circe equivalent living.

She meets Doom while he's on his voyage and they flirt, maybe even make whoopee.

Thank you. You made my day with the support. I know someone else already created Wolverine, but I have no qualms about him being the first mutant ala Ultimate, as long as its in some other way than this. Even a group of the first mutants. But I'd hope that mutants we want to categorize as simply mutants (as I know someone is making Cyclops an actual cyclops, except, not ugly or retarded) that they'd fall under this totem of the Gods putting superior humans on earth out of wrath at humans.

All right you guys, this will have to continue some other time, for me at least, it's 4 AM here and I'm off.

Well, could always replace Storm with Jean Grey if you're all adamant about her being a lowly witch.

Whoops, forgot to put my name in.

I've been responding in the thread. I'm:


disregard this, replacing storm with rogue to fit with sex slave shit. have your circe storm.


Yay! Gang rapes for Rogue!

It does sound fun to mob rape Rogue, doesn't it? Anyway, here's the revised version of all this now.

Xavier and Magneto, no change.
Rogue is still the child chosen by Poseidon, though, for lack of better words, he foresees where her being female is going to lead, and therefore asks his daughters the Sirens to imbue Mary Annarouge with the ability to steal the love of men, and the "hearts"(not in the sense of making them fall in love with her, and also different from what she does to men. by hearts, i mean spirit, their will, their personalities.) of women. In other words, she's able to take everything from a man they cherish. their physical strength, their intellect, their voice, and on rare occasions, their appearance, so that she can walk among them. From wimminz, however, she can take their memories, personality traits, their desires. To make all this more the shit for Rogue, she can't control the ability. Her power manifested during a particularly nasty -- pun intended -- event her father/slaver condoned. The experience of using the power that intimately "haywired" it out of control, killing everyone present when she outburst all the energy she absorbed. This also left her dull and emotionless.

I think this makes for an interesting dynamic to the character. She absorbs from women because she feels it necessary to have sense of being alive, so its almost vampiric. She does it from men because she hates them and also to manipulate them. More on this later, I need to shit, among other things.

I imagine we wouldn't have to change Moon Knight's origin too much.

And how about an Iron Fist from China or India, unless this is sticking to Europe/the Mediterranean?

>sticking to Europe/the Mediterranean
Think of Rome as 616's New York. A lot of shit may happen there, but there's still other locales.

Catching glimpses of Moon Knight in Egypt/Black Panther in Wakanda/Iron Fist in the Far East/Namor in Atlantis would certainly lend a more worldly aspect to the whole piece. Perhaps their exploits see them in Rome, crossing over (I guess what seems to be) the main storyline of Doom's rise to Caesar, or the hunt for the wandering titan (Hulk), or even the eventual war with the gods.

File: 126149176146.jpg-(87.13KB, 367x693, romandoom1.jpg)
I know people prefer the OP picture, but I figured I'd dump my Doom concepts here as well - if for no other reason than completion's sake.

File: 126149187482.jpg-(98.84KB, 752x530, romandoom_face1.jpg)
And the helmet/mask concepts. I wanted to give him a gladiator-ish mask to make him look threatening.


I like this model for several reasons, namely the top piece and how it covers the head and face like an actual helmet back then.
My only nitpick is that the mouth area is too much like the traditional, "present-day" piece for Doom. To this day I've never been sure about whether it was a mouthguard or voicebox or whatever. Then again, I became an instant fan of the stoic OP mask, even if the closed mouth might have some practical issues.

I'm enthusiastically watching this thread/project from a distance.

File: 126150457324.jpg-(444.38KB, 1280x983, Incredible_Hercules_138__2010___GreenGiant-DCP_.cb.jpg)
Also - and I know this is based on the other side of the Roman/Greek coin, but still - I'm sure there is plenty of "research" and inspiration to be had within Incredible Hercules and the like.

And if nothing else, it's a book everyone should be reading.

File: 126153236057.jpg-(83.09KB, 752x530, romandoom_face1.jpg)
Thanks, glad you like it. It's not like I'm trying to usurp the OP picture or anything (as if that was actually possible!), I'm just drawing for my own amusement more than anything else. :)

>My only nitpick is that the mouth area is too much like the traditional, "present-day" piece for Doom. To this day I've never been sure about whether it was a mouthguard or voicebox or whatever.
I tried changing the mouth area a little bit, do you think it's any better now?

(If you guys don't want me to post any more of my crap then don't be afraid to say it, I honestly won't mind.)

I've only skimmed over the thread, but I'd advise steering away from a crossover. You can have a Emperor Doom storyline, a Beowolverine storyline, et cetera, but you shouldn't try to bring them together. Maybe the non-Doom-related characters could star in little vignettes between "chapters," giving the reader a more complete view of the setting without having to clutter the actual story with extra elements.

I was thinking of Moon Knight as the Pharaoh's personal assassin sent to quell any uprising from the people. One of his tasks was to kill a leader of a secret sect planning to raise their god En Sabah Nur from the dead to take over all of Egypt.

So we pick three, maybe four characters who'll get a whole storyline.

ancient Romans didn't like ancient Greeks because they thought they were pussies for being interested in any form not relating to conquest.

actually writings have been found that show that the Greeks were close to developing a steam engine before the Romans conquered and pillaged their university cities.

clearly reed the king of such a city. under siege by DOOM.

also needs some ancient Jews.

I was thinking Doom and everyone directly involved with his shenanigans.

This has potential.
>also needs some ancient Jews.
Well you can't have Reed without Grimm, now can you?

File: 126159494878.gif-(20.25KB, 353x300, aeo.gif)
Actually, the Greeks did develop a steam engine. Problem was that they had no use for it. It was just a novelty to them.

all he needed is the small jump to pistons and he could have built what our science only developed 200 years later

don't forget the Antikythera mechanism a repeating crossbow and even a vending machine.

I meant 2000

Is green a Roman color? Doom will be adding purple to his wardrobe once he becomes Imperator, but shall we stick to the traditional green or switch to the red robes that seem so prevalent in imagery of Romans?

Green really didn't have any significance as a color during Roman times. The Romans were all about strength and power, so red naturally became the color commonly used in their military. Purple, on the other hand, has always been a color for royalty since ancient times - because purple dyes were known to be exceedingly rare/difficult to produce.

If Doom were to pick between the two, I have a feeling it would be red - due to the fact that it would give him a closer bond to the soldiers and military officers.

File: 126343932245.png-(24.96KB, 320x200, MEENS WORD IS LAW.png)
Oh hey guys.

Just saying that getting into a car accident on Christmas Day sucks, and that the story is postponed for now.

Have some Meen Doom.

That does suck. I hope no one got seriously hurt. :/

My sympathies go with you. I can assume from the amount of time it took to respond can attest to how much trouble the accident has given you. Whatever the case may be, you're under no obligation to us. Please, only continue if it'll please you to do so.

I could see Beowulverine's story working in one of two ways:

1. He and Sabretooth are the mythical brothers Romulus and Remus, raised by wolves, and thus inheriting their strengths.

2. The original idea, posted earlier.

One thing that hasn't been addressed was whether or not his strong ties to Japan would be included in this version of the Marvelverse?

File: 12636300183.jpg-(45.19KB, 300x327, junior-1.jpg)


Just a broken arm and a bad headache, really.

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