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File 133653636664.png - (1.97MB , 2160x1425 , 25942858.png )
74634 No. 74634
So tell me /jam/, Which Sailor Scout is your favorite?
Mine is Serena.
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>> No. 74635
File 133653738317.jpg - (23.87KB , 434x369 , pic_1211579086_10[1].jpg )
Sailor Mercury was one of my first waifus before I knew what a waifu was.
Dat hair!
Dose brains!
Dem blues!
...I'll be in my bunk.
>> No. 74637
Sailor Jupiter is infinitely superior to all others, other opinions are factually wrong.
>> No. 74639
In the end, they're all the same once Black Dog starts drawing em.
>> No. 74643
In the anime, Minako, because she's a loon. I'm still working through the manga, but thus far it's actually Usagi. Her negative qualities aren't played up so much on the manga, and it makes her a lot more likable. Her relationship with Tuxedo Mask is a lot more interesting in the manga, too.

Favorite character in general is probably English Dub Zoicite though. I know she's a whitewashing of a homosexual man and that's Not Cool and everything, but her performance was just so much fun!
>> No. 74644
I could never really pick between Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. At the time that it first came out (4th through 5th grade), I had a personality that mixed-and-matched from all three of them, good and bad.
>> No. 74646
File 133655888268.jpg - (20.95KB , 480x360 , boneyard2.jpg )
I really like them all and Sailor Moon was a favorite anime of mine, I picked a lot of fights over being told guys couldn't watch it.

I always loved the ballsy monster designs, I mean i had it's share of cheesy but awesome Kamen Rider-eske critters, but you got some really creepy motherfuckers every so often.
>> No. 74647
I'm always caught in a orbit between Mercury and Jupiter.
>> No. 74649
File 133657247583.jpg - (595.99KB , 1600x1127 , sailor_moon_s_by_nako_75-d36g8ci.jpg )
I love all of them, really.

I used to rush home from school when I was little to watch it and I had all the dolls and toys that I would play with constantly. It was my first anime and manga.

If I had to pick just one, though, it would probably be Pluto.
>> No. 74650
File 133657754697.jpg - (179.15KB , 850x1100 , 10294169.jpg )
In primary school when we played Sailor Moon during recess I was always the one designated as Sailor Jupiter. And she ended up being the one I always stuck with.
>> No. 74653
Personally, I favor Sailor V.
>> No. 74657
File 133660122726.gif - (167.26KB , 666x883 , preggers.gif )
I'm actually catching the series for the first time on Toonami Aftermath. I... I like Serena. She's clutzy, ditzy, selfish, whiny, and a complete space cadet, but... there's just some kind of weird charm about all her faults that makes me love to see her succeed.

Second favorite would be Sailor Jupiter as she us straight up kicks ass
>> No. 74658
I only ever saw the Dic Dub as a kid and barely remember it, thus I most likely have no idea whatsoever what Sailor Moon is actually about. But I remember hating Serena and liking Mars.
>> No. 74664
Jupiter and Mercury are the best sailors. I was never really crazy about the series, but I'd watch it because my sister liked it and because it was good enough to keep my attention between the things I already watched (VR Troopers on UPN and everything on Toonami).

It still astounds me that FUNImation hasn't acquired this series at all. I know it was off the market all together for a while, but it's back on the market for the US and it would definitely make money for FUNI. Slap together a TV version to air on Nick or CN, get out some affordable DVD sets, and they could finally put out the Sailor Stars arc. It makes me wonder just what kind of deal Toei wants that isn't looking good to FUNI.
>> No. 74669
I watched a two day marathon of it years ago, and found it surprisingly enjoyable. I still troll my friends with the theme song sometimes.
Also >>74635
>> No. 74672
>> No. 74676
I hated Sailor Moon because it was so formulaic, please tell me there's a version of it that cuts most of the monster of the week elements and condenses it down to stuff like Dragonball Z Kai does. And for that matter, what other magical girl series are there that avoid the whole monster of the week approach (not counting series like Madoka which are just too short to do that)?
>> No. 74679
>I hated Sailor Moon because it was so formulaic, please tell me there's a version of it that cuts most of the monster of the week elements and condenses it down to stuff like Dragonball Z Kai does
There is. It's called "the manga."

The Toku series does it to a certain extent, too, in the sense that it's shorter and...."denser," I guess would be the word?
>> No. 74684
File 133669383424.jpg - (26.64KB , 700x480 , Alan and Ann.jpg )
After a couple of episodes I am absolutely in love with these two.

Sure their monsters are lame, but their interactions with Darien, Serena, and the rest of the high school are hilarious.
>> No. 74685
Yeah, it's kinda weird. I don't like their arc in general, but I like them as characters.
>> No. 74687
File 133670020937.png - (61.11KB , 852x605 , 1187946619217.png )
Needs a Sailor Moon Kai.
>> No. 74688
File 133670148351.jpg - (369.14KB , 500x700 , sailor_neptune_by_k_bo__by_kevinbolk-d4t9utr.jpg )
I wanted to be a classy lady like Sailor Neptune when I grew up. Also, I really liked her transformation theme.
>> No. 74694
File 133671671115.jpg - (331.24KB , 800x1130 , 5235786.jpg )
While Serena is my favorite, I still like the other four as well.
Although I never liked Uranus and Neptune's attitude. Sometimes I couldn't stand them.
>> No. 74702
File 133674488827.jpg - (61.24KB , 450x600 , 1311999388306.jpg )

You can always cut out the nonessential episodes. I think there's more you could probably cut but I haven't watched it in a while so I'm not sure which ones.

Like anon said above the manga handles this much better.
>> No. 74724
Well, less Kai, and more like Brotherhood.
>> No. 74725
In that case, I guess the Toku series is the closest thing to Brotherhood. In that it re-adapted the manga, and veered a little closer to it in some ways. It wasn't a 1:1 adaptation either, though, and added some entirely new elements to the lore, like Dark Mercury and Princess Sailor Moon.
>> No. 74801
When all else fails

Just ship them together.
>> No. 74805
OK, thanks for the help. I'll look into the manga, like it or not Sailor Moon was a pretty big part of my childhood nevertheless.
>> No. 74806
File 133710008798.jpg - (0.98MB , 1701x2221 , it__s_sailor_time_by_secondlina-d476fqf.jpg )
Oh yeah, forgot to add this in the OP:
This place has plenty of SM related stuff, including the toku series. I need to get updated with that as well.

PreCure rule: everyone is gay to each other.
In SM case, everyone BUT Darien and Serena.

Are those custom figures?
>> No. 74808
>In SM case, everyone BUT Darien and Serena.
I don't know. Those two are definitely an item and exclusive and everything, but did you see the googly eyes she was making towards Rei when she first met her?
>> No. 74812

people remember: Japan doesn't interpret homosexuality the same way we do.

We see two women in a "relationship" like status? That's considered "training wheels" for when they eventually have to settle down with a guy. That's literally how Japan sees lesbians and women are expected to "grow out of it".

Could the writer for SM actually want her characters to be lesbians? I dunno. But it actually wouldn't be out of character for them to have distinctively male husbands at the end of the series.

... except for Uranus and Saturn. Those two are a bit too much on the far left.
>> No. 74813
You mean Uranus and Neptune. And yes, those two are definitely lesbians. It's been confirmed by the author.
>> No. 74815
Plus all of her romantic tension with Uranus after her introduction in the manga.

iirc Serena even had sexy dreams about her at one point.
>> No. 74816
Everyone had a crush on Uranus when she first appeared. Of course, Ami's the only one who realized she was a girl when they first met her.
>> No. 74817
Ami had a crush on Neptune instead

Also: Jupiter is the best anyone who says otherwise is a scrub
>> No. 74818
File 133713795288.jpg - (131.93KB , 728x1165 , esm_comic_23_14.jpg )
I went back through the comic to find Serena's bisexual confusion dream because it's funny and it turns out I forgot the scene where Uranus initiates legit girl-kissing.
>> No. 74819
File 133713797427.jpg - (97.59KB , 728x1156 , esm_comic_23_10.jpg )
Like so.
>> No. 74830
File 133717506686.jpg - (381.02KB , 600x800 , OhnoRaptors1326269989.jpg )
>Are those custom figures?
Sadly. I don't think there'll ever be any decent figures from the series.

Pic related, another custom I love.
>> No. 74831
File 133717597428.png - (72.73KB , 500x428 , Anger_ScienceWoona.png )
>Watchin' Sailor Moon via stream
>Get to the episode where Sailor Mini Moon shows up, and Darien breaks up with Serena
>chat is filled with "Hurr durrr finally a girl got friendzoned" and "this is cuz you wouldn't take it in the pooper ya dumb bitch"

I hate humanity
>> No. 74835
Well they can't really use vapid nerd lingo from the late 80s - early 90s. They didn't have an easy to use internet to form collective conscious.
>> No. 74869
Yeah, I never cared for them either. It never made sense for me to have the girls lose their memories, only to get them right back again.
>> No. 74877

I'm halfway convinced they were POSITIVE the series was ending after the first season so they decided to leave off on a simple/ambiguous note.

Course the manga DID continue and the anime still had to follow it.
>> No. 74879
I'm pretty sure they had more than that first season's worth of the manga when they finished season one.
>> No. 74881

Then they thought the anime's popularity was fading or something.

Either way they left season 1 off with them all suddenly having amnesia and returning to "normal". I can't see much of a point for doing that unless they thought they couldn't keep going and needed to end it off ambiguously enough for them to imply that the whole thing was at an end.
>> No. 74882
I actually missed out on it as a kid. Anywhere I can catch up?
>> No. 74885
All of the dubbed episodes are on Veoh, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting caught up. I'll start you off: http://www.veoh.com/watch/v19888754ad4PE569
>> No. 74889
File 133738672287.jpg - (385.88KB , 1024x768 , Sailor_Moon__5_Warriors_by_daekazu.jpg )
>Sailor Moon was originally intended by Takeuchi to run only one season, but the first became so popular that Toei asked Takeuchi to keep drawing her manga.
>Because the production of both manga and anime occurred at the same time, Sailor Moon R begins with a 13-episode sub-arc that does not appear in the manga, created to give Takeuchi time to catch up.

Anyway, maybe it's just me but I cannot watch the dub. I watched it as a kid and loved it but after I watched some of the sub I went back and tried to watch it again and everything about it irked me, especially Serena's voice and how mean everyone is to each other (especially Raye who is such a bitch). Maybe I've become one of those crazed pro-sub people or something.
>> No. 74890
>> No. 74894
Look, much as I hate the elitism of sub-snobs, there's nothing wrong with thinking that one version of something is better than another on a case-by-case basis. Especially with older works when dubs were legitimately generally of poor quality.

But Dub Zoicite was still cool.
>> No. 74909
I liked how they looked in the anime but the original art style in the manga is kind of... eugh.
>> No. 75135
File 133827174454.jpg - (12.71KB , 480x360 , your going to die.jpg )
Surprise I never really was on your side.
>> No. 75193
File 133844602837.jpg - (94.39KB , 640x960 , sailor_amihenshin.jpg )
Ami has always been my favorite. She had such a cute voice in mexpanish.
>> No. 75205
File 133852164348.jpg - (158.86KB , 640x960 , sailor_maligna1.jpg )
Dem villains.
>> No. 75224
She had a cute voice in any language.
>> No. 75226
Gotta love 'em.
>> No. 75228
Including swedish.
Sailor Moon Transformations an…youtube thumb
Aw man I can belive it taken me this long to post something about my first anime (series)...
>TV4 Junior FTW
>> No. 75250
File 13386284136.jpg - (91.28KB , 483x719 , sailor_litapantis.jpg )
I LOL'd at this.
>> No. 75251
File 133862855647.jpg - (136.46KB , 1296x960 , sailor_panticap.jpg )
and this.
>> No. 75252
File 133862866040.png - (184.69KB , 400x500 , sailor_amipantis.png )
And this is Lita/Makoto'ś perpective.
>> No. 75253
Why are Sailor Scouts so lewd?
>> No. 75254
Sailor Moon is an 80s work and Naoko Takeuchi knew what some of her TV audience would come to see.
>> No. 75257
File 133866098563.gif - (2.79MB , 250x190 , 1335682182007.gif )
>> No. 75261
Takeuchi probably liked to keep things kinda spicy anyway. >>75205
>> No. 75265
Skipped the impact frame. Huh. Odd.
>> No. 75268
File 133867709199.jpg - (164.88KB , 612x842 , 1288572840635.jpg )

Jeez, take a picture, Makoto. It'll last longer.
>> No. 75328
File 133876632817.jpg - (59.84KB , 443x1024 , sailor_marslegs.jpg )
Dem legs.
>> No. 75363
File 13388217745.jpg - (307.22KB , 991x1400 , 003 hahaha wtf misu.jpg )
>Looking at randow Eva hent on fakku.net
>Found this
AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Va Fan! Aw man that funny.
>And then they fucked
>> No. 75364
Inner? Ami. Outer? Setsuna.
>> No. 75377
Could you link/name what that's from? Even if the rest of it is utterly uninteresting, I'd like to know without having to sort through the literally 800+ Eva dojins on Fakku.
>> No. 75438

>> No. 75498
File 133900688951.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , sailor_star1.png )
>> No. 75873
File 134005636693.jpg - (93.00KB , 417x242 , serena-mina.jpg )
After watching Venus lament being the only sailor scout not attacked by the pure heart snatchers, she might be my favorite scout.

These two are just too much.
>> No. 75875
Everyone knows Venus is a filthy slut
>> No. 75883
Fuck you sir. Everyone knows Sailor V is a pure and innocent maiden, who unlike her princess actually values duty over romance, which is why she never actually gets any.
>> No. 75885
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up! (…youtube thumb
>> No. 75916
File 134014821958.png - (287.92KB , 640x482 , sailormercury.png )
More Ami/Sailor Mercury
>> No. 76000
So I've been on a magical girl kick as of late, and decided to start up into this one, along with W.I.T.C.H. How many different manga and seires does this have? Mangareader only has as far as Volume/Chapter 12, (prolly chapters, they seem real short) where they're already fighting Queen...Metalia? Is that what it is? Also, Tuxedo Mask is apparently dead and his body is possessed by the queen. I ask because this is all going at kind of breakneck speed, they only have the first five Sailor Scouts, but it looks like it's all but ready to end.
>> No. 76004
Only one manga, which is called simply Sailor Moon in english, though I think the new re-release puts "Pretty Guardian" at the top in tiny letters. Japanese purists may also label it "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" or "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon."

There were somewhere around fifteen volumes of the manga in the original release. I think the latest re-release (both in Japan and in the US) had higher page counts and brought it down to about ten volumes. But the English re-release is only up to like Volume 5 or 6 or so right now.

There were five anime series, but they were basically just different seasons of a single series. The seasons go like this:
1. Sailor Moon
2. Sailor Moon R
3. Sailor Moon S
4. Sailor Moon SuperS
5. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

All in all the anime is about 200 episodes, as I recall. There are also three anime movies--Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon Super S. These are separate stories from the seasons they're named for, and I don't think they're based on stories from the manga. They're pretty good, and I'd personally consider the Super S movie to be better than the Super S season, all told. There was also a Sailor Mercury special that was based on an omake in the manga I think. I haven't seen that one. I don't think any of the other senshi got their own special.

Finally, there was a Tokusatsu series three or four years ago called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, which is inspired by the same storyline as the first arc of the manga and the first season of the anime, but is probably at least as different from either as the anime adaptation is from the manga.

There are also some musicals called Sera Myuu, but they're little more than fan productions and I don't know that you can even find recordings of them.
>> No. 76020
Hold up there, home slice. I'm pretty sure that the musicals were sanctioned by toei. And La Soldier is the bees knees. If anyone here is interested, you can find some translated on YouTube. More info here:;
>> No. 76024
>Finally, there was a Tokusatsu series three or four years ago called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Not sure, but I think it's been a bit longer. I remember watching the first episodes in some small convention quite sometime ago. I'd risk saying... six years?
>> No. 76041
They're sanctioned by Toei, but I don't think they're part of any of the other continuities or have any of the staff of any of the official productions. Officially sanctioned fan-productions, basically.

I was just saying "They're there if you're interested and can find them, but don't feel like you're going to be missing out on an important of Sailor Moon if you don't."
>> No. 76044
So yeah, the little bit I read isn't even close to the end after all. Should have figured as much, since Chibi-Moon wasn't introduced yet.
>> No. 76430
File 134119432063.gif - (2.75MB , 538x302 , smangry.gif )
>Looking for subs of SuperS because last time I watched it I only watched the essential episodes so I feel like I should watch it all
>Go to the pirate bay
>ONE MILLION individual episode torrents for every season plus the live action
>No batches
(okay there were batches but not of what I was looking for)


What's everyone's favorite season, by the way? Mine is Stars.
>> No. 76431
File 134120140613.jpg - (32.35KB , 500x373 , Happy Birthday.jpg )
Forgot t post this in the OP.
Miss Dream has been working on translations for plenty of SM media, including the toku series.

And by the way, yesterday was Usagi's birthday.
>> No. 76523
File 134158623970.jpg - (71.00KB , 455x561 , daiyoseibarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkNEW SAILOR.jpg )
>> No. 76524
File 134159121477.jpg - (17.25KB , 285x188 , OWOW.jpg )


>> No. 76525
File 13415924699.jpg - (109.56KB , 400x328 , img_02.jpg )

[SMC] Sailor Moon OP 1 "Classi…youtube thumb
>> No. 76526
Maybe we'll finally get some decent figures of the Scouts now.
>> No. 76527
File 134159436593.png - (149.17KB , 300x257 , obama_explosion.png )
Sweet mother fuck yeah!

My DOSH for S.H. Figuarts of the whole cast.
>> No. 76530
File 134159862922.gif - (191.56KB , 640x480 , A3Mro.gif )
>new anime series
>new anime series

I saw this and I was cooking and I let my food burn

I am seriously so excited about this!
>> No. 76535
File 134160695995.jpg - (52.19KB , 320x238 , 1228349823929.jpg )
>> No. 76536
File 134160790165.jpg - (35.27KB , 725x400 , ISAAC AND MIRIA APPROVE.jpg )
>> No. 76537
File 134160963733.png - (895.08KB , 1038x790 , 126738665516.png )

>> No. 76539
Why cautiously?
Toei knows they can fuck this up.
Or else, heads will roll.
>> No. 76542

No, about Xillia
>> No. 76544
>New Sailor Moon
>I have no face
>> No. 76546
Don't think I ever answered OP... and the answer is obviously delicious delicious Makoto.

Dunno, did the anime stray too far from the manga? Like Rurouni Kenshin, I don't see much they could impr-...
>However, the staff intends to release the new anime worldwide simultaneously.

...Screw this, I'll wait and see :D

(Also I had no idea Tuxedo Mask had the same voice as Seiya, nice)

I a while we're about to know if you are a wizard.
>> No. 76547
File 134162779484.jpg - (54.40KB , 608x448 , snapshot20090502232932.jpg )
I mean, it's a 52 chapter series adapted into 200 episodes.
They're like entirely different things.
>> No. 76548
File 134162795760.jpg - (398.13KB , 985x1548 , SM_comic_11_44.jpg )
Hopefully this one will have Tuxedo Mask's powers.
>> No. 76549
File 134163684764.gif - (350.01KB , 400x284 , themostamazingthinginyourlife.gif )

Also, Pluto was my favorite and the best.
>> No. 76556

What episode is that from?
>> No. 76562
I forget. It's the one where she finds out the horse is a guy trapped in a horse's body.
>> No. 76563
Just looked it up on Wikipedia and it's episode 158.
>> No. 76566
File 134169871797.jpg - (725.07KB , 866x1334 , swap.jpg )
And the manga.
>> No. 76567
It gives you an idea of the pacing when something that happens in the first chapter of the SuperS manga happens 30 episodes into the SuperS anime.
>> No. 76569
Yeah, they added a lot of "Monster of the Week" to the anime.

But there were some benefits to this--the Four Generals of the Negaverse, for example, actually got development in the anime and didn't really have enough page time for us to develop any special feelings for most of them in the manga. Which gave us the whole Nephrite/Naru thing, among other stuff, and that was one of the more powerful scenes in the anime..
>> No. 76573
Nephrite was the guy who was supposed to take the girl for some ice cream? ;_;
>> No. 76574
File 134171800872.jpg - (820.73KB , 921x1404 , shiteno.jpg )
And yet they are never anything but Beryl's generals in the anime when in the manga they were Endymion's guardians and continued to watch over him throughout the series.
Funny how things work out.
>> No. 76575
Do they actually DO anything?
>> No. 76577
Well no, they're dead.
They just say things.
>> No. 76578
Anything particularly important?
>> No. 76579
That's a fair point, and part of why I'd like to see the new series (assuming it's starting over from the beginning) take the good points from all the adaptations so far--have the Generals be Endymion's, and give them that development they need so that we are attached to them and/or hate them and/or hate that we have to hate them because they used to be so cool.

There were some things that were unique to the Toku series that I'd like to see become anime "canon" as well.
>> No. 76605
>There were some things that were unique to the Toku series that I'd like to see become anime "canon" as well.

Not Plush Toy Luna I hope. That was damn silly.
>> No. 76615
Granted. I was thinking more along the lines of some of the special attacks and/or weapons they came up with, and maybe even Darkury and/or Princess Sailor Moon.
>> No. 76621
File 134187522351.jpg - (63.33KB , 368x567 , sabs.jpg )
If only they had seen the Sabrina show, they'd've known how to make a realistic cat work.
>> No. 76736
Molly and Nephlite's relationship is extra hilarious in the dub. Molly has the ridiculous bawstahn accent, and Nephlite constantly sounds like he's gargling evil gravel, even when he's trying to be lighthearted and sweet. It's great.

R.I.P. Nephlite ;_;
>> No. 78521
File 134928576629.png - (1.49MB , 1144x1392 , hottnes_in_the_horizon_by_emlan-d57g9rk.png )
>> No. 78524
I'm pretty sure they must've only had a budget of $20 an episode, so a full on Salem puppet would've been difficult.
>> No. 78538
File 134932922739.jpg - (342.06KB , 1024x1280 , sailorcompare.jpg )
I remember the final two episodes of the first season. Those made me cry like a little bitch. I had not cried that hard since the days of Remi and Kerokko Demetan and the mexican dub made it even sadder.

That scene of Usagi crying all alone in that iceberg after all the senshis died protecting her a la Saint Seiya so she could make it to Queen Beryl's place and then the end, when they all get resurrected and forget everything and go back to living their normal lives. It was beautiful.

I'm talking about the original final episodes of the anime and not the ones the US people watched.
>> No. 78542
The version I watched was dubbed and came from Mexico, so I don't know if it's the same as in the u.s.. Big differences?
>> No. 78548

>I'm talking about the original final episodes of the anime and not the ones the US people watched.

Uhhm. Maybe Canada and the US had different dubs? Cause I remember it going down basically the same way you described when I was a kid. And am like, 100% sure it was all in English.
>> No. 78555
All references to death are removed from the dub. The senshi don't die, they get captured by the Negaverse.
>> No. 78573
Didn't impact it much for me. I just remember their spirits showing up to help Usagi along and had the same reaction as >>78538, bitch tears everywhere.

Bitch tears when you're 11 or so and watching the show at 6 AM on a Thursday school morning is weird.

And, speaking of >>78538, Asian Ami is not nearly as cute as Anime Ami.
>> No. 78575
Yeah, they did good work on the costumes, but those wigs just do not work. But I tend to feel that way about most Technicolor Hair On Real People situations.
>> No. 78577
the deal is that for a show IN JAPAN, the capital of amazing cosplay wigs, their wigs are utter garbage. Hunt down some truly great Ami cosplay from Japan and you'll have a better approximation of how effing cute a Japanese Ami can be.
>> No. 78596
>and you'll have a better approximation of how effing cute a Japanese Sailor Scout can be.



I-it's not like I like her in particular or anything
>> No. 78600
I suppose it works -a lot- better when the cosplayers are committed enough to dye their hair.
>> No. 78602
Actually, generally speaking unless you have AMAZING hair or are really good at styling said hair, you shouldnt use your natural hair in cosplay. Real hair doesn't work the way anime hair works. Synthetic wigs fall in the correct way, have much brighter and more "accurate" colors, and because of their synthetic nature, don't tangle or get messed up as easily as real hair does. Sometimes natural hair works, but it's generally for western properties. If you're cosplaying a character from an anime, even if they have the same hair color as you, GET A WIG.
>> No. 78933
Sailor Moon The Movieyoutube thumb
Not bad, not bad.
>> No. 79600
Any recent new on the new anime?
>> No. 80408
File 135621527116.jpg - (585.23KB , 574x4146 , 1356173642674.jpg )
These author comics are adorable

Especially the one about wanting to kill off all her characters in the original outline
>> No. 80410
Yeah they are always fun no matter the manga.
It like goofy diarys page.
Also for that one guy that dont know, that dog made Yu Yu Hakusho.
>> No. 80976
File 135894807197.jpg - (282.99KB , 650x699 , 2013-01-07.jpg )
Season 1 in a nutshell.
>> No. 80998
The hair steamers were secretly DNA scanners.
>> No. 81009
This made me laugh far harder than I should have.
>> No. 81702
File 13643067131.jpg - (197.19KB , 760x533 , 1341640692614.jpg )

Hang your head in shame.
>> No. 83417
File 137130703720.jpg - (46.11KB , 143x618 , 1234727566086.jpg )
She makes me wish I was a lesbian.... and I'm a guy.
>> No. 83418
Dub Zoicite was a magnificent bitch.

I like her better than the gay-male original. It was one of the very few things the dub improved on, in my opinion.
>> No. 83431
File 137148793120.jpg - (152.40KB , 599x620 , figuarts mercury and moon.jpg )
Kind of old news but the anime has been delayed.

It hasn't stopped the wave upon wave of new merchandise, though, including make-up from Bandai's Creer Beaute line and Figuarts.
>> No. 83526

>> No. 84292
Also, while the new musical, Reconquista, looks pretty cool, we'll probably never see any related DVD on this side of the sea...
>> No. 84297
Incidentally, the new date for the anime has been confirmed as the December 2013/January 2014 season.

They've also said that it's "Not a remake of the original anime, but based on the same story," which I and a few other people are taking as meaning that it's a re-adaptation of the manga--so not a remake per se, but only if you also wouldn't consider FMA: Brotherhood a remake of FMA.
>> No. 84300
I dunno, what do people consider the two Hunter X Hunters? The original Sailor Moon anime was so repetitive that I wouldn't know if it was really an adaptation of the manga anymore.
>> No. 84304
Yeah, they were right to expand on what was present in the original manga--the manga was too fast paced in my opinion, and you never got a chance to really give a shit about a lot of the villains, who shone a lot more in the anime. But they took it too far and overdid the Monster of the Week thing. I think you could strike a good balance between the two and make a 26 episode anime (the original was 48 episodes for the first series) that doesn't feel repetitive but doesn't feel like it's sprinting toward the finish either.
>> No. 84312
Or they could do 52 episodes, one chapter per episode.
>> No. 84316
I just hope it gets a "unik" swedish dub like last time.
Or just shown on swedish tv.
I mean it was a hit last time so why not with all the other re-whatevers.
>> No. 84318
If they want to completely ignore the pacing problems in the manga then yes, they could do that. However if they have such a tin ear for pacing, I would expect doing one chapter = one episode would result in the new anime feeling like Dragonball Z, only with frillier costumes.
>> No. 84320
I'd rather they not follow it as strictly as that or else it's only going to make the Monster of the Week feel even worse.
>> No. 84356
Welp, I bet half of the fandom and tumblr has lost their shit already.
>> No. 84363
What exactly did he say? Always found him annoying so I don't feel like watching the whole video to find out.
>> No. 84378
Rundown of what Doug Walker said:

>>He called Sailor Moon pedophilic, but cultural differences...but also that doesn't make it okay.
>>Usagi/Serena is an idiot and a coward...though things change as the show goes on (he assumed, he couldn't be arsed to watch more).
>>English dub: Pedophilia's okay, but lesbians aren't?
>>"Sailor Says" is dumb.
>>Serena relies on her teammates to save her ass.
>>Serena doesn't utilize the pen for its full potential.
>>The effects added intp the English opening are terrible.
>>Serena could be petty and swayed by jewelry and sleeping and video games as well.
>>He didn't get the whole "Sailor Venus was pre-established before Serena got her powers" bit.
>> No. 84381
>>>"Sailor Says" is dumb.
>>Serena relies on her teammates to save her ass.
>>Serena doesn't utilize the pen for its full potential.
>>The effects added intp the English opening are terrible.
>>Serena could be petty and swayed by jewelry and sleeping and video games as well.
>>Usagi/Serena is an idiot and a coward...though things change as the show goes on (he assumed, he couldn't be arsed to watch more).

Well he's right about these things. The pedophilia thing is obviously the usual "If a girl is wearing a short skirt it is for my sexual gratification, not because she likes how she looks in it" thing, and not really worthy of response.

But, as he said and noted that he didn't do the research to find out, Usagi's character develops over time. The fact that she starts off as a crappy leader and warrior whose only real power is the ability to engender loyalty by being a good friend is part of the narrative, and I don't know how you can consider that a strike against it. At the beginning of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker was a punk kid with no real heroic characteristics either.

But also, Sailor Moon relying on her teammates to save her ass is part of the point of Sailor Moon. Friendship is her strength. It's what makes her more powerful than even the totally broken baddies like Galaxia.

This might come down to a boy/girl thing. He's expecting a hero whose personal power exceeds the villain making him better at beating the bad guy up, when Sailor Moon is a person whose power is communal--she gains in strength by having a strong network of allies who love and support her, and who have her back. Most boy's hero stories would talk about the importance of friendship, and then have the hero do everything himself, with some lesser baddies for the teammates to take on--Sailor Moon, and other magical girl shows that aped it--make the teammates vital parts of the heroine's power.

Usagi is powerful not because she has the highest Senshi Level in the series (by the end, I wouldn't be surprised if Galaxia was still way more powerful than her), but because her network of friendships and loves give her more support than anyone working alone could ever have.
>> No. 84382
>"If a girl is wearing a short skirt it is for my sexual gratification, not because she likes how she looks in it"
Seeing as I have only the vaguest memories of Sailor Moon, I'm not really taking a side on the work itself, but it is bullshit to play this card because there is a world of difference between criticizing a woman and criticizing a DEPICTION of a woman. Depictions have specific creators with specific motives, and in anime 9/10 cases of nudity and skimpy clothes are there for the blatantly obvious purpose of titillation. Whether this is the specific case for Sailor Moon I can't say, but I can say that you should contain your tumblr.
>> No. 84383
Sailor Moon was made by Naoko Takeuchi, a straight woman, and aimed at young girls in a magazine read almost exclusively by girls at the time. So I'm not sure what point you think you're making.
>> No. 84387
>>"Sailor Says" is dumb.
>>The effects added into the English opening are terrible.
Good thing the swedish dub did not have that.
>>He didn't get the whole "Sailor Venus was pre-established before Serena got her powers" bit.
Nore did I...
What was that deal exacly?

And Did yah Know, that in swedish dub Usagi/Serena was called Annie which sound like Kanin which is the swedish word for Rabbit.
I like too think that a translator was being claver.
>> No. 84390
File 13761581436.jpg - (49.70KB , 262x400 , CodeNameSailorV_vol1_Cover.jpg )
Code Name Sailor V came first.
Sailor Moon is the spin-off sequel thingy.
>> No. 84393
Its still really weird in show.
Also I/we need to read that.
BAM: http://mangafox.me/manga/codename_sailor_v/
>> No. 84396
And while doing the dishes I figured out why I feel that!
There is a inuniverse Manga based on her!
And video games! And merchandise! And yet she is a REAL super hero?
WHAT?! I dont get it...
>> No. 84399
File 137616350974.jpg - (40.03KB , 321x530 , 10 v cat from space.jpg )
Ah... Okay then...
>> No. 84402
Yeah, officially a lot of the Sailor V stuff, especially the video game, was disseminated to prepare the other girls for their roles as Senshi.

The out-of-universe reason is that Sailor Moon was basically a remake of Sailor V with more of an emphasis on there being a team. She even had her own equivalent of the disguise pen, which she made use of a lot more than Usagi did. Both characters are partially self-inserts for Takeuchi, in that they have identical families, and the families match up with Takeuchi's own parents and younger brother. And as we saw in >>80408 she refers to herself as a princess and draws herself as a rabbit, which is the meaning of Usagi's name as well as her symbol.

But Sailor V remained canon in the Sailor Moon universe. Which is part of why Sailor Venus sort of felt redundant in later seasons of the anime. They just didn't have much to do with her because she was just a slightly more competent Sailor Moon, but without the Plot Armor. Although I'm fond of the fact that the anime's way of dealing with this was to turn her into a bit of a loon.

The manga, on the other hand, apparently had her grow in a more competent second-in-command direction.
>> No. 84410
a) Just because it's not a depiction of a real woman doesn't mean a woman won't feel insecure looking at it, although to be fair, there are a lot of women who know Barbie and other fictional characters have unrealistic figures, or don't compare themselves to fictional characters.

b) I was stating Doug's opinion from the video, not mine.

c) This mentality that nobody can talk about feminism except Tumblr, this notion that people can't do anything about sexism, or that it's not an important matter is horseshit, and it needs to stop.
>> No. 84463
File 137675690441.png - (424.66KB , 643x470 , sailor moon cover-up.png )
Maybe it's because the recent paradigm of girls in animation has them being the "voice of reason", love interest, quirky side character or some combination therein. But she pretty much deconstructs the very presumptions you'd have if you just glanced at promotional materials or were shown a picture of the character. You'd think, "Oh, it's some magical action show with a girly-girl protagonist", and while she is very girly, Usagi/Serena is incredibly wacky. She's an immensely comedic female protagonist and while that's a bit more common in Japan, it's a distinction that really stands out in the West. Adding to that, she's apparently dumb and boy-crazy; You couldn't do that in a comic, book, or tv show these days without delving into full-on parody or being accused of misogyny. In fact, she's not really that dumb, she's just really lazy, and she actually works at being lazy, contriving elaborate excuses and trying to play to the reasoning of whoever she's attempting to justify her lethargy to. What's more, her amorous pursuits are mostly played for humor with her most prominent one being particularly odd in that it starts with her and Mamoru, these teenagers that look a lot older than their actual ages, bickering like 8 year olds. Another factor you can't deny is that she's incredibly inelegant; She's loud, clumsy, gluttonous, and unfocused. Even when her face and body aren't being stretched, quashed, simplified or simply exaggerated, she still looks ridiculous what with her hair being both the most iconic and unrealistic of the Scouts. However, all this wearing it all on her sleeve just makes her appear sincere and real while a fair number of the more poorly characterized or developed characters in fiction seem to have come straight out of a production line.

And despite her many, many, many flaws, she's really lovable (gentle, kind, friendly etc.) and despite her petty complaints, she's so happy most of the time. You see all the other Scouts before they meet her and they're all various shades of angry, depressed, awkward or lonely. You also kind of get that in the way they're drawn and animated; At the start, each of the would-be Scouts are a bit stiff and drawn normally, but after Usagi bumbles into their lives, they're more prone to being as bizarrely animated as her, getting in on fun. In small doses, Usagi would be a perfect friend, just enough of her cheer and laid-back manner to brighten up your day while ending your encounters before her more negative traits make themselves known. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that Serena is the platonic Manic Pixie Dream Girl for the Inner Senshi, intruding into their maladjusted, little worlds and messing things up for the better with her antics. Unfortunately, their circumstances make it so that their friendships can't be so fleeting and casual, forcing all the Scouts to love and accept one another (mostly Serena though), warts and all.

Also, she's something of a dork with how much she loves manga and video games, so that probably put her a couple of points up in your estimation.

As for who my favorite Scout is, well, it was probably Mercury due to her pleasant personality and the fact I found her to be quite pretty at the time. On the other hand, I've developed an appreciation of Sailor Venus once I was able to fully expose myself to her arc and history. It was an immensely cool idea to have this "first" superhero who was this ordinary, young girl who's basically our only line of defense against this insidious evil organization, emphasis on "only". She has a lot of love interests in her own solo adventure but in the end she realizes that she needs to be alone if she's to be effective at protecting all she hold dear, concluding the series on a bittersweet note. So you have this kid who needs to grow up really fast, who has misgivings about people in authority and becomes a soldier, all because she's the only one there and it's what needs doing. It really makes her gaining friends and allies in Serena and the other Scouts all the more heartwarming, because she gets to cut loose a bit and even though the danger's arguably gotten worse, there's more allowance for her to be silly and generally act her age now that she isn't alone in the fight. I'd be remiss not to mention the delightfully meta implications of a real champion of good fighting evil and becoming a cultural icon who everyone believes to be fictional, somewhat inspiring her thematic successor and would-be leader in the process.

To be perfectly honest, I really liked the Sailor Scouts as a team, or more accurately, their interactions with one another. Individually, they're serviceable, but put two or three of them together and they're a complete riot. Formerly antisocial maidens tripping out on illusion magic, unwittingly scoring an absurd amount of toys on a sky claw game or forming a totem pole of infatuated fervor as they desperately seek the location of that dashing hunk (actually a girl, and a spoken one at that). For all the conflict and in-fighting, the sense of camaraderie and affection never really left the group. There are jabs and posturing but it never really turns malevolent and thus, rendering the whole friendship completely unbelievable. In summation, if it weren't for all those crazy, buddy comedy moments, I don't think I would've had as much fun as I did with this show. And I had a lot of fun.
>> No. 84469
Well said! Better then I EVER could...
>> No. 84480
I've always meant to get around to watching/reading Sailor Moon. Partially because I've been compared to the one with the short blue hair, partially because I swore it and Cardcaptor Sakura off as a kid for being "too girly", and with CSS, I realized it was a lot better than I gave it credit for.
>> No. 84482
If you do decide to watch the anime, a lot of them are skippable--the anime is 200 episodes, and a quarter of those are padding. This page is spoiler-rich, but has the list of episodes that are required viewing:

Here's the list of episodes with no explanation as to why they're essential:

SEASON ONE ("Sailor Moon"):
1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 42, 44, 45, 46

SEASON TWO ("Sailor Moon R"):
47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88

SEASON THREE ("Sailor Moon S"):
90, 91, 92, 93, 96, 97, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 109, 110, 111, 110, 112, 113, 115, 119, 120, 121, 120, 122, 121, 123, 124, 125, 126

SEASON FOUR ("Sailor Moon SuperS"):
128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 135, 136, 141, 143, 144, 147, 148, 149, 148, 150, 151, 152, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166

SEASON FIVE ("Sailor Moon Stars"):
There are only two or three episodes in Stars where nothing essential happens, so just watch the whole thing if you watch it.

The three movies are pretty good, but are pretty similar to the season that accompanied them in general. Nothing essential happens in them, but they're pretty good all around, and don't have the pacing problems of the series itself. I like the Super S movie more than I like Super S itself, actually.
>> No. 84711
File 137834976812.jpg - (34.99KB , 580x289 , 023347z89fn2t5tt9mnb2t.jpg )
>New Sailor Moon character design and story release! It seems like the story will be revolving around the main characters’ daughters, set 20 years in the future, fighting along side Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn
>> No. 84712
That was debunked like a week ago. It's fanart from Pixiv, not anything official whatsoever.
>> No. 84725
Guess the internet is really desperate for the new series.
Desperately enough to believe in anything.
>> No. 84732
File 137869061696.png - (218.98KB , 500x371 , tumblr_mi3ntfcJeI1rjkxygo1_500.png )
>> No. 84852
>> No. 84868
When I was thinking about that SM and WW could be fun to crossover this is not what I had in mind.
STREETSTAR 2013 - Vogue Femme …youtube thumb
>> No. 84879

Holy shit what a great post. Applause and kudos to you.
>> No. 84899
File 137997147759.jpg - (212.52KB , 490x286 , tumblr_mtkc4s4xtU1r6qaqoo1_500.jpg )
Oh, right!
Forgot this happened.
>> No. 84907
Been trying to download over the last few days the joke subtitled version of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. If I remember it right, should be good for a few surprise laughs.
>> No. 85175
So, SuperS is really that problematic?
>> No. 85176
Kinda. It basically accomplishes nothing that S didn't already accomplish, and shifts focus from Usagi to Chibi-Usa (who, as that Tumblr page you linked to points out, is generally regarded as one of the fandom's least favorite characters).

It's not entirely without merit, but SuperS is a mediocre season sandwiched between two much better seasons.
>> No. 85182
>Also, I don’t understand how anyone can watch the Amazon Trio arc - where their dream mirror attacks are very overtly representing rape - and come away thinking it’s a light and fluffy show

Wait what?
>> No. 85183

Yea... correlating evil monsters who take metaphysical concepts from people only really works for a Sexual Abuse allegory when the symbolism is VERY BLATANT or it focuses on the characters in a much more serious way than the show is presented.

But seriously. I hate Tumblr and the Internets attitude that by putting a dark spin on something they can justify their hate for a TV show by making unfounded comparisons to real world events. It's more understandable when it's actual real world events being brought up (like that Buffalo MLP episode) but signifying any monster-attack as being allegorical to rape is just... not at all nice.
>> No. 85187
>> No. 85226
File 138219890910.jpg - (37.40KB , 500x375 , ml4nt11nW61qz4rgp.jpg )
Actually, that theory has been around long before the tumblr age, so it's not just them being retards. The victims get cuffed and immobilized, have some magical/metaphorical part of their body forcibly ejected and "violated" by a villain who chooses them based on their attractiveness, and are usually screaming and/or in pain during the act. It's not too hard to see the allusion.
>> No. 85227
watching that as a kid is actually how I found out about rape.
>> No. 85234

But a lot of Sailor Moon antagonists steal some metaphorical thing from people like "Hearts" or "love" or "Energy".

The only thing that's different here is that they're sticking a part of themselves into said metaphysical thing in order to do it. And even then it's not to corrupt the person or to implant a monster in there, it's to find some dumb horse.

The symbolism is barely there.
>> No. 85235
>they're sticking a part of themselves into said metaphysical thing
And causing the person in question pain and revulsion. It's perfectly fair for you to say you don't see it, but you're being disingenuous if you say you can't see why other people do.
>> No. 85236

>causing the person in question pain and revulsion


Like if other people see that? Well ok whatever. But it seems kinda hypocritical to claim THAT SPECIFIC way of hunting people is allegorical to rape and none of the other ways the show's done it are. If you're gonna make a statement that has THAT AMOUNT OF WEIGHT in the real world by drawing comparisons to a real and honest horrible event that plagues many people then at least be consistent in your logic.
>> No. 85245
No, like all the other times they are personally and physically invaded by another entity. Which was relatively rare in the series, compared to how frequently it happened in that season.

It's not about the taking, it's about the forcible invasion. No matter how much you struggle to belittle the idea of having greater revulsion toward that than run-of-the-mill spiritual theft/parasitism, it feels yucky to a lot of people.
>> No. 85246

>like all the other times they are personally and physically invaded by another entity. Which was relatively rare in the series

? What? First you say that happened all the time then you're saying that was a rare occurrence?

>It's not about the taking, it's about the forcible invasion.

Which could be metaphorical of a lot of things. Things like groping around inside of you to pull out a crystal and then have yourself be turned into a "monster" (by society!).

>No matter how much you struggle to belittle the idea of having greater revulsion toward that than run-of-the-mill spiritual theft/parasitism, it feels yucky to a lot of people.

Or MAYBE a lot of people disliked this season for the listed reasons of it being focused on Chibiusa, and twisted a really dark and disturbing meaning out of it to better feel justified in their hatred for it? Like I know this might seem absolutely abhorrent to some people but, you CAN unjustifiably pull out a meaning behind something and come off worse because of it, even if what you're advocating is ultimately a noble cause.

Now, assuming someone DOES just legitimately feel uneasy about it? Well that's their own prerogative and I can't tell them no, don't feel things. But what I CAN do is call bullshit when people say "OH this book is shit because the blue curtains represent homophobia", when it's also just as likely that the blue curtains are blue curtains.
>> No. 85249
File 138225391427.jpg - (11.39KB , 320x240 , fisheye18.jpg )
Not only are you completely missing the point, you're being a jerk about it too. Look at this picture. >>85226 Take away the magic mirror and what do you see? A creepy guy with a helpless girl shackled to a board, blushing and screaming. Pretty sure most people would make the same connection. And again, the Amazon Trio all choose victims that they find attractive. Notice how Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye are grossed out by Fish Eye's attraction to male targets.

You could make an argument about Pure Heart Crystals or Star Seeds, but Dream Mirrors are the most obvious metaphor. Although Pure Hearts seem to be an analogy for sex too. Minako was certainly acting that way when she was asking the others about what having theirs taken felt like, and their mutual friend Unazuki was trying to kiss everyone after hers was taken away (she'd been saying how she wanted her first kiss to be special earlier). Actually, the most obvious rape symbolism in the series would be Prince Demande trying to force Usagi to kiss him. I was surprised when I was watching the dub at the time that they'd show it uncut, since it seemed pretty obvious what he wanted. But I digress.

>Or MAYBE a lot of people disliked this season for the listed reasons of it being focused on Chibiusa

I can agree to that, since that's why I didn't care for it much, but that isn't what we're talking about right now and the way you belittle people who are pointing out this metaphor is making you look like an ass. Sailor Moon is chock full of suggestive material and that's the way the creator intended it. For once people aren't making a big deal out of nothing.

>But what I CAN do is call bullshit when people say "OH this book is shit because the blue curtains represent homophobia", when it's also just as likely that the blue curtains are blue curtains.

Unless the author says "Yeah, blue curtains represent homophobia. Blue is the traditional color of masculinity and the curtains represent the natural light of one's inner sexuality being 'covered up' by a narrow-minded society." See how easy that was? Just because you can't see it or don't agree with it, that doesn't mean it isn't there.
>> No. 85253

>Unless the author says "Yeah, blue curtains represent homophobia. Blue is the traditional color of masculinity and the curtains represent the natural light of one's inner sexuality being 'covered up' by a narrow-minded society." See how easy that was? Just because you can't see it or don't agree with it, that doesn't mean it isn't there.

Not continuing this fucking thing but when did Naoko Takeuchi say that YES the Amazon Mirror thing was suppose to represent RAPE?

Cause if she DIDN'T then your metaphor here is terrible.
>> No. 85255
You are being incredibly obtuse.
>> No. 85257
>Blue is the traditional color of masculinity
In America and some places in Europe. And even then only for the past century or so.

Just...throwing that out...
>> No. 85264
Yeah, in Asia pink is actually a masculine color associated with young boys while blue represents femininity.
>> No. 85272
So you completely ignored the rest of my post to pick apart that? Come on, man. I don't think there were even Dream Mirrors in the manga, that was a change made in the anime, so Takeuchi didn't have anything to do with it. It's cool if you don't like or accept the metaphor, but you're really putting on the blinders to why other people can interpret it that way.

I know, that's why I made that analogy.

The same used to apply in the Western world too (why the Virgin Mary is often depicted in blue) until they changed it. Pink was just viewed as a "lightish red", and therefore was considered a masculine color.



(1st and 5th bullet point, respectively)
>> No. 85273
This thread is an eyesore, could you people stop bumping it if you're going to keep going on about this bullshit?
>> No. 85274
Or you could hide the thread instead of crying about it.
>> No. 85559
can someone post some sailor moon hentai pics

>> No. 85760
>> No. 86382
File 138932172542.jpg - (57.73KB , 600x324 , yaaaay.jpg )
>> No. 86394


Fool me once, Toei...
>> No. 87676
File 139477000712.png - (2.17MB , 974x1621 , sailor-moon-anime.png )
>> No. 87686
Saw this on Facebook's trending news of all places.

I'm super hype though.
>> No. 87690

Fuck yeah, we Crystal now.
>> No. 88355
File 139858785972.png - (218.26KB , 318x233 , newcast.png )
>> No. 88357
File 139859694337.png - (301.77KB , 1014x1386 , 4e4f50065b14b14442a8ed199e5ec7f5.png )
And some of the rolls:

Mercury is Squid Girl

Mars is Misaka "Biri Biri" Mikoto


Venus is... not in anything I really care about...
>> No. 88360
File 139861242723.gif - (1.29MB , 267x150 , 1343752158856.gif )
>Venus is... not in anything I really care about...
Best not be disrespecting Hilda!

More importantly though Jupiter confirmed for strongest rabbit in the forest
>> No. 88362
>So, Mercury is Peace?
Oh, I can't wait for all the Moonlight jokes.
Also, the Melody jokes as well.
>> No. 88364
Why are they wearing heels in their school uniforms?
>> No. 88374
File 139872289487.png - (139.85KB , 500x281 , tumblr_n4q2phzUE71qdyi3xo3_500.png )
That's...the best explanation for a subtitle I've heard in a VERY long time.
>> No. 88376
I added a Z onto it because I imagined it ending within 291 episodes.
>> No. 88377
Am I the only one who likes the old anime's art style better? I know the newer one is truer to the manga's art but the older ones looked round and cute and not so noodley.
>> No. 88378
The new one's going to take some getting used to for me, too. But it's not BAD, it's just different.
>> No. 88379

>older ones looked round and cute

so more like moe-blobs?
>> No. 88380
So do you actually have any horses in this race, or are you just trolling? Because I don't think anyone would consider the 1990's era Sailor Moon character designs to be any more moe than these current ones.
>> No. 88381
I think it's so they'll be more consistent in animation too, that said I just hope they won't be shiny, Goddamn do I hate shiny skin.
>> No. 88382
That's how you indicate a high level of detail.
>> No. 88383
Nothing says detail like iridescent skin.
>> No. 88384
Tiki, is your skin not iridescent? Take a damn bath
>> No. 88385

Well I do think the original anime's design is more typical of what "cute girls" were meant to look like.

Which makes sense since the original anime WASN'T trying to sell the manga. It was trying to make the manga marketable.

The original designs are much rounder, much more typical of what 90's anime looked like and followed what could be considered "moe" back then. Of course what we see as a "moe blob" nowadays is nothing like what it was when Sailor Moon was on air but speaking from a historical context yea.

The new anime is much more focused on capturing the manga and using Naoko's aesthetics. It looks more like a shojo manga and its character models look less like an anime model and more like a manga model cleaned up a bit.

I dunno if what I'm saying makes perfect sense but it seems like the new style is doing something kinda unique, which I can respect.
>> No. 88388
Sort of reminds me of a lot of 90s anime. Gonna have to see it animated before passing judgment, but might be interesting. Liking the thick outlines.
>> No. 88552
So how about that Viz media?
>> No. 88553
They're one of the better companies doing stuff right now, and their tweets about the matter show that they're at least fond of the source material and dislike the silly changes the original dub did.
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