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File 133348319439.jpg - (85.28KB , 1280x720 , 1333481140015.jpg )
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Saint Seiya Omega OP.aviyoutube thumb
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>> No. 88029
File 139639555068.png - (154.95KB , 414x350 , Kyoko.png )
Saintia Sho's still going on.

Kyoko became Eris new host.

Maybe Jabu will have some protagonism here.
>> No. 88075
o boy, just watched the finale, so many really fucking stupid shit. they weren't even trying to give excuse to why nobody fucking died. And habing europa job like that was just sad. And of course a budget lower than ever. That was a really half assed finale.
>> No. 88288
File 139804170121.jpg - (950.97KB , 1345x2000 , saintiasho-milo.jpg )

Up until now, the only thing I don't like is that it's too slow, and the spanish scanlators. "Caballeritas", really?

It seems like Milo will have some protagonism in Saintia Sho.

File 132747054834.jpg - (67.38KB , 572x545 , 1304492277890.jpg )
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>> No. 88199
I think we don't have enough information about the God Hand and what they want to make even an informed guess as to their final motives. But it can't be denied that Fantasia was clearly just a midpoint in their plan, in order to let them manifest directly into the world, rather than a goal in itself. And all their plans do seem to revolve around sacrifices.

Still it seems more likely that by making Griffith a figure of worship by the people of Falconia, they're making him more powerful. What for? No idea, but there's probably some endgame they're pushing towards.
>> No. 88206
File 139742560677.jpg - (13.76KB , 400x271 , phantom.jpg )
In short though this is all going according to Griffith's musical.

>> No. 88590
Angel Beast!

File 13332168285.jpg - (26.67KB , 600x437 , 1313630828273.jpg )
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>> No. 88080
Because Evangelion is as much about sex as it is about anything.
>> No. 88081

>use the Tang joke

>doesn't use the Kaworu/Pez dispenser joke

>> No. 88342
File 139843300778.jpg - (143.01KB , 636x848 , mz38syqwrfp2hepf4dap.jpg )
Thank you, Takara-Tomy.

File 134388211787.jpg - (21.19KB , 760x455 , Hentai Recommendation Thread.jpg )
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We now return to your fully Anonex approved porn broadcasts, now with Nurse Femdom!
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>> No. 87668
File 139475759221.jpg?nsfw - (227.37KB , 500x702 , 07.jpg?nsfw )
Yeah, konkit may not be my favorite in terms of art style but they makes the most entertaining shit.
>> No. 88222
File 139752991018.jpg - (368.11KB , 1000x1368 , 003.jpg )
Chapter 1 of a pretty good series (9+Final chapters): Super-smart high school girl is in love with super-smart high school boy, but that boy only dreams of long-haired blondes with big tits. Said girl is quite small for her age in all areas and has short, black hair. So she creates a serum that will turn her into his ideal, but only for a short time.

It covers most of your "mild" fetishes. Main thing is bimbofication/transformation (except the intelligence; she keeps that), but you also have some genderswap, lesbian, ahego, loli/petanko/chibi? (I didn't bother saving those parts), and a few pages of futanari.

I actually don't care for the "Final" chapter at all; it undoes the regular ending.
>> No. 88295
File 139807510844.jpg?nsfw - (656.94KB , 1672x2487 , 0008.jpg?nsfw )
If you like exhibition check http://www.munyu.info/phpBB3/
Got this funny.
From Kumo no Michi (Road of Clouds) by the way.
Good stuff, very pro sex.
Because fuck that rapey bullshit.

File 134629294148.png - (151.43KB , 795x405 , dead center.png )
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Because I think the last one fell off the last page, and I miss these threads.

Thread for out of context manga panels/pages.
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>> No. 88159
File 139720371992.png - (687.55KB , 1056x1080 , Priorities.png )
>> No. 88296
File 139807521594.jpg - (478.81KB , 1672x2487 , 0006.jpg )
Part 2 is in the hentai recommendations thread.
>> No. 88579
File 140401823584.jpg - (327.75KB , 1200x1702 , rock08.jpg )

File 133381384654.jpg - (150.94KB , 850x479 , vwNts[1].jpg )
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Episode 14: Vs Cthulhu

As a reminder, UTW has finished the season 1 BD Batch. This includes extra scenes, animation fixes, the Einzbern Consultation Rooms (watch these for Assassin), and the translated Drama CD.
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>> No. 77477

The one you're talking about is just funny.

Also, will do.
>> No. 77547
so the track titles for the OST are out, time to speculah which ones go with which tracks:
1. fate to zero (3:02)
2. for him (0:39)
3. army of the king (2:13)
4. curse (2:24)
5. dogfight (3:13)
6. the sword of promised victory ~Fate/Zero ver. (2:05)
7. Babylonia (1:55)
8. on the battlefield (2:21)
9. betrayer (1:42)
10. you are my king (2:37)
11. at peace (1:33)
12. little star (2:41)
13. in a nightmare (1:53)
14. a man in black (2:44)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 77553
Since it kinda became it anyways better make it Type-Moon general.

File 129162100414.jpg - (156.50KB , 1280x720 , 1291472167718.jpg )
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>> No. 83369
File 137104628063.jpg - (314.13KB , 949x875 , 1371044811183[1].jpg )
So apparently S3 is going to be 12 minutes episodes, a 2 year timeskip, a completely new staff, two new main characters, and a bunch of other bullshit that seems ultimately designed to take our Galaxy Angel/South Park TV show from us and make it into Alternative.
>> No. 83375
Not sure if good or bad.
>> No. 83380
Bad, inarguably, because the whole reason MH TV was good is because it fucking despised the basic premise and just became a deranged comedy. The Alternative OVAs attempt to actually imitate the VN tone and sold horribly (not that I ever watched it) as a result.

I bet S3 won't even feature Twenty's nipples.

File 135944762927.png - (1.47MB , 1438x1055 , He's coming!.png )
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Old thread was autosaging


TFS Abridged Parody Episode 32youtube thumb
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>> No. 88550
You can expect him to get more handsome later.
Which is kinda sad because I forgot how neat he looked in his first form.
>> No. 88558
Episode 42 of DBZA was kind of great, especially the Piccolo/Nail/Kami scenes. Also, i have no idea why Cell was introduced that way, but HOLY SHIT...I think Piccolo may need an adult.
>> No. 88566
Return of Cooler

File 139934587966.jpg - (103.32KB , 1024x768 , vuestras-mejores-genes-manga-anime-lain-music_1057.jpg )
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Post anime music you really like.

Starting off with some Lain.

Lain opening [Full]youtube thumb
Lains Little Miss - Serial Experiments Lainyoutube thumb
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>> No. 88555
No outlawstar? SHAME ON YOU!

>> No. 88556
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdb3WRIzvmI also this
>> No. 88563


File 137315608217.png - (668.30KB , 973x1400 , 06[1].png )
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Mashima is continuing his crazy "3 chapters per week" thing next week apparently.
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>> No. 88083

Huh, that's actually cool.
>> No. 88372
So the latest chapter looks to be leading up to Lucy getting some time in the spotlight.

I'm cool with that.
>> No. 88562
File 140084514017.jpg?spoiler - (171.22KB , 913x1300 , 017st.jpg?spoiler )
... Huh. That's kinda neat. I wonder how long it lasts?

File 136467321041.jpg - (126.00KB , 717x705 , 3961_118736.jpg )
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Anime preview's out:

Links to the game translation/LP:

And here's the Super Dangan Ronpa 2/Dangan Ronpa 0 thread

Don't be dick with mystery series spoilers.
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>> No. 84426

I don't think you really "get" this type of game.
>> No. 84428
Apparently early on, that's what the actual setup for the game was supposed to be, so maybe I actually do.
>> No. 85815
File 138629477850.jpg - (14.65KB , 190x185 , lhak2.jpg )
DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Hav…youtube thumb

Well, Monokuma sounds more or less what I imagined his English voice to be, so that's good.

I dunno about the rest though; Thank god for dual audio.

There's still the whole ">Buying a Vita" problem, though.

File 133653636664.png - (1.97MB , 2160x1425 , 25942858.png )
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So tell me /jam/, Which Sailor Scout is your favorite?
Mine is Serena.
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>> No. 88388
Sort of reminds me of a lot of 90s anime. Gonna have to see it animated before passing judgment, but might be interesting. Liking the thick outlines.
>> No. 88552
So how about that Viz media?
>> No. 88553
They're one of the better companies doing stuff right now, and their tweets about the matter show that they're at least fond of the source material and dislike the silly changes the original dub did.

File 139038537413.jpg - (296.91KB , 910x1300 , 1390372122345.jpg )
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Honestly, I would take a BAD END if it meant this series would just be over already.
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>> No. 88545
You know. As bullshit as bleach is at least I like the characters. I want it to end and it's a bunch of bullshit because of the villains but at least I like the characters. I can't stand any main character in Naruto and most of the side characters are terrible or have no screen time.

ALso, the Jagan Eye. I was waiting for this to come in sooner.
>> No. 88546
Ichigo is also an awful main character who received pointless power up after power up for no reason other than he still happens to be the "main character"
>> No. 88547
Eh. He's likable enough but honestly the captains feel just as important and tend to get screen time except when he has to beat the boss for whatever reason. I do miss when it was before the SS though. Also, I have to say it doesn't blatantly crib shit like naruto does from Yu Yu Hakusho.

File 13770558972.jpg - (249.31KB , 1280x720 , 1361618881159.jpg )
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So apparently Famitsu gave ASB perfect scores, but then again, it's, well, Famitsu. Still looks like it'll be a fun game overall. Hopefully the novelty doesn't wear off too quickly.
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>> No. 88406
Crunchyroll for saving me the harddrive space.
And the whole being legit thing.
>> No. 88408
I'm using some-stuffs, they translated it as "afterimages".
>> No. 88409


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