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A Batman/Bioshock thing i had in my head today.

The setup:

It's pre-war Rapture. Fontaine is dealing with Penguin for items from topside, in exchange for plasmids and eve. However, Penguin wants raw adam and the plasmid research for producting his own products. Both of which Fontaine flatly denys him.

The two come into conflict but Penguin is soon reminded that Fontaine's men will always have the better plasmids to whatever he would sell to others. Penguin is ordered by Fontaine to return to Gotham with nothing, until the next meeting.

Fighting Fontaine with his own power was deemed useless, so Penguin turns to the rogues for a team up. The scientists and freak want the research for cures or projects, whilst others want rapture's wealth.

Meanwhile at Gotham, splicing has already shown up in gang fights and it's addiction only piles the pressure. Batman gets word of Penguin's involvment and the coordinates to the lighthouse.

I think Batman should have another goal other then stopping the Penguin but i can't think of one. It certainly wouldn't have anything to do with kidnapped kids for making sisters.

Whatever happens, there needs to be a scene where Batman is cornered by bad guys. Totally surrounded and outgunned. They come closer, and Batman looks all worried, but then he spots something over their shoulders, and he smiles. He quickly puts on a bat scuba mask, while one of the bad guys looks behind him, out the giant window to the ocean.

And he sees Aquaman, riding a humpback whale straight into the window.


those guys are right, it really should be Dr Freeze

I remember this.

It was on /co/ with a thread shitstorming about how Grant Morrison is ruining Batman beneath it. That literally dumbstruck me. Batman being a cowboy/pirate/caveman is retarded but when someone comes up with the idea of crossing him over with some popular videogame everyone's in on it?

What the hell?

Maybe batman learns about Ryan’s early research into mind control and wonders if this is how he can end the madness of his rogues?

Most versions of Batman would put mind control in the ame region as killing them. Even if it was only temporary and only used on the hopeless cases, such as Joker.

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