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File 132747054834.jpg - (67.38KB , 572x545 , 1304492277890.jpg )
71016 No. 71016

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>> No. 71018
Sound the horns! Call the gathering. We must prepare a feast for our brothers and sisters
>> No. 71028
>Never thought I'd see the day
>With a big boat coming my way
>Believe me when I say
>The mermaids are fucked :(
>> No. 71034
Its kinda hard to care after so many breaks...
>> No. 71035
And outside of caring about Isma and Gut's conditions I'm terribly uninvested in the current story line.

And really, the facet I'm interested in can only be known after this story line.
>> No. 71038
The only thing I want out of Isma is for Guts to nail her. Unlike generic castrated male characters in Japanese stuff Guts *gasp* does get sexually frustrated when he nearly raped Caska himself. What better way to let off some steam than fucking Isma or one of the multitude of mermaids. Lord knows Caska as she is won't give him any.

Is it just me or Caska really fails as a love interest? She's too much of a bitch and truth be told I don't care about saving her. I care about getting back to getting strong enough to kill Griffith/Femto and the god hands. If Guts picked himself up a new girl I wouldn't mind.
>> No. 71039
Wow, you're fucked in the head boyo.
>> No. 71081
File 132757413362.jpg - (95.84KB , 749x397 , BerserkThreadResized.jpg )
Wait...This Friday?! What rock have I been living under?
>> No. 71083
Wow, you are kind of a horrible person!

Wait, scratch "kind of".
>> No. 71088
File 132758398090.png - (745.08KB , 1600x1200 , 1304494188145.png )
It might be a little later, but it comes out this Friday then they will likely translate it in a day or two, Friday is the best we can hope for.
>> No. 71092
File 132759216813.jpg - (305.72KB , 1204x1024 , 1324608371364.jpg )
A few more days isn't bad at all, I'd prefer a good translation ot come out over something rushed.
>> No. 71093
I'm still sad the Berserk mod for Mount&Blade died off.
>> No. 71175
Berserk: Golden Age I - Egg of…youtube thumb
And no one knew about this around here.
>> No. 71177
There is a reason for that, it looks like poopy.
>> No. 71178
Yeah. I only want something that looked like a mid-budget JRPG cutscene if there's a mid-budget JRPG to go with it.
>> No. 71179
Which isn't going to stop everyone in this thread from at least watching it.
>> No. 71216
File 132780292454.jpg - (445.91KB , 1417x1063 , 7290e734f00e03a27e1f3534e69ddddd82dc9fb1.jpg )
I'm probably not.

Especially considering it's a story I've already experienced, but rendered in much better quality.
>> No. 71217
File 132780449172.png - (366.45KB , 1130x900 , 1304492933242.png )
Ehhh, I probably won't honestly.

It's fugly on top of being something I've already seen.

The trailers depress me enough, If I watched the movie I'd just be disgusted with all the wasted potentially.
>> No. 71230
File 132785921299.jpg - (462.80KB , 707x1200 , 09.jpg )
I have a sinking feeling that he's giving in hard to the suit.
>> No. 71231
Guts nooo
>> No. 71232
I swear to god after literally decades of this Guts had better actually WIN.
>> No. 71245
>Chica Umino, which some of you may remember as the author of March Lion, has posted a long review of the movie on Twitter. In short, she says that because Miura is a very good friend and an esteemed colleague of hers, she was a bit apprehensive and negative about the prospect of a movie, like other Berserk fans. She was afraid they wouldn't do it justice, and didn't want to see his life's work be treated badly. But after seeing it she's pleased. She's pretty enthusiastic about it overall, and says Miura himself wore a "mysterious smile" and seemed proud of the movie.

>> No. 71247
Is there ANY handdrawn animation in this thing or is the entire thing CG?
>> No. 71248
Pretty sure it's a mix of both.
>> No. 71257
That means the same thing these days
>> No. 71258
Nnnno? Dude, watch >>71175. They use CG in battle scenes and favor hand-drawn for anything invokving faces. I have my doubts as to whether it'll click consistently, but there are certainly shots in there where it works.
>> No. 71260
My point is that hand drawn stuff is computer generated as well, it's not like they're still using cells.
>> No. 71261
When people say CG these days they generally mean 3D stuff.
>> No. 71267

Yeah, some of it looks really good but some of it also looks really bad. Like, Griffith's horse is a fucking disaster.
>> No. 71275
You know what? It's probably bad writing, but I really do hope there is a magic cure that sets Caska to square.
>> No. 71276
How she get's fixed isn't really the issue, how she deals with all the shit she's gone through and how much her life has changed is.
>> No. 71277
The coloring is by computer, the line work is still done by hand.
>> No. 71299
Maybe CG is too ambiguous to describe it, but the whole movie looks like a cel-shaded video game rather than something animated.
>> No. 71301
It's animated in the same style the last few Ghost in the Shell films have been filmed in.

I don't really mind the cel-shading, it allows for some movement that the hand-drawn animation cannot capture especially in the sword fights.
>> No. 71329
File 132811182478.jpg - (147.28KB , 800x1129 , final boss.jpg )
Upon rereading while I wait for the new chapter I realized something.

Behold the final boss.
>> No. 71330
File 132811217066.jpg - (149.05KB , 866x1100 , berserk_v28_003.jpg )


I was gonna post an Ishidoro picture, but I am shocked to discover I have none, I must desperately try to rectify this.
>> No. 71369
File 132814162669.jpg - (141.75KB , 800x1191 , winter.jpg )
And lastly I realize that 1970's metal is the only sound track outside of orchestra that should be listened to while reading Berserk.

Iron Claw - Winter (1972)youtube thumb
>> No. 71374
>scanlator openly admits it's just supposed to be a temporary stand-in for an actual scanlation
>translated from via Google
>from Spanish

Eh, I'll wait it out. I sure as hell hope the reader sites don't go putting this up and never bother replacing it.
>> No. 71385
File 132815066487.jpg - (61.20KB , 500x616 , tumblr_luxmsqHeI51qilq9oo1_500.jpg )
When I started reading, I listened to the Demon's/Dark Souls soundtrack.
>> No. 71392
File 132816988469.jpg - (35.51KB , 300x436 , 125728852991.jpg )
One of my favorite Berserk soundtracks is The Dunwich Horror sound track by Les Baxter.

Les Baxter-Necronomiconyoutube thumb

It's not all on youtube, but yes, it is all that perfectly fitting for Berserk.

I'm gonna try with the Demon's Souls sound tack too now, thanks for the idea.
>> No. 71418
File 132824626128.jpg - (181.19KB , 800x1154 , berserk-30209.jpg )
It's moments like this I'm talking about.

Guts gets knocked through a wall and then appears above on top while on fire, having allowed himself to be hit for the superior position.

Then before that leap to crush, maim and kill a monster this plays:

Les Baxter - Black Massyoutube thumb

(Skip to 2:07)

>> No. 71444
File 13283255197.jpg - (161.39KB , 1280x720 , test-blu-ray-phantom-of-the-paradise-4.jpg )
I wonder if Kentaro Miura ever watched Phantom of the Paradise.

Phantom of the Paradise: The Hell Of Ityoutube thumb
>> No. 71459
>> No. 71465
File 132839677331.jpg - (132.39KB , 800x1163 , berserk-30085.jpg )
New chapter out on the 10th.
>> No. 71472
File 132840557272.jpg - (567.09KB , 1000x762 , 125728869957.jpg )
You know, not to toss Mary Sue around, but Griffith, as part of the story, is a Mary sue, like according to how the God of the universe has set him up he is a literal Mary Sue, but he also operates outside that. No one in the "story" according to Skull Knight, can touch, stop or in anyway actually hurt him.

In short, he's what I now think of as a Meta Sue, his existence comments on the nature of the untouchable, completely perfect character and how it loses what is human in that perfection.
>> No. 71473
For some reason, I read "Griffith" as "Guts," and prepared to hate you forever.
But yeah, I kind of agree, but I think that this can be discussed just as easily without couching it in terms of "Mary Sues," or some variation on such.
>> No. 71474
>But yeah, I kind of agree, but I think that this can be discussed just as easily without couching it in terms of "Mary Sues," or some variation on such.

My apologies, I am unskilled enough with my vocabulary that I can't accurately think of a better word.
>> No. 71475
File 132840735721.jpg - (440.59KB , 1187x868 , 126101686677.jpg )
Also I can't see anyone ever calling Guts a Mary sue without trolling, what with his sexual frustration, unrelenting hatred, nearly raping people, being raped, being maimed, having personal space issues, etc.
>> No. 71486
File 132848130921.jpg - (570.06KB , 850x1020 , sample_86e5dbf83f00d86ae29639cda63c7b74.jpg )
>My apologies, I am unskilled enough with my vocabulary that I can't accurately think of a better word.
>> No. 71488
File 132848295288.jpg - (91.14KB , 956x697 , 125728855830.jpg )
Hmm, I guess that sorta works, I was trying to describe his set up from a literary vernacular and I don't think any of those would have gotten the point I was intending across, though I supposed I could have subbed them a few times to avoid redundancy.
>> No. 71489
Fulcrum on which the world spins?
>> No. 71490
File 13284852447.png - (396.96KB , 465x698 , 125730491794.png )
Yeah, that's a little more in line with my point.
>> No. 71496
File 132849690892.jpg - (100.01KB , 790x558 , guts saves mami1.jpg )
>> No. 71497
File 132849693060.jpg - (113.79KB , 558x787 , guts saves mami2.jpg )
>> No. 71498
File 132849695325.jpg - (104.70KB , 558x787 , guts saves mami3.jpg )
>> No. 71499
File 132849697416.jpg - (101.72KB , 551x787 , guts saves mami4.jpg )
>> No. 71500
File 132849699790.jpg - (88.27KB , 783x524 , guts saves mami5.jpg )
>> No. 71501
File 132849701280.jpg - (83.55KB , 558x767 , guts saves mami6.jpg )
>> No. 71502
File 132849703068.jpg - (73.94KB , 540x787 , guts saves mami7.jpg )
>> No. 71587
Berserk [Egg of the King I] - …youtube thumb
Too much awkward and stiff CG for me.
>> No. 71596
It still sticks out a lot, but it's more lively than usual. I've definitely seen much worse. The only shots I thought looked outright bad were when they first rushed out of the siege enginee (everyone looked blatantly weighless) and the guy on the commander on the horse.

I also like the sound design, which is something I can't saw for much anime.

They're really going loose with the spoilers in that opening, aren't they? See you in like half a decade, animated Schierke...
>> No. 71599
Hmm, I'd say its a mixed bag overall. The whole thing looks great- in static shots, but the animation is decidedly subpar, as mentioned before. A bit too PSX-era for my tastes, that guy with a halberd circling around Basuzo (who apparently lost quite a bit of weight, I liked his old Michelin Man shape) stuck out as looking particularly bad.

It felt a little weird seeing dudes in accurately (to a certain extent) rendered High Medieval gear being a bit (too) Japanese, you'd notice that sort of thing in battlecries and death screams.

Finally- why does everyone's voice except for Judau seem to have changed...
>> No. 71628
The overall style of the animation, CG and all, reminds me of the PSP port of Final Fantasy Tactics. Which worked great thing for that game, but looks terrible here when combined with Berserk's realistic designs. The fact that I don't think I noticed any significant handdrawn animation at all there makes me wonder if some of the CG is actually handdrawn after all, but colored in such a way as to make it look CG. At least I enjoyed the choreography and storyboarding.
>> No. 71644
The War of Lions cutscenes DID feel way better because they got across the 'ancient storybook' feel because of the crosshatching and vivid colors.

Here stuff just looks weightless and washed out. Even the blood spatters look all pastel.
>> No. 71647
>At least I enjoyed the choreography and storyboarding.
Yeah, that was sort of shining through better than the CG quality itself.

>Even the blood spatters look all pastel.
The video was censored. How can you tell?
>> No. 71655
probably means things like blood on Gut's sword
>> No. 71676
File 13288408131.jpg - (210.81KB , 1024x768 , 1328808900769.jpg )
>> No. 71688
All these breaks between chapters have kind of killed my enthusiasm, but I really hope Isma comes out of this okay, though even if she survives she'll no doubt leave to 'be with her people' which will be kinda weak...
>> No. 71692
File 13288896847.jpg - (88.03KB , 1024x734 , 126101664316.jpg )
I dunno man, I think she's got a reasonably good chance of coming with, Ishidro is goddamn charming.
>> No. 71733
File 132901062455.jpg - (626.51KB , 735x1200 , berserkmoonlightchild.jpg )
looking...uncomfortably familiar.
>> No. 71767
>> No. 71795
The moonlight child's now got his, ah, godfather's hair.
>> No. 71798

I don't know, doesn't it look more similar to how things look in the astral plane? Farnese and Schierke have kinda similar trimming on them as well. Besides that, the only thing Griffith got was the kid's physical body (the lumpy fetus thing) this kid seems to be separate from that.

And yeah, the movie's CGI looks kinda...shitty at times. Kinda kills my enthusiasm, especially since this is supposed to be a goddamn movie from Studio 4°C, they're better than this.
>> No. 71799
It does look odd at times but it's not as bad as some of you guys are making it out to be. On the other hand if they are really going to adapt the whole thing then it can only get better.
>> No. 71800

Maybe, but the times it looks bad are particularly heinous. The commander on the horse? His face barely even moves. Same with most of the foot soldiers. Tatsunoko Production already showed off how CGI can look fluid and natural against traditional animation with Karas and Studio I.G. has been doing it with Stand Alone Complex for years (Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence looked kinda crappy, though.)
>> No. 71801
File 132916679997.jpg - (86.25KB , 728x1085 , m243_001.jpg )
It used to look more like fire.
>> No. 71807
I dunno. Berserk has such rich and detailed art, and the CGI looks so flat and lifeless in comparison.
>> No. 71812
File 132919259425.jpg - (98.46KB , 667x440 , 125678210889.jpg )
>> No. 72037
File 132976987825.png - (1.17MB , 1716x1297 , 1328832015245.png )
The gist is, everything wrapped up, on the way to Elf island.

>> No. 72038
It's not so much the models that are the problem.
It's that they animate it so poorly. It's very stiff and jittery.
>> No. 72043
Took me a second to realize Guts was actually clapping his heels together, then I laughed way too loud.
>> No. 72044
>Implying it could end with him just killing Griffith.
>> No. 72045
So, transcending all expectations, that part ends on a high note...
>> No. 72057
File 132981859359.jpg - (37.72KB , 206x206 , exploitable-schierke.jpg )
That was surprisingly lacking in tragedy.
Not that I'm complaining.
But more importantly, what is up with Schierke's head?
>> No. 72058
He's forgotten how to draw her properly
>> No. 72066
Huh? I don't see anything wrong with it.
>> No. 72067
Its gonna suck now that Isma is a fish and has found her mom, there's no way she's gonna travel with the crew.
I am sort of looking forward to actually see elf-land though, and its king.
>> No. 72070
>Its gonna suck now that Isma is a fish and has found her mom, there's no way she's gonna travel with the crew.
>> No. 72073
File 132984657910.png - (148.07KB , 284x467 , 1328838061366.png )
>> No. 72074
File 132984680917.jpg - (440.25KB , 849x1048 , sample_33793e835c43f60d411485180e40bf03.jpg )
Not everyone needs to travel with them to be an ally, besides we have plenty of kids already. One Piece fans in particular seem to struggle with this concept.
>> No. 72075
Where the hell did talking about One Piece come from? Don't be so random.
>> No. 72079
The attitude reminds me of them.
>> No. 72087
File 132985544880.jpg - (82.55KB , 310x432 , 1329813260346.jpg )
Fair enough, I just thought you were saying that with a dislike for the character, but I get you now.
>> No. 72104
Looks like the fishiness got to Schierke. Total Innsmouth look there. Not surprised if Fate/Zero Caster is her uncle or something...
>> No. 72105
I agree. I like Berserk because its precisely ADULTS who are kicking ass. I hate shonens because of the influx of kids or teens ridiculing the adults. Don't even get me started with the whole "You're 20 years old? You're an old man!" bullshit.

As far as Isma, I won't miss her. To me she's just Isidro's love interest and that's kind of lame to me. I just don't particularly care about Isidro or Shierke. Puck gets an excuse due to not being human though he himself can also ruin the tone of certain scenes.
>> No. 72107
File 132987821525.jpg - (607.07KB , 1400x2159 , 081.jpg )
I don't think the problem is that the group shouldn't get more kids, it's that it has about as many of any kind of people as could be decently handled.

>I agree. I like Berserk because its precisely ADULTS who are kicking ass. I hate shonens because of the influx of kids or teens ridiculing the adults.

You do realize that Guts was 15 when he joined the Band of the Hawk (years after he started engaging in combat), and most of the other main members are/were about the same age?
>> No. 72109
She looks like a disembodies head sitting on the railing. Also, her mouth is... weird somehow. Looks like it's disconnecting from her face and coming to eat my eyes.
>> No. 72110
Does that make Farnesse JEANNNNNNNU?
>> No. 72111
File 132988317360.jpg - (78.06KB , 498x494 , 126101657943.jpg )
Guts started 15.

Yeah, too big a cast and no one gets enough time to shine.
>> No. 72112
Fish people cause shitstorms over whether or not they'll join the protagonists band of merry men? Well that's-

Wait have we heard this somewhere else?

>> No. 72113
>> No. 72115
Quick, someone make it into a yukkuri!
>> No. 72130
File 132991517944.gif - (403.04KB , 325x182 , 1327207393394.gif )
>> No. 72149
File 13299404108.jpg - (927.20KB , 1300x1000 , 76839b514ff662048f37bbad4c2354f3.jpg )
Y'know, the slowness of the updates doesn't really bother me anymore.

Most mangakas get so much work done because they're basically forced to do nothing else. I'm happy Miura can actually take a break and enjoy doing his work at his own pace.
>> No. 72153

I think you guys severely underestimate how much work each individual page of Berserk takes. I would honestly be surprised if he ever stopped working. Even a biweekly release schedule would be impossible at that level of quality without a big group of artists.
>> No. 72168
I don't think he can live in a world where he isn't working on berserk.
>> No. 72820
File 133165953694.png - (2.14MB , 1000x3591 , 1331658089716.png )
>> No. 72821
Oh yeah, completely forgot about posting this. Thanks anon!
Also, yes! Isaia is hooked onto Berserk!
Incoming awesome fanart!
>> No. 72927
>> No. 73003
Its a shame that real Caska wasn't anything close to this.
>> No. 74843
File 133719685673.jpg - (759.93KB , 1440x2212 , conan_01_019.jpg )
>Queen Behilt

>> No. 75008
Still on hiatus?
>> No. 75013
>> No. 75095

So is this like a tie-in thing?
>> No. 75537
Oh what the hell, no one cares about more depressing tales from the childhood Guts.

Can't we just have some continuing progress....
>> No. 75538
DOOOOooooOOOOOooon't be so haste, we might be able to find out more about his original parentage.
>> No. 75876
Well shit, I was wrong.

It appears we're getting the scoop on Gut's survival on being leg shot with an Arrow, killing a dozen wolves and being sold into slavery.


Though it appears this won't be so straight forward.
>> No. 76021
I hope that that flower fairy is not real and its just Guts hallucinating. It destroys the idea that supernatural creatures according to Guts did not exist like when he first clashed with Zodd the Immortal.
>> No. 76022
At this point his injuries were crippling, I'd say the Fairy heals him, but he thinks of it as a hallucination.
>> No. 76023
I'm rooting for that. While Berserk doesn't have a particularly intricate complex plot, I would hate it if it became like Kingdom Hearts.
>> No. 76026
...they DID exist though, elves and things were around, they just weren't as common. And he didn't have a cursed brand drawing the nastier kinds to him.

Remember the dude with the throwing knives in the Hawks? He even managed to get his hands on some fairy dust which he gave to Guts.
>> No. 76033
/a/ is having a thread about Berserk, turns out the fairy is real and she is talking to Guts.


Why does Miura hate us?
>> No. 76035
Drawing all those demonic penises has taken a toll on his psyche, he hates working on Berserk now, only cute elves and idolmasters can soothe his mental scarring.
>> No. 76036
That and lolis. Come to think of it I'm surprised by how many lolis have appeared throughout Berserk and none of them die. Never mind the whole Shierke crush going on.
>> No. 76037
Just because he's talking to it doesn't mean he thinks it's real or will remember it.
>> No. 76038
He's met Puck and this is a memory/flashback so in turn Guts IS remembering her after all. After meeting Puck of all people and Ivarella there's no reason for Guts to deny this fairy's existence.
>> No. 76153
So anyone else read the new chapter? I felt it was weak. It did not feel like old Berserk at all. It felt sappy and kind of overly happy. So much for dark fantasy.
>> No. 76154
You gotta raise'm up before you knock'em down 50 flights of stairs and rape their girlfriend.
>> No. 76159
I get the feeling that Guts will plant the flower and Chichi will come back.

Anyways, is Guts...into children? He said that seeing the little girl fairy was a weakness of his.
>> No. 76172
Ah come on, no one read the new chapter? It can't be that hard to appreciate since we rarely get any Berserk material.
>> No. 76176
It just makes it worse he's working on this tosh instead of 'proper' chapters
>> No. 76177
The progress was pretty swift and the character arc with the fairy was also done fast.

Personally I hope Guts kills the lord who owns the place and his son (if he proves to be a spoiled asshole).
>> No. 76198
File 134074209270.jpg - (446.59KB , 1009x1500 , berserk_c329eg_014.jpg )
Just like I said, he thinks it's a hallucination, now please no more belly aching over this.
>> No. 76199
But why did he go out of his way and take the flower along with him?
>> No. 76203
Because he promised.
>> No. 76207
That would mean he acknowledges their interactions and by default her existence. Again he IS remembering this aspect of his life right now after beating the Sea God. So it serves as retrospective knowledge.
>> No. 76210

Man, ever since someone pointed out to me how Gut's ears and teeth are slightly pointy I can't stop noticing it.

Which makes me think the dad question might eventually get an answer.
>> No. 76212
Didn't Skull Knight say that Guts was "special"? But even so I hope they don't pull shounen level bullshit like Guts being randomly the son of a supernatural creature since for decades this manga has never shown Guts having any special powers.

The only thing that made Guts "special" is that Skull Knight saved him at the Eclipse AND he saved Caska as well, does that mean she's special too? Not really. So hence I disagree, better keep Guts as a common man. I can accept magical relics like the Berserker Armor, but if Guts is inherently made supernatural then it will destroy Berserk's story.
>> No. 76213
File 134075816632.jpg - (381.32KB , 1200x975 , 133455188451.jpg )
By special he meant Guts exists out of Griffith's (Universal Destiny as determined by "god") story.

In other words, Guts is only "special" in that he is SO COSMICALLY UNIMPORTANT to the point where his "narrative"/Destiny would have him dead at least twice over.

Guts is like a background character who was about to be killed off and went "NO, FUCK YOU, I WILL NOT DIE HERE."

That is why Skull Knight calls him "Struggler."

I don't think so, it's there as a reminder of Gut's features matching that of his soul, like Serpico's extremely fox like face, plus everything about Guts outside of the armor is "Fuck you faggot ass monsters I'm human right down to the fucking marrow in my bones."
>> No. 78797

>> No. 78798
File 135026600670.jpg - (271.93KB , 800x1154 , berserk-3643799.jpg )
Gut's blindness and loss of sensation continues to increase, drastically.
>> No. 78806
File 135031566358.jpg - (273.28KB , 800x1155 , berserk-3643803.jpg )
I miss you so much, non-retarded Caska.
>> No. 78807
File 135031848569.jpg - (84.39KB , 465x693 , berserk3-2.jpg )
As do we all.
>> No. 78814
Speak for yourself. I don't care for Caska. I prefer Guts find himself another chick who isn't a bitch. To say you want Guts to save Caska is to say that you want Naruto to hook up with Sakura who is also a bitch. Sorry, but I just don't like protagonists getting with bitches. The only difference between Naruto and Berserk is that the latter being Seinen means Guts has a chance actually getting laid. It still doesn't mean he should get with Caska who is bad for him. Especially now in her retarded state who does nothing but psychologically haunt Guts.
>> No. 78815
File 135033412858.png - (788.51KB , 1280x720 , bullshit.png )
>> No. 78816
If Naruto doesn't end up with Hinata it will be a crime.
>> No. 78817
How can she be a bitch if she doesn't even know what she is doing anymore?
>> No. 78818
Before she got raped. Caska treated Guts horribly. And spare me the BS that "They were enemies." No no no. Corkus was a jackass who decided to try to kill Guts and steal from him. Guts showed him up and put him in his place.

After joining the Hawk four years pass and even after four years the soldiers comment that Caska is always berating and picking fights with Guts. If that doesn't make her a bitch, then in your opinion nothing ever will. Or I must have imagined all the times Caska even smacked Guts around including when he was crippled after the Zodd fight all the while painting him as the object of blame for Griffiths, non-existent, injuries.
>> No. 78819

She treated him mistrustfully because of the circumstances under which Guts joined up, and because Guts is really, really sketchy.
>> No. 78820
File 135033874373.jpg - (113.91KB , 704x507 , 125728715668.jpg )
Dude, It's like you've tuned out everything involving Caska after the Guts leaves the Hawks and tuned back into just before the tower of God, before her brain FUCKING BROKE she loved Guts and was the opposite of a bitch to him, need I remind you how HE FUCKING STRANGLED HER?
>> No. 78822
Wait, so you're telling me it’s bad for a band of mercenaries that see their fellow Hawks die on a daily basis to not immediately trust and suck the dick of the protagonist? That Caska - the woman and soldier that wanted to be Griffith's "sword and sheath" and most trusted warrior - can't get jelly of Guts essentially stealing her place and Griffith's interest without really even wanting to be part of the group initially, because she has tits? That the fucking three way, psychotic love triangle around said characters -- that involved everything from bizarre shared rape trauma to fucking demon orgies -- can be compared to some Kishimoto trash that you very badly non sequitured into, thinking that somehow establishes a valid point or reason to derail another thread into one of your anti-woman tirades? That Guts isn't some poor abused little male baby that you just want to cuddle and actually has had angry/confused sex with Caska and massacred more people/apostles than there are likely stars in the sky at this point?

This isn’t some retard ninja world where bloodlines decide everything. This is a dark fantasy where people get killed, maimed or turned into fucking monsters because they all have compelling faults or Raison d'être behind their horrible acts. Do you even actually read Berserk to see how terrible a world all these characters live in or are you inattentive of actual story points as you are unable to form a coherent thought without referencing as many other anime or cartoon characters as you possibly can?
>> No. 78824
So guys make it seem like Guts WANTED in. No way, Guts didn't want to join any group mercenary or military or noble. He just liked fighting random battles and that's it wandering around the country. If they were so upset why didn't Caska and the group bitch at Griffith who was the one telling them "Be nice to my new favorite....or else."
>> No. 78825
You're that guy who creeped everyone out in the Naruto thread by lovingly describing how you want to physically assault Sakura, aren't you.
>> No. 78827
File 135034653260.jpg - (212.99KB , 702x1042 , tumblr_lzgwswLEDq1r3cbfv.jpg )
Oh in less dumb discussion, Farnesse has learned healing magic, this ought to make Gut's recoveries easier.
>> No. 78829
If anything Guts would have gladly never even interacted with the Band of the Hawk, much less stayed with them if it wasn't for that asshole Griffith that wouldn't let go of him so long as Guts was weaker than he was. The guy that sold his ass and probably the asses of his subordinates to raise funds or make connections. The shit head that sacrifices both his new and old hawks to chase his little dream of his very own rainbow unicorn butt paradise kingdomBut NO, men can't be bitches. Otherwise what would that make guys like >>78814 be?
I'm not sure if its a good idea to teach a former sadist healing magic.
>> No. 78830
File 135035195436.jpg - (405.14KB , 1200x1774 , 1275351200019.jpg )
>Men can't be bitches
The main character himself exists to defy this notion.
>> No. 78831
File 135035199951.jpg - (596.00KB , 1400x1758 , 1311186210081.jpg )
Farnesse's world view shattered, she's for all intents and purposes an entirely new person from who she was then.

Also Rodrick to be the coolest guy there for her now.
>> No. 78832
I love the entire party, even the cowardly brother, but Roderick and Azan are the best.
>> No. 78834

She probably still has her freaky fetishes. Just not so much the insane emotional issues that went with them.
>> No. 78837
I feel sorry for him. Farnese doesn't even like him. She jut agreed to marry him for the favor of the boat and though he rocks she likes Guts. Ah women always love the thuggish brutish men, it feels like he's getting shafted. Farnese needs to get over this obsession with Guts that will never happen. If a freaking kid like Shierke can get over it, then she has no excuse.
>> No. 78838
File 135035761970.jpg - (98.59KB , 500x508 , 125728845957.jpg )
>it feels like he's getting shafted.

The fine art of romance is a slow but ultimately rewarding one.
>> No. 78839
nb4 Shierke realizes that Farnese could replace her as the defacto witch and magic user and sabotages her so that she can keep her Berserker Armor bond with Guts and not potentially lose that position to Farnese.
>> No. 78840

Political marriages, brah.
>> No. 78842
>Ah women always love the thuggish brutish men
Oh it's you again.
>> No. 78847
you can almost smell the fedora.
>> No. 78860
Is the movie going to be brought to America and dubbed by the same cast? The outtakes for the dub are some of the funniest things I've ever heard.
>> No. 78864
It already has been; it's on Amazon for like $17.

Guts, Casca, Griffith, Charlotte, Judeau, Rickert, and maybe some others have the same voice actors, but it seems most of the rest (including Zodd, Pippin, Corkus, and the King of Midland) were recast.
>> No. 78867
Are there bloopers?

There have to be. The old bloopers are legendary.
>> No. 78879
The Best of Berserk Outtakesyoutube thumb

This right here is what made me want to get into voice acting. I just want to sing show tunes in some animu character's voice or generally fuck around with other talent on slow days.
>> No. 78984

Its not Elfheim
>> No. 79009
File 135113355523.jpg - (55.90KB , 432x288 , Dammit.jpg )
Stop telling me things that are true.
>> No. 79010
Paperman Breakdown by John Kah…youtube thumb

Berserk's original series was in 2D and 2D is how it should stay. I want 2D theatrical high tier animation to in time become very affordable and further refined, thanks due in part to the technology that makes up the engine for Paperman. What I wouldn't give to see those new Berserk movies being done by this kind of in theatrical 2D (since hand drawn has become too pricey and 2D is now not popular and even resented) instead of those CG amateurs they hired.
>> No. 79011
File 13511357321.jpg - (350.06KB , 701x756 , 1351075350446.jpg )
>> No. 79012
Ahhh, good. And yes, those outtakes are some of the best pro-dub arguments I've ever heard.

Sadly that compilation is missing Griffith's singing (and Guts singing Metallica) and Caska's "suck my dick" running gag. And Sean Schemmel's "SIR DO YOU REALIZE YOU'RE WEARING A VERY FAGGY OUTFIT?" and "Hey, I wanna hug too!"
>> No. 79054
File 135130056497.jpg - (1.33MB , 1488x2820 , 1351291127657.jpg )
>> No. 79055
That computerized 2D animation is impressive, but needs some refinement. Still could you imagine the Eclipse sequence with that kind of high budgeted animation? It would be exquisite.

On a side, of Gut's current party who would you like to see get offed? My candidates are Shierke (so that Farnese matures as the defacto witch of the group) and Isidro (cause he's really just kind of annoying).
>> No. 79057
File 135131064436.jpg - (139.37KB , 300x348 , 1338947597109.jpg )
On a side, of Gut's current party who would you like to see get offed?
>> No. 79058
>killing off Shierke for Farnese
I'm shiggying AND diggying over here.
>> No. 79068
I never understood why Shierke has so many fans.
>> No. 79069
I like everyone in Guts' party.
It's just that killing off a little girl just so another character can have more screen time is both tasteless and pointless. It would be like killing off Puck so that Evarella can take her rightful place as team healer, or killing off the Band of the Hawk so that Griffith can realize his ambitio... damn...
>> No. 79136
File 13516281208.jpg - (197.84KB , 356x1768 , 1351624733792.jpg )
>> No. 79263
>> No. 79271
File 135229772747.jpg - (299.10KB , 800x1151 , berserk-3683579.jpg )
>> No. 79273
It took someone on /a/ pointing out who they were to realize they were Rickert and Erica (and I wasn't alone in that thread).

God damn but this release schedule is torture.
>> No. 79274
Rickert looks really...bishshounen... to put it gently
>> No. 79283
I could recognize Ericka right away, but it took me a while to be sure that was Rickert because the hair sort of threw me off.
>> No. 79334
....really guys? I had no trouble recognizing Rickert and Erika. That said, weak chapter. It felt like filler and I really dislike seeing the apostles act all heroic when we know they are anything but.

For fuck's sake even Irvine must have sacrificed someone innocent to gain his new form and powers. So he's a bastard just like the rest of them.
>> No. 79335
It's been way too goddamn long since we've seen either character.

Also the requirement for sacrifice isn't "innocent" it's "someone precious to you." Often this has been done right after such a person betrayed the would be apostle, as was the case with Lord Slug and Ganishka.
>> No. 79336
I guess. I was thinking about Griffith's own example of a sacrifice. Killing those who risked their necks to help him out of jail, who worshiped him, and were willing to die (by their own choice that is) for him makes him a colossal piece of shit.

Other apostles sacrificed amoral people. But in the end, I still find the basic concepts of an apostle to be deplorable. Which begs the question just who did Skull Knight fuck over to gain his new form? Never mind that Skull Knight is not like the others. He doesn't feel tempted into obeying the will of the God Hands like other powerful apostles like Ganishka.
>> No. 79337
Skull Knight is not an apostle at all. We pretty much know for sure that he's the Emperor of the lost Empire, and I at least believe that Void is the man the Emperor supposedly locked away who led to the Empire's destruction.
>> No. 79344
To me, that seems to be the point. Having dome something horrible doesn't somehow prevent you from doing something good. Right now, Griffith and the new Hawks really are a beacon of hope in a world gone mad for a whole lot of people.
>> No. 79345
>Which begs the question just who did Skull Knight fuck over to gain his new form?
He sure does seem to know a whole lot about the effects of overusing the Berserker Armor now doesn't he.
>> No. 79346
Something Griffith caused to happen?
>> No. 79347
File 135242094438.jpg?nsfw - (244.17KB , 756x1100 , berserk-1592142.jpg?nsfw )
Yeah I figure the armor ate him down until he wasn't human, a skull shape like his soul and now that Guts wears it it's turning him to a wolf shape like when the armor went from a skull to a wolf when Guts put it on originally.
>> No. 79359
It's more Ganishka's fault really. Not that Griffith isn't king of all assholes and didn't take advantage of it.
>> No. 79363

I personally think it's pretty clear that Griffith is going to save Midland, become the hero of the people, be loved by all... and then Guts, after changing into a horrible dog beast, is going to finally kill Griffith. Thus cementing him as a demonic beast/villain for all time.
>> No. 79367
Yeah, it's been obvious for a while that Guts is going to be seen as the villain by those who don't know how much of a monster Griffith really is. Not that Guts is going to give a damn, though.
>> No. 79370
The only way to complete the image of antagonism for Guts would be for Griffith to dehumanize him further. Like somehow Griffith forces Guts to be an inhuman monster.
>> No. 79388
>a film festival is screening the first movie at a theater less than two miles from my school a couple hours after class ends
>but tickets are $12 (only three dollars less than it costs to buy the movie on DVD)

Are these things ever interesting to go to?
>> No. 79389
If you have any Berserk-fan friends near you, I'd say get them and go for it. Movie outings are always a kick.

If you don't and you'll be going by yourself, it'll probably just be awkward.
>> No. 86543
Now the robots don't even advertise anymore. They just spam out of spite.
>> No. 88148
File 139709522368.jpg?spoiler - (226.88KB , 500x749 , Thegirlsofoldtown.jpg?spoiler )

>> No. 88149
BTW Movies were better than I figured.
>> No. 88162
Kind of an acquainting chapter getting us a look at how Falconia works.

It's REALLY obvious he cares again, towards the end of the "wild ride that never ends" arc his people were getting a little sloppy but it seems he's gotten over it.

Those saying he has NO IDEA what to do with Guts and crew go unchallenged for a while longer.
>> No. 88186
Translation's out and... oh my god. Stableboy Daiba.
>> No. 88187
All the people in the country gathering in a single giant city, which they have been led to in their dreams? Seems like another sacrifice is on the schedule.
>> No. 88188
I don't think another should be NEEDED at this point though. The world's fused. The God Hand have their own fantasy zones. Unless that theory that time in Berserk is cyclical holds true and the God Hand want to reenact the fall of Skull Knight's empire.
>> No. 88189
A sacrifice of a God, his people and his dream.

A thumb is not a finger.
>> No. 88190
My point was "to what end?" What would the sacrifice of all those people DO? Incarnate the IoE itself (assuming Miura brings that back, which I hope he doesn't)?
>> No. 88192

Wonder what's in that shed.
>> No. 88198
I also doubt they're being used for another sacrifice, but clearly something is brewing. I was putting my money on the theory previously posted (which I can't seem to locate) that Griffith was going get bored, fuck off to nowhere, and let the last bastion of humanity collapse. But then this meeting with Rickert seems to be going against that. Griffith has probably figured out something more that he wants, but he's basically at the ultimate "what now" stage.

> The God Hand have their own fantasy zones.

I'm still confused as to their motives in this whole ordeal: was that something they actively wanted or did they just have nothing better to do?
>> No. 88199
I think we don't have enough information about the God Hand and what they want to make even an informed guess as to their final motives. But it can't be denied that Fantasia was clearly just a midpoint in their plan, in order to let them manifest directly into the world, rather than a goal in itself. And all their plans do seem to revolve around sacrifices.

Still it seems more likely that by making Griffith a figure of worship by the people of Falconia, they're making him more powerful. What for? No idea, but there's probably some endgame they're pushing towards.
>> No. 88206
File 139742560677.jpg - (13.76KB , 400x271 , phantom.jpg )
In short though this is all going according to Griffith's musical.

>> No. 88590
Angel Beast!
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