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File 135944762927.png - (1.47MB , 1438x1055 , He's coming!.png )
81118 No. 81118
Old thread was autosaging


TFS Abridged Parody Episode 32youtube thumb
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>> No. 81119
Lordy, thinking back on it DBZ was such a bad show.

Like, if it had came out today we'd be giving it shit for all the same reasons we point out that Bleach and Naruto are bad shows.
>> No. 81132
I really wish someone would make an actual shounen show written like DBZ Abridged.

Whoever does the voice of Vegeta deserves all the things.
>> No. 81133
That's Lanipator
>> No. 81136
But we do complain that they spend an eternity in Namek/Hueco Mundo
>> No. 81137
I've been waiting for the first episode for Abridged domestic Vegeta and Bulma. It did not disappoint.
>> No. 81139
That same dude also voices Piccolo. And Krillin.
>> No. 81140
And on the Serpent's Path...
>> No. 81142
Really. I think DBZ is one of those shows/manga that's more influential than it is quality.

It made a lot of staples of shonen manga. But had a lot of bad aspects that Toriama just couldn't follow up on.

It took One Piece to come along and really deliver on the shonen format.
>> No. 81143
In hindsight DBZ was pretty bad but its still enjoyable. I can't say the same of like Bleach.
>> No. 81145
I think it's like that with a lot of genres-- you have the Originator, who started it, and the Solidifier, who really cemented what that genre should be.
>> No. 81146
DBZ was the right mixture of cheesiness and solid material that it turned out perfect to poke fun at as well as genuinely enjoy. You know it's not the best thing out there, but you don't care. Sometimes you just want something simple and fun.

DBZ is the Kraft Spirals of anime.
>> No. 81148
In DBZA-related news, MasakoX and a few other DBZA cast members lend their voices to Screw Attack's DEATH BATTLE! series in the fight between Goku and Superman. ItsJustSomeRandomGuy, maker of the I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC YouTube series, voices Superman. Lanipator has like two lines and he stillmanages to steal the show.

>> No. 81164
DBZ was following HnK wasn't it? The path of inspiritation is longer than just everything following DBZ.

I'd like it more if it didn't shit all over the rest of the cast with more interesting fighting styles in return for Saiyan-wank and even jobbing other Saiyans so Goku can be the one to save the day.
With Dragonball at least they got to vary things up a little fighting-wise, not just who can pop the bigger hair boner and fire off the bigger Ki spooge.

Wait what, they were involved in THAT?
Man fuck that shit, it lead to trolls spamming /co/ with endless Goku vs Supes threads.
>> No. 81168
Say that by some miracle, Sabat manages to get the tfs cast as cameos for some upcoming DBZ special/movie/short.

What parts should they play?
>> No. 81170
Their DBZ Abridged roles, obviously. Dual audio tracks. One FUNimation, the other Team Four Star. Apart from Krillin, no one would be able to tell the difference.
>> No. 81175
>DBZ was following HnK wasn't it?

Neither was really some sort of new "genre". There were shonen action comics before either of them (and Fist of the North Star was basically wuxia with a post-apocalyptic setting), they're just both just extremely popular so a lot of their particular element have became a lot more widespread than they were before.
>> No. 81198
But Goku's voice is much deeper in the Funi dub.
>> No. 81250
According to KaiserNeko, they're working hard to make 18 a decent character and not a joke, since they've all been anxious for a female character that actually contributes to the plot, unlike Bulma and Chichi.

That makes me very happy.
>> No. 81251
Hey, Bulma contributes to the plot.

...In Dragonball.
>> No. 81252
I guess thats kind of cool, thinking about it 18 actually is yknow a pretty important character in the Cell saga who's going to be on the screen quite alot.
>> No. 81255
Plus she and Krillin will actually have to have some development.

Something I'm vaguely interested in seeing.
>> No. 81260
I wonder what happens when the owned counter hits 100.
>> No. 81265
Maybe karmic retribution will be 18 falling for him.
>> No. 81267
Considering how many times he got owned and died, and the WAYS he died, he should have a frickin' harem by now, 18 being the lowest rated girl there.
>> No. 81268
Line I'm hoping for after 18 kisses him.
"Are you with the government?"
>> No. 81285
If she takes his name, she'll be 18 Gero Sanchez.
>> No. 81286
I wonder how they're gonna do Trunks. All the other main characters have a 'gimmick' of sorts, but he's always been sorta bland.
>> No. 81292
So far his gimmick seems to be "badass" but I wouldn't be surprised if they gave him daddy issues or maybe something with Gohan. I wonder if they're going to abridge History of Trunks, because, not gonna lie, that shit's really bleak. Although it would be worth it to hear Gohan, after his arm gets blown off, scream out "Why didn't you DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODGE?!"
>> No. 81293
Speaking of which, I wonder if MasakoX will voice adult Gohan too.
>> No. 81295
I hope so. Poor guy's down to two roles since he dropped out of Master Roshi. Granted they're two of the biggest characters, but still.
>> No. 81322
>> No. 81409
None Piece - Episode 6youtube thumb

>> No. 81410
I've sorta gone off None Piece ever since the nonsense regarding the 5th episode then remaking it all, too much drama mang.

Plus I liked the None Piece/Code Ment episode.
>> No. 81411
For someone who for all the world seems like the Abridger version of Cleverbot in terms of coherence, PurpleEyes has always had this weird habit of remaking episodes.
>> No. 81432
Well I think it's very phonetically pleasing.
>> No. 81433
purpleeyeswtf is generally Abridged hypertime.
>> No. 81436
PurpleEyes is the rice of abridging. A million jokes that are not that great by themselves, but together they create something incredibly satisfying.
>> No. 81441
Eh. We all know he's always had some dead jokes here and there, but the last time we had set of consistently strong/surprising moments was the Buggy episode. Since then each episode's felt more and more burned-out to me.
>> No. 81442
I kinda agree with you there. Could be the pressure, maybe. None Piece has gotten 2-3x more popular than Code MENT ever is, and PurpleeyesWTF is best when he gives zero fucks.
>> No. 81445
I found the bit with Kuro and Merry really hilarious.
>> No. 81446
Angel Beast!
>> No. 81447
Closest one we got to was Duel Masters.
>> No. 81455
That show made no sense.
>> No. 81472
File 136052727443.jpg - (9.08KB , 289x172 , concern.jpg )
Why can't I stop reading this
>> No. 81473
File 136052917291.png - (227.12KB , 600x800 , angelbeast.png )
My God.
>> No. 81475
13/10 Manga of the Year
>> No. 81482
File 13605904938.gif - (499.71KB , 250x191 , get out gleespray.gif )
Its everything I want in a manga!
>> No. 81497
File 136077578132.gif - (1.73MB , 315x360 , Dragon Ball 1360767264376.gif )
Hey guys, do you know where this gif is from?
>> No. 81498
Dragonzball PeePeeyoutube thumb
>> No. 81499
Thank you.
>> No. 81534
File 136093552763.jpg - (36.50KB , 701x467 , 136079035864.jpg )
>> No. 81643
JJBATAS - PB Ep 1youtube thumb

>> No. 81644
I say, rather spiffing, what.
>> No. 81645
Oh man, that Faulerro, those potshots at gg and nutbladder, that godawful RJD impression

it's everything I hoped
>> No. 81646
File 136392951958.png - (567.18KB , 1280x720 , moenathan.png )
those were supposed to be about [gg] and [Nutbladder]?
I thought it was just aimed at obnoxious Tumblr kidlets in general
>> No. 81647
Glory glory hallelujah that's some savory shit.
>> No. 81649
I think it's at least partly that, particularly that first scene with Johnathan and the bullies with the excessive "look how british this is" vs statements of "swag" and that kind of thing.

I could be reading too much into it.
>> No. 81670

Oh my.
>> No. 81671
Trunks is going to be the best character.
>> No. 81672
In the eternal battle between Piccolo and Vegeta for best character, the latter pulls ahead.
>he must never know

Also I remember not liking Trunks at all in the original, but they're pulling it off so far.
>> No. 81685
The internal screaming was perfect.
Also perfect, the ever-changing words on Vegeta's shirt.
>> No. 81696
Sorry for bothering you guys, but does anyone know the song that plays when Trunks is killing King Cold?
>> No. 81710
Ooh, I hope his time machine goes vworp.
>> No. 81713


What if the very last gag for Season 3 is that Trunks Quantum Leaps into GT? Complete with the music and credits bit?
>> No. 81717
But the future
Refused to change.
>> No. 81722
YGXTAS is back...and there are two versions; regular and "in the booth", where you can see them as they voice act.

YGXTAS 16 - Irritating Imitatoryoutube thumb

In the Booth:
YGXTAS 16 - In The Boothyoutube thumb

There is also an In the Booth of Episode 14, where Jaden goes nuts "red vs. blue, no camp kills" etc. on some other students in the beginning:
YGXTAS 14 - In The Boothyoutube thumb
>> No. 81909
YGO Season Zero Abridged #3youtube thumb
>> No. 81947
Man. Little Kuriboh's involvement hardly hurt, but still. This is pushing top tier.
>> No. 82154
Nullmetal Alchemist - Episode 9. Part of me wants to go all Rocky & Bullwinkle with renaming this one with two horrible puns, but I will restrain myself (though there is so much to work with here).

>> No. 82513
New DBZ Abridged

>> No. 82520
oh my god, it *does* vworp.
>> No. 82521

That was a good episode.
>> No. 82522
A little warning on the sex noises woulda been helpful with my volume turned up and people in the other room. But other than that, great episode.
>> No. 82523
Best episode of the season.
>> No. 82538
Awesome, but I pretty sure girls can feel that you cum in side them.
Just nitpicking.
>> No. 82551

>> No. 82584
"...wanna drive cars?"

I always hoped they would reference the driver's education episode in all it's wtf hilarity...my body was not ready for it to happen in this episode, but it was GLORIOUS.
>> No. 82589
>> No. 82591

Well kind of but there aren't actually that many nerve endings inside the vagina. There's a sensation associated with it but it's not as dramatic or obvious as porn would leave you to believe.
>> No. 83175
There'd be a poetic beauty in letting this thread just die with the above creepy tangent, but I need to share YGXTAS 17.

YGXTAS17 - The Blair Affairyoutube thumb

I don't think I've ever seen an Abridged episode followed the source material so matter-of-factly while making me laugh that hard.
>> No. 83183
Jaden's occasional slip into psychosis is still the best.
>> No. 83344
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 35youtube thumb

...and so it begins...
>> No. 83346
Cat loves food, yeah yeah yeah yeah!
>> No. 83347
Cat loves food, yeah yeah yeah yeah!
>> No. 83414
Who's the better Vegeta: Lanipator or the original voice-actor?
>> No. 83515
Dub of the North Star - Ep. 4 (Parody)youtube thumb

Everyone stand aside for the best abridged series.
>> No. 83527
At this point, it's hard for me to even distinguish the two in my head.
>> No. 83541

I think he's better than any of the English VAs because, to me, they always sounded as if they were faking their voice to make it sound "different", instead of just getting a guy who had a deeper, gravely voice in the first place. It's the difference between Darth Vader being voiced by James Earl Jones and being voiced by someone trying to mimic his voice; no matter how skilled and professional they are, you will still be able to tell the difference. Lanipator has a more natural way of speaking that sounds better; he doesn't have to fake the voice nearly as hard.

But of course, nothing can beat Ryō Horikawa, if you want to talk about "original".
>> No. 83547
Wow, I thought they just forgot about it. Love it and hope there's more of it and JoJo soon.
>> No. 84116
E. 36
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 36youtube thumb
>> No. 84307
New Jojo
JJBATAS - PB Ep 2youtube thumb
>> No. 84308
I miss Code MENT and None Piece, but I think they both got too crazy for the writer and he was like 'I don't want to do this shit anymore'.
>> No. 84309
purpleeyes has been known to vanish for over a year at a time, don't be so sure
>> No. 84311
Why does Speedwagon sounding like Pops work so well?
>> No. 84350
damn shame, I hope that isn't the case. Purpleeyes has some kind of comedy going on in his brain, be terrible if we couldn't bear witness to it
>> No. 84449
I know right. His stuff manages to be so damn stupid and spastic yet its really funny at the same time. Sean Connery Luffy is pure mad genius
>> No. 84455
I hate it actually. I get that it's supposed to be silly but it's still fucking grating and I hope he stops it for Battle Tendency.
>> No. 84675
Episode 60 - How Kaiba Got His Groove Backyoutube thumb

This is still happening.
>> No. 84678
I think I missed a couple.
>> No. 84740
P:TBS Special Episode 1- Arrivalyoutube thumb
It's back.
>> No. 84743
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 37youtube thumb
>> No. 84745
File 137878485860.jpg - (17.75KB , 460x276 , the count.jpg )
P:TBS Special Episode 2/3- Rudeyoutube thumb
>> No. 84746
Man, I love this show, I really do, but ten minute episodes that are always more than a month apart really don't fill my appetite for it.
>> No. 84764
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 37youtube thumb
>> No. 84765
P:TBS Special Episode 3/3- Returnyoutube thumb
>> No. 84766
The best end today could have had.
>> No. 84769
Great job, Mr. Snes! We could all learn a thing or two.
>> No. 84770
Code MENT - Episode 15youtube thumb

oh man hes back
>> No. 84771
Here's something that HASN'T been posted!
Code MENT - Episode 15youtube thumb
>> No. 84772
Code MENT - Episode 15youtube thumb

I haven't watched it. I don't care. It's back. I'm cumming buckets. Good Goddamn I already know I'll like it and BOY will I look like an asshole if this is bad.
>> No. 84774
I never thought I would say this in a million years, but Ougi was the best part.
>> No. 84778
>what is it with these fucking tiny hats
I love this shit so much.
>> No. 84831
JJBATAS - PB Ep 3youtube thumb

Unleash the power of the sun!
>> No. 84838
Is it me or does Sean Zeppeli basically sound like Dio with a Scottish accent? Feels like he's not putting enough effort into making his voice sound different like he did with the different characters in the Stardust Crusaders OVA. Also Popswagon isn't fucking funny.
>> No. 84840

Might be that's just the extent of his range.

If you listen closely. You'll realize his Johnathan is basically just Kakyoine with slightest hint of an accent
>> No. 84841
None Piece - Episode 7youtube thumb
When it rains it pours.
>> No. 84843
So the question remains: will None Piece ever be as good as it was in Episode 4 ever again?
>> No. 84845
I wonder how long he can keep these up before running out of coke and/or having some sort of episode because I can't get enough of this stuf
>> No. 85463
So Team Four Star's putting everything up after Yomacon right?
>> No. 85478
Yeah, Hellsing Abridged has been Nov 6/Nov 8th in the last couple of cases.
>> No. 85479
So can we expect the DBZ episode tonight or tomorrow?
>> No. 85481
They were trying to upload something (not sure if they meant Hellsing, DBZ, or both) over the weekend, but it didn't work because the internet at the hotel they were staying at didn't have a good enough connection.
>> No. 85484
Dead Zone Abridged!

TFS Movie: Dead Zone Abridgedyoutube thumb
>> No. 85485
Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
*TFS* Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 4youtube thumb
>> No. 85486
>> No. 85487
Everything was perfect except Rip Van Winkle.
>> No. 85489
They decided to remake it to celebrate a million subscribers and for the sake of consistency.
>> No. 85490
Don't know what that Rip bit was about.
>> No. 85493
It's only even a "remake" in the sense that it's based on the same movie. None of the specific scenes, dialogues, editing, or voice work is the same.

I feel like such an idiot for taking like ten minutes to get the name Skygina, but I ended up finding it much funnier that way.

>that Alucard laugh at the end

Fucking magnificent.

>"I better not miss a damn thing."
>> No. 85494
So were the movies and Hellsing all there was or is episode 38 coming this week?
>> No. 85497
Seconding the Rip Van Winkle bit not really working most of the time. The joke was that she wasn't funny. Major monologue was also mostly just a weird lame version of his batshit "war is awesome" speech.

That said, the rest of it, holy shit. FYI, the canon plot point at this point in this story is that the entire carrier attack was to draw out Alucard (since Rip Van Winkle had a magic gun that was shredding everything else) and leave him trapped on a scuttled wreck in the middle of running water (which he can't cross).
>> No. 85501
>trapped on a scuttled wreck in the middle of running water (which he can't cross).

Oh, that's why. I'd just watched episode 5-8 recently, and was confused why he was stuck and could only get back by moving the ships himself.
>> No. 85504
>Ah, the return of the Y boner

Is there a single episode where Alucard and Integra aren't the best part?
>> No. 85511
The Queen was my favorite part of this one.
>> No. 85513
Queen Liz was too far. TOO. FAR.
>> No. 85545
Meeting PurpleEyesWTFyoutube thumb

Oh god, he IS real!
>> No. 85585
Not DBZ, but Team Fourstar-related nonetheless!

*TFS* Attack on Titan Abridged Episode -1-youtube thumb
>> No. 85586
I can honestly say this is the exact same level of quality as the actual series.
>> No. 85593
Hey, his eyes aren't actually purple, wtf.
>> No. 85640

Intensely overrated?
>> No. 85642
There's not nearly enough SJW throwing buzzwords around for it to be so.
>> No. 85643
I was just calling it bad. I mean SnK is awful but there's funny stuff made about it, I can't believe TFS would fuck it up so bad.

Also why is that drill instructor Patrick Warburton?
>> No. 85670
Yeah, I thought this was kinda lame.

Team Four Star is good at doing humor based on character interaction and riffing on the source material. This was mostly just funny voices.
>> No. 86023
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 38youtube thumb

Man. Vegeta's a jerk.
>> No. 86024

It looks like the Trunks/Vegeta conversations are going to be this arc's version of the Nail/Guru (excuse me, "Super Kami Guru") conversations. I couldn't be happier.
>> No. 86025
>Your secret project?
>No, he's in the basI MEAN YES, VERY SECRET
>> No. 86026

Goddamn Vegeta why're you such an asshole.
>> No. 86027
Also was I the only one kinda upset by Vegta saying 'I'm kidding who doesn't know what Marriage is?' like I get it's a dig at Goku but I just loved the thought that Sayan's had no concept of matrimony (which fits their culture) so whenever they hear marriage their first instinct is to assume it's food.
>> No. 86028
I noticed they stopped the bleeping for any the profanity. Actually, they may have done that a few episodes ago, I can't remember.
>> No. 86029
No, they still bleep the F-bombs for the most part.
>> No. 86031

>I don't listen to bastards.

Seriously, those are gonna be some great bits of dialogue.
>> No. 86494

TFS Abridged Parody Episode 39youtube thumb

I love how Vegeta's arrogance since becoming a Super Saiyan has been played up so much that it changes the whole tone of the fight from dire to downright cathartic.
>> No. 86495
Speaking of bleeps.
>> No. 86527
>> No. 87135
PurpleEyesWTF Channel Guideyoutube thumb

Purpleeyes is not meant for mere mortals to understand.
>> No. 87216
Purpleeyes is an artist. Anime is his canvas. Bad pop music is his brush.
>> No. 87492
Episode 61 - Muerte Pinatayoutube thumb

Still a thing, apparently.
>> No. 87494
Oh god it's almost over

You know I really hope he does the dragon arc. Sure it's a whole season of filler but it has some of the best moments in the series.
>> No. 87546
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 40youtube thumb

Krillin is still my favorite.
>> No. 87562
Oh my God, Popo.
>> No. 87563
File 139432863285.png - (734.91KB , 626x480 , EiVX4TL.png )
All these squares make a circle.
>> No. 87579
Danganronpa Abridged Thing - Episode 4youtube thumb

The Nullmetal Alchemist guy has been doing this apparently.
>> No. 88091
>> No. 88092
I'm going to miss the Android Comedy Trio.
>> No. 88097
This is not the right place to ask this, but does anyone know the music they use during the Kame House scenes?
>> No. 88161
Soul Whatever - "Third Earth"youtube thumb
>> No. 88225
PurpleEyesWTF is insane. I really respect that.
>> No. 88239

I don't know why but I really like the interaction Death has with his kid.
>> No. 88549

So I never watched DBZ. What can I expect from Cell?
>> No. 88550
You can expect him to get more handsome later.
Which is kinda sad because I forgot how neat he looked in his first form.
>> No. 88558
Episode 42 of DBZA was kind of great, especially the Piccolo/Nail/Kami scenes. Also, i have no idea why Cell was introduced that way, but HOLY SHIT...I think Piccolo may need an adult.
>> No. 88566
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