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22883 No.22883
Is it cool if we have a bad end thread?

Concept being, we just type up terrible ends to /co/ series and stuff.

If not, then I'll just let this thread rot. But if you want I can post the bad end PB&J Otter story that got me banned from /co/ for a week.

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post it!

Also, what are we saying is a "bad end"?

Like, the standard tragedy: hero-falls-due-to-flaw, or a bad-things-happening-to-good-people, or an oh-what-where-did-this-come-from-what-are-you-doing?

It can be all three, but the one I typed up is the third, totally.

A... a th-thread about me...?

D-does that mean I'm... special? Will p-people be my friend? I... I've n-never really had friends before, this is so... i.. it's new, and... y-yeah... You don't mean me, y-you mean... bad ends in general... Oh. I guess I should have e-expected that.

...Sorry f-for ruining your thread...

Rocks fall. BAD END dies. Bad end.

PB and J you mean that show about the otters who sing and shit? How could that get you banned?

Due to human expansion the entire community of anthromorphic animals was displaced and suffered various threats such as being skinned by evil children and becoming road kill. The end.

During one of their magical learning trips, the children of Ms. Frizzle's class all die when Carlos accidentally breaks one of the windows on the bus while laughing at one of his own jokes. The Frizz manages to survive and make it home, but is put on trial and institutionalized after she refuses to tell the police anything other than the truth. After 5 years of blaming herself for the death of her class, the Frizz commits suicide by biting off her own tongue and drowning herself with her own blood. The bus itself is impounded as evidence and eventually sent away to a junk yard, until it's taken by some special effects specialists to be blown up in an action sequence in a shitty summer blockbuster movie.


I imagine Carlos just laughing normally - no arms flailing or what have you - and then suddenly headbutting the glass and/or lunging himself out the window.

iron giant: roll credits straight after superman

File: 126636026875.jpg-(94.31KB, 563x822, hercules-disney.jpg)
I thought to myself one day that Disney's Hercules would have been way more awesome if it had been based on norse mythology instead.
It could basically follow the same plot as Hercules did, but with Thor as the protagonist, working agains Loki etc. all the same light hearted family fun and such, except at the end when Loki(Hades) releases the Jottun(Titans) to attack Asgard(Olympus) instead of Thor(hercules) saving the day and having a happy ending, it would play out as Ragnarok and everyone would die. Odin would be eaten by Fenrir, most of the gods are killed by the giants, Surtur would torch the bifrost bridge, Hiemdall and Loki kill eachother, and Thor and all of Midgard would be killed by Jormungandr.
And then the movie would end on that horrible down note, leaving all the children in the audience stunned at what they just saw after the first hour and a half of happy shit.

it's more like

"Oh god, stop, Earnest!" Opal Otter cried, crashing heavily to the floor. Blood slowly spread across the normally white tiles.

"It's all your fault, fucking bitch!" The husband exclaimed. Too many shots, and he was quickly spiraling out of control. He stumbled a bit around the kitchen, no doubt losing his equilibrium, but found his way over to Opal. Slurring his words around a bit, he mentions something about Mayor Jeff shutting down the family's hardware store. Opal tries to say something, but a steel-toed boot crashes into her chest. B&J Otter watch in horror as their mother writhes along the linoleum before finally staying still.

"You fucking whore, you fucking whore," Earnest Otter howls, still driving his feet into his wife's face and ribcage, which as a result become more and more disfigured. Cerebrospinal fluid out from a dent in the female otter's head.

This continues for several more minutes until Peanut Otter speaks up.

"Dad, stop!" He explains. "Can't we just think this ou-"

Whump! A fist slams into the young mustelid's chin, slamming his mouth shut and unceremonously toppling him. Earnest is seeing red now.

"You fucking snot-nosed brat, you should have never been born!" The father is almost half-crying now, raining blows upon his son like a chinook helicopter. "Fucking know-it-all smartass. I had kept saying it wasn't a good time, we weren't ready for a child, but that fucking whore-" he nods over to Opal's convulsing body "-insisted on having you anyway."

Another boot crashes into the bridge of Peanut Otter's nose, as his sight begins to fade in and out.

Earnest then turns to his other two children.

It doesn't take long for Earnest to dispatch Baby Butter, who can only begin to crawl away before Earnest stomps in her head. Jelly Otter is the last to go, slain by a series of punches. There's brain all over his shoes, and this seems to only entertain the patriarch of the family- he bends down to pick bits and pieces of skull and sinew off of his footwear. He figured it would be time to leave soon, as all the commotion would surely draw Cap'n Crane to the scene.

How about just "Hercules" from Zeus' perspective?

His infant son is taken from him the day he's born. For reasons he's unable to understand, his son can never return: he has to watch his own child grow up ridiculed and belittled for his gifts.

Finally, a glimmer of hope: Hercules finds the truth and races to contact Zeus, who points him on the path to Godhood: The long, perilous path. Zeus spends the next few years watching his son push himself to his limits, coming close to death more than once, absolutely unable to interfere: experiencing each and every body-breaking blow his son receives.

And, at the end of this gauntlet, he's forced to tell his son that his best efforts weren't enough.

Finally, Hercules does become a true hero, and, for one brief moment, it looks like Zeus' family will be complete: only for Hercules to decide he wants to live as a mortal with a woman he barely knows.

Zeus consents, to see his son happy, but for him, its little consolation: he'll now have to watch his own son inevitably grow old and die, while he continues on, forever.

Liz is left a terrarium somewhere, no one feeds it, dies of starvation.

For breaking the strict no supers law.
The Incredibles are taken into government custody.
Dash tries to escape but his legs are amputated as he runs trough a laser tripwire surrounding his holding room.
He is seconds later executed then and there by a guard.
Violet's powers deemed to dangerous is lobotomized and put into lock down.
Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are put in constraints 24/7.
The government sees potential in Jack however.
As a baby his mind is a blank slate.
They raise Jack to be a supersoldier.
Come time they test him using two supers they have in holding.
They are however old and mostly feeble, Jack makes quick work of them.
It wasn't to show skill, so much as loyalty.

Except that the Disney Hercules' story will probably end the same as the myth's in that Hercules will become a full god when he dies.

Then he lives an eternity without Meg.

the two old supers are his parents.

didn't want to be so blunt about it even if it is obvious.

And Herc has to coexist with his new or old half siblings that have started to come about after his inital loss. After Zeus has his god child back he moves to “interfering” in the affairs of certain mortals again. There was a reason why he could only answer Herc at certain times.

File: 126662024428.jpg-(292.51KB, 1303x807, edd ed and eddy explained.jpg)

....that's dark.

indeed. Brilliant, but immensely saddening.

File: 126665348564.png-(432.60KB, 720x576, OH GOD WHY!.png)

That killed me a little inside.

Rolf does have cattle.
Also then what does that mean about Eddy's brother?

But no male cows. But that part is negligible.

Eddy's brother is the evil spirit that holds the realm together. Feeding off of the greatest sins of the children (The strongest of which being Eddy's avarice) he took the form of Eddy's brother and implemented himself into the children's memories. As he grew in power, the size of the realm grew. Eventually he ended the eternal summer and created the school in which he could control the children with the help of shades and memories of people that weren't even there. When eddys brother was defeated and comfronted by the sisters, the entire reality of the cul-de-sac dissolved shortly after. The end of the movie was the end of the series.

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