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Long-Term Projects

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22908 No.22908
A few nights ago on /co/ I started up a little project.
The whole idea was everyone just pitches in ideas of a universe set 15 years after the current 616 continuity, it's supposed to have a Spider-Girl feel to it.
I wanted to focus on the Marvel half rather than DC because I know more about Marvel but feel free to pitch in DC if you really want to.
I'm not really sure where I'm looking to take this but I was eventually going to take ideas that seemed popular and try and mesh them into its own universe.
The image has everything we started a while ago.
Let me know what you think /coc/

I guess I'll start.
A few years prior.
The mutant population was slowly recovering from M-Day. In a ploy to hurt the mutant community, multiple anti-mutant groups band together and attack Utopia.
After sustaining massive losses the Xmen finally repel the attackers but Utopia's integrity is compromised and the island begins to skin. Utopia population formally numbering above around 300 is now hit hard again and is now holding under 100 mutants now homeless. Most of the former inhabitants scatter into hiding in fear of another attack in their vulnerability. Most of the leadership of the island is dead including Scott Summers and Charles Xavier. Emma Frost is now leader of the Xmen. To replenish the ranks of the Xmen she turns to old allies and enemies.

why doesn't anyone want to help?

Are you new to /coc/? This place is as slow as a... slow... thing. Give it some time and you'll start getting input.

ok then

Iron man becomes twice as powerful when he harnesses the technology penance uses to see out of his mask.

he'll harness the power of grimdark angst?
While I know enough to sink Utopia. I need your help making a new roster. Anyone who wants to make up an Xmen team consisting of old favorites including enemies and whoever you want to survive Utopia, Please feel free to make a new Xroster.

I've decided to change something.
S.H.I.E.L.D. is still H.A.M.M.E.R.
For two reasons
1. I like the name H.A.M.M.E.R.
2. To cement the whole change is real thing I'm going for.
3. I just want to make ______:Agent of H.A.M.M.E.R.

How do you fell about this?

After their Resurrections Gods Zeus and Hera abdicate thier positions as heads of the Greek Pantheon. In their absence Ares takes the throne as the Greek All-father.

After the events of Blackest Night, several heroes choose to retire from mainstream crimefighting, allowing their proteges to take over their respective mantles. Some make a public showing of this- such as Kal-El giving his iconic red cape to Kon-El (who, after having come back to life, is able to age normally and fulfill his dream), before the former goes on to announce a school for younger superhumans and heroes- others, such as Bruce Wayne, simply allow their former sidekicks to take up the mantle, without making a show of it. Most of the original big 7 retire, some making a public show of their decision, others keeping it quiet. Garth, aka Tempest, continues to rule Atlantis as he has done since Arthur's death, but now trains the new Aquaman to be able to live up to his namesake. Cassie Sandsmark takes over for Princess Diana, who returns to her homeland for various reasons. The Hawks are reborn once again, though this time into a brother and sister of a protestant family. Hal Jordan, finally realizing that he is getting older, opts to retire from the Green lantern Corps. He gives up his right to the ring, but gains the status of honorary Lantern (something only Alan Scott currently has) and is given an emergency ring with a temporary 4 hour charge. After his ceremony, he is escorted back to earth, where he immediately seeks out and proposes to Carol Ferris. She accepts, and the two get married within the next year. Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel lance soon follow suit, settling down a bit more permanently and even having a couple children. One boy, one girl. Barry Allen retires, settling into a role similar to that of Jay Garrick, as Garrick takes on a role similar to Max Mercury. Wally, the dominant Flash, races around the world as he's always done, only this time with his two children and nephew Bart Allen following close behind.

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