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Long-Term Projects

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Okay. So a little more than half a year ago I started a project, and a few months later, finished it. A fanfic based on Ducktales(And Talespin, and darkwing duck. and everything else Disney), setting it "20 years later" after the apparent death of Scrooge McDuck and the divvying up of his fortune to Huey Dewey and Louie.

Interested parties can view the finished project here: ( and can view the project thread for it here: >>12596

Which brings us to a little over half a year later, and I've got the jones again. I started thinking (dangerous, I know) about what aspect of the universe I'd created I'd most like to expand upon and tell more stories about, and all signs (helped in no small part by my resurgence of interest in superhero comics and the release of Ultraheroes by Boom Kids) pointed to the Superhero angle, starring Louie Duck who, as those who read the story know, moved to St. Canard to pursue crime fighting as THE GREEN PHANTOM.

Now, I didn't want to just write another fanfic. Too easy. But finding an artist over the 'net is a stone cold pain. so I went to the store and bought myself a cheap sketchbook and some pencils. I figure I'm at least "okay" and I wanted to practice doing a comic book for another, non-/co/ project I've been pursuing.

So that's about it. I've started drawing my own comic, although at this point it's more of a proof of concept. I don't plan to really clean up these drawings, They're terrible scans, and I'll probably stop after a while, but I wanted you guys to see what I was up to(And also maybe attract a better artist than I to help, though I ain't holding my breath.). I also think, since its a new project it deserved a new thread.

So yeah. Here you go. Pages 1 and 2 of Issue 1 of THE GREEN PHANTOM. Sorry for the lack of word balloons. I have no Photoshop at the mo with which to put them in.

The general idea of this page is a little story introduction. Mysterious person locked in a sealed chamber busts out and attacks two scientists.

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File: 126361002679.jpg-(215.88KB, 575x827, issue 1 page 2.jpg)
And Page 2. Here we see Louie at his huge metropolitan view, looking down at the city (which I have not put in yet). He has a lock and load sequence, and (Although it's hard to see) we see that the window is open and he has left through it.

That's it, sadly.

Because I am fucking INSANE I've actually planned out a surprising amount of stuff for this story. I'm up to Issue 5 in the planning stages (even though I haven't even finished issue 1) and have a few rough ideas for what the eventual outcomes might be for various plotlines. Really, doing the art is fun and all, but it's really bogging me down.

Anyway, I wouldn't expect as much proliferation as you saw from me from D:20yl, just because of a combination of my lack of a good scanner(I have to pay money to do it at a copyshop. Fuck that shit) and my slow artistic pace in general.

Just wanted to let everyone who enjoyed my first project know what I was up to, really. Also, open invitation, any artists who enjoy drawing in a disney style who wants to take over for me and want to share in the creative process are more than welcome. The Green Phantom-iverse is still in its larval stages after all. I've got a few rogues planned out (Unlike D:20yl, I want to establish a lot of original supporting cast to surround Louie with instead of digging up real Disney characters to work off of) and I certainly want to include a fair few team-ups with other Disney supers (Darkwing Duck principal among them, but Gizmoduck and Supergoof are also fore-runners) and at least one part where Louie puts on Gizmoduck armor and yells "I AM INVINCIBLE! I AM DOOM ITSELF!" But other than that, It's a fairly open universe at this point.

Stay frosty and respond however you will.

Shame no one's responded to this yet.

I look forward to it. I really enjoyed D:20yl, and I'm interested in seeing more of the universe you've created/expanded upon.

I actually kinda doubt I'll be able to continue this, at least not at the moment. I've actually fallen into some real Non-fan projects. This will have to go on hold for a while (At least my drawing of it. I'll still probably still dream about it for a while yet.)

Invitations still open if anyone want to try picking it up.

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