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Long-Term Projects

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11182 No.11182 Locked
thread for the subbing of future episodes of Wakfu goes here

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You beat me to it.

Ok so what we need are
Decent raws of episodes

We may be able to get by with just .ass files and not have to encode but it would make things easier for people if they had it all encoded together. So if anyone knows how to do that it would be awesome so we don't need to deal with "how do I get subs to work" as much. I am willing to do timing and .ass file making. I have been messing with aegisub software so I am not to great but I am sure it is better then nothing at the moment.

You tried google for them?
I'm pretty sure I could find a decent one there out in the internet.

I can help with timing, done it before, with other projects back home.

File: 123878910114.jpg-(48.19KB, 439x600, 1238143699961.jpg)

Fuck ease. So long as subs are being MADE, I don't think people will care. besides, it's not like it's rocket science to get ep5 to work: CCCP+MPC

all you have to do is install cccp and play the file. so .ass files are fine imo. im more interested in better translations but im an english major so thats just me.

I've actually beat you all to it. I have subbed and QC'd 5 & 10. I can provide both decent raws and timing, but I need a French translator. Links will be up soon.

Some one supply us proper text, we time, typeset, and finish them.

for encoding the subs ideally you'll need a program named AviSynth installed, with a plugin called VSFilter.dll

Then if you want to hardsub the video D:\dicks\everywhere.avi with the sub file D:\asses\everywhere.ass you create a file in notepad containing the following lines:

AviSource("D:\dicks\everywhere.avi ")

and then you name it something.avs

With avisynth installed on your system this something.avs file will be perceived exactly like a video. So you then open, say, Dr DivX OSS, choose this file as a video input and encode, and the resulting file will be *exactly* how it was looking in Aegisub.

It's slower than just making a MKV though (since you have to encode the whole thing), but anybody can see the subs after that.

Personally, I prefer hard-subbed .avi

I love you, I just wanted to say that.
Please post a link here when you get done, alright?


Might I ask why?


They've always been a bitch for me to get working, and I've heard other people on /a/ complain about them.

I can run them, but I've had issues with them losing synch or crashing my player. If we can do it in any other format, then I think we should. At least, I wish we would...

While I don't know enough French to help translate, I don't know any coding, and I can't help with timing, I do know where you can find the raws.

EP 7
EP 8
EP 9
EP 10
EP 11
EP 12

1-6 are subbed. I can also help you test the videos once you make them, watching them hours upon hours on end, and finally getting the joke in EP 12 when the ball hits the shaman-dude on the back of the head.

Which I guess is why I just explained how to avoid using MKV

File: 12388274313.jpg-(28.40KB, 640x480, 1238513417990.jpg)
I'm glad to see this thread is not out of sight, in the 6+ hours I've been gone, but also out of reach from the fag trolls on /co/ and /a/. Although I really can't give any actual support to this project (Unless this were a fandub, lol.) I'm rooting for this the whole way. At the very least you have the moral support of myself, and many other anon of /co/ and /a/. Also, posting my fav screencap from the show.


I'll fight you for the right to do Sadlygrooves voice!

It's on.

Hello? anyone home?

Yeah, but that also tempts the trolls to come here. Also do you think that there's a place to find the scripts?

see that litle exclamation mark in the top right hand corner of each post?

here that actually does something

I like this place already.

everything but softsubs is inacceptable, in my opinion. The raws are already lossy enough encoded as is. Any reencoding (especially with low bitrates) will only drain the quality too much. As far as I know we got access to pretty much all raws here. Is there anywhere a download featuring all .ass or softsubs?

I'd love to see how fast we could all get this done! Though I'm no help, sorry I don't speak French but if there is anything I can do to help!

This anon would like to thank you for your efforts. This show is gold.

File: 123918188983.png-(253.16KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-61689.png)
I prefer the softsubs. dont wnat that text gettin in the way of my new reaction images

>>11229 much disdain I hold for fandubs, I would wanna do Sadlygrove's sword's voice...

swordans a good jawb mate?

I'd love to get involved in this somehow but between writing my thesis and cramming for exams my schedule is packed tight right now. If you're still looking for assistance in May I'm eager to throw myself in, although I admit I've never done sub work before.

You know what, I had Nox in mind, but Rubilax would seem like fun too.

File: 123924751540.jpg-(132.58KB, 640x480, varyingwant.jpg)


God help me, I lol'ed.

I'd love to voice the Black Raven but I don't have the voice for it

We're talkin fandubs now? Shit, I'm gonna go watch the series now. I want in on this.

No, as Seamonkeymon said, it would be far too complicated to get done. Besides, Fandubs never go over well.

I see no reason to fandub as I forsee this series getting picked up by some American channel. Probably cartoon network as they have picked up French cartoons in the past.

nobody asked you

Code Lyoko for example.

;(. Alls I'm saying is that a fandub is a long and unnecessary process when people are just as happy with subs.

I'd be more than happy with subs, I'd rather listen to it in it's native french. Such a beautiful language. Also, I think that Code lyoko is the only french show that was picked up by an english speaking company.

Wasn't Cybersix French too? Something European at least.

No there was also Totally Spies, Martin Mystery, Dragon Hunters, and Oban Star Racer was half French.

I stand corrected.

Have any of these episodes been subbed yet?

What are you talking about? Episodes 1-6 are all fully subbed. Check out the /rs/ board on 4chan, just search for 'Wakfu'



This show is so good. I cannot recall the last time I was this excited about a show.


Oh, durrr.

I've been hearing that episode 10 has been subbed, though I haven't seen a link for it anywhere.

I heard something about that too but I'd rather watch 7, 8, and 9 first before I got to 10.

Ep 10, sub:


Flower pattern has delivered.

So did anyone tell him about the sub project so he can help out. It will probably go a little fast/smoother if we have a few people working together.

Subs aren't working for me for whatever reason.
Using VLC.

Ever since i installed the latest version, subs won't show on any videos.

Works fine on GOM player though.


I tried to atleast. don't know if he got the message

I hardsubbed the episodes that are subbed, for convenience.

S1E01 -
S1E02 -
S1E03 -
S1E04 -
S1E05 -
S1E06 -

S1E10 -

I'll probably continue to hardsub them as they come out.


S1E07 -

May the gods place their blessings upon you /co/mrades for your dedication and hard work.

So, do you think Flower pattern will continue subbing? It seems he just did ep.7 by popular demand.

As I've stated before, I've avoided posting this link in fear that the trolls would make their way here, but I guess it hasn't happened yet so I'll post it in any threads I see on 4chan.

Also, since I've grown tired of tailoring my name for each post to alert of my varying degrees of energy/sobriety I'll just post my good forum name.

Here to contribute nothing other than thanks to those who are subbing this.

helpful /co/mrade, you are fufilling my great desire for Grovy/Eva love. You're OK in my book.


Your fic is awesome. I made comics.

Thanks a lot, guys

fa/tg/uys love you too

Fic? Where?

(ctrl-f 'helpful /co/' hasn't brought anything; on another thread?)

He had it on a thread last night on 4chan. He said he was going to post it here soon.

Try MPlayer. Been using it, and it seems a bit better then VLC. Which kinda sucks.

Protip: Media player classic is god

Well thanks /co/ you guys made me grin like I haven't in a long time.

MPC and VLC are very good programs, but you forgot Zoomplayer :P

Can't ever get it to work.

Gentlemen, if you want, I can post the Part 1 of Helpful /co/mrade's fic here.

Just give the word.

consider the word given

Just give credit :P don't wanna pull an Eric Bauman.

Alright, here it is.

Grovy and Eva: Whisper of Love


Although most of the sky was blocked by the immense canopy of the forest, the intense heat of the midday sun could still be felt by the few rays of light that managed to peek through. The woods of Sadida were known for their beauty and serenity, but Evangelyne had no time to admire the scenery of her woodland home. She was too busy scouting the path ahead, using all her senses to detect any perils that may lay in wait for her…or the Lop that blundered behind her.

It all started shortly after Amalia had been cured of her sickness in the witchdoctor’s hut a few days ago. As the party of adventurers made their way through to a village in the middle of the forest, they had learned of a caravan of merchants that were attempting to travel out of the forest and on to Bonta. However, the caravan leader told them of a clan of Srams that had recently taken refuge in the woods and were robbing any travelers that they caught trying to travel through. Ruel, ever the opportunist, immediately volunteered them all to be hired as bodyguards for the caravan (for an obscene fee, of course).

Ruel was as crafty with his money as he was with everything else, and devised a plan shortly after the contract was agreed: he assigned Amalia and Yugo to hide inside the main covered wagon in case of an ambush, while he gave himself the *troublesome* task of personally guarding the money coach. As for herself and Sadlygrove, Ruel sent them ahead as a scouting party. There was a safe-point a few days’ journey down the trail, between the village and the edge of the forest. It lay in a clearing that had a well, a series of campfire circles, and a stone keep in the center to provide a defensive point in case of attack. Seeing as the caravans always stopped at this checkpoint to rest and eat, Ruel thought it wise to send an advance guard to scout it out, lay traps around the perimeter, and make sure the Srams didn’t try to do the same.


Although she was very wary of leaving Amalia behind (especially alone in a covered wagon with Yugo), the princess and Ruel were quite insistent that she take the assignment, and Sadlygrove was all too eager to have the opportunity to fight some forest monsters and impress his Cra-crush.

Evangelyne suddenly heard Sadlygrove crying for help several leagues behind her – no doubt he had run into a monster and bitten off more than he could chew. Evangelyne sighed in frustration, “Stupid brute, what’s he gotten himself into now?” She marked a notch on a nearby tree in order to remind her of how far she had progressed, before making her way back to save the naïve warrior…

Sadlygrove couldn’t believe his bad luck. He was hoping to run into some treechnids, or perhaps a Trooll that he could battle, anything that he could practice his swordsmanship on and impress Evangelyne. Instead, he had walked headlong into a patch of quicksand, and was now stuck up to his waist in the mud. “Dohoho, you stupid Lop. Only an idiot would not watch where he was going and fall into something like this!” Rubilax had chimed in, wasting no opportunity to make fun of his would-be protector. Sadlygrove growled back angrily, “Shut up, you demon! If I’m so stupid, how come you didn’t see it first and warn me about it?!” Rubilax rolled his single eye at the warrior and shot back, “Bah! I’m not your mommy, I’m not going to hold your hand whenever you get lost or need help. If you can’t take care of yourself, then maybe you should just release me and go back to your farm!”

Sadlygrove grew angry at his sword’s lack of loyalty, “Treacherous fiend!” Rubilax’s eye squinted in amusement, taking great pleasure in seeing his hot-blooded host lose his temper. He saw an opportunity to make the Lop truly angry, perhaps enough to make himself vulnerable for another possession… “Whatever, stupid little farm-boy!” The last comment made Sadlygrove’s blood boil, and he shoved Rubilax under the surface of the quicksand, ignoring his angry protests and sputtering as they were muffled by the goo. A few moments later, he could hear Evangelyne making her way towards him, calling out for him as she got closer. Sadlygrove’s anger was replaced with blissful happiness: his warrior-girl had come for him! He ignored any thought of the Cra thinking less of him for falling into his situation and called back earnestly, “Over here Evangelyne! Hurry, I’m stuck!”


Evangelyne didn’t know to whether to feel pity, frustration, or humor at what she saw. The sight of Sadlygrove struggling to get himself out of the quicksand was too much, it would make a funny story around the campfire when the others showed up. She slung her bow over her shoulder and proceeded to climb a nearby tree, making her way onto an overhanging branch and gathering some vines to fashion a rope. As she did so, she noticed Sadlygrove watching her with admiration from below, a dreamy smile spread across his face as he observed his savior. His face reminded her of a pup’s when it looked up with loving eyes at its master, the goofy expression forced a grin to form on the Cra’s face. “You silly Lop,” she said, as she finished the rope and began to lower it down to him. Sadlygrove placed Rubilax back inside his belt and reached up for the vine, grabbing it firmly with both hands as he tried to climb his way out. “Wait, you idiot! Wait until I’ve climbed back do-“ Eva’s warning was silenced, as the combined weight of her and Sadlygrove snapped the branch from the tree, causing her to come crashing down to the ground. Luckily for both of them, Sadlygrove had managed to pull himself completely out of the pit and made it on the land before the accident, and the Lop’s body served as a cushion to break Evangelyne’s fall.

Sadlygrove lay on the ground, no doubt knocked out cold by the tree branch that had hit his skull. Evangelyne awoke first, mortified at finding herself straddling the Lop and quickly scrambling off of him. Sadlygrove awoke several moments later, painfully rubbing the lump that had formed on his head and looking around for Evangelyne. As soon as he spotted her, Sadlygrove rushed forward and took both of her hands into his own, Evangelyne’s face still blushing a little from before. “Evangelyne, you saved me! Upon my honor as a Knight, I will not rest until I’ve paid my debt to you!” Relieved that Sadlygrove hadn’t noticed what had transpired, she nervously smiled back at him and replied, “That’s okay, Grovy. Just watch where you’re going next time, alright?” Evangelyne brushed herself off and proceeded to make her way back to the trail, completely oblivious to Sadlygrove’s reaction.

Sadlygrove was smitten with love, his legs numb at Evangelyne’s words. “She…she called me Grovy…” Rubilax chimed in at Sadlygrove’s words, confused at the Lop’s new reaction to his undignified nickname. “I thought you hated that nickname? What’s the matter with you?” Sadlygrove’s dreamy smile gave testament to what he was feeling. “I don’t know, I think I can get used to it…” “Spare me, lover-boy. You better get going unless you want her to leave you behind!” Sadlygrove snapped out of his daydreaming at Rubilax’s words. “Oh yeah! HEY EVANGELYNE, WAIT FOR ME!” he yelled, as he began to gallop in the direction of his warrior-woman…


Also, is "Iop", not "Lop". Helpful /co/mrade made a little mistake about that, but aside from that, he is doing a decent fic, in my opinion.

this thread and all associated with it earn at least 6 and 3/4ths intarwarbz.

This is not the thread to be posting this. This thread is about trying to get a group together to sub the show. If you want to post fanfics or talk about it in general take it to /co/ or the thread in +/co/.

dont be such a buzzkill man...

I'm not very good at the words and the typing, but I just wanted to say something to the people doing the subbing here.

Thank you.


This series
Strangely sexy.

I mean all it has is DEM HIPS. Analogies of the legs are really bad. But damn

i had an erection throughout episode 4 (the one with the cursed princesses and the baths)

Disregard that, i suck cocks

Just finished episode 5
Shit turned into fucking pokemon.

Generic duels, changed voiceactors, overall had a lazyness aura surrounding it. Scenes lasting more than 5 seconds to avoid much animating, not nearly the amount of details on scenes that i expected

I hope it gets better

File: 123982715181.jpg-(118.25KB, 564x458, 1236016038315.jpg)
Keep in mind that the series is based on a game. Whilst 'ANTLER BEAM BLAST' looks very silly to us outsiders, it's probably a common feature for that monster type in Dofus or the Wakfu beta.

In any case, don't lose heart. The next episode was a vampire, zombies and nighting gowns.


>>changed voiceactors

Ep. 1-4 were all done solely for the web. Starting from Ep. 5 the VA's were re-cast for the TV broadcast version.

>>not nearly the amount of details on scenes that i expected

This could be attributed to the crappy quality of the video file used in Ep. 5. The other's were encoded w/ higher quality whereas 5 wasn't. (144Mb to 90Mb)


Yeah, it seemed to jump right back up at the usual quality after ep 5

I've finished episode 7 though. What now, kind /co/mmies?

Five is pretty much Wakfu's Great Divide.

Need 8.

French student here.I could probably write a transcript for episode 6 given a week and a proofread,but I don't know anything about subbing.I'd be willing to work with anyone who can sub the video.And if it works out well maybe I'll work on the rest of the vids.

haha, to hell with 8!
we need 11 and 12.

You need to watch episodes 10-12. Even if you don't know French the Boufbowl arc is fucking epic.

6 is subbed already. In fact it was the first to be.

Ok I'll do seven then.But I need someone who can put the subs onto a video.

uh, 1-7 and 10 have all been done already.

If you're really eager to sub episodes, do 11 and 12. 8 and 9 are kinda weak anyway.



Out of your mind. 10-12 were amazing. You don't even need to know French.


Whoops sorry.It's late here.

Damn graveyard shift.

Because the Boufbowl arc are the most epic episodes so far.
-Grovy makes his most spectacular fuckup to date, but redeems himself later and finally becomes a hero
-Hilariously over-epic spoof of Dragonball Z super saiyanism
-Evangeline is made somebody's waifu within the show itself

Although 8-9& 11 are weak, It would be nice if they were subbed for those who don't skip episodes. I'm the kind of person who doesn't skip so I'm hoping flower pattern delivers the eps in relative order.

Someone's waifu? Eva is tsundere for Grovy... it's all just a matter of time. Don't count out the groove man before he's out.

lol, it isn't Grovy

wat, 11 wasn't weak

File: 12399716378.jpg-(28.58KB, 425x515, 1brow.jpg)

This. That's why it would be good for us (me included) if someone could sub them

Anyway. Here are the first 7 episodes, uploaded on RS. For everyone that hates Megaupload as much as i do


Password for all of these is: Demhips

>Password for all of these is: Demhips

Why you gotta' lie? Pass ain't capitalized.

well at least this anon pointed it out for the rest of us

Any chance you can post the 2nd one on /pco/ or /co/?

Part 2 up on /pco/.


What I see around there somewhat leaves me at peace. I feared lolcomunautarism which is why I haven't peeked around here yet. As it appears you unite here only for long term's sake, and not for glory, idiocy or whatever, I think a collaboration may bear fruits.

Episode 8 is perfect for experiments. It's a filler, so it doesn't matter too much if it is a little clunky at first. It'll get us started for the serious business. Oh, sure, translating is still what takes most of the time, the timing being only a little part of it. But I am quite confident that many amongst you are much better at the timing business, and other encoding shenanigans.

So. I'll get to it. Stay tuned folks.


May we eventually have soft-subs available somewhere without the accompanying video? I myself have most of the episodes in raw form, and would rather not redownload it all just to get the small (filesize wise) addition.

This, and hardsubs also mean you have to reencode the video, completely killing whatever quality it had.
And in some cases the subs were added by letterboxing, which is fucking godawful on my widescreen setup.


Here is translation for episode 8. Text only, that is. I leave the rest to you. Godspeed.


You heward him lads, let's get started

File: 124018300376.jpg-(15.79KB, 279x360, get honoured.jpg)
hero of the day.

Look up Aegisub. It's shit for me, otherwise I would have subbed episode 8. The fail-ass WMV encode of 8 fucks off and runs out of sync if you try to skip ahead, and the Aegisub interface is dire shit.

I have no experience with Franch or subbing or any of that but I just wanted to pop my head in and thank all the brae & loyal Ouiboos for their work.

Gentlemen, the part 2 of Helpful /co/mrade's fic is here.

Nevertheless, I need your approbation to post it.

It's already on the /pco/ thread.

Do you need motivation?


Subbs..... please....

We English speakers are not ofen able to watch such quality a show.

I'm on it! Just wait.

Alright, then there is no need to post it, afterall.

File: 124034842899.png-(75.29KB, 1024x768, AmoebaCowboy.png)
Thank you wonderful people being wonderful people.

Pic related, it's my vision of subbers.

Someone photoshop that doc into Doctor McNinja.

File: 124035461471.png-(70.28KB, 1024x768, AmoebaNinja.png)
Sometimes, I wish I wasn't so terrible at this.

Sup guys,

Quick question. In my sleep deprived state I'm thinking that a appropriate bread themed pun for: >>Do not try to floor me! [Note, the expression "me rouler dans la farine] literally "roll me in the flour" means, "trick me" basically. So, yeah, pun adaptation ftw]

Would, "Don't try to butter me up." be appropriate? It's used mostly for bribery, but it's still making sense to me. Or am I just hallucinating?

Maybe an adaptation of pulling the wool over a person's eyes? 'Do not try to flour my eyes', maybe?

I dunno, this is a really hard one to translate.

I've got to go for tonight, but I'll have the Ep. done by morning.

Flower-patterned-shirt-wearing Radiant Destiny if you're reading this, What was the original french for this line:

Maybe we should have took a sampler, dear Mate-Mate.

"sampler" is the thing I'm hung up on. I'm thinking it's something about testing Microbio's ingredients?

It is nearly 10:00 CST.

Where is the new subbed up eggman?
You said there would be subbs!

--We're ungrateful bastards--

File: 124044071230.jpg-(104.98KB, 640x480, dem buns.jpg)
Wakfu Ep 8 now subbed.

Video -
.ass file -

Have fun.

You are so great

You are awesome.


Awesome. Just... awesome.

A friend of mine is having trouble getting the subs to work. Anybody have explicit instructions for making it work on the Windows Vista version of VLCplayer?




I have the same problem, the subs simply don't appear.

I tried renaming both files to the same name, but didn't work.

have you guys tried zoom player or kmp?

Oddly, out of all my media players the only one I could get to work with the subtitles was Windows Media Player (with cccp installed of course) so you might want to try that.

Many thanks to all who worked on this, can't wait for the next one.

same for me as well


That worked, thanks for the help.

Much thanks to all those involved, anxiously awaiting moar subs.

I did enjoy those translator notes. I had to pause to read them but they were nice tidbits.

Yeah, mine's having problems. Still.

I... actually couldn't read them. For some reason, VLC doesn't accept my attempts to change what the subs look like, so they're always too big and stretch out beyond the edge of the screen and make a new line for usually one word in the center, and they're centered at the bottom, which makes the translator's notes and the subtitles themselves overlap. When there are notes, I can't read either the notes or the actual subtitles.

FYI, the Wakfu story is up on /co/ right now as I type; part 3 AND 4.

File: 12404610677.jpg-(50.37KB, 467x370, CavalryBear.jpg)
Thank you subbers, another picture of you guys.


Gigantic amounts of butthurt emitting from your location... But why?

I mean, you provided the raws and the sub files. Didn't the anon that post the final product just... compile the stuff you provided together?


Apparently not.

See >>11628

I'm hoping there's a reasonable explanation. And I'm also hoping the subs are reasonably readable, since our valued copy-editor seems to have been completely ignored.

Still, thanks to everyone for their efforts. I shall now enjoy delicious Wakfu-ey goodness.

Not working. All of my .flv capable players have not shown subtitles. Direct me to a valid one.

S1E08 -

Hardsubbed .avi. Thank /co/ later. Or, you know, now.

8 is the only one so far that has given me any trouble. Can't see the subs Cap'n.

Thanks to whoever reupped this as a hardsub. Softs are better in my opinion, but you can't screw up a hardsub. Just double click.

Out of curiousity, why wouldn't VCL player, WMPclassic, WMP, and various other players not be able to show episode 8's subs? Even when I specifically tell the program to load said subs. The filename on the .ass is identicle to the .flv.


Don't know, but MPC + K-lite Codec pack gave me no trouble see the subs after renaming the .ass and .flv the same name.

Seamonkeymon, what happened?
People like you are going to be are only source for getting subs for this series.

what? wtf are you talking about?


He's referring to the stuff he posted in >>11537.

I took the translation from >>11503 and QC'd it by myself. I also subbed the episode by looking directly at the audio histogram not by listening and noting the time. While I appreciate your efforts, I didn't have any need for anything in your post. Sorry.

Sounds like someone is a little asshurt if ya ask me.


This is not an attitude inimical to attracting contributors. Play nice.

I'm happy there's an explanation, let's leave it at that.

Anyway! Next up is episode 9. It looked rather interesting from the raws, so I'm hoping someone, somewhere is translating it.

oh lawd
when the announcer said "dem buns" i laughed. hard.

If you're having trouble playing soft subs .ass files, just change the extension to .srt
Works for VLC.

just wanted to pop in and say thanks to everyone working on these subs.

i just loaded the sub with vlc and afterwards it worked fine

This being a chan, someone is obligated to scream for MOAR.


Well, it had to be done.

are there any eps 5 and after not done by flow?
or, at least, fixed up, non 1.0 versions?
shit kinda sucks, especially compared to EF

Has anything happened about Episode 9?

Also, what's the total number of episodes out?


Luv ya for the recap

I... um... I love you too?

Sorry, I'm just not used to people showing affection...

Just got done watching ep.8 (in b4 Slowpoke.)

You guys did a phenomenal job on the subbing. Please keep up the good work.

Also: Breadnought... fucking hilarity.

File: 124092191083.jpg-(24.26KB, 319x443, What_The_Fuck_Is_This_Shit_Dr_Seus.jpg)


Problem, bro?

File: 124092562457.png-(276.43KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-10213906.png)
ok, so it wasn't that bad

you win this round...

File: 124092589947.png-(305.38KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-10216749.png)
no, just some idiot (re: me) thought that hard subs would fuck up thier precious reaction images.

they were of course completely wrong

That, and the subtitles are typically in the black bar at the bottom, making it almost impossible to NOT be good enough with image editing to get rid of them.

Actually, I'd prefer if they were a little higher. I don't like looking that far down to read them. Not to mention I have to pause it whenever theres a notation, or else I'll miss it completely. Too fast.

Any progress on ep 9?

the .avis have no video showing in winamp

Step one: Stop using Winamp. Google and download CCCP, and use the Mediaplayerclassic that comes with it.

File: 124124199140.jpg-(309.88KB, 640x880, DO WANT suigintou.jpg)

File: 124134331969.jpg-(86.44KB, 832x727, feelsgoodman.jpg)
Any news on episode 9 subs? For those of us who don't speak the french?

I still haven't bothered watching an episode in English. This might partially be because I'm too lazy to actually download an episode and have just been doing random searches for streaming media that aren't subbed for some reason.

Is anyone still talking about doing a fandub?

File: 124136590439.png-(380.79KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-11020205.png)

fandub? lol I'd watch that, it would be hilarious.

Much as I'd like to voice Nox, a fandub is a terrible idea. They always end badly.




Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth.

why do you think I said "hillarious"?
Maybe not the whole show, but one episode made by amateurs would probably be lol worthy I think.

File: 124147029740.png-(121.64KB, 357x450, thefonz.png)

Yesh-a, waiting for the 9th episode too.

Deaddefiler's EP5 isn't working for me for some reason. I'm using DivX player, and all the other episodes up to EP7 have played fine thus far, but whenever I try to play EP5, the player gets stuck on 'loading video'. ;-;

then stop using DivX and try other players...
and what this guy did

I certainly hope we didn't scare away our subbers.

File: 124168653424.png-(564.79KB, 1280x1024, beautiful.png)
Why no subbers?

Don't abandon us, we love you guys

I don't think anyone's scared away, just busy. This is the time of year when people are studying for college finals and typing papers, after all. It should pick up again once summer is in full swing.

Yeah, they're just busy. Hell, I'm resigned to failing three of my classes and even I'm still busy.

You dudes need to set up a more real-time place to organize shit. Say, an irc chat.

No, you need somewhere more permanent, like a forum.

An imageboard would probably work too.


It's been working so far...why change it?

How many people are subbing?

I'd like to donate money, but if it's spread between to many people whats the point :P

File: 124194951381.jpg-(104.54KB, 640x1134, Nox.jpg)
Well, it looks like Ankama is playing ANOTHER re-run this next weekend (part 1 of the Boufbowl arc). It'd be nice if you guys could finish up ep. 9 so that people don't lose interest in the show. Even if you can't get around to it, I'll be finishing up a few more chapters of my Grovy/Eva story this week so as to give people something to talk about. If you're interested, look keep your eyes open on /co/; or just wait for someone to put it on the thread over in /pco/.

Also, it looks like Ankama is going to be going to a convention in Paris at the end of June. It'd be great if some of our French /co/mrades could go visit and give us some news on the series.

Thanks again dear subbers, and keep up the good work! Summer vacation is almost upon us!

Hey...uh...helpful. I was wondering, not to put pressure or anything, but what's the status on the, you know, fanfic?

File: 124200861889.png-(198.37KB, 640x360, 1239419791044.png)
I've got the entire story planned out in my 'ole noggin, I just need to find the time to type it out and edit it. I've been fairly busy with personal matters (new house, college finals, etc.), so I apologize for the delay. As for the next part of the fanfic, I should be able to squeeze out at least 3 more parts over the course of the week, maybe even more depending on if anything ELSE comes up in my schedule. Keep your eyes peeled on /co/ starting Tuesday, as I should have the next part posted around that time.

LOL, VC. You posted in the wrong thread.

Apparently I didn't read the thread carefully enough.
I mistook the mention of a "fanfic" to mean interest in the 4chan project.
I'll delete my last post. I did get a bit carried away.
That's what happens when I get excited about sharing things like this.

File: 124201733448.jpg-(28.65KB, 640x360, KAPROK.jpg)


I've been busy as fuck. ANd my computer is acting up. I did however, make this before. Crappy as it is.

Uh, helpful? Can you just post in /pco/? Trolls are back in /co/ again.

We're never getting ep 9 subbed are we?

in time.

Part 6 and 7 have been added to the thread on /pco/ now. Expect another chapter every night until the whole story is finished. Hope you guys enjoy it. And to all the subbers out there working on this: Thanks again for your dedication. I await patiently and with much excitement of your return and for episode 9's completion.


>Expect another chapter every night
Please don't play with my heart helpful ;_;


Is there a new thread for this stuff or somethin'?

Its over guys. The dream is dead.

No. It is not over. Our subbers are just rather busy. They will regain interest when RL stops fucking them in the ass.

>when RL stops fucking them in the ass.


My dear friend, summer approaches. Some of you know that it means the decline of quality of 4chan, but I bet my ass +4chan is in a safe haven; summer gives subbers free time, and free time is fast subbing.

File: 124280008824.jpg-(22.27KB, 640x360, 1239423866839.jpg)
Stand strong brothers summer is on the horizon, and with it more subs

File: 124293783535.gif-(2.23MB, 256x144, Interrupted.gif)
I made you a present, /coc/. More tomorrow.

Heh. Awesome.

I was half expecting a Mad Stan shoop.

Wait, what episode is that from?

the first one

Email is in the appropriate box.

Did some work subbing many moons ago. Would be willing to help. I don't speak French, unfortunately. Subbers, just drop me a line if you need help.

What's the status of the series by the way? Did they stop at episode 13?

They are re-airing old eps, possibly since the new ones aren't complete yet. It's better to wait a little more for better quality stuff, anyway.

Also, ep 1-2 got english dubs.

>Also, ep 1-2 got english dubs.
This is news to me, does it have a website with streaming or are there any torrents/rapidshares out for it yet? I'm quite curious.

The ad for it was on the english version of the cartoon's site for awhile and as far as I can tell will get a stream just like the french version.

...So does this mean the subbers are just going to say 'fuck it' and let the english dub do it's thing?

possibly, but I hope not. I like the french voices better, and the french version is also at least 12 episodes ahead.

I hope not!

Imagine not getting to hear Amalia with that voice again.

Oh my sweet Emperor did our subbers abandon us? Please let it not be so. This humble geek loves this show and appreciates the effort our subbers have thus far put out.

not to mention the censoring the english ver will have.

You know...i'm french, i can help you to translate if you want.

12511 here

I would like to help the translators (if you need someone). Ben Reilly (or anyone who subs here ), i will be glad to help. Just contact me.

For the love of science someone take this guy up on his offer.

Ok I can make .ass for episode 9 if you get the translations done. However I am not able to encode it or convert files. So my raw will be a .flv


12515 here.

I begin to translate today but i don't think it will be done in two or three days. Actually, i have my "partiels" (university exams) so i will do my best to provide you something quickly. (My exams end the next friday so i will be be very busy but during this period, i can translate you the news of the Wakfu's official website.

Hey, >>12618 post up an email (or just drop me a line) and I'll contact you and Monsieur Traducteur about starting work on episode 9. If this first one goes well for us, we can think about doing more.

Like what? They're not exactly cursing through the whole show.

Dude, I love you (in a straight way)

4 kids and other shit like that rapes shows by replacing guns with nerf balls

No problem take your time. I figured that is what happened to the original subbers but I thought seeing as you were up for taking a shot at it we should help stuff along so everyone can get their fix.
Ok here you go.

True, but there's pretty constant sexual humor.


It wouldn't be surprising at all if 4kids decided the female characters in the show were too voluptuous and decided to "correct" their figures if they got their grubby mitts on the show.

Actually, they kinda are. There's quite a few horrible, horrible puns throughout. Like, the genie guy in the Ruel-centric episode? His name, but for one letter, is pronounced almost like the french insult equivalent to "asshole".

Also the occasional penis hidden in the background, though 4kids would probably miss them anyway.

Don't worry about censure. French kids can watch Wakfu early each saturday morning on a TV channel called France 3. Like all the national TV channels (TF1, France 2, M6, etc...) cartoons and anime are very censored when they need it. All this censorship began with the first episode of Dragon Ball Z, nineteen years ago...i think you understand why. We have our 4kids in France too : it is called AB Production (Shitty translation, censor,...).

I don't believe Wakfu will be censored a lot in your country. No violence, no sexual jokes...nothing.

>Also the occasional penis hidden in the background


The censuring bullshit was present almost forever as far as anime is concerned, going as far back as Astro Boy.

For Wakfu, the only thing I can imagine that they will change, is toned down cursing (non-french speakers won't notice it), "localization" of puns (ex. "Breadnaught"), and toned down sexual content (like that scene where the princess inspector gets a face full of T&A).

The latter mostly for a possible USA version. But, the english version is supposed to air in London, and the brits shouldn't be that massively anal about mild sexual references in a childrens show.

As long as they don't muck up with proportions, the puns, the Chest and Butt Balloons,I'll be alright. Otherwise, ONWARDS WITH THE SUBBERS!

For those who know french, you can just translate it and save it on some text programs(Notepad, word, etc) and post it on Mediafire, or Megaupload(Or rapidshit if you want) and post the link here.

Someone will mess with it sometime or another.

>supposed to air in London

This American is pleased. I've grown so tired of our prude media. Oh seeing a guy get his throat sliced os A.O.K. but boobs is COVER YOUR EYES CHILDREN!!.

Just letting you guys know I'm still lurking around. I'm just waiting for someone to post a script.

Please post episode 9 ;_;


Lol, don't worry : i'm on it. Just leave me the time to finish my exams. It ends tomorrow and i will work on it quickly.

At last...the episode is subbed. Well, i just have to send the text and it will i guess.


(If one of you say that it wasn't necessary, i kill him.)


Are you sending it to Chojiki for application?


No, to Paranoiasavedthecat but if he's busy, Chojiki will have it. Anyway, you will have your episode lol.


File: 124432680243.jpg-(279.38KB, 1000x800, WakfuShip.jpg)
Keep up the good work guys! I can't wait to see the next episode.

File: 124434286670.jpg-(54.50KB, 700x390, 12.jpg)
As if things couldn't get any better, NEW EPISODE AIRING NEXT SATURDAY!

I am on it.

I'll collaborate efforts with Chojiki so we can guarantee the best quality for you guys.



No, it will be two episodes (14 and 15) on June 20th. => "Mais ne soyez pas trop déçu car… le samedi 20 juin, vous aurez le grand plaisir de découvrir deux inédits : les épisodes 14 et 15 !"

Ankama said next week we won't see any episodes of Wakfu. => "La semaine prochaine, exceptionnellement, aucun épisode de votre série Wakfu ne sera diffusé."

Somebody give these guys some internets.

Another person voicing his would be joy upon release of episode 9, you guys working on it rock, keep up the good work

Episode 9, named Ruel's Bag, is being worked on.

Read over the script (this won't be as bad as I thought it would be. MT did a great job on the translation and the whole dialogue looks rather simple).

Have the RAW of episode 9 and have started. I will _not_ be doing the translation of the Opening Credits (at least for this first episode) as it is a pain in the ass and all the good looking karaoke effects are a complete bitch to time right.

Hey Chijiko, shot ya an email.

Cool man! :D

They're finally airing a new episode on Saturday? AND ANOTHER NEW ONE NEXT SATURDAY?!

Thanks Ankama, only took you like two freaking months to get back on the ball.

You've strung you fans out for so long....
I suppose it is a testament to how good this show is that we aren't angry. Just excited.

meh its taking so long
ive seen the raws but couldnt understand a word
really cant wait for a new subbed episode

File: 124457294083.gif-(362.23KB, 256x184, Seymour.gif)
>>This thread

yeah its dying i have a feeling we wont see ep9 for a loooooong while

File: 124458995229.png-(376.72KB, 636x406, Wakfu Buns.png)
How's it going wonderful subbers? And you other adoring fans? Just dropping in to say the "want!" has not diminished, and I lament the fact I cannot speak French. I'll start studying now, and maybe I'll finish ep 13 before you. ;)

I'd do subbing work but my grasp on French puns and slang is nonexistent.

Did you post that picture due to the new and fresh porn of her on /pco/?

File: 124460686257.jpg-(147.55KB, 1024x768, cockmonsters.jpg)
I worked for about two hours and have the first four minutes finished. Intend on working on it tonight until I pass out. It started off with many people speaking and then a conversation so progress was slow to begin with.

Proof enclosed in picture format.

File: 124461351681.jpg-(75.19KB, 1280x1024, 1239420682602.jpg)

You are one alright dude subber : D

File: 124462163059.jpg-(1.91MB, 620x7904, 081008_plouf.jpg)

I can help you to learn how to speak french if you want. You'll be able to help me to translate these episodes. Repeat after me : "J'aime le fromage."

The .ass for Episode 09 can be found here:

I was going to hardcode it, but the videos in post >>11202 are all .flv, and Flash Media is unsupported by... let's see. EVERYTHING.

Tried downloading converters, reading guides (having VLC choke several times...) but in the end all I got was some spyware and a few wasted hours. I'll figure it all out later. Right now, I think you /co/ckmonglers want some subtitles (and I'm too tired to fuck with it any more) so here they are.

File: 124463955483.jpg-(48.54KB, 1280x800, Wakfu DollFlying.jpg)
Nope. Just because it's one I had ready to go.
J'aime le fromage."
This is awesome and you should feel awesome.

AWESOME. You rock.

Don't forget MT. Without him none of this would have been possible.


Both of you are clearly amazing.

how the hell can you use subs with a flv file
cant find a player that spoorts ass for this format


Just one thing, my player experienced an error when Grovy first encountered the Snuffle and says he's ready to face the Black Raven. I managed to fix it by replacing the ['] in [It's Kabrok's snuffle.] in the .ass file.

Otherwise, fantastic job! The different colours add a nice flavour without being obnoxious.

Having no problem here with mpc-hc.

Thanks for providing softsubs, this way the video quality isn't complete horse shit.

I went ahead and converted the .flv to .mkv so thos of you who are having trouble just refer to this file:

It has the .mkv movie and the .ass subtitles in one .rar file.

WOOOH! I'm drunk! Its taking me forever to spell things right. If it weren't for firefox always correcting me this post would be fucked. Goddamned. Took me twenty minutes to write this.

Hardsubs are better because a lot of people, myself included, can't load the subs for whatever reason. VLC won't do it, mpc refuses to do it unless I change settings my computer doesn't have, etc.

And since when did being hardsubbed have anything at all to do with video quality? The reason most subbed anime is such shit quality is because the subbers lower the quality to make it easier to download, not because it's hardsubbed.

If god allows (whichever you believe in) I will have both hard and soft subs available in the future. I've gotten to the place where I can encode them; what it sounds like is that people are having trouble with Wafku 09. Sorry for taking so long to realize it but I'll have both the hardsub and the raw/softsub available here soon. I want everyone to be able to enjoy this... so I'll do everything I can to provide.


I just need to do some work to get the hardsub available. As I said, sorry it took me so long for me to realize this.

Could we get 9 hardsubbed? I still haven't gotten any .ass file to work yet and I don't have a good feeling about this one either. Also, .flv works just fine with VLC.

Just to let you guys know,



Anyone else have odd audio quality with this? Sounds like there is a lot of static.


what is this I don't even

>And since when did being hardsubbed have anything at all to do with video quality?

Transcoding. look it up.

Thank you kind sir. I haven't tried softsubs before so I hope it will work.

Sweet. Thanks to 9 being fansubbed I'm all caught up through 10... Damn cliffhangers. Thank all you subbers, really, but now I'm afraid I can't help but be impatient on the subbing of episode 11.

I love you french people :)
Thank you so much!

thanks guys!

Do you have problems with the .flv version as well? They should both be using FLAC for audio encoding.

Working on it, although anyone who downloaded the .mkv and the softsubs should be able to do it. Just didn't get around to it yesterday.

The flv file has mp3 audio of 128kbps, so it isn't necessary to reencode it, since it's quite good. I've created a hardsubbed avi file with the original audio for episode 10:


PS The filename contains a checksum for who cares.

Well VLC is failing and MPC refuses to even try loading subtitle files.

Why not just encode the subtitle file into the .mkv itself? Eurofag did it, so it's definitely possible.

I meant I created a hardsub avi for episode 9. Typo...

Fucking Herald got me all psyched up, I thought somebody was finally taking notice of Nox. But no, it's just some thief.


My god, they actually acknowledged Grovy's lack of nose! But at the same time, they didn't...
He isn't affected by the smell inside the bag, but he pointed out that Ruel's feet stink.

Awesome. Thanks man.


I actually ended up using the .flv version with the subs from the .mkv version. I am using Media Player Classic with the CCCP codec. Worked fine like that.

I am not sure what problems people are having with getting MPC to find the subs. It helps if the subtitle file is in the same folder as the movie.

File > Load Subtitle > Select the .ass file > Open

The .mkv version still had the staticy audio. First time I have had that with the .mkv file type.


Maybe they have a Jacobson's Organ? I think the last episode showed him sniffing the air and following the smell.

A good, a hardsub. I just couldn't get the subs to load for this one.

No, everybody else has a nose but him. Seems like he smells through his mouth or some such, because I don't remember him talking while in the bag.

So when is it appropriate to start asking about Episode 11?

I mailed Chojiki, Ryukengouki and MT about future projects.

If all goes according to plan MT should finish up his partials on June 22nd. He said he was already working on the episode so hopefully a day or two after the 22nd.

Now, if that works out he'll bounce it to Chojiki who will sub it, throw it over to Ryu who will hardcode it and the Ryu will post up both the hardsub and softsubs here. I'm bracing for impact on some personal issues, so I figure it would be best to step up only when needed. I'll take a back seat and let these fine gentlemen work their magic.


So is this a production line starting up here?

Because now that episode 9's done, all the unsubbed episodes are contiguous and chronological. It would make sense to start here and keep things rolling, what with episodes 14 and 15 premiering next week.


I hope soon. Episodes 11 and 12 are AWESOME even though I have no idea what they are saying.

I hope the production line works out. It may create a slightly longer process, but it should give everyone something to be happy with.

If it doesn't work... I'll do the damned thing myself.


I lol'd.

Don't worry, i work on the translation when i have the time to do it. As Paranoiasavedthecat said it, my exams end next monday. I promise you will have your 11th episode, then 12th, etc.

Well, i have to go to the university now. I won't forget to give you informations if i have ssome problem.

Au plaisir de vous revoir messieurs.


Would somebody mind getting a hardsub .avi for episode 9? The Wakfu series has gotten pretty popular amongst certain circles, and some (like myself) are starting to air them on Livestream channels.

Let's say that hypothetically I wanted to attempt to sub episode 11; how exactly would I go about doing it?


Chojiki made a hardsub, he just typo'd it into saying it was of episode 10.

First you're going to need a fifth of whiskey, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes and a few razor blades. Then you're going to need the Aegisub program (and any fixes that apply to your computer). After all this nonsense you will need the translation notes of the episode. You will input the translation into a subtitle file via Aegisub. Hardcoding subs can be done with the program Media Subtitler and the DivX suite.

Then lots of use of the whiskey, cigarettes and razor blade.

Way ahead of you on the alcohol.

This is very much going to be a lets-just-see-how-this-goes attempt at a sub, so don't hold your breath on this. On average I can follow maybe 65-75% of raw episodes, the rest is either slang or puns I can't interpret, or a particular voice that for the life of me I have a huge problem following (the Boufbowl announcer having both in generous quantities, so this might crash and burn pretty easily)


And now Paranoiasavedthecat makes a typo saying Chojiki made a hardsub :)

So, to make things clear, an episode 9 hardsub can be found here:

Yeah? Well... errm. Yeah!

Shut your whore mouth! :p


I like you, kid. You can fuck my sister.

oh oh can i get in on that sister action?

Pictures or she doesn't exist!

This is turning out to be like a regular 4chan thread. While that can and is lulz-worthy, I really hope work is getting done.

It's just a quote from Full Metal Jacket IIRC, no need to get all excited

/tg/ - the channel of livestream here

You're awesome :3

I am rather enjoying this series.
I was curious if anyone knows if there is a place to download the theme song from Wakfu?

Wakfu opening theme:

Ripped straight out of the show. Enjoy.

Thanks Ryukengouki

I hope you realize that was completely unnecessary. The Wakfu OP has been on /rs/ since about a week after Avatar ended.

It's all about mirrors, bro :)


I didn't even think people would take it seriously


File: 124617086690.jpg-(108.81KB, 641x418, 1241186076220.jpg)
Looks like the series is finished with the first part of the season and will be on hold for new episodes until September 5th, according to the site. Any possibility that we can get the last 5 episodes before then?

working on 11 here


"I don't want /ss/."

"You don't :("

Well up to 11 has been translated and linked scattered threw this listing is there any word on 12 and 13 being hard subbed?


No, 11 has not been done. Up to 10 has been done. 12 and 13 haven't even been soft subbed, let alone hard subbed.

One at a time, gentlemen. One at a time.

This is one of the only shows that I can remember getting impatient over. Sub faster you excellent French bastards!

just wanted to come along and say that i've been following this discussion for over a month and GOOD LUCK SUBBERS!

Can't wait

Anyone notice the english DVD rips for ep1-2 on mininova?

Where can I find the raws for 13-15?


Can someone download the DVD rips and post them here? Thanks in advance.



Thanks for the heads-up. I've just sampled both the English dubs.

I would heavily recommend that everyone give the dub a miss. Listening to Evangelyne was heartbreaking. She's meant to sound sexy. Sexy, damn it! Instead she just sounded autistic, along with everyone else.

Bizarrely, Nox actually turned out all right, and Yugo's rendition was serviceable. Everything else was the textbook definition of pain.

I eagerly await more subs from les Anonyme des Français, so that I may wash my ears out with soothing, Gallic soap.

Just wanted to drop a thank you to all you fellow fans that have been working on getting this show subbed for us English-speakers.

I'm actually taking French classes and this helps me learn certain phrases and grammar (I think this is the only TV series I've been watching in French. Other than this, there's really only some movies to watch).

File: 124641946888.jpg-(73.60KB, 200x267, Desk004s.jpg)

I posted that. Very surprised to find these were dubs. However, I found this to be very transformative. Before the dub I had a lot of trouble following/seeing all of the action, due mostly to the choppy flash style of motion, where some actions and small motions are just too quick to see while reading subs; but now I find it to be a much richer experience. While I found the female voices disappointing and lacking character, so far the male voices are aceptable, especially Xelor, sounds like an evil C3P0. I can really now fully enjoy not only the animation but the rather exceptional audio sweetening this seriese has received, which I would say is on or very near the level of a full blown movie. But then I do have rather exceptional computer speakers, I doubt I would have noticed with out them: just 2.1, 12" woofers, 10" sub, all fed by an NAD pre-amp, and a separate NAD 200watt power amp. In the dub version, that battle at the bridge in ep1 is now almost epic. This has also convinced me to buy the DVDs for this series, when they become available, though I still look forward to the fan subs.

Main thing I am concerned about is censoring. Someone may object to how some of the women are dressed and then next thing we know they are all wearing moo-moos.

The dub was made for Britain in mind, not America. So I don't think there will be much censoring.

Good to see everything is running smoothly again. I am always on stand by if there is anything I can help out with.

so... to recap, only up to episode 10 has been subbed.


Could anyone post a link to download for subs or at least a youtube link? In in Kuwait, and the wireless provider I am using blocks 4chan, so no /rs/ for me.

File: 124665529849.png-(310.63KB, 640x480, 1240445959005.png)
come on hope 11 subs are out soon


Use Tor. Problem solved.

sweet subtitlers, how is the translation going?

May I ask who your provider is? I've had like four, and none of them blocked anything.

Are you in Kuwait?

Hi there. I'm the dude who provided shitty translation for episode 10. I plan to do the same for 11. Not sure when I'll finish, though. My free time is pretty random these days.


I have Watania.

It is unfortunate to say, but I have not heard from MT, Chojiki or ryukengouki since I posted last. Sent an email MT's way but have yet to hear a reply.

Not sure if anyone is currently subtitling. If not, I'll try to find a translator and begin work again. I know you /coc/kmonglers need your fix, and I want to see this through. Unfortunately until I find a translator there is little I can do.

Damn. Well, keep up the good work you can do. Here's hoping one of those translators gets in touch with ya soon!

Well fuck, the /tg/ channel got taken down, i hope i'll find all links here.

Helpful /co/mrade if you still visit this thread from time to time, ask agouri if he plans opening the channel under a different name or if someone else does it.

I think the channel had an irc, but i didnt bookmark it.

It was fun while it lasted...

Sonna Bitch
i was just there, took a few minutes in the bathroom and it was deleted

hopefully we'll get another going

its already being rebuilt
as "the /tg/channel (fatguys)"

its already being rebuilt
as "the /tg/channel (fatguys)"

I still haven't received any translations, but I'm always lurking :)

All Wakfu episodes that have been subbed can be found on my personal channel -

The /tg/ channel is already well underway to being rebuilt, and Wakfu will be uploaded at the earliest opportunity after we have a good cache of movies. The new channel is -

Also, more chapters to my fanfic are currently being updated to the thread on /pco/ (for any that are still interested).

Keep up the good work subbers! We're counting on you.


Got an email from mogulus with the list of infractions

Guess whose copyright's infringement caused the channel to go down?

Dont put on Disney or Cartoon network, so you dont suffer the same fate.


Meh, we all knew it was going to happen when the words "We will risk leaving Treasure Planet on the channel," were uttered.

Good. I may be out of touch here for a while. Lost my internet connection, a few weeks away from being evicted, am about six hundred american in debt, and have no job.

Curiosity didn't kill the cat, it starved to death because of this shitty economy. :/

Oh lawd. You are where I was at 6 months ago. That's why I had to move to another city. Just to find a basic job.

God damn I am so overqualified for what I'm doing right now.

So. are we getting subs soon or is this dead?

Greetz from /tg/. I'm still fascinating by Your job /co/c, and are there hardsubbed .avi from 11, 12 and another Wakfu?

11 and 12 are not yet subbed. They are still awesome to watch...

Still working on 11 myself. It takes forever. they talk a lot. And Fast. not even sure how I'll transalte half of the puns/expressions.


Am I... am I drooling? I think I might be drooling...

You, good sir, are awesome.

Any progress on this? Anything at all?

I can't believe /co/ has been forsaken like this. I just can't.


I really hope for episode 11 soon.

You're not alone in your hope. With any luck our combined hope might be enough to manifest some sort of awesome frenchmen willing to translate this for us...

File: 124824230974.png-(183.75KB, 1024x1024, Awesome.png)
> awesome frenchmen

Y'know, that's hardly productive.

It is a secret ploy to get a frog to go "Hey I am so awesome I have subbed every episode bow before your french god"

Or I just hate the french. They eat frogs, they smell bad, they eat sausages made out of horse's assholes, and they're twenty miles away. This was a reference to something no one has read.

Pick one.

U've done a great job guys, keep up the good work!


File: 124840895296.jpg-(897.00KB, 1280x2022, Crecy-14.jpg)

File: 124843364910.jpg-(1.87KB, 250x167, DrapeauFrance.jpg)

You nearly got me there...

File: 124846691971.jpg-(44.36KB, 849x478, Wakfu RuelLaugh.jpg)
Just popping in to say hello and thank you for continuing the project, however slow I feel you are. ;)

Do want ep11 sooooo bad

A fantastic show. And the subs are Ace.
Keep up the great work.
We're waiting in suspense :)

Hey boys, it's a frog, get him!

didn't got much time to spend on episode 11 this week, sorry.
But since I'm nearly at the end of the first phase (extracting the French texts), We could expect some translation in a nt too far future.
I'll probably comes there again during the translation, though. Some part are heavily using slang and puns, I'll definitely need some back up.

marvellous :)

Has anybody tryed to use dragon natural speaking french to rip the audio into subs? just a thought Im in the process of downloading it...

good luck with that, I'm French and often need to re-hear dialogues multiple times to get the words they wanted to say. Actually there are part of my translation of episode 11 that I still can't put together.

Bump, words of encouragement, desperate plea for progress, etc.

Please, French translators, keep on trying! Don't leave us hanging...


cmon we need spunky elfs with dem hips

Man... this thread is starting to get depressing.

Losing hope....


There is no Wakfu translation project.


Your lies are a stench in the nostrils of the gods, heretic!

Sorry guys. I am sure some of our regular translators are just enjoying their summers. I will see what I can do to get the project rolling again but it looks like we might just end up waiting this one out.

it shall be cleansed with holy fire


Not lies.

Hello everybody.
Sorry but I do not have any translation of wakfu for you :P
Instead of that, I made a transcription of the 12th episode, considering the 11th may be in the way of beeing translated by others

For the event, I created a little wiki here :
where you can find my transcription.

I haven’t enough skill in english to translate an episode but I can help providing transcriptions.
I hope they will become usefull for some persons/translators and will motivate them to continue the adventure.
I tried to add some notes to help understand the unformal french used.

I will also put on in some other raw that I haven’t found here (or may be it’s on a different topic I don’t know).

Enfin bref...
If my initiative can be usefull, I cheer the french persons of this topic to join me on this wiki, it could be interesting ^o^

(if you have any piece of advice or information for me, feel free to say it so I can improve the project =) )

Well that transcription of ep 12 is useful! If I have time I'll take a go at translating that to English. It's hard for me to translate the raws well because they speak so quickly and French isn't my mother language. Not promising anything though because I am always too busy, but we'll see. Other anonymous who are subbing, you guys are amazing! If I do translate anything I'll post it for anybody to use how they see fit.

Awesome! Progress! I hope your next project is Episode 11, though. Something tells me you'll probably finish it faster than anyone else who may currently be working on it.


Excellent initiative, vialou! Transcriptions are really useful.

As for episode 11, it actually would be useful to have a transcription for this episode since the anon translating it was having a hard time with the puns. So if you or anyone else can provide a transcription for episode 11, it would be most useful.

No Problem. I finished yesterday the transcript of the episode 13.
Ep 11 is now in progress =)

Concerning the raw, the only two .flv missing on the wiki are the 5 and the 6, so if you have them, please, could you upload them or give me a link somewhere ? Thanks

You there. Don't stop being awesome!

xD Thanks. Transcript of episode 11 finished right now. I didn’t see very much puns, unlike the 12th episode.

So if there are expressions or sentences you don’t understand in the context, you can use the discussion thread below every of my transcription (or mail me). I will make my possible to explain them. =)

Good luck to the translators, just make the transcript of the boufbowl episodes is a horrible time-eater :/
I hope they will go faster and more easily with my little contribution.

wow nice job :)
All hail vialou!!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a flv source for episode 5 or 6. If anyone else has flv raws for these eps, please post the links.

Good job on the transcriptions of episode 11 and 13. Hopefully the anon translating episode 11 will use it.

File: 125069465577.png-(404.80KB, 838x482, WakfuShovelFace.png)
Still here.

Thanks for what we have to far, seriously good job guys.

Hello!! here can I find the episode 14 and 15???

Hello!! here can I find the episode 14 and 15???

Bamf, niggah.

File: 125127041238.jpg-(31.20KB, 640x360, Smack.jpg)
A recap for everyone too lazy to search though the thread to find these.

Here is all the subbed episodes so far.

S1E01 -
S1E02 -
S1E03 -
S1E04 -
S1E05 -
S1E06 -
S1E07 -
S1E08 -
S1E09 -
S1E10 -


Sweet. I love hard subs.

Now 11 and 12, and the rest of :D Good Job /co/c!

Wow, seems that there hasn't been a lot of progress since I left you /coc/kmonglers a couple months ago. I am now homeless with a vandalized car and a black eye but I am back and will start helping with this again if I have to sit down with a French-English Lexicon and translate everything the hard way.

...Please tell me you're joking.

Unfortunately all of the above is true.

...My god, what happened?


Stuff happens, bro. That's life. Still lurking this thread though :)

So here's a funny thing. A guy on youtube just sent me the translated script for ep. 11.


What should I do with it? I don't have the stuff needed to add subtitles myself, and everybody who does seems to have died or gone to school.

For the love of god man post it here, either on rapidshare or megaupload etc.

Looks like I'm finally going to get to work! Huzzah!



Don't be afraid to edit as necessary. The guy who translated it for me is a native french speaker, and translated it in about 45 minutes.


Bump for interest.

So do you guys know what the heck this Wakfu Mini stuff on the official (French) site is all about?

File: 125235160340.jpg-(97.24KB, 750x600, Who\'sAwesome.jpg)
Also, bamp for awesome!

Bump for pending win.



How about translations of 11 and 12? :D


Bump for extreme interest.

Fuck. I'm just about ready to give up.

Still bumping for interest :D

Have you no heart?

How is this going?

I have come to the conclusion that no one is seriously working on this project any more. Truly a shame because the Wakfu animation was one of the more interesting things to come along in a while, and I was enjoying the sexy French voices. Eventually it'll be dubbed in bad English and I suppose I'll buy it anyway. Sigh...

I still bump for hope D:

You guys can do it! I'd help if my french was anywhere above the level of a 5 year old... In the mean time I guess I'll just have to wait patiently and hope for the best.

I'm taking college french next year, so if you can wait a while, I can do it.

Besides, just buy the French dvds when they come out, they'll probably have english subs.

It will take at LEAST three years of rigorous study to get to the point where you could actually translate an episode, and that's assuming you're working off the transcript. Of course, there is the slim chance that you have a once-in-a-century talent for languages and can actually pick up a meaningful level of comprehension in a year of study or half a year of full immersion in addition to study, but I'm not exactly excited about your odds.


Because Oban Star Racers. I spent a long time hoping for French-with-subs, but found only French DVDs with no subs, or English-lang only from Disney. Kept trying Canada to see if they had subs or dual language or something. Never found what I wanted so I settled on the US set with its less-than-satisfactory different OP.

The episodes can be translated easily. I have a friend willing to do it; I even posted the translated script to one of the episodes that he did. Right here: >>17517

Chojiki said something about 'finally getting to work', and then we never heard from him again. If you're so willing to do it but don't know French, how about going off that script? Heavy editing will probably be necessary, but it's better than what we have now.

If your friend can translate more episodes, please ask him/her to do so. When the eps are translated, we at least are one step further in the process of subbing.

I'm not asking him to do that again until somebody actually uses it.


Thanks for this


I want the last twelve hours of my life back. Hope you enjoy it. Parting note: comments motherfuckers. Font colors, font styles et al etc. Want opening credits? You have to tell me before I know.

File: 125438337418.png-(252.53KB, 640x480, 20090320_ep_11_001_20637.png)
Oh yeah. A few amusing places I paused at to write a subtitle that I thought you all would like.

File: 125438360897.png-(219.39KB, 640x480, 20090320_ep_11_001_20700.png)

File: 12543836653.png-(228.44KB, 640x480, 20090320_ep_11_001_26787.png)

Seriously. Why does it seem like when I finally decided to do the subs when I am half way through someone else finally posts it. I want my last 4 hours back. Ah forget it. Thanks for the hard work as usual Paranoia. It is appreciated.

I cannot thank you enough!

Than You Kind Sir

Let there be no mistake, thanks to you both.

And thanks to you, and to your friend. Seriously.

It's... beautiful...


Here's the hardsub for ep 11 (with checksum). Also, give a round of applause for Paranoia for the hard work!


I love you man.

Thank you, Paranoiasavedthecat! And the other anon who was working on it as well. All praise to those who actually man up and do something rather than scratching ourselves and whining. So now, is the project back on, or was this just one for the Gipper and now you're done with it? Because you know what the next request will be...

Paranoia, you're my new god. Thanks!

Thanks for making it a softsub, hardsubs completely rape whatever little quality the video encodes have.

I want to see how Wakfu would look in fullhd resolutions.

Gotta love those pointy-ear'd cheerleaders.

Thank you. Great work! :D

File: 125459074240.jpg-(48.62KB, 890x502, Wakfu 6 redif.mp4_snapshot_2009.10.03.19_24_32.jpg)
Ankama is currently re-airing the existing episodes.
But with two differences :
- better resolution&quality ;) ( 890*502)
- they created a "Mini Wakfu" for each episode

Unfortunatly, it isn’t FullHD but the result is slightly better.

You can judge by yourself on the official site :

Only the episode of the week can be watched, nevertheless I will try to add them little by little on my wiki


This was my favorite scene in the episode. I loved how into it Yugo and Amalia were.

File: 125460460181.png-(368.44KB, 640x480, fdsa.png)
I had to do a double-take as this is what I saw the first time I watched that scene.

I gave up hope, but now I check back after a few weeks and am delighted.

YES! Thank you for the subs.

11 with hardsubs was awesome! Now 12 and rest, they're too hard to sub?

We don't have translations for any other episodes yet. Once those translations appear subs will follow.



I'm on it, and you should have translation for 12 within a couple days.

(That's right! It was ME ALL ALONG!)

This recent turn of events is most pleasing.

When you post up translations up make sure you post with the name you want credited so props go to the proper people.

>I will try to add them little by little on my wiki
And what's your wiki's address.

alternatively I can phrsase it thus. Hello guys, I'm searching for the higher-def raws (flv just as they were on Ankama's site is fine) for episodes 1-3. I've got the others, but I didn't notice the re-airing was higher-def until episode 4.


For translation credits, put lordkelson1, seeing as he's the one translating these for me.

I'd be interested in playing the badguy of the week, as long as they're appropriately evil. Oh, and Nox. I'd love to do Nox.

But really, there's no way it's ever going to happen, so just give up now.

So what, you're some kind of fence who deals in stolen international translations of children's shows?

You're like a mildly evil Mr. Rogers.

>You're like a mildly evil Mr. Rogers.
...People often use the phrase, 'you have made my day'. I'm afraid this is far from the truth in this case; in fact, it is no fewer than six orders of magnitude below the truth. You, good sir, have made my life.

Any progress on 12?

Yes. I had to go out of town for the weekend. Now I'm back and back to work. Hopefully tomorrow.

File: 125544760374.png-(282.87KB, 640x480, 20090327_ep_12_001_13062.png)

I have to say I am proud to have subtitled this episode. It was a difficult episode to subtitle, as it contained so much epic and win that it barely fit into one show. I truly hope you enjoy watching it because I had a fucking blast subtitling it. I can't wait to get to episode 13 and catch up with Ankama and begin Season Two.

And then I was too lazy to hunt down the actual episode. Mind posting a link here? Also for purposes of cross-posting to /tg/ and /co/.


I just found it on the wiki someone posted a while back.

Damnit, why can't cool shows like this come out of Germany? At least then I could put my German fluency to some use!

That was really quick! Thank you greatly, I'm eager to see episode 13, too!

SPEAKING OF EPISODE 13: Here's the script.

Also, translator would like a hard-encode, as I'm sure many of the people here would. So ryukengouki, if you feel like it, I know at least one person who would appreciate a hardsub for 12.

Cool. Grabbing the transcript for episode 13. I'll try to have it out before the weekend but it might be as late as Monday.

Friend of mine found a couple of mistakes in Episode 12 so I'll upload a fixed version here soon. I made the mistake of not doing the whole episode in one sitting.

Also working on having a centralized server/site for the translation project. Friend of mine has the server space and it'll work out better than having it all on megaupload.

Perhaps you guys could coordinate over Google Wave? I'd be more than willing to donate a couple invites to people working on this... once I get invites to share, at least.

Isn't GoogleWave basically Skype, but on an invite-only basis?

Also doesn't have an FTP for episodes and subs to be hosted from.


Here's the hardsub for ep 12 (with checksum). I did manage to fix a couple of things in the subs. Enjoy.

Good to see things are going along a bit more smoothly. paranoia if you ever need any help with sub timming or just need a break let me know. I may not know how to color the text yet but I can time half way decently.

>Hi, I seen some errors in my translation text. Here they are:

>(???) - Where Ombrage the Scary and Rubilax the Mighty has failed me, Grufon, lesser Shushu and seducer by the way, I defeated this band of ridiculous adventurers!

>(???) - Where Ombrage the Scary and Rubilax the Mighty have failed, I, Grufon, lesser Shushu and seducer, I defeated this band of ridiculous adventurers!

>(Grufon) - Lemme think: I could drop you all not to the sea, let you die by hunger... I already know for Sadlygrove: he'll eat the full box of strawberries.

>(Grufon) - Lemme think: I could drop you all into the sea, let you die by hunger... I already know for Sadlygrove: he'll eat the full box of strawberries.

Working on episode 13 myself since I don't have anything special on my scheme tomorrow.

File: 125565655366.jpg-(51.23KB, 700x390, 10.jpg)

File: 125565710093.jpg-(12.68KB, 428x350, 1250422694932.jpg)

There, done!
It took a while but it was worth it.

Here's the sub for episode 13:

What's the link to the video itself?


It's... hard to explain. It can be a chat program, sure. It can also replace email. It can also handle collaborative document creation. It can also serve as a virtual tabletop for games like D&D. It can be a trip planner. There are schools using it for students to share notes. It's the sort of thing that's clearly useful but is so different that everybody's still fumbling around in the dark trying to figure out how to use it best.

A few typos on ep. 13, but that doesn't make me any less grateful.

I have corrected a lot faults in the previous file. So I highly recommend you to download this subtitle file for episode 13 instead of the last one I posted:

Awesome! Make sure the updated version gets added to the wiki.

There's a wiki?

Sorry, that's become a general term for a place where people keep track of what they're doing.

I'm talking about this:

For some reason the subtitle file for episode 13 isn't working for me. Both subtitle and the video have the same file name (except for extension), VLC seems to be able to find the subtitle file (I can browse to it, VLC recognizes that a subtitle track is present), but no text is displayed. I've tried everything from reinstalling VLC to manually pointing it at a font to use, and nothing seems to work.

Unless I have a breakthrough it looks like I'm gonna have to wait for the hardsub on 13.

I have the same problem with VLC, so I've been using Media Player Classic (google it) to run softsubs, and it works fine.

It seams that VLC has some problems with the subtitle style information that exist inside the .ass file.
I've uploaded a .srt file instead, I hope that work!

I've been using Core Media Player for the last couple episodes.

I just spliced in the end bits from the header. They're all just text files, so copy and paste the stuff below the width and height info from episode 12 into the episode 13 file.

VLC is a terrible player, and you deserve every fucking problem you get if you choose to use it.

Steps to get the subs working:
- rename subs so it has the same filename as the video file
- open video file with Media Player Classic Homecinema

The subs will be autoloaded, and displayed with zero errors that way.

I just wanted to say thanks for all the subs so far.
You guys are doing a real service to the community.


Were you attacked by VLC as a child? It's okay. You can tell us. We're all friends here.

Success! Thank you, kind sir!

Dude, harsh less. If it's what they've been told of, and it's worked so far, there's no reason to treat them like some kind of criminal.

I found the problem in the .ass file!
Since I only used one type of text, the default Arial. VisualSubSync (the program I use) didn't specify it. Smart as MPC is, it knew that if there is no style specification, the style is by default Arial.
VLC didn't know this and tried to show a style that was not specified and by so, the text didn't appear.

I now know that in order to make it work for VLC, I will have to add this line of code between "Format: Name, Font..." and "[Events]" inside the file:
Style: Default,Arial,20,&H00FFFFFF,&H000000FF,&H00000000,&H00000000,0,0,0,0,100,100,0,0,1,2,2,2,10,10,10,1

I will remember that for the next time.

Since no one else wanted to do it, I have now uploaded a hardsub version of episode 13.
You can find it on the wiki:
Oh, and I have once again fixed a few typos.

Bless you

File: 125592754947.gif-(3.46KB, 96x120, Doomguy hell yes.gif)

I only see raws and sub files.


Then you are clearly blind.


Late to the party, but here is the hardsub for episode 13 with checksum. I made some additional fixes to the latest subs. Enjoy.

Thanks! You are awesome!

Hey dude! It's called dice not dices. Unless you're talking about the dices' dots or something :P

Great! I have looked it through now and it is much easier to see my own errors now that someone else have fixed them XD. Just one thing;
Why the big file size? I mean since the raw wasn't so big.

Hardsub means he has to transcode the video, transcoding means you need twice the size to pack half the quality.

I really don't mind the size. I have enough HDD space to download whatever I need, but my compy is to slow to multitask and throw subs on it.

So... are we caught up with the episodes released thus far?

From threads I've seen, we're 2 episodes behind. Doing pretty well keeping up, I reckon.

A computer too slow to render subtitles would already have bigger problems decoding the video to begin with. (and that kind of processing power would put your computer in the pentium 2 class)

fuck yeah

Translator is a bit busy right now; he'll get to work on 14 come Wednesday.

The past few days have earned that translator a break.

It's just as well. I now have Fallout 3, so I have some gamin' to do.

...When he said 'I'll work on it Wednesday', I wasn't expecting to get an e-mail at 8 am (GMT-8). What is that for France?

France is gmt+1 iirc, so basically add 9 to your local time.

File: 125618845035.jpg-(86.30KB, 694x474, Click click.jpg)
Gay request for a faggot:

Could some kind fellow with the necessary knowledge put all the episodes into a torrent?

Downloading them all one at a time is remarkably tedious...

Yar and avast ye fellow Pirate. This show be worth the effort.

The problem is, new episodes are constantly appearing and by that, the torrents are quickly outdated. The torrent that contains episode 1 to 13 would probably die tomorrow due to episode 14 being WIP. That's the reason for me not creating and seeding a torrent.
But since you asked us so gently in a nice "No Homo" theme. I could probably gather the hardsubs I have and create torrent.

ps: I'm currently working on episode 14, will probably be done in five hours. I will give it a little more time for correction this time ;).

Oh, and btw Deafdefiler. It's great that someone translates the episodes but urgh, It's horrible, horrible, horrible English. I think I'm gonna release two version of the sub just to let people see.

Here you are, the edited version of the sub. I accidentally overwrote the unedited version so if you wanna look at that you gotta download Deafdefiler .rtf file.

Here's a torrent file for episodes 1 - 13:
I'm gonna seed this for as long as I can.

Yes it is. What's the problem?


Here's the hardsub for ep 14 (with checksum). I fixed some minor things in the subs. Enjoy.

Bloody awesome. Downloading now.

Yes, his English is terrible. He's mostly just doing it as practice, which is why I've been recommending from the beginning that you subbers edit heavily (and you have, thankfully).

Lucky monkey getting the delicious brown girl...

I got to see Evangelyne tied to a pole, so I'm happy.

Kinda wish her clothes had followed the laws of physics a bit more closely when she was hung upside down, but I suppose not even the French can get away with that. At least Grovy and Ruel got to do some badass teamwork-fighting.

File: 12562935568.jpg-(100.09KB, 576x800, Sadida.jpg)

File: 125629431756.jpg-(19.65KB, 456x337, 1232080788802.jpg)
Hey, you're good people.


True, that was quite badass. It's the sort of thing I want to see one of these co-op beat 'em up games that seem to be trickling out to enable. I mean, a Dynasty Warriors game where one player can hold onto a polearm being used by another player and pull some spectacular moves would probably get me to actually buy into the franchise.

Thanks for revitalizing my interest in this series, fansubbers! 8)

Media Player Classic works just fine...

If you read my post here: >>18639 you can see that I found the problem and the solution for .ass subs in VLC (at least it worked on my two computers). Are you still experiencing problems? Or have you just not tried to use the sub?


That bit was extremely impressive, animation-wise. It seemed like they let the Flash-tweening go hang for a thirty second break and went all-out on a 20fps co-op battle binge. I can understand why they don't animate the rest of the series like that, considering the effort it must have taken. Mind you, a lot of the economics surrounding this series seem weird and perplexing, but then that's Gallic contrarianism for you...

Also may I just point out, in case it needed saying, how unreservedly awesome this thread has been as of late? I was afraid this had turned into a dead project, and then all of a sudden there's this explosion of coolness that I can't thank everyone enough for.

Once we reach 15, that should be us up to date. Should we be looking towards the Mini-Wakfus, or would that just be taking the piss?

So Amalia left the party? Then why is Eva staying? Not that I'm complaining about it mind you.

Amalia didn't leave, she's still on the boat at the end. Look in the background when Grovy's all 'That's just a legend'.

They've always done an amazing job with the flash animation. Not once have they submitted to the lure of 'it's easier'; everything has been down-right beautiful, and they only re-use character models when it's appropriate. The way they were able to make that scene so much more fluid (and it's always been fluid; go re-watch Nox's fight with Grougaloragran) was by making it almost exclusively 2D. The other fights in the series have been more jerky, but also used much more fluid camera motion.

I am so happy we're up to ep 14

The only problem is that once ep 15 is subbed.... when is Ankama planning to do 16!? 15 ends on such a horrible cliffhanger, we're all going to go mad...!

Good Job, guys.

I just uploaded new raw on the wiki :
- The .flv of ep 14 and 15 (-> /!\ must have better quality than the transcode video in .avi or .wmw)
- The Mini Wakfu 1 to 5
- The re-airing of episode 6 ( better quality too)

What I will upload soon :
-re-airing of episode 4,5,7,9
-Mini Wakfu 6 ? (or I wait until having the 7 to 10)
- flv of ep 2 (because it’s no longer present on the official website :/)

What I do not have and can’t upload : (so if you have them, please put them on megaupload)
- Re-airing 1 to 3 (didin’t notice in time quality in re-airing was improved)
- Re-airing 8 (didn’t notice in time mine was uncomplete T_T )
- Mini Wakfu 7 and 8

« The only problem is that once ep 15 is subbed....when is Ankama planning to do 16!? »
The 9th episode was released yesterday. So if we are lucky, 16 should be released in 6 weeks. Until then, we still can improve the hardsub/softsub 1 to 15 =)

Quick update; My friend is going to work on the script for 15 on Monday.

Holy hell. For a few moments there I thought Amalia was going to stay on the island.

File: 125644629153.jpg-(105.77KB, 554x439, 1253619122847.jpg)
Haha, oh wow.

Downloaded roughly half of the torrent, then, SUDDENLY, leeches everywhere!

Well, I asked for it...

Will seed as much as I can, with what I have.

What's this? Several episodes subbed in a month? awesome

Well, it's good to know people are interested.

To everyone who is contributing or has contributed to the subbing of this show:

Ur awesome. Carry on.

Wakfu subbed... Am I dreaming? Really looking forward!
And ya know that fic that Le Fuck posted many posts up there? I would like to see it but... I dont know where I can find it. can someone tell me?

I just want to say that I love you guys.
My faith in humanity is officially restored.

14 help My SadlyEve ship

(don't kill me i just can't help loving those two)

Once upon a Time, Space. Ulyssees 31, Spartakus and the Sun beneath the sea...

Hello guys! Thanks for the great work!

I liked this TV series so much, that I`ve decided to subtitle it in russian (some series translated from English, some from French).
Below is the link for 14 russian subbed episodes - maybe someone will find it useful. Enjoy!

Episode 15 translated script:

Once you guys finish with this, we'll be all caught up.

File: 125660779917.jpg-(100.01KB, 640x480, Wakfu - S1E13.avi_000396920.jpg)
Holy Balls.

This show needs more Nox.

everything needs more Nox.

File: 125664531940.jpg-(51.51KB, 700x526, totally gonna do it.jpg)
awww yeah

File: 12567642256.jpg-(49.71KB, 400x174, 1000_internets.jpg)
Another fatguys here, just want you to know how much we appreciate you guys.

Can anyone post all episodes subbed since im too lazy to search them? :P



Ep. 14 has even more sexuality in it that the others. I am not disapoint.

Problem : I can no longer download the video of mini-wakfu on ankama website with downloadhelper.
If you have an idea how to proceed now to get them, it would be great :

Anybody working on this? Don't say if you're planning to, because that could discourage people who would otherwise do it.

I was, but then someone else kinda jumped in and subbed the episodes I was looking forward to. I'm going to come off sounding like a whiny dick no matter what I say so I might as well say it. I made a little bit of a sacrifice doing the episodes I did and was going to just be the subber from now on. Kinda irritated me that someone jumped in, then abandoned the project. If he had stayed, would have freed up my time considerably. If the project stays abandoned when Ankama starts with season two I'll pick it back up.

Well that's a... Fuck. Is there anything we could do to convince you to do 15? Because Zograf didn't do nearly as well with the editing.

It's up to you, of course, but it looks like he's not coming back, so you're kind of our only hope.

Help me paranoia savedthecat... you're my only hope...

Dude, you disappeared for more than two weeks. Of course somebody else was going to do it. Now that he's disappeared, and you're back but not doing it, what's going to happen now?

Now we wait for 5 months for someone to sub episode 15.

Hope a second wind comes by :<

Wait..wait. I thought this >>18825 was the translated script of episode 15 and it just needed to get timed or something?

It's the translated script in a text file. It needs to be (heavily) edited turned into a subtitle file for it to be any use to us.

You sir, are an idiot. I posted episode 12 softsubs on the thirteenth of October. I grabbed episode 13's transcript on the fourteenth of October. Zograf posted episode 13 on the fifteenth of October.

That's two days, not two weeks. When I went to post up episode 13 I found someone had already done it. The delay between episode 11 and 12 was because _there wasn't a translation available yet_.

Forgive me if a two day turnaround was too long. Between looking for work, finding a place to live and being with my family since my father broke the news that he's positive for malignant carcinogens in his lymphatic system... I've been a bit busy.

If he had kept with the project that would have been cool. The torch gets passed, someone else gets their fifteen minutes of fame, et al etc. He didn't.

So fine. I've been working on this project since the first days of June. Yeah, I'll get back to work since you all seem so goddamned eager to see me. At least Zograf did something useful you little prick. Sit and complain while other people do all the work. Fuck you sir, fuck you.

Episode 15 will be done by the end of the week. Then I'll start in on the mini-wakfu episodes.


Don't mind the haters, man. You do good work, and I'm glad that the episodes are getting done.

I wasn't hating! The two weeks was because when you discovered somebody else had done it, you never said anything. There's a two week gap between your last post before he did it, and your first post after that. If you had said something, maybe he wouldn't have stolen your thunder for the next (and as others have said, he's really not as good with the editing as you are).

I wasn't trying to be insulting, I just have no way of knowing that you actually came back before your next post...

File: 125725509360.jpg-(40.36KB, 400x323, Arguecat.jpg)
Awful lot of drama going on for a subbing thread...


So it was all a simple misunderstanding and we all kiss and make up. Please?

Blah blah blah.

Drama is a waste of time and energy you could put into subbing or some other productive endeavour instead. Who subs or doesn't sub each of the episodes doesn't matter, what matters is that in the end, the subs are done and the audience of the show may expand. If you can sub it, sub it. If you don't have time anymore, drop it. If somebody else is subbing simultaneously, continue, and accept your sub and their sub may be butchered and re-stitched together, only in the name of creating a better sub. Because that's what actually matters. Your own person only interests you in the context of subs, and that's how it should be.

Good subs should be done from the heart, not for your e-penis.

You say it, preacher-man!

To everyone involved in subbing this series: thank you. Your efforts are appreciated. ParanoiaSavedTheCat, you've done a lot in this project. More than most. I hope that the ill will being expressed doesn't further sour you on this project, as without you this project would most likely die where it stands and I don't think that's an optimum outcome for anyone in this thread. Just know that your efforts ARE appreciated.

File: 12574306845.jpg-(49.43KB, 400x360, 1239395839248.jpg)
drama is to be taken elsewere Oui?

File: 125745629758.png-(191.50KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-62708.png)

I disagree mon ami, if anywhere there is to be drama it should be here in this thread, no? Where else can differences be solved?

It isn't like they can go back and correct them before they happen, afterall...


Hey bros. Long time lurker here. Been keeping tabs on this project since the beggining. Just wanna thank everyone that has been apart of it, no matter how small thier contribution is.
Seriously love the show. One of the best cartoons I've seen in a while.

File: 12576276975.png-(188.42KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-65194.png)

I do believe I was being obscure enough to not reveal anything you might deem a 'spoiler'. Infact, I would propose that your annonce in all caps did more to spoil the show than my own comments.

Vous balourd.

If you have a character who can control time (to an extent) talk wistfully about 'going back and changing mistakes', it's pretty fucking obvious that you're giving away his main motivation.

File: 12576485049.png-(188.95KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-63635.png)

To someone who already knows what the plot is, certainement...which I'm sure is nearly everyone on this thread to begin with.

You seem to be causing an undue amount of remue-ménage with your posturing, mon ami. Is it just something about this thread that brings up such hostilité?

Comment très terrible.

File: 125764915913.jpg-(108.28KB, 720x1008, eva-and-amalia.jpg)
Like so many others, I would also like to express my gratitude to every one involved in subbing this. Great work and much appreciated.

Not much to offer as thanks except my humble drawfaggotry. It isn't exactly graphic but just in case I'll tag it NSFW.

> Is it just something about this thread that brings up such hostilité?

Actually, yeah. Just letting off some pent-up rage at the sudden halt in subbing is all. Sorry you had to be the target.

actually, no, you were the bigger spoiler. Not everyone is a csi digging through the lines' deeper meaning, and in fact going AHA you do more harm than good. I'l quit whining now, but so should you

Bloody frogs.


FUCK YES I loves me some femslash. BIEN FAIT, DR. DERP, BIEN FAIT.


Here is a speed sub of 15 I did to hold you over until Paranoia gets done with the good stuff. I had started it with the hopes half way through he would release his like usual. Once we get Mini Wakfu started we should start a new thread. We should also work a bit on communication out side of the threads before the second half starts so we don't get another incident.

Also Paranoia if you still did subs for the last two episodes please release them so people making folders or discs of the episodes have the higher quality subs.

I guess 'middleman' doesn't really count as a job description, huh?

Kind of funny you bring that up. I sat there for a bit trying to think of what to put you as. I couldn't think of anything so just added the sorry if I forgot anyone. Probably should of just went with special thanks to and added you and a few more. It is just a speed sub though. If Paranoia wants to do a similar credit at the end we can make sure we get everyone.

I love this friggin' show. It's AWWWEESOME!

Thanks for considering it, but I really don't mind.

Maybe I should start editing the scripts before sending them on to you guys... Well, anyway, a couple weeks 'til it starts mattering again, so I'll see you all then.


Here's the hardsub for ep 15 (with checksum). I also fixed some minor things in the subs. Enjoy.


>should of


Thanks Ben. I have them done and I'll upload them here soon. I've been kinda busy with my family issues. A lot of waiting in hospitals tensely hoping that my father's test results turn out well. So far its been inconclusive. Esophageal cancer has almost been ruled out but they're still working on his neck biopsy. As to everyone else, yeah. Sorry I flipped out. Lotta bad stuff been happening here recently and the cancer thing was kinda the last straw.

I did get some server space reserved for the Wakfu episodes. Mhaddy over at said I could use his FTP so we aren't relying on MegaUpload anymore. I'll get all the episodes together and re-up them to tJY so we have a more permanent home for them.

Awesome episode!

Yes, yes it is.

Thanks for all the hard work and take all the time you need. Hope everything goes well with family business.

Thar's a second season?! :D

Does anyone know if there's an OST out for this yet? Or if there ever will be?

Actually, it does, and there's a very good and amusing (and sadly cancelled) television series about it.


Anyone else getting getting staticy sound from this? I am using CCCP and can't figure out what is causing it. The only thing I have found is in the Buffer Info, the Dur keeps fluctuating between 34 and 46 ms. Anything else I watch is at a steady 32 ms.


I copied the audio from the raw (no reencoding), so the static might have already been in the original. I will doublecheck it though.

Third part of gobball match WAS AWESOME!
In the other hand, many thanks for all translating Anon. You're doing it good!


Lovely, I tested out one of the episodes where it worked fine but, now this issue is happening with them. The only difference is that I DL CCCP again to update everything.

I guess now I have to keep playing around with the settings to figure out which one will fix this issue. Sorry for the alarm.

Thanks for the update. Hopefully, you can fix the problem quickly.

Thanks! This was a stunning episode with some really amazing fight scenes. I can see they're getting better and better with their animation.

File: 125819683159.jpg-(56.59KB, 700x390, epi1_4.jpg)
Which has to make you wonder...
How much has Ankama done on the series since the last episode was first aired? It's been what, almost a year now?

...I'm giddy to see what they have in store for us

so is there an episode 16? or issit rly cancelled :(

>or issit rly cancelled :(

No one's ever contemplated that it's been cancelled, so I don't know where you're getting this "issit rly" from.

The website is still updating and the game is still being released (or has been released, I've no idea). Ankama's just rerunning the episodes in higher quality, accompanied by "Mini Wakfus". They're up to Episode 14 of these reruns, with Episode 15 rerunning next week. See:

It hasn't been a YEAR, that's just ennui and entropy playing tricks on our minds. The last episodes (14 and 15) were broadcast on June 20th, and Episode 15 ended on a cliffhanger. Judging by the amount of time they're taking, Ankama's probably going to release the second season in January, or premiere it as a Christmas special or something. Regardless, it's definitely coming and it's definitely going to be gorgeous.

>the game is still being released (or has been released, I've no idea)

The game is in open beta. You can sign up for it on the french website. Some of it is translated in english, but very little.

« How much has Ankama done on the series since the last episode was first aired? It's been what, almost a year now? »
The last episode was first aired on June 2009, I let you do the count.
No announcement about the 16th episode. We will just see in two weeks if the episode will be broadcast or not.
appart from that : transcription of mini wakfu up to 7 done.
I also have raw of mini wakfu 6,8,13 (webcast) + 7,9,10+11+12 ( personnal home TV-recording).
Do I have to upload them on megaupload or... ?

>No announcement about the 16th episode.

My translating friend, who lives in France, said on Nov. 10:
>PS: Three weeks remaining and Episode 16 will be released on french TV !

Also, for a bit o' trivia, the network that's airing it has a poll going for 'favorite show'. The top three are: Code Lyoko (18%), Wakfu (17%), and Naruto (13%).

Great. Now I feel the same visceral need for Episode 16 as I did for 11 and 12.

I hate cliffhangers...

Sorry but I haven’t found any trace of official announcement about the airing of the 16th.
Forecasting concerning a release on 28 of November are just suppositions coming from the forum of wakfu. (even though I wish they were true)
The only thing we know about épisode 16 is the title :

Finnaly telling us what the hell Noxs cube is huh

Not really, no. It's just a thing he's pumping Wakfu into, and they've been pretty vague as to why.

I bet that he wants to reverse some tragedy that claimed teh wife and kiddies.

The Eliacube (lol) is now obviously some super-powerful Eliatrope artifact that somehow manipulates time and space in a way that normal magic can't, or on a larger scale, but requires an enormous amount of Wakfu to power.
Nox has some horrible tragedy in his past he wants to correct by using the Eliacube, but needs the full power of the cube to do it. So he has to feed the cube the power of a dragon before he'll be able to, which means going after Groug, since he's the only dragon he knows of.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Yugo sympathizes with Nox when he learns of his plans and his plight, and the story takes a turn towards Yugo trying to find a way to help Nox that doesn't involve killing other things... possibly at his own expense.


File: 12586949606.png-(248.51KB, 640x480, 1239420104406.png)
Great Googly Gobbals...
Episode 16 looks like it's going to be FUCKING AWESOME!!!

The link works if you just click on the first third that got auto-linked. Infact, the correct link is:

Appearantly, Sadlygrove will have a moment where he goes berserk. That's probably the most epic thing I'm awaiting for - I love it when comic relief characters have a serious moment, where they just ruin everybodies shit in seconds.

Thank you to the people working on this. I love this show.

File: 125879207037.jpg-(43.98KB, 700x390, Grovybadass.jpg)
Then I'm guessing the part in episode 12 when Grovy knocked Kriss le Krass into next week before he could score the winning goal was a real FUCK YEAH moment for you too.

Favorite character of the whole show. People may laugh at him and not take him seriously, but when Sir Sadlygrove gets the chance to prove himself, he will show them his true glorious colors.

Oh yeah, that was a nice one too.

But I also liked when he was touched by the team spirit of the game, and decided to break through every defense. It was a FUCK YEAH moment.
Then they showed that he scored against his own team, and I was like AHAHA OH WOW.


Fuck syes sadly is all man when it comes down to it.

New thread for this seeing as we are over 650 posts in this one and it is slow.


File: 126054665981.png-(274.21KB, 568x410, wasdasd.png)
I guess this mean that Ep 18 is already released?

>>20266 main page says:
Wakfu Episode 18: Tomorrow!
Join The Brotherhood of Tofu with episode 18 of Wakfu tomorrow on France 3 at 9:55!

Please use the other thread.

perhaps this needs a lock

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