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File 134388211787.jpg - (21.19KB , 760x455 , Hentai Recommendation Thread.jpg )
77167 No. 77167
We now return to your fully Anonex approved porn broadcasts, now with Nurse Femdom!
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>> No. 77168
Also a new theme song.
The Bard's Tale - Here's to th…youtube thumb

Okay but seriously, no more raging at Bard for doing what he considered his job. Honestly, other than this I think he's been a pretty reasonable authority figure around here.

Here let me help with that
>> No. 77170
File 134388368825.png - (40.73KB , 218x320 , boooooo.png )
>Nurse Femdom
>> No. 77173
>> No. 77175
So Dowman Sayman does the weirdest most bizarre stuff ever...

And I love every single one.
>> No. 77176
File 134389967816.jpg - (60.06KB , 640x718 , 1343596581947.jpg )
>> No. 77183
File 134392364937.jpg?nsfw - (305.23KB , 977x1400 , 1165463323358.jpg?nsfw )
Don't forget that we have the NSFW tag now, so you post a more representative image of the hentai in question. However, this is not for dumping hentai. It's preferred to use a SFW image that gives an idea of the content, but now you have more flexibility; in either case, only post one or two pages/screenshots, not the entire thing.

Image posted is from the yuri doujin "The Pink Planet".
>> No. 77204

So its yuri, but its yaoi, or maybe its straight?...
>> No. 77212
So can we ditch the sticky?
>> No. 77213
It does seem a bit contradictory.
>> No. 77214
I personally would find it funniest for both to be stickies at the same time.

Bravo to you Bard.
>> No. 77230
File 134425023415.jpg - (205.87KB , 970x1400 , Way to go science.jpg )
Yah know, I'm just going to use this thread to post funny page.
Like the classic "oh shit I forgot to tell her I was a bear!".
But I will still post a soure link.
Way to go, science!
>> No. 77231
Sucks that I can only find a couple of chapters from Time Traveler Ai.

>Like the classic "oh shit I forgot to tell her I was a bear!".

Well since you mentioned classics, I looked up a bunch of times and couldn't find again that panl "Looks like somebody doesn't appreciate dicks!". You have it?
>> No. 77234
>classic H-manga lines

Best. Ending. Ever.
>> No. 77244
File 134431672337.jpg - (135.76KB , 708x1000 , 39e.jpg )


Not only is a great Shikimari (Temaru?) Naruto doujin, the interaction is actually plausible. And then, there's this page.
>> No. 77246
Yuri-ism has been doing a great job translating some of the best PreCure lesbian doujins I've seen. Among other goodness.
The doujin from isya are some of the best, too bad a lot of them aren't even scanned.

Hehehehe, oh Hibika. :3
>> No. 77249
File 134432278543.png?nsfw - (636.06KB , 1111x1600 , 09.png?nsfw )
Oh are we posting funny pages?
>> No. 77251
File 134432571680.jpg?nsfw - (418.04KB , 1096x1600 , barmaid_18.jpg?nsfw )
When it comes to funny hentai pages, nothing beats Newdog15.

(read from left to right)
>> No. 77252
>a rewrite

>> No. 77253
Rewriters are the dogshit on the bootheel of humanity, yes
>> No. 77255
You are wrong.
Exhibit: http://imgfave.com/view/1902501
>> No. 77328
I just had a revelation of sorts.

The reason there are so many rape doujin is because it takes no effort in writing.

They dont have to give characterization to anyone and they dont have to build on any relationships to build to the sex...

You know that and perverts.
>> No. 77329
The reason rape is so prevalent in Japanese pornography is cultural, actually.

Japanese women aren't supposed to be sexual. They're supposed to be innocent and helpless. At the same time, Japan has some kind of deep-seated Frank Miller-esque mysogynistic complex about women all being sluts on the inside, so the cliché is that all women enjoy being raped once you rape them hard enough.
>> No. 77330
Isn't that how rape porn works the world over?
>> No. 77332
In my limited experience, rape porn is usually rape FETISH porn.

In Japan, ALL porn by default involves the female not enjoying it. Though that's falling out of fashion lately, oddly enough.
>> No. 77333
I have mixed feelings about rape fetish porn when it's staged for a porn movie or in hentai, but it's definitely a bad thing when artists think this is how sex always is or has to be in real life. It's never okay irl.
>> No. 77335
Well that is the question, whether an artist actually thinks this way or whether it's just fantastic fetishism. Black Dog (that dude who does all the Sailor Moon doujins) makes clear that the idea any of this is realistic is laughable and scorns the idea of people enjoying realistic rape, but then you've got Fatal Pulse, whose every release is actually goddamn terrifying but whose actual opinions are entirely up to interpretation.
>> No. 77336
I seriously think that fatal pulse guy needs to be institutionalized. It's one thing to get off to fictional rape. It's entirely another to create fapping material where the overarching philosophy is that women should learn that they exist only as fucktoys for men.
>> No. 77337
File 134473639615.jpg - (31.02KB , 279x284 , 1342732528588.jpg )
>> No. 77339
Its one has tentacle monster girl on male.
>> No. 77342
File 134478077526.png - (142.00KB , 652x317 , totorogrin.png )
>>tenta-on-male where both get tentacle action and the couple is good friends
>> No. 77343
File 134482702050.jpg - (217.49KB , 967x1400 , 001.jpg )
Am I a bad person for really liking this doujin? I mean, sure, anal so does not work that easy, but it was almost...sweet?

The Yotsuba doujin by the same circle is kinda nice too, minus the part where Asagi sleeps with Koiwai to mess with Fuka for no other reason that she likes taking things from her, then diddles her ten year old sister before handing Ena over to Koiwai. Sorry, it's just sudden how it goes from secret relationship hijinks to that
>> No. 77345
File 134483884250.jpg?nsfw - (495.44KB , 856x1000 , 28672586.jpg?nsfw )
So has this came out yet?

I'm getting a little impatient.
>> No. 77349
File 134488528398.jpg - (282.24KB , 693x1000 , cf8cd6ee652d0d9b4ec35903ffb4da72.jpg )
I like this guy, but I wish he was consistent with boob size. Especially with Sakura. I mean sometimes her breasts are normal or reasonable and other times she's around here or bigger.
>> No. 77350
File 134488549893.jpg - (434.43KB , 710x1000 , 18896663.jpg )
Yeah, the only time Karakishi Youhei-dan draws Sakura reasonable is when she's paired with Hinata.
>> No. 77375
File 134502516995.jpg - (321.93KB , 992x1400 , is a Scylla 001.jpg )
And I have found another one!
>> No. 77396
You know what I just realized...

That new Sailor Moon anime probably means a influx of new doujin.
>> No. 77397
so are they ALL going to be rape doujins as they have been in the past?
>> No. 77400
Oh boy, another round of Black Dog doujins.
>> No. 77421
I forget, was it Gust or Jeanne D'Ack we all hated? I remember it one of them for the samefacing.
>> No. 77422
Gust is terrible, he might be the worst notable h-artist out there right now.

The best is Udon-ya of course.
>> No. 77427
Gust and his goddamn balloon tits...
>> No. 77430
Yeah, fuck that guy.
>> No. 77431
Gust is the worst thing to happen to big boob doujins

how does this guy keep getting work
>> No. 77588
You forgot your tags, man.
>> No. 77589
File 134602454220.jpg?nsfw - (261.55KB , 987x1400 , Here's the ultimate weapon.jpg?nsfw )
Too bad she is abit on the "loli" side but I known women that are not only flat and short but also older then me so go fig.
Man that what happen when you get distratced by bard song and a borrowed PSP...
Good thing I did not fall asleep.
>> No. 77606
And it looks like the "you like it, you buy it" rule count to hentai now.
>it has Ring X Mama~
>> No. 77618
Fakku was selling localized copies of Velvet Kiss, I was seriously considering it until I remembered I had no money.
>> No. 77619
>Ring X Mama
Eh, it would fine if the artist learned to draw more than one body-style.
Also, the censorship for that one is awful at times.
>> No. 77625

To be fair, it is a fantastic body type.
>> No. 77645
File 134622851685.jpg?nsfw - (377.22KB , 1200x1684 , 05.jpg?nsfw )
No seriously, Dowman Sayman is frucking great
>> No. 77666
File 134626624588.png - (539.01KB , 716x756 , 22914585.png )
ugh why were these two the first thing I thought of when I saw that?
>> No. 77712

He pulls a little more variety in Tail Chaser, but it's really only two petite characters, the rest are all typical bombshell figure or the more muscly bombshell.
>> No. 77721
File 134635652269.jpg?nsfw - (473.84KB , 1100x1600 , 031.jpg?nsfw )
Speaking off, this may be a whole new level off tsundere right here.
>> No. 77784
>I-it's not like I'm fucking you, baka...
>> No. 77879
File 134699423630.jpg?nsfw - (129.44KB , 850x885 , sample_ac6e31bc6a8b2152c33f3ed911033435.jpg?nsfw )

In case noone seen it yet. This one was fairly weak especially for one that's supposed to feature Tsunade.

Honestly his best works are with Sakura and Hinata. Here's hoping they show up in the next one.
>> No. 77917
>yuri NTR

Well thats less terrible than normal NTR... I guess?
>> No. 77927
File 134721858550.jpg - (18.79KB , 210x240 , char_59043.jpg )
Yuri NTR only worked once, and it wasn't a porno. Otherwise it's just as bad as the regular variety.
>> No. 77929
>> No. 77932
>> No. 77942
>I had to google it


...Hm. Well, I guess...

...Hotter. Not less terrible. I suppose.

M-Maybe... maybe if the original partner is supposed to join anyway? Not sure if the execution makes it work, I think... Well dammit, guess now I'm gonna have that idea stuck in my head.
>> No. 78077
All of you should read Petit Roid 3.

It's 3 volumes long and the plot is basically "Dr Wily torments his grandson with sexbots."
>> No. 78208
File 134804390088.jpg?nsfw - (219.51KB , 982x1400 , who wants semen.jpg?nsfw )
*pfffh* Ahahahahahaha!
Now thats a line you only see in hentai.
Oh and its from: http://www.fakku.net/doujinshi/mamagoto-chapter-5-english
Also here is a good Sailor moon one: http://www.fakku.net/doujinshi/getsu-ka-sui-moku-kin-do-nichi-fullcolor-welcome-to-hotel-venus-english
Because someone was talking about b4.
>> No. 78427
Gamer gurl~
>> No. 78428
Huh, Armored Knight Iris has some good mecha for a hentai.
>> No. 78441
Aye, that's a good one. I wish there was a specific tag for that sort of wild, unkempt hair, the way there's tags for all sorts of other kinks.
>> No. 78458
So the sidebar from e621 then?
>> No. 78461
File 13490010504.jpg?nsfw - (853.21KB , 1105x1600 , 0176.jpg?nsfw )
Gorgeous woman who is actually an alien becomes fascinated by humans' obsession with recreational intercourse, and decides to try it for herself. Also, the series this doujin is based on ("Parasyte") is supposedly quite good, so I may have some reading to do.

'Candy House'
The majority of chapters seem to involve a harem scenario with an /ss/ bent (haven't read them yet), but what caught my attention first was a bonus story at the end (starts at page 174, and continues in the next chapter). Curvy, bespectacled dorm-mother finds a stash of MILF porn in one of the student's rooms, gets rather intrigued and tries to copy some of the poses, which leads to sexy-times when she's spotted. Attached pic is from this story. (No visible naughty bits in the pic, but NSFW'd just in case.)

That or any other sort of booru/image depository.
Except Gelbooru.
They hate one of my biggest kinks, so I hate them.
>> No. 78510
File 134926183931.jpg - (248.21KB , 981x1400 , yuri is th best.jpg )
Big girl on small girl yuri?
Hell yea!
>> No. 78511
File 134926205224.jpg?nsfw - (245.99KB , 981x1400 , Flat chest wins.jpg?nsfw )
And its funny, cute and has tribbing.
So good...
>> No. 78586

Jesus christ this doujin nearly gave me a heart attack...
>> No. 78591

>404 Error
>Reason: The page you are trying to view does not exist.
>> No. 78593

Hm, try this one.

>> No. 78759
File 135011023953.jpg - (388.10KB , 976x1400 , sniff ohhohoho.jpg )
>> No. 78777
hey shitstain. what manga is this?
>> No. 78778
>> No. 78780
That... is not the same as
Not the same at all.
>> No. 78786

>> No. 78792
How do I deal with fakku opening a new page every time I first click on something to some brazzers ad page.
>> No. 78793
Mute then right on the X at the top.
Or get some sort if ad blocker but I dont know anything about them...
>> No. 78794

I use a combo of NoScript and Ad-Block on Firefox, personally.
>> No. 78874
Who knows.
>> No. 78894
File 135055281275.jpg - (600.54KB , 1110x1600 , 105.jpg )
"I got myself into a weird situation and awful things happened to me"


The narration! The reactions! And surprisingly non-awful things happening inspite of the title
>> No. 78940
File 135090081758.jpg?nsfw - (146.21KB , 992x1400 , 013.jpg?nsfw )
Oh them crazy futas!
>> No. 78989
File 135109375179.jpg?nsfw - (249.61KB , 993x1400 , 022.jpg?nsfw )
Dunno if this got mentioned in the previous hentai thread (it's been nearly a year since I visited +4chan so I'm out of the loop on everything) but GM Rimix, by Rei Hiroe of the Black Lagoon fame. Probably my absolute favorite hentai, everything about it from the art to the paneling to the dialogue is so good.

Some guy goes out to do an errand for a girl, gets tased, then wakes up bound, gagged, and made into a psychotic girl's sex slave.

>> No. 79111

Awkward and cute and as all hell get out
>> No. 79203
Feat. bodyswitch~
>> No. 79215

Guy starts dating a game character
>> No. 79265
More genderbending fun!
>> No. 79432
>We Assaulted Some Elves Because We're Orcs But It Turns Out They Were All Actually Succubi

Man hentai titles just keep getting more and more interesting
>> No. 79442
Just add a scar on the cheek and then I could post it in /pco/.
>> No. 79443
File 135273924975.jpg?nsfw - (599.59KB , 1127x1600 , ywTU2Cbk3t_28.jpg?nsfw )
Futa takes bath will male classmates.
This can only end one way.
Up the butts!
>> No. 79616
Man I sorta hate 4chan for giving me this fetish.
>> No. 79640
I love 4chan for giving me this fetish. Good stuff.

Not so much futa-on-male, though. More about futa-on-female.
>> No. 79641
Futa on female is just like regular hentai but with more tits, so its regular but better.

This is logic
>> No. 79712
Do you guys have specific phrases or cliches that will make you quit reading a hentai partway?

I'm not a fan of the crazy orgasm face (eyes rolled back, tongue out, drooling), the phrase "man juice", rape, consensual sex that turns into rape, and the only flat-chested females being underaged.
>> No. 79713
rape, pedo ("underage" is a bit tough to judge, half the animes involve schoolgirls that look/act pretty grown up... maybe I'm just jaded, but kids are NOPE material), scat... probably something I'm forgetting, I don't usually think about what I don't wanna see lol

I'm okay-ish with the crazy face though, usually won't make me ragequit the manga.
>> No. 79714
Not gonna lie, I love the orgasm faces. But what will make me stop reading, other than the standard stuff, are stupid euphemisms. Like you said, "man juice", "mouth-pussy", all the really dumb ones. I'll give it a pass if it's imaginative, though. I'm also miffed by "barely consensual" interactions. That sorta "do it if you must" passiveness gets to me.

I don't stop reading from these because they always appear at the end, but I hate the trend of the "last page cum explosion." Don't get me wrong, cum explosions are great! But after that, they skip over any afterglow and no one has a chance to get over their orgasm, and it's just a scene from the next day or something. That's a little annoying, and I don't know why it happens in many of the doujins I've read.
>> No. 79715
I dunno what it is about it I don't like. I mean, I'm aware people do make some pretty silly faces during sex, but it's not something I find sexy. Probably because it looks more funny than sexy, which is why I wish hentai artists would stop going into chibi mode in some scenes as well. I mean, if you're gonna draw a sex comedy, draw a sex comedy instead of something meant to be fapped to.

I dislike scat too, but thankfully it's rare anyways. Kids are definitely NOPE in my book too, but older girls are a tricky subject. Not to idiotic lengths like Orphan, but I have met college girls who are very short and flat-chested or have very young-looking faces and have been confused for middle schoolers, and this understandably annoys them. So I do think someone can be 18 and still look like loli material, but there's a definite difference between a young-looking adult woman and an actual preteen.
>> No. 79716
So I guess that kind of humor/hilarity, intended or not, breaks the mood for you? That's fair.

Though I do wish there were more sex comedies. Personally, I find them hilarious, and hotter for their hilarity. But I dunno, I guess I just like exaggeration in these scenarios.
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