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Long-Term Projects

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10470 No.10470
Well, that's the gist of it.
This is a problem I've been working on for quite some time, in GM.

I haven't really settled on a plot. Or a main character name, or any of the objectives, really...
All I know is that this is going to be a 2d platforming puzzle game.
A general art style has been settled on, as seen in the screen shot, and the ones to come later.
I'll put out small tech demos as time goes on.

Suggestions are welcome.
Critique is encouraged.
Just about everything is still "In Progress", because adding new features tends to muck up previously fixed issues.

And, I'll have a pseudo demo up later today.

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File: 123482450959.png-(6.26KB, 524x440, walkan.png)
Here's another screen.

Do you have a simple list of moves that you want to include? Walk, run, jump, duck, crawl?

Yes, it's rather general though.
Right now, it's just jumping, running, walking.
I was thinking that there could be a crawling, but I was wondering how applicable it would be, in the long run. It's worth considering.

Here's a 'demo'.
There's no flashy features in there, the particle systems haven't been implemented, and there are some bugs.
If you find any, please post here. It's much appreciated.

Known Bugs (t_1)
1. Jumping towards corners will result in getting stuck
Release all arrow keys, and the player will fall. This issue is on the top of my priority list.

2. Sometimes, the player will get stuck on walls.
Same as the corner issue. This is something I've been tangling with for a while. I'm hoping that solving the corner issue will solve this as well.

Once these bugs (and any other that are reported here) are fixed, next on the list is:

-Fans(you know, spinning blades, change momentum)
-Advanced Movement
--Flips, Or Double Jumps
--More to come, suggestions welcome!
-Particle Systems
--Jumping/Landing - small dust effect
--Death effects(similar to early Megaman death sequence)
--Ambience(think fireflies)

On the horizon ...
-Movable Objects(with physics)
-Carry feature
-Interaction with NPC's(whether they be people, or objects)

And more.

Tell me what you guys think.
If you didn't catch the link, here it is again :

for that game I would just do it in flash.

Ah, shit!
Hit M for the first level to go to the test area.

My apologies.

If it'd be easier in flash, then why should I give myself that break?
It's a challenge, this way.

Learning GML has been fun, too.

how would it be easier?
You still have to make a muti-dimensional array(for the grid)..still have to add a hittesting method so you don't go through walls..still have to add in a jump function.

nothing would change.

All the music should be ragtime.

I like you.

Okay. It has come to my attention that the download link got fucked over.

THIS is the real download.
Progress is being made, albeit slow.

I love this this is awesome

Hmm, now that's better.
My only complaint so far is that either the jumping has to be slowed down, or the ceiling has to be raised for that final jump. It's very difficult to control the height of a jump, since a short tap is a full jump, and it takes what feels like a half-tap to get a jump short enough to make that last gap.

Watchmen: the Movie.

Intro story:
After hard battle day
Rorschach is asleep in his bed.
/the screen flashes epileptically/
Rorschach: What!
Pink Turtle Robot King: Hahahaha!
PTRK: I have captured your sugar
PTRK: cubes!
R: Hey!
PTRK: I propose you a challenge.
PTRK: If you defeat me in battle,
PTRK: you will get you sugar cubes bac
PTRK: k.
R: Oh you!
PTRK: Hahahaha!
/the screen flashes again, PTRK vanishes/
R: What a bad guy!
R: Hey! Look! A magical door!
/pic of a pink floating door/
R: It leads to Pink Turtle Robot Kings'
R: magical kingdom!
R: Alright!
R: Time to show you I'm the best
R: !
/Jumps in the door/
/Screen flashes again/
/end of intro/

The game depicts Rorschach's adventures in PTRK's magical kingdom, where he battles all sorts of wacky enemies, like turtles, robots, bats and samurais. He can also receive such powerups as apples, bananas, watermelons and flashing rhombi.
A true platformer masterpiece!

Yeah... The variable jumping is a real killer. I'm trying to maintain that floaty feel that you get from games like Cave Story, while still giving the player a little bit of control over where the jumps land. It'll be fixed... soon, hopefully. I'm glad you like it, though.


Control of the character is awfully loose, and way too slidey.

Also 'up' as jump always sucks unless youre making a 2D fightan gaem.



Current project, to be done by today..
Fine tuning the double jumping mechanism by changing speeds and adding an animation.
All I've been able to think of is some kind of a flip, or something... But I need something. All he does now is float up.

I fixed the corner glitch, too.
Tell me what you guys think.

controls for jumping feel tight enough to make accurate jumps, sprite reminds me of the little guy from Atari's Defender so that's a plus for me. The slide on the landing is a nice touch and while i have no problem pressing up to jump and executing double jumps, this feature should be a power up only ability or else the game would become too easy the way it's handling now. Other than that, it has the ground work to be a potentially addicting platformer, I could see myself wasting an hour on something that handles like this on my down time

Thanks for the feedback. Right now, what I've uploaded is really just the engine... You won't get the ability to double jump until much later. As well as other abilities, such as rolling, or THE DUCK WALK, or maybe even climbing. It's all kind of up in the air.

Code overhaul.
New script.
New musician.

Art direction is losing focus.

Must continue work.
Will have a more functional demo of an actual area soon.

Now with shitty placeholder graphics, and testing parallax scrolling!


I like what I see. I don't really have anything to say, everything is pretty and going well by the looks of it.

Also, download links are all fucked.

can you reupload?
all the links are dead

please please please reupload

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