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File 133348319439.jpg - (85.28KB , 1280x720 , 1333481140015.jpg )
73372 No. 73372
Saint Seiya Omega OP.aviyoutube thumb
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>> No. 73374
First episode was old-school shounen so anyone else who grew up with the original series will definitely feel at home.

Don't really like the new cloth designs though. The lack of the dark shading that the original series had makes the armor look like plastic or latex or something that's just not as solid/metallic.
>> No. 73384
File 13335069419.png - (390.24KB , 852x473 , seinseiya.png )
I can't wait for the anime to be dubbed to mexpanish.

I hope Jesus Barrero repeats as Seiya and also hope the "highfarts" get some of the people that worked in the mexpanish dubs of Kenichi and Eyeshield 21 for this series.
>> No. 73386
Knights of the Zodiac Opening (English)youtube thumb

>> No. 73397
File 133351606538.gif - (21.81KB , 194x400 , 132734258451.gif )
>> No. 73398
File 133351679955.png - (551.17KB , 1000x1000 , Dash and Seiya in Jenga.png )
That would be awesome (and relatively cheap since it's obvious Seiya isn't gonna have much lines), and I hope Irwin Daayán was the voice for the new Pegasus, since he was Seiya on the Hades Saga and I think that would fit very well.

Ugh, I always hated that pisspoor US edit, and to make it worse, a pisspoor cover on one of my favorite 80's songs.
>> No. 73408
Oh hey, turns out that WASN'T some feverish imagining I had years ago.
>> No. 73413
In apology they gave us

Bowling For Soup - Today Is Go…youtube thumb
>> No. 73414
I find a more fitting version for >>73386
Saint Seiya - I Ranyoutube thumb

Apology accepted.
>> No. 73477
>First episode was old-school shounen so anyone else who grew up with the original series will definitely feel at home.
Nnnnnnnnnnot so much. The look didn't feel right, from the Pandora Boxes to the villain. But MAN did I sing along with the opening.

Shayna still looked pretty damn good and kicked ass though.

Honestly I want more of Next Dimension is what I want.
>> No. 73478
Oh yeah and the original Bronze Saints in the opening sure did get my spine all tingly.
>> No. 73479
I don't like ClothStones one bit.

One of the things I remember really loving as a kid watching it on Mexican tv was that they had to actually take care of and repair their armor. Something that was physically theirs and the state of which was something that represented how many battles they'd been through.

Now it's some magical girl (boy???) thing which kool I guess but it ain't for me at all.

Also yeah that shot of Kohga clenching his fist looked super weird and made the armor look hella plastic-y, I didn't like it. The Pegasus Meteor Fist sound was probably my favorite part of the whole thing. And Shaina.
>> No. 73484
File 133369524689.jpg - (328.03KB , 1600x1200 , P1220956.jpg )
Damn, right.
She is one of my favorite characters, and it's a pity Kurumada isn't capable of polish well his female characters.

seiya vs shaina [Primera pelea] Audio Latinoyoutube thumb

Let's hope this new female saint delivers some badassness.
>> No. 73505
Sometimes he forgets them, but Marin and Shayna get tons of love.

>while every other god is male and evil
Not sure if trolling or just a fucking casual.
>> No. 73506
You got it the first time, he's plus4's main anonymous troll, he's extremely obvious because of how much he hates women and being the only one who hates women here.
>> No. 73507
Ohhhhh right, so that's the one... i heard about it in the MLP threads but i think the posts were usually gone by then.
>> No. 73508
>Heh heh female warriors. Don't make me laugh. Kishimoto said it best recently with Tsunade. Women are weak and make for shitty warriors. All this Girl Powah bullshit female token is, is just a reason to make the men look bad and emasculate them.

>And man Seiya looks like a major pussy in that clip you just posted. So he gets battered by a woman both without and with the armor. Some nameless thugs show up and then he magically finds his balls to beat them up, but doesn't beat Shaina black and blue like she deserves since she started the fight in the first place. What a White Knight shit stain.

>Come to think of it, all of the main characters are White Knight Faggots since they serve Athena/Saori while every other god is male and evil. What sexist misandrist shit. I cannot like Saint Seiya anymore. This whole pussy worship shit of females being put on pedestal like goddesses is ruining every fucking thing ever.

>Even Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, or Mario has this shit of crediting women as the creators of the universe and all life and sources of eternal goodness while men get labeled as evil. Don't even get me started on Kid Icarus Uprising. Medusa is the goddess of darkness? Nope, randomly Hades shows up and he's the real boss. Oh yeah and Palutena is the goddess of light and all that is good and Pit is her happy mangina fag all to willing to serve her and announces how glad he is to do so. Nevermind the loli goddess bitch who got away with mass murdering millions of innocent humans.

>Seriously fuck this shit. And just in case, fuck you if you dare to object.

Technically he does have a point. Why do we credit women so much for stuff they truly do not do on their own? So women help make babies, so what? You need both a man and a woman to get it done. Plus even if a woman gets pregnant she needs to be provided for with good food for 9 months so that she doesn't have a miscarriage and the embro dies. Usually its men who foot that bill. So its a two people effort. Not something women do solo. Never mind the fact that women need men's sperm to be able to even fathom bringing a life into this world.
>> No. 73509
The usual misogynist troll, he keeps jumping from board to board and using different proxies in order to evade bans, which never works since he always get banned.
I'm beginning to think he's beginning to believe his own bullshit.
>> No. 73510
Yeah but... how's that even related to Saint Seiya

Anyone who read the manga saw when Saori first asks "I'm Athena, so who's with me?" and everyone's like, "Yeah you're also a bitch, bye"
>> No. 73512
>I cannot like Saint Seiya anymore

Bro I hate to burst whatever horrible bubble you got here but this was kind of always about defending and fighting for Athena
>> No. 73514
Saori kind of really was a spoiled mega bitch. Didn't she literally rode one of the guys like a horse when he was a boy and whipped him in public while they were children? I recall Seiya calling that particular guy a bunch of insults because he allowed himself to be humiliated that way for the sake of a spoiled harpy. Kind of makes me wonder how Saori stopped being such a cunt. And please don't say "people grow up" because the type of behavior being displayed there in Saori's childhood felt like something akin to Azula from Avatar Last Airbender and that sadistic behavior is not something a person simply goes "wait a minute this is wrong, I'm literally hurting someone else so I should stop" in a random day.
>> No. 73515
Its called waking up. When you're a kid you'll believe a lot of shit. Now that I'm older I can see that putting women on pedestals is not only a great disservice to men, but a blatant lie. Women are not virtuous. They know dick shit about honor and loyalty quite frankly. That scene when Shaina told Saori that she was disgusted at seeing Saori act all protective of Seiya brings up another issue I'd like to bring to the table. Men may have a biological drive to protect women, but I can assure you women do not have an instinct to protect men. Remember the movie The Mummy Returns with Immotep literally being abandoned by the woman he loved? That is the true nature of women. Selfish til the end (so don't buy the lie of Brendan Frashier's character).

Looking back I liked Ikki more when he was an anti-hero and before he became a lame yes man to Saori like the rest of the cast.
>> No. 73516
yes, yes. now get back to the men's rights reddit where you can keep crying about how horribly oppressed you are. go on, shoo.
>> No. 73517

Oh, you. Haven't you realized yet that this forum is populated almost entirely by androphobic feminists?
>> No. 73518
An Exercise in Inherent Female…youtube thumb

Get married and then divorced then tell me how you're doing.

>> No. 73519
Anyway I'm excited for the new female saint, I think she's gonna kick a lot of ass and be graceful about it, like Ahim in Gokaiger. Also I'm excited for new Dragon saint and I'm excited for everything holy shit it's like I'm a little kid again
>> No. 73522
Yeah, yeah both men and women can and usually are horrible creatures.
Now BACK to Saint Seiya.

You are right, Saori didn't just grow up. It was just a bad character writting, and it was even worse in the anime, and at least 90% of the St. Seiya fans only watched the anime and never read the manga.

In the manga is like you said, she was always a mayor bitch since childhood. She was a really spoiled brat mistreating the orphans her multimillionare 'grandpa' saved and gathered around the world to train them as saints.
When Saori reveals the others she is Athena and needs them to fight against the corrupt pope everyone flip her the finger and tell her a big Fuck You. They only come around until she goes to Greece willing to face the whole sanctuary alone.

In the anime? They all witness how she motherly saves a silver saint and are all like 'I finally see the light! You are the true prophet!' effectively becoming her bodyguards.
Honestly fuck that shit.
>> No. 73525
What are your opinions on The Lost Canvas, guys?
>> No. 73526
Haven't seen it except for the episodes on when Taurus wiped the floor with Kagaho.
>> No. 73527
Yep, she did. Maybe after they save her ass AFTER telling her what a spoiled bitch she is, she got shaken to some senses (she's still 13 years old by then, I think...). After they give her that huge "FUCK YOU", she gets kidnapped by Jamian and they go save her, if I recall. In the anime... yeah, they didn't have much in the manner of a personality.

>her multimillionare 'grandpa' saved and gathered around the world to train them as saints.
Ahem... he gathers them in orphanages, doesn't save them. Also, in the manga? That douchefag was their father. He somehow had a hundred kids, all orphans of their mother. Maybe a ton more with living mothers... damn I wanna be a multibillionaire.

Manga is cool, the focus on Pandora and Rhadamanthys is a pain in the ass (reminds me of Inu Yasha), the ending is worth manly tears. The art is pretty damn good while making homages to the original. The art in the anime feels a bit bland since I'm used to 90s character designs and Shingo Araki designs for Saint Seiya, but the animation's gorgeous and there's some physical combat. Good OST too.

But I want Next Dimension :(
>> No. 73607
Episode 2 with Spanish subs: [HD] Saint Seiya Omega Capitul…youtube thumb
>> No. 73874
File 133455920254.png - (673.61KB , 1360x768 , sso_yuna.png )
Episode 3 was kind of cool. We get to see former Bear Saint Geki.

I think the Palaestra is located where the Kido manor used to be.

In episode 4 we will meet Dragon Ryuhou.
>> No. 75112
I just watched episode 9 and while reading the comments I kind of noticed something. There seems to be serious leakage of this show.
I have seen some comments spoiling the next episodes since the show aired like Ionia being the Sagitarius gold saint and a traitor or Seiya returning in episode 17.
>> No. 75114
I remember hearing of at least one of these spoilers right after the first episode, and they said in which episode it was supposed to happen... I'm curious, too.

Can't believe it's been 9 episodes already. I only watched the first one.
>> No. 75329
File 133876732523.png - (503.46KB , 1360x768 , sso_leomicenas.png )
Leo Haldir... nah just kidding. His name is Leo Mycene. BTW didn't this board have an image spoiler option?
>> No. 75330
Long, long ago.
>> No. 75351

They need to bring it back.
>> No. 75354
Yes, this is true.
>> No. 75863
Episode 11
Shun has a manlier voice now and got 'infected' by Mars
He told Kouga that a meteorite that collided with earth transformed the cloths and gave the saints elemental powers

People has been speculating that Kouga could be Seiya's son and Aria 'the fake Athena' could be Nike's incarnation.
>> No. 75871
Whoa so at least they did (sorta) expalin what happened to the Saint clothes
>> No. 75894
lol canon explainations for changes.
>> No. 76831
>2 pages down
Well can't blame us for this, lol... and that's because this is slower than /co/.

Anyway, just had to post this
圣斗士OL完美官网宣传CGyoutube thumb
>> No. 77095
Rumors of a third season of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas from some convention in Japan, first semester of 2013. Stay tuned.
>> No. 77098
Upcoming game videos.

圣斗士星矢 Online trailer…youtube thumb

>> No. 77101
This videos made "Huh? Impressive", and they look promising.
Too bad not even Europe is going to see them.

Wow, that's all kinds of dumb there.
>> No. 77107
what's supposed to be online there? looks like a very stiff beat them all.
coop mode like in left4dead?
>> No. 77127
File 134362290886.png - (609.90KB , 1360x768 , sso_rakikiki.png )
>> No. 77128
Yeah, Kiki of Aries.
What the fuck?
>> No. 77133
o god episode 17 was painfully bad.
o god
fuck I'm still mad.
what the hell.
>> No. 77134
16 not 17. the one with the beach and clapping.
>> No. 77224
File 134421830626.png - (269.71KB , 850x474 , ssopiramide.png )
Soma's town looks kind of mexican with that pyramid and the brown people.
>> No. 77225
File 134421846915.png - (887.78KB , 1360x768 , somexican.png )
The brown people. Also they ate tacos there.
>> No. 77227
Fucking classy Omega.
>> No. 77623
episode 21
>> No. 77624
episode 21
>> No. 78635
Ep 27
This is a big spoiler.
Aria dies.
>> No. 78636
Good. She was annoying. Now let's have ruyho dies and we'll finally get a fully testosterone powered main team.
>> No. 78654
Everybody dies in Saint Seiya anyway.

Is it true that this episode was the last of the first season? When will the next start?
>> No. 78801
Ep 28 was just a refresher.
>> No. 78937
New opening theme
Saint Seiya Omega Opening 2 Of…youtube thumb
>> No. 78939
oh hey, Saint Seiya, I remember watching this when I was younger. Lets have a lo--
>Pegasus Fantasy
>> No. 78960
On the first episodes I had the impression the opening was the only redeeming factor in Omega. Did it turn out any good?
>> No. 78962
File 135102524093.jpg - (166.55KB , 1280x720 , sanseiya_tauroharbinger.jpg )
I don't know about the other "fans" but I liked it and have been following the series since the beginning.

My only complaint would be the cloths/armors, specially the gloves. Other than that it was all good.

It was a nice to see Tauro Harbinger doing the Great Horn. Sort of like when Ryuho executed Excalibur as a water element technique during his fight with Kouga or Kouga's first pegasus ryusei ken.
>> No. 78992
The show has its flaws, and a handfull of very bad episodes and characters, but it's not insultingly bad either. Things seems to have improved a lot after Eden get Aria back.
>> No. 79072
File 13513788117.jpg?spoiler - (153.89KB , 1280x720 , sso_geminisaint.jpg?spoiler )
Gemini Saint
>> No. 79073
File 135137962248.jpg?spoiler - (579.92KB , 2304x2752 , sso_gemparadox.jpg?spoiler )
I found a scan from a magazine with a very different Gemini Saint
>> No. 79082
in before "the Saint laws say I must wear a mask, but my helmet already has 2 so I don't need another one on my face".
That or those twins are fucking gayer than pisces and lizard put together.
>> No. 79198
File 135200170459.jpg?spoiler - (224.88KB , 910x1024 , sso_gemipara.jpg?spoiler )
This Gemini also has an evil side.
>> No. 79206
She's just an evil bitch with a crush on Shiryu and Ryuho by proxy.
>> No. 79218
average tsundere cliché. I bet she'll be everybody's waifu on /a/ and there.
>> No. 79220
There are people over there into Omega? I thought only Saint Seiya fans even cared about this show, and fewer actually liked it.
And I never guessed there would be Saint Seiya fans on /a/.
>> No. 79239
I've seen some threads on /a/ but they are rare and usually ends up in Yuna spam.
Problem with /a/ is that most people will just sagebomb anything that isn't about shows of the current season. being even 1 season late only ends up in dubs spam. So imagine years old stuff.
>> No. 79241
File 13522139182.png - (851.93KB , 1360x768 , sso_pargem.png )
OK. Here she is, with tits and all.
>> No. 79242
That's a woman...?
>> No. 79244
File 135221648950.png - (886.11KB , 1360x768 , sso_gemini.png )
It's a trap.
>> No. 79400
File 135260629523.jpg - (418.87KB , 1440x1620 , sso_8dorados.jpg )
Eight gold saints. Who will be the other four?
>> No. 79405
not ikki for sure!
>> No. 79409
Certainly, Ikki is already deadly as Phoenix.
Making him a gold saint would be unnecessary.

So, looks like Cancer is gonna be the Cobraja of the show, judging by his looks.
And I'm curious about nordic looking Taurus.
>> No. 79419
From left to right, top to bottom...

Sagittarius Seiya-- Capricorn Ionia
Leo Mycenae-------- Libra Genbu
Aries Kiki------------- Tauro Harbinger
Gemini Paradox---- Cancer Schiller
>> No. 79430
File 135269347245.jpg - (145.38KB , 640x454 , 201211091515_05664.jpg )
>> No. 79440
Taurus Harbinger's motivation is he really fucking loves breaking people.

So yeah, he's basically Gold Saint Ivan Drago.
>> No. 79452
I have the feeling that Mycenae will do a heel-face turn.
>> No. 79594
In before Yuna is the only one to actually kill an opponent after the first "round".
>> No. 79756
>ruyho is the first of the team to achieve 7th sense
>instead of fighting at equal, he steamrolls gemini
>gemini is actually weak as shit

Are you trying to make me angry, Omega?
>> No. 79833
Yuna has been the only one who has killed a gold saint
Schiller is the only gold saint that has died in this generation
>> No. 79835
there's still many gold saints to go, I expect a little higher final bodycount. Naruto will probaly kill the dude that killed his bro, too.
>> No. 80002
New chapter of Next Dimension makes it canon: Shiryu and Shunrei have a son, now.

His name is Shoryu and he's adoptive
>> No. 80261
I used to be a fan, of the original, but this thing...looks cheap and girly.
>> No. 80325
Virgo Fudo is almost as cool as the past Virgos.
Now Eden the blueish is Eden the White
>> No. 80598
Genbu is a bro.
Wasp Sonia has been promoted to Scorpio
>> No. 80599
I've been following the 12 Houses arc recently, and I have to say its kinda good. Yeah, Omega is still crap, but at least most of the Golden Saints are pretty cool. Specially Taurus Harbringer and Virgo Fudo. Motherfucking Fudo.

Yeah, I kinda knew that about Scorpio.
And I've been told a huge part of the latinamerican male fans have been acting like a he-man anti-girls kids houseclub about this, which is unsurprising, but is still fun to see their silliness.
>> No. 80611
File 135758204042.jpg - (467.84KB , 1280x2160 , sso_genbu.jpg )
Latin american fanboys are quite silly.
>> No. 80618
Yeah, they where whining about Seiya having a new VA (I think it was Irwin Daayán, don't quote me on that) instead of the original latin VA Jesus Barrero.
At the end, they managed to getalotofDOSH convince Barrero to get into the role again. Funny enough, Seiya has only appeared only 4 or 5 times in the series so far.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg...
>> No. 80621
Well don't know about you, but in my country, Seiya's VA (and the other main characters, and even some Gold Saints) IS a big deal. Even if it's a cameo, it's a cameo from a big star (Seiya, in this case).

Hang on, Omega is already being dubbed for some latin american countries?
>> No. 80624
Well, costarrican fans aren't as whinny as mexican fans about that, but I can understand you.
And yup, Omega is getting dubbed for latinamerica and it will be done by June apparently. Maybe CN latinamerica will pick it up, maybe. Haven't seen CN Latinamerica in a while, but I bet it's still probably a mediocre pile of wasted opportunities and live action shit.
>> No. 80759
Goodnight sweet princess.
>> No. 80772
Meanwhile, on Next Dimension: Ikarus gets owned HARD, Hyoga and Shiryu make it to the past. Shit's about to get real!
>> No. 80781
come on, I expected Omega to be cheesy but that's getting beyond retarded. Gold are all fucking weak shit, and the heroes are just there to be amazed at them. It's fucking pathetic.
>> No. 80802
File 135821995434.jpg?spoiler - (141.74KB , 1440x810 , sso_pretty.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 80949
File 135871004337.jpg?spoiler - (111.88KB , 1280x720 , sso_amorpiscis.jpg?spoiler )
Piscis Amour
>> No. 81082
Ionia ended up being a dirty old man in love with Saori
>> No. 81098
I've been reading some crazy shit lately about some unconfirmed spoilers but I think it's just too whack to be true.

I won't write it all here because my english is not that good but i will say this:
Lucifer is the real evil behind Mars and there's a slight chance that Romulus (one of the four heavenly kings) might be Ikki
>> No. 81099
File 13593921687.jpg?spoiler - (187.18KB , 941x619 , Marcianos_vs_Santos.jpg?spoiler )

Forgot the pic

BTW there seems to be some confusion with Vulcanus and Romulus about who's who.
>> No. 81106
You know, I'm starting to believe that with the 12 Houses arc, Omega is finally being as decent as the original series was, and even with some extras like backgrounds stories for the Gold Saints (since in the previous series the Gold Saints where just there) with even some more personality than the older saints.

>dat filename
I chuckled.

My friend was right, he does really look a bit like a 13 year old version of nasuverse Gilgamesh.

>> No. 81169
Latest Next Dimension update, and that's a BIG one:
In the present, Shayna finds the legendary cursed 13th temple, Ophiucus!

And now, multiple month hiatus. Just as things got really interesting. Dammit sensei.
>> No. 81182
>Kouga! my body is moving on its own!

I hope yhis inspire some interesting doujins.
>> No. 81302
Episode 43

Of all the episodes in this show, this was the only one I sort of didn't like but it seems like many fanboys of the original show liked it a bit more than the past episodes.

Amor is a perv who wants to get in Yuna's "pants". He also seems to be the typical sadistic pretty boy.
The heavenly kings are like zombies with armor who haven't shown any personality yet.
>> No. 81555
Omega is turning into Bleach. Kouga is hollow mode now. Which is ironic as fuck considering Bleach is heavily inspired by Saint Seiya to begin with.
>> No. 81558
File 136115124838.png?spoiler - (480.78KB , 1360x768 , sso_ludwig.png?spoiler )
Human Mars AKA Ludwig.
>> No. 81559
Backstory: wife gets killed, goes Punisher, realizes that the whole world is cowardly superstitious criminals. Becomes god of war.


Also, no idea Hisakawa Aya could still do little girl voice.
>> No. 81581
File 136339760298.jpg?spoiler - (150.96KB , 386x543 , sso_introvis.jpg?spoiler )
New season has been announced.
>> No. 81593
>pushing husbando Yuna way back behind everyone
>some little kid sidekick hogging the front of the picture

It was nice while it lasted I guess.
>> No. 81604
That's a Steel Saint. They just... they do that. A lot.
>> No. 81607
Oh yeah, this new artstyle will probably please the people that didn't liked Yoshihiko Umakoshi, since the new guy apparently worked close to Kurumada or something like that.

Hopefully, we'll some more action from them?
Because seriously, they where anime-only characters, and barely did anything, like, at all.
>> No. 81614
Paradox remains nowhere to be seen
>> No. 81625
Honestly, I don't even watch Omega. But those guys were known to show up to just... be there and somehow kinda fight people who gave more trouble on the anime... just so they could show up. There was that wind guy whose armor did a cool trick, but that was it. Seriously, remember Centaur Babel? The Silver Saint guy who used fire? I think in the manga Hyoga killed him with ONE attack. Didn't really break a sweat. Half his episode was just so they could show up.

As for the style, now that you mentioned, it's pretty clear in the Steel Saint's face that they're at least trying to copy Shingo Araki's style, in this illustration at least. Unfortunately, Araki himself died a couple years ago. Shame, the guy was pretty boss at drawing and animating.
>> No. 81629
File 136371699775.jpg - (41.38KB , 350x643 , geminicloth.jpg )
It might have something to do with it that the steel saints are Toei's invention and since this show was also made by Toei, maybe they thought it would be a good idea to bring back the concept.

Maybe we will see some of the original saints return for the new season sporting new versions of their cloths and promoted to silver saints.

I had read somewhere that they're planning on bringing back the cloth boxes. That could mean that there will be new toys like the old myth cloths.
>> No. 81652
Keiichi Ichikawa will direct the second season in substitution of Yoshihiko Umakoshi.

Ichikawa also worked in the anime adaptation of Ring ni Kakero which is also of Kurumada's autorship.
>> No. 81686
File 136418744597.png?spoiler - (628.05KB , 1360x768 , sso_ap.png?spoiler )
Fuck Yeah!!!

Sagittarius no Koga
>> No. 81687
>create new show
>sopy paste old show because that's all fans wanted anyway

Why not just rerun the old show then Japan it's ridiculous
>> No. 81688
Are reruns even a thing in japan? legit curious here.
>> No. 81698
I think they wanted to make a new one for the new generation, lol

If they're clever enough they're just gonna animate Next Dimension as soon as there's material for that. They could also have made an anime version of Episode G since it's almost finished, but I'm not sure how is the acceptance over there. Or continued Lost Canvas, if it was animated by Toei, too.
>> No. 81783
The End
It seems to me like Ikki will show until the next season
>> No. 81965
File 136538521259.png - (536.19KB , 1360x768 , sso_palas.png )
The new battle has begun.

The goddess Palas and her army, the Palasites.
>> No. 81966
It results that that Ikki was really Subaru the Steel Saint.
>> No. 81971
dude, ikki was i like 2 flashbacks AND the opening for 3 frames. Stop hogging the spotlight like that!
>> No. 82034

were the old saints also kiddy puns like that? sure wasn't in the French dub.

also the new steel saint looks like a mecha show main protagonist.
In before finae battle is a giant titan "armor" piloted by him and the other saints
>> No. 82037
Not 100% positive, but I think Poseidon had "Mariners", and Hades had "Spectres".
>> No. 82076
It's the fate of steel saints to be jobbers and mere support.

The original steel saints helped the bronze saints to defeat Centaurus Babel, bought some time for Shiryu against Perseus Algol, drove Spartan away and then disappeared.

These new steel saints won't be any different. They will buy time for the saints in some difficult fight and that's it.
>> No. 82080
sounds like denial to me. that guy is there to stick, probably stealing the "not kouga or Seiya" spot in the story that Yuna had last season.... while Yuna is the new helpless jobber because lel girls and their girl emotions trying to be serious.
>> No. 82150
I just watched episode 53 some minutes ago.

From what I saw I can almost assure anyone that Subaru is the big bad's reincarnation. The evil force behind Pallas.
>> No. 82166
Keep in mind this is the series that broke half the Gold Saint molds in half, set them on fire, then ran away while cackling.

That said, I'm only at ep52 and so far the Steel Cloth is pretty useless.
>> No. 82261
that new season writting sure is better than the older seasons. But it also looks so different, like a ne show more than a new season
>> No. 82445
>Yuna acting like an insecure crybaby that needs men to lead her life at any moment

no sir, I don't like it.
>> No. 82585
oh my, Haruto managed to out gay a whole fucking Ruyho episode all by himself in like, 10 seconds of episode preview.
That season sure know its core fujoshi fanbase..
>> No. 82657
It wasn't that bad. The part with the "i no longer serve Athena", the rock and roll and all that jazz was kind of awkward but the rest of the episode was still cool.

I was expectig Haluto to sing Omega's new theme though.

Did his fans die or something? They didn't show the time spell stopped having effect after the Pallasite was defeated.
>> No. 82755
File 136841165611.png?spoiler - (936.82KB , 1360x768 , sso_paradox2.png?spoiler )
From the looks of episode 58's preview, it seems like there won't be anymore Paradox this season. I suppose they decided to keep her dead.
>> No. 82810
Yeah, she's dead, like Sonia, Pavlin and the other defeated saints.
Thsye stated it themselves, their rank has been decimated in that battle.
>> No. 82819
forget it. Pallasite have time power now.
They are all coming back for at least one fight.
Fuck, I better be prepared for Sonia.
>> No. 82876
It's still a little early to say there won't be anymore Paradox

She is shown in the new opening although Ikki does that too and he has not appeared yet and there's a Saint Seiya Omega TCG of the Pallas arc and there's a Paradox card, so who knows.

Maybe she just went back home to train a little more and she could appear later to save Ryuhou sometime later.
>> No. 82889
I think they will raise some saints from the dead, like they did for Hades. Of course it will be the new gen and not the old iconic ones, but still.
>> No. 83012
File 136955008845.jpg?spoiler - (226.99KB , 1440x810 , sso_shuncloth.jpg?spoiler )
Don't know if like
>> No. 83028
I know I don't. The big green jewels look silly.
>> No. 83031
File 136962541817.jpg?spoiler - (666.63KB , 2880x866 , sso_bannachi.jpg?spoiler )
Lionet Ban and Wolf Nachi are coming back the next episode.
>> No. 83033
yet Ikki is still unheard of in that show, not even named once despite Shun getting 2 episodes.
>> No. 83037
File 136967050457.jpg?spoiler - (214.04KB , 1440x810 , sso_saints.jpg?spoiler )
Shun mentioned his brother once in this episode and Yuna mentioned him by name.

She talked to Rei (the kid whose older brother got pretrified) about Shun not knowing Ikki's whereabouts.

>> No. 83040
>> No. 83049
Damnit Omega, stop running our of budget for important episodes/scenes.
>> No. 83050
You can't have Saint Seiya without QUALITY.
It's almost a staple for both the series and pretty much everything Toei animates.
>> No. 83052
File 136976110519.gif - (429.67KB , 240x180 , qualityanimu.gif )
Fuck Yeah Quality!!!
>> No. 83053
>> No. 83133
>dat QUALITY animation
>dat QUALITY out of character writting

god, it pains me to say that, but the old saints are fucking toxic for that show.
>> No. 83172
Those two ended up as teachers of the steel saints.

Subaru executed his "Pleiades Impact".

>> No. 83195
In other news, the next chapter of Episode G is apparently confirmed as the final one. Haven't been keeping up, but gonna miss it.
>> No. 83262
Right here right now, I predict Genbu will die within the next two or three episodes and Paradox will return to the Sanctuary but she will be blind.
>> No. 83297
I predict Subaru will be the next Phoenix saint.
>> No. 83426
Plot of the weak was dumb and tired but I like the Saint being in a situation that isn't "omg I have 12 hours to save a bitch, gotta knock at every nigga's door fast".
Still mad at how badly Yuna is characterised so far, too. She's the one that grew up in the middle of a war, she should be either handling things way better, or being shaken enough to put some drama in those homo romances.
>> No. 83429
Well, that's what happens when Umakoshi isn't there anymore.
>> No. 83450
File 137157844778.jpg?spoiler - (187.90KB , 1440x810 , sso__survivingamazons.jpg?spoiler )
At least Komachi and Arne survived
>> No. 83546
>I predict Genbu will die within the next two or three episodes

But no Paradox it seems
With Genbu's death, it seems like the legendary saints are making a comeback
>> No. 83683
>Hyoga is next
>still no Ikki.
>> No. 83692

After Episode G ended, they just announced a new Saint Seiya manga... featuring a female Pegasus saint.

This better have really good ecchi stuff going on to even bother with.
>> No. 83704
File 137280990952.jpg - (30.40KB , 440x330 , saintiasho.jpg )
Yup. The mangaka of Gundam Seed Destiny, Kuori Chimaki will be in charge.
>> No. 83705
Art looks pretty good, no idea if he's any good as a writer though. Never liked the main series much but I might check this out.
>> No. 83707

I'm not sure if the Gundam manga I've seen was this one, and never payed that much attention, so no clue if there's anything to look forward to there.
>> No. 83737
looks like generic character cosplay.
The armor hardly look good when the style isn't really stylized. They are toys after all. Real people wearing toys is not gonna looking cool.
>> No. 83741
I don't think the toys were planned before the anime for the original anime came out.

Also you can have an idea from the Clash of the Titans remake and Immortals for how Saint Seiya armors might look in IRL movies.
>> No. 83778
File 137305936426.jpg - (181.14KB , 800x533 , ss_pachinko_evento_19.jpg )
This is what a "myth cloth" armor would look like at a real size scale.
>> No. 83788
So much, so SO much want. Though I'm not sure how well one can move the legs on that. ...Or wear it.

Also, that pic seems to be from the launching of the Pachinko machine, a couple years ago. It really bugs me that there are no high quality video rips of the animations on it, and that they haven't even released them on DVD yet.
>> No. 83821
Episode 63 and still no Paradox or Ikki.
>> No. 83825
I wouldn't expect golds to return until the last battle part whenthe time magic of the parasite allow them to bring the dead back to life.
I just hope it's done tastefuly and not just to rape all the new people once again to make the old icons shine brighter.
>> No. 83952
Episode 64 was a little meh.

Seiya finally becomes the Sagittarius saint with Atomic Thunderbolt and all. He does it like the Pegasus Ryusei Ken but with Sagittariu's constellation in the background instead of Pegasus.
>> No. 83953
Llegada a Pallasbeldayoutube thumb
>> No. 83990
little meh? it was boring as shit until like the last minutes with Athena showing up and Pallas sucking her energy harder than ever.
Weirldy enough looks like the story is heading to their "sanctuary" already. I really hope this doesn't devolve into Subaru stealing half of the season end.
>> No. 84028
File 137420006962.jpg - (39.99KB , 283x450 , stsho.jpg )
A prologue has appeared
Saint Seiya Saintia Shô Man…youtube thumb

It seems like Saintia is a title for a special type of female saint.
>> No. 84029
File 137420206411.jpg - (1.06MB , 1734x2025 , saintia1.jpg )
And she is the saint of Equus.
>> No. 84030
Self fixed
>> No. 84032
The art isn't bad. Resembles both Lost Canvas and maintains some homages to Kurumada's style, just like in LC.
>> No. 84277
>episode with an actual point of view
>bees, my god
>pepper spray > 7th sense
>timing is for faggot, let's not even wait for music to stop

you had ONE job for that episode, Omega. ONE. FUCKING. JOB.
>> No. 84293
File 137572051299.jpg - (122.17KB , 1440x810 , sso_orionobject.jpg )
Seems like there's going to be some subplot between Eden and Subaru.

Eden's constellation is Orion and Subaru's constellation is Pleiades.

In mythology, Orion wooed the youngest of the seven Pleiades. Subaru is the youngest of the seven saints

After Eden stated he didn't need his god powers, this made Subaru rage and explode his mysterious and powerful cosmos because Subaru wants to be a god and Eden is a demi god. He is the son of Mars.
We will end up with Subaru being the big bad, mirroring the Shun/Hades and Ikki/Eden story in some way.
>> No. 84384
I kind of hate how artificial and forced is Subaru's hype in this show. There was a thousand way of showing his potential and shit but all we have everytime is him acting stupid for one episode, get ass kicked, then gets a powerup for the shittiest reason ever. There's no consistency in his build up it's annoying. Also the writer sucking Seiya's cock over and over.
>> No. 84434
File 13763709938.jpg?spoiler - (158.25KB , 1440x810 , sso_seintotachi.jpg?spoiler )
I hope Hyoga's omega cloth doesn't look as shitty in the front.
>> No. 84477
Kind of like the mini plot with Pallas escaping and meeting Kouga, but They could have played the innocent girl aspect longer. Could have been better handled with Seiya as well. But at least it was a Subaru-free episode so it's automatically better than average.
It sadly confirmed Yuna to be a complete decorative item now.
>> No. 84495
File 137693748553.jpg - (206.67KB , 1920x1080 , lolquality2.jpg )

Have some more quality.
>> No. 84500
God they REALLY hate Yuna holy shit.
>> No. 84508
File 137702477545.jpg - (50.60KB , 429x300 , Alicia_Mii_Benethol.jpg )
Saintia Sho #1 is finally out.

Pic is Alicia Mii Benethol. Saori Kido's secretary and bodyguard.
>> No. 84510
Hope she's also an escort girl.
>> No. 84521
File 137710740491.png - (586.08KB , 601x597 , stseiya_mime.png )
Mii Benethol... It kind of reminds me a little of Benetnasch Mime.
>> No. 84565
this week episode was OK I guess. Yuna and Soma worked well together and the final blow wasn't triggered by a damsel in distress plot device.
Europa seems to be pretty endgame material, adn that new guy with the glove could be interessing, even though his gimmic pretty much assures he will not damage the MC directly, and will probably just clear the place of Seiya. (until he gets a new cloth for the very final fight)
>> No. 84605
The glove guy... I could almost tell he will fight Shiryu.
>> No. 84661
I doubt any of the old crew will get significant fights. They'll serve to contain some forces while the heroes go ahead for the final set of battles.
Armor detroying powers is convenient to level down the powerlevel of some of the people there that would otherwise steal the spotlight of the main cast.
If he ever has to beat an old timer, though, it would be Ikki. Because of the whole "Masaka! I destroyed your armor! But now you are raising from your ashes... like the FENIX! *music and recycled shot of ikki walking out of flames from way farther than were he was standing before*"
>> No. 84665
File 137800887551.jpg?spoiler - (1.21MB , 800x1216 , SSND_56_21.jpg?spoiler )
Meanwhile, in the Next Dimension...

Kurumada, you magnificent bastard. You know how to fan service because you're a fan of your own characters.

Neat description lol
>> No. 84677
File 137808974411.png?spoiler - (573.17KB , 1360x768 , equuleus.png?spoiler )
It seems I was off the mark with this episode.

There's an Equuleus saint in SSΩ‎.
>> No. 84684
Maybe the two series ignore each other completely. Then again, Omega is in the future. Do the armors look alike?
>> No. 84720
File 137842400945.png?spoiler - (695.93KB , 1360x768 , sso_celequus.png?spoiler )
>Do the armors look alike?
I don't know. We will have to wait for the episode to air.

But I think Toei decided to continue with it to give it some continuity and make the constellation and the cloth canon.
>> No. 84733
There was no episode 71 this week. Supposedly it was because of the Tokyo 2020 olympics thing and all that.
>> No. 84827
File 137929574327.png?spoiler - (739.41KB , 1360x768 , ssoceleris.png?spoiler )
>Do the armors look alike
>> No. 84837
>> No. 84880
File 13798164696.jpg?spoiler - (224.45KB , 1440x810 , saintsubaru.jpg?spoiler )
Fuck yeah!
>> No. 84882
Kinda saw it coming. Too bad it looks like ass there.
>> No. 84884
I think it looks cool.

I like the nod to the original pegasus cloth.
>> No. 84945
73 was awesome.

74: Enter the original steel saints.
>> No. 84951
The show is going full on making subaru the MC now, it's really annoying. I really liked the concept of that season at first, with Pallas and her army, but that whole attack is becoming really bitter. The villains also seriously lack of charisma. Fuck that small fry rank 2 and 3. It should be time for the big guns now.
Or are they planning another season to finish that thing?
>> No. 84960
File 138056221969.jpg?spoiler - (204.21KB , 1440x810 , steeldaichi.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 84961
File 138056226556.jpg?spoiler - (176.08KB , 1440x810 , steelsho.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 84962
File 138056231636.jpg?spoiler - (181.18KB , 1440x810 , oristeelsaints.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 84963
>> No. 84981
File 138093031352.jpg?spoiler - (237.00KB , 637x800 , integra.jpg?spoiler )
This better not be some trolling

It seems Paradox might have a twin sister.
>> No. 84982
File 138093140589.jpg?spoiler - (100.45KB , 327x479 , 327px-Saint_seiya_Ω_-_Paradox_de_Geminis_acuarela.jpg?spoiler )
Saga was a good and evil saint and Kanon was a completely evil one. I wonder if she will be a redeemed saint like Kanon?
>> No. 84991
So are they completely out of budget now or what?
Something HUGE like Saori going to war looked miserable. Fuck.
>> No. 84992
File 13810080015.jpg - (118.58KB , 1920x1080 , saoritits.jpg )
I suppose they had no idea on how to make it look more epic.

At least she looked hot.
>> No. 85000

She always looks hot, though.
>> No. 85005
Maybe they're following the tradition of the classic series.
>> No. 85011
File 138111231498.png?spoiler - (588.08KB , 1360x768 , sso_omg.png?spoiler )
>> No. 85012
File 138111257013.jpg?spoiler - (36.75KB , 432x640 , sso_integramask.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 85014
best sign all day everyday is back. Hope they don't fuck it up too hard with the current nobudget curse.
>> No. 85112
I came
Saint Seiya Omega - Gemini Int…youtube thumb
>> No. 85122
File 138177294498.png - (697.28KB , 1360x768 , sso_integra.png )
Integra is like the good Saga with a single personality while Paradox is like Kanon with double personality.
>> No. 85156
File 138189173677.png - (909.71KB , 2000x500 , sso_theoriginalcrew.png )
The original crew.
>> No. 85288
It seems the end is nigh.

Ikki is the badassest badass ever.
>> No. 85308
File 138246454661.jpg?spoiler - (198.59KB , 1440x810 , sso_cygnushyoga.jpg?spoiler )

It actually looks nice.
>> No. 85323
File 138254068058.jpg?spoiler - (199.61KB , 1440x810 , sso_librashiryu.jpg?spoiler )
Next episode
>> No. 85471
>mfw I was right about Ikki vs the guy that destroy clothes, up to people watching and saying "he rose from his ashes like the fenix"

>mfw latest episode was 70% still frame slides and 102% quality

I have no face
>> No. 85473
File 138344659678.jpg?spoiler - (494.85KB , 1536x1728 , sso_fancerveza.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 85474
Saint Seiya Omega Opening 4youtube thumb
>> No. 85477
I just soiled my underwear.
>> No. 85498
Some nice stuff, it's cool to see the recipe changed and have Athena literally fight for once.
>> No. 85506
File 138378876120.jpg?spoiler - (410.13KB , 1920x1620 , sso_subarugod.jpg?spoiler )
I saw this coming.
>> No. 85539
so.. Saturn/chronos is the guy behind this?
It would explain why Parasites have time manipulation power.
Not sure if I'm ready for a tragic end for Pallas, though, the little brat grew on me.
>> No. 85556
File 138418280510.jpg - (37.73KB , 800x341 , oC_Uv0vQWU2ZUE5fGoO0.jpg )
Image from the upcoming CGI movie.
>> No. 85557
And the opening from the PS3 game.
Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers - Complete Openingyoutube thumb
>> No. 85558
Too bad Omega can't look even half that good, even for a few minutes per season.
>> No. 85720
I just noticed something in today's episode.

Tokisada is supposedly a level 2 pallasite but his chronotector had 3s all over it.
>> No. 85758
Man, and people complain about siht like DBZ or Railgun to have retarded powerlevel. Both Tokisada and Hiyoga would effortlessly defeat nearly anybody in any other universe, even the Flash.
>> No. 85856
Sooooo I heard Ikki TOTALLY died 4realz in omega and people are really upset.
>> No. 85866
That's what they want us to believe but who knows.
>> No. 85891
I kind of have the feeling that they're gonna sacrifice the original saints in the next episodes until in the end only the new bronze saints reach the omega and defeat the big bad.
>> No. 86037
File 138776412529.jpg - (192.62KB , 1280x720 , sso_geminiparainte.jpg )
Paradox died.
>> No. 86038
File 138776656513.jpg - (106.41KB , 768x1024 , Bbn5T3JCMAAKfDK.jpg )
Episode G is getting a new manga, apparently, featuring Shura and Aiolia.

No idea whether it continues the (so I've heard) rushed ending of the series, or what. This week though, a gaiden was released in which Aiolia gets a message, being sent on an assassination mission in Japan. (Not sure if direct link to the original Saint Seiya)
>> No. 86117
It seems like Saintia Sho takes place in parallel to the original manga.

Jabu had just arrived to the Kido mansion briging his cloth with him, like if he had been the first to do so. While Shoko goes to her training place and finds two ninjas that put her to the test.
>> No. 86124
meh. Paradox was always wayyy to underdevelopped to deserve all this attention to begin with.
Gemini armor is popular, but it's not enough to carry a new twin drama like they did.
>> No. 86399
File 13893544122.jpg - (169.70KB , 665x1280 , 1389317328159.jpg )
Well played Toei.
>> No. 86442

I've been thinking about it for some time now and I see it plausible that Subaru might be a different god than the big bad.Which it means there might be four gods, Athena, Pallas, the big bad and Subaru.
>> No. 86501
I marathoned the last 6 episodes and I would aggree. This season puts enormous emphasis on duality, so there might be another pair to discover.
Things are shaping up really well to be honest, I'm surprised.
>> No. 86602
meh episode, the forbidden attack wasn't especially intense, and the villain didn't have much fancy tricks either. I really hope Titan's pulls a better match. but somehow I think he's gonna be siegfrieded. Like first to drop when the true bad guy appear to asset the power level of the match.
>> No. 86633
File 139066531877.jpg - (61.83KB , 611x458 , ss_ls.jpg )

And people bitched about Omega's cloths.
>> No. 86644
It's more about the generic faces and style than actual armour design I think.
>> No. 86647
In Omega? Nope, it's the fact they looked like they were wearing clothes at first instead of heavy, manly armor.

>> No. 86661
I liked episode 88 more than the last episode.

It kind of sucked that Hyperion survived Athena's Exclamation but at least Subaru kicked his butt.
Who could be this god Subaru saw. Is he the big bad or someone else
>> No. 86694
Modern Japan hates manliness
>> No. 86696
Saint seiya was always drawn with pretty boys and the graphical codes of shoujo manga. So this complaint is rather moot. Fuck, SS gay hentai may have coined the word "yaoi" by themselves.
>> No. 86802
loved 88 as well, if only because it shows that their last powerup didn't make the heroes invincible for the rest of the arc. As for Subaru, I don't know either. He's definitely a god, but he'snot the guy that Hyperion serves, or else he would have recognized his cosmo. and apparently subaru's god is also evil, so it's not a case a "evil god awakens means good counterpart awakes as well". It's confusing. 2 parts of the same god maybe? Zeus and Hera? Dunno.
>> No. 86807
File 139121030133.jpg?spoiler - (308.04KB , 648x1000 , sso_spoilers1.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 86824
true omega forms? Kind of losing its "saint seiya" feel imo.
>> No. 86882
File 13914002109.jpg?spoiler - (651.75KB , 1920x1968 , sso_yunaomega2.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 86889
Yeah, we full KamenCureSentai now.
>> No. 86893
I'm still mad at how utterly irrelevant Yuna was in that season.
>> No. 86897
Umakoshi's legacy, I guess.
>> No. 86939
File 139164404828.jpg - (310.37KB , 867x1250 , saintiasho_mayura.jpg )
This Mayura girl from Saintia Sho looks interesting. Her name means Peacock in sanskrit and she seems to be crippled, blind and mute but it is said that her cosmos is one of the most powerful in the sanctuary.

It would be cool if she were Shaka's disciple.
>> No. 86940
This reminds me of a parody image, that because girls being weak and helpless is so moe the perfect girl would have an absolute raft of various disabilities.
>> No. 87002
Definitely a Shaka "losing a sense strengthen your cosmo" inspiration.
That said, "crippled, blind and mute" seems rather limitation in term of story telling potential. How does she communicate? Cosmo-telepathy?

Also, watched Omega 89, it felt like an horror zombie story. "why don't you stay dead" was overdone imo, especially with the saints having no visible wounds after so many hits. Reminded me of old phoenix illusions trick. Except for real.
Also now that they reached perfect Omega, Titan is more or less a joke. Hope he fights against gold saints otherwise there will be no fight at all.
>> No. 87040
>How does she communicate? Cosmo-telepathy?

Kind of. She has a talking bird that she uses to speak through.
>> No. 87042
Wasn't there a girl like that in X by Clamp?
>> No. 87044
Princess... Hinoto I think? I thought of her immediately when I saw this as well.
>> No. 87095
File 139200841158.jpg - (173.25KB , 1440x810 , taurus_Harbinger.jpg )
Harbinger, the Taurus people are proud of you.
>> No. 87143
He definitely shined more than the others there. Taurus awesomeness shall survive even Omega.
Also shit are getting fucking real as fuck next episode, holy shit.
>> No. 87240
The catfight was kind of meh but that was kind of expected.
>> No. 87308
Too early in the plot, at this point it was just an excuse to get Seiya and Titan to fight. Pallas is probably not dying in battle anyway. More like backstab or sacrifice. Europa might show his true face soon after all.
>> No. 87362
Subaru is Saturn.
>> No. 87373
Called it!
>> No. 87400
it's funny cause it's pronounced Satan in Japanese.
>> No. 87401
dems wet eyes tears.
Dem petals.
Dat forbidden love.
So shoujo I'm gonna crie.
>> No. 87468
File 139371777556.jpg?spoiler - (294.50KB , 1440x810 , sso_saturn2.jpg?spoiler )
Are you a god?
>> No. 87478
There's no Subaru, only Saturn.
>> No. 87524
SSLos Trailer 2youtube thumb
New trailer for the cgi film.
>> No. 87526
File 139417119888.jpg - (310.76KB , 913x541 , sslos_kamyu.jpg )

I like it.
>> No. 87528
Weren't for the stupid redesigns of... well, everything, I'd be all over that.
>> No. 87540
So, since Saturn's minion are named after the planet moons does that mean we are up for a new season of 16 new villains or are they closing the show after him?
>> No. 87585
File 139440656488.jpg?spoiler - (217.77KB , 1440x810 , sso_yunikongalop.jpg?spoiler )
Gooo!!! Jabuuu!!!
>> No. 87600
His cloth looks like it was downgraded to Steel.
>> No. 87603
He was but that didn't make him any less awesome.
>> No. 87616
...Wait, REALLY?! They're downgrading Bronze Saints to Steel now?!
>> No. 87617
Yes but it's only the secondary bronze saints except for Hydra Ichi.
>> No. 87662
O god, a fucking Steel saint episode, why.
Also why do they still call the enemy pallasites? Shouldn't they be something like Mr Saturns?
>> No. 88012
File 13962214924.jpg?spoiler - (197.78KB , 1920x1080 , sso_seiori.jpg?spoiler )
Finally, it's over.
>> No. 88013
File 139622172428.jpg?spoiler - (180.42KB , 1440x810 , sso_seiori2.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 88020
He is the new pope now
>> No. 88021
over, for good? I was expecting them to milk it for another arc. I mean, the franchise is working pretty well atm.
>> No. 88027
Yeah I half expect them to milk it some more soon enough.
Personally I'd rather they focus on Next Dimension, or even trying to continue the Lost Canvas anime, but who knows. If anything there isn't a lack of better source material than Omega.
>> No. 88029
File 139639555068.png - (154.95KB , 414x350 , Kyoko.png )
Saintia Sho's still going on.

Kyoko became Eris new host.

Maybe Jabu will have some protagonism here.
>> No. 88075
o boy, just watched the finale, so many really fucking stupid shit. they weren't even trying to give excuse to why nobody fucking died. And habing europa job like that was just sad. And of course a budget lower than ever. That was a really half assed finale.
>> No. 88288
File 139804170121.jpg - (950.97KB , 1345x2000 , saintiasho-milo.jpg )

Up until now, the only thing I don't like is that it's too slow, and the spanish scanlators. "Caballeritas", really?

It seems like Milo will have some protagonism in Saintia Sho.
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