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23963 No.23963
'Official' Zubatman thread.
Be it fan art or the game mod that Suezo is supposedly working on.

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oh god i rofled

hahaha too much

File: 12693158869.jpg-(25.81KB, 292x171, 1269140376994.jpg)
Here's some of the gym and elite 4 stuff that was posted:

1.) Clayface (Ground type)
[Gives TM 28 Dig and ABILITY]
[[Puzzle: Series of sand falls until the player gets to the lowest level]]

-Baltoy Lv. 10
Rapid Spin, Mud-Slap, Harden
-Sandslash Lv. 15
Swift, Posion Sting, Sand-Attack, Dig

Pre-Battle Line: I've trained all my life with GROUND Pokemon so much so that I became one with the earth. You still think you can beat me?
Mid-Battle Line (while winning): HA! That all you got?
Mid-Battle Line (while losing): No... Not like this.
Post-Battle Line: Humf... guess I gotta go back to the Asylum don't I... Shame [turns into player] I was just getting used to the outside world.
After Battle Defeat: "With Dig your pokemon can get underground and attack the next turn. You can even use it to escape caves!"

2.) Killer Croc (Water type)
[Gives TM 03 Water Pulse and ABILITY]
[[Puzzle: Straight walk down a tube. Gauntlet of trainers.]]

-Totodial Lv. 13
Scratch, Water Gun, Leer, Rage
-Totodial Lv. 13
Scratch, Leer, Rage, Bite
-Gyarados Lv. 18
Water Pulse, Thrash, Flail, Splash

Pre-Battle Line: It's been a long time since fresh meat came wondering down this way. Hope yer ready!
Mid-Battle Line (while winning): I can't wait to hear that snapping sound.
Mid-Battle Line (while losing): I should have specialized in ROCK Pokemon!
Post-Battle Line: No matter how many times you beat me down... you'll slip up and then it's feeden' time!
After Battle Defeat: "Water Pulse sends a beam to the defending Pokemon that may confuse it. It's handy if you need to buy some time."

3.) Poison Ivy (Grass type)
[Gives TM 09 Bullet Seed]
[[Puzzle: Hedge Maze, you'll need to use cut]]

-Roselia Lv. 16
Mega drain, Leech Seed, Stun Spore, Growth
-Vileplume Lv. 21
Posion Powder, Acid, Bullet Seed, Absorb

Pre-Battle Line: My Babies, what have you done to my babies?! You cut them all down!
Mid-Battle Line (while winning): Humans are so inferior...
Mid-Battle Line (while losing): Sure we can't just cuddle?
Post-Battle Line: I'll get you for this NAME. You'll pay for hurting my deries!
After Battle Defeat: "Teach it to a grass pokemon and lay down a barrage mother nature would be proud of."

4.) Scarecrow (Dark type)
[Gives TM 63 Embargo and ABILITY]
"Your opponent can't use held items with this attack, scary huh?"
-Murkrow Lv. 18
Wing Attack, Pursuit, Haze Thunder Wave
-Murkrow Lv. 20
Wing Attack, Pursuit, Haze, Thunder Wave
-Honchkrow Lv. 24
Wing Attack, Pursuit, Taunt, Embargo
-Spiritomb Lv. 20
Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Sneak, Curse

5.) Riddler (Psychic type)
[Gives TM 92 Trick Room and ABILITY]
"TM 92 contains Trick Room, it lets the slower Pokemon attack first for a bit. Give it a try and your opponents will be trying for hours to solve THAT riddle!"
-Kadabra, Lv. 22
Miracle Eye, Kenisis, Disable, Confusion
-Mr. Mime Lv. 24
Light Screen, Reflect, Mimic, Copycat
-Jynx Lv. 24
Powder Snow, Lick, Lovely Kiss, Double Slap
-Exeggutor Lv. 27
Stomp, Egg Bomb, Trick Room, Hypnosis

6.) Catwoman (Normal type)
[Gives TM 45 Attract and ABILITY]
"With TM 45 your pokemon can use their charms to take advantage of Pokemon of the opposite gender. Use with discretion."
-Persian Lv. 34
Pay Day, Punishment, Charm, Taunt
-Persian Lv. 36
Day Day, Screech, Power Gem, Fake Out
-Delcatty Lv. 41
Attract, Covet, Heal Bell, Faint Attack

7.) Mr. Freeze (Ice type)
[Gives TM 07 Hail and ABILITY]
"Please... use this... make it snow. For her."
-Dewgong Lv. 40
Aqua Ring, Ice Shard, Rest, Brine
-Delibird Lv. 38
Present, Hail, Ice Ball
-Lapras Lv. 44
Hail, Perish Song, Sing, Ice Beam
-Cloyster Lv. 41
Iron Defense, Icicle Spear, Protect, Whirlpool
-Glaceon Lv. 41
Hail, Icy Wind, Bite, Quick Attack

8.) Ra's (mixed type)
[Gives TM 06 and ABILITY]
"That's TOXIC name. It poisons the attacker widdling it down over time while you set up the winning stroke. It should be just up your... ally."
-Nidoking Lv. 46
Earth Power, Poison Jab, Toxic Spikes, Sucker Punch
-Crobat Lv. 44
Confuse Ray, Brave Bird, Whirl Wind, Poison Fang
-Dusclops Lv. 44
Ominous Wind, Memento, Grudge, Destiny Bond
-Garchomp Lv. 46
Crunch, Dragon Claw, Iron Head, Toxic
-Primeape Lv. 45
Cross Chop, Swagger, Beat Up, Close Combat

Elite 4

1.) Two-face (Fire)
-Arcanine Lv. 50
Heat Wave, Fire Blitz, Crunch, Sunny Day
-Houndoom Lv. 51
Flame Thrower, Payback, Thunder Fang, Will-o-Wisp
-Flareon Lv. 53
Fire Fang, Fire Spin, Yawn, Smog
-Flareon Lv. 53
Fire Fang, Rest, Sleep Talk, Iron Tail
-Magmortar, Lv. 55
Sunny Day, Lava Plume, Fire Blitz, Confuse Ray

2.) Penguin (Flying)
-Staraptor Lv. 52
Agility, Brave Bird, Pursuit, Whirlwind
-Pelipper Lv. 53
Stockpile, Swallow, Thief, Payback
-Empoleon Lv. 57
Drill Peck, Aquajet, Swords Dance, Steel Wing
-Altaria Lv. 53
Dragon Breath, Giga Impact, Roost, Aerial Ace
-Xatu Lv. 55
Psychic, Psycho Shift, Confuse Ray, Sky Attack

3.) Killermoth (Bug type)
-Venomoth Lv. 54
Toxic Spikes,Psychic, Signal Beam, Sleep Powder
-Venomoth Lv 54
Stun Spore, Giga Drain, Psybeam, Swagger
-Dustox Lv. 57
Signal Beam, Toxic, Attract, Light Screen
-Shedinja Lv. 56
Grudge, Shadow Ball, Dig, Night Slash
-Mothim Lv. 58
Air Slash, Bug Buzz, Skill Swap, Substitute

4.) Bane (Fighting type)
-Machamp Lv. 55
Thunderpunch, Giga Impact, Substitute, Knock Off
-Machamp Lv. 60
Swords Dance, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, Stone Edge
-Breloom Lv. 57
Sky Upercut, Brick Break, Iron Tail, Sludge Bomb
-Poliwrath Lv. 57
Mind Reader, Dynamic Punch, Ice Beam, Psychic
-Blaziken Lv. 55
Rockslide, Solar Beam, Shadow Claw, Blaze Kick

5.) Joker and Harley double fight (Dark type)
-Shiftry Lv. 58
Extrasensory, Grass Knot, Dark Pulse, Explosion
-Gengar Lv. 60
Sucker Punch, Destiny Bond, Explosion, Shadow Ball
-Absol Lv. 60
Psycho Cut, Parish Song, Zen Headbutt, Magic Coat
-Tyranitar Lv 67
Earthquake, Crunch, Assurance, Outrage
-Banette Lv. 64
Pain Split, Confuse Ray, Shock wave, Shadow Claw
-Drapion Lv. 65
Toxic, Ice Fang, Cross Poison, Aqua Tail

7) Owlman rival fight (mixed)
-Abomasnow Lv. 71
Ingrain, Magical Leaf, Ice Shard, Grasswhistle
-Noctowl Lv. 76
Heat Wave, Ominous Wind, Aerial Ace, Mirror Move
-Magnezone Lv. 74
Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Signal Beam, Tri Attack
-Flygon Lv. 75
Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Crunch, Steel Wing
-Sharpedo Lv. 74
Night Slash, Poison Jab, Surf, Ancientpower
-Metagross Lv. 72
Bullet Punch, Brick Break, Zen Headbutt, Icy Wind

25x Grass Energy
2x Professor Oak's Visit
2x Potion
1x Miasma Valley
3x Energy Search
2x Bebe's Search

3x Vespiquen (Stormfront 31)
1x Vespiquen 4 (Rising Rivals 25)
4x Combee (Platinum 71)

4x Weedle (Great Encounters 93)
4x Kakuna (Rising Rivals 66)
2x Beedrill (Rising Rivals 15)
2x Beedrill (Great Encounters 13)

4x Tangela (Arceus 77)
1x Tangrowth (Stormfront 29)

File: 12693993312.png-(17.79KB, 421x486, zubatman.png)
I think Kosh drew this.
I dunno, I saved it a long time ago.

>Scarecrow and Riddler not in Elite Four
>Joker not rival/elite four champion
>7 people in elite FOUR, wtf?

Two-Face should have two different types of Pokemon (like Fire & Water) or dual-typed Pokemon that know two moves from each of their respective types. Like a Ludicolo with Surf, Rain Dance, Giga Drain and Razor Leaf, cause, you know, the whole duality being Two-Face's entire modus operandi. Also, he should be a double-battle person. Even though the games don't have one person double-battles, the anime does, and it fits Two-face better. Ideally, the two Pokemon he uses at the same time should be stark contrasts- like an Electric/Flying or Fire/Ground alongside a Water/Grass.

And I don't know what's up with having multiples versions of the same Pokemon. It's retarded, and after the 4th Koffing, I just want to battle a frickin Wheezing (Koga, I'm talking about your gym). With over 600 Pokemon at our disposal, change it up a bit.

Also, why doesn't Scarecrow have a Cacturne, a Pokemon based off a scarecrow? Or even a Gengar, a Pokemon KNOWN for scaring people? I do like the Honchkrow and Murkrow, but not Spiritomb, a Pokemon that, well, sucks and has nothing to do with anything Scarecrow does.
Killer Croc should have a Feraligatr as his final and toughest Pokemon. In fact, that should be his ONLY Pokemon.
Clayface, while sensible that he should have ground types, would be more fitting with a Ditto, what with the whole being able to turn into anyone/anything and all. Ditto should be his strongest/final, and maybe throw in a couple ground types.
Riddler's line-up I don't agree with. At all. It's nothing like him at all. Where's the Question Mark Unown? While psychic fits him in theory, in practice, there just aren't that many psychic types I could see him using. Maybe also an Espeon or a Grumpig? A friend pointed out that Riddler would be MUCH more interested in the legendary Golems, as you have to solve a series of riddles in order to get them.
Swap one of Catwoman's Persian's for an Umbreon (another cat-like Pokemon) and add a Sneasal. I know they aren't normal, but they work for her. On that note, swap Freeze's Delibird for an Abomasnow, who's ability makes it hail automatically.
Ra's has a great line-up, to be honest, but I also see him filling more of Koga's role, as the poison master. Ra's IS the leader of the League of ASSASSINS, after all. So, in keeping with the assassin, shadows, ninja and poisons theme, I suggest this as Ra's' new line-up: keep Nidoking and Crobat, as they are amazing Pokemon, and add in Venomoth, Seviper and Ariados.

Your Elite Four has an extra, so drop killer Moth (whoever the fuck that is). In fact, move Scarecrow and Ra's to the Elite Four, and remove Killer Moth completely. Joker is the new rival (duh). Bane gets moved to regular Gym Leader status (for several reasons, the main one being he was a one time threat and not long afterward turned to good). Also, to make up for the missing gym leader, throw in Firefly, who would use fire types, obviously, and would be quite awesome.

So now the new (and better) Elite Four is Scarecrow (still dark), Penguin (still flying, also with an all ready good line-up), Two-Face with his dual-typed Pokemon, and Ra's (with poison). After their defeated, Zubatman finally gets to Joker (and just Joker), who uses an odd assortment of Pokemon with no clear relation to anything.

And I have no idea what all that other junk is for.

>I saved it a long time ago

Yes. But why the hell would you save that.

Because it made me chuckle.
I've saved shittier and stranger things for lesser reasons.

Polite sage for being off-topic.

File: 126966628134.png-(231.81KB, 526x800, zubatman.png)
I have pretty pictures to share! Also, I love Tim's art.

File: 126966634643.jpg-(322.43KB, 580x700, 1269499420516.jpg)
I guess this one isn't really Zubatman related. Just Poke/co/.

File: 12696664143.png-(24.42KB, 663x544, dibnypokemon.png)
I also have a bunch of these.

File: 126966645933.png-(31.74KB, 663x544, wallylindawanttobattle.png)
This is such a fun idea for a fanproject. I can't wait to play Zubatman.

File: 126966650286.png-(22.83KB, 569x583, ichooseyouswinub.png)

File: 126966653251.png-(38.73KB, 909x517, shinyraikou.png)

File: 126966659258.png-(28.85KB, 762x517, guygardnerwantstobattle.png)

File: 126966666684.png-(29.87KB, 628x589, batowakandrobone.png)
And lastly, Batowak and Robone.


File: 126997175965.png-(125.98KB, 297x406, I know it\'s my destiny.png)

File: 126997556688.jpg-(167.73KB, 945x750, 1269224647620.jpg)

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