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Okay, /coc/reators, I've got a little Super-Hero comic I've been thinking about, and I wanted your opinions.

The hero's name is Gravlad, he grew up with the ability to manipulate gravitational fields. He always worshiped super heroes and knew that he wanted to become one. As a result of this he developed into a young man with a very strong sense of justice and righteousness. Once he becomes older and actually steps into the super hero world, he starts to find out that all of his childhood heroes are mostly just hacks and sell-outs that don't really care about saving the world or day as much as they care about getting a paycheck and recognition for their heroics.

Disgruntled, Gravlad publicly speaks out against his former heroes, thus making enemies out of them, while he vows to maintain integrity and continue fighting the good fight. Various figureheads (Mayors, presidential candidates, etc.) see this as an exploitable opportunity and try to get Gravlad to promote them, he, offended by this, declines, and in doing so gives birth to a political enemy who begins to tarnish his image, and use his power to skew the public's opinion of Gravlad.

Meanwhile, another child grew up worshiping super heroes and yearning to help the world. When he discovered the ugly truth, he became jaded, and using his super power (The ability to permanently disable, or maybe manipulate, other heroes' powers) he embarks on a self righteous journey to rid the world of super heroes and super villains alike, as he believes that he is the only person who DESERVES to be a super hero.

This character is introduced as a villain, and later explained to be more of an obsessive hero, he, due to the political figure mentioned earlier, believes that Gravlad is a corrupt enemy of the world, and has set his targets to focus on Gravlad.

I've also bounced around the idea of the government regulating super powers, and so Gravlad (Because he has the potential to do so much) becomes targeted for a "power reduction" process, and maybe becomes a fugitive because of this.

I'm a mediocre drawfag, but I don't have any sketches for this yet, so pic unrelated.

What do you guys think?


sounds boring

if you think you can make it interesting but honestly I myself am a bit jaded by all the half thought out "ideas" here

I have yet to see one person with an idea like this take it past the idea phase

also what are you looking for? Draw/write fag? A pat on the back?

I'm looking for opinions. Just like the one you gave me. Granted, I was hoping for more elaborate ones, but it's better than nothing.

I can't guarantee that I won't do exactly like you said, but regardless, for now I'm working on this, and I think that's as valid enough reason to ask for outside-views on it as any.

I think it could work. make the villain's powers less of a SPIN tech thing, though. My least favorite thing in comics is seeing anybody get depowered.

sounds decent, but only half thought out.

While depowering the other heroes and villains of the world, I don't think it should be decided by one fanatic who thinks he's the only true hero. Instead give him slightly more stock powers like super strength, durability, and speed with maybe some energy projection. Or something else completely different, idk, also don't care, as it's your story. (I'm just giving constructive criticism)
To add to the background stories, this crazed "hero" could have been hired by the military, or have made a deal with various militaries and governments around the world where he's given the freedom and legal rights to take down various villains and heroes the world deems too dangerous- including Gravlad.
It seems that the [currently] unnamed "hero" has the potential to be persuaded by any side, so long as they make a convincing enough argument.

fine, fine. I think that the villian should have a low level set of his own powers. Super strength, durability, and speed, like pointed out would probably work. But make them very minor. Have him also be able to copy the powers of any hero he is near. So if he were to fight some one like the Flash he would have his powers plus those of the Flash. He could beat the Flash at his own game. It would be the most humiliating defeat of all.

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