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File 13770558972.jpg - (249.31KB , 1280x720 , 1361618881159.jpg )
84511 No. 84511
So apparently Famitsu gave ASB perfect scores, but then again, it's, well, Famitsu. Still looks like it'll be a fun game overall. Hopefully the novelty doesn't wear off too quickly.
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>> No. 84518
File 13771025074.jpg - (54.57KB , 400x353 , 1175686_10201041549475349_87810036_n.jpg )
First DLC character announced.

On this days it's hard to trust on scores from "press", but I'm optimistic as well.
>> No. 84526
File 137711726038.jpg - (301.20KB , 654x900 , 1377061360306.jpg )
>final match of ASB tournament is Dio vs. Jotaro
I knew it, this shit is rigged.
>> No. 84534
File 137717892011.jpg - (174.87KB , 698x1100 , JOJO_v05_c44_p012.jpg )
So any dream interactions for All-Star Battle's story mode?

I kind of want to see Part 3 Dio question Jonathan about his last words to him right before they fight.
>> No. 84560
File 137731487713.jpg - (61.33KB , 667x407 , ok.jpg )
>this pose
fuck yeah best panel
>> No. 84615
File 137766548121.png - (337.06KB , 650x249 , HESHERE.png )
It's out now!
>> No. 84674
File 13780806384.jpg - (206.42KB , 856x611 , 1361231537443.jpg )
Jojo's All Star Battle Joseph …youtube thumb
>that HEY BABY
>that YES I AM
>that NYOHO
>ah fuck it, that everything

I can't. I literally can't.
>> No. 84699
File 137831268133.gif - (0.97MB , 400x226 , jojos-allstarbattle-1st-trailer.gif )
Came up with some 'shounen'-esque epithets for all the main Jojos. Figured I'd post them here since they'd be really out of place most anywhere else:

Jonathan-Gentleman Giant
Joseph-The Magenta Maverick
Jotaro-Silent Celestial
Josuke-Noble Delinquent
Giorno-Lustrous Mafioso
Jolyne-String Mistress Papillon
Johnny-Crooked Rider/Frontier Herald
"Gappy"-The Blank Buccaneer
>> No. 84701
File 137832189387.gif - (192.53KB , 580x450 , kanjidwi.gif )
Aside from Joseph and Jotaro's they're not bad. You been playing a lot of P4U?
>> No. 84709
File 137834648961.gif - (597.08KB , 378x213 , 1378313095368.gif )
Let's talk about how awesome the intro/opening of the game is:

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All …youtube thumb

It makes me feel like I'm about to watch a heist movie, or a porno, or a heist porno.

Also, Tusk Act 4 can rip open my Love Train anytime.

P.S. I find it hilarious that Joseph gets the longest introduction but is all but absent from the rest of it since he can't ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA like all the other Jojos.
>> No. 84716
File 13783663468.gif - (723.80KB , 480x259 , 1361645365545.gif )
That's because he's a Strong Hamon Warrior who don't need no Stand.
Plus no need for punchgoasts means he's a blast to watch compared to the guys whose movesets are half variations of ORA.
>> No. 84717
A bit.

Ok, how about this for Joseph:

The Maverick Magician

I got nothing else for Jotato, sadly.
>> No. 84734
The 2d fighter is on sale on PSN in eu.
>> No. 84742
File 137876696745.jpg - (322.93KB , 1657x2065 , BD9-2.jpg )
So apparently they're rerunning the Jojo anime later this fall, which is usually only done for series that are getting a sequel or BD set. The most common reason I've seen given for why it's taken them this long to announce a sequel (barring executive politics and the like) is staff obligations, such as that the screenwriter Yasuko Kobayashi has been too busy with other projects like SnK until now.
>> No. 84760
Started reading the manga. I finished part 3 which I thought was just kind of okay but im really liking part 4 so far Jouske is awesome and It just feels better paced so far I really dig it (only just finished the fight with Bad company and though)
>> No. 84767
I tried reading the manga, but the scanlations are just fucking atrocious.
>> No. 84775
pssst here's the rescans http://donebetterelsewhere.blogspot.com/

personally i look upon DUWANG with a motherly sort of fondness
>> No. 84776
File 137887850647.jpg - (42.77KB , 276x400 , endlesswaltzmovie.jpg )
I still can't get over the fact that the second lead basically looks like Heero Yuy hit the gym overtime because he got sick of being laughed at by all the other kids at school.
>> No. 84777
Technically, considering their respective publishing dates, Heero Yuy looks like Joseph got a wasting disease and decided to stop dressing like a manwhore.
>> No. 84783
File 137894204421.jpg - (52.39KB , 600x800 , fabulous.jpg )
They're just giving a good shoutout to the most broken character in the game. Apparently Joseph is regarded as toppest tier because of his ability to spam divekick.
>> No. 84784
File 13789424215.jpg - (169.96KB , 610x318 , divekick controller.jpg )
Divekick is the ultimate form of combat
>> No. 84793
File 137900715838.png - (730.26KB , 1014x571 , Jojo Sheer Heart Attack.png )
>mfw I realize, just now, after reading several Jojolion chapters after the one that reveled the fact that Part 8 Kira apparently died of cardiac arrest.
>Some would mistakenly call that a heart attack

Araki is a gloriously clever bastard.
>> No. 84856
File 137957952715.jpg - (145.48KB , 1280x720 , 1363425156439.jpg )
>ASB confirmed for being brought to America and Europe
>Viz republshing Stardust Crusaders in digital format, considering also bringing over Parts 1 and 2, maybe the others if they can deal with copyrights
Feels good man.
>> No. 84860

If they can deal with the Copyrights of Part 1 and 2 we might also see the anime!
>> No. 84861
File 137962760314.png - (2.00MB , 1920x1080 , 1350663425271.png )
Damn Araki's been hitting it big lately.
>> No. 84864
File 137964098199.png - (13.63KB , 206x187 , oohhnooo.png )
>dubbed Jojo
Although people are saying Troy Baker would make a good Joseph and I don't really disagree.
>> No. 84865

I could see Reuben Lagdon doing him as well.
>> No. 84890
File 137991829854.gif - (445.45KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mk5ewtQCnw1qdiw9jo1_500.gif )
Guys, what if original universe Josuke is trapped in the Wall Eyes and Crazy Diamond is responsible for the landmark's bizarre (mostly the whole, fusion aspect) powers? Or should I say:

>> No. 84894
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All …youtube thumb
OH MY GOD indeed.
>> No. 84895
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All …youtube thumb
OH MY GOD indeed.
>> No. 84897
File 13799625938.jpg - (56.89KB , 208x359 , 1348639076405.jpg )
>that garish pink color scheme on Lisa Lisa
>> No. 84900
>dat Lisa Lisa
>dat Oldseph
If we get F.F. all my dreams will come true.
>> No. 84911
File 138003789274.jpg - (164.85KB , 640x480 , Jojo_7434359302_60ba4fd351_z.jpg )
Is it just me, or did Old Joseph's "OH MY GOD!!!" seem a little tame, soft, quiet and subdued?
>> No. 84912
File 138006070431.png - (709.31KB , 516x638 , 1379933718345.png )
Yeah, sounds like he's too busy trying to get his voice to sound old to pay attention to proper emoting. As much as I love Sugita for his voice and everything he does IRL, and even though he's generally good with what he does, I wouldn't rank him at the top in terms of VA quality.
>> No. 84936
File 138026801263.jpg - (331.93KB , 1280x842 , ohmygod.jpg )
Goddamn Old Joseph is awesome.
>> No. 84946
Since the board's back, I can post this.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All …youtube thumb
>> No. 84948
File 138050638235.jpg - (71.16KB , 1280x720 , nutbladder-jojos-bizarre-adventure-26-e0cfde35-mkv.jpg )
Think of a JoJo character:

That character listens to the music (album, song, work of musician) s/he and/or his/her Stand is named after.

Do they like it or not?
>> No. 84954
I am... unsure of how to feel about the uhihihihi.
>> No. 84958
File 138055355036.jpg - (546.50KB , 823x1102 , foxy grandpa.jpg )
This... looked a lot better when it was just art. Here he looks like he's dressed like a Fresh Prince character.
>> No. 84959

Knowing Joseph? That's probably what he was going for.
>> No. 85134
From the new Weekly Jump via /a/:

839 :p2-user: 1130194 p2-client-ip:火) 17:39:33.85 ID:NNf4tLlPP



It's actually happening, guys. We're getting SDC.
>> No. 85135
File 138184797728.jpg - (21.24KB , 200x300 , 575605.jpg )
Can't wait for Stone Ocean, it's one of my favorite parts but Japan doesn't appreciate it nearly as much as it should, probably because it has too many girls. Maybe when they animate Stone Ocean it'll finally get some proper appreciation over there. It worked with the first season.
>> No. 85141
Ahaha. And those troll anime lists that included Jojo part 3 and all those other impossibilities were just circulating a few days ago.
>> No. 85143
So, which part do you think is going to make for the hardest/weirdest adaptation?
>> No. 85151
>It's actually happening, guys. We're getting SDC.

Really? Like... SERIOUSLY?! Wat...?

That would be pretty ironic. I've been wanting it for freaking months, and actually decided to start reading the manga. As I'm going through Part 3, I'm thinking "Why not? It's not like the anime will start up again a week after I finish..." which is pretty much exactly what happened.

Anyway, I hope they do a faithful adaptation of pretty much all of it, even if it would end up extremely long. The OVA was great and all, but skipped 90% of the Stands and all of the subtlety. More importantly, it skipped all of the FUNNY shit. Like the stupid dude with the Sun. And the baby. And Polnareff being turned into a naked 10-year-old. And Hol Horse making an epic comeback... only to shoot himself. I want to see all that stuff, too.
>> No. 85153
File 138188860982.jpg - (525.22KB , 1200x1600 , Joseph Gaystar.jpg )
I'm rather lukewarm about Part 3 overall and consider it to be one of the weakest parts, but I'm pumped as hell for the anime if only so I can finally see this one fight in all its animated glory.
>> No. 85154
Speaking of which:

>start reading Jojolion
>following chapter
>everything is forgiven

This has the makings of greatness.

Part 7, due to how slow it starts. Plus, all those horses...they're probably going to be using a LOT of CG if they ever get around to Steel Ball Run.

As for weird? While Part 5 is one of the most beloved Jojo parts (its own video game while 2, 4, 6 and 7 never got any during or after their run!) in Japan, its awkward pace and fractured story (compared to the episodic Part 4 and the other more straightforward parts) may require some rewriting to make it work as a television show/movie series.

That said, I hope Part 4 gets adapted, even if it wasn't the most popular of the Jojo parts over there.
>> No. 85171
File 138192901197.jpg - (110.33KB , 342x550 , 1381911126120.jpg )
YES! YES! YES! Oh•My•God
>> No. 85173
File 138193996675.gif - (620.78KB , 400x223 , Jojo Young Dio.gif )
Pre-SBR Dio's probably the least clever of the main Jojo antagonists revealed so far. For all his talk of tactics and intellect, his campaigns in Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusaders revolve around being OP (and having dumb luck nearly on par with Pocoloco). Instead of using his powers creatively besides the part with the knives, he simply believes (can a monkey defeat a man?! Which is, by itself, an idiotic argument as a lot of monkeys can) that brute forcing things once he gets to a position of strength is all he needs in comparison to his fellow villains with the freezing touch being the only brilliant thing he's ever done. Even the Pillar Men and Kira, who had the most overtly destructive abilities showcased so far, still deigned to use those skills strategically.
>> No. 85179

I never thought Dio was very clever. Occasionally, yes, but not any more than anyone else, and usually less than everyone else. I guess it's hard to stand out as smart in a series where absolutely everyone is fighting with insane gambits and tactics and subterfuge. The only really intelligent thing I remember from SDC was when he knocked Jotaro to the ground and wanted to see if he was really dead.

*Jotaro holds his breath*
Dio: Hm, he's not breathing. Better check his heartbeat.
*Jotaro stops his heart*
Dio: Hm, his heart isn't beating, either. Must be dead. But just in case, I'll chop his head off from a distance! *trollface*

Though that's more being Genre Savvy than clever. He even said it himself with that line about Jostars being lucky — it's not a much farther leap to start leaning on the fourth wall by saying they can't die because they are the protagonists.
>> No. 85180
Dumb Luck is a large part of Araki's writing, he writes himself into corners alot trying to be too clever then has to pull something out of his ass.
>> No. 85199
File 138203891137.png - (156.04KB , 500x517 , king duck.png )

>That said, there are a couple of interesting aspects to the game’s localization. For one thing, Namco Bandai are working with JoJo publisher Shueisha to make sure that the localized names for the characters fit with Hirohiko Araki’s intentions “while not offending any party”. Additionally, the localized names will be matched to the U.S. and European versions of the recent anime to ensure consistency.

Hoo boy, time for name changes. And for that matter, the possibility that they're bringing the anime series over as well.
>> No. 85221
File 138217339717.png - (87.09KB , 500x317 , hORAble.png )
>For one thing, Namco Bandai are working with JoJo publisher Shueisha to make sure that the localized names for the characters fit with Hirohiko Araki’s intentions “while not offending any party”.

I'm cautious yet optimistic.
>> No. 85342
File 13826339378.gif - (525.21KB , 400x267 , WRYYYYYY.gif )
The only ones I really see this applying to are the Prince references and some of the more blatant band and song names like Red Hot Chili Pepper, Sheer Heart Attack, and Dirty Deeds Done Cheap.
>> No. 85428
File 138307842419.png - (600.39KB , 470x750 , wfPItjV.png )
Holy crap, this is seriously cool.
>> No. 85495
File 13837200019.jpg - (2.82MB , 1000x1900 , 138370955677.jpg )
The joke is that they have the same VA.

You know, besides the obvious one.
>> No. 85547
File 138406770440.png - (465.72KB , 495x656 , 8ade10831dfd9368e8e5e4234bd3a2e8.png )
>> No. 85549
File 138412616157.png - (9.78KB , 251x267 , wham fucking nothing.png )
>San Tan
What the fuck, the word "santana" is an actual part of the Spanish laguage and it's even acknowledged within the text. Why would they need to change it then?
>> No. 85550
Copyright can be such a harsh motherfucker.
>> No. 85551
Ooh yes this is good.
>> No. 85563
ジョジョキュアyoutube thumb
JoJo - Part 3 TV Anime Confirm…youtube thumb
>> No. 85625
File 138463737379.png - (99.53KB , 555x593 , dammit.png )

-Will begin airing Spring 2014
-new seiyuus, doesn't specify who will be returning
-The seiyuus will be announced at Jump Festa
-anime wants to do it's own thing, possibility of characters being cut is sadly possible
-David really wants to animate the more violent fights

Aww, I'm too attached to the ASB voices. They're all so perfect.
>> No. 85717
File 138527294214.jpg - (204.49KB , 800x1195 , jojos-bizarre-adventure-part-8-jojolion-4588287.jpg )
I wonder if this is our final Boss, Cellophane Strangulation powers are a bit unfitting a JoJo's final boss, especially against an ability like Gappy's though maybe his powers are less limited than they seem.
>> No. 85718
Severely, severely doubt it. He's probably just the next Stand User of the Two Months, and possibly the Rohan expy.
>> No. 85986
File 138730805597.jpg - (94.54KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mxylrw4hyp1qzb9hgo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 85989
Holy shit they look great.
>> No. 86000
Any news on whether the ending theme will still be Roundabout?
>> No. 86003
I imagine it will be different, but no news yet. How amazing would it be if the ending theme was Holy Diver?
>> No. 86048
File 138783262382.gif - (2.81MB , 362x200 , 1387685956409.gif )

Aww, they changed all the VAs aside from Jotaro and Dio. While I can understand changing Joseph so Sugita won't kill himself trying to do that voice for 2+ whole seasons it's still a shame since I loved all the ones from the game.
>> No. 87307
File 139297833111.gif - (947.52KB , 500x281 , a32fja0.gif )
First PV for Stardust Crusaders and it looks like they finally have a decent budget:
>> No. 87384
I wonder if they're going to change up who voices the side guys like Hol Horse.
>> No. 87457
Abdul teaser
>> No. 87753
File 139524661181.jpg - (202.57KB , 1190x664 , 1395096561362.jpg )
Looks like the OP for Stardust is going to be "Stand Proud" by Jin Hashimoto. Anybody know what else he's done?

Also the soundtrack is going to be done by Yugo Kanno from PSYCHO-PASS, and considering the music was pretty good I'm looking forward to it.
>> No. 87759
Wait are these official translations?
>> No. 87760
Pretty sure he was a Kamen Rider music guy, dunno what else he's done, kinda metal 80's feel to his music if I remember.
>> No. 87766
File 139534592426.gif - (707.96KB , 269x255 , bobtaro.gif )
Hashimoto tends to go for campy pop styled stuff so I expect the opening will probably be a mix of Phantom Blood's and Battle Tendency's, but leaning towards the former.
>> No. 87794
空条承太郎 & スタープラチナyoutube thumb
>> No. 87813
File 139560180595.jpg - (233.89KB , 800x1214 , jojos-bizarre-adventure-part-8-jojolion-4857709.jpg )
Whoa, fuck, we've just gone FMA.
>> No. 87819
File 139563641217.jpg - (229.15KB , 599x850 , Joestar's Anus.jpg )
Eh, Fate/Stay Night and I'm sure a lot of other media used the exact same phrase before, "Touka Koukan" and all.
>> No. 87838
>"Touka Koukan"

I think the phrase's meaning is closest to the Latin "quid pro quo", which can be loosely translated into English as "something for something". It can also be called "equal exchange" or "tit for tat" or other such things. "Equivalent Exchange" is just the translation popularized by FMA that a lot of people think of, but it is by no means exclusive.
>> No. 88064
>> No. 88065
SC in like, two hours actually. Cr is doing some kind of subbed simulstream.
>> No. 88068
File 139664912739.jpg - (59.60KB , 1280x720 , 1396646118813.jpg )
Fuck yeah actual decent budget.
>> No. 88076

Kinda sad that the episode was too long for us to get proper opening/ending themes. I was really looking forward to that. Guess we have to wait until next week.

Also, I started reading Part 4, and I've read like half of it in the last two days... WHY IS THIS MANGA SO DAMN GOOD?!

(Anyway, it bothers me that Araki is seemingly unable to design a proper teenager. Koichi is supposed to be 5'2" compared to Josuke's 5'10", but he consistently looks four feet tall and about eight-years-old while Josuke and Jotaro look about seven feet tall and twenty-years-old. The other high school boys are the same. Either they're adult-sized or they're child-sized. In a manga with otherwise superb artwork, it's something that's always irked me.)
>> No. 88077
File 13967224749.jpg - (37.28KB , 500x667 , tumblr_n3ikcqiUhb1qc54cio1_500.jpg )
Did you read Duwang or is there a good version of part 4 now?

Awww yis.
>> No. 88079
There's a person redoing part 4 here http://donebetterelsewhere.blogspot.com/
Up to volume 44 currently.
Here a mediafire account with a lot of JoJo stuff on it http://www.mediafire.com/ArakiCollection#4gnihlcgwhw1p
>> No. 88082
IIRC, there's also the villain-to-friend guy who had the puppet-like stand - he started out like a short teenager, and as the series went on became a little munchkin like Koichi.

>a good version of part 4
>implying duwang is not one of the finest gifts to the jojo fandom
>> No. 88084

I think you're thinking of the magnet guy, not the puppet guy. I don't think puppet guy came back.
>> No. 88085
No, wait, it was a padlock, not a magnet.
>> No. 88086
No, he did. Checked the wiki, his name was Toshikazu Hazamada and his stand was Surface. He didn't appear much after his battle and generally sucked up to Koichi.
>> No. 88166
File 139724536889.jpg - (666.19KB , 1280x2259 , DPNeOPr.jpg )
Song's not as good but the OP itself rules.

Real ED is due out in episode 3.
>> No. 88167
Awww, yeah, OP is a letdown.

Phantom Blood op still undisputed champ.
>> No. 88168
I like Bloody Stream the best overall. Sono Chi No Sadame is a slightly better song but not as good for easy listening and the animation isn't nearly as good.
>> No. 88169
3rd intro is good but nowhere near as fabulous as part 2
>> No. 88179
I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out but when Jotaro got home, he didn't just take off his shoes, he took off Kakoyin's.
>> No. 88182
I dunno why people had such a boner for part 2's theme, I didn't think it had shit on
>> No. 88185
It's also the only good part of the song.
>> No. 88191
bad taste
>> No. 88194
File 139736679084.jpg - (613.75KB , 1280x935 , tumblr_n3iu1xovx11rq8vr4o1_1280.jpg )
I think I might actually like the Phantom Blood poster most. It's just so simple.
>> No. 88195
File 139736962151.jpg - (1.53MB , 1714x1252 , 1381106061535.jpg )
I liked this version of the Jojolion panel better, not as spoileriffic.
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