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I suggest "Down in New Orleans" or some other song from the movie for the theme song as a deliberate throwback to the Aladdin TV Show.

Since Tiana and Naveen are no longer frogs at this point, do we want to change the title to something different? Or should it be established that Mama Odie gave them the ability to change into frogs at will (for times when they need to sneak into small places or communicate with other animals/bugs and whatnot)?

That's a good point, actually. Maybe we could call it "Tiana and Naveen"? or "Down in New Orleans"?


nah Title must be maintained for coherency. So I'd say keep the frog bit or make the first episode be Zombie F putting a Hex on them that turns them into frogs. Mama O is able to work it back to only affecting them under certain conditions (say acting too much like their former selves or such) but to be cured permanently they have to gather up some kinda magical voodoo mcguffins so they can put ghost/zombie/demon F back into the ground permanently and break the Hex.

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