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File 128739318326.jpg - (60.42KB , 874x960 , d4e545f9eed183cc4d0758d728bde832f9f60f2f.jpg )
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New Franken Fran chapter is up.

Get ready to b'awww! :'(
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>> No. 71544
Everyone keeps talking about Scissor-Woman, but Comic Flapper has her for at least two chapters on some series that has the word "Prince" in it? CHOOSE ONE.
>> No. 80619
File 135758589866.jpg - (64.18KB , 480x640 , img_20849_32613440_0.jpg )
Yo, I finally found out how to send fan-mail to Kigitsu, so if anyone else was interested in sending him something, send me an e-mail.

I sent an e-mail to the dude who makes these too fukn FINALLY.

PS Kigitsu is currently working on a shounen school detective manga.
>> No. 80625
That sounds rad, did the Scissor thing turn out to be rumors?

File 137732477560.jpg - (55.67KB , 610x493 , 1810602-8ZFK3U3[1].jpg )
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>This year's 38th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine is previewing the new manga series UQ Holder! by Ken Akamatsu (Love Hina, Negima! Magister Negi Magi) on Wednesday. The "near-future battle fantasy" series will debut in the following issue on August 28 with an 82-page chapter and a color opening page.

>In the decade since the world became aware of the existence of magic, the world has undergone massive upheaval. However, a boy named Tōta lives in seclusion in a rural town far removed from these changes. His ordinary life is highlighted by his magic-using female teacher and his supportive friends. When his tranquil daily life is disrupted, he embarks on a unique adventure.

Eva is confirmed to be in it, and I'm almost certain that's Fate on the far right. Maybe this will help patch up Negima's ending.
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>> No. 88094
File 139682785329.png - (58.39KB , 493x315 , 09.png )
In the future, the moon will have 4G.
>> No. 88502
I would absolutely love it if the war between Eva/UQ Holder and Fate "The Greatest Wizard in the Solar System" Avernecus is over something stupidly petty.
>> No. 88541
Both of them probably wanted to bone Negi.

File 139410235941.jpg - (180.63KB , 1232x1156 , DSC07693cropE.jpg )
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Chuunibyou S2 is the most worthless, otaku-pandering piece of plot-deprived dreck. I'm enjoying it thoroughly.
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>> No. 88538
File 139998059494.jpg - (376.01KB , 1556x480 , 19.jpg )
…and reveals what the boy is truly capable of.
>> No. 88539
Also, both have criminally enjoyable openings.

>> No. 88540
So... should I be expecting Ping Pong to end in Human Instrumentality?

Joking aside, I wouldn't mind a "End of Ping Pong" edit/amv/picture/thing. I can see it now: Smiles and Kong sitting on the beach with a giant Peco head staring up into heaven.

File 136710971283.jpg - (13.21KB , 191x263 , images.jpg )
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No OPM thread yet, /jam/? I am ashamed of you.
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>> No. 88515

The new extra chapter.
>> No. 88516
Yes I guessed that much, what I meant was where can I read it, I can't find it on any of the sites I frequent.
>> No. 88517
for my love of this series, goddamn are the sites awful at indicating an update


File 139406524652.png - (695.93KB , 854x468 , Journey Through the Decade.png )
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Who /pc/ here?

PreCure Thread
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>> No. 88311
Hempkush Paradise 【Heartcatc…youtube thumb
Happy Easter plus/pc/!
>> No. 88375
File 139872457778.jpg - (212.41KB , 1280x1326 , fn7605.jpg )
>> No. 88508
File 139961839262.gif - (2.29MB , 480x270 , secret signals.gif )
Who is the best general and why is Namakelder?

File 139930753811.jpg - (622.56KB , 1200x1200 , 1388095265894.jpg )
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Why are there so few actual comedy series nowadays? Occasionally we get a decent one like High School Boys or McRonald's, but it seems like the dominant genres are romance and action.
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>> No. 88503
File 139961126615.jpg - (171.44KB , 800x800 , 1388099962138.jpg )

Lots of shit taste in this thread
>> No. 88505
Shampoo is a monster only a half-step above the crimes of Kodachi
>> No. 88507
I always wondered why Shampoo was the only one to have hair that was truly anime-esque.

File 139438587468.jpg - (275.15KB , 1400x900 , cnu3dCA.jpg )
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Three episodes to go!
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>> No. 88488
>> No. 88501
awwww, they are too adorable. Need OVA I want sister stuff. Both getting stubborn about doing stuff for each other and Mako playing ref to keep the family together.
>> No. 88504
File 139961281869.gif - (242.63KB , 500x281 , MAKO LOOP.gif )
Kiss La Kissyoutube thumb

Stick it in.

File 138306363450.jpg - (2.43MB , 1869x1996 , 1379220212448.jpg )
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All right so...

Urahara showed up and gave everyone a hollow pill to get their bankais back and Ice dude froze that Cang Tu guy or whatever who's going to just break out of it anyway. Also Robo Dude is probably dead

Then it turns out that the Leader knew that would happen, because of course he knew, and that it doesn't matter cause now the can Volstaage power up or whatever so they're still fucked.

Now Ichigo's running down Snake Way while the apparently crazy Quincy girl goes super saiyan.

Whatever you think about where we're heading now I can say with certainty that it's better than whatever the fuck Naruto is doing.
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>> No. 88450
Hector Con Carne
>> No. 88469
So is Yachuriu actually in danger?
>> No. 88495
if anything she's naked.
And Isane is nowhere to be seen
And the bambiettes seems horny.

File 136952206031.png - (304.90KB , 831x1200 , 017[1].png )
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Fuck all your detergents and Narutarus, let's have a thread for the best thing in WSJ.
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>> No. 87331
My understanding of it is that there's going to be a spin-off series. Not sure what it covers yet, though.
>> No. 87332
My understanding of it is that there's going to be a spin-off series. Not sure what it covers yet, though.
>> No. 88489
An extra story draws near!

File 139779195731.jpg - (408.55KB , 1920x1200 , SAO-sword-art-online-34784898-1920-1200[1].jpg )
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I can't stop watching, /jam/. Why can't I stop

It's so bad
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>> No. 88458
Anyway, how does it stack against Pat and Liams hated http://www.crunchyroll.com/log-horizon ?
>> No. 88465
I know that /a/ had a party with Log Horizon.
There where even some stickies, I think.
>> No. 88472
The stickies were from the multiple times the author showed up on /a/.

Pat and Liam are wrong about LH, it's by far the best of the three big ones (though the other two, SAO and .hack, are awful). LH however, just like MMY, is about weird economics and political subterfuge so if you're not into that. Liam started to contradict that in the newest podcast by saying "but I liked MMY" and then tanked his cred by referring to MMY as a "show."

Digression aside .hack, SAO, and LH, despite the unifying MMO premise, don't really have much in common genrewise. .hack is a very plodding franchise which deals a lot in half-baked philosophy, SAO is a very standard LN-based action series which is generic across the board, and LH, as mentioned, is mostly about economics and political drama (Also, unlike the other two, is not actually set in an MMO).

File 134783013458.jpg - (120.83KB , 390x390 , souleaouo.jpg )
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The previous thread isn't full, but it is old as dirt so I figured this is as good a time as any to make a new one.

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>> No. 88387
File 139881122197.jpg - (303.02KB , 766x928 , 1398804841669.jpg )
So ep4 happened. I'm liking the changes and additions so far.
>> No. 88412
I'll give NOT! this: The apparent main character, Tsugumi, at least had a straight introduction into the DWMA. No legendary fighter, or even the characters from Soul Eater, had a fight in front of her and wound up having to use her in battle; she wasn't some weapon/meister fan from an early age and *finally* had her chance to become one or the other and enroll; and there was no hence-unknown family secret about being weapons.

It was just "Whoops I guess I'm a weapon!" and off we go. Refreshing in its brevity.

But otherwise it's moe blob shit. Not even two episodes under the belt before we do a cafe. The constant blushed cheeks and raw knees/elbows are weird, too. Though if they weren't 14 I'd probably give it more time because it causes the yuri goggles to freak out.

Although a nickname for Meme could be "Forget-me-NOT". Hurp hurp hurp...
>> No. 88440
Because we can't post Webms, these links will have to do.



File 134766032579.png - (638.48KB , 567x621 , tumblr_mab70bfyV31r6eu3ko2_1280.png )
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>> No. 88349
File 139849517191.jpg - (1.25MB , 972x1693 , 42707832_big_p1.jpg )
>> No. 88350
File 139849550698.jpg - (1.13MB , 892x1496 , 42402504.jpg )
>> No. 88394
File 139898655471.jpg - (658.23KB , 891x1249 , 40619542.jpg )

File 136528064887.jpg - (348.58KB , 678x862 , Miia my daling.jpg )
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With the latest chapter out I think it time to start:
ta da~
And if you dont fell like talking about this manga then this is just monster girl general I guess...
Or something...
Good to see Suu getting some CD doe.
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>> No. 86921
File 139160128698.png - (161.63KB , 976x1400 , 000.png )
Wow this manga is what I wanted Everyday monster girl to be.
Thanks for sharing!
>> No. 86922
No problem, it's fucking radical.
>> No. 88373
File 139872206726.jpg - (223.22KB , 1102x1600 , 1956877_825617934133341_8738359373575882005_o.jpg )
Looking for chapter 24 english translation

File 138281379272.jpg - (106.37KB , 480x444 , avengersanime.jpg )
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So I heard Marvel and Toei were working in a new anime called "Marvel Disk Wars: Avengers".
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>> No. 88287
Nah its not batroc, its one of Marvel's many snake-themed supervillains... I think that particular one is known as Cottonmouth?
>> No. 88289
Though with Cap in he'll likely show up at some point. Wonder what he'll look like.
>> No. 88365
Dude part of one of the sub groups working on this chimed in about it on /co/. Episodes 3-4 will be released together since one of their crew got tied up in classes.

File 136636220024.png - (71.45KB , 241x963 , gaijinkun RAW.png )
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Hey has anyone read this cool new gag series?

I don't know the english title, I think its something like "The Misadventures of Gaijin-Kun"
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>> No. 88098
File 139687070869.png - (1.24MB , 800x3196 , 1396866406726.png )
>> No. 88124
File 139699366010.png - (236.42KB , 241x963 , 139690869472.png )
white people in the hizzy
>> No. 88314
File 139821070857.png - (87.91KB , 241x963 , 1398210598043.png )

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