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File 136700130711.jpg - (198.77KB , 1024x1024 , RWALy3s.jpg )
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So KyoAni is indeed doing FREE!

FREE! PVyoutube thumb

And people are LOSING THEIR SHIT.
Personally I dont give a damn
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>> No. 82457
File 136709983384.jpg - (60.60KB , 592x346 , i can already tell.jpg )
>KyoAni fujoshi pandering

I already know who my favorite is.
>> No. 82475
And now from an interview with the director:

" I oversaw production and storyboarding of episode 7 of Hyouka.

I was able to show the guys in a fresh light, with ever cool Hotaro getting a bit tipsy after his long bath, plenty of cute steamy stuff and those red faces – really just down to the hot water or something else!? Really cute, I think.

Of course, what I really took care over was the changing scene.

When they are changing and raise their arms, I took care over their ribs and the shape of their arms crossing (etc).

I actually tried getting the character designer to demonstrate just how sexy a guy stripping can be, but he declined.


Also I must confess – Satoshi’s pantsu are pink because of my preference."
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>> No. 82490
Who is the character designer anyway? Reminds me of Un-go.

File 130667726975.jpg - (97.21KB , 730x1057 , 43180_953114.jpg )
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Guess what's getting an anime!
Guess who's going to do it!
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>> No. 82413
And how it ended?
It was at least a decent ending?
>> No. 82414
Nope. A ten year timeskip and then it just.. ends.
>> No. 82470


File 13670356768.jpg - (324.01KB , 1280x780 , Rozen_Maiden_full_175097[1].jpg )
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TVアニメ「ローゼンメ…youtube thumb

Warning, contains Ali Project
>> No. 82444
sweet sweet balljoints
>> No. 82450
It couldn't be Rozen Maiden without Ali Project.
Honestly, I only liked their song for Noir.

File 136477695758.jpg - (92.43KB , 316x450 , 47037l.jpg )
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OK ENOUGH OF THIS MOESHIT! It's time we sit down and discuss the greatest anime of all time. What is it? Inferno Cop? Why is it so good?

Lemme put it like this. No other anime, not Gurren Lagann, not Macross Plus, not Cowboy Bebop, not Golden Boy, not Ghost in the Shell or Legend of Galactic Fucking Heroes has done what this anime has done. Perfectly encapsulate anime as an art-style, a medium of expression, and a form of storytelling.

For those of you who don't know, Inferno Cop tells the story of a run of the mill police officer who tragically has his family taken from him. Embracing the power of the human spirit, he marches out to fight the rogues and monsters who destroyed his old life, while attempting to retain his humanity in the process.

Inferno Cop will fight many enemies. From the gangs of the street who just want to pay for their families welfare, to dangerous cyborgs and robots who represent his own internal struggles with his weighing humanity, Inferno Cop defends his city, and uncovers terrible plots and conspiracies that will force him to unlock not only his true powers, but come to terms with his loss and and hubris.

The animation is wonderful, with character models being highly detailed and backgrounds being photo-realistic! The way the characters move almost gives the impression that this is a western cartoon, with their same brand of mature storytelling.

The sound track is likewise amazing, capturing the background ambience of each scene perfectly, and the voice-acting is top notch with an all star cast of familiar and up and coming talent. If there was any flaw that I could say this anime had it would be that it's sadly far too short! At only 13 episodes long, it's amazing that they're able to get across such an epic and all-encompassing story, while still giving characters enough time to breath and communicate their feelings adequately. You hear me Legend of Korra? You can learn a thing or two from this anime!

And the best part is? Thanks to generous streams, it is available free to watch online! So please: do yourself a favour, take some time out of your busy schedule, and watch this bre
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>> No. 82263
File 136641718662.jpg - (198.96KB , 792x792 , 1366309076043.jpg )
I'd give my firstborn child to see this crossover.
>> No. 82270
I'd give all of your children to see that crossover.
>> No. 82291
And now we need Dr. McNinja on this train too!

File 136512790644.png - (277.04KB , 844x1200 , img000019[5].png )
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>> No. 82152
So we've finally realize that manga is super duper racist, huh?

>holding guns gangsta style
But that's a Chinese thing, Rodie.
>> No. 82153
Moe, don't defend Terra Formars.
>> No. 82155
What's up with the gun on that guy in the foreground?

It looks like it's got an M4 receiver, but its got a folding skeleton stock, which wouldn't work on an AR.

File 131933456813.jpg - (78.28KB , 641x868 , hokuto_kenshiro01.jpg )
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In which discussion is made of men, bikers, giant horses, and the state in which one is already dead.
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>> No. 82106
Looking back on it.... the writing of HnK was pretty spotty....

Not to mention some of the 'morals' it put forth were actually kind of fucked up.

Also it was kind of annoying that anyone on the side of Justice that could fight worth a damn and wasn't Ken was killed off, sometimes in totally bullshit ways.
>> No. 82109
It was in many ways a product of it's time, so you have to peck and paw things like the morals and the treatment of women, most of which can actually be laughed off as pretty funny.

The story is actually at it's barest bones a pretty good one right up to the Shuu conflict which has it's problems but is ultimately pretty satisfying.

I also give the Roah conflict points for Toki (the one time a strong main doesn't feel chumped by dying) and the ultimate conflict having points on how the world should be run in it's post-apocalyptic state, I have no doubt if Roah had won the world would have prospered again for the strong but ultimately would have ended up in the same situation at which point I'm pretty sure no one would survive.

After which it's shaky but loaded with cool stuff.
>> No. 82115
Where does Kenshiro keep finding all these jackets in this post apocalyptic world?

File 130506299491.jpg - (99.48KB , 354x500 , Sket-Dance.jpg )
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Can we have a Sket Dance thread please.
I started reading it after I came across the anime and I've fallen in love with it.

How does everyone else feel about it? Heck is it even well liked/read amongst the posters here?
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>> No. 81929
It's pretty good, but really, the only talk to be had about it is shipper talk. And I'm not into that.
>> No. 82104
I stopped reading sometime after the Ninja kid was introduced.
I dunno he (And I suppose the lol love-triangle business he brought?) changed the tone of the series a bit maybe.
>> No. 82111
Yeah, for a couple of chapters.

File 136583870951.jpg - (37.25KB , 640x416 , railgun.jpg )
82100 No. 82100 hide quickreply [Reply]
Between Shokuhou, Terrorist BiriBiri, and the ITEM fights this season should be packin plenty of action and hopefully no-where near the amount of empty fanservice as the first.

I hope...
>> No. 82101
File 136584155415.png - (69.72KB , 805x457 , retcon.png )
The manga is still the go-to adaption of My Little Fusion Reactor Can't Be This Cute. Even novelfags say so. I don't have any trust in JC Staff whatsoever. They've already drastically rewritten several of the characters for the show so they fit better into shallow moe archetypes. Which means that they will have to rewrite several key parts of later arcs.

File 136404982535.jpg - (258.53KB , 1200x863 , 1337519942270[1].jpg )
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>> No. 82046
Moe defends it, I guess thats the final proof of it being shit.
>> No. 82049
File 136567383349.jpg - (19.10KB , 378x257 , 318138_10150291612654949_379517949_n.jpg )
>> No. 82084
Hey you guys. I read this in a waiting room in Japan, and I'm just stopping by to say that I got a good laugh out of it's moonspeak craziness, a bigger laugh when I saw it hear, and the biggest laugh when >>82045 > implying gee Mexico/Thailand sure is a shithole

File 136490891585.jpg - (5.26MB , 1920x7037 , iOwOD68llpOX4.jpg )
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>> No. 81867
They remade Space Battleship Yamato?
>> No. 81871
Majestic Prince, Valvrave, Attack on Titan, Gargantia, Yamato, Oreimo2 are on my try list.

My Little Pony: Tomodachi wa Mahou is must watch
>> No. 81873
>Katanagatari rerun
wait, what? I thought Japan was all about the no re-runs unless it's of classic or extremely high profile anime

File 136487517223.jpg - (109.19KB , 1280x720 , 1343846981180.jpg )
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Strap on those hipster goggles /jam/, and talk about your favorite unappreciated little gem. Anime, manga, even VNs or LNs, it's all good, though I think manga's probably the best since LNs/VNs have translation problems and anime tends to be less obscure by default.

That said, I'm going to be a total hypocrite and suggest Hyouge Mono, an anime with a series case of sub problems. Some of it IS subbed though, and what's subbed is glorious. It's about the Warring states period (because what Japanese period story fucking isn't about that or the bakamatsu) but mostly ignores the sweeping politics in favor of following around a curio obsessed vassal with more reaction faces than Aiki. It's really fucking funny and has a great OP/Ed set.
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>> No. 81823
He doesn't "go away" but uh, well you'll see.

Until then, just enjoy the pretty pictures.
>> No. 81832
Well, that's a troubling situation. And I still can't get a reading on this guy.
Very good though, excellent even.
>> No. 81834
File 136500075232.png - (804.81KB , 541x800 , ran-cover[1].png )
It's one of the prettiest manga I've ever read.

File 13386947738.jpg - (1.08MB , 1762x1894 , I can see the jaggies.jpg )
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>> No. 81599
Um. How did this thread get all the way up here?

What's going on?
>> No. 81601
Ghost bumping (making a post then deleting), probably.
>> No. 81610
I thought that was called "ninja bumping".

File 133963946346.png - (255.85KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2012-06-13-17h53m15s199.png )
75734 No. 75734 hide quickreply [Reply]
What if we just take a few minutes, and spend them talking about those awesome shows based on classic literature?

Pic related: their version of Peter Pan (flying boy not pictured).
>> No. 75735
Just came here to say that thumbnail looks an awful lot like Kaneda.
>> No. 81185
And the bird is an anthro version of Tetsuo?
Sadly, that would not be the strangest adaptation of Akira I've ever seen. Cute though. ;-)
>> No. 81186
And the bird is an anthro version of Tetsuo?
Sadly, that would not be the strangest adaptation of Akira I've ever seen. Cute though. ;-)

File 135354950345.jpg - (94.85KB , 854x480 , 1240455125268.jpg )
79738 No. 79738 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Continued from: >>77646

I'll be honest here, I have nothing interesting to say.
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>> No. 81068
Funny thing.
A lot of people keep forgetting about that, and keep worshiping Kamina like a second coming of Christ or something. Including some of my friends. It can get annoying with time.
>> No. 81069
...Which Eva movies did you watch? Rebuild? Because Rebuild is basically a different (albeit, much better) series using the same characters. If you mean Death and Rebirth and End then I have no idea what led you to that (or what you could have gotten out of End).

As for Gurren-hen and Lagann-hen, they are mostly just your standard crummy compilation movies, though Lagann-hen's finale is more enjoyable than the series finale.
>> No. 88598
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Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 135691772067.jpg - (258.08KB , 1200x886 , jojos-bizarre-adventure-part-8-jojolion-3742051.jpg )
80451 No. 80451 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Joey-two tongues is gonna get a name you guys!
15 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 81055
I thought it said in one of the volumes that he simply couldn't use the ripple. I might be mistaken due to how long it's been since I read it, though.
>> No. 81056
Maybe skills at airplanepiloting and skills at hamon are mutually exclusive. Which would explain why Joseph is so shit at flying planes.
>> No. 81057
File 135924571366.png - (190.45KB , 753x1100 , JOJO-v12-c108-p011.png )
yeah he could, he just never did

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