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File 132103546727.jpg - (158.04KB , 1000x341 , team4starmainbanner.jpg )
68410 No. 68410
Well, since the last thread >>50094 is maxed out, here's a new one.

Here's a link to the last regular DBZ episode (ep 25) that was posted last thread:
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 25youtube thumb

Here's a link to the Lord Slug Abridged:
TFS Movie: Lord Slug Abridgedyoutube thumb

And here's a link to Team Four Star's site:
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>> No. 68411
All lord slug did was remind me why I was always confused by the DBZ movies.

If Nail is in Piccolo's head then that means this is sometime after Namek. Which means that Goku SHOULD ALREADY BE SUPER SAYAN AT THIS POINT.

Again, comedy, don't put too much thought into it, but I could never really pin down when ANY DBZ movie was suppose to "take place".
>> No. 68412
The movies aren't cannon. Also, I'm pretty sure Nail wasn't talking to Piccolo in the actual movie.
>> No. 68413
Movies are non-canon and Nail talking with Piccolo was an abridged addtion (And I hope he stays in Piccolo's head for a long time)
>> No. 68414

oh god and when he fuses with Kami that's... uuuuuhhggguuuu
>> No. 68417

Yep, they'll be having a nice threesome in there! George Takei will be happy, anyway.
>> No. 68418
Oh myyyyyy.
>> No. 68473
I miss Gohan saying "I need an adult." There were a couple times in both those vids that he coulda used it. However, the fact that they shoehorned Vegeta using TiVo to record Krillin getting pwned made me lol irl, so that was good.

I love you all.
The snark between Piccolo and Nail is already going to be good, but with Kami in the mix, I just know that Nail and Kami will gang up on Piccolo and poke fun at him for his many, many issues.
Double-teaming him inside his head, if you will.
>> No. 68484
Iguana Street.
>> No. 68486

I think the Iguana Street jokes were my second favorite bits. Close tie with Goku: Champion of Christmas.

Favorite was anything involving Piccolo.

That whole thing made me wonder: do they ever involve buildings like that in any other time in Dragonball, Z or otherwise? DBZ tended to feel like a fantasy world with no real world issues most of the time.*

Piccolo was actually using the building to his advantage and I can't recall getting thrown through windows ever being a thing. After a while, the fights were always in the skies over barren wastelands, tournament arenas or other dimensions and planets. The only thing I remember was a brief thing in The Android Saga. Might have been neat to see them rely on the terrain. I guess when you can fly and blocking a punch makes a shockwave that breaks windows, you tend to take fights to buttfuck nowhere 100% of the time.

*(I know for sure they'd never mention racism towards anything, much less Namekians and not getting mugged on Iguana Street.)
>> No. 68487
Yeah, generally if they're ever in a city, someone suggests they move the fight to a place that huge, completely desolate a million miles wide and could never exist anywhere on earth, but it's right over there.
>> No. 68489
Well, they've fought inside of cities a few times; the Trunks Special and movie 13 specifically come to mind. If we're counting the first series, (if I remember correctly) Goku fought Piccolo Sr. at the world capital and the final battle with the Red Ribbons took place in the Red Ribbon Army's fortress (Not really a city, but it was still inside of a building and it was awesome. Muscle Tower was also pretty awesome).
>> No. 68490
File 13212359766.jpg - (100.77KB , 640x502 , concerned puppy.jpg )
>pwned made me lol irl
You're scaring me.
>> No. 68492
>Nail and Kami double-teaming Piccolo inside his own head

Well, George hasn't said it yet, so I will:
Oh myyyy

Piccolo has always been my favorite character in DBZ; the abridged episodes just make me like him more because they write him some great lines.

I've always wondered at this; where and when do Goku and the others live on Planet Earth? Did WW3 happen, and therefore we have lots of barren places now but all the new tech like flying cars and Capsule Corp.? Or is this just a fanciful alternate reality, where there are hundreds of thousands of square miles of mountainous terrain that is completely wild and/or barren, and a smaller population that doesn't go too far outside established city limits?

Obviously, I have way too much time on my hands.
>> No. 68494
Considering there are large dinosaurs roaming about the world, I'd say it's Toriyama's alternate vision of Earth.
>> No. 68496

Technically, it's an alternate version of Earth that bears very little similarity to our own.

If you wanted to conjecture, though, you could say that perhaps it is a very distant past, millions of years ago (hence the dinosaurs and Pangea-like world-map) the evidence of the civilization which was wiped out long before we showed up. Obviously, any Saiyan blood has been diluted down to absolutely nothing by now, but we might still have a Namekian god somewhere up there.

Obviously, the Burj Dubai was an attempt to replicate Korin's Tower...
>> No. 68506
Also there's that bit in the Android saga where Goku is like, let's get out of this city near South City and fight somewhere completely desolate, and then android 20 completely desolates the city.
>> No. 68667
Just watched BBT Abridged Movie.

I love that in this age of abridged series with full casts of VAs, LK still basically does everything himself. I think all of two women in that were actually voiced by his gal.
>> No. 68668

>LK still basically does everything himself

Except all the parts he didn't do?

I mean yea LK still makes up the majority of the voicework. But IIRC him and his gal got divorced so Yusei's "girlfriend" that isn't his bike was probably voiced by a friend of his.
>> No. 68669
They did. He got another one, who is the one we hear now.
>> No. 68692
Not surprised considering it all kind of happened over the internet. How long were they together?
>> No. 68728
The guy who voiced Jaden is a really good voice actor. I was impressed.
>> No. 69481
New one's up
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 26youtube thumb
>> No. 69482
Powerlevels ARE bullshit
>> No. 69484
>Wait, I have apps? I have Minesweeper?!

I'm seriously hoping Nail sticks around in Piccolo's head for awhile; the dialogue TFS writes for them is great.
>> No. 69498

In theory, they'd keep it in there until Piccolo fuses with Kami, so they can have a threesome clusterfuck there in Piccolo's head.

In practice... I can all but guarantee they're going to stop by the end of the Frieza saga. Fansub groups inevitably disband when everyone graduates and joins the workforce, and they no longer have time for this kind of stuff. Already, the time between new episodes is increasing and the quality is (generally) decreasing.

Love Frieza Planet 419 though, AKA Planet of Spoilers. Like TFS telling us about all the stuff they're NOT getting to!
>> No. 69505

>In practice... I can all but guarantee they're going to stop by the end of the Frieza saga.
>Already, the time between new episodes is increasing and the quality is (generally) decreasing.
>Like TFS telling us about all the stuff they're NOT getting to!

Normally I try to avoid outbursts or at least explain things regarding the how/why of what I think but...

Fuck you. Seriously.
>> No. 69506
Yeah Jack, that was unjustified and intentionally worded in a fashion to cause problems. Don't be a wanker.
>> No. 69507
Sorry CJack, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you on all the points that make you seriously sound like Debbie Downer. These guys don't just do the parody stuff, they also have a pretty tight group within the voice actors that plays Left 4 Dead 2 and Halo: Reach together (which is also posted on their site, under "Team Four Star: Let's Play" in the Episodes section, and yes, sometimes they do the DBZ voices).

As a 29-y/o gamer, I know that getting together a good team to play campaigns with is really hard to let go. Also, just because you grow up doesn't mean you give up shit you love to do; it just means that instead of it being the only thing you do, it becomes a hobby that takes up your time when you're not working or otherwise having a life.

I don't mind waiting for the new episodes (though I would like to point out that the wait time between Lord Slug and Ep 26 was only a month); they're fun to watch when they do come out, and the "TFS: Let's Play" segments can be pretty hilarious all on their own. TFS is comprised of a bunch of guys who have fun doing things that are otherwise ridiculous, both for their own amusement and the amusement of others, and that's why I keep watching.
>> No. 69508
It's just in the math, guys.

They've adapted about 84 episodes of DBZ into 26 parody episodes. That's roughly a 3.4 actual-episode-to-parody-episode ratio. So in order to adapt the entire 291-epsiode series, they will need 86 total (not even counting GT). They're not even one-third the way there (and they've shown no desire to skip fillers [partially because they're hilarious] so I don't think they would) so far, which has taken them three and a half years.

So you really think they're going to do this for another eight years? Saying nothing of the fact that there's still nine more movies and one special (which are double-length as the episodes) as well, which brings the total "episode" number to over 100. That's a decade more to go at least, assuming they DON'T slow down.

I'm not trying to be an ass, I'm just being realistic.
>> No. 69509
Yeah, he hasn't said anything that wild. I'd say the frieza saga has three more episodes left in it, and then we'll see.
>> No. 69515

Yeah see, phrased like that? Much more sensible. The way you phrased it was that you were essentially saying that everything they're doing now is something that they'll do until they "grow up," that they're getting worse, and all but going "Hah! They're on the verge of falling apart! That's hilarious!"

You weren't trying to be an ass but you ended up coming off as one.
>> No. 69516
See, this is a much better argument than what you stated before. I can see the sense in this, but to just out and out say that after Frieza it's over is what I objected to, as well as your previous statement about them just up and disbanding.

I'm willing to bet TFS will keep going with the DBZ parodies for as long as it remains fun for them. For as long as it stays online, I'll watch it and enjoy the work these guys do basically for their own shits and giggles.
>> No. 69540
Look how long LK's been doing Yu-Gi-Oh. And he's just one guy. It's not like they've been showing any sort of ill-will against each other or WANTING to stop. The thing is, early on the episodes were of lower quality and therefore easier/faster to produce. Now that they're getting aces at editing, it's taking longer.
>> No. 69553
Hell, compared to most other abridged series, T4S is a fucking racecar.
>> No. 69635
Dende might just be my new favorite character. I love him being That Guy.
>> No. 69663
NGE One-Shot - Card Games For Charityyoutube thumb
Aaaaaaaaaaaand more self referential humor from Little Kuriboh. I won't lie though, I liked the fookin' Japanese military.
>> No. 69723

You had me at Red Dwarf theme.
>> No. 69758
Okay, the kitten struggling out of LittleKuriboh's grip had me in stitches.
>> No. 69837
YGXTAS 14 - The Big Stealyoutube thumb

I don't know why, but that ending just had me.
>> No. 69848
>"Oh my god, are you Batman?!"
>*smash* Stone Cold theme
Thanks, Botchamania.
>> No. 69856
... What is...
>> No. 69860
File 132501449021.jpg - (37.66KB , 307x345 , spider hell yes.jpg )
Okay, that was kind of amazing.
>> No. 69906
Like the original series, the writers of GX Abridged just stopped giving any kind of a shit.
>> No. 69909
What is Botchamania?
>> No. 69918
It's a youtube series(when they don't get taken down) that shows clips of wrestlers botching moves. Check it out, you might enjoy it even if you don't care about wrestling.

Just look up botchamania.
>> No. 69926
That doesn't do it enough credit. It's got great editing, recurring bits (Insane Dusty Commentary, Sending for the Man) and sweet 8 and 16 bit game soundtracks throughout.
>> No. 69954
I loved Jaden losing his patience and flipping shit.
>> No. 69955

It's not just Jaden loosing his patience or flipping his shit. It's the other duellists reaction that really sells the whole thing.
>> No. 70075
Holy shit, I'm going to have to start paying attention to this series.
>> No. 70097
Jaden's a lot more confrontational and angry in this series than he is in his YGO TAS appearances.
>> No. 70098

Yea I think most of Jadens lines in BBT were written by LK.
>> No. 70137
Same. Jaden in LK's videos is a lot cheerier and more adept at rapping than YGOGXA Jaden. I love how different they are despite having the same voice actor.
>> No. 70345
>TFS riffs on Dragonball Evolution
Huh, interesting. The first five minutes aren't bad. I'll have to check out the full thing when it comes out.
>> No. 70347
What? Where? LINK PLEASE!
>> No. 70378
It's just a preview but here you go.
>> No. 70561
And here's a preview trailer that was uploaded today.
>> No. 70796
Sticky Commercialyoutube thumb
1kidsentertainment continues its near spotless record of "What the fuck did I watch and why do I enjoy it?". For me anyway.
>> No. 70801
It's almost 4:45 AM. I am trying desperately hard not to laugh my ass off and wake up the spouse sleeping next to me. Thanks.
>> No. 70803
You're welcome.
>> No. 71010
I miss you, purpleeyeswtf.
>> No. 71080
Being sick as fuck has many disadvantages.

But being up when this uploads isn't one of them.

TFS Abridged Parody Episode 27youtube thumb
>> No. 71091
>> No. 71094
Bitch, you just jealous of my Super Saiyan swagger.
>> No. 71098
Awesome! I'm gonna deck you in the schnoz!
>> No. 71108
Row row row your boat...
>> No. 71118
Spirit Crab is the best part.
>> No. 71121
Wow, don't they usually take way longer to do episodes? The last was only a month ago.

>Vegeta's spirit animal
Haha, oh wow.
>> No. 71225
Code MENT - Episode 13youtube thumb
Code Ment is back.

Also, there is a new Pokemon Bridged is out.
P:TBS Episode 13- Losersyoutube thumb
>> No. 71228
>Wow, don't they usually take way longer to do episodes? The last was only a month ago.
One a month actually seems about the pace they go at.
>> No. 71241
File 132787450862.jpg - (304.31KB , 799x618 , 1327823653240.jpg )
You must be Darkseid! I'mma deck ya in the schnozz!
>> No. 71246
>Code Ment's back.
heck yes.aviyoutube thumb
>> No. 71538
Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged is back
Episode 54 - They Saved Tristan's Brainyoutube thumb
>> No. 71539
File 132858774131.jpg - (39.73KB , 624x352 , Doctor Who DAT FACE-2.jpg )
>Eight Months
>Arrow to the knee joke
>followed up with old spice guy joke, the exact same one DBZ Abridged did a year ago.
>> No. 71545
I thought that was kinda the point of the episode?
>> No. 71546
And what of everything else?
>> No. 71562

I thought the "tell me" bit had good use of timing and a great payoff.
>> No. 71563
On a related note.

Season Zero Abridged #2youtube thumb
>> No. 71565
...yes, I liked this quite a bit.
>> No. 72008
File 132965060029.png - (299.56KB , 593x500 , gallery_99130_34319_17627611594ceb118457bbb.png )
Rapeman Forever (Parody)youtube thumb
>> No. 72030
Aww, TFS is down.
>> No. 72032
That was funnier than I thought it would be.

The ending was completely ridiculous
>> No. 72301
Finally, an Abridged Precure which doesn't suck.

Smell Percure Ep 1: Cure Happy, I Choose You!youtube thumb
>> No. 72310
>Episode 28 is currently in the editing stage
>> No. 72491
>It's very nice to meat you all.
God damn it I lost it.
>> No. 72711
Update on Episode 28, promo for TFS conventions, then from about 0:33 on, Guru gets down.

When I'm Guru (Kitsune Kon and Khaotic Kon)youtube thumb
>> No. 72989
28's apparently halfway done editing

Episode 28 Preview: "General Mountain"youtube thumb
>> No. 73001
>> No. 73002
Kinda bummed Infinite MENT hasn't done anything new in a long time.
>> No. 73147
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 28youtube thumb

Love that ending.
>> No. 73152
File 133250922230.png - (330.91KB , 644x415 , oho~.png )
>...are you coming on to me?
>> No. 73155
>"...Are you real?"
>> No. 73156
>> No. 73157
>"Recoome thanks you."
>> No. 73158
>Funny quote from the episode.
>> No. 73166
You know how these abridged guys usually produce nothing, and then suddenly they release a ton of shit at once?

None Piece - Episode 4youtube thumb

Yeah, it's one of those days...
>> No. 73167
My heart.
The tears.
The fucking joy.
>> No. 73168
This man's goal in life is to prove that your jokes don't have to be even the slightest bit good to be an excellent comedian.
>> No. 73172
File 133257442142.gif - (1.91MB , 320x173 , whereamiwhat.gif )
>my face during that entire episode

I love this series.
>> No. 73173
Personally, think I lost it most at "sack of dumb puppies"
>> No. 73178
Freakin Solid.
>> No. 73179
So much win! Couldn't stop laughing. I seriously love the aspects they choose to spoof of this series.

Just thought of something. Because 28 was originally such a monster episode (apparently they were gonna try to edit down 8 full DBZ episodes into it), but they had technical difficulties, they split it into episodes 28 and 29. All the lines for episode 29 are already recorded, since they were originally part of 28. So maybe we could be getting episode 29 earlier than normal, like in a couple weeks as opposed to the usual month between episodes.

Or they could be using the extra time to start scripting episode 30 and recording that, so they have a buffer...only time will tell.
>> No. 73188
Purpleeyeswtf just knows timing is really the driving force of comedy.
>> No. 73189
They are planning 29 for mid-April.

I want to see what they do with Krillin's death. Seeing as that set off Goku into Super Saiyan. Probably like 'of fuck the monkey was telling the truth...'
>> No. 73190
Nullmetal Alchemist - Episode 1youtube thumb

>> No. 73191
Oh god it's perfect.

And he DID totally make more episodes.
>> No. 73275
P:TBS Episode 14- Historyyoutube thumb
First DBZA, then NP and NMA, now Pokemon Bridge'd. This has been a rather productive time for abridged series.
>> No. 73318
Michael Bay's YGO Abridgedyoutube thumb
>> No. 73396
I don't normally like stuff done by LittleKuriboh.

But this was pretty great.
>> No. 73571
P:TBS Episode 15- Reunitedyoutube thumb

Nobody likes Tracy Sketchit, do they?
>> No. 73583

I liked Tracy Sketchit. :c
>> No. 73812
So, if you go to TFS website, Episode 29 is up there. They mislabeled it as 28, but the title of it is "Freezer Burn", and it's the top video on the list, so it's kinda hard to miss.

I'll link the ep here when it comes up on YouTube.
>> No. 73814
Heavy's eating sounds was the best part.
>> No. 73815
The psirit bomb really is one of the most worthless of attacks in all of shounen.

Sort of missed the Z-fighters vs Ginyu force fight, its one of my fave fillers of the anime, seeing them actually get to do something for once
>> No. 73816
That was a bad episode.
>> No. 73817
Yeah, I wouldn't say bad, but much weaker than usual.
>> No. 73818

Majin Buu was killed by a Spirit Bomb.


Why? I mean there weren't much in the ways of laugh out loud moments but I thought Piccolo and Goku's little back and forth about the Episode 1 grudge was pretty funny.
>> No. 73819
The one time it actually works, and they could have just got Gohan in to do the job instead.
>> No. 73820
I enjoyed it.
And I'm deathly curious as to how next episode is going to pan out.
>> No. 73821
I enjoyed it more than I did the last episode.
Which is to say I enjoyed it very much.
>> No. 73822
For once, I felt the Krillin Owned Count was in bad taste...

Loved Frieza's maniacal laughing, though.
>> No. 73828
I've been wondering how they're gonna treat the whole Super Saiyan transformation this entire time. I mean, do they play it straight? How do you parody something like that? Is Goku any smarter in Super Saiyan form?
>> No. 73830
Really? Because if it's wrong to laugh at that last count ping, then I need an aisle seat, because I'm taking the plane to hell.

>Is Goku smarter after SS transformation?
This...is a really good question. I can think of many, many scenarios in which that would be hilarious, so it's appealing, but at the same time, it feels like it might be too much. I'm gonna withhold judgment until I see what TFS does in Episode 30 and beyond.

Of course the next question is: if Goku is smarter after reaching SS, what happens when he reaches SS2, SS3 & SS4? And what would happen to Vegeta, who is already fairly smart?
>> No. 73832
I could see them doing it sorta like the hulk where Goku just gets really angry. As for the transformation, I can see that being handled straight.

I liked it. There wasn't as much back and fourth between Goku and Freeza, but what was there was pretty good. Also, more Ginyu Force is always welcomed.
>> No. 73843
Ghost Vegeta will probably show up next episode to tell Freeza how Goku has achieved THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAYIAN STATUS.
>> No. 73847
New episode is up on YouTube now!

TFS Abridged Parody Episode 29youtube thumb
>> No. 73849

I can't see them playing it straight, really. I can only see them doing something that is overly parodied, perhaps as follows:

Frieza: Ha! I killed the Namek!
Goku: Don't care.
Frieza: And your best friend!
Goku: Meh.
Frieza: Now I will kill your son! Haha!
Goku: So?
Frieza: Then, I will go to your planet and kill everyone you know!
Goku: Yawn.
Frieza: And... I will burn your house and rape your wife...!
Goku: Meh.
Frieza: And... then... uh, I will... eat your waffles...?
Goku: NOOOO! *Super Saiyan*
>> No. 73850
I'm going to miss Frieza being completely exasperated by Goku.
>> No. 73851

Santa will show up to stop Freiza. Frieza will kill Santa. Champion of Christmas, etc
>> No. 73854
I dunno. They've been pretty good with stuff like this, so here's hoping it's played straight.
>> No. 73856
Really though. I'm betting how SS will go down is with Frieza monologing about "How good they tried" and "How they could never beat him" and how Vegta was a moron for believing in Super Saiyans, just for Goku to go apeshit and transform.

Least that's my assumption.
>> No. 73857

Goku's dumb/oblivious, not heartless. Leaving aside how he's been kinda neglectful (which oddly enough, given the ending to the Cell Saga is actually kinda spot on for him) he at least hugged Gohan and stuff. Plus he's fighting Freeza because he's evil and killed people. He's the utter embodiment of justice, wrapped up in the utter embodiment of thick-headedness.
>> No. 73858
Speaking of which I can imagine them riffing on the ally to justice nightmare to you line.
>> No. 73859

That's true for the Goku in the series, but TFS Goku is twice as mentally-retarded, and twice as extreme with all his Goku-esque traits, including not giving a crap about anything that isn't food or fighting.
>> No. 73861

No, there's bits and pieces of that in TFS Goku as well, even in this episode. When he's getting up, he's just telling himself he needs to beat him because Freeza is evil and his earlier bit before they started fighting.
>> No. 73862
>Piccolo: Did you just...hold a grudge?
I lol'd.
>> No. 73863
Anyone else suspect episode 30 to be the final part of the Freeza arc? They made episode 10 extra long just so they could finish the first story arc on a good number, I can see them doing the same thing here.

I mean, there isn't much left that needs to be done anyway right? If I remember correctly (which I probably don't, haven't watched DBZ in years) Gohan finds a space pod and leaves Namek, Goku goes super, and then the planet blows up. They could fit that into a single episode, but I guess it all depends on how long they want the fight with Freeza to last.

By the way, I was curious about which movie TFS would abridge next and when looking at the list of DBZ movies I realized they skipped over Dead Zone and The World's Strongest. Anyone know if TFS plans on going back and doing those or just leaving them be?
>> No. 73864
Frieza: Can this day get ANY worse?
???: Friiiieeeezaaa....Friiiiiiieeeeeeeezaaaa...
Frieza: Oh what now!
Ghost Vegata: Told you so.
>> No. 73865

Don't they first wish back everybody using the dragon on Earth, then wish everybody on Namek to earth?
>> No. 73867
File 133455022585.jpg - (42.72KB , 507x480 , 1194394827671.jpg )
The joke will be that they'll do it in literally 5 minutes.
>> No. 73872
They did both of those movies before actually becoming team four star
TFS Movie: The Dead Zone Abridgedyoutube thumb
TFS Movie: The World's Stronge…youtube thumb
For some reason they continued from there with the movies but never actually archived these anywhere.
>> No. 73873
I could see them doing the finale in a similar fashion to the first finale, which was 25 mintues spread over 3 uploads, though I doubt they'd have to do that now since Youtube lifted the 11min length restriction.

See, now that'd be something. I don't know if they could pull it off, because a lot happens in that 5 minutes; they fight, Gohan shows up, the nameks and vegeta get wished back to life, Dende sends everyone to earth, and then Goku and Freeza finish their fight, all before Goku finally wins and the planet blows up. They'd have to move at a pretty rapid pace to fit in ALL OF THAT.
>> No. 73876
Yeah actually doing that all in five minutes isn't going to work unless they move around events, cut a lot out, or do a "Run Lola Run"-style thing where the timer keeps going back as we show things from different perspectives, but I can think of a couple other things they might do:
1. Have Freeza instead say a different, longer amount of time that is exactly accurate.
2. Have someone freak out when five actual minutes has passed, everyone moves on (Goku: Maybe a minute is longer on this planet.) except Freeza who's really pissed off at it, then later mention the actual time once it's over.
3. Similarly, have a timer constantly on display that either moves at a constantly slower rate or does weird things like counting down past zero, jumping around all the time, or is a random time generator (like that one joke in Futurama).
>> No. 73877
I think it would be funny if they actually counted up the number of minutes from Freeza starting the explosion to when the actual explosion and just have Freeza give that as the timeline for the explosion or have him go with false counts.


>> No. 73880

>"Run Lola Run"

Or just a general kind of Rashamon style thing where we show each character/group doing their own thing and just explain that each of their actions happen within the 5 minute time-frame.
>> No. 73882
A parody of 24
>> No. 73885
And now for one of the greatest things ever:

NGE Abridged 04 (Holiday Special )youtube thumb
>> No. 73903
>"If I'm as evil as you say I am, then let God strike me where I stand!"

FUCK these last two episodes have legit killed me
>> No. 73956
There you go again, throwing your hands in the air like you just don't care.

>> No. 73969
...now you're just being transcendent.
>> No. 73987
God TeamFourStar's store is awful. Like, I want to give them my money, but I don't actually want any of their merch within 10 feet of me.
>> No. 73988

Sometimes I wish they could almost make a deal with Funimation to just put DBZ abridged into DVD form.
>> No. 73990
so sad these guys never took off. Best NGE parody out there by far. Unwardil's in there iirc.

I feel the same way about LittleKuriboh's stuff. Love the jokes, wouldn't touch the merch.
>> No. 73991


>> No. 73993
I just love the pause and the camera angle on the Freezer Burn line.
They really know the best way to deliver a terrible pun.
>> No. 74463
Episode 55 - Stepbrother's Sinyoutube thumb

Oh hey, this show is still a thing.
>> No. 74465
Haha neat.

Thanks for sharing Snes
>> No. 74505
The side parodies tend to be my favorite parts. I loved the Thomas the Tank Engine scenes.
>> No. 75599
Code MENT - Episode 14youtube thumb
>> No. 75600
I actually forgot to come here after A-Kon. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get in on their panel and we got a preview of the first half of the new episode (KaiserNeko said maybe two weeks between then and the release) and I also managed get in a question.

I decided to bring up the old post where one Anon said that they were gonna dry up and later did a quick and dirty calculation to show that they have maybe ten years to get through all of the content.

Takahata101 said that they plan to at least finish as far as the Cell saga because if DBZ had a decent ending point, Cell worked just fine. They wanna evaluate where they are because they wanna keep making entertainment and also branch out into other projects in addition to DBZ Abridged. Overall, they did say they love their work and want to keep it up.

(Also, Takahata101 says I have amazing hair.)

Side notes include Takahata101 demonstrating the three Cell voices (though I'd have preferred that stay a surprise, thanks A-Kon goers) a few clues as to the running gag with Trunks, and a few glorious improv sessions.
>> No. 75610
I think Mao is his best character.
>> No. 75614
I didn't like the new MENT much, it felt like he's been out of it too long and needs to get his groove back.

But I do like really the idea of Mao and Lelouch being friends out of mutual fear/hatred of C.C.
>> No. 75622
Just so people understand: Episode 30 is literally over three times as big as a normal episode. That's why it's taking so long.
>> No. 75623
>> No. 75624
They were on Namek at the time. This is actually shorter than what we'd have to watch for this part of the Freiza battle.
>> No. 75630

It's going to be the season finale, then...?
>> No. 75632
Yeah, I thought that was pretty obvious, considering where they ended last episode.
>> No. 75636
"Oh, what? The monkey's mad his bald friend got blown to bits? Getting his power level all high and mighty to scare me? Oh, it's just adorable really, I could almost-"
*hair flashes yellow*
"...that's... new."
>> No. 75687
I prefer his NonePiece stuff over his codeMENT stuff
>> No. 75701
Nullmetal Alchemist - Episode 5youtube thumb
>> No. 75802
according to twitterfeed

Tomorrow Episode thirty drops in two parts, one on the youtube channel, the other on the site.
>> No. 75815

Part 1 of 3!
>> No. 75818
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 30 (Part 1 of 3)youtube thumb

Fixed ur link.
>> No. 75820
"Then how might I be of service, lord Popo?"

"Good question; Kami, the fuck am I doing?"

"Good question; King Kai, the fuck is he doing?"

Heck almighty, it's all in the delivery sometimes.
>> No. 75836
>> No. 75837
I love the personality and voice they finally settled on for Kami. It really fits well with the the "all Namekians are dicks" angle they've been using.
>> No. 75844

best part of the episode
>> No. 75848
But King Kai! It's stuffed crust! You can eat it backwards!
>> No. 75849
...This is gonna sound shitty and ungrateful but...I already saw this bit at A-Kon, they showed off this much so far. Are they gonna stagger the upload? Their website is outright down right now, what's going on?

I still love seeing Goku's eyes when he talks about eating it in reverse, though.
>> No. 75850
Episode 30 made the front page of Reddit. THAT'S what's going on
>> No. 75853
So why are they uploading this episode in three parts? It's not even like they have a limit on how long the episodes can be on Youtube. It's just... annoying.
>> No. 75855
I thought I saw something mentioned on their site earlier today about having a strike on their Youtube account, meaning they had a strict 15 min. upload limit.
>> No. 75856
Yep, that was on KaiserNeko's twitter, which was also posted to TFS's feed.
>> No. 75865
King Kai: Goku has truly done it. He has become the ONE AND ONLY Super Saiyan! ...right?
Narrator: Y... yeeeeaaahh...
King Kai: You hesitated there for a second. Why?
Narrator: Every Saiyan will eventually be able to do it, even the one that's only seven years old at the time.
King Kai: Does that mean it's...
Super Kami Gurn: All downhill from here.
King Kai: ...just like Yamcha.
>> No. 75868
Wow, you started quoting a joke of thiers then kept going and completly overdid it

You suck
>> No. 75874

Not to mention the narrator was probably talking about Broly
>> No. 75886
>Is he going to be completely serious or still silly?
>Still silly, but also completely serious about it.
This is the best thing.
>> No. 75887

He didn't say "Legendary Super Saiyan".
>> No. 75891
Infinite MENT Episode 3youtube thumb

meanwhile, in my other favorite corner of the abridging world
>> No. 75939
So what's the deal with episode 30 then? I assumed they had all of episode 30 done and were just going to upload them at approximately the same time. Do they only have this first third done, and are still making the other two parts? Will it be weeks before the next part is out?

Not complaining, just curious since I haven't been able to find any information on their website or twitter/tumblr/facebook.
>> No. 75946
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 30 (Part 2 of 3)youtube thumb
Part 2 is up.
>> No. 75948
Daddy I don't want to be on Namek anymore.
>> No. 75949
>> No. 75950
Goodnight, sweet Guru ;_;
>> No. 75956
Not gonna lie, was expecting a Death Note style plan recap for the everyone except Goku off the planet plan.


So if Goku didn't specifically request it... I wonder what the Abridged reason will be he wasn't also booted off namek.
>> No. 75957
It screws over Frieza.
>> No. 75977
I bet they'll explain the Namek dragon balls still working with something like Guru's replacement ate his organs.
>> No. 75978
>> No. 76017
Wow, rewatching some first season episodes you can really tell how much they've improved at editing, voice acting, and especially recording (the sound quality back then is actually pretty grating by comparison).
>> No. 76043
Even just watch the first movies which they did before the episodes.
>> No. 76103
Is it weird to say that some people online who do parodies like the Abridged series could, imo, be professional voice actors or video editors?
>> No. 76104
Why not? You gotta start somewhere
>> No. 76107

At the A-Kon Q&A, Takahata101 said he's gonna be voicing some mini-boss in an upcoming game, but wasn't able to say which one.
>> No. 76110
You know the show Workaholics? The creators/actors were picked up based on stuff they put on youtube.

And the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia crew just made an incredibly cheap pilot and got a series.

Talented people can do almost anything now - or more accurately, the audience can watch almost anything now. That includes comedic rewrites of old cartoons.

TFS clearly could do lots of things, as they have the talent and work ethic, but they're doing this, and we're blessed to have genuine talent in a niche this small.
>> No. 76111
You know the show Workaholics? The creators/actors were picked up based on stuff they put on youtube.

And the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia crew just made an incredibly cheap pilot and got a series.

Talented people can do almost anything now - or more accurately, the audience can watch almost anything now. That includes comedic rewrites of old cartoons.

TFS clearly could do lots of things, as they have the talent and work ethic, but they're doing this, and we're blessed to have genuine talent in a niche this small.
>> No. 76117
It kinda makes me half wish that if and when [AS] get's the rights back to Dragon Ball Z that they would get Team Four Star and remaster it or something.

Though it's probably not the best idea.
>> No. 76118
Yeah, the pilot for Always Sunny was made for something around $83 if I remember correctly (it's on the first DVD set)

Not at all. They do a really good job with this stuff.
>> No. 76139
Lanipator has pretty much become Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin for me. He's fucking amazing.
Also LittleKuriboh's Frieza.
>> No. 76161
It's so good.
You hear it and think, oh he's doing Chris Ayres' Freeza.
And then you think about the time frame for a bit and realize it's the other way around.
English Frieza Voice Acting: L…youtube thumb
>> No. 76165
Final part's here

TFS Abridged Parody Episode 30…youtube thumb
>> No. 76169
>I bet they'll explain the Namek dragon balls still working with something like Guru's replacement ate his organs.

I don't know how, but you totally freaking nailed it...

Also, I fully support DendeXGohan.
>> No. 76182
That is all...mainly because my brain fried from the awesome of watching all three parts together.

>Also, I fully support DendeXGohan.
My brother, you have my axe, for I am with you.

I'm just wondering how TFS will write out the scenes where they need to convince Dende to come back to Earth to be the new Guardian and replace Kami.

All I can picture is Gohan being awkward, and Dende trying to cover up his feelings and going "oh, yeah, well, I'm over it". Then later on in the series, every once in a while, Gohan just thinks "I feel like I'm being watched", and then it cuts away to Dende watching everything over the edge of the Lookout and humming "Every Breath You Take".
>> No. 76183
Man, when it comes to 18, I hope the joke is the reaction to her relationship with Krillin, rather than the relationship itself.
>> No. 76184
Ahaha that Dende bit
>> No. 76185

Also fuck me in the keyhole the best exchanges from part three absolutely goes to Vegeta and Bulma. I'm sort of deliriously excited for Season 3 entirely so those two can be psychopaths at each other.
>> No. 76186
>> No. 76187
File 134069979382.gif - (406.93KB , 454x250 , wrigglingonthefloorlaughing.gif )
>> No. 76188
File 134071092633.jpg - (69.34KB , 750x600 , 1329960724929.jpg )
Gojira gojira, GOJIRA.

Gojira, Gojira.

Gojira's (Godzilla) Theme Songyoutube thumb
>> No. 76189
Goddamn, that was glorious.
Don't forget to check out the version on the TFS website, though. It has an extra scene after the credits.
>> No. 76204
>Don't forget to check out the version on the TFS website, though. It has an extra scene after the credits.

Oh, sweet! Thanks.
>> No. 76208
>Vegeta and Bulma, Season 3 interactions
YES, this too. If I remember, they just bitched at each other a lot when on screen, except when Bulma kinda looks worriedly over Vegeta when he over-trains and ends up going fucking comatose. Then, after a little time-skip thing, Bulma's had a baby that for some reason has the hair color of her dad. FWIW, I would give away my left nut to hear TFS explain how Vegeta bowed to Bulma's naming of his firstborn son as Trunks Briefs. Was Bulma really that terrifying while she was pregnant?
>> No. 76215

At the A-kon panel, since it was Kaiser, Lanipator and Takahata, they had a few hilarious ad-libs.

Lani (as Vegeta): "I was going to name him "Jock Strap" but this was funnier to me."

I think they hinted at the running gag with Trunks, too. Every time they were about to say his name, Lani would yell out "His name is Failure!

Favorite was when they saw a girl more heavyset cosplaying as moustache-Vegeta:

Takahata (as Nappa): "Oh my GOD. What happened to you? ...Hey Vegeta...how's driving a minivan?"

"It's not a minivan, it's a Prius! See, I was getting really concerned about the environment and-SHUT UP!"

"Hey, it's cool, man. Just wanna know what it's like having your balls in a purse."

"Well it's not like they're ever far from me, she makes me hold it..."
>> No. 76216
I laughed so hard when Gohan told Dende not to skip bringing back Krillin, mostly because I had genuinely forgotten about him.
>> No. 76218
Are they going to do the Garlic Jr. Arc?
>> No. 76222
*maniacal laughter*
>> No. 76227

They said they likely would, but they might just only do the Garlic Jr. filler, not the movie.
>> No. 76230
They actually did do Abridged versions of the first two movies, but I guess they disregard them all together. You can find them on Youtube if you look.
>> No. 76235
jesus take the wheel i am so excited for exactly this
>> No. 76436
So has anyone watched TFS's iRiff of Dragonball Evolution?
>> No. 76445
I tried, but I couldn't stomach the actual movie. Not even riffing it helped.
>> No. 76446
I watched GiantBomb play the PSP game, that was already too much.

>> No. 76454
I did. It was pretty funny. I kept expecting them to do the voices at some point, but they never did.
>> No. 76928
Episode 56 - It's a Mad, Mad, …youtube thumb

So YGOA is still a thing.
>> No. 76979
These might not be as awesome as they once were, but they are still enjoyable to watch.
Littk Kuriboh does most of his work with other groups at the moment right? Like voicing Freiza with Team4Star
>> No. 77074
SPOOFERMAN RETURNS - Otakon 2012youtube thumb
>> No. 77138
Wow, this is still a thing too.

8 - ENNETHING NO JUTSU~!youtube thumb
>> No. 77148
So I just watched their second Podcast. Few things of interest

>They are doing a special for the Garlic Jr saga, not individual episodes
>They're going to try to get Hellsing Abridged out before Youmacon this year
>KaiserNeko has a breakdown whenever he edits Hellsing because everyone has long hair that covers their lip flaps
>> No. 77151

>Do do dee do do doooo, this episode took me a year!

Still the best Abridged opening song, by far.
>> No. 77362
Just listened to TFS Podcast #4. A few things of note:
>They are going to do the DBZ movie Revenge of Cooler, because reasons (which they actually discuss)
>GeneralIvan is going guest-voice Cooler & there's an audio preview of him playing Cooler (which sounds hilariously promising)
>Takahata101 is in a live-action you-tube video, playing Captain Falcon

Also, for those of you who haven't seen it, up on their website is a video of Takahata101, Lanipator, The Nostalgia Critic & a few others reading 50 Shades of Grey using various character voices. They start off with Lanipator speaking as Mr. Popo and Takahata101 as Guru. The video is about 50 minutes long, and they read for almost all that time, taking breaks only to switch readers and see if there are other VAs in the audience who want to take a turn. Seriously hilarious shit, as it's obvious none of them pre-read any of it, so the entire story is a surprise to them.
>> No. 77525
P*ccolo: Last Fan Standing Pt. 1 (Parody)youtube thumb

>This video isn't available due a cliam from TOEI ANIMATION CO.,LTD..
>> No. 77551
Nullmetal Alchemist - Episode 6youtube thumb

This one starts off funny and foreshadow heavy, then goes a little darker than I expected it to, even knowing the canon storyline for the episode.
>> No. 78081
TFS Movie: Revenge of Cooler Abridgedyoutube thumb
GeneralIvan is best pony.
>> No. 78095
You know, I never actually saw Revenge of Cooler.
I did not realize they used that method of beating the boss more than once.
Although I guess GT used it too, didn't it.
>> No. 78099
>> No. 78100
So we learned an interesting bit of Sauza the Space Frenchman's family tree. He is cousins to Jace the Space Australian. Will ALL Space (insert country here) people be related to them? Because I would love for that to be a running joke, the payoff being a shot of Hell being a giant cousins reunion for Jace and Sauza, and everybody else in the Ginyu Force going "holy shit, Jace, how many cousins do you HAVE?!"
>> No. 78101
Well, THAT was the most awkward argument EVER between Korin & Yajirobe. Seriously, just...hilarious but so very, very awkward.

But Piccolo and Nail talking about Star Wars = awesome. In fact, ALL the Star Wars references were awesome.
>> No. 78108

Nail might be my new favorite character in the series. He's consistently hilarious, and never gets overused because he only shows up occasionally.

(I was SO HOPING for a Green Mile joke when Goku healed that dying bird by holding it in his hands, but I guess calling it Toriyama instead of Mr. Jingles was pretty funny, too.)
>> No. 78114
Yeah that shout-out would've been cool, but the pun was great, too. Also, the call back to "Cha-La Head Cha-La" is always welcomed, too.
>> No. 78151
I enjoyed GeneralIvan's work on this one. He made a good Cooler. Do you think that since they had LK for Freeza and GI for Cooler, they're gonna have a guest star do King Cold?
>> No. 78163
Eh, don't think I've ever really found him that amusing. Mind you, he's got really damn tough competition.
>> No. 78202
Marik plays Slender!
>> No. 78275
Nullmetal Alchemist, Episode 7

Nullmetal Alchemist - Episode 7youtube thumb

Enter Barry the Chopper
>> No. 78349
File 134859692828.png - (919.42KB , 1280x914 , redirect.png )
Hellsing Episode 3 Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 78710
So this is apparently a thing still happening:

YGXTAS 15 - Snack Attackyoutube thumb
>> No. 78803
I miss the crazy pissed off Jaden.
>> No. 78810
Dub of the North St*r - Ep. 3 (Parody)youtube thumb
>> No. 78828
He did sound pretty demented near the end.
>> No. 78903
>"Yesterday it was tennis, today it's a duel giant, tomorrow it's Tarzan! This place is crazy!" -Jaden
>Next episode does in fact have a Tarzan guy.

Jaden can predict the future! We are all doomed.
>> No. 78905
>Knock Knock
Oh god I love this.
>> No. 79018
Saints.youtube thumb
>> No. 79026
None Piece - Episode 5youtube thumb
>> No. 79030
Purpleeyeswtf is proof that true art takes time.
>> No. 79032
It was going very strong until the party scene. Kind of lost some momentum there.
>> No. 79036
I lol'd. Specially at Shiryu's part.
>> No. 79038
I love how Tarzan guy sounds like the Cockney Hitcher.
>> No. 79040

I don't mind Purpleeyes doing his own thing and just kinda screwing the story over for continuity. But I think he took it a bit far here and the obvious copy+paste photo-editing doesn't help.

Also he skipped Zoro's back-story... why... why did he skip Zoro's back-story? Could he not come up with a joke for it?
>> No. 79071
It was a definite mixed bag this time around, though the good bits were pretty damn amazing.
>> No. 79074
The main problem is that he tried to do a None Piece episode and a Code MENT episode at the same time. Not that I blame him, fans can get annoyingly impatient.
>> No. 79156
Hell yeah purpleeyes as Barry the Chopper. Digging NullMetal. Really didn't quite care for YGXTAS until episode 15. I mean it was alright I just felt like it wasn't paced well until that one.
>> No. 79186
A Day With Dutch (Parody)youtube thumb
Oh Dutch, you card.
>> No. 79205
Well, here's something to watch until Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Ep 3 comes out (which should be soonish, as Youmacon is this weekend).

Infinite MENT Episode 4youtube thumb

>> No. 79236
TFS Special - Episode of Bardockyoutube thumb
Oh look at this.
>> No. 79237
>That Ocean reference at the end
This is magical.
>> No. 79238
*TFS* Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 3youtube thumb And now, look at THIS.
>> No. 79257
>>"Oh God I have two of those!"
That bit killed me

Haha oh yes it is
>> No. 79258
Bardock is my favorite DBZ character and now he's my favorite Abridged character. I'm sad we won't see more of him.
>> No. 79298
Not as good as episode 2 but so fucking good anyways
>> No. 79299
Episode 2 mostly just made me feel uncomfortable with shit like Jan's speech. This was more fun.
>> No. 79300
I must be a horrible person because I honestly cracked the hell up at that entire part because of just how horrible it was. It's so completely over the top that somewhere around "blood and semen" I lose it. Whoops bad feminist.

My only problem with Hellsing Abridged is that normal Hellsing Ultimate isnt half as cool or funny as it is
>> No. 79301
I like the rest of the series (sucks it only comes once a year), but I can't take that one phone call, I skip it every time.
>> No. 79304
I'm so glad for another Hellsing episode, and that Bardock episode was pretty great. I love how Takahata101 just owns the part of Alucard being both badass and ridiculous. Also, I'm digging the voice actors for Maxwell and Pip (GeneralIvan has a fantastically posh voice, no matter what accent he's doing, and jragoswin as Pip is growing on me, especially since he's not going for over-the-top "I'm French!", but it just pops up here and there).

In the new series of TFS Podcasts on their website, Taka and Kaiser were talking about Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, and Taka wants to do more than one a year, but at the same time, he doesn't want to overwork Kaiser, who is the one who edits everything TFS does. Kaiser loves the Hellsing Ultimate OVAs, and the whole creative process of making the scripts for the Abridged series, but hates to edit it, because there is always hair in front of the mouths so it makes it a bitch to match lip-flaps (and yeah, there are a LOT of stylized shots with a lot of movement where the characters are talking, so I can imagine that would be horrible to try and edit).
>> No. 79305
...The Aristocrats...
>> No. 79309
I really like the whole exhausted mom/excited kid interplay with Integra and Alucard.
>> No. 79322
Kaiser's bascially stated he has a mental breakdown whenever he edits a Hellsing episode.

Fun fact I learned at Youmacon: The original plan for whenever Alucard's coat opens was to replace the eyes with Popo faces, but it proved impossible to edit properly. But they said to basically go ahead and pretend you see Popo whenever Alucard opens his coat.
>> No. 79339
"I was minding my own business."
>> No. 79371
Wow, it's like they all give a damn again. Shame that other guy doesn-
Episode 57 - Reservoir Stevesyoutube thumb
>> No. 79406
File 135265367311.jpg?spoiler - (325.49KB , 792x1147 , [Max7]Hellsing_71_Illustration-07.jpg?spoiler )
I thought nothing could kill me harder than that gag.

But that Zoidberg noise. God, that Zoidberg noise. I still can't even handle that (plus the sound effect (plus the timing on the whole thing)).

By the way, the avatar we see for Integra's twitter account is a split-second in joke. Here's the full image.
>> No. 79413
I can't help but laugh every time at "JESUS WANTS A HUUUUG!"
The Zoidberg/Three Stooges noises were great too.
And as soon as I saw the Twitter bit, I went on Twitter and started following them. On Friday Alucard tweeted that he can't get through security at the airport in Brazil anymore...well, the legal way, at least.
>> No. 79465
Oh god, that riff on the "You're father was a brilliant scientist" line at the end. Goddammit, I laughed more than anything else at that. I love you, TFS.
>> No. 79481
That was indeed SO GOOD, yes yes.
(still have no idea why the people doing that dub felt the need to make up that little tidbit of misinformation?)
>> No. 79531
So this is kinda old, but I haven't seen anyone talk about it and it's pretty funny.

Metabridged 1youtube thumb

Metabridged 2youtube thumb
>> No. 79547
>FiM refrens
You and I have really diffrent ideas off old abriged series.
>> No. 79585
Dessert Bus 2012!youtube thumb
>> No. 79937
News on season three, some new merch, and a special guest appearance.

>> No. 79951
So this is still going.

Nullmetal Alchemist - Episode …youtube thumb
>> No. 79952
I'm fainlty hoping they switch to Brotherhood halfway through, just to get a complete story.
>> No. 80177
YGOTAS Episode 2 - The Vagina Monologuesyoutube thumb
>> No. 80182
File 135525612569.jpg - (26.98KB , 512x465 , tumblr_mcptgfoPNl1ra748co1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 80262
Now that's...funny? I guess
>> No. 80368
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 31youtube thumb
>> No. 80372
>that ending
Oh Popo
>> No. 80375
>the new opening and disclaimer card were just a decoy because they're getting through the whole Garlic Junior filler in one episode

Fucking knew it.
>> No. 80390
Not their best episode, but it's hard to top Goku and Freeza's interactions.
>> No. 80393
>Krillin gets money
>Immediately gets a girlfriend
No no no no NO, Krillin. When you get that much money, you are obligated to spend a solid week doing nothing but swimming in hookers and blow whilst drinking yourself absolutely stupid. Then with the money you have left, you can get a horrible gold-digging girlfriend, but you lie to her and tell her you only have 1/4 of the money you actually do prior to banging her. When you reveal the truth about how much money you've got, she will continue to have sex with you in hopes of becoming a trophy wife or your baby-mama (which is why you should always be in charge of your own condoms). Didn't Roshi teach you anything of VALUE while he was your sensei?!
>> No. 81115
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 32youtube thumb
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