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File 134721319295.jpg - (272.81KB , 1500x1500 , 91IgB-tf8QL__AA1500_.jpg )
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In case you haven't heard, Samurai Pizza Cats is undergoing something of a revival this year. After being ignored for about 2 decades, this year it's finally gotten a DVD release in Japan, and a dual DVD release (the Saban dub and the original Japanese with subtitles) is slated for release in the US next year. Also two different companies are making toys, one having already released a Speedy figure with plans for Guido, Polly and Bad Bird, and another having announced a diecast Speedy with add-on armor/flight pack and a Supreme Catatonic.

So let's discuss this wonderful SD anthro mecha jidaigeki sentai anime.
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>> No. 80681
I felt so old explaining this show to my friends. They'd never heard of it.

Why did they guys not get in Tatsunko vs. Capcom?
>> No. 80754
Damn it, I might have to bite just to find out what the "nuclear baked potato" actually was in that one episode.
>> No. 80929
>Why did they guys not get in Tatsunko vs. Capcom?
Supposedly Capcom tried to get them in, but they weren't able to reach an agreement. Don't know what exactly the problem was, but if I had to guess it might have been copyright issues.

File 139273472230.jpg - (69.39KB , 1280x720 , 1392731229924[1].jpg )
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>> No. 87253
How is it?
>> No. 87254
Is it by the same guys who did the shitty DMC anime?
>> No. 87256
No, but it is by Gonzo, so it may or may not be better.

I haven't watched it yet. Apparently they cut the joys.

File 139214733583.jpg - (411.11KB , 1920x1080 , Akira_street_scene_.jpg )
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Claims it won't be like the original or the source material, goes on a weird tangent about how Japan doesn't have a tradition of strong characters in their fiction.


Meanwhile, it looks like the Ghost in the Shell live-action movie will be directed by the guy who made Snow White and the Huntsman, and written by the guy who did the pre-Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies. Yay.

File 139196293171.png - (221.66KB , 500x433 , tumblr_n08yuastXt1qf6niwo1_500.png )
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Huh, this got me thinking, what is drug culture in Japan like?
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>> No. 87108
Well, I mean, depends on the drugs. If Diavolo was handing off heroin or some shit to children, that is irredeemable because that shit will fuck you up and likely kill you sooner rather than later. But marijuana? Nah man.
>> No. 87110
File 139205541434.jpg - (43.53KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
Well, it led to one of the best episodes of anything ever.
>> No. 87114
Ficticious stand-created drugs, apparently.

File 138834745637.jpg - (380.22KB , 1080x874 , Toykyo Godfathers.jpg )
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I will be starting a weekly Sunday stream of various Anime series and Movies. Feel free to join us bring some snacks and discuss the simpler things in life. This week Tokyo Godfathers. Be There.
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>> No. 86434
>Gainax ending
Yeah I don't see another season happening, they just do that.
Thanks for the stream, that was interesting.
>> No. 86869
File 139137441159.jpg - (202.63KB , 1200x950 , Kaiji.jpg )
Where have we been? it's none of your business the important thing is we are back now with a new series. Come join us for manly tears as we watch Kaiji tonight will be the first 13 episodes. Prestream at 5PM EST as always and bring some snacks,
>> No. 87080
File 139198922452.jpg - (200.68KB , 1200x950 , Kaiji.jpg )
More Kaiji tonight

File 13317961749.jpg - (281.41KB , 1000x675 , 1182089036360.jpg )
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Gundam thread's auto-saging so-


If you want a place to dicuss anything about any one of your giant robot animes well here it is.
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>> No. 86811
File 139121977331.jpg - (67.89KB , 1280x720 , [sage] Gundam Build Fighters - 16 [720p][10bit][F4.jpg )

>> No. 86812
Too bad actual G Gundam stuff seems to get jobbed horribly.
>> No. 87048

File 139180097878.jpg - (1.50MB , 1599x3749 , 1391775157040.jpg )
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Are you hyped for Spring?

What series are you picking up?

Where is my Ghost in the Shell: Arise 3?!? It's not even in the TBAs

>> No. 87025
>Sengoku Musou anime special
It came out before Basara did, didn't it? Also was a more fun game IMO.
>> No. 87041
>blade and soul anime by gonzo
wait what?

File 138474611292.jpg - (59.45KB , 512x377 , f27b9[1].jpg )
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aka "The Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Guy." If you don't know what Biscuit Hammer is, it's a crazy seinen action series about a bunch of weirdos being given psychic powers and animal companions to fight a mage's golem army. They mostly use these powers to emulate kung fu movies and magical girl anime for their fighting styles. It's very silly, but good.

On the polar opposite of the spectrum is his newest series, Spirit Circle, which is about a pair of school kids who turn out to have many reincarnations worth of grudges against one another, which the girl there intends to put a decisive end to. It's not very far in at only 15 chapters, but each glimpse into their past lives has been quite melancholy, if not outright violent and destructive. It's FUCKING RAD.

Mizukami actually has quite a few works under his belt, and is known to work on multiple ones at a time. For example, along with Spirit Circle, I think he's still running Sengoku Youko, which I've not read personally but understand to be about Japanese mythology (there was a thread about it awhile ago but I can't find it) and buildings fight each other.
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>> No. 85647
Spirit Circle 16 is out
>> No. 86902
Spirit Circle 19 is, hilariously, the happiest arc ender yet.

20 is also out, but only on CR.
>> No. 86958
Whatever genre Lucifer & The Biscuit Hammer was halfway subverting, Sengoku Youko's basically the same thing for Inuyasha. I recommend it. Need to check Spirit circle out.

File 139152933645.jpg - (92.78KB , 400x422 , 1391526040001[1].jpg )
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/jam/, why is it exactly the best girl always loses?
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>> No. 86915

Personally, I thought Eponine was a complete idiot who got herself shot for literally no reason.
>> No. 86916
I'm just bullshitting here man.
>> No. 86917
File 139157582256.png - (162.99KB , 637x346 , RPS2.png )

My waifu is good storytelling and compelling characters that don't need to rely on blatant fan-service in order to sell figures! If that's a shit then I don't wanna have any "good" waifus!

File 138982811092.jpg - (200.45KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Inari Konkon Koi Iroha - 01.jpg )
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Inari Konkon got an anime this season. Loving the manga as much as I did, I was cautiously optimistic for it, but didn't expect much, since it isn't wildly popular. It's an incredibly sweet and heartwarming story, so it wouldn't need a massive budget anyway. But holy crap, I didn't expect this much quality and loving care. It's almost worth watching just for the scenery porn alone.
So, yeah, you guys should definitely check it out, if you need a little break from all the hotblooded action at times.
>> No. 86470
>if you need a little break from all the hotblooded action at times.

More seriously, what's it about?
>> No. 86474
Slice of life with a girl who becomes friends with a fox deity and gains some of her powers.
It's really cute.
>> No. 86820
File 139124256213.jpg - (124.41KB , 1280x720 , way to date the manga.jpg )
Man, they sure are skipping a lot in the first few episodes. I guess that's to be expected form a 1-cour series that won't ever expect a second season, so they're rushing thnigs towards the couple people are most interested in. Not that I mind. Uka X Touka is the cutest and has a way more interesting hook with the whole goddess loving a mortal and wanting to be a human.

File 138688095642.gif - (1.73MB , 400x221 , 1386880634184[1].gif )
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Episode 11 is out, and those of you who were waiting for the fan, I think we just hit it.
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>> No. 86908
>blahblahblah DIE CIS SCUM

File 13387921683.jpg - (618.94KB , 680x997 , ranma_by_hop2pop-d3334q7.jpg )
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What do you think about this show?
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>> No. 86699
This thread is still bumping?
>> No. 86770
Threads last for infinity on +4. Topics with moderate interest will dip below Page 0 and then get bumped up when something of interest comes along (or a spambot gets into them.) I'm sure we have threads that go all the way back to when we had to restart the board a few years ago somewhere...
>> No. 86771
>Threads last for infinity
I mean time wise; at 300 posts they'll autosage.

File 138784126811.png - (395.06KB , 601x517 , 1387823015835.png )
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(reposted from /a/)
>So I'm not sure if you guys were aware, but Weekly Shonen Jump has been having a global contest to see who could draw the best manga.

>It's been narrowed down to these 6 finalists to determine which will be serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. You can read the one shots in the link and vote for your favorite.
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>> No. 86551
>Viento del Norte
I need more manga and/or comics with spanish names on my non-spanish/latinamerican media.

Though I feel bad about the other ones.
>> No. 86701
SJ are going to need something to replace Naruto and Bleach soon.

I mean at the rate they are wrapping up their final arcs it'll only be another... ten years are so before they are over.
>> No. 86716

If we petition Japan to stop producing more Dragon Quest games, we might get Togashi to work steadily for enough time to get HunterxHunter in there. Dunno about the other slot. I don't think Naruto and Bleach will end at the exact same time, though. Ironically, Bleach has been "ending" for a much longer time period, but I feel as if Naruto is wrapping up things quicker.

File 135223031757.png - (311.43KB , 900x846 , cock block block.png )
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Even if this thread sinks to the last page, I feel better having at least tried to make it.

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>> No. 83534
File 137202014854.png?spoiler - (86.82KB , 783x370 , in cape soya.png?spoiler )
Oh, Shingo.
>> No. 86700
File 139091816062.jpg - (20.32KB , 480x345 , ngbbs4c227e4598543.jpg )
How has Silver Spoon been.
>> No. 86705
Pretty good.
Yugo's getting a business plan together.
Aki's improving under Yugo's tutoring.
His dad very,very,very,very,very,very,very,VERY slowly starting to respect him.

All and all pretty ok.

File 13462167002.jpg - (77.46KB , 1280x720 , waver.jpg )
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I just finished watching Fate/Zero.

This motherfucker right here is the true winner of the fourth Grail War, god DAMN.
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>> No. 86487
>quit old company because they forced him to do porn
Wow, that's a first. Normally I hear the opposite.
>> No. 86540
I guess I'm starting to warm to Zvesda. It's nothing great, but it's getting a bit funnier and we MUST encourage new IP I suppose.

I'm still confused as to what the deal with the Russian codenames is though. They don't seem to just be random, both minions are just numbered members and the professor is "mind" so I'd assume that there's a reason for the others (well, VEHEPA might be just Kate's narcissism).

It's actually supposed to be a pretty common complaint for VN writers because of the way the Japanese PC market used to be (I'm given to understand that the growing base for regular games and non-porn VNs is changing this though).
>> No. 86685
Holy fuck Zvesda 3.

Also: the new Fate anime is going to have some kind of original content and HA is coming to the Vita.

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